Saturday, 30 April 2016


Please enjoy. Just a lot of cartoons for your Saturday morning coffee…. I don\’t normally ask, but it would be TERRIBLY LOVELY to have a “he llo” or a not e from folks. It is a great reward for work don e, honest. So, pl ease say hi…..
Aleppo Second time around
A cartoon by a noted Jewish cartoonist that “validates” the diversion of 9/11 guilt away from Israel. Please check Mike King\’s What s behind The Saudis Did 9/11 Lie?
The human euthanasia propaganda programme “Right to Choose to Die” Movement progresses in Canada…..
Please see: Palestinian Astrophysicist Arrested and Jailed for Second Time in Three Months
The above is from a 1929 French news magazine article “The Troubles in Palestine” depicting: “The Arab fanatics massacring the Jews in their quarters of Jerusalem”. That poor fragile little Jewish man at the hands of virile Moozlim savages…. This century of Islamophobia by the MSM is one reason we find ourselves today involved in the Clash of Civilizations. Thanks, Jews.

Jabotinsky, the inspiration for much Jewish madness amongst the settlers, hero of Meir Kahane, was just being a good Jew all along.

I just about tossed my cookies when I found these updated themed Archie comics…. In the one set of Archie comics, Archie was finally killed off. How? Defending a gay politician; he took a bullet for his buddy.
Michelle Obama is not what everyone thinks! Michelle Obama is a Man
Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails
Ah, yes, freedom of expression, freedom for everyone but those who support today\’s uber-liberal gay agenda. Not free to express your opinions without being shamed socially. How can you spell Cultural Marxi sm?
Not even CLOSE to amusing. They keep the Dr. Duke as Racist hate going constantly.
The Cirque is being rather hypocritical since homosexuals and transgenders are punished in Dubai, yet they cancelled performances in the US to protest the bathroom laws on North Carolina! Go figger.
No child should have to deal with this just to placate 2% (max) of the population… They should not have to be even aware of such issues.
How it feels at times…
Now THIS is poverty.
Moving back the retirement dates….
Lest we forget… the Armenian Genocide.
Oh. My. Goodness. “Awesome”? Ginsbergs is terrifying! oh, heck, I am agreeing with Ann Coulter. That is even MORE terrifying.
Very cute
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