A sorry attempt at apology The Denver Post

Shannon Francis never sought an apology from a country that yanked her mom and grandma off their reservations, forced them into white foster families and barred them from speaking their native Hopi and Navajo languages.

So the Denver resident was unaware Tuesday that her government had decided to say, “Sorry.”

“I had no clue it was coming,” the 38-year-old mother of six said with a shrug. “So much for making history.”

Like Francis, you probably missed it when the U.S. Senate quietly apologized for centuries of “violence, maltreatment and neglect inflicted on Native Peoples.”

The unprecedented resolution acknowledges that the government forced indigenous people off their land, stole their assets and was responsible for “official depredations, ill-conceived policies and the breaking of covenants” with tribes.

When Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologized two weeks ago for policies that degraded that country’s Aborigines, he blared his pronouncement live on giant screens throughout Australia.

U.S. senators instead buried their “Oops, our bad” in an amendment to a bill for American Indian health care.

Well, that certainly makes up for the Sand Creek Massacre and Wounded Knee.

So much for healing generations.

“White America can’t afford to apologize too seriously because it would threaten their ownership of Indian land,” said Iliff School of Theology Indian cultures professor Tink Tinker.

Tuesday’s resolution came at the urging of Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., who reports a “deep resentment” among Native Americans in his state.

His colleagues aren’t so big on apologies. Congress hadn’t formally said “sorry” since apologizing to Native Hawaiians in 1993 for overthrowing their kingdom a century earlier. In 1988, lawmakers apologized and compensated Japanese-Americans interned in World War II detention camps.

Brownback’s resolution does not authorize or settle any claim against the United States.

“We have a government that took our land and our children and physically and emotionally abused them and forced them to assimilate into something that they’re not,” said Francis, an accounting consultant by trade and a longtime activist for American Indian causes. “We — I — live with the pain of that every day. And for this they issue a bunch of words, empty like their treaties, that mean nothing and nobody hears.”

Who is the apology really for, Francis wonders?

Is it for her mother, grandmother and aunties who spent lifetimes trying to forget the federal boarding schools that sought to strip away their culture?

For her brother, plagued like their father and grandfather by poverty and alcoholism?

For her son, who failed a 7th-grade history test when he refused to check the box saying Christopher Columbus discovered America?

Or for Francis herself, who overcame years of shame about her dark skin and accent to learn the ways of her ancestors that her own family had failed to pass on: to honor her kids, hug them and root them deeply in their heritage?

“If our people had been left alone, maybe things would have been different,” she said.

As Francis sees it, Tuesday’s resolution does little to fix a sad sequence of abuses that still is far from over.

“We don’t need any more hollow words,” she says. “What I want is for the country to be honest, really honest, about what it has done and what it continues doing to our people.”

MoA – March 2013


MoA – March 2013

March 31, 2013

Rabbis: Zionism Is Racism

Recently I



Zionism is an ideology that is based on racial discrimination. It is thereby, like antisemitism, a form of racism and racism is hardly ever a base of peace.

It seems that a bunch of Zionist rabbis agree with that statement.

Haaretz: Top rabbis move to forbid renting homes to Arabs, say ‘racism originated in the Torah’

A number of leading rabbis who signed on to a religious ruling to forbid renting homes to gentiles – a move particularly aimed against Arabs – defended their decision on Tuesday with the declaration that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews.

“We don’t need to help Arabs set down roots in Israel,” Rabbi Shlomo Aviner of the Beit El settlement, said on Tuesday. Aviner explained that he supported the move for two reasons: one, a Jew looking for an apartment should get preference over a gentile; and two, to keep the growing Arab population from settling too deeply. “Racism originated in the Torah,” said Rabbi Yosef Scheinen, who heads the Ashdod Yeshiva. “The land of Israel is designated for the people of Israel. This is what the Holy One Blessed Be He intended and that is what the [sage] Rashi interpreted.”

A bunch of east Europeans steal Arab land based on old fairytales and pure racism. They even acknowledge it. This should not be supported in any way. Yes, people differ and differing cultures may live in different ways. But racism used as justification for crimes is a crime in itself and should be punished.

These Rabbis are public employees of the state of Israel. Their opinions are official policy. Fortunately history tells us that such fascism seldom survives. Racist people tend to devour their own:

“The neighbors and acquaintances [of a Jew who sells or rents to an Arab] must distance themselves from the Jew, refrain from doing business with him, deny him the right to read from the Torah, and similarly [ostracize] him until he goes back on this harmful deed,” the letter reads.

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March 30, 2013

A “NATO Mandate” For War Would Be Illegal

Daniel Larison


from a (paywalled) Wall Street Journal


on the discussions inside the U.S. administration on a more open war on Syria. This point sticks out:

Lawyers at the White House and departments of Defense, State and Justice debated whether the U.S. had a “clear and credible” legal justification under U.S. or international law for intervening militarily. The clearest legal case could be made if the U.S. won a U.N. or NATO mandate for using force. Neither route seemed viable: Russia would veto any Security Council resolution, and NATO wasn’t interested in a new military mission.

There can be no legal NATO mandate for using force. NATO is not an organization that can wage war if some committee decides to do so. Unless a NATO member is illegally attacked NATO has exactly zero legal authority to fight a war. While a case can certainly be made that Turkey is attacking Syria by harboring, training and supplying illegitimate forces that fight the Syrian state, no case can be made that Turkey is attacked by Syria.

Asides from the natural right of self-defense there is only one other source that could legitimize a war. That is, and only under certain circumstances, the UN Security Council.

That U.S. administration lawyers would even consider something like a “NATO mandate” shows that there are still a lot of neoconned minds with a quite false understanding of international law.

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March 29, 2013

Whoes “Provocative Action”?

March 29 2013 –

Hagel says U.S. has to take North Korean threats seriously

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Thursday that North Korea’s provocative actions and belligerent tone had “ratcheted up the danger” on the Korean peninsula, …

March 28 2013 –

US sends nuclear-capable B-2 bombers to SKorea

The U.S military says two nuclear-capable B-2 bombers have completed a training mission in South Korea …

The U.S. says the B-2 stealth bombers flew from a U.S. air base and dropped munitions on a South Korean island range before returning home.

March 26 2013 –

U.S. Army learns hard lessons in N. Korea-like war game

The Unified Quest war game conducted this year by Army planners posited the collapse of a nuclear-armed, xenophobic, criminal family regime that had lorded over a closed society and inconveniently lost control over its nukes as it fell. Army leaders stayed mum about the model for the game, but all indications — and maps seen during the game at the Army War College — point to North Korea.

March 20 2013 –

U.S. flies B-52s over South Korea

The U.S. Air Force is breaking out some of its heaviest hardware to send a message to North Korea.A Pentagon spokesman said Monday that B-52 bombers are making flights over South Korea as part of military exercises this month.

March 19 2013 –

S. Korea, U.S. carry out naval drills with nuclear attack submarine

South Korean and U.S. forces have been carrying out naval drills in seas around the peninsula with a nuclear attack submarine as part of their annual exercise, military sources said Wednesday, in a show of power against North Korea’s threat of nuclear attack.The two-month field training, called Foal Eagle, has been in full swing to test the combat readiness of the allies, amid high tension on the Korean Peninsula in light of a torrent of bellicose rhetoric by North Korea. It kicked off on March 1 and runs through April 30.

March 17 2013 –

Troops remember sacrifices of Cheonan sailors

Halfway through the around-the-clock Key Resolve drills Friday, 8th U.S. Army Commander Lt. Gen. John D. Johnson remained full of energy as he underscored that the allied forces were ready to cope with North Korean threats.

Despite their hectic schedule, the troops gathered early in the day to pay respects to the 46 deceased crewmembers of South Korean corvette Cheonan, which was sunk by North Korea’s torpedo attack on March 26, 2010.

March 12 2013 –

First day of SK-US military exercises passes without provocation

Around 10,000 ROK troops and 3,000 US soldiers, including 2,500 reinforcements from US Pacific command in Hawaii, are taking part in the military exercise, which will continue through Mar. 21. Another 10,000 US soldiers will be deployed by the end of this month for the Foal Eagle exercises. Also flown in to participate in the exercises were B-52 bombers and F-22 stealth fighters, which boast the world’s highest levels of performance. These two kinds of aircraft can maneuver throughout Korean airspace without landing. In addition, the 9750t Aegis destroyers USS Lassen and USS Fitzgerald arrived in South Korea.

March 8 2013 –

Air Assault Course increase 2ID capabilities

For the first time in 15 years, 2nd Infantry Division and Eighth U.S. Army soldiers tackled the rigorous Air Assault Course at Camp Hovey, South Korea.The course, held Feb. 25 to March 3, 2013, at Camp Hovey, began with 312 soldiers ready to compete for the course’s 250 slots. The course qualifies soldiers to conduct air assault and helicopter sling-load operations and proper rappelling and fast-rope techniques.

March 8 2013 –

“Frozen Chosen” Marines

Marines from I Company, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, slog through wind and snow during a joint training exercise with Japanese troops at the Hokkaido-Dai Maneuver Area in northern Japan last week.

The Hokkaido training area is located across the Sea of Japan from the Korean Peninsula, where Marines fought an epic winter battle at the Chosin Reservoir in opening year of the Korean War.

March 6 2013 –

S. Korea says it will strike against North’s top leadership if provoked

[T]he rhetoric sets up an especially tense period on the Korean Peninsula, with the U.S. and South Korean militaries planning joint training drills that the North considers a “dangerous nuclear war” maneuver, and with the U.N. Security Council deliberating new sanctions to limit Pyongyang’s weapons program.

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March 27, 2013

The Muddled UN Mali Mission

French and Chadian troops in Mali are

mopping up

“planet Mars”, the desert mountain retreat, of the Jihadis who had taken over north Mali.

But the overall situation is far from resolved. The Mali state is broken with the current unelected government incapable of controlling the country. Three days ago some Jihadi suicide commando attacked in Gao hundreds of miles south of the current French main operation area.

The French claim they want to leave soon and asked for the UN to take over. But the new UN plan just released by the Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon is seriously muddled and seems to give the French an opening for further unsupervised meddling:

In a report to the 15-member Security Council, Ban recommended that the African force, known as AFISMA, become a U.N. peacekeeping force of some 11,200 troops and 1,440 police – once major combat ends.To tackle Islamist extremists directly, Ban recommended that a so-called parallel force be created, which would work in close coordination with the U.N. mission.

Diplomats have said France is likely to provide troops for the smaller parallel force, which could be based in Mali or elsewhere in the West Africa region.

These would be two forces on the ground. One under UN command and bound to UN rules for peacekeeping. Another force would be under French command and only bound to self imposed French rules.

That is the same construct that, even after ten years, has shown no progress in Afghanistan. There the ISAF force under NATO command was supposed to be on a stabilization and support mission while a separated U.S. led “Operation Enduring Freedom” force was hunting for Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters under its own rules.

Politicians had hoped that the enemy would somehow distinguish between those two forces. That did of course not happen. Both forces were soon seen as aggressive occupiers. When the OEF forces under their loose rules created massacers the blame was put on ISAF. Such constructs of double forces and disunited command never make sense.

So why is the UN coming up with this nonsense? One would probably have to ask the UN Undersecretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations (GPKO), Hervé Ladsous. He is the third French in a row to occupy that position and is said to get his orders directly from Paris. The construct he introduces for Mali is the same that led to a mess elsewhere:

The parallel UN and French force proposed for Mali by Ladsous’ DPKO is reminiscent of what France obtained in Cote d’Ivoire, with the Force Licorne running — in short shorts — alongside the UN Mission which it also through DPKO controlled.Recently Inner City Press asked Amnesty International’s West Africa expert to assess the performance on human rights and accountability in Cote d’Ivoire, for crimes committed by the side the France favored and favors. AI called it appalling.

Why think it would be better in Mali?


Any military in this world can explain that unity of command and common rules of engagement are a precondition for a successful operation. To have two forces under two commands with two set of rules in one area of operations is guaranteed to result in chaos.

And why is a UN force needed at all. Why can’t AFISMA, the common African force do the task under African rules and supervison?

Maybe China or Russia can object to the planned lunatic construct. If the French want to continue their colonial ambitions in Africa they should at least be pressed to do so under UN or, even better, African supervision.

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Pundits Start To See The Syrian Danger

This is the extraordinary occasion in which I at least partitially agree


“flat word” Thomas Friedman:

We know what kind of Syria we’d like to see emerge, and we have a good idea of the terrible costs of not achieving that and the war continuing. But I don’t see a consensus inside Syria — or even inside the opposition — for the kind of multisectarian, democratic Syria to which we aspire. In this kind of situation, there are three basic options:

  • We and some global coalition can invade Syria, as we did Iraq, sit on the parties and forge the kind of Syria we want. But that hasn’t succeeded in Iraq yet, at huge cost, and there is zero support for that in America. Forget it.
  • We can try to contain the conflict by hardening Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel, wait for the Syrian parties to get exhausted and then try to forge a cease-fire/power-sharing deal.
  • Or we can let the war take its course with the certainty of more terrible killings, the likelihood of its spreading to neighboring states and the possibility of its leading to the fracturing of Syria into Sunni, Alawite and Kurdish mini-states.

I’m dubious that just arming “nice” rebels will produce the Syria we want; it could, though, drag us in in ways we might not want.

While Friedman’s diagnosis is right, i.e. if the opposition wins the resulting situation would be catastrophic, his choices leave out the fourth option which I


over a year ago:

A Syrian state crumbling under terror followed by large sectarian slaughter and refugee streams with certain spillover of fighting into all neighboring countries. That can not be in anyone’s interest.It is time for the west to not only step back from this cliff but to turn around and to help Assad to fight the terrorists that want to bring down his country.



commentators are slowly, slowly coming around to reach that point. Former Foreign Service Officer Henry Precht is nearly

making it


[T]he end of the track of the Syrian war could be a conflict that will work severe damage for American interests far beyond the Middle East.We can only hope that Obama and his team will find the vision to foresee the unintended wreck that may lie ahead. To be sure, there will be tough congressional and media criticism and active opposition against any American move to relieve the pressure on Assad and join the Russians in promoting compromise between the two sides. The Administration can argue that the overthrow of Assad will mean al Qaeda rule in Damascus, but many will reject that argument. There are no easy choices: ending Syria’s war will mean applying strong pressure on Saudi Arabia and Turkey to cease and desist. It will be messy, but a negotiated truce will slow down the killing and end the drift towards a major war.

The ultimate stakes for regional stability are too high and the continued suffering of the Syria people too great for America to allow the war to continue and probably escalate. The President will have to show uncustomary political courage. We can only hope he will.

U.S. pressure on Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to stop the weapon and personal flow to Syria would be the first step towards a solution. The alternative is indeed handeling Syria to AlQaida. That is not in anyone’s interest. Why is it so difficult for Washington to understand this?

We can certainly hope that this realist viewpoint will gain further ground and that Obama finds some backbone and pushes for a non-military resolution of the conflict. But this hopy changy president has so far shown zero of the needed political courage. The mess is thereby likely to continue until the Friedman’s of this world acknowledge the real solution.

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March 26, 2013

They Plan To Occupy Aleppo

The Syrian army


Baba Amr district in Homs after it had been again infiltrated by insurgents two weeks ago. This seems to again be a significant and symbolic loss for the insurgents. This Syrian army is still holding quite well despite the enormous amount of weapons and foreign personal that is fed to the insurgency.

Yesterday the New York Times had a well researched report on the massive weapon pipeline the CIA has set up to feed the insurgents:

With help from the C.I.A., Arab governments and Turkey have sharply increased their military aid to Syria’s opposition fighters in recent months, expanding a secret airlift of arms and equipment for the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, according to air traffic data, interviews with officials in several countries and the accounts of rebel commanders.The airlift, which began on a small scale in early 2012 and continued intermittently through last fall, expanded into a steady and much heavier flow late last year, the data shows.

The U.S. ambassador to Libya, who was working on the weapon pipeline from Libya through Turkey to Syria, was killed on September 11 2012. It seems that the Libya pipeline was closed after that incident and a new pipeline opened which hauls weapons from Croatia through Turkey and Jordan to Syria.

It has grown to include more than 160 military cargo flights by Jordanian, Saudi and Qatari military-style cargo planes landing at Esenboga Airport near Ankara, and, to a lesser degree, at other Turkish and Jordanian airports.

From offices at secret locations, American intelligence officers have helped the Arab governments shop for weapons, including a large procurement from Croatia, and have vetted rebel commanders and groups to determine who should receive the weapons as they arrive, according to American officials speaking on the condition of anonymity.

“A conservative estimate of the payload of these flights would be 3,500 tons of military equipment,” said Hugh Griffiths, of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, who monitors illicit arms transfers.“The intensity and frequency of these flights,” he added, are “suggestive of a well-planned and coordinated clandestine military logistics operation.”

In Obama’s words the organizing of 3,500 tons of weapons is “non-lethal” aid. Adding to the foreign stream of weapons are also hundreds of European fighters and several thousands from other countries involved. Their use of chemical weapons should disqualify them from any support. But the U.S. still continues to favor them.

In Jordan the U.S. is also training “secular” troops that deserted from the Syrian army force. I find it likely that these are supposed to later capture any WMD side should the Syrian government fall. The report includes this quote from a U.S. spokesperson:

“But the bottom line is what we’re looking for is unity,” Ventrell said. “We continue to support the coalition’s vision for a tolerant, inclusive Syria. We want them to continue to work together to implement that vision.”

There is no “coalition’s vision for a tolerant, inclusive Syria”. To assume there is is self defeating. The various exile groups that were assembled were all led or at at least heavily influenced by Muslim Brotherhood. They want a Islamic state in Syria that, by definition, can not be tolerant and/or inclusive. This

false view

of the Islamic insurgency against the Syrian government is the primary reason why Obama’s Syria policy is

in shambles


Moaz Khatib, the U.S. supported opposition leader who resigned after Qatar managed to put up a Muslim Brotherhood guy as exile prime minister, is himself an Islamist. He once led prayers at the Umayyad mosque in Damascus but was soon removed from that office for being too radical.

Khatib, despite having resigned as exile leader, spoke today at the Arab League conference in Doha. He is an effective speaker but comes around (video) as angry. He seemed not to make friends with the assortment of dictators at the Arab League. They listened quite stone faced to his tirade and the applause at the end was very short.

Khatib said that when he talked with Secretary of State Kerry he had requested to move NATO Patriot batteries to cover north Syria. That is not going to happen.

His request though makes sense if this is indeed the plan for the next stage:

A central military objective has been defined: to fully occupy Aleppo as a prelude to proclaiming the new Syrian state in the north.

I do not believe that the insurgency is capable of fully occupying Aleppo. But it seems that some folks in Washington and elsewhere want to give it a try. A new attempt for a political solution is likely only to come after the new attack on Aleppo, like earlier plans to get into Damascus, failed.

