Quote of the moment #7

Dear Pam why is it with ugly bitches like you and your fat slob cohort Bob (Pam and Bob …. sounds gross) what’s good for the goose is NEVER good for the gander? How come you were so strident before, but now BITCH, you want to hem, and haw, and tap dance, and want to analyze, and find a reasoned and measured response? Your fat boyfriend is no different. While I couldn’t care at all about your taste in men, and his taste in women for that matter, what I do care about is how much of an idiot you have exposed yourself to be. You, bitch, kept yammering away about how we yell fire in a movie or how we incite to violence. It blew up in your face, didn’t it bitch? I said, it blew up in your face didn’t it bitch? You make us regular people responsible for what the nutbags say. Well guess what, you and your fat lover, Bob ARE the nutbags that Breivik looks up to! Any explanation you give will just reflect badly on you bitch. Why don’t you and you buffalo assed boyfriend for once STFU and leave the blogging to the more normal. Compared to you, I am Mr. Sense and Sensibility.

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