Code 7: Now We Know Why Obama Is In Denver!

Torino Impact Hazard Scale Condition Code 7:
“A very close encounter by a large object, which if occuring this
century, poses an unprecedented but still uncertain threat of a global
.” Further, “For such a threat in this century,
international contingency
is warranted, especially to determine urgently and
conclusively whether or not a collision will occur.”

YouTube reporter Mary
Greeley shares some very relevant information regarding 2011 SE58, the
‘object’ hurtling towards Earth
which will make a ‘fly-by’ tomorrow, September 27, 2011. In light of
this information, it would be safe to presume that this ‘object’ is the
real reason Obama
is in Denver;
just in case. That’s how close this object is that’s closing in on Earth.
According to this video,
and ‘the international community’ know EXACTLY what they are dealing
with. This object falls into Code 7
on the Torino Impact Hazard Scale. See chart below, condition code.

See Elenin Latest News here

above and info below uploaded by MaryGreeley on
Sep 26, 2011

This is just too strange.
The producer on the JPL website for both 2011 SE58 and Elenin
are both the same. Otto Matic a fake name.

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