CENSORED NEWS: December 2013

Big Foot Riders arrive at Wounded Knee Photos by Pte San Win


By Pte San Win Published with permission at Censored News Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013 Mitakuyapi, After making that long and enduring sacred horse ride from the place where Chief Sitting Bull was lured and murdered on the border of South Dakota and North Dakota to Wounded Knee, South Dakota Chief Spotted Elk aka Chief Big Foot was murdered our sacred horse nation and sacred riders of the Standing Rock, Cheyenne River and Oglala nation all stood at the mass grave site today an prayed, sang, cried and remembered the TRUE HISTORY of OUR direct ancestors. It is okay to feel this today and every year on this day; DECEMBER 29, 1890. It is okay to embrace OUR truths and we shall do so until we are healed. We cannot heal in one generation or in two or three, maybe not even four. It will take at least seven (so the elders say) to completely heal from what happened to our CHIEF, our NACA, our headsman and his relatives on that cold day in December 1890. Today, December 29 the riders all circled around the memorial of the mass grave to which our ancestors were thrown into and buried on that cold day in 1890. Tears were overflowing from cante\’ (heart) as I witnessed and felt the spirit of our ancestors an today our young relatives and horse nation. I am thankful to be lakota… The riders all circled up this morning remembering our relatives who suffered and died by the hands of the US CALVARY on this cold December day in 1890. We remember GRANDPA SPOTTED ELK (Chief Big Foot) today. He was sick with pneumonia yet fled from up North because of what happened to Sitting Bull and his mitakuye. It is a hard day to remember the pain and the hurt that our ancestors endured YET it is good to suffer today knowing we are still ALIVE. (Crying) my heart is full of LOVE for our ancestors today. I am here and I am alive. Maybe that is why they suffered in the manner to which they did???? So that we will always remember who we are and always remain connected to the heart and the spirit of our ROOTS. I love you Grandpa Spotted Elk and I am sorry for what you endured by the hands of those seeking to annihilate our sacred race of people…. More photos and reflections by Pte San Win, thank you for sharing with Censored News: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2013/12/big-foot-riders-photos-by-pte-san-win.html

The Year of the Whistleblower 2013

The truth is the one thing that the US can not recover from

Topping the list in Indian country: Buying into dirty coal, the threat of new uranium mining and the roundup of wild horses for slaughter houses, all by the Navajo Nation government By Brenda Norrell

The year of 2013 was the year of the whistleblower. Edward Snowden exposed that the US is spying on, and collecting data, belonging to the world\’s citizens and diplomats. A World Bank whistleblower exposed how the financial elite control the world, and bought the media to silence it. Global Research reports, “Karen Hudes is a graduate of Yale Law School and she worked in the legal department of the World Bank for more than 20 years.” “The goal is control. They want all of us enslaved to debt, they want all of our governments enslaved to debt, and they want all of our politicians addicted to the huge financial contributions that they funnel into their campaigns. Since the elite also own all of the big media companies, the mainstream media never lets us in on the secret that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way that our system works.”

Big Foot Riders Photos by Pte San Win

Photos by Pte San Win Published with permission at Censored News (Above) This photo was at the Cheyenne River by Bridger the first day the OGLALA\’s joined with Standing Rock and Cheyenne River relatives for the Big Foot Ride 2013. 12-23-13

Oglala Akicita Ronald Cross Dog – Little, the morning of 12-23-13 the first day he joined with relatives from Standing Rock and Cheyenne River on the Big Foot Ride 2013.
Bigfoot riders 12-23-13 between Bridger and Wall, SD
12-23-13 Bigfoot Riders coming into Lunch between Bridger and Wall, South Dakota
12-24-13 Bigfoot Rider Duran Thunder Hawk, Oglala Lakota
12-25-13 Bigfoot riders coming into Red Water, Pine Ridge Indian Nation
Big foot riders leaving Red Water, South Dakota – Pine Ridge Indian Reservation 12-27-13 for Red Owl Springs, SD – Pine Ridge Indian Nation

Riders at Wounded Knee on Dec. 28, 2013 By Pte San Win The riders are moving swiftly. I just love our sacred horse nation. They are so beautiful and powerful. Our babies are so strong and sacred for handling this cold cold wind. Just think relatives our young boys used to go out and do their first hunt on horse back by about 12 years old. Sometimes in the midst of winter.
Mitakuyapi tonight the riders are camped at Wounded Knee District School. We will be here having speakers and songs throughout the evening. Tomorrow we will be riding to Pine Ridge in remembrance of our relatives who were taken there and left to die at 3 Moccasin Park. We will be riding to Pine Ridge and meeting at Billy Mills Hall to eat. We have relatives who rode all the way from Standing Rock. They are beautiful and strong mitakuyapi.
Update Riders arrive at Wounded Knee http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2013/12/big-foot-riders-arrive-at-wounded-knee.html On December 29, 1890, the Seventh Cavalry massacred Miniconjou Lakota leader Big Foot and 150 of his people at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. In the days leading up to the massacre, Big Foot and his followers rode 300 miles, hoping to find refuge at Pine Ridge.

Ben Carnes \’Remembering Carter Camp\’

Carter Camp: R.I.P. 2013

“We Decided that our Indian people are more
important to us than long jail terms.”
Carter Camp, Ponca Nation, Wounded Knee 1973

By Ben Carnes, Choctaw

Carter Camp painted as a warrior at Wounded Knee

Remembering people of their words and actions has been my way of mourning, as a way to keep their spirit alive in our memories. His words above exemplified what it means to commit to being a true Warrior for the people. He lived this way of life as so many people can attest to. Those words take me back to when I began to understand what the American Indian Movement was about in the early 70\’s. It began as a civil rights organization in Minneapolis in 68, but through the influences of Henry Crow Dog, it soon evolved into a spiritual based movement as Crow Dog stated that in order for AIM to be successful, it had to have a spiritual foundation.

Read more at http://eaglemanz.blogspot.com/2013/12/carter-camp-rip-2013.html

In Memory Carter Camp, Ponca

Carter Camp on far right at Wounded Knee March 1973.
In Memory of Carter Camp, Ponca
Carter Camp on far left. Photo Brenda Norrell
Carter Camp has passed over to the Spirit World. In memory, a note of thanks for Carter and all of those present for sharing this special day in 2004. Prayers for a good journey, Brenda, Censored News
By Brenda Norrell
Human Rights Editor
UN OBSERVER and International Report 2004
CHAMBERLAIN, South Dakota — When the Lewis and Clark Discovery Expedition in South Dakota, Lakotas, Poncas and Kiowas were waiting for them and demanded that they turn around.
Surrounded by a heavy buildup of federal agents and police, Carter Camp told the Expedition in 2004 that Lewis and Clark were harbingers of the Holocaust. “What they wrote down was a blueprint for the genocide of my people. You are re-enacting something ugly, evil and hateful. You are re-enacting the coming of death to our people. You are re-enacting genocide.”
Carter Camp warned the expedition to halt or they would be stopped. He said the expedition has been told lies and are spreading lies.
Camp said Lewis and Clark are a part of the American lie.
“They had no honor. They came with the American lie. They murdered 60 million people.”

Deb White Plume, Lakota from Pine Ridge gave the expedition a symbolic blanket of small pox. Another Lakota woman from Pine Ridge said she carries the DNA of the Lakota women who survived the slaughters that Lewis and Clark opened the door to. She said she is prepared to die for this cause.”I believe in armed struggle,” Wicopy Wakia Wi of Pine Ridge said. “The act of genocide stops here. We are tired of living poor. We are not afraid to die. I am willing to die.”She told them they would not proceed up the river.”You are not going on. I will organize every sister from here to Oregon to stop you.”

After that day in 2004, Mandrell did stop. He left the Lewis and Clark Expedition and formed his own journey, his own adventure that included American Indian friends that he made along the way.
Seated on the radio bus, Mandrell remembered meeting with Carter Camp\’s son Vic Camp from Pine Ridge, on that day in 2004. “I still have his number on my speed dial.”
Earlier, Vic Camp had remembered the victory of hearing Mandrell had left the Expedition. During an interview in April, 2005, Vic Camp said, “That was a great victory for us.”
But on the banks of the Missouri River in South Dakota on that day in 2004, Lakota elder Floyd Hand, among four bands of Lakota spoke from the well that was chilling.
“We are the descendants of Red Cloud and Crazy Horse.””I did not come here in peace.”Hand said they would not smoke the pipe and if the expedition continues up the Missouri River, the families of the expedition members would suffer the spiritual consequences of small pox.
Referring to the tribal governments who welcomed the expedition, Hand said those tribal governments reflect the same type thinking as the re-enactors and are not the voice of the grassroots people.”The tribal governments are not a voice for us. They are imitating us, like you are imitating Lewis and Clark.”
“We want you to turn around and go home,” Alex White Plume, Lakota from Pine Ridge, told the expedition.White Plume said Lakota are here on this land for a reason.”We were put here by the spirits.” He said the Lakota never lost their language or ceremonies and now they are making these requests: Lakota want their territory back, their treaties to be honored and to be able to continue their healing ways.