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March 24, 2013

More Disarray In The Syrian Opposition

Moaz Khatib, who was installed by Hillary Clinton to head the Syrian opposition, just


. In his resigning statement he



[T]there is a bitter reality [to] tame the Syrian people and besiege their revolution and attempting to control it.

Those who are willing to obey [outside powers] will be supported, those who disobey will offered nothing but hunger and siege. We will not beg for help from anyone.If there is a decision to execute us as Syrians, then let’s die as we want.

Our message to everyone is that Syrians decisions will be taken by Syrians, and Syrians only.

I had promised our people, and vowed to God on that, to resign if the situation reaches certain red lines. Today, I honour my promise and I resign from the National Coalition to be able to work with freedom not available through official institutions.

Khatib is clearly pissed that Qatar


the U.S. citizen and Muslim Brotherhood favorite Ghassan Hitto as prime minister of a Syrian exile



While Khatib had offered talks with the Syrian government Hitto has rejected them.

There is more disarray. As predicted the so called Free Syrian Army has also rejected the premiership of Hitto saying that his nomination was not consensus based. Meanwhile Iraq, Algeria and Lebanon vetoed Qatar’s attempt to give the Syrian seat in the Arab League to the exile government.

Qatar’s plans to install the Muslim Brotherhood as the new authority in Syria are clearly not welcome.

Secretary of State Kerry is on a visit in Iraq where he rather comically “warned” Prime Minister Maliki to stop flights from Iran over Iraq to Syria. Maliki will of course not do so.

Kerry also said that U.S. lawmakers and the American people are watching what Iraq is doing and “wondering how it is a partner.”

Maliki, and likely all Iraqis, will show Kerry the finger over such statements.

What is Kerry threatening to do? Invade Iraq again? Arrange for a coup by some Sunni strongman? Hold back weapon sales to Iraq so Moscow can make the big deals with an again rich Iraq?

Kerry clearly has no leverage over Iraq. Maliki will of cause help Syria wherever he can. It is necessary for his own survival. Is Kerry too stupid to see that?

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March 23, 2013

The Turkish Kurd Ceasefire

The Turkish president Erdogan made a deal with the imprisoned leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Abdullah Öcalan. The first part of the deal is a ceasefire that will stop attacks by the PKK on Turkish state security entities and vice versa. The PKK will pull out its fighters from Turkey and move them into north Iraq. The Turkish army will not interfere with this retreat.

The second part of the deal is political and will be enshrined in a new constitution. Erdogan promises some political autonomy for Kurdish parts of the country instead of today’s much centralized state. The mayors the Kurds elect in their cities will in future be able to act on their own and without interference from today’s centrally appointed governors. As their part of the deal the Kurds will support Erdogan’s dream of changing Turkey in a presidential republic with himself taking the then much more powerful presidency.

As previous negotiations with other political parties have shown,  Erdogan would not be able to change the constitution to fit his personal plans without the votes of the Kurd and their Peace and Democracy Party (BDP).

This plan may work but there are significant potential spoliers. When a letter from Abdullah Öcalan announcing the ceasefire was read to a million Kurds who came together in Diyarbarkir there was not one Turkish flag visible but thousands of Kurdish flags.

To the Turkish nationalist this proves their suspicion that the Kurds plan to split from Turkey and, together with north Iraq and parts of Syria, form their own state. They will do their best to sabotage any autonomy deal.

For some of the Kurdish nationalist the steps envisioned in todays plan are no enough. They do not want autonomous mayors but their own state and they want it now. It is quite possible that parts of the PKK and other groups they will not follow Öcalan ceasefire order and continue their terror campaign.

Nationalist on both sides have proven their ability to spoil any deal. Both sides are capable of attacks on the other side but both may also use false flag attacks to spoil the ceasefire and renew clashes. Two earlier attempts of ceasefires did not work out.

When Kemal Attatürk formed the modern Turkish state out of the ruins of the Ottoman empire he disenfranchised two social groups because he believed they would endanger the secular and united state he attempted to create. Those two groups were the Islamists and the Kurds. With the recent developments in Turkey Attatürk’s fears might now come true.

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March 22, 2013

The Pathetic Media – Part CXXIV

An African journalist interviewing the President of the United States and then writing about “President Obama Barack Hussein” would be laughed out of town by the Washington media establishment.

“How can such an unintelligent amateur attempt to write about the United States?” “Don’t they have editors in their pathetic media?”

But when the Washington Post’s Craig Whitlock writes about a new imperial drone base in Niger details like the Niger presidents name do not matter at all (screenshot):

Government officials in Niger, a former French colony, were slightly more forthcoming. President Issoufou Mahamadou said his government invited Washington to send surveillance drones because he was worried that the country might not be able to defend its borders from Islamist fighters based in Mali, Libya or Nigeria.“We welcome the drones,” Mahamadou said in an interview at the presidential palace in Niamey.

For the record. The name of Niger’s president is

Mahamadou Issoufou

with Mahamadou being his first name and Issoufou his family name.

That “Whitlock Craig” conflates the name of Niger’s president, even after interviewing the man, is just a symptom of the rather provincial reporting the Washington media do with regards to Africa and foreign countries in general. According to the report the bribed president and his justice minister say that U.S. drones are very welcome in Niger. Yeah, sure. Why bother then to ask real people.

Anyone interested in the mood of other countries, especially with regard to U.S. involvement in their affairs, should look for other sources than those pathetic colonial court writers who dominate U.S. mainstream media.

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March 20, 2013

Another Syrian Chalabi

Parts of the Syrian exile opposition installed a new leader. That must be the tenth by now. It is again a Muslim Brotherhood


, but this time one who has not lived in Syria for over 30 years. But that will not matter. His American and Qatari handlers will certainly tell him “what the Syrians want”.

As is usual after any repetition of this act parts of the coalition immediately dissented and left:

At least 12 key members of Syria’s National Coalition said Wednesday they had suspended their membership in the main opposition body amid a row over the deeply divisive election of the first rebel prime minister.The group of 12 included the Coalition’s deputy Soheir Atassi and spokesman Walid al-Bunni.

These futile attempts to create another Ahmed Chalabi group aren’t even funny anymore. It is


that the fighters on the ground are to various degrees extreme Islamists who do not and never will care what those exiles say or do.

From my realist point of view I still do not understand this. Why is the U.S. supporting these schemes? Why is the U.S. so much interested in creating a Sharia law state in Syria? Did it, like the Russians seem to believe, really went insane?

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March 19, 2013

War On Iraq – 10 Years On

Ten years ago I watched on TV how the first bombs exploded in Baghdad. The fireballs were bigger than I had expected. “What are they dropping there?” I asked. “And why?” asked my then girlfriend. “Oil,” I replied.

It was obvious that Iraq had neither any weapons of mass destruction nor any connection to terrorism. There was no doubt about that. Every piece of false evidence that had been put out by the U.S. government had been debunked. Everyone with a bit of interest and a bit of time could have known that. Knight Ridder’s Washington Bureau (today McClatchy) journalists Warren Strobel and Jonathan Landay had writen piece after piece about that, as had several blogs and alternative media, Billmon’s Whiskey Bar being on of them. Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradai and their experts on the ground said there were no WMD in Iraq.

The Bush government was a government of oil executives. When they came to power they were determined to get their hands on Iraq’s resources. 9/11 only made it easier for them but they would have made the same flimsy case against Iraq even without that event. Greed for Iraq’s oil was their motivation.

There is no excuse for anyone who publicly made the case for the war on Iraq. There is no excuse for anyone who wrote, edited or published WMD bullshit. Everyone who did so has lost all credibility.

The best case one can make for those people is that they could have known but were too lazy to learn the facts. In the worst cases they knew they were lying but fully intended to commit the crime. In most cases the propagandists just willingly drunk the Kool-Aid (recommanded reading!). They do so again and again.

The war on Iraq is still ongoing. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states are still financing and supporting the Sunni insurgents against the Iraqi government. Today more than a dozen car bombs exploded in Baghdad killing at least 60 people and wounding many more. It will take another ten years and more fighting before Iraq will find some state of peace.

The same people who pressed for the Iraq war are now pressing for war on Syria and for war on Iran. It is important to fight them and to debunk their lies again and again. It is the most important reason to keep this blog going.

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March 17, 2013

NYT Publishes “Pro-Palestinian Manifesto”

Shortly before Obama’s visit to Israel the normally very pro-Zionist New York Times publishes a long-read piece describing the life of Palestinians who try to peacefully resist the Israeli occupation. The headline is

Is This Where the Third Intifada Will Start?

. Haaretz


the piece a “pro-Palestinian manifesto”. Well, any realistic and factual description of Israel’s occupation is indeed a “pro-Palestinian manifesto”. What else does Haaretz think could it be?

The author of the piece is Ben Ehrenreich, who earlier pointed out that Zionism is the problem that rejects peace with the Arabs. Zionismus is an ideology that is based on racial discrimination. It is thereby, like antisemitism, a form of racism and racism is hardly ever a base of peace.

This week’s Economist also takes a longer look at the Palestinian-Israeli situation and finds a bleak future for the “Jewish state”.

I do not agree with the conclusions of either piece but recommend to read both.

Are these pieces part of a concerted Obama campaign to push for some change of opinion, if not in Israel then at least in the Anglo-sphere?

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March 16, 2013

Cluster Bomb Propaganda

The Associate Press propagandizes:

Syrian regime expands use of widely banned cluster bombs against civilians, rights group says

. As we will see that claim the cluster bombs are “widely banned” is simply wrong.

The “rights group” claiming Syrian government use of such bombs is Human Rights Watch which has a rather dubious record of correctly identifying cluster bombs and their origin. It seems that HRW claims of such identification always finds that the side ideological opposed to U.S. mainstream is guilty of such use. The Syrian government denies that its uses cluster ammunition.

The AP piece asserts:

Cluster bombs open in flight, scattering smaller bomblets. They pose a threat to civilians long afterwards since many don’t explode immediately. Most countries have banned their use.

This is simply wrong. Out of 193 UN member states only

78 countries

, mostly European and African ones, have joined the Convention on Cluster Munitions. Missing are many of the big ones including the United States, Russia, China, India, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Syria and others. Most countries have NOT banned the use of cluster munitions and especially most military strong countries have not and have no intention to do so.

That AP is wrongly asserting otherwise is likely intended to hype Human Rights Watch dubious claims against the Syrian government.

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March 15, 2013

Open Thread 2013-05

News & views …

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March 14, 2013

Those Reuters Sources

In an




of regular weapon transfer from iran to Syria:

Iran steps up weapons lifeline to AssadHow does Reuters know this you might ask. Here are its sources:

… Western diplomats said … Western officials told Reuters on condition of anonymity. Iraqi and Turkish officials denied the allegations. … the envoys said … envoys say … A Western intelligence report seen by Reuters in September said … Iraq denied that report … diplomats say … a senior Western diplomat said this week … the senior diplomat said … He added … Ali al-Moussawi, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s media adviser, strongly denied the allegations … diplomats said … The diplomats cited by Reuters made clear … They also said … intelligence report .. seen by Reuters in September … One Western diplomat cited intelligence reports … said the Western intelligence report … the report said … the report said … Other Western officials confirmed … the source told Reuters … Western diplomats say …

All allegations in the


come from anonymous western sources. It must have been a lot of work to stenograph than many dictations. Five


and editor and “others” worked on that



I once thought that journalism takes more than just writing down what anonymous government sources say. Alas. I was wrong.

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March 13, 2013

Pope Francis

Some thoughts:

  • an old man his turn is unlikely to be long
  • from Latin America, giving that huge part of the church a bigger voice
  • a conservative, which is within the catholic church rather middle of the road, but with a social mind
  • strongly against liberal hype stuff like homosexual marriage
  • the name he chose has real meaning for catholic folks and can be understood as a promise of a less pompous church

Altogether a relative good choice in my view though not the tall black African woman I would have liked. Maybe next time?

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Why Do They Report “Offense” As “Defense”?

How can any journalist or even any conscience writer mix up the “defense” “offense” vocabulary like in this piece?

Pentagon creating teams to launch cyberattacks as threat grows

The Pentagon’s Cyber Command will create 13 offensive teams by the fall of 2015 to help defend the nation against major computer attacks from abroad, Gen. Keith Alexander testified to Congress on Tuesday, a rare acknowledgment of the military’s ability to use cyberweapons.

“Offensive teams” are obviously created to attack a foes computersystems, not to “defend” ones own. To “defend” ones computersystems requires no offensive capability. It only requires to close off ones networks and to carefully scrutinize the hard- and software one is using. Then there is the attribution problem. In today’s internet it is nearly impossible to find the source of a competent attack if the attacker is willing to hide its identity. Any “offensive team” is thereby by definition not to “defend” but, as its name says, to attack. Why is the reporter trying to obfuscate that?

And the writing gets even worse:

Alexander said the 13 teams would defend against destructive attacks. “I would like to be clear that this team . . . is an offensive team,” he said.

How can the reporter summarize what the General says as to “defend against attacks” when the General is quoted saying the very opposite in the very next sentence? Have the writer and the readers internalized


so much that the glaring contradiction in that paragraph is acceptable as “truth”?

Twenty-seven other teams would support commands such as the Pacific Command and the Central Command as they plan offensive cyber capabilities.

General Alexander is clearly emphasizing the unilateral offensive side of his plans. But the reporter still subsumes it all under “defense”. What kind of cool-aid do they serve in Washington to lower cerebral capabilities to such a level?

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March 11, 2013

Rejecting Karzai’s Order Killed Eight People

Mid February the Afghan president Karzai


that U.S. special operation forces leave Wardak province. These special operation forces were training some gangs of bandits which ended up threatening and killing the civilian population:

In a statement Sunday, a spokesman for Karzai said, “after a thorough discussion, it became clear that armed individuals named as U.S. special force stationed in Wardak province engage in harassing, annoying, torturing and even murdering innocent people.”

The U.S. ignored the demand. The U.S. military also


the demand to finally hand over control of the Bagram prison to Afghan police and justice.

These are the reasons why Karzai yesterday said that the U.S. has in effect a common goal with the Taliban, creating instability to justify a prolonged stay.

Today two U.S. special operation soldiers, three Afghan policeman and three women were killed when an Afghan policeman opened fire on a meeting. Dozens were wounded:

The shooting, at a joint military base in Wardak Province, happened shortly after a security meeting between the police and American and Afghan forces, the officials said.

Had the U.S. military followed Karzai’s order and closed shop in Wardak eight people who are now dead would still be alive.

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Syria: The Battle Is Still In Balance

The Islamist Syrian insurgent group that had kidnapped some Philippine UN peacekeepers and is also responsible for murdering a number of captured Syrian army soldiers has

evidently received

modern weapons through the U.S. led additional arming of the insurgency.

That such a group received such weaponry is proof that the plan to deliver weapons only to non-radical groups is not working at all. The myriad of militant groups and criminal gangs fighting in Syria are only gradually distinguishable in their sectarian mindset.

A large amount of weapons reached the insurgents through 75 planeloads from Croatia. These were delivered through Jordan and Turkey where British, French and U.S. forces train more insurgents. The British government, in breaking the EU embargo on weapons delivery to any side in Syria, has reportedly delivered another batch of weapons from its own stock.

The exiled political opposition has postponed a meeting it had planned to from an exile government. The attempts to install some pliant secular technocrat as the front man was sabotaged by the Muslim Brotherhood members of the opposition.

Last week the Jihadists of Jabath al-Nusra overran the eastern city of Raqqa where they are now killing government functionaries. Yesterday the insurgents attempted to reconquer Baba Amr in Homs. That offense seem to have failed. Overall the military conflict still seems to be in balance with little movement at the various fronts.

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March 10, 2013

Predictions Of A Changing China Fail

On February 12 the NYT claimed that North Korea’s

Nuclear Test Poses Big Challenge to China’s New Leader

. It set off with a false choice:

The nuclear test by North Korea on Tuesday, in defiance of warnings by China, leaves the new Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, with a choice: Does he upset North Korea just a bit by agreeing to stepped up United Nations sanctions, or does he rattle the regime by pulling the plug on infusions of Chinese oil and investments that keep North Korea afloat?



the speculations in that piece and explained that while China might join some mild UN sanctions, as it later did, it has no interest in really pressing North Korea:

China needs North Korea as a buffer against U.S. troops at its borders. It will not do anything to ruin North Korea as a chaotic and dissolving neighbor would be a huge security problem for Beijing.

As nothing in those circumstances changed, I reasoned, China’s policy on North Korea would not change.

Now China is saying exactly that:

China’s foreign minister said Saturday that Beijing would not abandon North Korea, reiterating China’s longstanding position that dialogue, not sanctions, is the best way to persuade the North to abandon its nuclear weapons.At a news conference during the National People’s Congress, the foreign minister, Yang Jiechi, suggested that Chinese support for tougher United Nations sanctions against North Korea should not be interpreted as a basic change in China’s attitude.

China has always seen North Korea as a buffer zone and it will continue to do so as long as needed. Besides that it also likes the coal and iron ore it imports from North Korea at favorable prices. Even if North Korea again starts some clashes with South Korea, as it seems likely to do soon, China will not overtly interfere unless North Korea’s existence in endangered.

The permanent speculation of a “western” turn of China’s policies is nonsense. China has its own interests, often divert from “western” ones, and China is capable of pursuing its interests with its own policies.

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How The NYT Frames The Kenyan Election

Jeffrey Gettleman writes for the NYT as east Africa correspondent. His piece on the Kenyan election,

Kenyatta Is Declared the Victor in Kenya, but Opponent Plans to Appeal

, is a master example for obfuscating and tenuous writing. It starts:

Kenya’s election commission on Saturday declared Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of Kenya’s first president and one of the prime suspects in a case involving crimes against humanity, to be the winner of the country’s presidential race amid growing allegations of vote fraud and a refusal by the other leading contender to concede.

The tricks Gettleman uses to make the Kenyatta win look bad are these:

  •  let the outcome of the election look close
  •  throw doubts onto the vote counting
  •  let the accusations against Kenyatta seem reasonable

To let the outcome look close Gettleman never actually mentions the percentage of votes the “western” candidate, Raila Odinga, received. Kenyatta received 50.07% but Odinga received only 43.31% of the votes. That is a quite big margin. But as Gettleman does not tell his readers that Odinga lost by 6.7%.   Instead he uses these retorical devices to let race look close:

Mr. Kenyatta […] avoided a runoff by the thinnest of margins, about 8,000 votes out of 12 million, or .07 percent.

[i]t was not completely clear what the will of the people really was. The second-place finisher, Raila Odinga, Kenya’s prime minister, has refused to admit defeat and plans to appeal to Kenya’s Supreme Court to overturn the results, which some independent observers said were sloppy and suspicious. Mr. Odinga said there had been “rampant illegality” and “massive tampering” with the vote-tallying process, the same problem that bedeviled Kenya’s last election in 2007. Mr. Odinga narrowly lost that race and after he protested, Kenya exploded in political violence.

