Zionizing Muslims via Interfaith Dialogue- by Joachim Martillo

Kevin Barrett’s comments: 
As a co-founder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, and lead editor of 9/11 and American Empire v.2: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out, I have been in the forefront of efforts to build an interfaith dialogue on the facts and meaning of 9/11 and the “war on terror.”  
A strong Muslim majority holds that 9/11 was an inside job. Yet we Muslims are not allowed to argue this position in the bogus “interfaith dialogue” efforts set up by foundations-funded groups and universities. For example, I have proposed presentations on this issue at interfaith dialogue events sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Lubar Institute for the Study of the Abrahamic Religions, and have had those proposals rejected — not due to any lack of credentials (I have a Ph.D. with an Arabic-Islamic Studies focus) but simply because the topic is off-limits. 
Along with censoring any discussion of the truth behind 9/11 and the “war on terror,” bogus “interfaith dialogue” events are framed in such a way as to try to force Muslims to accept Zionism. In short, only Uncle Tom Muslims are allowed to speak. 
There can be no real interfaith dialogue unless the Muslim-majority opinion on these issues is permitted expression.  
What is the Muslim-majority position? 
* Zionism is comparable to Nazism. (See Martillo’s article below.) And Zionism (putting a Jewish state in Palestine) is just as insane and unsustainable as putting a white Episcopalian state in Peking, or an Arab Muslim state in Rome. The world’s 1.5 billion Muslims will no more accept a Jewish state in Palestine than the Chinese would accept a white Episcopalian state in Peking, or Catholics would accept an Arab Muslim state in Rome.  
We are prepared to defend these arguments through reasoned dialogue and empirical evidence. If Jews, Christians, or anyone else wants to try to show us why we are wrong, using reasoned dialogue and empirical evidence, we will be happy to listen. But if we are not permitted to pursue our case peacefully through reasoned argumentation, we will have no choice but to use other means, including military means, to defend ourselves against military attacks launched by Zionists and 9/11 Big Liars. That is why most Muslims support Hamas, Hezbullah, and other rational and effective Muslim self-defense organizations. Whatever your faith or worldview, here is why you should support them too. 
Zionizing Muslims via Interfaith Dialogue 
Joachim Martillo 
My exchange with Rabbi Seltzer of the Interreligious Center for Public Life in More Jewish Bigotries at Interfaith Dialogue suggests that Jews do not view interfaith activities as a vehicle for achieving mutual respect and understanding among believers. 
In order to obtain a better sense of Jewish interfaith goals, I read through the CJMR Interview: “Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia…Same Coin?”, which was passed out at the ISBCC interfaith conference and which records a 2007 interview of Dr. Abdul Cader Asmal and Dr. Larry Lowenthal by the Center for Jewish Muslim Relations. 
According to the web document Dr. Abdul Cader Asmal was former President of the Islamic Center of Boston at Wayland and former President of the Islamic Council of New England while Dr. Larry Lowenthal was Executive Director of the Greater Boston Chapter of the American Jewish Committee. 
The first priority of interfaith activity for decent Jews and Muslims should have been a joint effort to expose both: 
* the wealthy and politically connected Jews who are attempting to incite a virulent form of Islamophobia in order to marginalize American Muslims in the American political process and also 
* the Jewish fraudsters, who use fake accusations of anti-Semitism to distract from Jewish anti-Muslim incitement. 
Instead, the transcription of the interview indicates that the Center for Jewish-Muslim Relations works mostly to indoctrinate Muslims in Zio-speak and to colonize them mentally. 
Here are the first question and the responses from the interviewees. 
CJMR: What is Islamophobia/anti-Semitism and do local Muslims/Jews experience it? 
Dr. Asmal: 
“Islamophobia is a term that promotes the fear of Islam. In the process it generates hate against its adherents and permits a level of bigoted discourse that civil society would show zero tolerance toward if applied to any other racial, religious or nationalistic group. Since the nightmarish events of September 11th, orchestrated by a Muslim heretic and his small band of followers, all Muslims have had to listen to the refrain, “our enemies are Muslims.” This message has been amplified since the “showdown with Saddam” transmuted into today’s catastrophe in Iraq so that what we as Muslims now hear is that “the Muslims are our enemies.” Thus on a daily basis with every news conference, with every talk show, with every political speech it has become an accepted part of our national discourse to accept Muslims as the “Other,” demonize them with impunity, and see them as guilty until proven innocent. Though the evil attack on September 11thwas perpetrated by Muslim extremists, it provided the perfect pretext for the Neo-conservative movement to execute its preconceived so-called “global war on terror” to invade, occupy, and systematically dismantle a country that posed no threat to the US whatsoever. With each passing day of the uncontrollable horror in Iraq – viewed as a crusade by increasing numbers in the Muslim world – more mindless fanatics are driven to kill “the enemies of God” – i.e., all who disagree with their views, thus multiplying the real threat to Muslims and non-Muslims alike as they pour fuel on the flames of Islamophobia.” 
I have no clue what extremism means in today’s political context. It is not merely extreme to believe that E. Europeans had the right to steal Palestine on the basis of an etymological relationship between the word Judea and the word Jew; the idea is psychotic. On the model of Zionist logic, I could argue that the Irish would have the right to steal and drive out the native Romans because most Irish are Roman Catholic and the word Roman is derivative from the word Rome. 
The question of heresy is a red herring, for Islamism, Salafism and (for lack of a better term) Arab Jihadism are simply religiously-informed political ideologies, which Americans should understand in order to think rationally about international questions relating to the Arab and Muslim world. 
Arab Jihadism was not founded by Bin-Ladin, who was basically the money guy/fundraiser, but by the Palestinian Abdullah Azzam and the Egyptian Kamil al-Sananiri. Azzam modeled his ideology on a somewhat mistaken understanding of Zionist history and politics with contributions from Sananiri’s revision of Qutbism. The key point is a modernist reinterpretation of individual and collective obligation with regard to Jihad. Azzam claimed Sheikh Abdul-Aziz bin Baz approved Azzam’s fatwa, but bin Baz never signed it. 
In essence Azzam and Sananiri gave up on Qutb’s ideas about overthrowing Muslim governments that were insufficiently Islamic and argued that every individual Muslim had an obligation to undertake personal jihad on behalf of oppressed Muslims everywhere, whether they are Palestinian, Afghan, Kosovar, Bosnian, Thai, Filipino, Chechen or whatever. 
Because Arab Jihadis had no interest in overthrowing “Muslim” governments and because there was considerable overlap of their program with that of the US government and even of the Neocons, they worked in an essentially frictionless environment of International Islamic Organizations mostly headquartered In Hijaz while they traveled effortlessly throughout the world from Peshawar to Hijaz, and thence to the USA (especially Boston). While the US and Saudi governments mostly ignored them, the Afghan Mujahidin were at best uninterested in Arab jihadi help and generally considered Azzam’s group to be more trouble than it was worth. 
The Taliban Organization, which succeeded the Mujahidin was more open to collaboration with Arab Jihadis even though Taliban ideology is probably closer to an anti-modernist Qutbism than to Arab Jihadism. In general Azzam rejected terrorist attacks on civilians and had reservations with regard to the ideas of people like Taqi Usmani about offensive Jihad, which is — to be frank — is far less radical a concept than the Bushite/Neocon policy of aggressive preventive war. Both Sananiri and Azzam were killed and left Bin-Ladin as the titular leader of the very informally or barely organized Arab Jihadi movement. 
Bin-Ladin was less of a purist and seems gradually thanks to his power of the purse to have steered the “organization” in a new direction especially when he and his colleagues became more aware of American views of legitimate military targets during the NATO intervention in Bosnia. 
Are Azzam, Sananiri and Bin-Ladin heretics? Only God knows for sure, but it is much easier to make the charge of heresy against Zionism from the standpoint of traditional Judaism, for I have a long list of late 19th and early 20th century Orthodox Rabbis who put Zionists in the category of the worst heretics. 
In any case we can be quite certain 
* that Arab Jihadism is more of a political than a religious movement and
*that the ideology clearly developed primarily as a response to Zionist criminality and genocidalism in Stolen and Occupied Palestine. 
No one should be particularly surprised that members of Abdullah Azzam’s family in Gaza are strong supporters of Hamas even though Hamas’ ideology is probably best characterized as realist Qutbism. While the illegal US aggressive war and occupation of Iraq created a massive recruiting opportunity for Arab Jihadism throughout the Muslim
world, Asmal’s last sentence represents the complete internalization of the delusional Jewish-Zionist worldview. Iraqi suicide attacks were intended to liberate Iraq by making the occupation unworkable. If the USA had experienced an illegal aggressive war and occupation, a lot of Americans would probably choose to resist via suicide attacks just as
Iraqis have under US occupation. 
Dr. Lowenthal: 
“Extreme anti-Semitism is the belief that Jews by definition are a people empowered by a mystical unlimited power to do evil – similar to the beliefs of Hitler or those who believe and propagate the writings in the so-called “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” – a fraudulent document that purports to be the records of a secret meeting by elder Rabbis with a purpose of world domination. Such beliefs are used to perpetuate stereotypes and misunderstandings of Jews. Local Jews experience anti-Semitism in Boston as vehement anti-Zionism. People must understand that the Jewish anxiety about Israel’s security is a paramount issue, and can not be evaded. People are free to criticize any aspect of Israeli policy or government decision or Israeli behavior toward Palestinians, but Jews draw the line at the equation of Israelis with Nazis, or Prime Minister Sharon with Hitler, or the situation on the West Bank with Auschwitz. Such criticism, in our opinion, crosses the line between acceptable criticism of Israel to anti-Semitic ranting.” 
Yet Jewish and Zionist groups routinely use terms like Nazi, Fascist, or Hitler to describe Hamas, Fatah, Haniyeh, Abbas, or Ahmedinejad even though none of them have any connection with German Nazi ideology. Not only is the situation completely unfair, but it is also a pure historical political falsification, for there is only one important modern political ideology that has much similarity to German Nazism. 
The late University of Wisconsin Professor George Mosse lectured at Hebrew University on the common völkisch racist currents of German Nazism and Zionism. I have read practically all the primary literature of both movements. With the obvious ethnic substitutions the ideologies are practically identical with allowances for internal factions. (For example Ben-Gurion and his followers are ideologically most similar tothe Straßer faction of the NSDAP.) 
After Herzl there is probably no figure more important in Political/Congress Zionism than Max Nordau, whose ideas of national degeneracy through race mixing, national revival through racial purity and eugenics were at least as influential among German Nazis as they were among Zionists. 
Vladimir Jabotinsky’s form of Zionism initially was at the beginning a form of ethnic fundamentalism practically identical to Hitler’s belief system, but by the 30s it had evolved into a form of political ethnic monism that was a good deal more extreme than mainstream German Nazism. 
Because Jabotinskian Zionism is the dominant current of Zionism both among Neoconservatives and also in Israeli politics, properly understanding the true nature of Zionism and its relationship with German Nazism is particularly important from the standpoint of American politics. 
Because Jabotinsky and his colleague Achimeir like some German Nazi ideologists believed in waging a sort of ethnonational financial warfare against non-Jews or non Aryans respectively, all Americans should be concerned that Milton Friedman’s family were particularly extremely Jabotinskians and should worry that Jabotinskian ideology may have provided the core beliefs that form the basis of Friedman’s economic theories. 
At present Muslim-Jewish interfaith activities are simply a vehicle for Jews to manipulate Muslims for the sake of Israel. Muslims need to develop a strategy to render interfaith activities beneficial to Muslims and to Americans in general by identifying those Jews willing to collaborate within a framework of mutual respect and equality against Jewish-Zionist political intimidation and manipulation that no longer threatens only Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims but all Americans and the entire world. 
Christians, Muslims, and Jews involved in interfaith activities need to pay more attention to the precepts of scripture.  
Here is Leviticus 19:16-17 on the subject. 
16 Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people; neither shalt thou stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor: I am the LORD. 
17 Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thy heart; thou shalt surely rebuke thy neighbor, and not bear sin because of him. 
Then the Jewish participants will have the opportunity to make apologies that far too many of them have never offered but have owed to non-Jews for a very long time. 


Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem.
Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family.
Brothers and sisters, Committed Muslims …
For the past ten days or so the atmosphere has been charged with what is supposed to be the memory of ten years of terrorism. The concentration has been on the events that took place on 11 September 2001 and this may continue for another few weeks. What concerns us in the cacophony of propaganda is not to be affected by what they say. We have to continue our steps forward honouring our responsibilities to the Almighty. Obviously our inspiration comes from Allah’s Prophet because this is the bottom line- the bottom line is (that) Islam, the program from Allah- does not fit into their scheme of things so they do all within their power to disturb our movement forward and September eleventh was a major attempt by them to derail our determination. Our inspiration is Allah’s Prophet. Allah’s Prophet taught us that we cannot become part of their Establishment or a contingent of their system. Anyone who reads the Prophet’s decisions and movement forward realises that he took issue with the system around him.
You go public, you announce for everyone to hear what you have been commanded to do and you stay clear of the Mushriks.  (Surah Al Hijr verse 94)
You don’t enter with the Mushriks into some political bargaining; you don’t negotiate away your principles; you don’t even remain silent about your principles. Just steer clear of the Mushriks.  that
… when it comes to those who will make fun of you… (Surah Al Hijr verse 95)
There are powers and personalities who will ridicule you- these are Al Mus’tahzi’een. Allah says 
… I will take care of them; those who consider besides Allah that there are other deities and there are other authorities … (Surah Al Hijr verse 95)
These are the Mus’tahzi’een. OK- so Allah’s Prophet went public. He expressed Allah’s intent and purpose. What happened after the Prophet had between forty-and-fifty committed Muslims around him in Makkah after about three years when he went public? Many things happened but one of the eye-catching events that happened was that many of these people in the surrounding areas- it was a tribal society with clannish relationships- took a position of let us “wait and see what is going to happen in the immediate circle of this person- Muhammad the son of Abdullah. Let us see what is going to happen in his immediate surroundings in Makkah itself.” So the Arabians in At Ta’if and the Arabians in Yathrib and the Arabians in Yemen and the Arabians in Hejaz with all their power representations were watching and saying “what’s going to happen in this Makkah?” What happened? One of these areas that not many people pay attention to is that the Prophet had a type of traditional or customary shield. He was shielded by his immediate extended tribal make-up. Quraysh that was opposing him in the general power structure of Makkah had to face off with Bani Hashim who were the immediate protectors or guarantors of the Prophet’s civil character or civic character, (in today’s language); meaning that if Quraysh wanted to physically attack Muhammad they’d have to take on Banu Hashim who are the Prophet’s extended family. To this effect the Prophet said Allah has never sent a Prophet except that that Prophet has a type of immunity within his society. As far as this applies to Allah’s Prophet, this type of protection, this civic protective layer was Bani Hashim. So when Quraysh wanted to send a message to the Prophet, they would contact his uncle Abu Talib. Many times in these following ten years they would come to Abu Talib and say tell your nephew such-and-such (or) express to your nephew the following bargain we have for him (or) entice your nephew to do these things (or) convince your nephew that what he is doing is not right. Throughout all of these years this they tried to puncture a hole in this protective layer- it didn’t work and the rest of the people in this geographical area were watching; but what was damaging to Allah’s Prophet was his other uncle Abu Lahab. Abu Lahab had a famous statement that he told people. Abu Lahab would say about his own nephew to the people in Makkah don’t follow him! He is a sabi’ and he is a kadhdhaab. Now the word sabi’ in the language of that time meant in our time today- because now we have an Islamic language- we use the word Kaafir. Abu Lahab and the Mushriks of Makkah were not using the terminology of the Qur’an; so Abu Lahab wasn’t saying that the Prophet is a Kaafir and a kadhdhaab because the Kaafir didn’t have the Islamic undertones that it gained later on. So instead of that he said he is a sabi’ and he is a kadhdhaab which is like he is a blasphemer and he’s a liar. (When) this comes from the Prophet’s uncle it has a devastating effect on the people around. They came to him and he used to meet these people in the Ka’bah- people who came (from) tens of miles away, hundreds of miles away came to the Ka’bah- and the Prophet would speak to them.
… you should conform to Allah because you have no Ilah besides Him… (Surah Hud verse 50)
They’d say but oh Muhammad- we are listening to what the closest people to you are saying about you. This is your uncle and he is saying that you are a blasphemer, (so to speak), and you are a liar. This was to take its toll on this message because these people sensing that individuals who are accusing the Prophet are from his own family, from his own bloodline (and) this is what they are saying about him so wait a minute here, we have to think much more before taking at face value what this person is saying. There was a whole propaganda industry at the time. Of course, they didn’t have CNN and the BBC and the media that exists today in the way that it exists but there was a media. They had Officials, they had Notables in society, they had articulate speakers, they had poets, they had what you call the educated class and all of them were saying this Muhammad is ridiculing us. He’s making fun about our deities, about our idols. The Prophet was expressing whatever you read in the Qur’an. What do you read in the Qur’an? What type of ridicule are they talking about?  
Abu Jahal one day and on other occasions came to the Prophet and he said the following sentence oh Muhammad- By Allah- either you will cease to bad mouth our idols and deities or we are going to bad mouth your God. Now, the first Abu Jahal said was By Allah. He didn’t say by Al Laat and Al Uzza which was another phrase that was used at the time in reference to these which means Abu Jahal recognized Allah. He had no Prophet with the Prophet speaking to him or to society about Allah- they are familiar with Allah. There was a person before the Prophet of Allah who was a follower of Ibrahim (alaihi as salaam). It’s called Al Hanifiyyah. He was a Hanifi person. He was harassed in Makkah in the Ka’bah by these Mushriks for the same reason that they are harassing Allah’s Prophet, (i.e.) because he said there’s no validity to these idols, there’s no validity to the social system and the concept and the perceptions that tag along with these idols. But you don’t hear much about him- Zayd ibn Amr. Why? Because they want to blur the line between those who are ritualistic and those who are principled. The Prophet didn’t come with rituals. At this time there were no rituals. He wasn’t speaking to them about fasting and praying and the rest of these rituals. He was speaking to them about what we call inn our world an ideological issue and they hung themselves on the antagonistic statements of the Prophet’s uncle Abu Lahab. We’re not veering far away from September eleventh because what has happened is in our times these Mushriks today, (they speak another language but they have the same mentality), are trying to say to the public “look! Look at what Islamic extremism is. This is one of your own.” The people who we are told were responsible for those heinous acts on September eleventh are “one of you Muslims. How can we accept this Islam of yours when this is what it represents- mayhem, destruction, the killing of innocent people.” This is what happens when Muslims begin to confuse the ritualist Muslim with the principled Muslim! The Prophet of Allah was a principled Muslim. The devotees who came to the Ka’bah at that time were ritualistic followers of Ibrahim, just like today we have ritualistic followers of Muhammad, at that time we had ritualistic followers of Ibrahim. Notice that Allah’s Prophet never, (we’ve never come across one incident and we’ve done quite a bit of reading but we’re still humble human beings), tried to win over the favor of the Mushriks of Makkah by saying “hey look- we belong to Ibrahim.” He did this with the Christians and the Jews because of the scripture that they are supposed to have honored and there was hope that they can rethink and re-read their scripture, but with the Mushriks of Makkah he never came and said to them- even though he shared with them their rituals and he didn’t share with the Christians and the Jews their rituals- but he came to the Jews and Christians and said to them
Say (O Prophet): People of Scripture, come to a common understanding between us and you… (Surah Ahl Imran verse 64)
Statements and words and clauses that make them feel at ease but when it came to the ritualistic followers of Ibrahim, he never said “wait a minute- we have a common ancestor or we have a common Prophet or we have a common history.” No! Even though they, themselves, when they got fed up with him, at one time they said let us make you this offer that we pray and why don’t we honor our faith and our belief on a reciprocal basis- one day we will do it according to your instructions and the other day you will do it according to our instructions? No. The answer was no because the Prophet of Allah took issue with them not on how to perform the rituals but on the mind and the soul that are behind these rituals. He took issue with them on the basis of Deen so the response to them came to them from Allah
Say (Oh Prophet): Oh you who are kafirs. I am not in conformity with that, that you are in conformity with… (Surah Al Kafirun verse 1-2)
Ibadah here is not worship. It has to do with social confirmation to Allah. So your social confirmation with whoever you agree to does not agree with my social confirmation. So these two are not going to meet.
You have your Deen and I have mine. (Surah Al Kafirun verse 6)
In today’s world, this 9/11 issue is meant to drive a point into the public mind, and that is that these Muslims stand for destruction and they stand for taking over the affairs of the world and running down everyone else. We don’t have to say this- no one has to say this to you- this is a flagrant lie. The Prophet of Allah wanted freedom of expression. They didn’t give him freedom of expression. They hounded him; they hunted him. They tried to get to his followers- let us try to torture his followers- maybe that will get to him. They tortured his followers. He didn’t say “I’m going to be silent about my Islam.” He didn’t even give a general answer to the problem that the world had at that time. Just like today’s Islamists say, (there’s a broad title), “Islam is the solution.” The Prophet was more specific than that. What does Islam mean when a person, whether he’s a Muslim or a non-Muslim have problems? They have social problems. Remember, the Prophet of Allah was looking at society- our society has their problems. They have problems of addiction, they have problems of unemployment, they have problems of lack of health care- all of these problems that you all know- so when you say Islam in that context what do you mean? If I pray- am I going to have health insurance?! If I pray am I going to cease to become a target of discrimination and racism?! Is that going to come out because Islam means prayers or does Islam mean more than that? What does this more mean? The Prophet was telling them what this more means. They offered/came to him with sticks and carrots. What do you want? (Do) you want money? We’ll give you all the money you want. (Do) you want to become a Ruler? We will give you a position in which you can make the ultimate decision. What is it you want? We will give to you! He said to them say/understand/mean and apply what Laa Ilaha Illa Allah means and you will be successful. That’s the last thing they wanted to hear. That’s the one thing they did not want to hear. But today, how many people say Laa Ilaha illa Allah? First of all, do they understand what they’re saying? Do they mean what they say? And then, do they want to be practical about it? These people behind 9/11 had a feeling for where the Muslims are. We have gone a long distance as far as their observations and their studies and their informers and the rest so they said “wait a minute here- we have to spoil this.” So they came up with this 9/11. Now, because it is the ten year occasion, they want to bring it back- the excitement that was here this time ten years ago. They want to bring that excitement back. They want to stoke that frenzy against the Muslims so that there’s raw hostility and animosity to the Muslims of self-determination, to the independent Muslims- not their lackeys. People who were involved in 9/11 were the production of their own systems, the United States and Saudi Arabia. One of these Saudi Princes was here a few days ago and he gave a speech supposedly at some type of think-tank and he spoke about “the strategic relationships between the Government in Washington and the Government in Arabia .” They don’t have a strategic relationship with Allah- phoney Prince! They speak about a strategic relationship with those who are killing Muslims on a daily basis with their militaries! These Princes were the types who were monitoring these terrorists and nurturing them. They took them onto a false adventure in Afghanistan. We don’t want to judge Muslims who gave their lives fighting occupation- that affair is in Allah’s hand; what we are looking at is the program that they did not know they were involved in. It’s about time Muslims grow up and are able to see the larger program that we suffer from because of their media and their propaganda and their public relations. The Prophet of Allah says avoid the insight of a committed Muslim because he sees with the light of Allah.
Brothers and sisters, committed Muslims…
In the few minutes that we have- don’t let anyone, anywhere at any time convince you that Muslims had anything to do with 9/11. Anyone- he could be as devout and as religious and as pious as they come- that thinks that Muslims had a hand in 9/11 has leased his brain and his conscience to the Kafirs. We had nothing to do with that. In today’s world we have Islamic Organisations, we have Islamic Parties, we have Islamic Movements, we have Islamic struggling groups of people, we have combatants even- tell us, out of all of these Islamic types, who was in on 9/11? Who agreed to 9/11? Who endorsed 9/11? Who was privy to what was going to happen on 9/11? You tell us? We need your information. The Muslims need this information because as far as we can tell absolutely none of them had a hand in 9/11, (and here is the teaser), except for those who were nurtured and monitored and indirectly supervised and then led on to this 9/11 affair. There were individuals in that channel but these individuals don’t represent the almost two-billion Muslims in the world and there’s not going to be enough media and enough verbiage and enough mainstream propaganda that is going to tell us or any other Muslims who know Allah and His Prophet that we had anything to do with this 9/11. There may have been some Muslims who have felt, because of their emotionalism, a particular flare up of emotions against the US and Israel and the rest on this day but that doesn’t mean that they planned this event, that they financed this event, that they gave the visas to these people to come to this land and perform this event (or) that they were in on the Mossad and the CIA and probably the Saudi intelligence operating hand-in-hand on the crime that took place of 9/11. And why don’t they offer us a public forum to speak the truth from an Islamic point of view? It’s because of the same reason they didn’t offer Allah’s Prophet a public position to speak about Islam to the general people at that time. (It’s) the same people, same attitude, same mentality. The problem is we have a Saudi-American grand sponsorship to confuse ritualistic Muslims with principled Muslims and this has lived on now at a peak level for ten years. It’s about time it reaches it’s anti-climax with our knowledge that ritualistic Muslims don’t even belong to Allah and His Prophet and principled Muslims are those who stand for whatever comes to us from Allah and His Prophet. You can look at yourself- which camp are you in? Where do you belong? How do you define yourself? May Allah forbid that you belong to this worldwide American-Saudi sponsorship of a derailing of the Islamic determination. Look in the media- besides 9/11, everyone is so concerned with what is happening in Libya and what may happen in Syria; why isn’t anyone concerned with what may happen in Saudi Arabia ? We, as Muslims, would think our focus is on Makkah and Al Madinah and Al Quds. Why don’t Muslims have a focus on these areas? Why do they blow with the wind? The wind of the media now is blowing in a certain direction and the Muslims are blowing with it. No! You should be anchored. You don’t blow with the wind. You should see through these lies even though they are multi layered and they are well thought out and they are planned by people who have information and who have access to our inner thoughts; still, being with Allah, you can break this barrier and not be held accountable for a crime they committed. Say it and know it in the root of your hearts and in the fibre of your brains. They committed 9/11 not the Muslims! But in the past ten years we have had defensive, apologetic, inferior Masajid and spokespersons for Muslims and that’s why the effects of that day linger on in our social psychology.   
This khutbah was presented by Imam Muhammad Asi on the occasion of Jum’ah on the 9 September 2011 on the sidewalk of Embassy Road in Washington D.C. The Imam previously led the daily and Jum’ah prayers inside the Masjid. His speeches were revolutionary and thought provoking, and eventually irritated and threatened the Middle-East Ambassadors who control the Masjid. Finally, the Imam, his family, and other Muslims faithful to the course of Islam were forced out, into the streets. This khutbah originates from the sidewalk across the street from the Islamic Center, currently under seige.