White Plume said many Indian people have become assimilated and colonized. “We pray for our own colonized people. We say they are in a prison in the white man\’s world.” White Plume said there was no point in the expedition coming here. “All you did was open up these old wounds.”

By Carter Camp
Diane Sawyer asked the question I often am asked when people learn how hard it is to live on the rez. “why don\’t you leave?” The question has many answers to us. Mainly we are still a tribal people and we want to live among our nations people. We\’re a people who consider our cousins as our brothers and sisters, our uncles and aunts as fathers and mothers. We have grandmothers and fathers galore and we care about all of them. We like to be there when someone dies or a baby is born. And we love our homelands. We believe the soil and every plant contains the dust of our ancestors. I think the Irish who stayed in Ireland during the great famine would understand, or a Jew who stayed in Palistine before there was an Israel. But Americans who will move away from their family for a better climate or job will have a hard time understanding the strength of the attraction to a specific land. The other reason we don\’t become \’economic refugees\’ is that reservation poverty is preferable to living… in an American slum so we always go home. Most of us have actually left at some time in our lives, I was personally successful in California, but I came home. Carter Camp

Carter Camp: Remembering Wounded Knee published with Carter\’s permission at Censored News in 2007 By Carter Camp Ah-ho My Relations, each year with the changing of the season I post this remembrance of Wounded Knee 73. I wrote it a few years ago when some of our brave people had walked to Yellowstone to stop the slaughter of our Buffalo relations. When I did I was surprised at the response from people who were too young to remember WK73 and I was pleased that some old WK vets wrote to me afterwards. So each year on this date I post the short story again and invite you-all to send it around or use as you will. As you do I ask you to remember that our reasons for going to Wounded Knee still exist and that means the need for struggle and resistance also still exist. Our land and sacred sites are threatened as never before even our sacred Mother herself is faced with unnatural warming caused by extreme greed. In some areas of conflict between our people and those we signed treaties with, it is best to negotiate or “work within the system” but, because our struggle is one of survival, there are also times when a warrior must stand fast even at the risk of one\’s life. I believed that in 1973 when I was thirty and I believe it today in my sixties. But Wounded Knee 73 was really not about the fight to me, it was about the strong statement that our traditional way of living in this world is not about to disappear and our people are not a “vanishing race” as wasicu education would have you believe. As time has passed and I see so many of our young people taking part in a traditional way of living and believing I know our fight was worth it and those we lost for our movement died worthy deaths. Carter Camp 2007 .

Photo by Cat Carnes, thank you

Honoring Carter Camp at White Eagle, Oklahoma today, April 20, 2013. .

Photos Carter Camp at Wounded Knee 1973

Carter Augustus Camp

Ponca City News

The greatest of us has gone on ahead now began the open letter to our family from our Wazhazhe brother, Carter Revard, Poet Laureate for the Osage Nation.

Carter Augustus Camp, began his final journey late Friday afternoon, Dec. 27, 2013.

The son of Woodrow Howard Camp and Jewell Faye McDonald Camp, a descendant of the McDonald and Yellowberry families, Carter was born the summer of 1941 at Pawnee Indian Hospital, the third of six children. He graduated from Haskell Institute, now Haskell University, in 1959. Excellent in sports, Carter s basketball team lost in the Kansas State Finals, an experience never forgotten. Shortly after leaving Haskell, he enlisted in the U.S. Army serving a tour in Western Europe. After his discharge he relocated with the family to work in Los Angeles, Calif., and played basketball for the American Indian Athletic Association on weekends. Following his father s philosophy of staunch unionism, at his place of employment Carter began representing fellow workers as the shop steward and was then elected business agent for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Coming of age in the turbulent 1960s when racism was rampant and the U.S. President and other great leaders were murdered, Carter thus began his lifelong passion as a champion for social change and specifically for his beloved Native people.

In 1970, back home in Oklahoma, Carter worked for change in the way federal funds were distributed in the Oklahoma school system meeting with school and tribal officials. Shortly thereafter the Johnson-O Malley monies that were earmarked for native children began to be used the way they were intended, an auspicious beginning and brought notice to friend and foe alike. Carter joined the still fledgling American Indian Movement [AIM] during this period and soon after organized the first AIM chapters in Oklahoma and Kansas. The Trail of Broken Treaties was a nationwide protest in the form of a caravan of native activists traveling from the west coast to Washington D.C. with many stops in between. The huge Oklahoma/Kansas contingent, over 20 carloads, was a reflection both of Carter s organizing skills and the readiness of the native people to help bring about positive change beginning with a review of native treaty s with the U.S. government. During the eventful caravan trip, Carter and Hank Adams, president of The National Council of Churches, co-authored the groundbreaking Twenty Points summation document to present to government officials in Washington. The Nixon officials chose not to meet with AIM leaders resulting in a three day takeover of the Bureau of Indian Affairs building ending only with government concessions made including future treaty negotiations. At this time, Native rights violations, civil and legal were commonplace throughout the United States with South Dakota leading the way in police brutality and inhumane treatment. With the massacre of hundreds of innocent women and children at Wounded Knee, S.D. in 1890, it was a historically appropriate site for the American Indian Movement to bring national attention to the struggles of the Lakota and all Native peoples. There was a great meeting of all the Lakota chiefs with the exception of one who sent a relative. There it was decided to invite the AIM as a last desperate call for help. The ensuing 71 day occupation of WK served as a rallying call and was heeded throughout the nation with carloads of Native people being arrested as far as 500 miles distant. Carter Camp was given the honor of leading the first wave of warriors into Wounded Knee, securing communications and making safe the entry of the caravan of activists. Finally I bent over and picked a sprig of sage I looked for BigFoot and YellowBird in the darkness and I said aloud, We are back my relations, We are home, Hoka Hey Carter Camp. Native scholars and activists call this WK a benchmark in the struggle for Native sovereignty. After Wounded Knee in White Oak, Okla. the last great national gathering of AIM took place. Carter was elected the national chairman by acclamation. From that time until the present he has continued the fight to protect the remnants of sovereignty that we still enjoy, with protecting the Mother Earth foremost.

Carter was preceded in death by his parents and sister Darlena Overland. He is survived by his wife, Linda Carson Camp and sons Kenny, Jeremy, Victorio, Mazhonaposhe and Augustus. Also sister, Casey Camp-Horinek and brothers, Craig and Dwain Camp. Carter also leaves behind numerous nieces and nephews, a large extended family and innumerable friends from across the nation. Casket bearers will be, Kenny Camp, Jeremy Reed, Victorio Camp, Mazhonaposhe, Ahmbaska Camp, Augustus Camp, and Frank Carson. The traditional noon feast will be served at Ponca Nation Cultural Center, Tuesday, Dec. 31, to be followed by service at 2 p.m. and burial at the Ponca Nation Cemetery up on the hill under the direction of Trout Funeral Home and Crematorium.

Please share this link (located in your browser) http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2013/12/in-memory-carter-camp-ponca.html

Leonard Peltier\’s Christmas Message 2013

Leonard Peltier\’s Christmas Message 2013

By Leonard Peltier Censored News Greetings my relatives, friends, and supporters:

In this season of giving, receiving and acknowledgement of blessings, I want to acknowledge all of the people who have helped me all of these years and I want the supporters outside the United States to know I appreciate them also. Sometimes I am at a loss for words.
Some of you probably have experienced moments like that when you are overwhelmed with thoughts and remembrances of loved ones that for some reason you cannot see or who have gone on.
I know a lot of you are concerned about the children and getting them gifts for Christmas; I was listening to a program recently that was talking about just such things and how everyone was so concerned at this time of year.
I want to just touch on that for a moment. I would like to say there are so many of our children around the world that need our help all the rest of the year, and that their disappointments do not just come on Christmas or some other holiday- they come every day when they do not have enough to eat or they do not have someone to care for them. I want to encourage you all to think of these things and also about our elders, and the people suffering in hospitals, and of course in prisons, where just receiving a letter in the mail is like a holiday to them, or an elder who sees a familiar face and it is like a holiday to them, or a child who gets to eat all he wants that s a holiday.
Among our people there was always a celebration of the Solstice which usually falls around the 21st of December. There were always prayers at these times and often ceremonies; but gift-giving was a year-round thing that our people did.
Maybe I am being a bit over sensitive or sentimental at this time of year, as are a lot of people, but again I want to thank you for all the support you have given to me, and for the gifts you have given the children on the reservations and the letters you write to me and to other men and women in prisons. I know there are groups that get together, like the one in Portland Oregon that regularly writes letters to prisoners. These things are greatly appreciated and I have no doubt that you will be blessed by these good things you do. I know some of you in your giving sometimes might be extending your resources, but I recall one time in a fasting ceremony that I was doing; I was told, those who give of their extra are appreciated and blessed but those who give what they cannot afford that is sacred.
I pray in a sacred way, that each of you will be blessed this coming year. Find a sacred way you can help heal the Earth, heal our troubled children and make a better place on this planet for all to dwell.
Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Gandhi, Black Elk, Chief Seattle, all of the well known spiritual leaders in the past had one thing in common: they were willing to think and act outside the box. In a world filled with materialism, those of you that have been helping protect the Earth, the children, the elders and victims of injustice are of that same caliber.
I pray that you enjoy your holidays, that you feel the blessings of your actions, and that the Creator speaks to you in a kind and gentle way. Give someone a hug for me, and tell them, This is from Leonard Peltier.
Your friend always,
In the spirit of Crazy Horse
Leonard Peltier
Mitakuye Oyasin

Bad Bear\’s Photos Longest Walk 4 arrives at Alcatraz!

