2013: The end of freedom rings

January 4, 2013 by ppjg

Marti Oakley (c) copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved


I have spent several days saying “Happy New Year” to people who have called from all over the country.  It is a hollow and meaningless greeting.  Without exception, everyone I have spoken with realizes that 2013 will be the year that the official end of the formerly free nation known as the United States, will occur.   I have not spoken to one person who holds out any hope that congress or the president will act to protect and defend the Constitution and the people of the fifty states.  They haven’t got the time.  They are far too busy assembling the police state and preparing to displace the population of the US with illegal immigrants, and removing any right to self-defense, even against government.

That oath they all take says that they will defend the US from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  The problem with this lies in the fact that the enemy we need to fear most is right here inside the gates. We have looked the enemy in the eye……and looking back at us was successive traitorous presidents and one gunburn_deescollection after another of supposed elected officials we call senators and representatives who have actively and brazenly betrayed us as a nation while threatening us with terrorism from groups and individuals that either they can’t identify or won’t identify. The terrorists we need to fear are collecting paychecks at our expense.

Will all the traitors please stand up and identify yourselves?

Many already have done exactly that although they may not have actually stated outright that they intended to betray us.  But betray us they have.

We have Diane Feinstein (D) CA, calling for a complete ban on all guns.  Who the hell does this woman think she is to call for striking down the 2nd Amendment?  Isn’t the 2nd Amendment the underpinning of our constitution? Isn’t this the very amendment that defines us as a free nation?  Does anyone think Ms Feinstein isn’t aware of the psychological effect this would have on the nation?  Hasn’t Ms Feinstein taken that oath to defend the constitution from both foreign and domestic enemies on numerous occasions?  Does this not put her in the precarious position of either a) admitting the oath meant nothing when she declared it, or, b) she has decided it is far more beneficial to betray the nation and possibly profit personally from that? 

Note to MS Feinstein:  There are numerous countries around the world who have disarmed their citizens for all sorts of spurious reasons, and then begin committing gross incidences of genocide, torture and massive imprisonment of the remaining population.  They not only shoot them, bomb them, gas them, torture them but in many instances they also starve them to death or deny them water.  They have no way to fight back!  I’m sure one of these countries would find you invaluable in continuing their assaults on their own populations while those in control live pleasant and affluent lives.  Please find one of these countries who would consider you a useful idiot and move yourself there.  Personally, I don’t believe we need you here.

I find it somewhat ironic that Ms Feinstein is the senior Senator from California.

  • This is a state that runs a 20 billion dollar a year deficit supporting illegal immigration while the legal residents are without work and the homeless population explodes.
  • It is also a state which allowed the Forestry service to shut down the timber industry wiping out one community after another.
  • Ms. Feinstein has sat by quietly as the Forestry service closed public access roads to national forests to deny the public entry.  This is particularly handy since California is designated as bio-region ONE from the United Nations.  No human habitat or access and to be controlled by the United Nations.
  • California is also the third most dangerous state in the country to live if you are an elderly individual who committed the crime of aging with assets.  The kidnapping, involuntary isolation and imprisonment, forced medications for chemical restraint of elderly individuals so that their estates can be looted by state agencies, corrupt judges and attorneys and professional predatory fiduciary’s is a national disgrace.
  • This is a state that has allowed the ubiquitous and hated Bureau of Land (mis)Management wipe out every wild horse and burro in the state.

But Ms Feinstein doesn’t have time for all that!

Her concern is disarming the American people because young men who have been subjected to untested and sometimes unapproved psychotropic drugs responded to those drugs exactly in the way that the drugs are intended.  They became suicidal, hostile, aggressive and eventually irrationally homicidal.  These are not unintended side effects of these horrible drugs, it is exactly what they are intended to do.

I have to wonder here why Ms Feinstein isn’t planning an attack on the pharmaceutical companies that drugs_deeswere allowed to put these drugs on the market knowing full well that:

  • they were massively addictive, and intended to become street drugs
  • don’t cure anything,
  • increase the symptoms of disturbance,
  • cause major personality changes, and
  • which are well-known to cause individuals to do unthinkable things because the drugs are so toxic that even taking them as “recommended” can lead to sudden death and psychotic behavior.

Dear MS Feinstein: The FDA is responsible 100,000 thousands of deaths each year!

Why is Ms Feinstein not going after the FDA who approved these drugs as safe and effective with no independent testing?  Why is no one at the FDA or the pharmaceutical companies being prosecuted for the 100,000 deaths each year attributed to toxic concoctions that kill people?  At the very least they should be prosecuted and imprisoned for aiding and abetting in the murder of at least 100,000 people every year.  Yet not one of these FDA scientists, doctors or officials has even lost their job as a result of their willing complicity in allowing deadly pharmaceuticals onto the market

Why is Ms Feinstein not going after the American Psychiatric Association for the soon to be released DSM 5 that is the greatest collection of fictional mental diseases ever assembled between two covers?  These are the people who prescribe these poisonous drugs that they themselves have no experience with, for mental diseases for which there is no scientific testing or proof that they exist other than they said so.

Why is Ms Feinstein focused on striking down the 2nd Amendment when the problems in her own state indicate that she lacks any focus or control?  When the state of her state is so horrendous?

Please Ms Feinstein, clean up your own house before you come after ours.  We will not surrender our guns, we will not comply with any police state legislation and we are becoming less willing to suffer the ill effects of career politicians who never let a good crisis go to waste.

Before you attack our Constitution, before you attempt to disarm us, clean up the FDA or better yet, shut this monstrosity of death and doom down!  It is a clear and present danger to the continued existence of the United States.

Then may I suggest you do some investigating of these horrendous pharmaceutical companies that kill hundreds of thousands each year and who are never held liable or accountable for what is in reality, a mass murder for profits.  As an example, Vioxx is now attributed to the deaths of more than 100,000 people.  It is still on the market under a new name.  Not one person has been prosecuted for these deaths.

As for the issue at hand…….before you begin trying to take our 2nd Amendment from us, why not investigate who prescribed what kind of drugs for the young man who committed this terrible crime?  I can assure you it was not Smith & Wesson, Remington or any other gun manufacturer.

In closing, I find it odd that you can move so quickly in an attempt to begin the disarming of America, but you become totally inert when it comes to any of the other issues raised here.

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