Israel’s False Flag, Jingoism And Inhumanity

by Jonathan Azaziah
Welcome to hell madames and sirs, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, friends and enemies. Welcome to dystopia, a nightmarish incarnation where Orwellianism flourishes like fungus in the darkness of the forest and American jingoism and Western exceptionalism act as its foundational pillars. Welcome to a world where militarism is the religion of the masses and rituals of piety and righteousness include the spilling of innocent blood in faraway lands, inhabited by the undesirables commonly mislabeled as ‘ay-rabs and moozlums,’ or in classic Orwellian dialect understood in gleeful ignorance by these said masses, ‘extremists, terrorists, fanatics, islamofascists, despisers of freedom, haters of liberty.’
And the god of this sickening hyper-nationalistic religion? In accordance with the most deranged interpretation of monotheism, there can only be one and it is ‘Israel,’ the usurping supremacist entity evilly resting on the land that it usurped from the indigenous, the bones of the innocents that it slaughtered, the roots of the ancient trees that it uprooted and the history that it buried in the ‘nakba,’ Arabic’s chilling word for ‘catastrophe.’ This bastardized historical abomination, with its global matrix of Zionist operatives and sayanim (helpers) furthering its agenda on a second by second basis, which you, the West, bows down before in awe, begging for its acceptance, begging for a place in its dystopian reality, has fooled you all; a ‘nakba’ of your very own, only your nakba is not of unequivocal annihilation like that of the magnificent Palestinians who continue resisting this Zionist creature putrefying their land with each millisecond that passes. No, your nakba is a mental one, of the utmost severity. You suffer from the most horrific delusion known to modern man: the belief in the official 9/11 narrative, the 9/11 myth, the 9/11 mirage, the 9/11 lie of (literally) earth-shattering proportions.
Every last one of you that invokes this event, on that ominous September day in America, New York City specifically, in a disturbing, raging, religious matter to justify your belief that American blood is more precious than all other bloods on earth, that there is no ‘country’ greater than America, that the ‘evildoers’ must pay for what ‘they’ did on that day, is in effect, issuing a betrayal. Because in your jingoism, in your abhorrent, racist exceptionalism that essentially states that you, colonizers and occupiers, have suffered more than any other ethnic, religious or national group throughout the four corners of this globe, you have betrayed your true nature; a nature that you are too brainwashed to recognize even if it was placed directly in your optical pathway… the nature of inhumanity. So desensitized by the nationalistic pornography of the 9/11 narrative, you have become incapable of empathizing with the tens of millions murdered, raped, tortured, maimed, dispossessed and brutalized in your name. In the name of your ‘freedom,’ your ‘democracy’ and laughably, your ‘values.’
Classically defined by the cliched ‘chicken or the egg’ scenario, there is a triad of inquires that must be presented to further comprehend the depth of your impending, if not already unfolding doom. The first: which came initially, your ignorance or your jingoism? Or like sun and moon, land and sea, are the two intimately bound? One cannot be jingoistic if one is not woefully ignorant and one who is woefully ignorant finds ease in accepting the doctrinal depravity of American jingoism. The second: where did the ignorance and the jingoism originate? Man is not born with the tremendous hindrance of ignorance, he has been naturally endowed with the supreme mental power of questioning; of reflection. This power must be manipulated into a state of non-function; it must be suppressed by an outside power with the sole purpose to take ‘those who question’ into its proximity and crush them, like the relationship between boot and ant. And the third, the king of kings amongst inquiries: you don’t even know who carried out the September 11th horror, do you? You do not even have the slightest clue, the most minuscule idea, do you?
The first inquiry is rendered non sequitur by the second and the second, is amplified as it is unified with the third. The answers to these inquires turn your dream into a nightmare, your happiness into misery, your pathetic excuse of an existence, one that is built chiefly on lies, into an unrecognizable world where truth reigns supreme. The truth is a flavor not known by the taste buds of the masses and though they may not be cognizant of it, they hunger for it in a primal way.                   
What is ironic, nay, what is the glimmering pinnacle of irony, is that the object of your worship, your deity, that supremacist dragon that refers to itself as the ‘Jewish state,’ which you vehemently and hopelessly believe represents ‘the only true friend that America possesses in the Middle East,’ is the very reason that you are so disturbingly and disgracefully jingoistic. The Zionist creature occupying Palestine is the very reason why your ignorance has reached levels as radioactive as the streets of Baghdad, Basra and Fallujah after your army invaded and hammered Iraq with depleted uranium in March 2003. The usurping regime of ‘Israel’ is the culprit behind the September 11th carnage and it is its international media monopoly that is responsible for manipulating your thought patterns into the warped way that you currently think.
Sorry. Jet fuel did not liquify steel. Jetliners did not turn skyscrapers into dust. Flight 93 didn’t ‘crash’ in Shanksville. And no, Flight 77 didn’t disintegrate into nothing upon hitting the Pentagon. The ‘hijackers’ were patsies run by Zionist intelligence and entertained on the yacht of ‘Israeli’ lobbyist and Zionist extremist Jack Abramoff less than a week before 9/11. Osama Bin Laden? Nothing to do with the events that day, and he vehemently denied any involvement two days after the mass murder of 2,973 innocent Americans, opining that the attack was carried out by the ‘government within the government’ of America, that which is controlled by ‘Israel’ and its wealthy Jewish agents who lay down laws which subjugate the American people. Al Qaeda? Doesn’t exist, a creation of the Zionist regime’s peak-level worshipers in America, selling you a pack of fearmongering lies to mentally browbeat you into submission. A controlled demolition brought down the Twin Towers and the Solomon Brothers Building a.k.a. Building 7, not hijackers; not jetliners. The 9/11 Commission, headed by Zionist Phillip Zelikow, and the report (read: degenerate script of inconsistency and falsehood) it delivered, were/are epic, epic frauds.
So, know this, o’ masses of sheep. Know this as you obey the decrees of ‘Israel,’ your god of death, and make pilgrimage to the ‘hallowed ground’ of Ground Zero, your temple, renewing your allegiance to your cult of breathtakingly boneheaded jingoism on a yearly basis every September 11th. Know that everything that you have ever been told about that September day is a lie. Every. Last. Drop of it.
Swallow it; like the pills forced upon you by the crooked medical industry, side effects and all. Welcome to hell madames and sirs, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, friends and enemies. Welcome to dystopia. Welcome to the world that the Zionist entity built in the wake of 9/11. The following questions are the answers that validate the charge; and validate is indeed the appropriate term, death to ‘alleged,’ to ‘reportedly.’ Death to silence and death to gatekeeping. ‘Israel’ is the culprit and it should be shouted from every rooftop in America, from ghetto to trailer park, barrio to project, Wall Street to Main Street. From there, let it spread like flowers in Spring, defying borders, enlightening all.
Does Isser Harel, founder of Mossad and international war criminal, make you feel ‘proud to be an American?’ On September 23rd, 1979, Harel ominously ‘predicted’ an attack in New York City, on its tallest building. This was no prediction however; it was a sardonic public display of arrogance. Harel was preparing you for the chaos that would rip through Manhattan 22 years later and none of you paid attention. What about Shaul Eisenberg, ‘Israeli’ billion-dollar moneyman and arms dealer, Avraham Bendor, former head of Shin Bet, Peter ‘Zvi’ Malik, Zionist spymaster and Steven Berger, Zionist extremist and former New York Port Authority executive director? Do these men enhance your ability to hear so your ears can more thoroughly enjoy ‘the bombs bursting in air?’ It is these men who orchestrated a supreme operation of subversion in 1987 through an organ of Eisenberg’s empire known as Atwell Security to obtain the blueprints for the World Trade Center and prepare it for Mossad’s controlled demolition on September 11th, 2001.
Does the attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) in 1993 invoke the most nostalgic aspects of your belligerent jingoistic religion, making you gleefully cry out in ‘the dawn’s early light?’ This was the precursor, in which the FBI and Mossad worked together in perfect, murderous unison, executing a false flag of psychological warfare that would remain embedded in the minds of all those onlookers as they blindly accepted the Zionist media’s lies on September 11, 2001, remembering 1993 as the ‘historical precedent.’ It was Rabbi Dov Zakheim’s Tridata Corporation, a subsidiary of Systems Planning Corporation (SPC), that would oversee the investigation of the 1993 op, covering the tracks of FBI and Mossad and absorbing the most intricate pieces of intelligence for it was granted unlimited access to the World Trade Center. Rabbi Zakheim would rear his ugly, conniving, traitorous head again on that infamous September day.
Does the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), a neoconservative think tank founded and comprised of more than thirty Zionists from the upper echelons of the American political and intelligence establishment, make you feel more at home in the ‘home of the brave?’ Founded in 1997, it this group of (mostly) dual ‘Israeli’-American citizens that has put plans in motion to expand America’s already global hegemonic influence even further, through military domination and an open, intimate relationship with the usurping Zionist entity, creating a two-headed war-driven beast, headed by the most ardent of Zionists. It is these men who penned a document one year before the fall of the World Trade Center entitled ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses,’ in which they called for a ‘new Pearl Harbor’ to serve as the catalyst for their agenda. It is these men who for the last decade, have sent your children and grandchildren to their graves as murderers of Arab and Muslim innocents, all for the sake of reaffirming the power of ‘Israel.’
Do Rita Katz, daughter of an executed ‘Israeli’ spy, former Zionist occupation soldier and founder of SITE Intelligence Group, and Ben Venzke, Mossad agent and founder of the Intel Center, fill you with the very essence of the ‘land of the free?’ It is these two assets of the Zionist intelligence matrix that have been pumping your brains full of Al-Qaeda boogeyman stories, phony ‘Islamic terror’ plots and fake Bin Laden videos for the last decade. It is Katz and Venzke who provide government agencies and the Zionist media with their ‘expertise’ on Arab-Muslim affairs. Expertise, in this context, is synonymous with dissemination of pernicious hasbara. Does the name of ‘Islamic extremist’ Adam Yahiye Gadahn strike fear in your heart? Ben Venzke’s Intel Center has consistently peddled his video messages to the Zionist media. Gadahn is no more an ‘Islamic extremist’ than Katz or Venzke; he is an Ashkenazi Jewish actor, sayan and son of an ADL director.