Bad Bear
Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz photos by Western Shoshone Long Walker Carl \’Bad Bear\’ Sampson, thank you! Photos of Golden Gate before sunrise, ferry to Alcatraz Island and Pier 33 dock in San Francisco on Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013

Walkers on the five-month Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz arrived on Alcatraz Island on Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013, returning home the sacred staffs. The walk upheld Indigenous Sovereignty and began in Washington DC on July 15, 2013. Walkers followed the route of the original Longest Walk in 1978, from DC and Pennsylvania through the Midwest in Missouri and Kansas, and finally through the Rockies and into the West. Thank you from Censored News, and our readers, for sharing your walk, your stories, and your photos with us, and making the effort and sacrifice to make a difference. — Brenda Norrell, Censored News

Tribute to Hopi imprisoned at Alcatraz for refusing to allow their children to go to US schools and be colonized:

CENSORED NEWS: November 2015

Photos: France Solidarity with American Indians COP21

Thanks to our friend Christine Prat in France for sharing these photos from Paris, of the Committee in Solidarity with American Indians in France, shown with the Indigenous Environmental Network and other Indigenous and frontline activists.

The first is of people from CSIA, from left to right: Catherine Jekayumar, Edith Patrouilleau (vice-chairwoman), Pascal Gregis (who works for a radio), Sophie Gergaud (who organizes a Native American Film Festival) and C line Planchou, member of the Committee, translator for the English speaking Native American visitors, and

Photos Indigenous in Paris COP21 Human Chain

Indigenous and frontline activists join Human Chain around Paris on Nov. 29, 2015 Photos by Indigenous Environmental Network See more: https://www.flickr.com/photos/137923455@N03/sets/72157661694003571

Indigenous Peoples: UN Paris Accord could end up being a Crime against Humanity and Mother Earth


World Climate Summit in Paris
Indigenous Peoples: UN Paris Accord could end up being a Crime against Humanity and Mother Earth
Contacts: Dallas Goldtooth +33 75 1413 823 USA: 708 515 6158 dallas@ienearth.org Kandi Mossett +33 75 1414 195 mhawea@gmail.com November 30, 2015 (Paris) Indigenous Peoples from the Americas attending the United Nations World Climate Summit in Paris warn that the Paris climate accord will harm their rights, lands and environment and do nothing to address climate change. We are here in Paris to tell the world that not only will the anticipated Paris Accord not address climate change, it will make it worst because it will promote false solutions and not keep fossil fuels from being extracted and burned. The Paris COP21 is not about reaching a legally binding agreement on cutting greenhouse gases. In fact, the Paris Accord may turn out to be a crime against humanity and Mother Earth, according to Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director of Indigenous Environmental Network based in Minnesota on Turtle Island also known as the United States. Goldtooth recently won the Gandhi Peace Award. According to Crystal Lameman of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation, Alberta, Canada After 21 years of these climate conferences, our First Nation wants to be hopeful this agreement truly stops a history of CO2lonialism and business-as-usual with expansion of fossil fuel exploitation on and near indigenous territories. We are here to protect, defend and renew our Mother Earth, not to rubber stamp an agreement that allows polluters to continue to burn the planet. False solutions such as carbon trading, carbon offsets, agrofuels and nuclear energy will probably be the basis of the Paris Accord and the so-called decarbonization of the global economy. False solutions to climate change instead of solving the climate crisis, are resulting in land grabs, human rights violations and will allow global warming to spiral out of control. Lameman is featured in the film, This Changes Everything directed by Avi Lewis and based on the book by Naomi Klein. Indigenous leaders throughout the world are particularly concerned about REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation), a United Nations carbon offset mechanism that uses forests, agriculture and many other ecosystems as sponges for northern industrialized countries pollution instead of reducing emissions at source. Our world is melting. Climate change and global warming is a reality in my home, says Allison Akootchook Warden from Kaktovik, a village in the Alaska arctic. The failure of the United States, Canada and world leaders to take real action to address the climate crisis violates our rights. The draft Paris Accord is full of carbon market mechanisms that are already causing harm to the Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic Circle. Kandi Mossett, Tribal Citizen of the Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara Nations in North Dakota and campaigner with the Indigenous Environmental Network, whose home is surrounded by coal-fired power plants and inundated with fracking and flaring of natural gas states, The current US Clean Power Plan allows the US to continue with carbon trading schemes such as REDD+ designed to allow more extraction and combustion of fossil fuels for a profit. The whole concept is a false solution to the climate crisis because it allows the US to buy up carbon credits often on Indigenous lands in other countries while simultaneously destroying Indigenous homelands in the US essentially making us sacrifice zones for the good of the economy; Indigenous peoples are not expendable and will not sit idly by and allow this desecration to continue without a fight. According to the Global Alliance against REDD, Instead of cutting CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, the UN, the US, the EU, China, Norway and climate criminals like BP, Total, Shell, Chevron, Air France and BHP Billiton are pushing a false solution to climate change called REDD. According to Nnimmo Bassey, co-coordinator of the No REDD in Africa Network, REDD may result in the largest land grab in history. It steals your future, lets polluters off the hook and is new form of colonialism. We demand that states and corporations stop privatizing nature!


Here are some photos of the It Takes Roots Delegation in the Human Chain Action on November 29th in Paris.

DEMOCRACY NOW! “If You\’re Not at the Table, You\’re on the Menu”: Indigenous Activists Demand Role in Paris Climate Talks

Democracy Now interviews Indigenous Environmental Network in Paris Watch coverage: “If You\’re Not at the Table, You\’re on the Menu”: Indigenous Activists Demand Role in Paris Climate Talks. This quote comes from Kandi Mossett, Hidatsa, Mandan and Arikara from North Dakota. http://www.democracynow.org/2015/11/30/if_youre_not_at_the_table Interview with Tom Goldtooth and Dallas Goldtooth: http://www.democracynow.org/2015/11/30/indigenous_climate_activists_paris_police_state

Native Americans arrive in Paris: Climate solutions and Nature Tribunal


Kandi Mossett offeres prayers in Paris today.
Indigenous and women\’s delegations arrive in Paris for COP21, with solutions, prepared for their Rights of Nature Tribunal
By Brenda Norrell Censored News updated Nov. 30, 2015
Native Americans from the United States have joined Indigenous Peoples from around the world with their prayers, and message of peace, at COP21, the United Nations Climate Summit, in Paris.
They have brought another message: Leave it in the ground. Native Americans have had enough of being the victims of dirty coal-fired power plants, oil and gas drilling, fracking and mineral mining. Kandi Mossett, Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara from North Dakota, was among the first Native Americans in the Indigenous Environmental Network delegation to arrive. Mossett, shown above in photo, said, “On November 29th the Indigenous Environmental Network organized a healing ceremony in front of the Bataclan theater just before thousands gathered to participate in a human chain action in the streets of Paris. “It was a beautiful ceremony featuring Indigenous youth speakers from North America, the Arctic, and the Pacific Islands. Our delegations always see it as a necessity to have prayer before any large action. We offered kind words, song, and calls for climate justice and peace.” While the words
On the Navajo Nation, Dine live with the strewn radioactive rocks from Cold War uranium mines, which their children play on. They breathe the dirty coal of Peabody s Coal on Black Mesa, where Dine continue to resist relocation. They breathe the gases from the coal-fired Navajo Generating Station, which lights up Phoenix and Tucson, and pollution from two other coal-fired power plants, while many Dine\’ live without running water and electricity. Now, Dine live with the US EPA s toxic gold mine release poisoning the San Juan River. It means traditional farmers watch their crops die. In the nearby Pueblos, there is the same legacy of death from uranium mining, which has left its scars on the land and the people.
In North Dakota, the lands have been devastated by oil and gas drilling and fracking. Mossett is in Paris at COP21 to tell the story of her people. She is there for the children and future generations.
“This is COP21, how many more are you going to have? asks Mossett, referring to the failure of the world s leaders to make any substantial difference in the poisoning of the planet. She is among the frontline grassroots activists in the delegation from the Indigenous Environmental Network.
In South Dakota, Lakotas fight uranium mining and the poisoning of their scarce water. Throughout Indian country, Native Americans battle new schemes to steal their water, with backdoor political schemes known as Indian water rights settlements. Further, they battle the machinations of Arizona Sen. John McCain, who recently sneaked a land exchange into the defense bill which would turn sacred Apache land into a massive copper mine.
Now, women have risen to the forefront in climate justice.
In Paris, the Women s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN International) is hosting a dynamic panel of Indigenous women speaking on climate change solutions in Paris on Sept. 7.
The International Rights of Nature Tribunal will meet in Paris December 4 –5. Hosted by the Global Alliance for the Right of Nature, the Tribunal is a citizen-created initiative that gives people from all around the world the opportunity to testify publicly on destruction of the Earth and their communities.
Back home, Indigenous People face violence in their homelands, as oil and gas and other temporary mine workers destabilize Native communities with drugs, sex crimes and violence. Meanwhile, globally — from Guatemala and Peru to Brazil and throughout the Amazon — mining companies continue to carry out assassinations, rapes and disappearances of Indigenous Peoples who oppose mining. These mining companies are primarily owned by Canadian and US corporations.
While global leaders with their bank accounts and posturing in Paris make the headlines, Indigenous Peoples are in Paris to tell the truth of the people.