This election was always expected to be close.

Reading that a casual reader would assume that the margin of votes was somewhat tight and that there are reasonable doubt about the outcome. That is not the case. If Kenyattas 6.7% advance was fraudulant the fraud must have been massive and quite obvious.

Then there are Gettleman’s anonymous “some independent observers” who seem to make some case though we never learn which one. But the Independent Kenyan Election Observation Group (ELOG), which had over 7000 observers at the polls and did a Parallel Vote Tabulation, says that the officials results are very much within the margins of their count:

IEBC’s official results are consistent with ELOG’s PVT projections. ELOG wishes to note and to remind all Kenyans that it is the IEBC which is constitutionally mandated to declare and announce the final, official results of the elections. Based on the PVT, ELOG has verified that the IEBC results fall within our projected range for all the eight presidential candidates.

The EU Election Observation Mission to Kenya


(pdf) some minor technical issues with the election but saw no signs of fraud. No other source than Gettleman’s mysterious “independent observers” has reported doubts. The Soros Open Society funded

Africa Election Project reported


the elections were peaceful, free and fair, winning praise from international observers despite widespread fears of a repeat of violence

Voice of America



international observers have said the vote was largely transparent and credible

The Washington Post



International elections observers have declared the election transparent




International observers broadly said the vote and count had been transparent so far and the electoral commission, which replaced a discredited body, said it delivered a credible vote.

None of Gettleman’s colleagues seem to have found those “some international observers” who doubt the election outcome.

“This election was always expected to be close.” writes Gettleman. In January the Odinga coalition was slightly in the lead. But a TV debate on February 14 was


by Kenyatta and a poll a week later found him to be

in the lead

. The trend in February was clearly in Kenyatta’s favor. Then followed not so veiled “choices have consequences” threats from the U.S. and UK should Kenyans elect Kenyatta. Protest votes against such outer interference explains the rather large win Kenyatta made.

The case before the International Criminal Court, which Gettleman emphasizes is rather flimsy. After the 2007 election, which Odinga probably also lost, Odinga followers went on killing spree against the Kenyatta side supporters. Those supporters then retaliated which resulted in more killing. The ICC accusations were brought up against leaders on both sides as “indirect co-perpetrators” of the clashing. The case was brought against the will of the Kenyan national assembly and the Kenyan government. The only reason the ICC kangaroo court trumped up the charges is pressure from the United States and the United Kingdom. Both want to keep Odinga as a puppet instead of having to wrangle with a more resisting Kenyatta.

Gettleman’s task is obviously to support a drive to reinstall Odinga despite his large and obvious loss in the election. While readers from the U.S. might fall for his propaganda, I am confident that the people of Kenya will not.

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March 09, 2013

Kenyatta Wins Kenya’s Election

The election commission of Kenya declared Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner of the presidential election. He won 50.17% of the valid votes thereby avoiding a run off election. Voter turnout was a high 86%.

The Kenyan people have elected Kenyatta despite threats from the U.K and the US that to do so “would have consequences”. Kenyatta, as well as his vice president William Rutu, is accused by the International Criminal Court of instigating violence after the last presidential election. The proof for that accusation seems rather flimsy.

The candidate favored by the “west”, Raila Odinga, won 43.3% of the vote but has not yet conceded his loss.

Under these circumstance Uhuru Kenyatta is unlikely to look favorable towards further international interference in Kenya’s and Africa’s affairs.

The “western” media had been waiting for rioting or other violence to occur like it did during the 2007 election after Odinga claimed vote fraud. Kenyans were quite aware of this and offer their apologies for disappointing these expectations:

[M]y apologies on behalf of all my fellow ‘natives’. We, Kenyans have disappointed you greatly. It is completely unfair for media houses of great esteem, such as you are, to spend all the money to send their reporters to come and report on the post-election violence in Kenya – only for them to return home empty handed! As ‘natives’, we may not know exactly know how that feels but we have learnt to identify with the afflictions of many! May you find it in your hearts to forgive us for maintaining peace as we chose who among all our ‘corrupt African’ leaders would ascend to the various positions of power. However, this mistake was a deliberate one, the kind that we intend to repeat over and over again.

Good luck to Uhuru Kenyatta and all Kenyan people.

Update: The U.S. State Department congratulates the Kenyan people for the successful and quiet election. But it doesn’t congratulate the man who won the election. It does not even mention him. Given such snide, how much longer will Kenya keep its soldiers in Somalia where it is a proxy force for the U.S.?

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March 08, 2013

Egypt: Increasing Instability

Egypt is going further down the drain or, speaking less metaphorically, is slowly sliding towards a civil war.

There have been clashes in Port Said and other northern cities since January but last week they again escalated. These are industrial cities with lots of union workers but also many unemployed. Over the last days several protesters and policemen have been killed. For tomorrow the final verdict about an earlier deadly stadium riot in Port Said is expected. Should the judges find the accused Port Said fans again guilty the riots will further escalate.

The police is confused and demotivated:

‘We’re confused about who we are now,’ one officer says. Does Morsi ‘want the police to fight thugs and criminals, or crush the street protests against him?’

All over the country parts of the the police stopped policing and went into a strike. Large parts of the Central Security Forces (CSF), which has many draftees, also went on strike. Their main demands are for the interior minister to step down and for heavier weapons. In response the interior minister


the chief of the CSF.

In Port Said the military took over some security functions. But protests continued today.

In Cairo the chefs and staff of the Intercontinental Hotel were (as a somewhat amusing video shows) having a street battle with kids/hooligans/thugs/protesters who had tried to rush the hotel.

In the South some “former” Islamic militants have taken on “police duty” and patrol the streets. In Cairo the police withdrew from guarding the Muslim Brotherhood bureau.

The Egyptian state seems to lose its means of control.

Adding to that is (another) constitutional crisis about a new election law for the earlier dismissed parliament. The legal question is one of which was first, the hen or the egg:

Article 177 mandates that the president or the parliament send electoral laws to the court to determine constitutional fitness prior to their promulgation. The SCC’s rulings on such matters are binding. Further, Article 177 makes clear that the SCC cannot entertain post-electoral challenges to the constitutionality of electoral laws.The Shoura Council, which is serving as the interim legislative authority until a new parliament is seated, referred the draft parliamentary electoral law to the SCC for prior review. The court found several provisions of the draft law to be unconstitutional; in response, the Council amended the draft and passed the law with no further judicial review.

But the Council did not change all the parts the Supreme Court had rejected. Another court picked up on that and referred the new law again to the SCC. In consequence the new parliamentarian elections, planned for April, will likely have to be moved out several month.

The new election law is indeed unfair. While there was earlier a rule that a party had to have a certain threshold of votes in the whole country, that rule has now moved to the local district and the threshold has been set much too high. A district might have some ten parliament seats. For a party to win one of these seats it would not only have to win the direct local seat but it would also have to win one third of the total votes in the whole district. Had such a rule been in place before the last election only Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist candidates would have won seats and many local seats would have been left empty. There would have been no opposition and no minority representation at all.

Such an election law might fit the monopolization-of-power plans of the Muslim Brotherhood but it has little to do with fair democratic rules.

Meanwhile Egypt’s currency reserve are going further down and a new IMF loan will not come unless Morsi introduces some harsh economic measures like lowering fuel subsidies. Morsi planned to avoid these measures before a new election round but may now run out of time.

A constitutional crisis, Morsi’s lack of control over the security forces, continued protests and thuggery, economic troubles and armed militia in the streets. What is next?

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Another Korea War?

After the UN slapped some new sanctions on North Korea for its third nuclear test, North Korea has nullified the armistice with the UN forces starting Monday March 11.

Today the official paper Rodong Sinmun carries some 15 pieces about war.  The main editorial: We’ll Be Victors in the Fight to Defend National Sovereignty

If the enemy comes at us with a dagger we’ll draw out a big sword to slice him in pieces, if he comes with a rifle we’ll turn a big gun to blow him off, and he threatens with nuke, we’ll face up to him with more powerful and accurate nuke strike means of our own — that will be the mode of counter attack of Mt. Paektu type. The statement declared that the KPA Supreme Command would totally nullify the Korean Armistice Agreement and stop all activities of the Panmunjom Mission of the KPA.The statement also demonstrated the heroic spirit of Songun Korea pressing forward to a bright future with the might of its people’s single-minded unity.

Local headlines: U.S. And Puppet Warmongers Are Destined to Meet Final Ruin, In Concerted Efforts, All People Ready for Decisive Battle, With Power of Single Hearted Unity

Inter-Korean headlines: U.S., South Korea Start Joint Military Exercises, Is It “Defensive”?, Converted Version of “Preemptive Strike”

There is no doubt that North Korea is preparing for a bit of war. It has to raise its deterrence especially against a naval blockade. An over-interpretation of the latest sanctions could lead to such a move.

Starting Monday the U.S. and other countries will also be, in a legal sense, again at war with North Korea. Something will then happen that lets this war go from cold to hot. Such something does not have to come from North Korean. There are enough South Korean hawks who would like a limited or even a bigger clash to occur.

The U.S. and South Korea should stand down and call off their current maneuvers. If only, should the war go hot, to make sure that it is clear which side is the aggressor. Unfortunately the new South Korean president, the daughter of South Korea’s former dictator, is likely too hawkish to do so.

For now I do expect some limited clashes. Likely at sea or on one of the disputed islands. But I do not see anyone interested in a longer war. The tricky issue for all sides will be to avoid incidents that could get out of control. One wrongly submitted command or one out of control local commander can screw up the intended limits of the clashes and ruin the day for millions of people.

One might hope that the Chinese keep some influence over North Korea. But as China joined in the new sanction round its influence of happens next is limited.

The new sanctions, useless as they are, will cost a certain price. Let us that it will not be too high.

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March 07, 2013

Arabs Join Iran In Fight For “Inalienable Rights”

Iran’s Khamenei does

not yet trust

the “west” on the nuclear negotiations:

“Western nations did not accomplish anything that can be construed as a concession, and instead they admitted Iran’s rights only to a degree,” Khamenei said in an address reported on his official website.”To assess their integrity, we must wait until the next round of talks,” he added.

For Iran it is all about the right to nuclear research and production which is an “inalienable right” under the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty but which the “west” wants to unilaterally restrict without renegotiating the treaty.

Khamenei’s quest for Iran’s right now gets support from a rather unsuspected direction. The states at the other side of the Persian Gulf also need nuclear energy to provide for their growing populations. The UAE and Jordan want to build nuclear reactors in their countries and are cooperating. The UAE has money from oil and gas while Jordan has little money and no oil and gas but has nuclear engineers and some other valuable stuff: Uranium. Jordan naturally wants to use and enrich its Uranium to feed its reactors and to pay back for the loans the UAE will put forward. The U.S. wants to block that. Here is Jordan’s reaction:

Amman has declined to sign an accord with Washington that, like a similar document agreed between the UAE and the United States, would commit it to not enriching uranium as part of its nuclear plan.Toukan said while Amman had signed international commitments on nuclear nonproliferation, it would not ink a bilateral deal with the United States on enrichment.

“We can’t accept this,” [Khaled] Toukan[, chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission,] said. “We will not agree to sign any agreement that infringes on our sovereign rights or our international rights under any treaties.”

Jordan has the same stand on their rights under the NPT that Iran has. The UAE, if it wants its loans paid back by Jordan, will likely have to support that right. The Saudis want to build 16 nuclear reactors. Probably not coincidentally that is the breakeven number where fuel production by local enrichment is cheaper than buying fuel from the U.S., European, Russian oligopoly. The U.S. will try to divert the Saudis from enrichment, but while it has the ability to apply pressure against Jordan it has less so with the Saudis.

The situation now coming into view is the Arab Gulf countries haggling with the U.S. over their right to enrich just as Iran has been doing for the last decade. That is a great chance for an alliance against the U.S. plans of changing the rules under the NPT.

The U.S. “concerns” about enrichment are anyway not so much about nuclear proliferation. Plutonium, not Uranium, is the way to go for a bomb. But the U.S. has commercial reasons to keep the technology under its control. Reactors and their fuel are expensive stuff which is what the U.S. wants to sell:

Washington also wants the accord because it would open up opportunities for U.S. companies, which Jordan would otherwise be forbidden from hiring.

Iran would be well advised to talk to the Arab countries about their enrichment plans. It has the technology and know how to help them along their way. Cooperation on their nuclear development would help with otherwise sometimes frosty relations and would be good business for both sides. The issue of “inalienable rights” to nuclear technology and its use is a good starting point for such talks.

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March 06, 2013


Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, is dead. There will be many false and hateful obits on him.


is a decent one. Chavez did a

lot of good

for his people and he had


to do more of it.

Elected with quite large majorities he was smeared as an anti-semite and dictator by the same media that lauded the U.S. sponsored military coup against him.

The U.S. will try to use the election for a successor to install a pliable neo-liberal figure. There is hope that the people of Venezuela will not fall for that but will elect someone who can continue the process to more social justice that Chavez initiated.

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March 05, 2013

ISAF: No Statistics No Lies

Last year ISAF regularly


a decrease of “enemy initiated attacks” (EIA) in Afghanistan:

NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has said attacks by anti-government armed groups against foreign forces declined by 17 percent in the first seven months of the current year, as compared to the same period in 2011.

This January ISAF claimed that EIA in 2012 were down 7% compared with 2011. But in February the ISAF press releases hailing this “progress” somehow vanished from its webpage. Someone noticed that and AP


ISAF what had happened to those reports:

The U.S.-led military coalition in Afghanistan incorrectly reported a decline in Taliban attacks last year, and officials said Tuesday that there was actually no change in the number of attacks on international troops from 2011 to 2012.

A coalition spokesman, Jamie Graybeal, attributed the miscounting to clerical errors and said the problem does not change officials’ basic assessment of the war.

A “clerical error” is what one usually calls a lie. “But as ISAF practically says: “7% more or less killed and wounded – why care for that anyway?”

It was a big cake in the face moment for ISAF and as such numbers work against the now enshrined cut and run policies that require some triumphant victory declarations ISAF decided that the public is no longer interested in such numbers:

The U.S.-led military command in Afghanistan said Tuesday it will no longer publish figures on Taliban attacks, a week after acknowledging that its report of a 7 percent decline in attacks last year was actually no decline at all.

ISAF’s silly excuse is that Afghan troops are now the ones who mostly get attacked. It seems to believe that


is something no one should count or be concerned about.

“Additionally, we have come to realize that a simple tally of (attacks) is not the most complete measure of the campaign’s progress,” Graybeal said. “At a time when more than 80 percent of the (attacks) are happening in areas where less than 20 percent of Afghans live, this single facet of the campaign is not particularly accurate in describing the complete effect of the insurgency’s violence on the people of Afghanistan.”

If that is the case why then was ISAF so

happy to report

such numbers as successes in every month of 2012?

The way out of “lies, damned lies, and statistics” is obviously not to publish any statistics at all.

Meanwhile the way out of Afghanistan seems to be in transferring the war to the United States. With Homeland Security now serving warrants (video) with Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicle filled with its special ops like “operators” it is only a question of time until some insurgent will considers measures against such.

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March 04, 2013

David Sanger Is Now A Cyberexpert

Three NYT authors, including

Judith Sanger

, wrote on of the much an vogue cyberscare story. It is based on the usual scare-quotes from people, like the former secretary of homeland security Michael Chertoff, who


from the scheme. Those people are, of course, not identified as such.

But what would any story written by Sanger be without another scary-Iran element. Here we have this:

While the skills of Iran’s newly created “cybercorps” are in doubt, Iranian hackers gained some respect in the technology community when they brought down 30,000 computers belonging to Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer, last August, replacing their contents with an image of a burning American flag.

Now that is a bit interesting because, so far, no one else has attributing that event to Iran. Maybe Sanger and his co-authors should call the Saudis and let them know who attacked them. Neither they nor U.S. intelligence officials do know

who its was


Saudi Arabia blamed unidentified people based outside the kingdom for a cyberattack against state-owned Saudi Arabian Oil Co. that aimed at disrupting production from the world’s largest exporter of crude.

Major General Mansour Al-Turki, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, declined to identify any of the “several foreign countries” from which the attack originated because the investigation is still in progress. “The attack failed to reach its ultimate goal, which was to stop the flow of Saudi oil,” he said at the conference.

Two U.S. intelligence officials said in interviews that the evidence implicating Iran in the Aramco attack is largely circumstantial, …

Now Sanger is obviously THE expert in cyber-attacks. He knows all the systems involved, has debugged them personally and easily indentify who wrote the code for the attack and who used it. He and only has the knowledge to attribute an unattributable attack to Iran.


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March 03, 2013

Is Ideology Irreversible?

The Sunday Times had an interview with the Syrian President Assad. A full transcript liberated from the paywall is available



The whole interview, in which Assad is unlike his opponents again very rational and logical, is recommended reading. I found one passage especially interesting:

Sunday Times: How threatening is Al-Qaeda now?President Assad: Threatening by ideology more than the killing. The killing is dangerous, of course, but what is irreversible is the ideology; that is dangerous and we have been warning of this for many years even before the conflict; we have been dealing with these ideologies since the late seventies. We were the first in the region to deal with such terrorists who have been assuming the mantle of Islam.

Is that highlighted part correct? Is an ideology, once it has taken ground in some people, really irreversible?

Assad seems to be somewhat wrong with that. I am not aware of many communists these days, indeed I wish there would be more. So communism faded over time as did several other ideologies. But the Jihadi ideology (we need a better word for this) seems to be still on the rise, supported by the Gulf monarchies and used as a proxy force by the “west”. That is what makes it dangerous. Its inherent growth momentum would probably be nil without such support.

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March 02, 2013

Culture And The Choice Of A Government Systems

The Wilsonians and their neoconservative brethren presume that all humans want “freedom”, “democracy” and “choice”. It is their mission, they say, to “spread” those over the world. Their conviction is related to the “all men are created equal” myth that was, by hypocritical slave owners, enshrined in the declaration of independence.

The modern equality view was formed at the time of the first nukes, the first computers and game theory when, as Adam Curtis explains in The Trap, all science strove to be like physics with a sound theoretical base and deterministic laws that could be identified and then used to make predictions and to create policies.

In economics the “all man are equal” view was the believe in a homo economicus as the rational actor in all things economics and thereby in a world full of similar rational, self-interested, labor-averse individuals. But man are not rational actors and economic preferences are driven by many other factors than just greed and labor avoidance. This base onto which much of the economic science was build on was shattered by studies in behavioral economics and the finding that man make weird choices and are not even able to rationally evaluate the risk of their choices.

But while behavioral economics may describe human economic decision making better than the rational actor theories it still sees man as somewhat universal in their behavior. But this, like the homo economicus, is a wrong assumption.

