Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem.
Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family.
Brothers and sisters, Committed Muslims …
For the past ten days or so the atmosphere has been charged with what is supposed to be the memory of ten years of terrorism. The concentration has been on the events that took place on 11 September 2001 and this may continue for another few weeks. What concerns us in the cacophony of propaganda is not to be affected by what they say. We have to continue our steps forward honouring our responsibilities to the Almighty. Obviously our inspiration comes from Allah’s Prophet because this is the bottom line- the bottom line is (that) Islam, the program from Allah- does not fit into their scheme of things so they do all within their power to disturb our movement forward and September eleventh was a major attempt by them to derail our determination. Our inspiration is Allah’s Prophet. Allah’s Prophet taught us that we cannot become part of their Establishment or a contingent of their system. Anyone who reads the Prophet’s decisions and movement forward realises that he took issue with the system around him.
You go public, you announce for everyone to hear what you have been commanded to do and you stay clear of the Mushriks.  (Surah Al Hijr verse 94)
You don’t enter with the Mushriks into some political bargaining; you don’t negotiate away your principles; you don’t even remain silent about your principles. Just steer clear of the Mushriks.  that
… when it comes to those who will make fun of you… (Surah Al Hijr verse 95)
There are powers and personalities who will ridicule you- these are Al Mus’tahzi’een. Allah says 
… I will take care of them; those who consider besides Allah that there are other deities and there are other authorities … (Surah Al Hijr verse 95)
These are the Mus’tahzi’een. OK- so Allah’s Prophet went public. He expressed Allah’s intent and purpose. What happened after the Prophet had between forty-and-fifty committed Muslims around him in Makkah after about three years when he went public? Many things happened but one of the eye-catching events that happened was that many of these people in the surrounding areas- it was a tribal society with clannish relationships- took a position of let us “wait and see what is going to happen in the immediate circle of this person- Muhammad the son of Abdullah. Let us see what is going to happen in his immediate surroundings in Makkah itself.” So the Arabians in At Ta’if and the Arabians in Yathrib and the Arabians in Yemen and the Arabians in Hejaz with all their power representations were watching and saying “what’s going to happen in this Makkah?” What happened? One of these areas that not many people pay attention to is that the Prophet had a type of traditional or customary shield. He was shielded by his immediate extended tribal make-up. Quraysh that was opposing him in the general power structure of Makkah had to face off with Bani Hashim who were the immediate protectors or guarantors of the Prophet’s civil character or civic character, (in today’s language); meaning that if Quraysh wanted to physically attack Muhammad they’d have to take on Banu Hashim who are the Prophet’s extended family. To this effect the Prophet said Allah has never sent a Prophet except that that Prophet has a type of immunity within his society. As far as this applies to Allah’s Prophet, this type of protection, this civic protective layer was Bani Hashim. So when Quraysh wanted to send a message to the Prophet, they would contact his uncle Abu Talib. Many times in these following ten years they would come to Abu Talib and say tell your nephew such-and-such (or) express to your nephew the following bargain we have for him (or) entice your nephew to do these things (or) convince your nephew that what he is doing is not right. Throughout all of these years this they tried to puncture a hole in this protective layer- it didn’t work and the rest of the people in this geographical area were watching; but what was damaging to Allah’s Prophet was his other uncle Abu Lahab. Abu Lahab had a famous statement that he told people. Abu Lahab would say about his own nephew to the people in Makkah don’t follow him! He is a sabi’ and he is a kadhdhaab. Now the word sabi’ in the language of that time meant in our time today- because now we have an Islamic language- we use the word Kaafir. Abu Lahab and the Mushriks of Makkah were not using the terminology of the Qur’an; so Abu Lahab wasn’t saying that the Prophet is a Kaafir and a kadhdhaab because the Kaafir didn’t have the Islamic undertones that it gained later on. So instead of that he said he is a sabi’ and he is a kadhdhaab which is like he is a blasphemer and he’s a liar. (When) this comes from the Prophet’s uncle it has a devastating effect on the people around. They came to him and he used to meet these people in the Ka’bah- people who came (from) tens of miles away, hundreds of miles away came to the Ka’bah- and the Prophet would speak to them.
… you should conform to Allah because you have no Ilah besides Him… (Surah Hud verse 50)
They’d say but oh Muhammad- we are listening to what the closest people to you are saying about you. This is your uncle and he is saying that you are a blasphemer, (so to speak), and you are a liar. This was to take its toll on this message because these people sensing that individuals who are accusing the Prophet are from his own family, from his own bloodline (and) this is what they are saying about him so wait a minute here, we have to think much more before taking at face value what this person is saying. There was a whole propaganda industry at the time. Of course, they didn’t have CNN and the BBC and the media that exists today in the way that it exists but there was a media. They had Officials, they had Notables in society, they had articulate speakers, they had poets, they had what you call the educated class and all of them were saying this Muhammad is ridiculing us. He’s making fun about our deities, about our idols. The Prophet was expressing whatever you read in the Qur’an. What do you read in the Qur’an? What type of ridicule are they talking about?  