Shannon Biggs said, “Movement Rights: So proud to announce the release of our new report for the Paris climate talks! Edited by Shannon Biggs and Tom BK Goldtooth, this report, “Rights of Nature & Mother Earth: Sowing seeds of resistance, love and change.” is a collaboration between Movement Rights Indigenous Environmental Network and Global Exchange. Providing both a critique of the UNFCCC process and an alternative system of environmental protection, the report includes contributions by Dr. Vandana Shiva (India), Maude Barlow (Canada), Pablo Solon (Bolivia), Alberto Acosta (Ecuador), Cormac Cullinan (South Africa) and many other luminaries. Please share and download here:”
Read more:
Indigenous women WECAN in Paris
Indigenous Enviromental Network in Paris

Women Leading Solutions on the Frontlines of Climate Change Paris December 7, 2015 – 13:00 to 18:30
Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel, 18 Boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris
Speakers to date include :
  • Vandana Shiva –
  • Mary Robinson
  • Patricia Gualinga –
  • Josefina Skerk – Vice President of the Saami Parliament, Sweden
  • Fleur Newman – Programme Officer and UNFCCC Gender Focal Point representing the UNFCCC Secretariat, Germany
  • Gloria Ushigua –
  • Neema Namadamu
  • Casey Camp Horinek –
  • Aleta Baun – Conservationist & anti-mining activist of West Timor, Indonesia
  • Kandi Mossett –
  • Jacqueline Patterson
  • Genevi ve Azam – Scientific Council Member, Attac France
  • Eriel Deranger
  • Angelina Galiteva
  • Natalie Isaacs
  • Mary Louise Malig –
  • Thilmeeza Hussain
  • Naomi Ages
  • UNFCCC Women & Gender Constituency Representative
  • Sally Ranney
  • Osprey Orielle Lake –

Greenwashing Snakes Crawling into Paris

Greenwashing Snakes are crawling into Paris Financiers of Canada\’s tarsands, and global coal-fired power plants, among top sponsors of COP21 — while President Obama announces private sector green scheme By Brenda Norrell Censored News Update: Video: Kandi Mossett, Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara from North Dakota, confronts Greenwashers in Paris at COP 21: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2015/12/video-paris-undercover-police-attack.html The snakes are crawling into Paris, ready to make bucks on \’Greenwashing.\’ These schemes often are disguised as philanthropies. One of the investors is Bill Gates, already exposed for his investments in GEO private prisons, the human rights abuser targeting migrants and people of color. Gates says he pulled out his other investment in G4S, the global security and prison human rights abuser, whose buses snake along the Arizona border. One of the slick abuser strategies was exposed earlier in the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton went into countries, claiming to be carrying out human rights efforts, with his Canadian mining buddy and they came away with massive mining deals, including uranium mines in Khazakistan. A leaker exposed the millions that then flowed to the Clintons. Another slick operation ready to invest in greenwashing in Paris is the Children\’s Investment Fund, a hedge fund in the UK. Watch for the snakes to crawl out in Paris. President Obama is ready to do a deal for \’clean energy research\’ with Gates, the hedge fund investor and others in Paris. It is called Mission Innovation. The private sector in Keep an eye on it. You know the pattern: The people get peanuts and the rich get richer. In the news: COP21\’s dirty sponsors Financial Times reports COP21 sponsor BNP Paribas financed dirty tarsands exploration in Canada. The Ecologist “BNP Paribas, also a COP21 sponsor, continues to be a massive financial driver behind fossil fuel expansion globally. For almost 50 years, it has been behind Canada\’s tar sands extraction. It is now one of the largest coal financiers in France, having provided half of the total financial support ( 15 billion) for the country\’s coal industry between 2005 and 2014.” Internatonal Business Times reports COP21 sponsors include coal financier HSBC, caught money laundering Mexico\’s drug money, and Coca Cola, caught spying on activists. The New Internationalist

“Sponsored by the likes of dirty energy giant Engie (formerly GDF Suez, also an official sponsor of COP21) alongside fracking enthusiast Suez Environment and agrofuels giant Avril-Sofiproteol, the event at the Grand Palais will also welcome Vinci, the company behind the proposed airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes, coal financiers HSBC and BNP Paribas, and Coca-Cola, among many others.” HSBC money launders Mexico\’s drug money HSBC money launders Mexico\’s drug money

Mohawk Nation News \’Arrest Warrant for Red-X\’


Please post & distribute.
MNN. 29 Nov. 2015. In june 2007 there was a rumored arrest warrant for the great untouchable sage, Red-X for alleged inciting sageosity and infamocity ! It s one of those open John Doe warrants for the some-crime-has-to-fit-every-onkwe hon:weh mentality that pervades the colonial enterprise.

Do what your mind tells you has to be done!
Phil Fontaine of the AFN, the RCMP, OPP and SQ had set a vicious trap for those of us who challenged Canada Inc. s lack of jurisdiction over us and our land. It was to be sprung on Aboriginal Day . They have never taken their sights off us or stopped scoping us with their high tech weapons.
The charges against the Red-X are some sort of treason. He was certainly giving out the most sageous messages ever heard in the universe, straight from the Fifth Dimension.
The infamocity was obvious. It came from his pretentious demarginalization. He was accused of inciting the overturn of the existing worldwide social disorder. He would have to be tried in an inter-galactic court of Ur anus! No neutral turd party was found to squat in judgment!
Bloodline: To take over the world, we must learn to speak Mohawk & Turkish .
He was charged because he always says what is contrary to the principles upon which Canada, the U.S. and other colonial states are founded, such as self-centered self-service, cronyism, taking advantage of people, stealing Indigenous possessions, conning people into selling to them at bargain basement prices and pocketing all the profits. Red-X advocated the overthrow of this system that is dedicated to monotheism, oppression and suppression of people. He was charged with inciting people to think clearly, think ahead and protect the environment. This is a grave crime in the eyes of the colonial corporations that are trying to run the galaxy and colonize the universe.
Red-X strikes unspeakable terror into the minds of colonizers! Red-X asks, What are they afraid of?
Despite being such crooks, they had time to put out a Most Wanted poster of the Red-X. They had a photo, but all you could see was the hood. Through the eye slits, one can see a black and cavernous void, leading directly to the Fifth Dimension.
No. This is not Red-X!

No. This is not Red-X!
Some scientists discovered that some of the oldest vibrations in the universe are coming from a black hole in Pisces. They say there were once meat-eating chickens bigger than the Taranosaurus Rex roaming around in Siberia. As Einstein pointed out, The solution can be found when you take the mass of the photons and divide it by the square root of infinity .
The black beaded hood covers a scar. Was he one of those kids who were beheaded and buried in the basement of a residential school? If so, it seems someone from the Fifth Dimension sewed his head back on? The Red-X would not want people to get scared by the scar on his throat, especially little children who have no need to know about the time he spent in wherever he was.
The special hood can never be found in Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store. This is the power of the hood , said the Red-X. You gotta know your neighbors. You gotta speak to em. You gotta ask em what they think. And then you gotta stand beside em.
Another mystery is where does he live? The Red-X will only say, I am he who has been prophesized to come. I am the one they re looking for . Fine me if you will .