Man may be equal with regards to a few universal rights but they are not equal in their social and cultural upbringing. That has, as new anthropological research finds, much more influence on them as is usually assumed:

Economists and psychologists, for their part, did an end run around the issue with the convenient assumption that their job was to study the human mind stripped of culture. The human brain is genetically comparable around the globe, it was agreed, so human hardwiring for much behavior, perception, and cognition should be similarly universal. No need, in that case, to look beyond the convenient population of undergraduates for test subjects. A 2008 survey of the top six psychology journals dramatically shows how common that assumption was: more than 96 percent of the subjects tested in psychological studies from 2003 to 2007 were Westerners—with nearly 70 percent from the United States alone. Put another way: 96 percent of human subjects in these studies came from countries that represent only 12 percent of the world’s population.

Psychological experiments, when repeated in various societies and cultures, find large sociological differences in behavior, perception and cognition. Those are not hardwired but are part and product of the specific culture we experience in our upbringing and in which we are living:

The growing body of cross-cultural research that the three researchers were compiling suggested that the mind’s capacity to mold itself to cultural and environmental settings was far greater than had been assumed. The most interesting thing about cultures may not be in the observable things they do—the rituals, eating preferences, codes of behavior, and the like—but in the way they mold our most fundamental conscious and unconscious thinking and perception.

The assumption of rationality of man in economic studies has proven to be wrong. But to replace that with behavioral economics is only a small step. The psychology research underlying behavioral economics and other theories assumes, physics like, a hardwired human brain that does not exists. The results of psychological experiments done in the U.S. are not universal results but specific to the U.S. culture. They already differ quite a lot within that culture.

One can thereby not derive policies and preferences for other societies from one’s own. Understanding of what is a good or bad decision, what is a god or bad form of government, of dignity and values, widely differs between cultures and societies. Individualism may be valued in the “west” but other societies find it abhorrent.

This explains why not all people want to be, as Wilsonians and neoconservatives assume, like “us”, but may make very different choices with regard to their lives and their societies. “Democracy”, “freedom” and “choice” may be alien concepts to them that do not fit what they perceive as their social values. If we consider that people have a right to chose their system of government we also have to allow authoritarianism or religion based systems as a possible culture based outcome. Democracy crusaders, who want to remake other societies in the image of their own, can not admit that because they still hold to their physics like understanding of societies and minds.

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Transform Columbus Day Denver –

Transform Columbus Day Denver
Transform Columbus Day Denver

The Denver Police Department is gathering intelligence on activists around town and there s good reason for that concern. Not only have police officers been paying close attention to social-media posts, but in early 2016 the department purchased subscriptions to a powerful social-media monitoring

Friday, December 9 at 2:30 PM 3:30 PM EST Peltier Sculpture Unveiling American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center 4400 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20016

The Colorado chapter of the American Indian Movement helped raise Moho\’ma\’na, a Hopi and Dineh activist now in her late twenties. Growing up, she marched to abolish Columbus Day. She witnessed police arrest her elders as year after year they tried to shut down the annual Knights of Columbus parade t…

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Dooda Desert Rock: Fighting the good fight

July 31, 2008 Contact: Elouise Brown, Dooda Desert Rock Committee President505-947-6159 thebrownmachine@hotmail.com (Photo: Polar bears are the victims of the Navajo Nation and other US power plants which emit black carbons, resulting in the melting Arctic ice and destruction of homelands for polar bears, walrus and seals.) THE FEDERAL PERMIT IS ONLY ONE PHASE OF THE DEBATE Yesterday s AP article and a recent Daily Times piece assume that today is the deadline for an EPA decision. That is not what the June 11, 2008 notice in the Federal Register says. The paragraph that starts at the bottom of the left column on the second page makes it clear that the Agency will not make a decision on whether or not to withdraw consent to the consent decree until notice is published, comments are received from the public, and the EPA or the Justice Department made a decision on whether the public comments show that consent is inappropriate, improper, inadequate, or inconsistent with the requirements of

Mohawk Nation News: Canada under Mohawk Microscope

CANADA FIRST DEFENCE STRATEGY UNDER MOHAWK MICROSCOPE by Iako ha kowa and MNN Staff Mohawk Nation News July 16, 2008. Canada s military build-up is meant to try to attack people of color world wide, steal our resources and eliminate our population. There is a big recruitment campaign for Indigenous youth going on. They want 20% of the armed forces to be native. That way it will look like we approve their actions. No money to heal or educate or pay the debt to Indigenous people. But plenty of money to kill!The U.S. inspired “Canada First Defence Strategy” (CFDS) is basically a capitalist economic plan. No thought has been given to sustainable development. The “Strategy” is an aggressive profit-driven scheme designed to benefit career soldiers and industry. It was posted online on June 19 2008 with color photos of Generalissimo” Stephen Harper and Peter Fancies-himself-to-be-Idi Amin MacKay. US military sites like DefenseIndustryDaily expresses skept

Inside the Checkpoints: Border Walls, Texas Shame

Inside the Checkpoints July 30, 2008 Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr. Photos at: http://picasaweb.google.com/Border.Ambassadors/BorderWallTXFirstWallFirstProtest Border Walls Texas Shame A congressionally backed dictator has begun to violate Texas soil. Shame on the dictator! Shame on the Congress! Shame on Texas! Shame on all of us! How is it possible that a hurricane can come into the Rio Grande Valley providing a Wake Up Call to the region, the State of Texas and the Federal Government and all the above do nothing to wake the hell up? After nearly two years of public protest and outcry, border wall construction on the levies in Granjeno, south of Mission, Texas, quietly got under way a couple of weeks ago. And, during hurricane season at that. An alarmingly quiet local media. There was no outrage on the part of any of our elected officials. With the exception of the Texas Border Coalition, there are still no organized attempts on the part of elected officials, from county Commissioners to Congre

Genocide in South Texas: Homeland Security and George Bush perpetrators

Flooding in South Texas: Lipan Apache and poor of Rio Grande suffer while Homeland Security and George Bush do what they do best: Genocide From: Margo Tamez To: E-mail: DHSOIGHOTLINE@dhs.gov Fax: (202) 254-4292 Department of Homeland Security Washington, DC 20528 Attn: Office of Inspector General, Hotline Office of the Inspector General False Damage Claims: 1 (800) 323-8603 July 30, 2008 Dear Inspector General: At this time I am submitting a testimony from my community members, the lineal descendent Lebaiye\’ T\’nde\’ (Lipan Apache) people who are the aboriginal land title holders to territories of South Texas, the Rio Grande River and into northern Mexico. Currently, my family members reside in numerous counties of South Texas which have been horribly and negatively impacted by the ongoing flooding and infrastructural calamities in Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr and other affected counties. Reports from my mother, Dr. Eloisa Garcia Tamez (Lipan Apache) and other community members, as well as

US Dept Justice asked to investigate Sheriff Arpaio for willful \’civil rights violations\’

By Brenda Norrell PHOENIX — Recently, on an Amtrak ride across America, an elderly man bragged about purchasing a pair of panties signed by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. First, I thought he was joking. Then I just wanted to throw up. This same sheriff, glorified as a romantic hero and cowboy-style sheriff, is actually a criminal. This is the ultimate in what the U.S. fantasy-news media produces; making heroes of villains, bullies and racists. Attorney Michael C. Manning, on behalf of his clients, asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Sheriff Arpaio for abuse, cruelty, willful civil rights violations and other crimes. Here is an excerpt: ” …in 2001, MCSO guards in the same jail killed another young man in the same Restraint Chair. This time it was a 125lb retarded man who lived with his Mom and Dad. We took that case on and tried it before a jury. The jury unanimously awarded our clients $9,000,009. Eight MCSO jailers were found liable for taking this man\’s li

Homeland Security\’s \’Vulturism\’ in Flooded South Texas

Homeland Security repeats New Orleans crimes against humanity in South Texas Contact: Margo Tamez, (509) 595-4445 Dear friends, I am writing on behalf of Margo Tamez, who called me from the road today and asked me to relay this important message to you. Her mother Eloisa Garcia Tamez told me on the phone today that FEMA is not providing aid to poor people in the flood who are without food and who are in need of medicine. Eloisa Tamez emphasized the issue of disparity, as she witnessed escorts for the movement of big business materials, while people are suffering. And on this same day, DHS commenced construction of the border wall in Hidalgo County, where the same people who are dealing with the wall and militarization of their neighborhoods have had to leave their homes during the flood. Margo Tamez says, DHS is performing vulturism upon the communities in their most dire moment of catastrophe. Today in Hidalgo County DHS started on the wall. They must be more humanitarian! DHS must stop

Censored News, readers respond

Thanks to all of you for your comments. Since the article on censorship and hush words was published in the UN OBSERVER & International Report , CounterPunch and the Narcosphere , the comments are pouring in. The following comments are published with permission: Support from Italy: Opposing Canadian border guards attack on Mohawk grandmothers and publishers This letter expresses support from Italy, through the italian Blog “Nativi Americani.it”, after the violent and unjustified attack of June 14, 2008 by the guards directed by Canada Border Security Agency against grandmothers Mohawk, Kahentinetha Horn and Katenies (alias Janet Davis).The colonial border crosses the center of the Mohawk territory, this people is not American or Canadian, but are “Kanion\’ke”, this Native People have always crossed freely this land, The treaties and international law confirm that right.The complaint to the United Nations sent to \’Office of High Commission for Human Rights an

Cops in Canada: Mob attacks on Shawn Brant and the Mohawks

OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino uses mob tactics on Shawn Brant and the Mohawks Mohawk Nation News July 20, 2008. The death penalty has been abolished in Canada. Julian Fantino has been trying to do an end run around this. Last June 29th 2007 Fantino pronounced an extra judicial death sentence on Mohawk Shawn Brant of Tyendinaga. He has used the police forces to threaten Indigenous people. He is trying to provoke us to commit violent acts in self-defense to give him the excuse he wants to kill us. According to the CBC News [7/19/08 7:00PM] the OPP Commissioner should be investigated for the comments he made under oath at the preliminary inquiry. Peter Rosenthal, who represents Mohawk demonstrator Shawn Brant, said on Saturday July 19th that he is calling for the government to investigate Commissioner Fantino s comments to Brant on the phone during the aboriginal day of action. Newly released court documents show the OPP were just minutes away from moving in to forcibly remove Indi

Mohawk Nation News: \’Beware of Cops in Sheep\’s Clothing\’

INDIGENOUS AND SUPPORTERS, BEWARE OF COPS IN SHEEP\’S CLOTHING Mohawk Nation News July 20, 2008. Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino s fascist actions against Indigenous people are not new. His illegal dirty tricks to trap Mohawks and Shawn Brant in particular may have been developed and practiced in cop training school. It s an old pattern. Cops are basically well-paid thugs. Looking at the police training videos, we see police being trained to instigate violence. Way back in the Winnipeg Workers Strike in 1917 the police were found to be responsible for the violence. In relations with the Ongwehonwe, it is once again armed state forces, police or military that have caused violence and deaths time and time again. Remember the Mohawk Oka Crisis in Kanehsatake in 1990, Gustafsen Lake in B.C. in 1995, the killing of Dudley George at Ipperwash, and all of the recent confrontations at Six Nations and Tyendinaga! The violence on all occasions was started by the

Russell Means: Lakotah Grand Juries investigate injustice in South Dakota

In South Dakota, Custer still lives, He sends people to the county jail. –Brenda Norrell Russell Means: Lakotah grand jury to investigate corruption and injustice in South Dakota Pechanga Net, Native News : The Fives: Land of Lakotah not the first to look for a split from the U.S. (SOUTH DAKOTA) — Talk of secession can be serious business, just ask Russell Means. The recent development with the proclaimed Republic of Lakotah seeking further separation from the Union seems like an unusual step to address some real problems. in Native News > Government & Politics From Google Breaking News … Russell Means: Lakotah grand jury will not indict Rapid City Journal, SD – Jul 28, 2008… in South Dakota will spend several months gathering evidence of alleged abuses against the Lakota people, according to organizer Russell Means. … Republic of Lakotah investigating tribal corruption Rapid City Journal all 2 news articles Russell Means, Secessionist Lew Rockwell, CA – Jul 6, 2008According to t

Honoring those who walked

In July, Long Walkers were honored in Washington D.C. Here, walkers on the Longest Walk Northern Route were honored at the Buffalo Nation Powwow in Penn. The three women in this photo were honored in Washington for making it all the way from Alcatraz to Washinton D.C. on the Longest Walk Northern Route: Lisa Peaks, Anishinabe/Pomo; Sage, Ponca from Oklahoma and Willow Dixon of Portland, Oregon. Photo copyright Brenda Norrell.

Dooda\’s Front Lines Music Fest August 2 and 3, 2008

Photo: Elouise Brown and Dennis Banks on the Longest Walk in Greenbelt, Maryland. Photo Brenda Norrell Greetings Dooda Desert Rock Supporters, Please join us for a special fund raiser happening August 2nd & 3rd, at the Dooda Desert Rock campsite at Chaco Rio, NM. On August 1st, we welcome you to join us at the DDR camp to help us prepare for the Front Lines Tour Music & Art Festival. We will be cooking and doing final set-up activities. This is a time to spend in prayer and celebration as we kick off the festivities. On August 2nd, DDR will host the FRONT LINES TOUR MUSIC & ART Festival 2008 to celebrate our theme: NO TO COAL BURNING POWER PLANTS, YES TO ALTERNATIVE ENERGY, and to entertain our guests, ReadNex Poetry Squad, as they visit our camp. DDR welcomes ReadNex Poetry Squad to New Mexico. We are honored to be a part of this tradition, as we support our brothers and sisters who have committed themselves to a cross-country tour for environmental protection and Native A

Censorsed in the USA: Hush words

By Brenda Norrell Censored News ON THE ROAD — I didn\’t see it coming. After 25 years of writing American Indian news, I didn\’t really expect to be blackballed and censored out of the business. But, then again, any journalist writing serious news in the United States should expect to be censored. There are some hot topics that get U.S. journalists fired, including investigating the war in Iraq. U.S. Presidents realize the power of words and song to move the masses. It was Buffe Sainte Marie\’s “Universal Soldier,” during the Vietnam War that led to her being blackballed and censored out of the music business in the U.S. In Indian country news, there are also hush words, words to be used sparingly, if at all. For editors, those words include two names “Russell Means” and “Leonard Peltier.” Also, in Indian country, reporters know it is unlikely that editors will publish any serious criticism of the war in Iraq or the Bush administration. Reporters a

Longest Walk honors

By Brenda Norrell Alcatraz to D.C. — The Longest Walk Northern Route walkers were honored in D.C. who began the walk in Alcatraz and finished in D.C. Dennis Banks presented badges to Lisa Peake, Anishinabe/Pomo, who walked and served as security all the way across the United States; Sage from Oklahoma, who walked and launched a singing career; Luv the Mezenger, who walked, ran and served as security. Luv, a hip hop artist from Los Angeles, and Willie Lonewolf, Navajo Ute, crossed the Sierra Nevadas on snowshoes when the snow drifts of seven feet became too deep for walking. Unprovoked, Luv was also attacked by Columbus, Ohio, police. The police pointed a taser at walker coordinator Michael Lane, Menominee, before throwing Luv to the concrete. Also honored in D.C., but not shown in photo, were Harry Pruyne from Penn., Aislyn Cognan from Calif., Yukio from Japan and Willow Dixon from Oregon. Thanks to all of you who cooked, served as security, brought food, donated cash, said prayers,

Protecting Mato Paha: Corporation linked to mercenaries

Protecting Mato Paha, Bear Butte: Strong arm corporation linked to mercenaries By A. Gay Kingman Executive Director Great Plains Tribal Chairmans Association The GPTCA passed this attached resolution to Protect Mato Paha (Bear Butte) on July 10, 2008. Help is needed to protect our Sacred Sites and Mato Paha! Mato Paha is a State Park not Federal and the development and encroachment to the Sacred Site is increasing. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe and Northern Cheyenne have land at the base of Mato Paha, but there is still land not owned by American Indian Tribes and the price of the land has increased tremendously so our Tribes cannot afford to purchase what should be our Land in the first place according to our Treaties. The Sturgis Rally is starting up in Aug. for two weeks. While many Bikers are respectful, the bars create problems. Drunkenness, lewdness and other disrespectful actions will be happening in the bars which are developing closer and closer to Mato Paha. The County has granted alco

Peace and Dignity Journeys Central Arizona routes

Peace & Dignity Journeys 2008 Central Arizona Route Photo: Peace and Dignity runners, including grandmothers, in Pennsylvania with Long Walkers Northern Route at the Buffalo Nation Powwow. Photo Brenda Norrell Here\’s the routes for Central Arizona. Another route ran from Wheatfields on the Navajo Nation south through Apache lands. A route in New Mexico was scheduled to arrive in Las Cruces today, Saturday, July 26, after running in from Albuquerque. Main Route Contact: Liza Hita Date Start End Mileage 7/26 (Sat.) Ft. Mojave Nation (Needles,CA) Chimehuevi Nation (Lake Havasu, AZ) 67 miles 7/27 (Sun.) Chimehuevi Parker/C.R.I.T. 35 7/28 (M) Parker Salome 60 7/29 (T) Salome Akimel O Odham Nation (Gila River Piipash Village, D7) 90 7/30 (W) Piipash Village Sacaton (Gila River, D3) 47 7/31 (Th) Sacaton Tohono O Odham Nation (Santa Rosa) 60 Altares de Izkalotlan Tributary Route Contact: Tupac Enrique-Acosta Date Start End Mileage 7/26 (Sat.) Salomen Wickenberg 55 7/27 (Sun.) Wickenberg Azteca Nat

Navajo Peacemaker: Walking in Beauty in Iran

Walking In Beauty As A Framework for International Peacemaking In Iran Navajo Peacemaker Michelle Cook, 23, reflects on her journey to Iran By Michelle Cook cookmichelle7@gmail.com International politics and decisions impact Navajo people and Indian country in very real ways. If the U.S attacks Iran it will have consequences for the numerous Navajo and other indigenous peoples who are currently serving in the armed forces. Leaders, advocates, and youth of Indian Nations have the responsibility to ask questions to protect indigenous service men and women from fighting wars or engaging in military conflict that can be prevented or is unnecessary. Few Americans are aware that in 1953 the U.S through the C.I.A orchestrated an overthrow of the popularly elected Iranian government and installed in its place a puppet government. This was primarily a response to the Iranian decolonization efforts to manage and benefit from their oil, which had previously been under direct control by American and

Longest Walk concludes in DC

Email lw2dcmedia@gmail.com Aislyn Colgan (831) 295-2555 Morning Star Gali (510) 827-6719 Eight Thousand Mile Walk for Native American Rights, Environmental Protection, and to Stop Global Warming Culminates in Mass convergence and two day celebration After 5 Months, \’The Longest Walk 2\’ Converges in Washington D.C., Manifesto For Change Demands “Immediate Responsible Action” By Morning Star Gali Photo by Brenda Norrell WASHINGTON, DC An 8,200 mile Native American prayer walk for Indigenous People\’s rights that began five months ago on Alcatraz Island, arrived in Washington D.C. on Friday July 11th. Over 800 walkers from across Indian country as well as international allies survived many challenges such as extreme weather conditions such as forceful winds, rain, snow, and even a tornado in their journey to raise awareness about sacred sites protection, cultural survival, youth empowerment and Native American rights. The successful journey traversed 24 states and 35 re
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US Israeli pact targets traditional Tohono O’odham with 15 new spy towers

US Israeli pact targets traditional Tohono O\’odham with 15 new spy towers

Breaking News Exclusive! US Israeli spy tower pact targets Tohono O\’odham sacred mountain and spying on traditional O\’odham By Brenda Norrell
copyright Censored News French translation by Christine Prat http://www.chrisp.lautre.net/wpblog/?p=3140
GU-VO, Tohono O\’odham Nation — The US has targeted two traditional Tohono O\’odham districts, Gu-Vo District and Chukut Kuk District, with 15 new US spy towers built by the Israeli Apartheid corporation Elbit Systems, responsible for Apartheid security surrounding Palestine.
On Tohono O\’odham land, the US conceals the fact the US Homeland Security gave the spy towers contract to the Israeli corporation Elbit Systems, responsible for the Apartheid security surrounding Palestine and a manufacturer of drones.
The Gu-Vo District opposes this proposal. Gu-Vo is in the western most district of the Tohono O\’odham Nation.

