Danger to Egypt…Random thoughts

Dr A Q Khan
Monday, July 09, 2012

When the Western countries realize the impracticality of direct aggression, they work on a long-term plan to cultivate some stooges and bring them to power. In Iran they did this with the Shah. When he was toppled by Dr Musaddaq and Dr Fatmi, the CIA struck. The Shah was reinstated, Dr Fatmi was murdered and Dr Musaddaq was dumped in jail for years. Similarly, the independence hero of Algeria, Ahmad Ben Bella, was removed by an ungrateful army chief. The same fates struck Kwame Nkrumah, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Nasser, Sukarno, Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Gen. Zia, etc., after their utility to the West had ceased to exist.

Now they are after the blood of Bashar al-Assad.  Musharraf was thrust upon us and he served the US better than any American could ever do. After his utility was over, we got Zardari and his cronies.

Western governments cultivate the stooges in developing countries by placing them in high posts in world organisations and then using them to influence or sabotage the policies of their own countries. We saw how Boutros Boutros-Ghali was first used as UN secretary general to look after the interests of Israel and the West. Mohammad El-Baradei was another stooge who safeguarded and promoted Western/Israeli interests.

History has now been kind to the Egyptians. After almost 60 years of dictatorial rule, ruthless torture and countless murders, they now have an honest, God-fearing Ikhwan el-Muslimoon leader Mohamed Morsi as their new President. Despite army manipulations, he succeeded in winning the elections which were, fortunately, fair. This has caused ripples in Western capitals, especially in Israel. The earlier slavish policies of Sadat and Mubarak had turned this largest Arab country with its vast resources, a rich heritage of culture and civilization, into a shameless, honorableness colony of the West. I hope Mr Morsi will be able to revive the honor and pride of his nation and will revisit the various pacts with the West and Israel to redirect them onto a mutually respectful footing.

Here I would like to elaborate further on the deliberate, cunning and mischievous policies of the Western countries, especially that of Israel. The moment the Egyptians gained strength through well-organised and motivated campaigns, the Western countries, especially the Americans, sent Mohamed El Baradei to hijack the revolution. First he tried to become president, but failed miserably. This did not cause him to give up and he immediately formed a new political party to try to hijack parliamentary elections. Luckily for the Egyptians, he failed in this nefarious design as well. However, the Western countries have not given up their efforts and are still finding ways and means to put this stooge at the helm of affairs in Egypt. The Egyptians should be extra-cautious and protect themselves from this, or any, US crony.

ElBaradei is about 70 years old and can still be active (and mischievous) for another ten-odd years. He received his basic education (law) in Cairo and then studied in Geneva and New York. In 1964 he was appointed a member of the Egyptian delegation to the UN and it was then that the US started taking an interest in him. They first had him posted as head of the International Institute for Training and Research and then as adjunct professor of law at New York University. Now he was well on his way.

The Americans then had him posted as legal adviser to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at Vienna, which post he retained until 1993. Then he was posted as assistant director general of the IAEA until 1997. Being confident that he was their man, the Americans made him director general of the IAEA. He succeeded Sweden’s former foreign minister Dr Hans Blix. Blix had also played stooge to the US and was instrumental (through his ambiguous and mischievous reports) in the illegal war in Iraq and the horrendous slaughter of more than 100,000 innocent civilians. This killing still continues, to say nothing of what is happening in Afghanistan. Nonetheless, President Obama still received the Nobel Prize for Peace!

Whenever the IAEA team returned from inspection and search for activities concerning the production of nuclear weapons in Iraq, Blix always reported: “The Inspectors have not found any proof of a nuclear weapons programme, but that does not mean that such a programme does not exist.” He did this at the behest of the Americans. El Baradei was director general of the IAEA for eight years, during which time he served US interests well. He was given a green signal by the US for a third term after a meeting with secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and he agreed to the American agenda for Pakistan and Iran.

El Baradei was highly mischievous against Pakistan’s nuclear programme and constantly issued false statements. He turned out to be more loyal than the king and until the very last days of his tenure he constantly accused Iran of not fulfilling its obligations to the NPT and UN Security Council resolutions. It is a well known fact that Iran signed the NPT and allows regular visits by IAEA inspectors to all nuclear sites. These inspectors have never been able to find anything incriminating. Never once did he bring up the need for inspection of Israeli nuclear sites or of their signing the NPT. Never did he ask the Security Council to pass a resolution against the surreptitious Israeli programme. An Iranian author, Mr Afrasiabi, in his book entitled After Khomeini, mentions that El Baradei intentionally ignored the cooperation that Iran had extended to the IAEA and took upon himself the role of forecasting the time-frame in which Iran would switch from a peaceful programme to a weapons programme.

This US stooge is despicable to me for the harm he did to Iraq, Pakistan and Iran. His behavior was not only traitorous to these countries but also to the Egyptian people. The Egyptian people must learn from our deplorable and shameless situation. After Musharraf’s utility had ended, we had to endure even worse stooges. For the last 13 years we have been living like a Western colony and being treated like serfs. We are being abused, threatened and insulted and our sovereignty is being trampled almost every day by drone attacks. Nonetheless, our leaders still receive them with open arms and broad smiles.

E lBaradei’s mission is to ensure Israeli interests are maintained by keeping Egypt on the “right track” in keeping with the ambit of the Camp David and Oslo Accords, which are against the aspirations of the Egyptian public. The signing of these two shameless pacts has given Israel carte blanch to attack, murder and kill Palestinians at will, destroy their buildings, factories, power stations, etc., and put up blockades that stop even edibles from reaching the Palestinians. Unfortunately, the oil-rich Arab nations have only their own interests at heart and take no pride in the Ummah. They have never shown the muscle to force the West to put pressure on Israel to desist from these brutalities.

Egypt is the cultural center of the Arab world. What happens on the streets of Cairo impacts on the whole Arab world. Almost all its important fields of life and professions influence the rest of the Arab world in many different ways. Because of this, the revolution of the people has sent alarm bells ringing, not only in Israel, but also all over the Western world. I hope and pray that Mr Mohamed Morsi will be able to live up to the aspirations of the great Egyptian people.

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