Chief, sign over here in front of the casket .
The Red-X is not a sequel to the X-Files . He s been around a lot longer than that. A leading Canadian historian dusted off some primary documents in the archives. Accordingly, he found many of the original treaties made by the colonizers to let them live here were signed with Xs . But we would not put much stock in that. According to the Red-X, They re all forgeries .
But someone had to know about him to forge his signature. We are specially skeptical about the ten Xs that all look exactly alike that are on many of the first treaties.
The Red-X was concerned about why Phil Fontaine [of government-front Assembly of First Nations ] accepted Indian Affairs Minister Jonestown Prentice s offer to settle their claims to our land. Red-X says, Think about it. Jonestown might have spiked Phil s martini with a date rape drug instead of an olive . mirror
After chugging it down, Phil excused himself for a moment, zig-zagged by mistake into the ladies room to adjust his hair. There were mirrors everywhere. He saw all these guys that looked just like him. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? Does Jonestown have a good deal for me? he asked himself and nodded his head up and down. All the other guys in the mirrors nodded together in unison. Then he went back out to report to Jonestown, Looks like we got consensus, boss , he said.
Because of Red-Xs pearls of wisdom, Ottawa decided to gather the swines into an Interdepartmental Red-X Committee run out of the war room in the Indian Affairs Tower of Terror on Wellington Street. According to their mission statement, they are commissioned to figure out just what is the Red-X saying . It s headed by a top encryption expert from Arlington Virginia who said, This is the biggest challenge of my entire life .
As Red-X says, Stay tuned . As Hinder sings: If I could go back in time, I wouldn t change a damn thing in my life, cause I love the dumb things we do when we re young. But the best is yet to come. Video: Hinder Best is yet to come .
MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com or more news, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 thahoketoteh@hotmail.com for original Mohawk music visit https://soundcloud.com/thahoketoteh

Paris Police Tear Gas and Arrest Climate Protesters

Video: Native Kandi Mossett in Paris for future generations: Stop fracking!


Kandi Mossett
Kandi Mossett in Paris today at a site of the recent violence. Prayers were said by members
of the Indigenous Environmental Network.
(Please wait for video to load below.)

Kandi Mossett, Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara, from North Dakota speaks out against fracking and for the children and future generations, in Paris as the climate summit readies to begin.

“We\’re done,” says Kandi. “It\’s COP21, how many more are you going to have?”

Check out our first video update from Paris, COP21!! With spokespeople from Cooperation Jackson and Indigenous…

Posted by Indigenous Environmental Network on Saturday, November 28, 2015

Kandi Mossett (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara), Native Energy & Climate Campaign Organizer Kandi was born in North Dakota and grew up in an area known today as the Fort Berthold Reservation. She obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of North Dakota (UND) in Natural Resource and Park Management. After working in the Park Service for 3 years she went on to earn a Masters of Environmental Management Degree within UND s Earth Systems Science and Policy Program. She began working for the Indigenous Environmental Network as the Tribal Campus Climate Challenge (TCCC) Organizer in February of 2007. Her work has expanded over the years to include work in the international arena in order to create more awareness about international decision-making and its effect at the local level. Her current major focus is on creating awareness about the true dangers of hydraulic fracturing while working to push for regulations and protections, particularly on Native lands.

PARIS COP21: 10,000 shoes remain after climate marches banned

Watch video, read more in The Guardian
Over 10,000 pairs of shoes on the Place de la Republique replace marchers who were set to take part in a climate cancelled protest as activists take to the streets around the globe. The Paris march was expected to bring 200,000 people onto the city s streets but was forbidden by French authorities in light of security concerns. Elsewhere, thousands marched in Hong Kong, Seoul and Sydney ahead of the Paris climate summit on Monday
Performers wearing masks of world leaders — German Chancellor Angela Merkel, China\’s President Xi Jinping, US President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Francois Hollande — gather for breakfast in Paris.
France places climate activists under house arrest before climate summit begins


VIDEO Long Walk 3: Tar Sands, a prayer on Lolo Pass

Article by Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ LOLO PASS, Idaho — On the Longest Walk 3 northern route, walker Lisa Peake, Ojibwe/Pomo, offers a prayer for the earth and the people, when walkers arrive at the oversized equipment for Conoco Phillips tar sands refinery, which is snowbound on the pass. Long walker Paul Owns the Sabre, Cheyenne River Lakota elder, pointed out that Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce led his people over Lolo Pass. Down the route, Carol Marsh, 69, was among the protesters that temporarily blocked the megaloads on March 10, 2010, in Missoula, Montana. The enormous equipment was entroute to the ConocoPhillips tar sands oil refinery in Billings. These megaloads are serving refineries that process oil from the Alberta tar sands, the worst ecological disaster the planet has ever faced. The tar sands undermine any effort to stop global warming. I did this because I want there to be a world for my granddaughter to grow up in, Marsh said. Indigenous fighting tar sands trail of cancer and destruction First Nations in Canada, and the Indigenous Environmental Network, have a global campaign underway to halt the tar sands environmental destruction. Indigenous environmental activists rallied to halt the tar sands oil industry, with actions in London and at the climate summits in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and Cancun, Mexico, in 2010. Clayton Thomas-Muller, Mathais Colomb Cree Nation also known as Pukatawagan in Northern Manitoba, Canada, has led a campaign to halt the tar sands at IEN. The tar sands mining is stripping crude oil from the Alberta tar sands and leaving behind toxic heavy metals and carcinogens that pollute nearby native lands. Thomas-Muller told Yes! magazine, “The five First Nations in the region of the tar sands rely on traditional food sources, like moose, fish, beaver, and muskrat, all of which have become contaminated by mining pollution. “We re talking about a community of just 1,200 that s seen more than 100 deaths in the last decade from rare cancers and autoimmune diseases. The tar sands leases also violate aboriginal treaty rights; they were sold by the provincial government without the prior informed consent of local communities.” Long Walkers: Certitude and perseverance Peake, among the Native youths walking to raise awareness of diabetes, is on her second walk across America. Owns the Sabre was on the original 1978 Longest Walk, Longest Walk 2 in 2008 and other walks for Indian rights and the protection of Mother Earth. On Thursday, March 31, 2011, the Long Walk 3 northern route is on Pine Ridge in South Dakota. The southern route is scheduled to arrive in Hammond, Oklahoma, walking from Amarillo, Texas. . Long Walk 3 Contacts : Northern Route Chris Francisco, (503) 515-6239 indigenouswalkabout@yahoo.com and Goodie Cloud, National Coordinator, on southern route (218) 209-0232 ndn_queen_bee@yahoo.com References: Yes! magazine: Climate Hero Clayton Thomas-Muller http://www.yesmagazine.org/issues/climate-action/climate-hero-clayton-thomas-muller Read more about the environmental nightmare of mining the tar sands: http://www.ienearth.org/docs/Tar-Sands-profiles-from-the-front-lines.pdf Montana Citizens Temporarily Block Tar Sands Refining Shipments http://www.risingtidenorthamerica.org/wordpress/2011/03/11/montana-citizens-temporarily-block-tar-sands-refining-shipments/ Video by Longest Walk 3 northern route.

VIDEO: Long Walk 3 on Nez Perce land

Long Walk 3 northern route in Lapwai, Idaho, with the Nez Perce. Video by Long Walk 3 northern route.

Porcupine District calls for removal of occupiers Friday at elderly center

Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ PORCUPINE, S.D. — The occupation of the elderly center at Porcupine remains underway. Duane Martin, Sr., of the Strongheart Warrior Society, who led the occupation remains in jail. Meanwhile, the Porcupine District Council passed a resolution for the removal of occupiers for Friday, April 1, 2011. In related news, the Oglala Sioux Tribe suspended council representative Deborah Rooks-Cook on Tuesday, for 20 days without pay, following allegations of elderly abuse. The alleged abuse by Rooks-Cook was one of the incidents that led up to the occupation of the elderly center. The council voted 10-7 to suspend Rooks-Cook following an impeachment complaint filed by Darlis Morrison-Crow. The Rapid City Journal reports that he council voted 10-7 to suspend Rooks-Cook following an impeachment complaint filed by Darlis Morrison-Crow. The complaint alleges that Rooks-Cook\’s behavior was verbally and physically abusive to Lakota elders outside of tribal headquarters, following an executive committee meeting on Jan. 25. Those voting against suspending Rooks-Cook were: Elaine Martinez, Toby Big Boy, Paul Little, Robin Tapio, Jim Meeks, Beverly Tuttle and Kevin Yellow Bird Steele. Today, the Lakota Oyate said that elders from the occupation will attend an Oglala Tribal Council session. The Lakota Oyate stated that Duane Martin is being imprisoned illegally on false charges. The Porcupine District Council, however, does not support the occupation of the elderly center. The resolution, calling for removal of the occupiers, states that on Friday, March 4, 2011 “a small group of elders and non residents illegally occupied the Porcupine Elderly meals center building, and in the process, disrupted much needed services to the majority of elders in the district.” The resolution makes allegations against those occupying the elderly center. The occupiers, however, continue to deny the allegations and have initiated investigations into unsanitary conditions, spoiled food and corruption at the elderly center. When the occupation began, the Strongheart Warrior Society said, “The elders and warrior societies are demanding the removal of all current center staff, the construction of a new, sanitary building, restoration of healthy meals, expansion of elderly meals to those homebound, and investigation into the graft and corruption in the program no matter where it leads. The occupation will continue until these demands are met.” Read more: Porcupine resolution seeks removal of occupiers on Friday: http://censored-news.blogspot.com/2011/03/porcupine-resolution-seeks-removeal-of.html Rapid City Journal: Rooks-Cook\’s removal http://www.rapidcityjournal.com/news/local/article_f45521ee-5af0-11e0-9b2b-001cc4c002e0.html Statements from the Strongheart Warrior Society http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2011/03/lakota-occupation-tribal-officials-no.html . Also in the news today from South Dakota Indian country: Native Sun News: Radiation levels high on South Dakota Indian lands Read the article by Talli Nauman, and the results of water samples by Defenders of the Black Hills: “A U.S. Forest Service Draft Environmental Impact Statement showing 89 abandoned uranium mines in extreme northwest South Dakota alerted Defenders of the Black Hills to the potential for radioactive contamination of water supplies downstream, according to the report.” Related: South Dakota eases uranium mining laws: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/03/16/us-uranium-southdakota-idUSTRE72F0CX20110316