The Gu-Vo District said in a statement, “The Gu-Vo District opposes these proposed tower sites to protect cultural sites on the holy mountain now called the Ajo Mountain Range. The mountain holds human remains of our people and also places of our cultural practices (medicine bundles) home and home of the ceremonial deer and bighorn sheep and mountain tortoises that are protected under the Endangered Species Act.”
“The United States government military forces, the border patrol, have not been forthcoming with impact information, such as health effects and have deliberately misinformed the people regarding the immediate environmental impacts such as the roads they will build on the mountain and installation of electrical power lines to the sites as well as that these proposed tower sites will have a 25-year or longer impact on the mountain, the animal and plant life and

Tohono O\’odham 1916

the O\’odham lives.”

“The Gu-Vo District communities landscape have already been greatly impacted by numerous unauthorized roads and destruction of our mountains and hills of great significance to the O\’odham way of life. Our future generations will face more restriction to live on our original lands as our rights as original Indigenous peoples continue to deteriorate.”
“These U.S. proposed towers also are not on the border but in our communities and on the border of the Tohono O\’odham Nation reiterating discrimination and deliberate attack on the O\’odham,” said Gu-Vo District.
While the US attempts to conceal who this contract has been granted to, the US border contract was celebrated in Israel.
Last year US Homeland Security gave the $145 million Integrated Fixed Tower to Elbit Systems, an Israeli defense contractor, instead of to a US corporation. Prior to this contract, Boeing spent $1 billion attempting to build spy towers before announcing that its spy towers on the Arizona border did not work.
US Border Patrol with spy cameras pointed into the home of a traditional O\’odham woman

The Israeli spy towers are the latest attack on the traditional O odham, and a means of surveillance and oppression, for O\’odham who live in their sovereign homeland. The increase of US and Israeli militarization on sovereign Tohono O\’odham land has resulted in widespread human rights abuses, including rapes and murders carried out by US Border Patrol agents. US Border Patrol agents have been arrested and convicted in every region of the US border for running drugs. A Congressional hearing revealed that hundreds of US Border Patrol and ICE agents have been arrested and convicted of drug smuggling and serving as “spotters.” Spotters are look-outs for the Mexican cartels and provide safe passage for the cartels to transport large loads of drugs into the US. The US government has armed the Mexican cartels since 2005 by way of the US ATF\’s Project Gunrunner, Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious. The US media has failed to expose how US agents are involved in drug smuggling at the southern border. The US uses the excuse of this so-called war on drugs in an attempt to justify these US Israeli spy towers, which violate all laws of privacy and human rights in the US. Meanwhile, universities have partnered with Israel to target Indigenous Peoples in the creation of drones and surveillance. The University of Arizona in Tucson is boycotted by O\’odham human rights activists for designing drones and border surveillance which target and kill Indigenous Peoples globally. San Carlos Apache also boycott the University of Arizona for taking the lead, with the Pope, in placing massive telescopes on sacred Mount Graham in Arizona.

Above: US spy tower near Sells, Arizona, on the sovereign Tohono O\’odham Nation, viewed with outrage by a delegation of Mohawks, Lakota, Dine\’ and Pueblo during the Indigenous Border Summit of the Americas in 2007. The spy tower was located next to the “cage,” constructed of a metal fence and concrete floor where migrants were detained, including Indigenous Peoples from Mexico and Central America, walking and hoping for a better life. Large numbers of Indigenous Peoples have died on the Tohono O\’odham Nation of thirst and dehydration. The Tohono O\’odham Nation created a law which made it a crime to give a drink of water, or aid, to migrants. This law was opposed by Tohono O\’odham human rights activists who say they have been instructed by their ancestors to carry out a spiritual way of life for all of creation, the Himdaag way of life. .

Below is the current proposal of Aug. 2015:

In the news: Reuters: US Homeland Security awards contract to Elbit: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/02/us-elbitsystems-arizona-contract-idUSBREA2104K20140302 Epoch Times : During the Congressional hearing on border agent crime, the US admitted that since 2004, over 130 agents of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have been arrested, charged, or otherwise prosecuted on corruption charges. The convictions include alien and drug smuggling, money laundering, and conspiracy. http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/united-states/congressional-hearing-examines-ethics-violations-at-dhs-242766.html Israeli newspaper Haaretz: State of Arizona used Elbit drones on Arizona border in 2004: http://www.haaretz.com/news/israeli-drones-used-by-arizona-border-police-1.136572 Background: The IFT systems will consist of surveillance equipment (e.g., ground surveillance radars and surveillance cameras) mounted on fixed (i.e., stationary) tower(s); all necessary power generation and communications equipment to support these tower sites; and command and control (C2) center equipment (including one or more operator workstations) that are capable of displaying information received from surveillance towers on a common operating picture (COP), based on current BP AoRs. copyright, Brenda Norrell, Censored News For permission to republish: brendanorrell@gmail.com Please share our link to this article: http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2015/09/us-israeli-pact-targets-traditional.html

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Bahe: The Big Mountain Dineh Resistance: Still a Cornerstone

The Big Mountain Dineh Resistance: Still A Cornerstone By NaBahe (Bahe) Keediniihii (Katenay) 2015 Shared with permission at Censored News Big Mountain, Dinehtah (Navajo Lands) In this remote high desert which is mostly covered with juniper and pinon pine forest in northeastern Arizona lays a region known as Black Mesa. The region was once so pristine but in the 1960s, Peabody Energy acquired leases to begin mining, building highways and massive industrial infrastructures, and extracting an ancient aquifer. Dineh (means The Peoples) who inhabited the region and who kept an ancient form of eco-conscious practices were now confronted with destructive and political upheavals. Traditional and non-English speaking Dineh were soon notified that a Law was made that will divide these territories and one half of it will go to Dineh s close neighbor, the Hopis. Immediate concern and oppositions grew among Dineh and traditional Hopis, but this also exposed that major utility companies who serve

Black Mesa Ida Mae Clinton \’Stop your fears! Believe strongly in yourself!\’

Stop your fears! Believe strongly in yourself! – Ida Mae Clinton, Star Mountain Shared with permission from Bahe of Big Mountain\’s Sheep Dog Nation Rocks. Thank you! By Ron Lester Whyte Sheep Dog Nation Rocks Sheep Dog Nation Rocks publisher Bahe Katenay shared this article. It is written by an African American supporter of Dineh resisting relocation. The supporter, Ron Lester Whyte, spent much of this time with the late, Ida Mae Clinton. Ida was one of the key resistance leaders. She was from Star Mountain, southeast of the Hopi Mesas. February 5, 2015 – The first thing I must acknowledge is that, though I will do my best, my words could never do Ida Mae Clinton or her struggle, justice. There is no way to adequately describe her strength, her resolve, or the depth of the spiritual relationship she had with the land that sustained not only her, but countless generations before her. Ida was what in a sane world would be considered a national treasure, yet her passing and the pass

Mohawk Nation News \’Can you teach me how to die?\’

CAN YOU TEACH ME HOW TO DIE?Posted on February 26, 2015 Mohawk Nation News MNN. Feb. 26, 2015. An army recruiter went into a high school to entice the kids into joining the military and becoming killers. He described how WWII Allied soldiers were taught how to smash jawbones while gouging eyes, crushing windpipes and snapping necks, and generally applying deadly force to the weakest, most vulnerable parts of the body to kill or disable. The enemy can be a baby, child, woman, youth, man or an elder. Cops are experts in these methods. In 2008 border guards applied handcuffs to me at Akwesasne, so as to bring about a heart attack and kill me. The military teach killing but not how to die. Today s children learn fighting in sports, movies and TV. They are unaware of the brutal reality of life and death combat. Except for one kid who asked the recruiter, Can you teach me how to die? The recruiter did not answer. Harper is expecting young people wearing over 70 pounds of gear to kill civi

Rosebud Lakotas Celebrate Veto of Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

Oyate Wahacanka Woecun Shield the People February 24, 2015 Censored News Greetings from the Lakota, Nakota, Dakota Nations. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Oyate Wahacanka Woecun, Shielding the People would like to thank President Barak Obama for his veto of the Keystone Pipeline, 270-152. We view this as positive recognition of our long standing government to government relationship, bound by our treaties which are the supreme law of the land. The negative impacts of the Keystone XL pipeline on our cultural, historical and burial sites; and on the many major environmental, public health hazards and safety problems it creates. The project is within our homelands, and we will be directly affected, most importantly it is a threat to the non-negotiable rights of our women and children. However the only thing that will ensure the safety and welfare of the coming generations, is total rejection of the Keystone Pipeline. The inadequacy of the US State Depar

Mohawk Nation News \’Nazi Terror in Canada\’

NAZI TERROR IN CANADAPosted on February 24, 2015 Please post & distribute. Nia:wen. MNN. Feb. 24, 2015. As the Gestapo said in 1933, As long as the police carries out the will of the leadership, it is acting legally. Harper s new anti-terrorist bill C-51 is setting up the secret police of Canada, carrying Canadians into the fast lane onto the road to fascism. Heil CSIS. It was just a game! The Nazi system is based on the 1933 all-encompassing Gestapo secret police force that was set up with the Enabling Act throughout Germany, under the operational control of the Fuhrer. Politics and intelligence were combined just like the CSIS-RCMP amalgamation. The Gestapo investigated treason, espionage, sabotage and criminal attacks on the Fuhrer and the Nazi party. They operated without judicial review. Citizens could not sue the state. Protective custody was imprisoning people without judicial proceedings. Those who opposed Nazi rule or were suspected of being hostile to the State wer

Moccasins on the Ground Tour of Resistance Cheyenne River

Moccasins on the Ground Tour of Resistance to Protect Sacred Water Cheyenne River Lakota Homelands, Dupree, South Dakota By Natalie Hand Lakota Media Project Owe Aku International Censored News English/Dutch The Moccasins on the Ground (MOTG) training camp opened on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe homelands on a cold February night. The Lakota people there put out a call for this non-violent direct action (NVDA) training to help them prepare themselves to defend their treaty territory from the potential construction of the Trans Canada KXL pipeline. The event kicked off Friday evening with opening prayers for the sacred water and encouragement for the Cheyenne River Lakota people and the non-native allies from the surrounding area. The training consists of an intensive 3-day curriculum that teaches community building; action strategizing; street medic training; media messaging; and identifying roles for direct action. The trainers came from all over Turtle Island to offer their expertise i
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Renzi resurfaces: Censorship of Apache elders voices

By Brenda Norrell Censored News While I was a staff reporter at Indian Country Today, many important articles were censored during the two years before I was terminated with no cause given. One of these censored articles was an Apache protest of Arizona Congressmen Richard Renzi in 2004. Among the Apaches censored was the late, great Ola Cassadore Davis. Renzi emerged again today in a US Supreme Court ruling regarding his conviction from a land swap where he funneled money to himself. This news comes as Apache are preparing to lead a national caravan to DC to demand repeal of the Oak Flat land swamp, where Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake gave Apache sacred land to the foreign corporation Resolution Copper for copper mining. Renzi\’s resurfacing is a powerful reminder of censorship, and a reminder that the national news in Indian country has collapsed. When the casino industry took control of the national American Indian news, reporters were replaced by paid stay-at-home

Occupy Oak Flat Rally Tucson June 30, 2015

By Sandra Rambler, San Carlos Apache Censored News OCCUPY OAK FLAT! Rally tomorrow in Tucson. Prayer call for all those that will participate in the annual Dzil Ncha Si An (Mountain Graham) sacred run which will end at Chi\’Chil\’Bilda\’Goteel (Oak Flat) and continue to Washington, D.C. Arrival date is July 30 and the big rally will be at Capitol Hill on July 31st. Call for all Warriors!(Photo: Apache tribal leaders from Jicarilla (NM), Mescalero (NM), Yavapai-Apache, Tonto Apache, White Mountain Apache, San Carlos Apache, sending a message to the world, “SAVE OAK FLAT!”

Dine\’ Walkers: American Imperialism, Abandoned Uranium Mines on Navajoland

By Nihigaal bee lina Censored News In the first week of our journey to Dib Nts , we traveled through the western region of Nihik yah that is heavily contaminated by decades of uranium mining, with over 100 abandoned uranium mines centered around the Cameron area. In some places, the radiation is so high that it can\’t be measured and is at least 4 times more radioactive than what was emitted by the Fukashima disaster. Very little has been done about these mines – this warning sign at an abandoned mine behind the Cameron chapter house is the only one that is up in the entire region. Just east of Tuba City is a old uranium mill that received all the uranium from mines in the region and is a contamination threat to the aquifer. What is even more alarming is the realization that this uranium was mined for the purpose of building bombs and America\’s nuclear arsenal. This is a legacy that our people live with everyday with the cancers and sickness caused by exposure. As we approach th

Israeli Navy Seizes Freedom Flotilla III to Gaza

. Israel once again commits an act of state piracy in the Mediterranean https://freedomflotilla.org/news/24-israeli-ships-500-meters-from-marianne At 02:06AM today (Gaza time) the Marianne contacted Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) and informed us that three boats of the Israeli navy had surrounded her in international waters, while sailing approximately 100NM from Gaza coast. After that we lost contact with the Marianne and at 05:11AM (Gaza time) the IDF announced that they had visited and searched Marianne. They had captured the boat and detained all on board in international waters as they admitted themselves. The only positive content in the IDF announcement was that they still recognize that there is a naval blockade of Gaza, despite Netanyahu s government recent denial that one exists. We have no reason to believe that Marianne s capture was uneventful , because the last time the IDF said something like that, in 2012, the people on board the Estelle were badly tasered

Apache Stronghold Rally Tucson June 30, 2015

Apache Stronghold Rally in Tucson June 30 Caravan to Washington, D.C. Begins July 5 with Mount Graham Sacred Run By Indigenous Alliance Without Borders Censored News Tucson, AZ Tuesday, June 30, 2015, at 7 pm, Apache Stronghold will hold a rally to support the efforts to protect Oak Flat, a sacred Apache site located on the Tonto National Forest which is threatened by a proposed copper mine. Apache Stronghold will begin a caravan to Washington D.C. the following week and will rally in the Nation s capitol to ask the U.S. government and the public to support the Save Oak Flat Act , a bill introduced by Congressman Raul Grijalva in mid-June. The rally is sponsored by Indigenous Alliance Without Borders and Tucson Supports Oak Flat to promote Apache Stronghold in their effort to restore this land to the people. Donations for the caravan will be accepted and information about how to get involved in this historic movement will be available. Oak Flat, or Chi chil Bildagoteel, has been protect

Mohawk Nation News \’Fall of the Roman Vampire\’

FALL OF THE ROMAN VAMPIREPosted on June 28, 2015 Please post & distribute. Nia:wen. MNN. JUNE 28, 2015. The City of London controls all Admiralty courts worldwide. It forces its laws, commercial, political, language and culture on people globally at our peril. Red-X, the inter-dimensional ongwe hon:weh being, looks out for us. He says that the phrase the empire on which the sun never sets was stolen from us. Our worldly purpose of the Great Peace was perverted. The powers-that-be feed off of negative emotions promoted through their ownership of mass media. Media acts as their food production plant. They will starve without it. They promote fear, anger and hatred in everyone of their news stories to get the masses wound up emotionally. This is the fuel for their male hierarchy. Red-X tells us, Many ongwe hon:weh are murdered to feed this beast. The more blood, killings and suicides, the better for them . Red-X warns us, The vampires exist only from negative emotion. Through thei

Winnemem Wintu to Protest Exclusion from California Water Summit June 29, 2015

Winnemem Wintu and Allies to Protest Exclusion of California Indians from Gov. Brown s California Water Summit Winnemem Wintu Chief Caleen Sisk Censored News The Winnemem Wintu tribe, allies and other tribal representatives will be rallying and waving signs outside the 2nd California Water Summit this Monday, June 29, at the Westin Sacramento to protest Gov. Jerry Brown s efforts to exclude California tribes, environmentalists and other important stakeholders in this public meeting about massive state water infrastructure projects. The summit is being advertised by the Brown administration as a conference to discuss the latest developments including project selection for the $7.5 billion water bond that is now available after the passage of the Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Act of 2014. Registration for the summit is nearly an astounding $1,500 per person, and there have been no efforts to include tribal representatives, environmentalists or anyone who is advocating for sou


BABYLONIAN MONEY MAGICPosted on June 27, 2015 Please post & distribute. Nia:wen. MNN. June 27, 2015. The CROWN put Joe Norton back in as chief of Kahnawake. The previous chief did not deliver the goods on time. In the pretend democracy the incorporated band councils, also called hang around the fort INDIANS , obey the CROWN that makes the rules and decisions. The bankers out of London have been running a Ponzi scheme ever since they got here. They lend money to their carpetbaggers to come here and steal what they can from us. The bankers get a return on their money that should have been paid to us for our resources. The illegal Vatican monetary/military matrix was set up to create classes of haves and have-nots. They stole through every means possible with nothing to back it up but force, intimidation and genocide. The band council INDIANS are set up to help them. He owes us! The colonial matrix is the protection racket. The loan sharks lend money at high interest or a promise to

Four boats set sail on Freedom Flotilla III

Freedom Flotilla III Sets Sail Today, June 27th 2015, at 4AM Gaza time, four boats of the 2015 the Freedom Flotilla III set sail from their final European points of departure. Through nonviolent resistance they will challenge the illegal blockade of the Palestinian Gaza strip, which is running on its 9th year, sailing as always from international waters directly into Palestinian waters. The Flotilla is due to reach Gaza in just a few days. Participants on board include 48 human rights activists, journalists, artists, and political figures representing 17 countries. This is the third Freedom Flotilla to sail, in addition to nine single boats that have undertaken to sail to Gaza, beginning in 2008 when several voyages reached Gaza City harbor and returned to Europe from their mission of bringing supplies and solidarity to the people of Gaza. A converted fishing trawler, the \’Marianne of Gothenburg\’ left Sweden in May to join the flotilla and has made numerous stops along its

Grandmother Josephine Mandamin Water Walking

Siobhan Marks Water Walkers United Saturday, June 27, 2015 Water Walkers in Canada need women to carry the water. Please come help or send help. Grandmother Josephine Mandamin is always ready to walk, but shouldn\’t have to do this for more than a few steps. Please, come walk for her and for those in your community who cannot. Miigwech. TO CATCH UP WITH THE WALKERS, GO HERE: http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0s206bMhfzd3PSeGrrQva0xpTAG1lGqV8 .
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\’Goin\’ Native: Indian Comedy Slam\’ hit on Showtime

Showtime\’s New Year Eve hit: \’Goin\’ Native: Indian Comedy Slam\’ LOS ANGELES — This is real funny stuff. Goin Native: The American Indian Comedy Slam features comedian Charlie Hill with Jim Ruel, J.R. Redwater, Marc Yafee, Vaughn Eagle bear, Larry Omaha and Howie Miller. Showtime aired Goin Native on New Years Eve. It will be available \’On Demand\’ January 1 — 28, 2010. Native: Indian Comedy Slam\’ http://www.sho.com/site/schedules/product.do?episodeid=134477&seriesid=0&seasonid=0 Showtime Description This history-making original concert showcases the funniest Native American comedians performing today, gathered together on one stage. Featured alongside host Charlie Hill are Larry Omaha, Howie Miller and four up-and-comers making their mark on the standup scene: Marc Yaffee, Jim Rule, Vaughn Eagle Bear and JR Redwater.