Abu Jahal one day and on other occasions came to the Prophet and he said the following sentence oh Muhammad- By Allah- either you will cease to bad mouth our idols and deities or we are going to bad mouth your God. Now, the first Abu Jahal said was By Allah. He didn’t say by Al Laat and Al Uzza which was another phrase that was used at the time in reference to these which means Abu Jahal recognized Allah. He had no Prophet with the Prophet speaking to him or to society about Allah- they are familiar with Allah. There was a person before the Prophet of Allah who was a follower of Ibrahim (alaihi as salaam). It’s called Al Hanifiyyah. He was a Hanifi person. He was harassed in Makkah in the Ka’bah by these Mushriks for the same reason that they are harassing Allah’s Prophet, (i.e.) because he said there’s no validity to these idols, there’s no validity to the social system and the concept and the perceptions that tag along with these idols. But you don’t hear much about him- Zayd ibn Amr. Why? Because they want to blur the line between those who are ritualistic and those who are principled. The Prophet didn’t come with rituals. At this time there were no rituals. He wasn’t speaking to them about fasting and praying and the rest of these rituals. He was speaking to them about what we call inn our world an ideological issue and they hung themselves on the antagonistic statements of the Prophet’s uncle Abu Lahab. We’re not veering far away from September eleventh because what has happened is in our times these Mushriks today, (they speak another language but they have the same mentality), are trying to say to the public “look! Look at what Islamic extremism is. This is one of your own.” The people who we are told were responsible for those heinous acts on September eleventh are “one of you Muslims. How can we accept this Islam of yours when this is what it represents- mayhem, destruction, the killing of innocent people.” This is what happens when Muslims begin to confuse the ritualist Muslim with the principled Muslim! The Prophet of Allah was a principled Muslim. The devotees who came to the Ka’bah at that time were ritualistic followers of Ibrahim, just like today we have ritualistic followers of Muhammad, at that time we had ritualistic followers of Ibrahim. Notice that Allah’s Prophet never, (we’ve never come across one incident and we’ve done quite a bit of reading but we’re still humble human beings), tried to win over the favor of the Mushriks of Makkah by saying “hey look- we belong to Ibrahim.” He did this with the Christians and the Jews because of the scripture that they are supposed to have honored and there was hope that they can rethink and re-read their scripture, but with the Mushriks of Makkah he never came and said to them- even though he shared with them their rituals and he didn’t share with the Christians and the Jews their rituals- but he came to the Jews and Christians and said to them
Say (O Prophet): People of Scripture, come to a common understanding between us and you… (Surah Ahl Imran verse 64)
Statements and words and clauses that make them feel at ease but when it came to the ritualistic followers of Ibrahim, he never said “wait a minute- we have a common ancestor or we have a common Prophet or we have a common history.” No! Even though they, themselves, when they got fed up with him, at one time they said let us make you this offer that we pray and why don’t we honor our faith and our belief on a reciprocal basis- one day we will do it according to your instructions and the other day you will do it according to our instructions? No. The answer was no because the Prophet of Allah took issue with them not on how to perform the rituals but on the mind and the soul that are behind these rituals. He took issue with them on the basis of Deen so the response to them came to them from Allah
Say (Oh Prophet): Oh you who are kafirs. I am not in conformity with that, that you are in conformity with… (Surah Al Kafirun verse 1-2)
Ibadah here is not worship. It has to do with social confirmation to Allah. So your social confirmation with whoever you agree to does not agree with my social confirmation. So these two are not going to meet.
You have your Deen and I have mine. (Surah Al Kafirun verse 6)
In today’s world, this 9/11 issue is meant to drive a point into the public mind, and that is that these Muslims stand for destruction and they stand for taking over the affairs of the world and running down everyone else. We don’t have to say this- no one has to say this to you- this is a flagrant lie. The Prophet of Allah wanted freedom of expression. They didn’t give him freedom of expression. They hounded him; they hunted him. They tried to get to his followers- let us try to torture his followers- maybe that will get to him. They tortured his followers. He didn’t say “I’m going to be silent about my Islam.” He didn’t even give a general answer to the problem that the world had at that time. Just like today’s Islamists say, (there’s a broad title), “Islam is the solution.” The Prophet was more specific than that. What does Islam mean when a person, whether he’s a Muslim or a non-Muslim have problems? They have social problems. Remember, the Prophet of Allah was looking at society- our society has their problems. They have problems of addiction, they have problems of unemployment, they have problems of lack of health care- all of these problems that you all know- so when you say Islam in that context what do you mean? If I pray- am I going to have health insurance?! If I pray am I going to cease to become a target of discrimination and racism?! Is that going to come out because Islam means prayers or does Islam mean more than that? What does this more mean? The Prophet was telling them what this more means. They offered/came to him with sticks and carrots. What do you want? (Do) you want money? We’ll give you all the money you want. (Do) you want to become a Ruler? We will give you a position in which you can make the ultimate decision. What is it you want? We will give to you! He said to them say/understand/mean and apply what Laa Ilaha Illa Allah means and you will be successful. That’s the last thing they wanted to hear. That’s the one thing they did not want to hear. But today, how many people say Laa Ilaha illa Allah? First of all, do they understand what they’re saying? Do they mean what they say? And then, do they want to be practical about it? These people behind 9/11 had a feeling for where the Muslims are. We have gone a long distance as far as their observations and their studies and their informers and the rest so they said “wait a minute here- we have to spoil this.” So they came up with this 9/11. Now, because it is the ten year occasion, they want to bring it back- the excitement that was here this time ten years ago. They want to bring that excitement back. They want to stoke that frenzy against the Muslims so that there’s raw hostility and animosity to the Muslims of self-determination, to the independent Muslims- not their lackeys. People who were involved in 9/11 were the production of their own systems, the United States and Saudi Arabia. One of these Saudi Princes was here a few days ago and he gave a speech supposedly at some type of think-tank and he spoke about “the strategic relationships between the Government in Washington and the Government in Arabia .” They don’t have a strategic relationship with Allah- phoney Prince! They speak about a strategic relationship with those who are killing Muslims on a daily basis with their militaries! These Princes were the types who were monitoring these terrorists and nurturing them. They took them onto a false adventure in Afghanistan. We don’t want to judge Muslims who gave their lives fighting occupation- that affair is in Allah’s hand; what we are looking at is the program that they did not know they were involved in. It’s about time Muslims grow up and are able to see the larger program that we suffer from because of their media and their propaganda and their public relations. The Prophet of Allah says avoid the insight of a committed Muslim because he sees with the light of Allah.