Top Stories at Censored News, Monday, March 30, 2011

Today\’s top stories at Censored News

Monday, March 30, 2011 Photo: Northern Cheyenne youths with Long Walk 3 northern route in Lame Deer, Montana /Photo Chris Francisco LW3 Welcome to Cameroon! The 198th country to visit Censored News in the past six months. Along with the US and Canada, the majority of this week\’s readers were in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, Iran and Japan, according to the country counter. Most accessed articles today: *Arizona Border Agents, Weapons and Oil, by Brenda Norrell, Censored News http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2011/03/arizona-border-agents-weapons-and-oil.html *Rapid City March Long Walk 3 Photos, photos by Chris Francisco http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2011/03/rapid-city-march-long-walk-3-photos.html *Long Walk 3 South Dakota north and south enroute to Amarillo, Texas (This week the northern route is on Pine Ridge in South Dakota and the southern route, now in Amarillo, Texas, heads to Oklahoma.) http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2011/03/long-walk-3-south-dakota-north-and.html *Loving the crash and burn of mainstream media, by Brenda Norrell, Censored News http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2011/03/loving-crash-and-burn-of-us-mainstream.html *Arizona approves uranium mining permits in the Grand Canyon, Havasupai warned of upsetting the balance here which affects the climate of the world, by Brenda Norrell, Censored News http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2011/03/arizona-approves-uranium-mining-permits.html This week\’s top story: Hopi call for prayer to restore balance, statement from Hopi: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2011/03/hopi-call-for-prayer-to-restore-balance.html Top story for the past six months: Wikileaks: Canada\’s unauthorized wiretaps of Mohawks, by Brenda Norrell, Censored News http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2010/08/wikileaks-canadas-unauthorized-wiretaps.html

Mentoring Michelle Obama

Mentoring Michelle Obama By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ First Lady Michelle Obama has selected women mentors for young girls in celebration of Women\’s History Month. While Native American novelist Louise Erdrich is on the list, the group is still top heavy with actresses and entertainers — which makes its own statement about US women and their heroes. There are also some troubling mentors selected by the First Lady, like Ambassador Nancy Brinker. Brinker boasts this credential: Former U.S. Chief of Protocol for President George W. Bush. Now, would anyone really want to admit this, or be recognized for it? If the First Lady wants to choose a mentor from the US military, instead of the Airforce selectee she chose, she could have selected Col. Ann Wright, who spoke out against the US invasion of Iraq, exposed US torture in Abu Ghraib, and was on a Gaza Free aid ship in the deadly flotilla. Since First Lady Obama is searching for activists to inspire heroism, here\’s a few women I would recommend: Ofelia Rivas, O\’odham; Louise Benally, Navajo relocation resister Big Mountain; Debra White Plume, Lakota fighting uranium mining and Kahentinetha Horn, Mohawk publ isher of Mohawk Nation News, a grandmother who suffered a heart attack in a border agent stresshold.

Further, I would also recommend Sarah James, Gwich\’in elder protecting caribou calving grounds in the Arctic; Casey Camp, Ponca Indian rights activist; Twa-le-Abrahamson, Spokane youth speaking out to protect Mother Earth with climate radio activism; and Long Walker Lisa Peake, Ojibwe/Pomo youth walking across America for the second time. Also topping the list are the Tewa Pueblo women fighting the nuclear industry and Los Alamos Labs in New Mexico. There are too many Native women to name, but on this recommended list are the numerous Navajo, Hopi, Pueblo and other Native American environmental activists fighting toxic polluters, the US government, and at times their own US-controlled councils. There is another long list of Native women mentors, those struggling to halt violence against women. Now, if you were asked to mentor First Lady Michelle Obama, what would be your advice to the First Lady? The First Lady could organize a project to provide backpacks, school supplies and shoes to children who don\’t have any. Michelle Obama could organize food programs and housing for homeless children in America. She could organize summer food and activity programs for children and teens. She could ensure more domestic violence shelters for women and children. She could leave the confines of the privileged, and walk down the backroads of the south and walk out across Indian land. She could find another America, one far from the mirage and glitter of Hollywood, and the stain and deception of politics and DC. The First Lady could make a new fashion statement, one that would endear her in history. Rather than modeling the behavior of actresses, or encouraging aspirations in the US military and the killing of fellow human beings in wars for politics and profit, the First Lady could place before the youths of America real heroes who are winning in their own grassroots communities.
Chicago Sun-Times: Michelle Obama books stars to mentor, includes list of mentors:
Brenda Norrell, publisher of Censored News,

Arizona Border Agents, Weapons and Oil

US Deadly Games: Arizona border agents, weapons and oil
By Brenda Norrell
Photo: Mannie Garcia/Greenpeace
The deadly games of the United States are being exposed. Wikileaks reveals the Arizona National Guard in oil-rich Asia and the Center for Public Integrity exposes the ATF\’s flow of weapons to drug cartels across the US/Mexico border.
The US says it is taking the lead in exploiting Kazakhstan\’s rich oil reserves, according to a diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks. The US even has the Arizona National Guard over there keeping them safe by way of Centcom. Arizona got a chunk of money to keep things safe and tidy for ExxonMobil, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips in Kazakhstan.
Meanwhile, the Center for Public Integrity exposes the fact that ATF allowed weapons to cross the border into Mexico. Two of those weapons were found at the murder scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, near Nogales, Arizona.
The ATF now admits that it allowed thousands of weapons across the border in a sting operation, “Fast and Furious,” targeting narco traffickers.
A whistleblower told the Center for Public Integrity that some ATF agents opposed the operation because they knew what would happen when AK 47s were in the hands of drug runners.
The decision — part of a Phoenix-based operation code named \’Fast and Furious\’– was met by strong objections from some front-line agents who feared they were allowing weapons like AK-47s to walk into the hands of drug lords and gun runners, internal agency memos show, according to the Center s article by John Solomon and David Heath and Gordon Witkin. A second federal agent was murdered with a gun being tracked by ATF agents from north Texas in February. ICE agent Jaime Zapata was murdered in Mexico with a weapon smuggled into Mexico that ATF was following, according to the Dallas Morning News. Senator Grassley presses for answers
Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley of the Senate Judiciary Committee is pressing for answers as to why weapons were allowed to pass through the border and why those weapons were found at the scene of Border Agent Brian Terry s murder, north of Nogales, Arizona, on Dec. 14, 2010.

Sen. Grassley also questions a weapons smuggling operation that involved the mayor and chief of police in Columbus, New Mexico. Weapons sezied in Columbus have been linked to eight murders in Ciudad Juarez and Palomas. Palomas is across the border from Columbus, N.M.

In his March 24 statement, the senator asked Customs and Border Protection for information about reportedly stopping Blas Gutierrez and Miguel Carrillo near the Mexican border.