Mexican Editor Detained, Interrogated

Human Rights News December 31, 2009 Mexican Editor Detained, Interrogated Frontera NorteSur Guerrero editor questioned about two indigenous Mixtec leaders kidnapped and murdered and Omar Guerrero Solis, a purported field commander of the Revolutionary Army of the Insurgent People (ERPI) slain in murky circumstances. As Mexico prepared to mark the twin anniversary of its 1810 War of Independence and 1910 Revolution- events ushered in with cries of freedom and justice- a prominent newsman was detained and interrogated because of an article he wrote. Juan Angulo Osorio, general director and co-founder of the Guerrero daily El Sur, was forcibly detained December 29 by six agents of the Guerrero Ministerial Police (PIM) at El Sur s office in the state capital of Chilpancingo and hustled off to the state attorney general s office for a round of questioning. Before he was let go several hours later, Angulo was questioned by state prosecutors Jesus Miranda and Fernando Monreal about bloody episodes that ro

March to End Arpaio Reign of Terror

Saturday, January 16, 2010, 9:00am – 3:00pm Falcon Park to Tent City! Phoenix, Arizona Saturday, January 16 2010 is the National day of action against Joe Arpaio and the 287(g) agreement. Join us and march against the injustices and separation of families caused by the 287(g) and Joe Arpaio. We will be demanding that the Obama administration take direct action on the issues affecting our communities. Start Time: 10:00am/Location: Falcon Park/End Location: Tent City Jail One year after the new presidential administration and Arpaio continues his reign of terror, collaborates with ICE in the jails, and escalated his attacks. In February, 2009 5,000 people took to the streets to demand an end to the racial profiling and out-of-control enforcement of Sheriff Arpaio\’s department. Join us as we march again to elevate our demands, protect our communities, and stand for human rights.

US Hall of Shame

By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com It is interesting that President Obama is vacationing in Hawaii and playing golf, while so much of America is cold and hungry this holiday. Elderly, on small fixed incomes, are finding it harder than ever to buy fuel this winter. Many elderly, like Navajos, still chop wood to heat their homes. When they are sick, who is there to chop wood for them? Who is remembering them this Christmas and New Year? –Censored News Pine Ridge residents running low on fuel and food Mary Garrigan Rapid City Journal Lloyd Wilcox hauled groceries home on a sled Tuesday to a house without heat, days after a severe winter storm paralyzed the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and left an estimated 800 homes there without propane. Five days after the storm hit on Christmas Eve, reservation residents are still facing unplowed roads, electrical outages, broken water pipes and diminishing supplies of food and fuel. On Tuesday, Oglala Sioux Tribe President The

Pregnant Anti-Mining Activist Assassinated in El Salvador

Pregnant Anti-Mining Activist Assassinated in El Salvador Democracy Now! For the second time in a week, a prominent anti-mining activist has been assassinated in El Salvador. On Saturday, thirty-two-year-old Dora Alicia Recinos Sorto was shot dead near her home. One of her children was also injured in the shooting. Sorto was an active member of the Caba as Environment Committee, which has campaigned against the reopening of a gold mine owned by the Vancouver-based Pacific Rim Mining Company. [includes rush transcript] http://www.democracynow.org/2009/12/29/anti_mining_activists_killed_in_e . Second opponent to Pacific Rim slain this week by Moira Peters Free Trade & Gateway Projects Nearly two years ago, he lost two fingers because he opposed a Canadian-owned gold mine in Cantina Trinidad, El Salvador. Yesterday, Jose Santos Rodriguez lost his wife, some say for the same reason. Dora Alicia Sorto Recinos, 32, was shot and killed yesterday at 3:30 pm when she was returning home from doi

Hate Crimes for Christmas

Hate crimes for Christmas By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ Photo: Cross burning at nighttime Ku Klux Klan (KKK) rally, Photo by Hank Walker, 1946, Time Life Hate crimes against African-Americans and the number of hate groups increased in the United States during this decade, according to US statistics. But what of the hate crimes on the US/Mexico border, where white Border Patrol agents kill people of color in cold blood, as was the case with Francisco Javier Dominguez Rivera, 22, from Morelia, Mexico? Why is it not a hate crime when white Border Patrol agents and white police officers beat and murder Tohono O odham, and other people of color, on the backroads near the US/Mexico border? Why is it not a hate crime when the US federal court prosecutes volunteers for giving water to a dying person on the southern border? Why is it not a hate crime when the United States kills civilians with drones during rogue assassinations in Iraq or Afghanistan? Why is it not

Quanah Parker Brightman: Religious Persecution of Native Americans

The State Capital, Sacramento California, Friday 12-4-09. Speech by Quanah Parker Brightman Religious Persecution has been a Harsh Reality for My People Since The Illegal Occupation Of Our Home Land Began Back In 1492, Resulting in the loss of Our language and Our Traditional practices. Fact, The Federal Government Outlawed Our Religion in 1884. . . lasted until 1904. Then, they enriched the laws, and it lasted until The 1930\’s. In 1890 at a Place Called Wounded Knee Creek In South Dakota. A Group of Native Americans Gathered Together to Practice a Then New Form of Religion Called The Ghost Dance. The Federal Government Did Not Want Them To Do This, So, They Sent In The 7th Cavalry. They Then Divided The Women And Children On One Side And The Men On The Other Disarmed Them And They Shoot Them Down. They Massacred Over 250 Native Americans For Worshiping There Own Religion And To Add Even Further Insult, The United States Rewarded These Brave Soldiers 26 Congressional Medals Of Hon

Happy Holidays from Leonard Peltier

Happy Holidays from Leonard Greetings and happy holidays. I hope this letter finds you all enjoying the spirit of the season with family and friends. My August parole denial was appealed in short order. We are expecting a response to that appeal sometime very soon. It has occurred to me that the viciousness of this system knows no bounds, and so I believe strongly in the coming days we will hear of another loss, another denial. This one will be timed and intended specifically as a twisted Christmas present for me, such is the nature of those in charge. With no sense of balance, fairness, or decency, I await my own personal stocking stuffer. We all know the so-called justice system of this country is more about revenge and retribution than finding true and just resolution. It doesn t take into account the plight of the wrongfully convicted, nor does it allow flexibility as human endeavors always require. This system has always been about making money at the top, furthering careers in t

Big Foot Memorial Ride

December 2009 is the 25th Year since the Big Foot Memorial Ride and the19th year of the Future Generations youth commitment to go on the Spiritual Ride.

More Photos 2009

Border Rave Photo Exhibit, Tucson; Earthcycles Producer Govinda interviewing guest at AIM West, San Francisco; Dr. Loco in concert at AIM West, with Leonard Peltier photo. Photos by Brenda Norrell.

No Olympics on Stolen Land: Get Your Torch Off Our Land

Press Release Photo: Kalle Anka Anti-Olympic Protesters bring their message of resistance across Canada; Olympic Torch shamed Monday, December 21 2009, Vancouver Unceded Coast Salish Territories- Protesters are bringing their anti-Olympic message with chants of No Olympics on Stolen Native Land , Get your torch off our land, we don t want your Olympic scam and 2010 Homes not 2010 Games across Canada. In many instances, activists have successfully disrupted the Torch Relay, forcing delays and route cancellations, with at least four arrests associated with anti-Torch related actions. Today, Six Nations community members have declared that the Olympic Torch will not pass through their territory. A Declaration by the Onkwehonwe (people) of the Grand River Territory states This land is not conquered. We are not Canadian We hereby affirm our peaceful opposition to the entry and progression of the 2010 Olympic torch into and through our territory. In the coming weeks, dissenters are a

Olympic Torch Detoured: No Olympics on Stolen Land

Olympic torch relay rejigged amid protest, but modified Six Nations show goes on http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/091221/national/oly_torch_relay By Susanna Kelley, The Canadian Press SIX NATIONS INDIAN RESERVE, Ont. – The Olympic torch\’s journey across Canada was forced yet again to take a detour in the face of aboriginal opposition to the Games, with an Ontario First Nation rerouting its relay amid a protest from a splinter group in the community. While the torch still made an appearance on the Six Nations reserve near Brantford in southern Ontario, the original plan to run the flame through the reserve – supported by the elected band council – was altered at the 11th hour. Instead, the torch was taken directly to a bingo hall on the reserve for a celebration during which some two dozen torchbearers circled the hall with the flame.

Censored News Snapshots 2009

Censored News snapshots 2009: Photo 1: Keith Secola at the Havasupai Gathering to Halt Uranium Mining in the Grand Canyon (Photo 2) Louise Benally and Earthcycles producer Govinda (Photo 3) Preparing fry bread for O\’odham Solidarity Event in Tucson (Photo 4) Acoma Pueblo Poet and Author Simon Ortiz at the Indigenous Peoples Uranium Summit at Acoma Pueblo, N.M. Photos by Brenda Norrell. Censored article from Tucson reporter Gabriel Schivone on the O\’odham Solidarity Event Famed Writer Speaks on \’Stolen Land\’ of the Americas By Gabriel Schivone Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ TUCSON — Prolific American Indian writer, scholar and activist Ward Churchill visited Tucson on Friday night, bringing with him a new meaning to the word occupation. Delivering a talk entitled Apartheid in America: Surviving Occupation in O\’odham Lands, Professor Churchill Spoke to a full hall at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson about the U.S. government\’s history

US Undermines Climate Talks with Bullying Tactics and Backroom Deals

Indigenous Environmental Network in Copenhagen at: http://www.ienearth.org/ Google Breaking News: Indigenous Environmental Network: http://news.google.com/news/search?pz=1&cf=all&ned=us&hl=en&q=Indigenous+Environmental+Network&as_qdr=m&as_drrb=q&ict=ln US Undermines Climate Talks with Bullying Tactics and Backroom Deals Civil Society Denounces U.S. Plan for Fast-Tracking Warming, Worsening Humanitarian Crisis, and Fueling Ecological Collapse COPENHAGEN — Despite President Obama\’s assurances of progress today at the UN Climate Talks, the negotiations continue into the early morning as civil society leaders are left out of the sessions at the Bella Center and protesters gather outside. “For the U.S., which is the largest historic emitter of greenhouse gases, to come to Copenhagen and try to strong arm the world into accepting a phony accord that will do nothing to prevent climate catastrophe is beyond irresponsible; it is criminal.” said John Peck

Tony Gonzales: Mexico City is next climate change step

By Tony Gonzales AIM West COPENHAGEN — As I am making preparations to head for home to the Bay Area, I am sending you this final Declaration that came from the KlimaforumO9 in Copenhagen, from the large group of NGOs attending the UNFCCC separate from the Government representatives meeting at the Bella Center. Please post the document. I must say that I am not pleased at all with the final outcome of the text, particularly where Indigenous peoples were inserted deep in page 6, beginning with “Our Demands.” Although I did attempt to work as close I could with the declaration team to include Indigenous Peoples somewhere after the Preamble and to insert the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples — both to secure the rights of all Indigenous Peoples, and to gain the NGO\’s support for it to function as a stop gap to the continued and future destruction of Mother Earth that contributes toward the unregulated emissions and increasing temperatures — evidently it was t

Remembering the Children in Unmarked Graves

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) Some Alaska Natives who died at the boarding school or hospital in Tacoma, Wash., were buried in unmarked graves. They were called Eskimos or Alaska Indians when they left their homes to go to the Indian school or hospital on Puyallup lands in the early 20th century. Of the sick, many died before they arrived at the Washington reservation. If they were children, they often didn\’t know why they were being taken from their families. Those that survived are now growing old and dying, and the Puyallup tribe is trying to record their stories before it\’s too late. “All we have are death certificates or official correspondences, not personal views,” said Amber Santiago, who works with the tribe\’s historic preservation department. “We just have the white people\’s perspective. ” Starting in the 1860s, Natives from Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana and Alaska came to Puyallup Indian Reservation to attend Cushman Indian School.

Congratulations to Copenhagen Warriors

Congratulations to all the warriors for the land, forests, four-legged, two-legged, winged ones, fishes, Mother Earth and humanity, in Copenhagen, for a labor of love well done! Photo courtesy Clayton George Thomas-Muller “UNFCC COP15 Chillin with Naomi Klein during Reclaim Power”

Canadian author beaten by Border Patrol agents

Border Patrol Agents Terrorize, Murder Border Patrol agents beat and murder people at the southern and northern borders. Now, Canadian science fiction author Dr. Peter Watts has been beaten and jailed at the northern border. In 2008, Canadian border guards put Mohawk Nation News publisher Kahentinetha Horn in a stresshold and induced a heart attack. (Photo on right) Recently, US border agents detained and harassed Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman at the northern border, questioning her about speaking out against the 2010 Olympics. Currently, under the Obama administration, the abuse by US Border Patrol agents/Homeland Security of O\’odham in Arizona and other Indigenous Peoples at the southern border has escalated. –Censored News The Regime\’s Heroic Border Guards In Action William Grigg Friday, December 11, 2009 Crossing the border of a totalitarian state in either direction is an experience fraught with visceral anxiety. Finding himself in the unwanted company of humorless, hea

Copenhagen Summit: \’Nopenhagen\’ compared to Holocaust, Obama to Satan

Copenhagen: A lesson in geopolitics By Joanna Kakissis Aljazeera The Copenhagen Accord was agreed by the US, China, India, Brazil and South Africa After two weeks of international deadlock and an all-night marathon negotiating session that produced a thin and toothless accord, the biggest climate talks in history devolved from “Hopenhagen” to “Nopenhagen”. The Copenhagen Accord – brokered at the last minute by Barack Obama, the US president, with China, India, Brazil and South Africa – did not receive universal support from the 193 countries participating in the climate summit. The accord, which gutted a comprehensive agreement to pay poor countries to protect their forests, since the mass cutting of trees accounts for 20 per cent of global emissions, is not binding and does not have a set date for capping carbon emissions. It provoked reactions from fury to despair. Lumumba Stanislaus Dia-ping, Sudan\’s chief negotiator, compared it to the Holocaust, while Hugo Chav

BIA Withdraws Permit for Desert Rock Power Plant

Desert Rock power plant, being fought by grassroots Navajos, has biological assessment withdrawn www.latimes.com/business/nationworld/wire/sns-ap-nm-desert-rock-assessment,0,7325566.story BIA withdraws biological assessment for proposed Desert Rock power plant in NM SUE MAJOR HOLMES Associated Press Writer 6:00 PM PST, December 18, 2009 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) The Bureau of Indian Affairs has withdrawn its biological assessment for a proposed power plant in northwestern New Mexico, saying it has “significant concerns” about the impact of mercury and selenium on two endangered fish species in the San Juan River. BIA Director Jerry Gidner, in a letter Thursday to Fish and Wildlife Service Southwest Regional Director Benjamin Tuggle, said the decision will allow more time for coordination between Tuggle\’s staff, the BIA and the Environmental Protection Agency. It was the second review of federal decisions for the $3 billion coal-fired Desert Rock Energy Project on the Navajo Nat

Copenhagen Photos: Native Americans Demand Environmental Justice

Photos by Ben Powless, 23-year-old Mohawk from Six Nations, Ontario. The photos include Tom Goldtooth, director of the Indigenous Environmental Network, in photo one, Canadian delegations to halt the Tar Sands and Jihan Gearon of the Indigenous Environmental Network in photo four.