What of Michael Goff, an agent of Mossad and controller of the subterranean software firm P-Tech, does this man add gleam to the ‘broad stripes and bright stars?’ It is Goff, whose family has done the dirty work of the Zionist entity via their activities in the B’nai B’rith Commonwealth Lodge of Worcester, Massachusetts for decades, who directed the penetration and shutdowns of government computer networks on September 11th through the vast digital reach of P-Tech, triggering (arguably) the most grand security collapse in modern history. And what of “United 93,” the Hollywood epic that immortalized the myth of Flight 93’s ‘crash?’ Surely, this mesh of smoke, mirrors and hasbara stoked the flames of your ‘patriotism.’ Not a single frame of it was rooted in anything even resembling actuality and its producers were exclusively Zionist, adding another venomous layer to their delusive 9/11 narrative.
Does the sound of the names Lewis Eisenberg, Larry Silverstein, Frank Lowy and Ronald Lauder give you hope in ‘the havoc of war and the battles’ confusion?’ Eisenberg is a dedicated member of the Zionist lobby and chaired the Port Authority at the time of the September 11th attacks. Silverstein is an ultra-Zionist and prominent board member of the intensely pro-Israel United Jewish Appeal. Lowy is an ex-Haganah terrorist, former Golani Brigades commando and Zionist billionaire. And Lauder is head of the Zionist cosmetics firm, Estee Lauder, a member of at least seven Zionist lobby organizations, founder of a disciplinary school for Mossad on ethnically cleansed Palestinian land and the person predominantly responsible for transferring the World Trade Center from public to private hands; private Zionist hands, that is. These four men orchestrated the privatization of the World Trade Center, finalizing Zionist control over it in the weeks leading up to the attack. Silverstein would take out an anti-terrorism insurance policy on the WTC just 6 weeks before it was brought down and in the aftermath, he would profit in the billions thanks to the finagling of Jewish-Zionist judge Michael Mukasey, who manipulated the insurance case in Silverstein’s favor.
Does the group of ‘Israeli’ citizens identified by the SEC for short-selling 38 stocks and purchasing huge put options on Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AIG, Swiss Re and Munich Re Insurance, United Airlines and American Airlines between August 26th 2001 and September 11th, 2001 make you want to ‘pledge allegiance to the flag?’ All of these companies were directly involved with the 9/11 attacks. The ‘Israeli’ financial crime ring wasn’t investigated to the point of prosecution and those involved most definitely were not arrested. And why would they be? For American Zionists and their tribal cohorts from abroad who commit crimes on US soil, ‘justice,’ as it is perceived in the idealistic legal context, is nonexistent. What about Alan D. Ratner, staunch Zionist and head of Metals Management Incorporated? Doesn’t he make your very being pulsate with the feeling of ‘liberty and justice for all?’ It was Ratner’s firm that purchased 70,000 tons of WTC steel and shipped it off to the Zionist entity’s closest Asian ally, Hindutvadi India, as well as China, eliminating a gargantuan proportion of physical evidence.
Does Michael Bloomberg, brutally ardent Zionist, billionaire and current mayor of New York City, make you feel that the United States of America is ‘indivisible?’ Bloomberg ascended to the mayoral position in the wake of 9/11 and it is he who awarded the cleanup contract to Ratner. It is he who covered up Zionist criminal and AIG CEO Maurice Greenberg’s put option scheme with Bear Stearns and Swiss Re Insurance, further burying Greenberg’s profiteering role in the 9/11 onslaught. And it is he who transformed New York into a quasi-military dictatorship and Islamophobic police state with the help of former CIA chief, David Cohen, a Zionist who headed the agency’s analytical and operational divisions. Cohen has now created New York City’s very own version of the CIA, a mini-intelligence apparatus with full military capability; he, naturally, is its head. Its primary target has been none other than the Big Apple’s Muslim community, which it has spied on excessively since Cohen arrived in New York just four months after 9/11. NYPD’s raids on the Muslim community are modeled after none other than ‘Israeli’ occupation forces’ savagery in the occupied West Bank. Bloomberg has gone above and beyond ‘zionizing’ New York City; he has put its social and ethnic infrastructure through full blown ‘Israelification.’ For the record, Cohen worked for Greenberg’s AIG before being tapped by Bloomberg.
Speaking of Maurice Greenberg, does this Zionist multi-billionaire and robber of the highest order make the ‘red, white and blue’ on your quintessential flag lapel shine a tad brighter? Do fervent Zionist Jules B. Kroll and stalwart of the New York Zionist community Jerome Hauer do the same? Jules B. Kroll founded the security firm, Kroll Incorporated, which had security dominion over the World Trade Center on 9/11 and in fact had it since 1993 after the Mossad-FBI false flag. The contract was secured largely in part to the persistence and maneuvering of the aforementioned Rabbi Dov Zakheim. Kroll was a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh-McLennan Companies and AIG, owned by Maurice Greenberg and later, his son, Jeffrey.
Kroll’s primary agent was Jerome Hauer, a close associate of Larry Silverstein. Hauer’s role is especially evil. He placed the Office of Emergency Management inside Building 7, much to the dismay of the NYPD. When Larry Silverstein issued the infamous order to ‘pull it,’ and demolish the structure, classified information in that office, information linking the CIA and several Zionist companies involved with insider trading prior to 9/11, was destroyed with it. Hauer also neutralized a true American patriot, former FBI counter-terrorism chief, John O’Neil, giving him a job in the World Trade Center and setting him up to die when Flight 11 was precision-guided into the secure computer room of Marsh-McLennan Company/Kroll in the North Tower. Hauer, Kroll and the Greenbergs have never even been questioned for their devilish, murderous roles in the 9/11 horror.
Attention must now be returned to one of the earlier assets of the Zionist false flag on 9/11, Rabbi Dov Zakheim. Does the ‘good Rebbe’ make you feel like you reside in a ‘shining city on a hill?’ It is Zakheim who served as the Pentagon Comptroller from 2001-2004, standing alone as the overseer and runner of the DOD’s cashflow. The day before 9/11, Rabbi Zakheim ‘disappeared’ $2.3 trillion, in one of the most scandalous events to ever hit the White House. Before the end of his tenure, another trillion would vanish. The missing trillions would end up in the pockets of the Zionist entity through a ‘military surplus’ package of warplanes delivered by the Zionist-run Bush administration. Zakheim negotiated the transfer. While your schools, roads and infrastructures rot away in horrific decay, Rabbi Dov Zakheim spends your tax dollars on financing genocide in Lebanon and occupied Palestine. The ‘good Rebbe’ also headed the aforesaid Systems Planning Corporation (SPC), a defense contractor that specialized in remote control technology. SPC was known for its Flight Termination System (FTS), a deadly apparatus with long-range transmitters capable of hijacking a plane mid-flight. Just before 9/11, Zakheim’s firm entered into an agreement with the Pentagon to reformat dozens of 767s with FTS tech. These FTS-equipped planes were what struck the Twin Towers with laser-guided precision on 9/11. And the ‘good Rebbe’ played this crucial role for the good of your ‘freedoms,’ yes?
Ronald Lauder is another criminal Zionist personality whose role must be noted once again, as he assuredly allows you to understand the abyssal meaning of ‘freemen shall stand.’ Prior to privatizing the World Trade Center and assisting its transference to Zionist criminals Silverstein and Lowy, the don of the Estee Lauder empire helped privatize Stewart Airport in Newburgh, New York. It is in the skyways above Stewart Airport, where the flight paths of Rabbi Zakheim’s remote-controlled airplanes, fully formatted with Flight Termination Systems, would converge and make their way to their final destination in Manhattan. To this very moment, Lauder serves in full, Zionist capacity as a Mossad sayan, spewing propagandistic vitriol through the World Jewish Congress against Muslims, Arabs, pro-Palestine intelligentsia and of course, in defense of ‘the only democracy in the Middle East,’ the usurping Zionist enterprise.
Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert and Benjamin Netanyahu, former and current heads of ‘the only democracy in the Middle East,’ should make your spirit gyrate in joy over the ‘shared values’ of the United States and ‘Israel,’ correct? It is Netanyahu that designed this ‘war on terror,’ which, is nothing but a war of terror against Islam and those who stand in solidarity with it. The mass murdering war criminal wrote a book entitled, ‘The War On Terror: How The West Can Win’ 15 years before the phraseology was ever spouted by the Zionist-owned mainstream media. Netanyahu mocked the victims of Mossad’s 9/11 false flag attack, stating directly after the controlled demolition brought the towers down that it was “good, very good for Israel. It will generate immediate sympathy.” In April 2008, Netanyahu went even further and said “We are benefitting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.”
It is Barak that catapulted himself onto the UK’s Zionist-run BBC just an hour after the collapse of the Towers, blaming Osama Bin Laden for the attack and calling for a ‘war on terror’ and an invasion of Afghanistan (and Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya). It is Barak that stepped down from his post as ‘Israeli’ Prime Minister in March 2001 to serve as an advisor for the NY-based Electronic Data Systems (EDS), a Mossad front partnered with another Mossad front, SCP Partners. This Zionist nexus, led by Barak, secured the thermite explosives used to demolish the World Trade center from several explosives-expert firms in their business portfolio. Barak, essentially, was the overseer of Mossad’s 9/11 operation. It is Olmert who was in New York City the night before 9/11 in a high-level secret meeting with then-mayor and ‘shabbos goy’ Rudolph Giuliani, making sure the stage was set for the ‘big day.’ Olmert himself is directly tied to ICTS, the treacherous ‘Israeli’ security firm which oversaw all three of the ‘9/11 airports.’ One of the founders of ICTS, Menachem Atzmon, is a close friend and political ally of Olmert (more on ICTS shortly).
Unequivocally, there is no person who embodies America’s ‘Judeo-Christian values’ more than Michael Chertoff, is there? Chertoff, a dual-citizen of the United States and ‘Israel’ and the son of a Talmudic rabbi and one of Mossad’s very first operatives, served as the head of the Justice Department from 2001-2003 before becoming the second Secretary of Homeland Security. If Barak was the 9/11’s overseer, then Chertoff was its chief strategist. 60 ‘Israeli’ spies were detained on 9/11 and 140 more were detained shortly before the event; all of them worked with Aman, the Zionist entity’s military intelligence organ or with IOF itself in the field of explosive ordnance. The spies detained on the day of the NYC tragedy, tested positive for explosives, including the infamous ‘five dancing Israelis’ who worked for a Mossad front known as Urban Moving Systems prior to the attack, gathering intelligence on Arabs and Muslims in the greater New York area to eventually use them as patsies for criminal ‘Israeli’ activity. These spies also worked for Amdocs, the ‘Israeli’ firm of Mossad agent Morris Kahn that collects processing data for 90% of the phone calls, emails, and text messages in America, including several agencies of the federal government.
