Dajjal’s (Anti-Christs) next two targets: Iran and Pakistan

I wrote this article because we are getting closer and closer to that moment in time when Israel launches its attack on Iran and the western led alliance in Afghanistan launches its attack on Pakistan to denuclearizing the country.

I explained in many of my articles, that Pakistan is the only Muslim country with Nuclear weapons. And that those weapons pose a threat to Israel. That is why the Zionist Nato alliance have occupied Afghanistan just to one day attack and denuclearizing Pakistan. Before Dajjal can come to rule the world from Israel, Israel has to wage a big war of territorial expansion. The corrupted Jewish Torah says that the holy land that God gave to abraham (peace be upon him) extends from the river of Egypt to river Euphrates of Iraq.
That is a lie. Whoever corrupted the Torah wrote that in their just so one day the Jews could take all that territory. The Zionist Jews consider all that land to be the holy land of Israel. For Israel to conquer that Land, Israel will have to wage a big war on the Arabs by making excuses that Israel is now in danger.
But Israel cannot wage a big war when Muslims still have a powerful weapon in their hands. What is that powerful weapon?

That Power full weapon is obviously Pakistan nuclear weapons! That is why Nato today is Afghanistan. They are not their to fight Taliban cavemen. Their primary goal is to get rid of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and to break Pakistan into bits and pieces, and I have said that in many of my articles. I am saying that again just to clarify the subject for new readers.

Israel has tried to prevent Pakistan many times in history from achieving a nuclear capability but has failed. Now, the Zionists are smiling because Pakistan is surrounded.  On the eastern side, there is India which has a very powerful military and poses a big threat to Pakistan. And on the west there is the Nato western alliance.

India has been in three wars with Pakistan already so they are declared enemies. But the U.S. and it’s allies are not declared enemies by the Pakistan government. That is the biggest loss for them since they are being deceived.  The real aim of the Nato occupation of Afghanistan is to clearly break up and destroy Pakistan, so Israel can successfully wage big wars to take over Arab territory which it has wanted to do for many years now!
Dajjal’s other target is Iran. Iran is a more difficult threat to remove then Pakistan, since Iran’s government is not sold out to the Zionists. Iran is prepared for a military attack against its nuclear plants. But a war on Iran is not just to destroy its nuclear plants, but to also bring about regime change.
Israel and the western alliance want a government in Iran, which would be subservient to Israel’s agendas. That is the main target. Pakistan’s case is different because Pakistan is not prepared, nor are the politicians willing to admit that the U.S. is a threat to them now. Many Muslims of Pakistan are awake now and know that the U.S. is conspiring against them. The plan is not to occupy Pakistan but to break it up into pieces and to never let it reunite ever again.
The main plan is to reunite the Pashtun areas of Pakistan and make a greater Afghanistan and to create an independent state of Baluchistan.  The rest of Pakistan which will be remaining will become a puppet state of India.
It’s time for the Iranian government to wake up and realize that the Israel’s best friend after the United States is India. India has many secret pacts with Israel. Israel is the biggest arms supplier to India. Russia has been a long time ally of India, but Israel even surpassed Russia. Maybe Israel knows that an attack on Pakistan is coming and that India needs the best weaponry to battle Pakistan.
Of course, Israel will not act alone in attacking Iran. Israel knows that the U.S. doesn’t want Iran attacked because that will lead to high oil prices. High oil prices will lead to the collapse of the U.S. economy.  Gas prices are already very high here in the U.S. and people will riot and become very angry if an attack were to happen at this moment in time.
But, Israel wants to become the super power of the world. That has been the agenda ever since this illegal state of Israel was created. Many people have laughed at Sheikh Imran Hosein for expressing his view. Many still doubt that Israel will become a super power. First of all, Israel and the Zionists at large already control most of the world. They most importantly control the united nations organization. They also control the united states congress and the political process at large.
No president can get elected unless he or she supports Israel no matter what. Israel and the Zionists have made sure that their interests are always protected. The Zionists have also taken control of the banking of the world. There is no doubt about that since they have enslaved man kind through their illegal and haram banking system.
Israel is also thought to have over 300 nuclear missiles. Israel has the strongest air force in the region and has state of the art military technology. But before Israel can become the new super power of the world, Israel has to establish its dominance over the Arabs. The only way Israel can do that, is to wage a big war and take them over by force. Many claim that the international community won’t let them do that. But lets wait and see what happens, because we know Israel is going to make a lot of noise that now the neighboring arab countries have become terrorist states.
Israel will make noise because soon, Islāmic parties are going to be elected in the Arab world, Egypt in particular. The Egyptian people pressure their government to support the Palestinians, this will lead Israel to declare that Egypt has become a terrorist state. This is when Israel will launch her big wars of territorial expansion
But like I said, Israel cannot do that if Pakistan still has nuclear weapons. Israel cannot do that while Iran is still a regional power. So, with all that said, Iran and Pakistan both need to be taken down before Dajjal (Ant-Christ) can arrive as the false messiah. We as Muslims believe Jesus (peace be upon him) is the true messiah. But the Jews never accepted him as the true messiah so now they are still waiting for their so-called messiah.
Before that messiah (Dajjal) can come, Israel has to expand its territory and become a super power in the world. Right now, the U.S. is a super power but it’s declining. If we look back at history, Britain was the most powerful state, but right after world war one, Britain started declining as a super power and then the U.S. took over as the new super power. The U.S. proved itself to be a world super power by flexing it’s muscles during world war one and two.
I believe and so does sheikh Imran, that Israel will use this war to flex its muscles. Which means, the U.S. will decline as a super power and the new super power will be Israel. So the first modern-day super power was Britain,  now it’s the U.S. and soon it will be the state of Israel. The U.S. will lose that coming war against Iran, but then Israel will save the U.S. Just like the U.S. saved Britain in world war one from military defeat. History will repeat itself.
For Israel to become that super power that it wants to become, it has to wage big wars which will show off its military power. One thing to note is, that the Jews will never accept Dajjal (Anti-Christ) unless Israel expands it’s territory. Because the Jews believe that their return to the holy land after world war one, is a huge sign the Messiah is coming. But like I said before that messiah comes, that so-called holy Israel has to be established.
Not to mention, Masjid Al-Aqsa also has to be destroyed to rebuilt the so-called temple of prophet solomon (peace be upon him) for the preparation for the arrival of the messiah. All these events cannot take place while the threat of Pakistan and Iran are still there. Because if Israel were to do these things now, then Pakistan along with the rest of the Islāmic world could respond very aggressively. That is why, now Israel is using the U.S. and the western powers to wage these wars against these countries who pose a threat to the state of Israel.
So, Iran and Pakistan are the next targets of Dajjal. Because before Israel can establish itself as a super power, these threats have to be removed. Of course I have not really discussed what Russia and China will do when these wars on Pakistan and Iran are launched by the west.
I believe these wars will culminate into bigger wars, which will eventually turn into nuclear war in the whole world. Meaning the west and the east launching hundreds of nuclear weapons against each other. Russia and China won’t be happy at all when these wars culminate and that is why this big confrontation is going to happen in the near future. When? Only God knows best. But it is our job now to study this subject and to increase our knowledge because we are living in a very critical moment in time.
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Here is a video of Sheikh Imran Hosein discussing an attack on Iran and Pakistan.

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