Brothers and sisters, committed Muslims…
In the few minutes that we have- don’t let anyone, anywhere at any time convince you that Muslims had anything to do with 9/11. Anyone- he could be as devout and as religious and as pious as they come- that thinks that Muslims had a hand in 9/11 has leased his brain and his conscience to the Kafirs. We had nothing to do with that. In today’s world we have Islamic Organisations, we have Islamic Parties, we have Islamic Movements, we have Islamic struggling groups of people, we have combatants even- tell us, out of all of these Islamic types, who was in on 9/11? Who agreed to 9/11? Who endorsed 9/11? Who was privy to what was going to happen on 9/11? You tell us? We need your information. The Muslims need this information because as far as we can tell absolutely none of them had a hand in 9/11, (and here is the teaser), except for those who were nurtured and monitored and indirectly supervised and then led on to this 9/11 affair. There were individuals in that channel but these individuals don’t represent the almost two-billion Muslims in the world and there’s not going to be enough media and enough verbiage and enough mainstream propaganda that is going to tell us or any other Muslims who know Allah and His Prophet that we had anything to do with this 9/11. There may have been some Muslims who have felt, because of their emotionalism, a particular flare up of emotions against the US and Israel and the rest on this day but that doesn’t mean that they planned this event, that they financed this event, that they gave the visas to these people to come to this land and perform this event (or) that they were in on the Mossad and the CIA and probably the Saudi intelligence operating hand-in-hand on the crime that took place of 9/11. And why don’t they offer us a public forum to speak the truth from an Islamic point of view? It’s because of the same reason they didn’t offer Allah’s Prophet a public position to speak about Islam to the general people at that time. (It’s) the same people, same attitude, same mentality. The problem is we have a Saudi-American grand sponsorship to confuse ritualistic Muslims with principled Muslims and this has lived on now at a peak level for ten years. It’s about time it reaches it’s anti-climax with our knowledge that ritualistic Muslims don’t even belong to Allah and His Prophet and principled Muslims are those who stand for whatever comes to us from Allah and His Prophet. You can look at yourself- which camp are you in? Where do you belong? How do you define yourself? May Allah forbid that you belong to this worldwide American-Saudi sponsorship of a derailing of the Islamic determination. Look in the media- besides 9/11, everyone is so concerned with what is happening in Libya and what may happen in Syria; why isn’t anyone concerned with what may happen in Saudi Arabia ? We, as Muslims, would think our focus is on Makkah and Al Madinah and Al Quds. Why don’t Muslims have a focus on these areas? Why do they blow with the wind? The wind of the media now is blowing in a certain direction and the Muslims are blowing with it. No! You should be anchored. You don’t blow with the wind. You should see through these lies even though they are multi layered and they are well thought out and they are planned by people who have information and who have access to our inner thoughts; still, being with Allah, you can break this barrier and not be held accountable for a crime they committed. Say it and know it in the root of your hearts and in the fibre of your brains. They committed 9/11 not the Muslims! But in the past ten years we have had defensive, apologetic, inferior Masajid and spokespersons for Muslims and that’s why the effects of that day linger on in our social psychology.   
This khutbah was presented by Imam Muhammad Asi on the occasion of Jum’ah on the 9 September 2011 on the sidewalk of Embassy Road in Washington D.C. The Imam previously led the daily and Jum’ah prayers inside the Masjid. His speeches were revolutionary and thought provoking, and eventually irritated and threatened the Middle-East Ambassadors who control the Masjid. Finally, the Imam, his family, and other Muslims faithful to the course of Islam were forced out, into the streets. This khutbah originates from the sidewalk across the street from the Islamic Center, currently under seige.

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