Many of them also worked for Comverse Technology, run by Zionist intelligence mainstay Kobi Alexander, a firm that equips dozens of law enforcement agencies in America with wire-tapping tech. Alexander also had a minute stake in the Zionist telecom company, Odigo, which he upgraded to full ownership 3 months after 9/11, solidifying a deal with the ‘Israeli’ Ronen brothers, Avner and Maskit. It was an expansion of an already massive Zionist spying operation. Odigo is the firm now known all over the world for warning 4,000 ‘Israelis’ in the New York area with text messages just shortly before Rabbi Zakheim’s planes rammed into the WTC. Alexander and his Comverse partners, William Sorin and David Kreinberg, both of whom served in ‘Israeli’ intelligence, were under investigation from US federal prosecutors for multiple fraud charges but were allowed to leave the country in utterly bizarre circumstances. One week prior to 9/11, Zim Integrated Shipping Services, an outfit partially owned by the Zionist entity, paid $50,000.00 to break its lease and shift its offices to Norfolk, Virginia. Despite the blatant suspiciousness, no Zim official was ever questioned for the motivation behind leaving such a prime location, in the business capital of the USA, one week prior to 9/11.
What do all of these Zionist-flavored anomalies have to do with Michael Chertoff? Everything. Chertoff’s position in the Justice Department gave him unchecked, unprecedented power over the detention, extradition and sentencing (or lack thereof) of suspects (and would-be suspects like the executives of Zim). Chertoff blocked the efforts of decent FBI men who strove to have the hundreds of ‘Israeli’ spies prosecuted for espionage and terrorism. He supervised the destruction and confiscation of evidence that would have linked the Zionist dragon and its American sayanim to 9/11 like videotapes, eyewitness accounts, written testimonies and debris from Ground Zero. The son of ‘Zion’ saw to it that all ‘Israeli’ suspects were released, without any coverage from the Zionist media or objection from the Bush White House, and under this cloud of non-reporting and non-intervention, he had all of them sent back to the safety of the Zionist entity.
Purging the ‘Israeli’ spy ring from the public’s collective memory, the son of Mossad orchestrated the capture of at least 1,100 Muslim citizens, tourists and immigrants, falsely labeling them as suspects connected to the September 11th attacks. These innocents were tortured in secret facilities, denied access to a lawyer and psychologically abused in secret military tribunals before they were deported, or released back into society with no chance of retribution for the criminal acts committed against them. On the social-political front, Chertoff is the personality solely responsible for the destruction of America’s civil liberty in the post-9/11 era, as it was he who wrote the Patriot Act months in advance of the attack. Chertoff’s Zionist cousin, Benjamin Chertoff, wrote multiple pieces in the 9/11 aftermath, smearing all those who vigorously sought the truth of what really took place on that day.
Would you like some other prominent examples that will unquestionably send your ‘I love America’ meter through the roof?
As discussed earlier, the security of the ‘9/11 airports,’ Dulles, Newark and Logan, was being run by the same Zionist company, ICTS-Huntsleigh, owned and controlled by former Shin Bet agents, Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon. ICTS-Huntsleigh would play a crucial role in the ‘British’ 9/11,’ the 7/7 false flag bombings orchestrated by Mossad and MI5 and it would also emerge as a major beneficiary of the ‘Indian 9/11,’ the 26/11 false flag attack orchestrated by Mossad and its Hindutvadi ally, RAW.
Zionist lawyer Kenneth Feinberg set up the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund at the behest of his overlords in ‘Israel,’ forcing every family that lost someone in the 9/11 attacks to wave their right to sue the Zionist-occupied US government for criminal negligence in exchange for $1.25 million worth of blood money. Alvin Hellerstein, the Orthodox Jewish judge with dominion over all 9/11-related litigation, has blocked legal discovery, prevented a trial from even taking place and steered clear of the public eye to bury his role in 9/11. Hellerstein’s ties to the Zionist dragon run deep, as his son, Joseph Z. Hellerstein, lives on an illegal Zionist settlement in the occupied West Bank and works for the ‘Israeli’ law firm, Amit, Pollak and Matalon. Joseph’s law firm has a close working relationship with ICTS and the Mossad-run SCP Partners. Alvin and Joseph, prior to their most recent endeavors, previously worked for the historically-Rothschild-linked law firm of Stroock, Stroock and Lavan, which represented ultra-Zionist Larry Silverstein in his acquisition of the WTC lease.
Sheila Birnbaum, the Zionist ‘special mediator’ of Judge Hellerstein’s court, worked vociferously behind the scenes to pressure the families of the 9/11 victims to ensure that there would be no trial and to hurry the implementation of the cover-up. Birnbaum has also been selected to head the multi-billion-dollar Health Fund for the first responders, civilian rescue workers, policemen and others who became extraordinarily sick from the toxic fumes of the asbestos-laden World Trade Center, much to the dismay of the 9/11 victims’ families. Expect large portions of those billions to end up in the hands of Zionist firms and agencies. Birnbaum is a partner in the Skadden Arps corporate law firm, a Zionist fifth column in the United States that is loaded to the brim with Hebrew-speaking, dual-citizen Zionist attorneys hellbent on assisting ‘Israeli’ companies in raising capital outside of the Zionist entity. Skadden Arps is also deeply linked to the Anti-Defamation League.
James Schlesinger, a devout Zionist and your former Secretary of Defense and ex-director of the CIA, runs a corporation known as MITRE that played a central role in subverting air traffic control networks on 9/11. Schlesinger’s family has historic ties to the Zionist entity, with his father serving as the budget chairman of the Steven Wise Free Synagogue, a known front for ‘Israeli’ fundraising. MITRE is the ‘trusted mentor’ of the FAA and worked hand-in-glove with the previously-discussed P-Tech in reducing NORAD’s grids to rubble on 9/11. MITRE’s software is embedded in FAA offices across the country; everything that goes on in the air on a daily basis in the United States runs through MITRE’s national computer meshwork. Yosef A. Maiman, a Mossad operative that chairs a powerful consortium of ‘Israeli’ energy firms known as the Merhav Group of ‘Israel,’ positioned himself as one of the most influential men in Central Asia by taking control of Turkmenistan’s natural gas and forging an atmosphere where the Zionist entity will be the sole profiteer of energy production in the region via the TAPI pipeline, a Zionist project that runs through Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Hindutvadi-controlled India. This is the real reason behind the fascist, destructive invasion of Afghan land.
And it is there where the introspective and exhaustive deconstruction of your jingoism meets its end and the scathing critique of your attitudes and actions from that 9/11 origin point begins. Instead of directing your ire at the vast yet close-knit network of Jewish supremacists who are dedicated to preserving their usurping Zionist regime and their tribal interests through your exploitation and subjugation, you’ve lashed out in xenophobic, racist anger at their victims; their poor, helpless, oppressed victims. You should be marching to every ‘Israeli’ embassy and consulate in the United States of America, demanding its closure and its officials expelled. You should be picketing outside of every ‘Jewish charity’ organization that is nothing more than a front for Zionist operations inside American borders. You should be demanding that the 300,000 sayanim of the Zionist lobby be deported. You should be screaming incessantly for the boycott of ‘Israel.’ And you should be volcanically outraged that your children are growing up poverty-stricken while the American government hands over $15-20 billion annually to the Zionist regime, $30,000.00 a year for every ‘Israeli’ man, woman and child, every one of them an occupier, as confirmed by former Congressman Jim Traficant.                                      
Instead, truly in the essence of your ignorance, a glorified state of mental impotence, you slash the throats of Muslim cabdrivers, urinate on the floors of mosques, desecrate the holy book of more than a quarter of the world’s population, beat Arab teenagers to death with baseball bats, jeer, slander and verbally abuse Muslim students from every part of the nation, rip the hijab off of Muslim women and stomp on it in some sort of sick display of American secularism, another Orwellian euphemism for hedonism with a mask of falsely-perceived ‘righteousness,’ spy on Arabs and Muslims with your murderous intelligence agencies, violating every inch of their civil rights, call for Muslims to be registered and identified with special markings and have your congressman, all of whom of owned by the Zionist entity, hold hearings on the eventuality of placing Muslims in internment camps, like you did to the Japanese 70 years ago.
And then are your troops; yes, your oh-so-special troops. ‘Support them’ you must, ‘God bless them,’ you pray. Meanwhile your troops, your imperial commandos, your bloodthirsty, trigger-happy maniacs in uniform, are not defending your freedoms or ‘fighting them over there before they have to fight them over here,’ they are engaging in crimes against humanity of the highest order; genocide, the heinousness of which, the world has yet to fully process. And they are perpetrating this inhumanity for ‘Israel,’ for its preservation as the ruling state of this globe; spilling Amalekite blood unstoppably in a ritual sacrifice to ‘bring liberation.’ The Amalekites, ancient enemies of Zion, modern day’s Arabs, Persians and Muslims, must be killed for ‘Israel’ to satisfy its bloodlust. What liberation, you ask? Liberation of resources from indigenous, sovereign hands to be delivered into the greedy paws of Zionist beasts. Don’t you know that the Zionist god of your jingoistic, halfwit ‘faith’ considered 9/11 a strategic advantage and a ‘pressure reliever’ on the international stage? Don’t you know that the Talmudic rabbinate, the real governors of world Jewry and global Zionism, sincerely think that 9/11 is the fulfillment of a prophecy that they wrote about four centuries ago? Don’t you know that they think it is the culmination of the ‘Judgement of Nations?’
Afghanistan, a once breathtaking Islamic landscape of mountains and mineral–rich ravines, has been transformed into a ravaged, occupied narcotics-riddled deathbed by NATO, the Zionist dragon’s attack dog. More than 7 million Afghans are starving because of this cruel, unrelenting occupation. White phosphorus and depleted uranium can be found in the linings of more than 1.5 million graves of men, women and children, murdered by occupiers for Zionist energy interests. The once-flourishing pomegranate industry has been pummeled into nothingness by the occupation. Now? Only heroin trafficking flourishes and it is 100% controlled by Mossad and its partners in the CIA and RAW.
Are you even capable of fathoming the level of this destruction; of this ongoing massacring of human beings, no different than you or your loved ones? Imagine your family and closest friends torn to smithereens by a bunker buster bomb while they watched their favorite sport, or your youngest and most precious daughter ripped from her bed in a night raid by masked men holding machine guns and raped, repeatedly, and then shot in her head before you and your husband were killed next. This is Afghanistan, every. Single. Day. Without fail. There is a gut-wrenching plethora of stories to tell, too many, really, as the ten year anniversary of the illegal occupation approaches. So, there will simply be one; one which embodies the NATO-Zionist savagery in its entirety. It was March 1st, 2011, when NATO dropped a bomb in Kunar Province, slaughtering 9 Afghan children collecting firewood. Do pieces of firewood threaten America’s ‘national security?’ 9 children, each one a beacon, snuffed out in a blaze; snuffed out like the embers of a campfire fading away.
