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The Frankfurt School in Your Child\’s Classroom

By Noor al Haqiqa May 30, 2016
One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud s idea of pansexualism ~ the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women . But you, dear reader, are already well aware of that fact.
If you have not yet read it, I point you to Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to Corrupt . In this piece every aspect of the assault of the Frankfurt perversions upon America and its once Christian populace is covered in depth with clear insight into the insidious war on human decency we are dealing with today.
The use of the term “allies” gives this a rather militaristic tone, does it not? This word is used repeatedly in most cultural Marxist propaganda. No surprises there! Instilling that divisive “us” and “them” mentality at an impressionable age.

One common but deadly mantra of this school of thought:
Sexual differences are a contract;
if it feels good, do it; do your own thing.\’
Consider what has happened in America since the installation of its first gay president? The release of the “gender wars” that has become an extremely divisive sickness within our society has become invasive beyond belief politicizing even the most minor of activities. (Please see: CHILD PORNOGRAPHY IN THE CLASSROOM ) We hear of the books used to propagandize and normalize these behaviours in the classroom. The other day I stumbled across the ADL link titled ” LGBTQ People and Homophobia/Heterosexism “; needless to say, I checked out the list. The length and variety of topics was almost unsettling but the Chosen have a good eye for a market they created for themselves. I noted that many of the names of the male characters were Tribal, as were the authors. Just sayin\’. We know who lies behind all of this liberalism. To aid the further corruption education of our children in these matters, the ADL contributes the following wisdom:

“The lack of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people in children s books and the curriculum as well as the bias, stereotyping, discrimination and violence faced by LGBTQ people is important to address with young people in school. Understanding homophobia, heterosexism and the history of struggle for equal rights is critical. LGBTQ People and Homophobia/ Heterosexism includes learning more about LGBTQ people and their history and interests, understanding manifestations of homophobia and heterosexism and learning about LGBT rights such as marriage equality and others.”

Harry Potter was bad enough, but then to add insult to insult? Why was this news years after the demise of the series?
Below a few examples recommended by the ADL: Jacob\’s New Dress: Author: Sarah Hoffman and Ian Hoffman; category: bullying awareness and prevention, gender and sexism, LGBTQ people and homophobia/heterosexism; this heartwarming story speaks to the unique challenges faced by boys who don t identify with traditional gender roles and promises to spark discussions of gender, identity and self-confidence. My Princess Boy: Author: Cheryl Kilodavis; Category: gender and sexism, LGBTQ people and homophobia/heterosexism; Dyson loves pink, sparkly things and sometimes he wears dresses. The Purim Superhero: Author: Elisabeth Kushner; Category: Jewish culture and anti-semitism, LGBTQ people and homophobia/heterosexism; Nate loves aliens and he really wants to wear an alien costume for Purim, but his friends are all dressing as superheroes and he wants to fit in . When Kayla Was Kyle: Author: Amy Fabrikant; Category: gender and sexism, LGBTQ people and homophobia/heterosexism; Can Kyle find the words to share his feelings about his gender ~ and can his parents help him to transition into the girl he was born to be?

Friday, 20 May 2016


This week I found a wonderful new sit e with some very thought-provoking and internationally acclaimed cartoons. There is also mat erial on the usual suspects with some focus on the Palestinian Nak ba and Bibi\’s latest political blunder. Once again, please enjoy and share widely.
Lord, Sweet Jesus, Take the Wheel !
A few weeks ago, Bibi, put out the following request on Twitter:
There is no doubt about it, this became a political PR nightmare the moment the hashtag became known to many people. Below, some of the questions, before the site was closed down very rapidly. Please enjoy some of the love put forth to Mr. Satanyahu.
Meanwhile, back in Brazil…. the coup…
When Justin was BORN by induced labour on December 25, 1971, I joked about the Trudeau boys being “born to the throne” and, as scions of the “great” PET” we would see at least one of them back in power. Complete with the inherent ego and sense of entitlement not normally seen by the electors. See: ” Justin Trudeau Apologizes for Not Living up to a Higher Standard
Justin simply makes me SO PROUD that Canada has yet another Communist/Zionist shill in power. The fruit did not fall far from the Trudeau tree! (Note sarcasm.) The pathetic thing is ~ he is still better to deal with than Harper! (So far)
This cartoon cost the creator his job! A seed company, er, Monsanto and Dupont , sponsor of the publication in which it appeared, pulled funding until he was fired.
Now, imagine this guy in blue with a pretty blue star on his hat, chasing frightened Jews back into Israel….
No comment. I am sure you can draw your own comparisons….
Noah, after the mutiny
The UN celebrates 67 Years….
Yours truly is, indeed, a well-aged wine! .
The Needs of a child
Draw a blue star on that “little bird” and drape it in an American flag.
It took me a few moments to think this one through for the brilliant manner in which the artist portrays his environmental message.
Technology is as useful as you make it.
Please enlarge this one.
This is an old cartoon dug up by the artist that seems quite appropriate these days, and shows the change in editorial focus between American mores then … and today. Please enlarge to read properly.
Bad Muslim! No virgins for you! Now remove that halo.
Obama visits Japan
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