45th anniversary of the Israeli sneak attack

June 8, 1967: 34 Americans killed, 174 wounded by “our great ally in the Middle East”

Today is the 45th anniversary of the deliberate Israeli sneak attack on the USS Liberty

a day that should live in infamy, but is instead shrouded in obscurity
“Deliberate sneak attack” – no, that’s not a “conspiracy theory,” it was the view of the late Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as well as of the survivors of the attack. 
The best book on this massacre of American sailors by the Israelis is The Attack on the Liberty by James Scott (which mentions Admiral Moorer on p. 280). Scott’s book is in the “must-have” category.
The following news report is incomplete and inadequate (failing to mention Admiral Moorer’s views and making reference to “conspiracy theory” are but two of its defects). I am reprinting it here because it does document the abject cowardice of our flag-waving, “super-patriot” Congress that is too frightened to publicly honor the Americans who were sacrificed on the altar of the Israeli lobby. 
Remembering USS Liberty at ‘Sad Little Gathering’
June 8, 2012
Military.com| by Bryant Jordan
On Friday, Patricia Blue-Rousakis plans to be at Arlington National Cemetery where she has spent many June 8ths for the past 15 years.
There, she’ll join with a handful of survivors of the 1967 attack on the surveillance ship USS Liberty, which was struck by Israeli air and naval forces. The group will hear a retired chaplain say a prayer, visit with those in attendance — some, like herself, who lost family members on the Liberty — and then go off to lunch in Alexandria, Va.
But even after so many years, and knowing full well that the topic of the Liberty is widely viewed as poisonous, the visitors still note the absence of political and military officials at the observance.
“We talk about it among ourselves,” said Blue-Rousakis, whose first husband, Alan Blue, was a National Security Agency linguist on the ship. He was among the 34 men killed and 174 wounded in the attack.
“Of the family members and the survivors, every single one of us at one time or another has invited our representative from [the House] and the Senate. And no one has ever shown up. No one. It’s a very sad little gathering.”
It’s just not the politicians, she said.
Forty-five years after the attack, no uniformed officers are expected to attend the ceremony.
“They won’t do it. They absolutely will not do it,” she said.
The lightly armed American spy ship was strafed, napalmed and torpedoed by Israeli air and naval forces for more than an hour in broad daylight during the Six-Day War. But for a crewman gerry-rigging a radio to get a message out to the fleet, many Liberty survivors believe they would have been sunk with all hands.
President Lyndon Johnson accepted Israel’s apology for the attack, but it has remained hotly controversial ever since, a lightning rod for conspiracy theorists. Alternative theories about Israel’s attack — about it being deliberate; about cover-ups — have made the topic of the Liberty too radioactive for members of Congress or Pentagon leaders.
Journalist and author James Scott, whose father survived the attack, wrote in “Attack on the Liberty” that Johnson believed the attack was deliberate. But he let Israel off the hook because he feared “alienating” American Jewish leaders, from whom he was getting “pressure” for escalating the war in Vietnam.
Joseph Meadors, a Liberty survivor and the current president of the Liberty Veterans Association, said he and his predecessors have been inviting members of Congress to Arlington since they began holding the observances in the 1980s, he said.
“This year I’ve invited every member of Congress who represents a congressional district where a USS Liberty KIA lived,” Meadors said. This meant invitations to lawmakers from 21 states. So far three lawmakers have said they would send staffers, but as of Wednesday one staffer had bailed out, saying there was a scheduling conflict.
This is usually how it works, Meadors said. He said he’d be surprised if the other staffers show.
One lawmaker, Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn, responded to the invitation with a brief note to be read at the ceremony. Cornyn offered his “deep sympathy to the friends and loved ones of the 34 brave Americans who were lost that day.
“Although words are hardly adequate, please know that you and your families are in my thoughts and prayers.” The note spoke of honoring the dead who protect the United States, and of remaining dedicated, “just as they were dedicated, to the principles foundational to our Constitution, we must willingly defend them whenever necessary.”