Iraq, the Arab-Muslim world’s oozing, infected wound of sorrow and agony, was once the gemstone of Arabia, a ‘first-world’ social utopia where education, health care and science prospered. Now, Iraq is a rotting corpse; an annihilated garden in which only the soulless flowers of occupation, resource theft and Zionist-controlled prostitution and human trafficking grow mightily, in the sunlight of despair. 5 million Iraqis, inside and outside their homeland, have been transformed into vagabonds, or refugees if you prefer the pretty term. 5 million Iraqi children have been orphaned, their parents murdered, imprisoned or ‘disappeared’ by the occupation. 80% of Iraqis have no access to sanitation, 43% live in abject poverty and 70% are unemployed, but their government, nay, the group of collaborationist thugs claiming to be their government, installed by fraudulent, Zionist-manipulated means, spends an obscene amount of its time and (Iraq’s) money on negotiations with Zionist firms aching to suck away Iraqi resources. The occupation’s shooting and bombing of innocents, black site torture centers and the P2OG-Mossad nexus’s daily onslaught of car bombs are the new norms for the people of Iraq. All designed by bloodthirsty PNAC, years in advance.
Fallujah, where the occupation unleashed a devastating medley of napalm, mark-77, white phosphorus and depleted uranium, is a place where the flesh of innocents becomes water and their bones become sand but since their remains are too radioactive to absorb, the earth spits them back out in pain. Basra, where depleted uranium is as common as the most ancient of Iraqi dates, is place that has burned in violent semi-nuclear conflagration for more than two decades, where cancer in children is normal like their play on a summer day and mothers scream out in rage, in sadness, because they have just given birth to another baby with two heads; three hands; three legs; their organs on the outside; a misshapen body; an exposed brain; horror, on top of unspeakable horror. Karbala and Najaf, places of peace, unity and holiness, shake uncontrollably, every day, as car bombs planted by Mossad operatives rip mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, sheikhs and pupils, to shreds as they bow before their Creator, begging for freedom from the hell brought down upon their heads by the Zionist dragon and its PNAC agents. Their prayers are answered, in martyrdom. Iraq, a gaping hole in humanity’s conscious, the flow of innocent blood endlessly streaming. The body count is over 2.5 million since the occupation began.
Pakistan, an Islamic Republic known for its righteousness, supreme brilliance and lightning progression in the nuclear, military and intelligence fields, has been turned on its head and kicked repeatedly by the Zionist dragon in the wake of 9/11. It is where American predator drones murder families from above in the most cowardly fashion known to man, like a video game, and a unified front of Zionist and Hindutvadi intelligence operatives murder families on the ground, with car bombs, motorcycle bombs, IEDs and shootings behind the cover of a mask. The grand strategic objective of international Zionism in Pakistan is to confiscate the Islamic Republic’s nuclear arsenal, subsequently disintegrating the society from a moral perspective and leading it away from Islam. Contrary to what you have been told by the hasbaraniks, propagandists and liars of the Zionist media, Islam is not a ‘terror religion;’ it is a code of ethics, politics and spiritual Resistance that serves as the last remaining opposition to Zionist Jewry on planet earth. Your ‘blessed and beloved’ troops, sit behind computer screens, murdering children and others civilians in the thousands across Pakistan, totally oblivious to why they’ve even been given a chair to begin with.
Yemen has been turned into a living nightmare, where at least one predator drone strike is carried out every day. Hundreds of innocents have been murdered in these senseless acts of insane violence; these illegal crimes against all that is good and pristine. And for what? Why is Obama the bomber, America’s ‘first Jewish President’ according to the Zionists that nurtured him and brought him into power, bombing Yemen? Because of Al-Qaeda? The same Al-Qaeda that doesn’t exist and never has existed? No, ‘the first Jewish President’ is bombing Yemen because the more Amalekites that are dead, the happier the Zionists are. Somalia, once at peace, a time that seems to have existed more than a millennia ago, is now quite literally struggling for its very survival as the Zionist Power Configuration and its imperial marionettes manipulate famine and drought, while mixing in drone strikes and torturous black site prisons, under the watchful eye of a joint Western-backed AU-UN occupation. Tens of thousands of innocents have paid in blood for these Zionist tactics; paid with their very lives. Libya, despite all of the Zionist media’s farcical ‘revolution’ coverage, is becoming another Iraq right before the eyes of the world, and every bit of misery, every frame of the bloodshed, has been organized by ‘Israel.’
??The Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria are being prepped for their moment on international Zionism’s chopping block and, as if it even needs to be said, Lebanon, occupied Palestine and occupied Kashmir are all suffering immeasurably at the hands of the Zionist entity (and its Hindutvadi partner in crime in Kashmir) which upped its oppression ten fold with the inauguration of Netanyahu’s ‘war on terror’ construct. The genocides known as the July War of 2006 and Operation Cast Lead are still excruciatingly singed into the memories of every Arab, every Muslim, every lover of humanity across the globe. Statistically, in terms of numbers, around 1,665 9/11s have occurred throughout the Islamic world at the hands of this Zionist criminal network since 9/11. There was a 9/11 happening every single day in the opening years of the illegal Zionist occupation of Iraq. Remember this when you disconnect from this plane and begin speaking in tongues; ‘never forget,’ you idiotically and pseudo-religiously spout. Your 9/11 is unique in a regard however, because it never happened to you before. 9/11-like massacres in the world of the ‘ay-rabs and moozlums’ continue happening with disturbing regularity and the only reply that you can offer is silence; deafening, wide-eyed silence.
The occupied, opressed lands of the everyday 9/11s will not be free until the reason why they are occupied and oppressed is openly discussed, and that reason is the Mossad-orchestrated 9/11 false flag attack. In the same breath, those who seek truth about the events of September 11th are not complete in their quest until they are simultaneously seeking justice for those across the Islamic world who have been devastated in the aftermath of the Zionist pretext. Justice for the occupied, oppressed lands, Palestine in particular, and 9/11 truth are conjoined at the hip of struggle; a struggle against the Zionist regime that sits at the head of all of this global insanity. It is this struggle, for (9/11) truth and justice, that the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) dubs ‘anti-Semitic,’ a disgraceful phrase that fully represents Zionist racism and Jewish supremacism, as if the suffering of one group of people sits high above the suffering of all others, a suffering that, to start, has been largely exaggerated and manipulated over time by the rabbinical elite who have sysmetically oppressed their own communities. The ADL, a rotten Zionist organization of mob lawyers founded with the money of confederate Jewish slave owners, kept alive with funds from the Jewish mafia, most notably Lansky lieutenant Moe Dalitz, and now functioning as a wing of ‘Israeli’ intelligence that conducts spying for the supremacist entity, has been instrumental in discredting 9/11 truth seekers who long to have Zionism punished for its crimes on American soil and abroad. ‘Never forget’ that this group of Zionist thugs wants your dissent silenced.
‘Never forget’ is a phrase that should be invoked only if truth and nothing but, accompanies its essence as it is channeled from your brain to your tongue. Never forget that the American 9/11 victims and all of the victims coldly murdered after the fact, are united in their innocence and united in their martyrdom. They are united by the identify of their killers: Zionists, Jewish supremacists, sayanim, Mossad, Aman, Shin Bet, Talmudic extremists; these are the criminals, different heads of the same Zionist hydra. ‘Never forget’ this fact. Remember this unforgiving tidbit when you think of those incinerated by Mossad explosives in the Twin Towers. Remember it when you think of the Afghan boys blown to bits while collecting firewood. Remember it when you think of Abeer Qassem Hamza al-Janabi, the 14-year old Iraqi girl of Yusufiyyah gang raped and murdered by occupying forces along with her family; remember all like her in occupied Iraq.
Remember it when you think of the families incinerated by predator drone hellfire missiles while they’re praying in their mosque in Pakistan, playing in their gardens in Somalia or eating in their homes in Yemen. Remember it when you think of the NATO mustard gas and depleted uranium that has devastated the Libyan town of Bani Walid. Remember it when you think of Lebanon, its homes, mosques, hospitals, schools and churches cluster bombed to death by the Zionist dragon during the July War. Remember it when you think of the malevolent massacres carried out by ‘Israel’ in occupied Palestine, from Jenin to the illegally besieged Gaza Strip. ‘Never forget’ that humanity is what unites all of us in this struggle to the death against this monolithic Zionist menace.
Remember all of this on your next pilgrimage to the ‘hallowed ground’ of Ground Zero, New York City. Remember this as you put your ignorance in a coffin, in the name of truth, and your jingoism right next to it, in the name of justice. Remember this as you reevaluate the ‘monotheistic god’ that you’ve been tricked into believing in, ‘Israel.’ Remember that this murderous Zionist entity is nothing more than a cloud of falsehood; one swift wind of truth renders it useless, meaningless, inconsequential. Remember that it is a false god, an idol, drilled into your consciousness by the Zionist media and like all idols before it, its only destiny is that of fragmentation after being smashed by harbingers of fact and destroyers of myth.
Remember that the 9/11 delusion will die when it is recognized as such and when the victims of it, from New York City to occupied Afghanistan and everywhere in between, are recognized as the same, precious innocents; all of them. With this, the inhumanity against Muslims, Arabs and their friends, forced upon the world by the Zionist dragon, will die too. From that moment, the next phase of the struggle for liberation can be initiated; the struggle to rebuild our societies destroyed by this Zionist world system and more specifically, this ‘war on terror,’ a colonial crusade against Islam forged in the fiery dungeons of Jewish supremacism. What lies before us is a struggle of reconstruction, based on truth, justice, unity and humanity. Glorious humanity. This, more than anything, frightens the Zionist entity and shakes it to the very core because, humanity is the antithesis to Zionism. It is the force that will transform the global ‘Israeli’ empire into nothing but a blip on the radar of history. And it is coming soon; so, so very soon. Insha’ALLAH.
~ The End ~