Iraq & Afghanistan: Oil and drugs for US

www.uruknet.info EVER WONDER WHERE SOME OF THE BANK BAILOUT MONEY CAME FROM? According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, it came from the Afghan opium trade. Foreign Policy in Focus has a fascinating article analyzing the recent UNODC study on the drug trade, entitled “Addiction, Crime, and Insurgency: The Transnational Threat of Afghan Opium.” While the original study headlines the role of the Taliban in the Afghan opium trade, the FPF article notes that buried deep in the study is the admission that the Taliban receives less than 15% of its funding from drugs and that it likely only benefits from 4% of the Afghan drug trade. Poppy farmers, for instance, take about 21% of the drug trade\’s earnings. And the rest? Read more: http://www.williambowles.info/iraq/uruk/2009/1209/uruk_151209.html

HADA\’A SIDI to Fight Peabody Western Lease Agreement

Media Statement HADA\’A SIDI TO FIGHT PEABODY WESTERN LEASE AMENDMENT Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com The Navajo Nation Council will hold a work session on Monday, December 21st, and then hold a vote the next day, on whether to approve amendments to a Peabody Western Coal Company mining lease. Hadada\’a sidi, a Navajo grassroots reform organization, opposes the amendments because there is insufficient public information on its fairness and how it will benefit the Navajo Nation, and the public has not been adequately notified and involved. As is often the case, we aren\’t seeing transparency and inclusion in the legislative process. There are problems with the amendment: For example, Peabody Coal promoters promised the people of the Black Mesa and Kayenta areas that the company will help with basic community needs. They include water, electricity, roads and other infrastructure items. Given that Navajo society is still largely oral, Navajo communities and voters t

Earl Tulley: Notes from Copenhagen: \’We gave our best\’

By Earl Tulley, Navajo from Blue Gap, Arizona COPENHAGEN — So how much is 100 billion dollars? Evo Morales stated if the USA wanted to save humanity not a portion of humanity (half of humanity). Hugo Chavez praised Morales for being re-elected recently and with 60 percent plus vote cast for the first indigenous leader. World leaders want more money from the US, the funds spent on the war were put in the sun light. ALBA hosted an event with dancing and singing and speeches by Latin American leaders Cuba Raul Castro sent a representative. The energy of Chavez\’ delivery is comparable to Obama. Hugo Chavez has a class act of his own with a thundering voice. People cheered and the big screen vibrated with all the energy at the ALBA event. NGO s noted their input is the foundation to future meetings, action at the local community level is important. Presentations at the KIMA Forum was not over-shadowed by the influx of world leaders gathered in Copenhagen — world class presenters cam

Interviews from Crow Creek

Article and Photo by NDN News Chairman Brandon Sazue from Crow Creek & Mo Brings Plenty, Oglala Lakota will be on Native America Calling on Tuesday, December 23rd Native America Calling Airs Live Monday – Friday, 1-2pm Eastern http://www.nativeamericacalling.com/ Listen to Tiokasin Ghosthorse s First Voices Indigenous Radio show from yesterday morning (December 17th) Crow Creek section of the interview can be heard at the last 18 minutes or so. www.firstvoicesindigenousradio.org/program_archives.html Will post more relevant info and another update regarding what steps they are taking later this evening. For more info, visit our website at: NDN News http://www.ndnnews.com/ NDN News is a grassroots organization which acts as an information hub and resource for many issues in Indian Country. We are dedicated to providing information featuring headline stories, on-going issues, action alerts, and upcoming events. Support from Alaska InterTribal Council: On December 3, 2009 the Internal Revenue Serv

Crow Creek Gains Support of Calif. Miwok

Crow Creek gains support of Calif. tribe Miwoks face eviction from tribal land Peter Harriman pharrima@argusleader.com December 18, 2009 Crow Creek Sioux Tribal Chairman Brandon Sazue has received lots of support from other tribes for his protest of the IRS auctioning off 7,100 acres of his tribe\’s land, including from a small tribe in California trying desperately to hold on to a tiny parcel of land that is its only real estate. The California Valley Miwok Tribe sent a letter to Sazue voicing their support for him and his tribe as its leaders prepare to barricade themselves for the second time on the tribe\’s only real estate, one-and-a-half acres housing the tribal office in Stockton, Calif., that is in a bank foreclosure. Read article: http://www.argusleader.com/article/20091218/NEWS/912180316/1003/BUSINESS

Tulley\’s Notes from Copenhagen: Evo Morales

Earl Tulley\’s Notes from Copenhagen: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Bolivian President Evo Morales Take Centerstage The Weather is Overcast and Quite a Storm Brewing Article and photos by Earl Tulley, Navajo from Blue Gap, Arizona Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ COPENHAGEN — Hugo Chaves and Evo Morales are putting it all on the table. Hugo spoke of a ghost in the room referring to a Copenhagen Agreement which had and was drafted before the end of Cope 15. Morales spoke of taking part in actions with some of the activists, then said after the decade of Indigenous Peoples was secured. But asked what was accomplished thereafter. Morales met with Indigenous participants and said it is the people who are the movers and that capitalism is not the answer nor the solution. In regards to actions within the Bela Center, a group of NGO\’s staged a walk out. Police/security escorted them through the building. They joined protesters outside. Some participants (protesters)

Earl Tulley, Notes from Copenhagen II

Notes from Copenhagen By Earl Tulley, Navajo from Blue Gap, Arizona December 16, 2009 Censored News http://www.bsnorell.blogspot.com “Made it into the center and let me tell you there are actions taking place and there is the police presence of the total number of Danish police, 2/3 are on call and the sheer number is a showcase in and around town. As to how things work with the delegations from nations it is that if one nation walks out, the meetings are shut down. The Africa Nation led the walk out two days ago and things just came to stop. Will action or resolution come forth from the Cop15, not too sure but the NGO\’s are networking and keeping issues on the front table. We came early to ensure we entered the building, others may not be here because of Metros being shut down and actions (protests) taking place. Our mission here is to put \’No Nuke\’ on the discussion table. Yesterday we presented a document to Prince Albert II of Monaco, who was present at the conference ho

IEN: North American Indigenous Demand More in Copenhagen

Contact: The Indigenous Environmental Network Media Team Mobile Number: +45 526 85596 E-mail: indigenous.environmental.network@gmail.com Websites: http://indigenousenvironmentalnetwork.blogspot.com/ North American Indigenous Peoples Demand More in Copenhagen By Indigenous Environmental Network COPENHAGEN, Denmark As the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) winds down, thousands of people marched in the streets today to reclaim power from the UN process they say is not good enough. Indigenous Peoples led a march from inside the official venue of the climate negotiations, to stand in solidarity with the rest of civil society in demanding climate justice. Over the past two weeks, indigenous peoples have been working to ensure all potential climate policies and actions that come out of the negotiations, ensure recognition of and respect for the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities. Specifically, indigenous peoples have lobbied for the incorporation
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Listen to Keith Secola and Charlie Hill at AIM-West Reunion

By Brenda Norrell SAN FRANCISCO — Listen to Keith Secola and Charlie Hill, with the best sounds and the best comedy in Indian country, at the AIM-West 40-year reunion. Listen to “Comedy Indian Style,” and Keith Secola on Earthcycles: http://www.earthcycles.net/mendo/ Earthcycles broadcast the reunion live in San Francisco, which included Bill Means, Madonna Thunder Hawk, Clyde Bellecourt, Pat Bellanger, Lehman Brightman, Lenny Foster, Mike Flores, \’Berkeley Beyond Borders,\’ and others. Listen to the speakers and Earthcycles interviews from the three day conference in San Francisco: http://www.earthcycles.net/mendo/ Listen to KPFA on Alcatraz Island during Thursday\’s sunrise gathering: http://kpfa.org/archives/index.php?arch=29630 Photo Brenda Norrell

Paul Owns the Sabre: Carrying the torch with art

By Brenda Norrell OAKLAND, Calif. — Paintings by Paul Owns the Sabre, Lakota from Cheyenne River, S.D., went on display Sunday at the Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland, Calif. Owns the Sabre spoke on the cultural genocide underway in the United States and the horror of boarding schools for Indian people. Owns the Sabre said he will hold a special giveaway and give all his paintings away, as they were not done for money. He encouraged Indian youths to learn their songs and their language, and to do their art. The reception included a meal of buffalo stew and fry bread and songs by the All Nation Singers. Among the guests were Long Walkers Harry, Aisyln, Tomas and Brenda, who accompanied Owns the Sabre on the Longest Walk northern route across America in 2008. In a tribute to Owns the Sabre, it was pointed out that he had undertaken a lifetime of walks and runs across America. The show of paintings continues through Dec. 13. Photo Brenda Norrell

Shoshone Grandmothers to Barrick Gold: \’This is Treaty Land!\’

Article and photo by Lisa Wolf Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com Photo: Shoshone Bernice Lalo protesting on Mount Tenabo/Photo Lisa Wolf CRESCENT VALLEY — Western Shoshone protested Barrick Gold and demanded a halt to the destruction, as Barrick rips up the pine trees on sacred Mount Tenabo by the roots. Writer Lisa Wolf conveys the comments of Shoshone to the perpetrators of genocide on this sacred mountain. As Barrick\’s global assault on Indigenous territories continues, the Shoshone have filed a court action to halt the desecration now underway on Mount Tenabo. The Western Shoshone grandmothers told the Barrick employee, This is our treaty land. It was a treaty made with the federal government. It was not made with a foreign nation. And it is a foreign mining company that has come into our country and is destroying our mountain, our land, our food, our medicine and they have no respect. Shoshone Elder Bernice Lalo said, I came here because from our beliefs that we pr

Western Shoshone protest Barrick Gold on Mount Tenabo photos

Western Shoshone protest Barrick Gold\’s destruction on sacred Mount Tenabo on Wednesday. Shoshone call for help to establish an encampment. Article by Brenda Norrell Photos by Lisa Wolf CRESCENT VALLEY, Newe Sogobi (Nevada) — While most Americans enjoyed Thanksgiving this week, Western Shoshone protested the devastation on their sacred Mount Tenabo, as Barrick Gold ripped out pine trees by the roots on this ceremonial mountain for gold mining. As Barrick Gold continues its practice of genocide, targeting Indigenous Peoples territories around the world, Barrick is destroying Mount Tenabo for one of the United States largest open pit gold mines. The Cortez Hills Expansion Project is at the flank of the mountain where Shoshone carry out sweatlodges and other ceremonies. (See protest photos at http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ ) Shoshone called for help and an immediate encampment to protect sacred Mount Tenabo. Earlier this week, several Western Shoshone tribes and non-profit indigenou

Black Friday protest of Emeryville Shellmound desecration

By Brenda Norrell Censored News SAN FRANCISCO — Morning Star Gali said Shellmound Walkers will protest the Emeryville shopping center built on Ohlone graves on Friday, Nov. 28. Friday is known as “Black Friday,” the largest shopping day of the year. “People are shopping on the graves of our ancestors,” Gali said, as Native Americans departed from the Alcatraz Sunrise Ceremony on Thursday. Shellmound Walkers will leave the Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland Friday morning and walk to Emeryville, across from San Francisco. The protest will be at Shellmound Drive and Ohlone Way in Emeryville. The mock Shellmound there is “very disrepectful,” she said Gali said the walkers message to shoppers on Black Friday is, “Don\’t shop on our graves. Don\’t continue to desecrate these burial sites.” Listen to today\’s brief interviews, conducted after the Alcatraz Sunrise Gathering Morning Star, audio one, Shellmound history http://censored-news.blogspo

Long Walkers at Intertribal Friendship House

. By Brenda Norrell OAKLAND, Calif. — Long Walkers from the northern route 2008 at the Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland on Thursday, after the Alcatraz Sunrise Gathering: Paul, Tomas, Sage, Shaleen and Aislyn. The five month walk began in February of 2008 at Alcatraz and concluded in Washington D.C. in July 2008. Some of the Long Walkers are now on the Shellmound Walk, which will protest the desecration of the Ohlone Shellmounds. A shopping center in Emeryville was constructed on Ohlone graves. The protest on Friday comes as the Shellmound Walkers conclude a two week walk. Photos Brenda Norrell

Mohawk Nation News: Is this Palestine or soon-to-be-Ongwehonwe communities

DID YOU VISIT YOUR RELATIVES TODAY? IS THIS PALESTINE OR SOON-TO-BE-ONGWEHONWE COMMUNITIES? MOHAWK NATION NEWS No v. 25, 2008. It s called warehousing of surplus humanity.” All humans are equal. No one can decide that we are surplus. The object is to remove the target people from existence. This is real, folks! First, the territory of the targets is occupied. Their communities, work, education, finances and colonial apparatus are controlled by the outside forces. The agenda is carried out by the bureaucrats and military. They are trained in oppression using non-lethal weaponry to stay within the bounds of the UN human rights conventions. A fascist state needs an uneducated non-resisting people. To achieve this, lots of interference in every day life, schooling and economy are priorities. The youth are specially interfered with. Places of work, schools or commerce are not set up within the communities forcing them to work or attend school or shop outside. The target group is usually i

Western Shoshone Devastation and Destruction on Mount Tenabo

Contact: Carrie Dann, Western Shoshone grandmother, (775) 468-0230 Western Shoshone Grandmothers Day of Resistance Devastation and Destruction Witnessed By Western Shoshone Defense Project (November 27, 2008, Crescent Valley, Newe Sogobi (Nevada). Western Shoshone grandmothers and other Western Shoshone supporters gathered in solidarity yesterday to oppose the clear cutting of pinion trees at the spiritual Mount Tebano where Barrick Gold Company is planning one of the country s largest open pit gold mines known as the Cortez Hills Expansion Project at the flank of the Mountain. Earlier this week, several Western Shoshone tribes and non-profit indigenous and environmental organizations have filed a restraining order in the federal District Court in Reno, NV, against the construction of the proposed mine site. Unable to wait for the hearing that is scheduled for early next week and the mine s continual slaughter of the pinion forest, the Western Shoshone grandmothers and supporters travel

Western Shoshone call for immediate encampment

WESTERN SHOSHONE ALERT: By Brenda Norrell MOUNT TENABO, WESTERN SHOSHONE TERRITORY –Western Shoshone are calling for immediate support and an encampment to protect the trees being ripped out by the roots for gold mining by Barrick Gold on sacred Mount Tenabo. Western Shoshone protested the destruction today and halted the damage for three hours. “They are piling up the trees like dead bodies,” one of the Shoshone said. Western Shoshone Bill Larson urged supporters to come immediately and bring water, food, warm clothing, blankets and firewood for an encampment. For support and media interviews: Carrie Dann, Western Shoshone grandmother, 775-468-0230 Dan Randolph, Great Basin Resource Watch, 775-722-4056 Julie Cavanaugh-Bill, Western Shoshone Defense Project, 775-744-2565 or wsdp@igc.org Photo: The late Corbin Harney. Western Shoshone statement: Western Shoshone grandmothers resistance

Welcome to AIM West\’s Unthanksgiving

At the AIM West Reunion Unthanksgiving, Wednesday, Nov. 26, at the San Francisco Baha\’\’i Center. Charlie Hill, Keith Secola, Bill Means, Madonna Thunder Hawk, Clyde Bellecourt, Pat Bellanger, Mike Flores, Lenny Foster and more. Live on http://www.earthcycles.net/ and 104.1 FM local San Francisco. Photo Long Walker Pegge cooks the turkey. Brenda Norrell

Shoshone Grandmothers Plan Resistance Day on Proposed Mine Site

Contacts: Carrie Dann, Western Shoshone grandmother, 775-468-0230 Dan Randolph, Great Basin Resource Watch, 775-722-4056 Julie Cavanaugh-Bill, Western Shoshone Defense Project, 775-744-2565 or wsdp@igc.org Restraining Order Requested Shoshone Grandmothers Plan Resistance Day on Proposed Mine Site Photo: The late Mary Dann with sister Carrie Dann/WSDP From Shoshone Grandmothers CRESCENT VALLEY, Newe Sogobi ( Nevada). As the holidays approach and the world watches President-elect Obama and the bailouts; back in Nevada, home state of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, it s business as usual. Late yesterday, attorneys for several Western Shoshone tribes and non-profit indigenous and environmental organizations filed a request in the federal District Court in Reno, NV seeking a restraining order against the construction of one of the country s largest open pit gold mines on the flank of spiritual Mt. Tenabo. The mine company has already begun demolition of the pinyon forest with heavy machine

Drum song at the AIM West Reunion

TOP PHOTO: At the AIM West 40 year reunion, youths from DQ University sang the AIM song on Monday. Listen live at http://www.earthcycles.net/ and in San Francisco on 104.1 FM this week. The singers included Shaleen and Ed, both Long Walkers on the northern route in 2008. Bottom Photo: DQ activist with Tony Gonzales and Mike Flores listening to drum song. Photos Brenda Norrell

Open Letter from Leonard Peltier to Barack Obama

Open Letter From Leonard Peltier to Barack Obama From Leonard Peltier I have watched with keen interest and renewed hope as your campaign has mobilized millions of Americans behind your message of changing a political system that serves a small economic elite at the expense of the peoples of the United States and the world. Your election as president of the United States, where slaves and Indians were long considered less than human under the law, will undoubtedly constitute a historic moment in race relations in the United States. Yet symbolism alone will not bring about change. Our young people, black and Native alike, suffer from police brutality and racial profiling, underfunded schools, and discrimination in employment and housing. I sincerely hope your campaign will inspire some hope among our youth to struggle for a better future. I am, however, concerned that your recent statement on the Sean Bell verdict, in which the New York police officers who fired 50 shots at a young man on the eve of

Earthcycles live from San Francisco

By Brenda Norrell http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ SAN FRANCISCO — Earthcycles will broadcast live from the AIM-West 40 year reunion this week, beginning 10:30 am on Monday, Nov. 24, 2008. Producer Govinda Dalton and cohost Brenda Norrell will broadcast at http://www.earthcycles.net/ and on local 104.1 FM in San Francisco. American Indian Movement members gather all day on Monday at the San Francisco main library, with Bill Means and Madonna Thunder Hawk. AIM-West continues on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Baha\’i Center, with an Unthanksgiving Feast on Wednesday. Everyone is welcome. The Alcatraz Island Sunrise Ceremony, hosted by the International Indian Treaty Council, will be at first light on Alcatraz Island Thursday morning. On Friday evening, AIM-West hosts a fundraiser concert. Meanwhile, the Shellmound walkers and Peace Walkers are on a two week walk in the Bay area. The Shellmound walkers will be at the Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland on Thursday at 10 am. Earthcycles

Barriere Lake Algonquins: Taking Back the Airwaves

Collectif de Solidarit Lac Barri re www.solidaritelacbarriere.blogspot.com barrierelakesolidarity@gmail.com Barriere Lake Solidarity presents: Taking Back the Airwaves For many years Barriere Lake has experienced the loss of their land, language and culture. In 1961 they were squeezed onto a 59-acre reserve, in the 1970s they were forced to attend Residential School and since 1993 they have been fighting to have agreements with Quebec and Canada that promise the co-management of their traditional territory honoured. It\’s time Barriere Lake took something back Join Barriere Lake Solidarity in helping Barriere Lake TAKE BACK THE AIRWAVES. Where: Independent Media Centre, 2035 St. Laurent When: November 29th, 7pm (Film Screening) & 9pm (Dance Party) FILM: A Little Bit of So Much Truth ************** DANCE: DJ Aaron Maiden & DJ Medja Cost: $5-10 sliding scale or DONATE AM/FM RADIO * Barriere Lake Radio t-shirts, drinks and snacks available Barriere Lake Algonquins, with support from the

Leonard Peltier Day of Justice, Fargo, ND, Nov. 28, 2008

\’DAY OF JUSTICE\’ scheduled for Friday, November 28th at the Fargo Federal Courthouse. On Friday November 28th, the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee will hold a demonstration called Day of Justice at the Fargo Federal Courthouse 110 Quentin N Burdick, 655 First Avenue North, Fargo North Dakota. The Day of Justice will increase awareness about the case of Leonard Peltier and the fact that he has been imprisoned for 33 years. Not only was he convicted based on coerced statements, and false evidence Peltier has spent more time in prison for aiding and abetting than any reasonable person can justify. The Day of Justice is a call to action for concerned citizens to question why Peltier is serving two life sentences and has been imprisoned for more than half of his life. The Day of Justice is about how laws designed for everyone are not equally applied. The US Bureau of Prisons is not following the law in regard to releasing Leonard Peltier on parole. Legally Peltier sh

