Friday, 31 May 2013


The news is, Hillary is gay! At last she is out of the closet!
Jewish “humour”:
After 60 years a Rabbi decides to retire, taking the box of foreskins he has collected over the years of doing circumcisions. He goes to the leather goods manufacturers and says to the salesman “Can you do anything with these?”
The man says “No problem, come back in two weeks.”
After two weeks the rabbi returns to the shop and is presented with a wallet. In total disbelief, he says to the craftsman “After 60 years the best you can do is a wallet?”
The man replies “Don\’t worry, just rub it a few times and it will turn into a suitcase”
Meet SheZow, the new Hasbro Superhero. SheZow is a transvestite. Er, do you want YOUR child to get into this mindset? Hasbro is showing even worse taste than usual.
Some things just never change. Bet they are Italian!

Sammy has stolen the rabbi\’s gold watch. He didn\’t feel too good about it, so he decided, after a sleepless night to go to the rabbi. \’Rabbi, I stole a gold watch.\’ \’But Sammy ! That\’s forbidden! You should return it immediately !\’ \’What shall I do ?\’ \’Give it back to the owner.\’ \’Do you want it ?\’ \’No, I said return it to its owner.\’ \’But he doesn\’t want it.\’ \’In that case, you can keep it.\’

Another Jewish Jesus “joke”:
It Pays To Advertise
Old man Moskowitz was getting along in years. He decided to retire and let his 3 sons run the company (which manufactured a wide variety of nails). The sons thought they could increase market-share with some judicious billboard advertising.
Only a week later the old man was taking his usual Sunday drive in the country when he saw the first billboard ad. There it was ~ a picture of Christ on the Cross, with the caption: “Nails for Every Purpose. Use Moskowitz Nails.”
The old man immediately met with his 3 sons to voice his concern. He explained that the backlash could be horrendous. The company could be ruined. The sons agreed to discontinue that ad.
A week later the old man was again taking his usual Sunday drive when he saw the second billboard ad. There it was ~ a picture of the same cross, empty, with Christ crumpled on the ground below… and the caption: “Next Time Use Moskowitz Nails.”
Folks, If you think I am crazy….. here are a few shots from one of my daughter\’s recent photo shoots! Hard to believe this is the face of today\’s highly educated up n coming generation!
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