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Bravo sir, you hit the nail on the head with this one – why doesn’t Moveon talk about what is really important.  You are my hero.  Come out an meet us.  We are on a peititon drive in CT to get on the ballot.  You want change vote for people who tell the truth – like you.  Minhas you are my hero.  Any of tyou others who are brave enough to stand for what the real battle is – for god sakes come out and join us.  We have been on a petiton drive for six greuling weeks to get on the ballot.  i am exhausted.  I can send you a sheet to fill with names. – Help us – help us – an hour or two from every person on this list could really pull this through.  We have 12700 signatures – we need 7500 but eh mkargin of error is about 50%.  We’ve work so hard.  You want to stand for something that actually make a difference – THIS IS IT.  Call me on my cell I’m in the field – collecting signatures.  323-804-0779 
Lee Whitnum
Candidate for the United States Senate I-CT
PO Box 7482
Greenwich, CT  06830

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From: Average
To: “Justin Ruben, Political Action”
Subject: Re: Mitt’s secret: “His real name is…”

Stop sending me bullshit articles like this. What is the real problem with Mitt Romney? Why aren’t you talking about that? His ties to that nutbag in Israel Nut’n’Yahoo. Why aren’t you telling folks how Mitty’s association with the Nutty go for beyond Bain Capital? although even that is worth exposing, Mitt’s pro-war stance against Iran, Mitt’s fomenting further tension in the MidEast with insane hawks like Nutty. Why don’t you say how Mitt is willing to sacrifice more American lives if Israel (not America) goes to war against Iran? Why won’t you talk about how good old Mitty’s friend said about 911, “It’s good for Israel”. Why don’t you talk about how Nutty has tried to scuttle every peace agreement with the Palestinians and his use of white phosphorous against an innocent population. Why don’t you talk about how Mitty’s good friends in the Mossad were caught dancing and whooping as they were filming the destruction of the twin towers? Why won’t you talk about how Bain capital has mossad connections?

Or is that potato too hot for you?

You asked me before about your articles and I answered you previously unless you talk about these things, do not send me any of your emails. You asked me something about saving dolphins or whales or some seafaring mammal, I asked you about saving Iraqi lives from American stormtroopers. Why aren’t you talking about that? Why aren’t you talking about a million dead in Afghanistan? If you are not willing to talking about the REAL issues, the issues that ENDANGER America from a band of chosen crazies, don’t bother emailing me.


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