Charlie Hebdo – False Flag from the Chosen Ones

A French writer sees the Charlie Hebdo shooting for what it is, a ploy to mobilize Christians against Muslims. The Jewish banking cartel is responsible for the influx of Muslim immigrants into Europe and then they stir up friction.
Below is an example of real “free speech” which they’d like to suppress:
“This is a false flag of the worst kind. A false flag perpetrated by Mossad agents who will be without a doubt extricated to Israel or probably killed. In any case, it’s for certain that the police will never catch them alive, so people will never know who planned that mass murder.”
Charlie Hedbo – An Attack Sewn With Invisible Thread
Translated by David Massada
There we have it, an attack to mobilize France to the Jewish cause, to make people indignant and for the media to blow on the embers. This attack strikes at the heart of the Jewish supremacist satirical organ, Charlie Hebdo.
What a woe! What horror! We live in such satanic times. Terror attacks just have to multiply so the powers that be can take extreme liberty-killing measures, all with people’s shocked consent. It’s sewn with invisible thread. It’s so obvious that anybody a little bit aware can’t but fall into the trap.
This is a false flag of the worst kind. A false flag perpetrated by Mossad agents who will be without a doubt extricated to Israel or probably killed. In any case, it’s for certain that the police will never catch them alive, so people will never know who planned that mass murder. They will only know what the powers that be (the supremacist power) want them to know. Be prepared for an assault of Zionist’s propaganda at national level. France was waiting for her 9/11, she now has it at last…
Don’t forget they’ve been preparing this in spirit for weeks. Since the attack on the Jewish museum of Brussels, the burglary at a Jewish house, and the disgraceful rantings of the Jew Eric Zemmour, and so to Charlie Hebdo, the satirical hero at the hands of the Jewish supremacist power, housed in Rothschild premises. In other words, those cartoonists were inside the wolf’s lair and did not survive. Peace to their souls.
Now the first news sparkles and witnesses come forward claiming that they clearly heard terrorists shouting “Allah Akbar”!
Come on. It’s so easy, so obvious that it can’t be otherwise. We know full well that the supremacists’ people of Israel need to eradicate religions to impose his own. Catholicism was perverted par Protestantism and terminated by the Anglo-Saxon masonic secularism. Islam will be aligned with terrorism to justify his death warrant.
We will wait for news to understand until where they wish to go. [Francois] Hollande called for “national unity”, but for which nation? France? No, I don’t think so. We’re going to be rushed into a deadly and bloody struggle between Jews and Arabs. We are going to be in the front line to defend freedom of speech (of Jews), to impose liberty (of Jews), and by doing so to favor the takeover of our country by those Jewish supremacists ready to all extend for just that.
An attack was then needed for the power to move with people’s ascent even virtually… We are engaged in dark times for those aspiring to freedom, to true liberty, the one who allow you to live with dignity and with fraternity with other people on this planet.
This Jewish supremacist power condemns us at war, at terror, at crime of the worst kind, just to impose their eternal dominion on the goyim. They are not very far from it, not very far at all…
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Makow Comment: Who benefits? Who practises false flag terrorism? Who uses divide and conquer? Who wishes to set Muslims and Christians at each others’ throats? The controlled media making this an issue of “free speech” is laughable.
Paris Charlie Hebdo attack has at least NATO Operation Gladio signatures
Also of course on the question of free speech vs. hate crimes – would we be happy for Charlie Hebdo to lampoon Jewish people and gypsies as the Nazis did? The whole point of satire it seems to me is to ring down the powerful – not the product of NATO’s Operation Cyclone and those Syrian and Libyan ‘rebels’ indoctrinated by CIA cash and trained by NATO special forces.
Most obviously these 2 or 3 attackers have been given the top military training – possibly even by NATO special forces in Turkey or Jordan
These attackers most likely European trained fascist Gladio soldiers or French speaking, NATO trained, ISIS types
1. As the Daily Telegraph put it: “The attackers displayed a degree of skill and calmness that comes only from advanced military training.”
2. Then there’s the political aspect here with much of the sensible French military and political class who are against French involvement in NATO operations against ISIS in Syria and the countering of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean. Effectively joining in a war that could turn nuclear
The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and its fleet will be deployed to the Gulf to support operations against the Islamic State (ISIS), Mer et Marine news site reported yesterday.
3. Finally the political shock effect of killing police officers. Armed anti terror police were notable by their absence. Instead poor unarmed gendarmes were sent to tackle the gunmen. As happened in Vielsalm in Belgium in the successful attempt to stop the Belgian government voting to remove US cruise missiles from Belgium.
Most of the police service, as in the Gladio attacks on Belgian police, don’t understand the way these special ops work: Secretly signed off at the highest levels of National intelligence services and Prime Ministers. Then coordinated through ‘private’ networks of private military companies like Blackwater/XE and retired intelligence officers such as the Swiss based ‘Club De Berne’.
cf. today with Operation Gladio in Belgium