The two were recently indicted as part of a gun trafficking operation involving the mayor of Columbus, New Mexico. Additionally, Grassley is asking about allegations that Customs and Border Protection stopped Jaime Avila, who was recently indicted as the straw purchaser of weapons found at the scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry s murder. In both instances, Border Patrol agents allegedly found the gun runners to be in possession of multiple weapons, but let the suspects proceed for unknown reasons. On March 16, Sen. Grassley wrote, CBP officials allegedly stopped Jaime Avila near the border in the spring or summer of 2010. He allegedly had the two WASR-10 rifles in his possession that were later found at the scene of Agent Brian Terry s murder, along with over thirty additional weapons. US soldiers eager to smuggle cocaine in southern Arizona The exposure that the US allows weapons to cross the border into Mexico, follows sting operations exposing the role of US soldiers in drug running at the border. The FBI halted a sting operation, Operation Lively Green, in 2006, because so many US soldiers in the Army, Marines and Airforce, wanted to smuggle cocaine from the border at Nogales to Phoenix. The nearly 100 people arrested included high school military recruiters in Tucson, a Nogales police officer and a prison guard. A similar sting operation found US soldiers stationed in Oklahoma ready and willing to smuggle cocaine from the US/Mexico border. Arizona National Guard involved in Kazakhstan border security Back in Kazakhstan, the US continues its paternal and corporate role. US Ambassador Richard Hoagland wrote this cable in February of 2010 that is marked “secret.” “U.S. and Kazakhstani strategic interests are largely aligned on the development of Kazakhstan\’s vast energy resources. Both sides agree that U.S. and other Western companies must continue playing a lead role in Kazakhstan\’s energy exploration and production projects, and that diversification of transport routes will bolster Kazakhstan\’s sovereignty and enable it to capture the maximum benefits of its energy and wealth.” “Kazakhstan produced 88 million tons of oil in 2009 (approximately 1.5 million barrels per day), and is expected to become one of the world\’s top ten crude exporters soon after 2015. While the country also has significant gas reserves (1.5 trillion cubic meters is a low-end estimate), current gas exports are very limited for now, in part because gas is being reinjected to maximize crude output. U.S. companies (ExxonMobil, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips) have significant ownership stakes in Kazakhstan\’s three major hydrocarbon projects, including Kashagan, the world,s largest oil field discovery since Alaska\’s North Slope,” the cable states. Arizona received $200,000 in funds for participation in the Kazakhstan border and security training partnership. “This included exchange visits in Arizona and Kazakhstan of firefighting and 911 operations,” the cable states. References: Center for Public Integrity: ATF allowed weapons allowed into Mexico: http://www.publicintegrity.org/articles/entry/2976

Tucson Citizen: Brian Terry\’s murder:
Senator Charles Grassley presses for answers:
Wikileaks: Arizona National Guard in Kazakhstan:
http://www.wikileaks.ch/cable/2010/02/10ASTANA251.html Cheyenne River Lakota ICE agent, suicide or murder in Arizona? Some stories, some lives do not go away. The life of Thomas DeRouchey, Cheyenne River Lakota, is one of those. Thomas was interim director of the ICE office in Phoenix. The official story is that he shot himself in the head and committed suicide while driving 80 miles an hour to a press conference in Tucson in 2004. It happened on the Interstate in Marana, just north of Tucson. (Marana was exposed by former CIA agents as a haven for black operations.) The question remains, was he shot or did he commit suicide, and why. Was he going to expose something about the border and immigration at that press conference in Tucson? — Censored News

Rapid City march: Long Walk 3 photos

Long Walk 3 northern route in Rapid City, South Dakota, March 28, 2010. Photos by Chris Francisco, coordinator LW3 northern route. Pine Ridge to Wanblee Agenda March 31st – April 4th, 2011 — March 31st 2011 8AM: Pine Ridge Indian Reservation ENTRANCE @ Red Shirt, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, Turtle Island — Welcoming & Words of Encouragementt by OST Vice President: Tom Poor Bear — Prayer by TBA –PRHS Cross Country & Track Team to RELIEVE them and RELAY LW3NR walkers and runners into Pine Ridge (Waiting on confirmation from other schools). –March 31st 2011 1 PM: Oglala, South Dakota, Turtle Island –****LUNCH**** (provided by TBA) –Mary Weasel Bear Tiwahe to RELIEVE them and RELAY into Pine Ridge. –March 31st 2011 6 PM: Billy Mills Hall, Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Turtle Island –Eyapaha: Russell Blacksmith –****DINNER**** (provided by White Cow Killer Tiyospaye) –Encouragement Songs by CRAZY HORSE SINGERS, Presentations, Socializing, Networking –March 31st 2011 10 PM: Pine Ridge Retreat Center, Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Turtle Island –LW3NR will be staying at Pine Ridge Retreat Center The Longest Walk north is in South Dakota, and the southern route is in Hereford, Texas today, Tuesday, enroute to Amarillo, Texas. More photos and Pine Ridge schedule of events, including a horseback ride, at: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2011/03/long-walk-3-south-dakota-north-and.html Congratulations to our friend Marsh Rice from the Longest Walk in 2008 and wife Manna, happy parents of a new baby girl born in Tokyo. “Aurora Makena entered this world at 9:30pm Tokyo time,” Marsh said on Monday.

US allowed weapons across border, found at Border Agent\’s murder in Arizona

Whistleblower: US allowed weapons across border Censored News Also see: \’Arizona Border Agents, Weapons and Oil\’ at Censored News: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2011/03/arizona-border-agents-weapons-and-oil.html The US Deadly Games: Arizona border agents, weapons and oil The US says it is taking the lead in exploiting Kazakhstan\’s rich oil reserves. The US even has the Arizona National Guard over there keeping them safe by way of Centcom. Arizona got a chunk of money to keep things safe and tidy for ExxonMobil, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips in Kazakhstan, according to a US cable released by Wikileaks: http://www.wikileaks.ch/cable/2010/02/10ASTANA251.html In Arizona, the US allowed weapons to cross the border into Mexico. Two of those weapons were found at the murder scene of a Border Patrol agent near Nogales, Arizona. The ATF now says that it allowed at least 1,700 weapons into Mexico. The ATF says it was a sting operation targeting narco traffickers. The Center for Public Integrity exposes the fact that ATF allowed weapons to cross the border into Mexico. The Tucson Citizen exposes the fact that two of those weapons were found recently at the scene of the murder of a Border Patrol agent near Nogales, Arizona. ATF let hundreds of U.S. weapons fall into hands of suspected Mexican gunrunners Whistleblower Says Agents Strongly Objected to Risky Strategy By John Solomon and David Heath and Gordon Witkin March 03, 2011 Center for Public Integrity Hoping to score a major prosecution of Mexican drug lords, federal prosecutors and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives permitted hundreds of guns to be purchased and retained by suspected straw buyers with the expectation they might cross the border and even be used in crimes while the case was being built, according to documents and interviews. The decision part of a Phoenix-based operation code named Fast and Furious was met by strong objections from some front-line agents who feared they were allowing weapons like AK-47s to walk into the hands of drug lords and gun runners, internal agency memos show. Indeed, scores of the weapons came back quickly traced to criminal activity. Read more http://www.publicintegrity.org/articles/entry/2976 Updated: 3/22/2011, 3:06 pm: The head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on Thursday night ordered an outside evaluation of his agency\’s efforts to combat Mexican gun trafficking following a Center for Public Integrity report that ATF supervisors allowed more than 1,700 guns to flow to straw buyers with the expectation the weapons might cross the border and even be used in crimes. Read more … http://www.publicintegrity.org/blog/entry/2977/?utm_source=publicintegrity&utm_medium=related_heds&utm_campaign=side_v1 ATF gunwalker scandal did US Customs and Border Protection look the other way when the guns were headed south? by Hugh Holub on Mar. 25, 2011 Tucson Citizen The ATF gunwalker scandal where federal ATF agents allowed hundreds of guns to walk from US gun shops across the border into the hands of the Mexican drug cartel as part of some dubious investigation into gunrunning gets even more outrageous. Two of the ATF walked guns ended up at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry near Rio Rico. Read more … http://tucsoncitizen.com/view-from-baja-arizona/2011/03/25/atf-gunwalker-scandal-did-us-customs-and-border-protection-look-the-other-way-when-the-guns-were-headed-south

Long Walk 3: South Dakota north and enroute to Amarillo south

Photos 1 and 2: Paul Owns the Sabre on the Long Walk northern route with Northern Cheyenne youths in Lame Deer, Montana. Photo by Long Walk northern route. Photo 3: Long walkers prayed for the buffalo in Gardiner, Montana. Photo by Carl Bad Bear Sampson.
Long Walk northern route in South Dakota, southern route heads for Amarillo, Texas
By Censored News
Northern Route: Monday, March 28, 2011
Update Sunday night, “Had a good sweat near the Badlands SD. Thank you Autumn Two Bulls for inviting us and praying with us. Special thanks to the Heyoka medicine man that prayed for the LWNR3. Bringing harmony back to our spirits. Tomorrow we walk into Rapid City. We\’ll keep you posted. Chris Francisco.”
OGLALA TERRITORY hosts The Longest Walk 3 Northern Route 2011! REVERSING DIABETES March 31st through April 2nd 2011


