Didn’t Osama Bin Laden have a black beard?

All pictures of Osama Bin Laden show him with a black beard–albeit, some pictures show him with a few gray hairs. The recently released video shows a man sitting on the floor with a white beard. Local Abbottabadis recognize the man as Mr. Akbar Khan, the landlord of Waziristan House where the Navy Seal raid took place. The CIA narrative is that It is a video of Mr. Bin Laden watching his own video.

Could the CIA be mistaken? Could they have mis-labeled the picture. It is obvious that the man in the picture, who is sitting on the ground of a penury stricken room is not Bin Laden–it is another man. If the CIA was mistaken about the video, could they also have been mistaken about other things!

A question that was asked by Yasmeen Ali who wrote for Counterpunch is very pertinent. http://www.counterpunch.org/yasmeen05032011.html

But I find it just SO hard to believe that this was not a mutually-cooked dish. Another said, “We may be poor, we are not STUPID”.

Why was the most wanted terrorist in the world who was supposedly running a multi-million Dollar terror organization living in such abject poverty? One would have expected the Bin Laden Lair to have sophisticated computers, surveillance equipment, satellite tracking, and an army of guards protecting him–none of that. Mr. Laden living in a spartan home with almost no furniture or belongings. Even the TV was vintage 1960 with a 12 inch screen.

The conspiracy theorists have taken the argument to another level–but the Bin Laden raid on the heels of the Raymond Davis caputre and release does beg some questions which have not been answered.

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