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Martin Luther King Jr. Would Have Exposed US History Leading to 9/11

By Jay Janson
11 September, 2011

As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, in his world shaking sermon, Beyond Vietnam – a Time to Break Silence, recounted to us the history of the lies, from 1945 onward, used to trick Americans into supporting the Vietnam war, today he would be exposing the lies that have concealed secret arrangements for CIA covert crimes against humanity in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere in the world since 1953, – arrangements that always originate within a dominant financial element that rules our society through ownership and manipulation of 98% of all electronic and print media sources of information.
King would have loudly repeated the U.S. media suppressed arrogant and bragging 1989 confession of David Rockefeller cohort Zbignieu Bzrezinski, appointed Presidential Advisor to President Carter:
Brzezinski: “According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, 24 Dec 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid [funding, arming and training] to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.” [Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser, Le Nouvel Observateur, Paris, 15-21 January 1998 ]
Questioning Interviewer: When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that they intended to fight against a secret involvement of the United States in Afghanistan, people didn’t believe them. However, there was a basis of truth. You don’t regret anything today?
Bzrezinski: Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? 
Interviewer: And neither do you regret having supported the Islamic fundamentalism, having given arms and advice to future terrorists?
Bzrezinski: What is most important to the history of the world? … the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems … ?
(Actually, according to eminent Middle East journalist Robert Fisk, what Bzrezinski called a “pro-Soviet regime in Kabul” was an overwhelmingly popular women liberating and educating government. And the hill tribe war-lords backed and led by the CIA and US allied secret services of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were executing teachers of girls. CIA backed war-lord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was known for spraying acid on women dressed in Western fashion.)
King might have even gone back further to describe the British and French murderous military occupation and colonial exploitation of all Arabian lands after World War Two, long since replaced by armed American economic and political hegemony.
Commenting on 9/11 in 2001, Rev. Jeremiah Wright sermonized, “The American chickens have come home to roost.” King might well have pointed out that the Vietnamese suffered the equivalent of a 9/11 from American bombing every month for fifteen years, and never spoke of vengeful justice for their millions of victims.
As Americans continue to mourn their own innocent victims, the world is watching for some sign of equal compassion for the immeasurably more numerous innocent victims of America’s wars in poor nations since end of WW II.
Martin Luther King Jr. not only had such compassion but awoke to a determination to speak out against this massive destruction of lives caused by powerful investor conspiracies of war to protect what King called “unjust overseas predatory investments in vulnerable poorer nations all around the world.”
Public awareness of a dynamic Gandhi-like leader King’s reminding the world of its capability to make war unacceptable has been suppressed in investor owned media for 43 years. In 1967, that conglomerate media, led by the NY Times, denounced King as unpatriotic. King was soon assassinated and the war in Vietnam went on for another ten bloody years.
Jay Janson, 80, is an archival research peoples historian activist, musician and writer, who has lived and worked on all the continents and whose articles on media have been published in China, Italy, England, India and the US, and now resides in New York City. Howard Zinn lent his name to various projects of his. GlobalResearch, InformationClearingHouse, CounterCurrents, DissidentVoice, OpEdNews, HistoryNewsNetwork, are among those who have published his articles.

Troubling questions lead to demands for 9/11 truth

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” — J. Edgar Hoover
At every 9/11 anniversary emotions run high, wounds rip open and the shock horror that changed our lives forever, resurfaces again.
What also resurfaces is the resentment and hatred against Muslims dividing societies ironically into Georges Bush’s ideal worldview of “us” and “them”.
This xenophobic world view not only unleashed two violent wars and the deaths of millions but also left a lingering stench of Islamophobia, justifying vilification and discrimination while suppressing freedom and civil liberties — the hallmark of every democracy.
Every year news channels broadcast the pain and suffering focusing on how firemen and paramedics, survivors and relatives of the victims dealt with the horror,
Their final conclusion is always the same, that 9/11 was a result of failure of intelligence agencies to act on information that “Al-Qaeda was planning terrorist attacks”.
Through emotive heart rending stories the blame is always on “Islamic terrorists”. The programs never address the hundreds of valid questions from professionals who argue that the official government story does not fit into the laws of physics and nature.
If the official story is examined closely, the initial reports should have already started alarm bells ringing. We are expected to believe that two aluminum built aeroplanes smashed into the Twin Towers turning steel columns into dust, and in the hot burning rubble a Saudi passport belonging to the hijackers was found unscathed with a copy of the Qur’an.
The FBI Director Robert S. Mueller didn’t take long to point out that that all the identified hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. However on Sept. 23David Harrison of the Telegraph newspaper after investigations revealed:
“The men — all from Saudi Arabia — spoke of their shock at being mistakenly named by the FBI as suicide terrorists. None of the four was in the United States on Sept. 11 and all are alive in their home country.”
Muslims world over have never accepted the official story, and along with many CIA and intelligence officials believe that “Third World jihadists who are used to fighting in mountains and caves could not have carried out a plot that needed powerful technological, organizational and intelligence links”.
The dissenting voices against the official 9/11 narrative, originally a whisper have become a roar; professionals from every sphere of life are demanding to know the truth.
When a famous sit-com actor Charlie Sheen said that the US government covered up the real events of 9/11, a CNN quick vote poll showed that 83% Americans agreed with him. Needless to say, Sheen has lost the contract to continue his sit-com.
Today many groups demanding 9/11 truth like architects and engineers, scholars, pilots, actors, artists, fire fighters, lawyers, military officers, all have irrefutable scientific evidence that the towers were blown up demolition-style after many months of precision planning that could not be executed without the collusion of government and intelligence agencies
The respected journalist Robert Fisk, in an article in The Independent titled,  “Even I question the truth on 9/11” states:  If it is true, for example, that kerosene burns at 820C under optimum conditions, how come the steel beams of the Twin Towers – whose melting point is supposed to be about 1,480C – would snap through at the same time? (They collapsed in 8.1 and 10 seconds.) What about the third tower – the so-called World Trade Center Building 7 (or the Salmon Brothers Building) – which collapsed in 6.6 seconds in its own footprint at 5.20 p.m. on 11 September? Why did it so neatly fall to the ground when no aircraft had hit it?
Another baffling incident occurred on that fateful day that puts into question the integrity of news outlets; Jane Stanley while reporting live on BBC announces the collapse of the Salomon building (World Trade Center 7) a half hour before it actually did, the footage shows the building behind her is still up undamaged.
Which means she must have been given a pre written script to read out. The question is who knew before hand that the building was going to be pulled down?
Veterans Today, a military and foreign affairs website, has highlighted a previously suppressed video which shows that the Pentagon which was supposed to have been hit by a plane (a Boeing 757) was not hit by a plane but by a cruise type missile. According to the evidence, no plane could fly so low and if by miracle it had as it was claimed, there were no plane debris on the ground like tail, voice recorder, wings, seats and luggage.
Jesse Ventura, a former Navy Seal and former governor of Minnesota, has made a documentary with evidence gathered over 9 years by experts from the field of engineering, pilots, intelligence and military officers, and through scientific evidence and testimonies has put forward a criminal case tying Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and officials throughout the US government with complicity in planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks.
According to Gordon Duff, senior editor at VT, there was a possible motive for the attack on the Pentagon. He argues: “$2,300,000,000,000, yes 2.3 trillion US dollars had disappeared, cited only the day before in a televised statement by Secretary Rumsfeld, money “gone missing” from the Pentagon’s accounting. The area of the Pentagon hit by a missile or destroyed by explosives or both contained all records of this missing money”.
US Intelligence Asset Susan Lindaur in her book “Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriotic Act and the Cover-ups of 9/11 and Iraq” provides evidence that CIA affiliates were aware of Mossad’s involvement in 9/11 and how the US government heavily influenced by pro- Israel Zionists like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were willing to kill thousands of its own citizens and used dangerous methods to silence whistleblowers.
The phone hacking scandal only recently exposed how Rupert Murdoch with personal ties to Israel managed to control the British political system, working with government officials as high up as Tony Blair and later David Cameron and top police and intelligence officers. It also highlighted how government officials can lie led by greed rather than concern for its citizens.

