Saturday, 22 November 2014


This image, possibly my favourite this week, is posted for Dennis Fetcho aka The Fetch.
Something different this week. I am using a lot of memes that I have come across that amused or interested me. It is increasingly difficult to find fresh material for alternative cartoons since, as we know, 99.5% of editorial cartoonists push the party line that puts food on their tables. If you don\’t like the change, leave me a note. Leave me some suggestions. Suggest some sources I might not have explored if you have them. I must also add I am just not finding much in the world to be amusing any more. There truly is almost nothing to laugh at out there unless it is totally unrelated to politics ~ I am past laughing at things that just never seem to change and only deteriorate. Some have criticized me for not having enough anti Jewish material ~ the stuff is not so easy to come across every day. And it is so very one note. We must remember there are other things in the world that are simply amusing even if only to those of us with a darker view of things. And as for silliness? It is good for all of us ~ the next best medicine to love. Final note: Please excuse the excessive space between the images. I went in to edit something and the devilish HTML djinn entered and made a mess. When I tried to repair it, I almost lost everything! And, to be honest, it is too late to repost the entire thing.

(Thank you Konrad)

Oh, dear Lord, yes!!!!!!!!! .

Remember when this was what constituted a really bad day? .

Dispute between a Catholic and Presbyterian Church across the street from each other. .

(I am grateful that I went to school BEFORE the Holocaust was spoken of only in passing.)

We have all been there.

How did these lovely beasts become so hated over the decades? .

Ahem. This is so me behind the wheel. .

Apparently the word “dog” IS in there somewhere. .

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