Kerry and the Caravan of Lies

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),- Amidst US accusations, that “Russia has returned to a cold war policy”, caused by Russia´s granting of asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, has apparently agreed to “holding the international conference on Syria in Geneva as soon as possible”  – again.

And what else should Kerry say, during a press conference, or during  negotiations with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov ?

What about the truth, something to the effect of ” come on Sergei, we stalled the conference for months and there is no way in hell that we will go for it unless it gives us a clear advantage with regard to the recolonization of the Middle East”.

The US, UK, French, or should we say the FU(C)KUS position on Syria, their arrogance and criminality have become unbearable.

It could be described as ridiculous, a farce, was it not for the fact that it has cost more than 100.000 lives since 2011, and that the political will of the US-American, British and French, Israeli, Saudi, Qatari and Turkish war criminals to end the violence and the bloodshed is literally non-existent.

The performance by John Kerry was flawless. Not even the slightest hint of a blush when he said that the USA is committed to holding the Geneva 2 conference as soon as possible. And why should he blush. He has not even lied. As soon as possible can be some time in the very distant future, and nobody has asked if the USA and its partners in crime would stop pouring petrol on the fire to keep the “opposition” as less motivated as possible to “hold talks”.

One picture tells more than a thousand words, it is said, and in the case of the joint press conference by John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov, this statement is as true as it possibly could be.

Actually the performance of Russia´s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov was flawless too. Just thinking about how difficult it must have been to utter the following statement, without biting his tongue to blood should earn him an Oscar in the category “self restraint” .

“We have a consensus on the necessity for holding the Geneva Conference, based on the meeting which was convened in Moscow between me and my US counterpart John Kerry”.

One moment, when… was it that Kerry was in Moscow and agreed on holding the conference “as early as possible”. Nobody even remembers without looking it up. Right, that was in May.. June, July, August . . . And how many weapons has the alliance shipped to its al-Qaeda death squads since then ?

Words apparently come cheap, especially when one´s name is John Kerry and each and every of the lives that are being lost while Kerry and his crime cartel stall the conference by not using the influence the United States has over its “partners in the Middle East and in Europe” is precious.

There are two statements which come to my mind when I am reflecting over the situation. The one was made by the Russian Ambassador to the United Nation, Vitaly Churkin in February 2013, when Churkin said:

“The US-announcement not to arm the opposition in Syria does not absolve the USA from its full responsibility for what is taking place in Syria or the practices of the opposition”.

The other one was made by Russia´s Ambassador to NATO, Alexander Grutchko, in February 2013, when Grutchko said:

“Someone here in Brussels made a most profound point by saying that if you are holding a hammer, you should not think that every emerging problem is a nail. We think the world has ample opportunity to engage in energy cooperation and to ensure energy security without making use of military-political organizations as an instrument”.

The point is, that words come cheaper to some than they come to others, and that no half-baked lies about that the USA agrees to holding the Geneva conference “as soon as possible” absolves its political and military leadership from the full responsibility for the war crimes that are being committed by its murderous “partners”.

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