Facts that have highlighted Israel’s involvement in 9/11 are many; however one fact stands on its own, and that is, just before 9/11 over 140 Israelis connected to Mossad had been arrested for espionage.
WikiLeaks on Aug. 28 has details of the growing alarm of American officials that “Organized crime in Israel now has global reach, with direct impact inside the United States.” The cables point out how they use a new style of crime involving knowledge of hi-tech explosives acquired from service in the Israeli Defense Forces, and a willingness to use indiscriminate violence.
According to news reports, after 9/11 there was a lot of activity in the Twin Towers involving Mossad agents posing as art students and removal men.
Also that police and FBI had discovered two white vans around the area; one had box cutters (the same tools the hijackers were supposed to have used), $4700 cash stuffed in a sock, and foreign passports.
The apprehended men posing as Arabs were found to be Israeli spies, they and their van tested positive for explosives; the men were working for a moving company which was a front for Mossad. Another van which was found to have traces of explosives had a large mural on its sides depicting an aeroplane hitting the towers.
Early morning on 9/11, five Israelis were ready poised with video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers. According to reports, the five made such a spectacle, by dancing and cheering when the towers were hit that bystanders felt compelled to call the police. The group now labeled as the “dancing Israelis” explained on Israeli TV that “our purpose was to document the event”.
Which means they were ready with cameras knowing an event was about to take place.
The Washington Post on Sept. 27, 2001 reported that two Jewish workers at the Israeli owned Company Odigo had received text warnings about attacks on Twin Towers, two hours before it happened.
It was also reported that four thousand Israelis were warned via text message of impending attacks in the New York area by the same company.
Whether it was just plain luck, one thing is clear: Thousands of Jews who worked in and around the twin towers did not go to work that day.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on 9/11 said: “It’s very good…Well, it’s not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)”
In a well-researched referenced article, “9/11 Israel’s Grand Deception” writer activist Jonathan Azaziah explains that the reason why all the Israeli agents who had been caught were allowed to leave the country quietly was because of one man, Michael Chertoff.  He writes: “Chertoff, a dual-citizen of the illegal Zionist state like most of the criminals connected to the plot on 9/11, is the son of impassioned Zionists”
“Prior to becoming the second secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff was chief of the criminal division of the Justice Department from 2001-2003. It was Chertoff who blocked the efforts of several agents across the FBI’s ranks to investigate the hundreds of Mossad spies detained in connection with the attacks on 9/11. He also supervised the destruction and confiscation of evidence that would have linked Israel and the US to the attacks like videotapes, eyewitness accounts, written testimonies and debris from Ground Zero.”
He argues that in order to take attention away from the massive Israeli spy ring, “Chertoff orchestrated the capture of 1,100 Muslim citizens, tourists and immigrants, falsely labeling them as suspects connected to the Sept. 11 attacks. These innocent people were physically abused in secret facilities, denied the right to legal counsel, psychologically abused in secret military tribunals before they were deported, or released.”
On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, the government’s answer to those questioning the events as “conspiracy theorists” is weakening against the rising tide of those who want to know the truth; also we owe to the thousands who lost their lives on that tragic day and the millions who died and are continuing to die as a result of the illegal “war on terror”.

CIA/Israeli Funded Group Creates Phony Terror Website – Germans Bust Them As Al Qaeda

Supplied Intel That Led to Iraq Invasion, Took Credit for 9/11 Attack



Group hired by FBI to create phony intelligence to sell to the US government arrested by German counter-terrorists as “Al Qaeda” cell.  “Mossad busted in Al Qaeda sting, same group responsible for creating bin Laden videos and tapes taking credit for 9/11.”

There is now proof that the U.S./Israeli SITE Intelligence Group is active in creating groups who support terrorists.
Eight German and Turkish teens and tweens are accused of supporting a terrorist organization because they translated propaganda pamphlets and videos by Al-Qaeda’s media service Al-Sahab into German language and published them in a web-forum. Their organization was active since 2006, mostly in Germany and Austria, and is known as Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF).

During the current court procedures evidence was presented that these wannabe jihadists were supported by the SITE Intelligence Group, a very suspicious (probably Mossad) outlet run by Rita Katz an Israeli analyst and former soldier of the IDF. SITE offers “breaking news, articles and analysis of the jihadist threat” and is famous of providing Al-Qaeda videos of dubious provenance.
During the investigation of GIMF the German FBI equivalent, the BKA, monitored the email account tavit201@yahoo.de through which a virtual personality named “Said ibn Abdullah al-Hanafi” and also one “Ahmet K” gave advise and help to the founder of the alleged German section of GIMF. The tavit201@yahoo.de persons provided a web sever hosted in Malaysia for the group, bought and installed the forum software and gave tips on how to stay covered.
As a German BKA investigator noted in the case (my translation):

In total the conservation between [the accused] T. and “Ahmet K” leaves the impression that “Ahmet K” acts as intermediary between the international and German section of GIMF. Additionally “Ahmet K” provides important basic means for T, for example storage capacity on the internet, a domain name and software.

As Yahoo is a U.S. company the BKA asked the FBI to find out who is really behind tavit201@yahoo.de. The FBI found that the real person behind that account was one Joshua Devon (scroll down), a senior analyst and co-founder of the SITE Intelligence Group.
Questioned about this Devon told the FBI about “Ahmet K” (my translation):

 This is a historic person we used – with knowledge of the [German secret service] BND – at the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008. Through using this personality we chatted with the new leadership of the Global Islamic Media Front after the arrest of [its former leader] Mahmoud… During the use of this personality we provided the administrator of GIMF with a web server… Subsequently we provided all information we gathered this way to the German [secret service] BND.

So the German equivalent of the FBI was sniffing on a suspicious email account the German equivalent of the CIA knew to be fake. So much for cooperation between such services.
But back to the notes of the German investigator who wrote that “Ahmet K”, which is SITE’s Joshua Devon, “acts as intermediary between the international and German section of GIMF”.
That seems to indicate that Devon was the only contact the German group had to the international part of GIMF.
Which leads me to ask: Is the international part of GIMF really existing or is it just a production of SITE to further the Islamic terror scare? And to what degree does SITE give such support to terrorist supporters in collaboration or on request of the FBI and the various secret services?
from German:
2011, by Holger Schmidt
The evidence seems clear: lawyer Rainer Ahues (Bremen) today denounced the GIMF procedure before the Higher Regional Court of Munich, that the “second generation” of the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) infiltrated apparently by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and a private consulting firm, SITE Intelligence. The German foreign intelligence service BND, it should have known this in advance, that the group they were investigating actually worked for Israel and the FBI.
 And all this, Ahues results from the investigation files – and even the Federal investigators were duped, while they evidently watched for months, investigating  an Internet account belonging to the Israeli Mossad and another funded by the FBI.
According to the brief goes by Rainer Ahues it to the email address tavit201@yahoo.de and the associated virtual identity Said ibn Abdullah al-Hanafi (probably a historical allusion). She also appeared as Ahmet K repeatedly in the investigation and was the GIMF-people after the arrest of the founder of the German section extremely helpful:
He was able to set up forums, bought the software for it, gave advice to the conspiracy and switched server capacity in Malaysia. 2009 recorded a detective chief superintendent of Ahmet K.:
“In sum, the conversation between [the defendants] and T.” Ahmet K. gives the impression that acts “Ahmet K” as a mediator between the international and the German GIMF. Moreover, does “Ahemt K” key for T fundamentals, such as space on the Internet, domain and software .. ”
Elsewhere, a senior commissioner writes unfortunate use of the apostrophe:
“T. followed the advice of Ahmet K’s, the Forum of GIMF on a server in Malaysia to host. Ahmet K. T provided the license for the software of the GIMF forums free of charge “.
There would be other examples. But the explosive effect is created only by a written examination in which the FBI has questioned the “operator” of the identity of tavit201. It should be either Joshua Devon, a founder of SITE. He says the FBI
“This is a historical person, those of us – has been used in late 2007 and early 2008 – with knowledge of the German BND. Under Zuhilfename this personality we chat with the new leadership of the Global Islamic Media Front in the period after the arrest of Mahmoud … While the use of this personality we have the administrator of a server GIMF made available …. We then sent all the information that we received along the way to the German BND. ”
The thing does not become any clearer, that the FBI has been duped by  SITE Institute and  their lawyer who works with the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad.
The question now is what the consequences of this involvement for the defendants.
How can they be punished if they were actually employees of the FBI?
And one more exciting, but unfortunately most unanswered question: What actually tell the police investigator in the internal call colleagues from the BND, about the fact that for months herermittelt useless behind its own U.S. workers? In this interview, I would like little mice!
Perhaps these questions but only for Renee Marc S. relevance. Three defendants have been convicted of the proceedings against another is removed. In addition to S. therefore remain three more left, but much evidence that their methods are separated in the coming week and quickly come to an end. But Marc S. Renee wants to know it well. Honestly, I can understand it a bit!