‘Their language skills were not much use: the objective was the police station in the sleepy southern Belgian town of Vielsalm and none of the Marines spoke French. If they had, they could have saved one man’s life and another man’s eye.
The object of the exercise had been twofold: to jolt the local Belgian police into a higher state of alert and, no less important, to give the impression to the population at large that the comfortable and well-fed Kingdom of Belgium was on the brink of red revolution. Guns used in the operation were later planted by a shadowy Belgian intelligence outfit in the Brussels squat used by a Communist splinter group.
If this is the case today’s gunmen would either have been French fascist ex or serving special forces or ISIS fighters trained by them in Turkey or Jordan.’ – See more at:
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FF said (January 9, 2015):
Many people here in Germany think the same. This is a false flag, like many other. and other governments in Europe will follow to kill their own people to steal our human rights and freedom. as they did in USA after 9/11.
Our condolence to the victims from Germany. all normal people on earth in all countries want peace and freedom. don’t let it be destroyed from single psychopathic, criminal fanatic.
Marco said (January 8, 2015):
This recent attack is going to be used to further demonize the Muslim population, and make them feel even more uncomfortable in Europe. I don’t know whether to believe if the recent attack was a false flag attack or genuine, but I am not concerned about that. This attack is going to fuel the fire between Europeans and Muslims, especially when so many Europeans are protesting against Muslims, even their basic rights (Germans protesting against Mosques for example).
There will be further dividing and conquering, the Muslim population in Europe will probably be totally ostracized, and a new semi-pagan European ideology of European ‘exceptionalism’ will become the religion of many Europeans, with racism, anti-immigration, and intolerable ignorance (all fueling a false pride) being its religious tenets.
There will probably even be a lot of appeals to religion as a justification for these anti-Muslim feelings, with endless references to the crusades, historical wars between Christians and Muslims and incompatibility because of doctrine.
When you publish offensive material directly targeting a persons religion, it is a very acute attack. You can’t attack someone’s most intimate and personal beliefs and expect no repercussion, especially today when the Islamic world is extremely militant. By publishing such things, you willing join a war by committing another assault and fueling the fire for Islamic retribution.
Dan said (January 8, 2015):
Eric Zemmour has a best seller out on the immigration, ‘The French Suicide’, which is far more intelligent and useful than this article. For instance:
“The sacralization of race during the Nazi period and earlier has been followed by the negation of race. And to me, they’re both equally ridiculous.”
Zemmour has been harassed for five years by the equivalent of the B’nai B’brith ADL, the “International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism”.
About the current event, I see Zemmour has been prominent in French media due to his celebrity there as a leading critic of the unregulated immigration menace. Yesterday he warned the French public that the journalist murdered made the fatal mistake of assuming the targets of their humor would play by the rules of French civility and law. It underscores his rhetoric that the “world Care Bears” have invited a violent culture shock war because they did away with traditional French assimilation requirements.
Zemmour echoes Marine Le Pen, and of course the French liberal media shills have accused Zemmour and Le Pen of “blaming the victims” – and poor taste.
Now, who did the murders? Yes, the fact that the shooters got away clean from the scene means it’s almost certainly military precision hit, and thus a false flag. It’s such a cliche the shooters always yell “ALLAH AKBAR!” That just seems so Hollywood. Can a Muslim reader comment on that?
If they did, then it’s just as likely that eric Zemmour is false opposition, pretending to be a French nationalist and assimilationist. I don’t think so though. I’m not suggesting either thing at this point.
21 hours ago “a suspect turned himself in”. This just in from BBC: the two at-large suspects robbed a gas station in Northern France.
Well what do you know? The suspects are brothers – remember that – it’s a common feature of these shootings. The Boston Bombing; the Jerusalem synagogue ax murders last year. Many others.
So now we have a name to be driven into our skulls by media! The Kourachi Brothers. Sounds like a nice place to eat.
Here we go…NEW YORK TIMES: Two Brothers Suspected in Killings Were Known to French Intelligence Services

“PARIS – When Cherif Kouachi first came to the attention of the French authorities as a possible terrorist a decade ago, he was in his early 20s and, according to testimony during a 2008 Paris trial, had dreamed of attacking Jewish targets in France….”
JG said (January 8, 2015):
Here we go again, expect to hear about this one for a while until the next act of “false flagism” is perpetrated in whatever Western Christian nation they have on their agenda.
Ottawa , Australia, and now France. That leaves Spain and Germany on red alert. Italy and Greece are broke and no longer major players and probably won’t be worth their efforts.
England and the US have successfully been put on board and hopefully won’t need a tune-up flag.
Don’t expect the French population to turn anti Arab on this one either. Multiculturalism has squashed patriotism in their country and a false flag terror event really won’t revive it for long.
All these governments know who the real perpetrators are along with their motives and will cooperate with their demands for fear of more murders and chaos. They have been duped into believing that it takes wars to end the wars that never were.
Robert said (January 8, 2015):
good article by that french whatever. translates excellent.

now.. 100% pass the word around that Mossad is responsible. this one in France and other ones that they are most likely responsible for – just keep giving them the press.. and at the same time ask people to tear them apart.. in every way open warfare.

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