COINTELPRO: They Got Shut Down for Standing Up

COINTELPRO: They Got Shut Down for Standing Up by Karima Amin Sent in by Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee From the late 1950\’s into the 1970\’s, the F.B.I. conducted a series of actions in a counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO) designed to disrupt, discredit, and destroy certain individuals and groups in this country. The Communist Party, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P.), the Black Panther Party, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (S.C.L.C.), the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (S.N.C.C.), the Black Liberation Army (B. L. A.), the Socialist Workers Party, La Raza Unida (“the Unified Race”), MOVE, the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.) and others were among the targets. Dedicated activists who fought for justice were arrested for their political beliefs, tried in criminal courts, and incarcerated with exorbitant and punitive sentences. These political prisoners were effectively shut down for standi

ALERT: Barrick Gold ready to carve up Western Shoshone sacred mountain

Thanksgiving the Cortez Way – U.S. Ignores Western Shoshone Objections Barrick Gold Readies Itself to Carve up Mount Tenabo Spiritual Area By Timbisha Shoshone, Western Shoshone and Great Basin Resource Watch Photo by Erin Hetherington/Oxfam http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ November 20, 2008 RENO and CRESCENT VALLEY, Nev. — Last week, after years of determined opposition from Western Shoshone, the U.S. Department of Interior, through its Bureau of Land Management (BLM), approved one of the largest open pit cyanide heap leach gold mines in the United States on the flank of Mount Tenabo an area well-known for its spiritual and cultural importance to the Western Shoshone. The area is home to local Shoshone creation stories, spirit life, medicinal, food and ceremonial plants and items and continues to be used to this day by Shoshone for spiritual and cultural practices. Over the years, tens of thousands of individuals and organizations from across the United States and around the world

Appeals Court: Shell\’s Arctic Drilling Plan Illegal

Shell Oil s Arctic Offshore Drilling Plan Illegal says 9th Circuit Court of Appeals By REDOIL Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com photo http://www.alaskawild.org/ SAN FRANCISCO — The U.S. Department of Interior s Minerals Management Service (MMS) illegally approved plans by Shell Offshore Inc. to drill for oil in the Beaufort Sea off the north coast of Alaska according to a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. The court previously blocked activity under Shell s exploration plan while it considered arguments that the plan presented substantial risks to polar bears, endangered whales, and subsistence-hunting communities. Today s order sends Shell s drilling plan back to MMS to meet legal obligations to fully analyze and disclose impacts from drilling on the rapidly changing Arctic environment. A coalition of Alaska Native organizations and conservation groups sued to halt drilling because large-scale industrial activities threaten endangered bowhead whales, polar bears and othe

Mohawk Nation News: Secret Military Exercises Report

PAINT BALL GAME GONE WILD! SECRET MILITARY EXERCISES NEAR MOHAWK COMMUNITIES? [In-depth Report] Photo 1: Fort Bliss, Texas . Photo 2 map: Northcom map removed from web shortly after being posted by the Pentagon. Mohawk Nation News Nov. 19, 2008. If Canada is such a peace loving country, why is it saber rattling and playing war games like “Vigilant Shield 09”? Huge military exercises are taking place on Turtle Island this month. These are being run by “NorthCom” and “NORAD” [North American AeroDefence Command]. NorthCom works with “Canada Command” and coordinates civil incidents through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security DHS. This has nothing to do with Afghanistan. It has to do with “civil” control, not democracy. The Canadian part is called “Determined Dragon, Trillium Response”. [What bunch of jerks made this one up? Sounds like some kind of teenage fantasy video? These guys are scary!] In the U.S. during a “disaster or
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Fifteen-year-old Chumash receives death threats in California town

Fifteen-year-old Chumash receives death threats in California town Backlash to opposing mascots exposes racism in coastal California town By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com CARPINTERIA, Calif. A 15-year-old Chumash youth received death threats because he urged his high school to eliminate sports mascots which are degrading and mock Native Americans and their culture. After those deaths were reported to police in this small coastal town, 90 minutes north of Los Angeles, police took no action and said the death threats were not credible. Mark Anquoe, Kiowa from Oklahoma and member of the American Indian Movement, said it is inexcusable for police not to take death threats of a student seriously. Speaking on Red Town Radio, Anquoe said it is surprising with the number of shootings in schools in the United States, such as Colombine, that this death threat was not taken seriously. You would think a death threat made to a student would be investigated and disciplina

Obama: Stop the Peabody Mine Expansion on Black Mesa

By Bahe Katenay Ladies and Gentlemen, the Old, the Young, the Coming Generation, and Relatives: As we speak, there exist a state of fear and anxiety in a traditional community at Big Mountain in the heart of Black Mesa. And as we speak, the federally deputized officers of the BIA Hopi Agency Police and Rangers are patrolling this region where a few traditional elders continue to live and also resist federal mandates to relocate. I want to bring your attention to one particular situation that is an example of the wide-spread acts of injustice, human rights violation, religious intolerance, and threats of property destruction. Dineh resister and elder, Pauline Whitesinger, has stood her ground since 1977 when the BIA tried to build a range unit fence within the lands partitioned to the neighboring tribe, the (modern and progressive) Hopis. Pauline still believes in the old ways by upholding aboriginal rights and treaty rights and because of BIA-Hopi restriction on new contruction and h

Indigenous Alliance without Borders Statement on Southern Border Indigenous Peoples Issues

Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras P.O. Box 826 Tucson, Arizona www.indigenasinfronteras.org Contact: Jose R. Matus, Project Director, Tel: 520 979-2125, jrmatus@aol.com Photo: Alianza 2008/by Brenda Norrell Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras Statement on Southern Border Indigenous Peoples Issues TUCSON — The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras (Indigenous Alliance Without Borders) located in Tucson, brought together individual members of the Tohono O\’odham Nation, Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Gila River Indian Community, White Mountain and Lipan Apache, along with indigenous organizations from Tucson and Phoenix at a regional consultation and strategy meeting on Southern Border Indigenous Peoples issues. At this gathering, on Feb. 14, an indigenous led transnational initiative focusing on issues of the US-Mexico border region was launched, and strategic plans made to proactively promote recognition and respect for the rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras will spearhead the devel

Turn the tide in Phoenix: March against hate

Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine Calls on Fans to Turn the Tide Against Hate, Join March in Phoenix, Arizona . Famous Lead Singer to Join Thousands to Denounce Sheriff Joe Arpaio\’s Out of Control Intimidation and Humiliation Who: National Day Laborer Organizing Network, Puente Arizona, and Zach de la Rocha What: March to Stop the Systematic Persecution of Migrants and Latinos in AZ. Where: March Start Location for Feb 28th: 300 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85012 When: March to Stop the Hate in Phoenix to be held 9:00 am on February 28. “Recently the nation witnessed the ritual humiliation of migrants in a spectacle evocative of some of the most horrific episodes of human history,” explains Pablo Alvarado, Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. “People across the country are outraged at the shameful violations of human rights perpetrated by the Maricopa County Sheriffs and they are being moved to action.” In the last month Sheriff Jo

Indigenous Peoples Day Phoenix, Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nahn-coh-Mahss O\’otham Indigenous Peoples Day COMMUNITY CELEBRATION In AFFIRMATION of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Adopted by the UN General Assembly September 13, 2007 Saturday March 14th, 2009 Steele Indian School Park 10:00 AM 8:00 PM Native American Heritage Coalition Gathering of the Visions Jean Chaudhuri Memorial Memorial Hall 3rd Street and Indian School Road 12:00 PM 3:30 PM Continental Confederation of the Eagle and the Condor Contacts: Tupac Enrique Acosta: (602) 466-8367 Benjamin Chee (602) 930-6791 Shannon Rivers (480) 220-6766 Email: chantlaca@tonatierra.org Links: http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unpfii/en/declaration.html http://www.cumbrecontinentalindigena.org Indigenous Peoples Day Saturday March 14th Draft Agenda of Activities Sunrise Ceremony at Smoadoag Doag 8:00 – 9:30 Xinachtli (Seed) Educational – Cultural Sharing at South Mountain Ecology Center 10:00 Spiritual Run from Smoadoag Doag to Indian School Park 12:00 Arrrival at Indian School Park, Re

Bea De O\’Campo passes to the Spirit World

Bea De O\’Campo passes to Spirit World Bea was the sister of our friend, Wounded Knee on the Longest Walk Memorial Services for Bea De O\’Campo will be held on Friday, Feb. 27, 2009 @ 2:00 @ 1525 Sonoma Blvd., Vallejo, CA. Directions: Take 80 East and take the first turn off after the Carquinez Bridge which is Sonoma Blvd. Go down until it crosses York Street, across from the Harley Davidson Store and the Armory where the memorial will be held is located there. Elizabeth “Bia” DeOcampo Sept. 8, 1944 – Feb. 19, 2009 Elizabeth “Bia” DeOcampo, Native American activist and community leader, made her journey to the Spirit World on February 19, 2009, after a long illness at her home surrounded by loved ones. She was born in Fairfield, California, and was one of eight children. Bia graduated from UC Berkeley with two bachelor\’s degrees in Native American studies and social welfare. She went on to receive a master\’s degree in social work from San Francisco State U

Censorship and the heroes of our generation

Along with the loss of their jobs, many people who provide information for Censored News have been hungry, homeless, sick, arrested, jailed and beaten over the past two years. Article and photo by Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ In today\’s column, Roberto Rodriquez describes the blatant racism by Lou Dobbs on CNN. In a slightly more subtle form of manipulation and control, Indian Country Today has a large ad for CIA Clandestine Services — CIA spies — on its website today. The ad has been revolving there for months. This means that ICT is funded by the CIA. When I was a staff reporter for Indian Country Today, the managing editor in 2005 demanded that I not write about “grassroots people or the genocide of American Indians.” I continued to do so and was terminated in 2006. But, before I was terminated, my articles were censored and the wording changed, over my objections. The non-Indian staff members responsible continued at the newspaper over

Rodriguez: \’Face of the New American Bigot, Part II\’

Face of the New American Bigot, Part II By Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez In writing about CNN s Lou Dobbs and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently readers rightly asked about why CNN continues to carry an obsessed bigot in its daily lineup? The question is the same for other media outlets that have for years carried Dobbs and others whose careers seemed to be based on an obsession with immigration (illegal or otherwise), the border and the Spanish language. Unquestionably, it is an unhealthy obsession, one in which during difficult times leads to un upsurge in hate crimes, discrimination, harassment and scapegoating. In this case, the scapegoats are Mexicans primarily, but also Central and South Americans. Many of those targeted are in fact either legally here or U.S. born citizens. This is not news to CNN. Virtually every media outlet, every media watch dog group and every human rights organization has noted Dobbs s obsession. The Southern Poverty Law Center the premier human righ

Indigenous Alliance without Borders: March to challenge Sheriff Arpaio

Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras Statement of Support For the National Human Rights March To Challenge Sheriff Joe Arpaio Saturday, February 28th Phoenix, Arizona By Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras Photo by Brenda Norrell/Arpaio protest in Tucson 2008 The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras joins and stands strongly in support of all the people and organizers of the National Human Rights March to challenge the Human Rights abuses of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. We believe that the militarization and border enforcement policies that have been inflicted upon the territories of our eight Nations of Indigenous Peoples divided by the US-Mexico border have helped nurture virulent racist nativism in America, and politicians have used immigration as a wedge issue that has degraded respect for the civil and human rights of us all. The actions of Sheriff Arpaio extend the militarization of the border to the entirety of the metropolis of Maricopa County, where the Sheriff\’s Posse acts as an ”

Amnesty: US-made white phosphorus weapons found in Gaza

US/ISRAELI WAR CRIMES IN GAZA: Our research team recently found evidence of U.S.-made weapons in Gaza, including the misuse of white phosphorus munitions. Urge Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to immediately call for an investigation into Israel s use of U.S. arms in Gaza. Investigate potential war crimes in Gaza By Amnesty International A new report released just hours ago reveals that U.S.-made white phosphorus artillery shells among other U.S. weapons were found throughout Gaza. When white phosphorus munitions are used in densely-populated civilian areas as Israel has, it violates international humanitarian law s prohibition on indiscriminate attacks and amounts to a war crime. In light of this new finding, we are urging Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to immediately call for: an investigation into Israel s use of U.S. arms in Gaza a suspension of U.S. military aid to Israel and to urge the United Nations to impose an arms embargo on all parties in the conflict Samia Salman Al-Manay&#

Listen, Jose Matus, Yaqui: On the Border

Censored News Blog Talk Radio By Brenda Norrell http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com Yaqui ceremonial leader Jose Matus, director of the Indigenous Alliance without Borders, talks about the Indigenous rights of mobility and Yaqui villages in Sonora, Mexico. Matus said Indigenous on the border are concerned that conditions under President Obama remain “status quo” with the Bush regime. As requested by Yaqui elders to maintain ceremonies, for 30 years Matus has brought Yaqui ceremonial leaders across the border for temporary visits to conduct annual ceremonies. Homeland Security continues to harass Indigenous Peoples at the border. The Indigenous Alliance without Borders supports Indigenous Peoples struggling to maintain their traditional ceremonies and mobility in ancestral territories, including the Lipan Apache, facing the seizure of their land by Homeland Security for the US/Mexico border wall. Matus also talks about humanitarian efforts in Yaqui villages in Sonora, Mexico, includi

Leonard Peltier remembers Bob Robideau

Greetings my relatives! By Leonard Peltier It is with a real deep sense of loss that I write this. The loss of my brother in the struggle for Indigenous rights who was also my blood cousin and also a defendant in the Oglala shoot-out trials. I am speaking of Robert Robideau, who we called Bob most of the time. Bob was a tireless campaigner for my freedom and Indigenous rights all over the world. I can t express enough how greatly his leaving this level of existence will be missed. Bob and I grew up together. We were involved in the 70 s American Indian Movement together. We were shot at together. We were on the run together and over the 33 years of my imprisonment, Bob was a person I could count on for a lot of reasons. We laughed together, quarreled with one another, praised one another and had strong disagreements at times. Bob was the one person I could truly count on to tell me the straight of it, whether I liked it or not. I didn t talk to Bob in person that often, as of late, but j

Wounded Knee Commemoration to honor Robideau

From International Peltier Forum . Longest Walk photo, Morning Star Gali, Colo/08 Photos by Jofreal Elliot, Longest Walk click here Photos by Cornelia Vandenberg 1993 click here . Robert Robideau passed away at his home in Barcelona, Spain on Tuesday, February 17, 2009. He was a member of the Turtle Mountain and White Earth Ojibwa tribes. Robideau was a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM) since 1973. Darrell (Dino) Butler, and Robert Robideau were acquitted in the deaths of two FBI agents in 1976 on grounds of self defense. The charges arose after a shootout with the FBI on Pine Ridge reservation in June of 1975 that left two FBI agents and an Indian man dead. This period known as the reign of terror, in which 60 AIM members were killed and hundreds more assaulted in a government sponsored action to destroy AIM. These killings and assaults came in the aftermath of the Wounded Knee takeover by AIM in 1973. The third defendant, Leonard Peltier was sentenced to two consecutive life se

UN testimony: Canada discriminates against Aboriginal rights

UN CERD Submission Canada Racial Discriminates Against Aboriginal Proprietary Rights Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade (INET) http://www.wman-info.org/thenetwork/profiles/inet/ (Geneva, Switzerland, February 19, 2009) Bertha Williams and Arthur Manuel were given opportunity to address the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, (CERD) Working Group on Early Warning and Urgent Action, on a written submission they made to CERD. Bertha Williams is from the Tsawwassen Peoples and resident of the Tsawwassen Indian Reserve near Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Arthur Manuel is Secwepemc and spokesperson for the Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade (INET). Mr. Manuel is from the Neskonlith Indian Reserve in south central British Columbia near Kamloops, Canada. Mr. Arthur Manuel stated “the document submitted to the UN CERD points out that Canada racially discriminates against Indigenous Peoples proprietary rights, by systemically not recogniz

Indigenous Peoples Global Summit on Climate Change

The Inuit Circumpolar Council is hosting April 20-24, 2009 in Anchorage, Alaska a Global Summit on Climate Change that will bring together indigenous delegates and observers.The purpose of the summit is to enable Indigenous peoples from all regions of the globe to exchange their knowledge and experience in adapting to the impacts of climate change, and to develop key messages and recommendations to be articulated to the world at the Conference of Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark in December 2009. Info: http://www.indigenoussummit.com/servlet/content/home.html Earthcycles, north to Alaska Earthcycles producer Govinda Dalton, and cohost Brenda Norrell of Censored News, hope to travel to Alaska to broadcast the climate summit. We hope to take two Native youth interns to train in radio broadcasting, audio production and online news coverage. If you are able to help as a financial sponsor, please contact brendanorrell@gmail.com Listen to th

Early photos, Bob Robideau, by Cornelia Vandenberg

Special thanks to Cornelia Vandenberg for sharing her early photos of Bob Robideau in 1993 with Censored News. Cornelia said the first photo was taken at the Roxy in Los Angeles. The second photo was taken at the Orange County Powwow in California, which she visited for the magazine that she published at the time. “I shared a booth with Bob and his brother Richard.” Sincere condolences from Cornelia Vandenberg and Brenda Norrell/Censored News, to Bob Robideau\’s family and friends. Bob, 62, passed away at his home in Barcelona, Spain, where he was a painter. Along with his lifetime of activism, Bob joined the Longest Walk 2 northern route in Colorado in 2008, photos at: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2009/02/in-memory-of-bob-robideau.html

MNN: Global Nuclear Genocide of Indigenous — government liquidation srategy?

Global Nuclear Genocide of Indigenous government liquidation strategy? It won\’t work! Mohawk Nation News http://www.mohawknationnews.com/ Feb. 19, 2009. A sickening picture is shaping up. The evidence continues to mount like a smelly compost heap, except it has no organic value and it s a serious threat to the generations to come. Who doesn t know that radiation is deadly? Government and the nuclear industry keep lying to us! They deny the grisly effects such as cancer, birth defects and many environmental illnesses caused by radioactive toxins in our air, land and water. The nuclear industry seized on the peak oil and global warming crisis which they created and turned it to their advantage. They call nuclear a green , clean , renewable resource because they can reuse the deadly waste to make nuclear weapons. They lump it under with wind and solar. The theme of the Canadian Nuclear Association CNA convention and trade show from February 25 to 27 at the Westin in Ottawa is
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