NTS Notes:  OK, I want to get down to some of the nitty gritty that I have discovered over the years about the attack on the USS Liberty….
First….The attack on the Liberty was carefully planned out and orchestrated by the Israeli and US Governments themselves.  Days before the attack, the USS Liberty was ordered to that point off of the coast of Sinai and specifically told to stay put.   People must ask themselves… WHY?  
Second…On the morning of the attack, the ship was overflown many times by Israeli fighter planes, who obviously knew and identified the ship as the Liberty.    This fact alone should have already been enough to see that the upcoming assault that afternoon was deliberate…. The target was identified and pinpointed…
Third… When the Israeli planes approached the ship that afternoon to begin their assault, the radio operations of the Liberty were being jammed….No signal to the US carrier forces in the Mediterranean were able to be sent from the Liberty at all over the regular channels…. For the Israelis to be able to jam the radio signals from the Liberty, they would have had to have had information sent to them before the assault about the frequencies used by the Liberty.  This shows that the US Government itself gave them the frequencies ahead of time for them to jam them…Talk about deliberate!
Fourth… The Mirage planes used in the initial assault were carrying no “Star of David” markings to identify them as Israeli planes.   It would have taken time to have fighter aircraft markings removed for such an assault… This means that the assault on the Liberty was definitely planned at least days before the actual attack took place!
Fifth.. The Liberty was flying a very massive US Flag that was easily identifiable for miles around, and would have been easily seen by the approaching Israeli pilots.   However, in spite of the foreknowledge that the ship was the Liberty, the rocket assault took place on schedule…Evidence has even come forward that shows that some Israeli pilots called into their base saying that it was an American ship, but the base demanded they proceed with the attack, or face court martial!   Deliberate attack indeed!
Sixth… The USS America, even before knowledge that an assault on the Liberty was happening, had several nuclear weapons loaded on some F4 fighter bombers on its flight deck, and the moment word came out that the Liberty was under attack, these F4’s were immediately launched….. This is where it gets interesting, because this obviously was a planned response to the attack on the Liberty, which was to have these F4’s fueled up, and loaded with nuclear weapons for a planned response assault on Cairo… It does take time to have such an assault force on the carrier deck to be loaded with such ordinance…Prior knowledge of the assault coming?
Seventh… The radio operator on the Liberty was able to get a makeshift radio operating that sent a signal to the US Fleet that they were under attack, which brought the right response (in spite of the launching of the F4’s loaded with nukes) from the American carriers to have several squadrons in the air and heading towards the Liberty to stop the assault.  But these fighters were recalled… WHY????
Eighth… There is evidence that an American submarine was in the area of the Liberty during the assault,  and that it observed the attack taking place… WHY it was there, and did not intervene to help the Liberty is one of the great mysteries of the assault….
Ninth… The ship was not sunk in the initial assault, and by mid afternoon Israeli torpedo boats came in and put several torpedoes into the damaged vessel… Even then it did not sink, and by then everyone knew that the Israelis were conducting the attack…To show how this was also a cold blooded assault, these torpedo boats even machine gunned life rafts filled with Liberty sailors.. Is it not a war crime to deliberately shoot helpless sailors on life rafts?  It is obvious that there were to be NO survivors of the Liberty assault….
Tenth.. Lyndon Baines Johnson intervened directly after the launch of support craft from the USS America and personally ordered all fighter craft back to the carrier… WHY?   There is evidence that he personally wanted to see the ship sunk to the bottom of the Mediterranean and was even quoted as saying that he would not do anything to hurt an “ally”…..How the HELL was Israel suddenly an “ally” when it was purposely trying to sink an American ship and kill American sailors without provocation?  To me, this made LBJ an accessory to this act of cold blooded murder and a traitor to the United States.
Eleventh… There is evidence that a Soviet surveillance vessel was in the vicinity of the Liberty and observed the latter part of the assault…. It is possible that this accidental intervention threw off the criminals’ plans entirely, and it is possible that this intervention prevented the final destruction of the Liberty, and possibly forced the recall of the F4 nuclear strike heading to make Cairo glow in the dark.
Twelve… After these criminals failed in their plans to have the Liberty sunk, the US criminals in their own government,  and their criminal masters in Israel, had to resort to plan “B” which was of course to call the assault a case of “mistaken identity”… Then the coverup began…..
OK, these twelve points are not perfect, and many of you can put up your comments, and help me to update and fill in some of the gaps….
My personal conclusion about this assault:  It was preplanned and premeditated…. Some insane lunatics in the criminal state of Israel came up with a plan to have this ship sunk, and have the sinking blamed on Egypt.   They wanted the US to respond by launching a nuclear strike against Cairo that would have killed millions of Egyptians and in their twisted thinking, instantly ended Egypt as a threat to the criminal Israeli state.   I can guarantee that with Jewish control over America already in place in 1967, that it was not hard to have their slave puppet Lyndon Baines Johnson, and his equally criminal Secretary of State, Robert McNamara, to go along with the plan.   It was only through the actions of the USS Liberty’s radio operator to get a radio signal off, and the possible accidental intervention of outside ships into the area of the assault, that the operation fell apart.   
There will be those out there that say again that I and others are somehow “antisemitic” and “Israel haters”….  All I can say to these people is …. Tell that to the 34 sailors that died, and the 171 that were seriously wounded in the criminal assault by Israel on the USS Liberty!
It is now 45 years since this attack, and to this day, there is no justice for the USS Liberty victims and survivors…… We must make sure that everyone knows the facts, and that everyone forces the US Government itself to stop the lies and finally admit the truth….Because if we are not to learn from history, then we are doomed to repeat it….
More to come

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