Events are Tentative and Subject to Change, but here is what we are planning! March 31st 2011 Enter at Red Shirt Rez & State Line (time to be determined as they draw closer) PRHS Cross Country & Track Team to RELIEVE them. They will run them into Pine Ridge by RELAY (other schools to participate upon confirmation) ESCORT : OST DPS March 31st 2011 (continued) Share a meal together at Billy Mills hall (time to be determined as they draw closer). Longest Walk 3 Northern Route Walkers will stay at PR RETREAT CENTER April 1 , 2011 10AM Circle Up at 4-Way in Pine Ridge for PRAYER and Words of Encouragement by TBA 10:30AM ~ Sobriety Walk & Ride against DIABETES to White Clay, NE in honor of Longest Walk 3 Northern Route Walkers ESCORT : OST DPS LUNCH between 12 ~ 1PM LUNCH (will be served at Billy Mills Hall) Activities to proceed throughout the day at SACRED HEART (Diabetes Screening, Diabetes Education, Diabetes Prevention, Songs, Dance, Healthy Food, Socializing)
April 2, 2011 8AM Riders and Walkers Circle up at 4 Way for Prayer and Words of Encouragement by TBA 8:30AM ~ Longest Walk 3 Northern Route Walkers will begin their HORSE RIDE! (Oglala Horse Owners will RELIEVE them by horseback as they trek EAST to the next NATION: Sicangu) ******ALL RIDERS ENCOURAGED TO COME AND RIDE ALONG***** ~ LUNCH~ SERVED @ BATESLAND ~ DINNER~ SERVED @ MARTIN OST DPS will be providing an ESCORT
Long Walk 3 southern route :
U pdate from Goodie: Walkers spent the night of March 25 in a little school in a railroad town called Vaughn, New Mexico, population of 539. On March 26 the Longest Walkers walked to Summer Lake State park where they will spend the night and also take a rest day on March 27. On Monday, March 28, they will head out toward Amarillo, Texas, and may make one stop enroute. When they arrive in Amarillo, Texas, the walkers plan to stay the the Kwahadi Museum http://www.kwahadi.com/ near the Amarillo Airport for two days — Tuesday, March 29 and Wednesday, March 30. Next stops after that will be March 31 and April 1 in Hammond Oklahoma, then on to Canton, Oklahoma. –Goodie

Monday, March 28 : South Route Longest Walkers will spend the night in Hereford, Texas, and on Tuesday March 29, will precede on to the Kwahadi Museum in Amarillo, Texas where they will stay through Wednesday March 30.

Long Walk 3 photos: South Dakota border

Long Walk 3 northern route for reversal of diabetes, was briefly in Wyoming, and then at the South Dakota border. Earlier, Northern Cheyenne youths from Lame Deer, Montana, ran with them to Ashland, Montana.
On Saturday, March 26, 2011, northern route coordinator Chris Francisco said, “We are in Rapid City now and the Cheyenne people were great. Especially the kids. They ran from the Little Big Horn Battle Field to Lame Deer.” Photo 1: Long Walk 3 in Lodge Grass, Montana, near Crow Nation: Manny Jim, Carl Bad Bear Sampson, Lisa Peake and Paul Owns the Sabre. Thank you Carl Bad Bear Sampson, Western Shoshone, for the cellphone photos to Censored News!
The Long Walk 3 southern route left Mountaineer, New Mexico, for Vaughn, N.M., on Friday.
Best to all the walkers from Censored News.

United Native Americans protest Hearst and theft of Black Hills

Also on YouTube: The illegal theft by the Hearst Corporation of the Black Hills http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZrdXlIJSPg UNITED NATIVE AMERICANS DEMAND REPARATIONS AND ACCOUNTABILITY From the Hearst Corporation for CONTINUING VIOLATIONS OF THE FORT LARAMIE TREATY\’S OF 1851 AND 1868 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : RALLY TO DEMAND REPARATIONS AND ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE ILLEGAL THEFT OF THE BLACK HILLS AND THE HOMESTAKE GOLD MINE FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2011 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM, PRESS CONFERENCE 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM SATURDAY, MARCH 26, 2011 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM SPEAKERS AT HEARST CASTLE – 750 HEARST CASTLE ROAD, SAN SIMEON, CA. 93452 SPONSORED BY: UNITED NATIVE AMERICANS INC. (U.N.A.) United Native Americans invites members of the press and community to join us, to both attend and participate in our rally to demand Justice for The Lakota Nation. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, U.N.A. is demanding the Hearst Corporation contribute to the struggling Lakota Nation whom they have stolen land and precious natural resources from. Professor Lehman Brightman states that the Hearst Corporation has never tried to make amends to the Lakota Sioux Nation. The heir to the Hearst fortune, William Randolph Hearst III. has not given one red cent to the Sioux Indians. They could easily afford to set up a scholarship program or improve dilapidated housing on Sioux Territory. Nearly 97% of the Sioux Nation s population lives below Federal poverty levels. The United States government and the Hearst Corporation can be prosecuted for violation of International Law. Article VI. of the United States Constitution states All treaties made, or which shall be made … Shall be the Supreme Law of the Land. U.N.A. believes it is time that punitive damages be paid to the Lakota Sioux Nation for direct violation of the Fort Laramie Treaty s of both 1851 and 1868. Reparations need to happen to heal the wounds that capitalism has inflicted upon the people the mainstream media indicates are the least important: indigenous communities, people of color, children, people in poverty, disabled people, migrants, elders, and mothers. Daily newspapers are the media through which we consume ideas about what to do and who to be, and tell stories to make us understand where we come from. These newspapers, like the Hearst-owned SF Examiner, tell us stories about what sort of ideal human we should all strive to be. The problem is, most media in wide circulation has been taken over by corporate interests, and ignores atrocities against folks who need their land back, like the Lakota people of the Black Hills, because indigenous folks, we are told, are not the ideal humans we all want to be. Very few people know about these facts, says Quanah Brightman, a Lakota/Sioux leader of the U.N.A. Manipulations of the media is a strategy that individualizes, like the Hearsts have used throughout history, and now indigenous people are turning the tables with their own people-led media at the Hearst Castle this weekend. Please join U.N.A. for our educational and peaceful protest to demand Justice for the Lakota Sioux Nation at the gates of the Hearst Castle on Friday, March 25th and Saturday, March 26th, from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 750 Hearst Castle Rd. San Simeon, CA 93452 For more information find us on Facebook.com

Photo: Long Walk 3 northern route Cheyenne youth runners

Photo: Native youths from the Northern Cheyenne Nation in Lame Deer, Montana, ran with the Long Walk 3 northern route to Ashland, Montana. Photo by Carl Bad Bear Sampson, Western Shoshone. The Long Walk 3 southern route left Mountainaire, New Mexico enroute to Vaughn, New Mexico, today, Friday, March 25, 2011.

Native American Artists for Japan

Native American Artists for Japan Photo: Turquoise and silver bracelet by Jacob Morgan, son of the late Harry Morgan, donated. . A Community of Givers Native American Artists for Japan is dedicated in leading fellow artisans in a monetary relief for victims/survivors of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan through an organize effort to auction hand-made Native American art. All money will be donated to the Red Cross. Mission Statement Our mission is to unite and inspire fellow Native Artists to give back to our brothers and sisters abroad. Because Japan has been a big supporter of Native American arts, providing income to artists, it is out of our hearts as artists to raise funds for water, food, and basic necessities. Online Auction Benefit April 5, 2011 Our 1st auction on eBay will start on April 5, 2011 and will include as many 15 pieces of art. This auction will last for 7 days, then NAAJ will post more art the following week. If you plan to donate art, we need to have all art pieces in as soon as possible. Thank you for all your efforts! Watch Video Messages on website: Artists speak about NAAJ: Raymond Yazzie; Darryl Dean Begay; Lyndon Tsosie; Monty Claw; Stewart Billie and Tony Abeyta http://www.nativeamericanartistsforjapan.com/

Original Medicine Games in Akwesasne May 27-30, 3011

MEDICINE GAMES at Akwesasne, May 27 — 30, 2011
Posted at Censored News with permission from Neddie Thompson and Lando Nez. Art work by Nez, Dine\’.
“The original medicine games played in Akwesasne and the year is 2011, but we will be still playing in 3011.” The original medicine games are being played in Akwesasne for healing.
Please double click on image to enlarge.

Hopi Call for Prayer to Restore Balance

Hopi call for Prayer to Restore Balance March 17,2011 … The Hopi are praying for the people of Japan and for the people around the world as we face crisis in our world out of balance. We are in a time of great change upon mother earth. These events have been foretold by our Elders. Through our Prophecies and our Ceremonies the sacred land of this earth is now crying. And our children are looking to Hopi to balance life for their future. Our Elders have given us guidance for how to move through these changes. Humanity is now choosing the path upon which all life will follow and we have known this time would come. As Hopi, we ask you to join us in prayer to balance mother earth and all life. We believe that, through our prayers and that if we pray with good hearts as told by our Elders, we can lesson the impact of these events. As Hopi, we join our prayers with those of the Dalai Lama along with people from around the world to send healing to Japan, the earth and all life. In this time of change, we ask all the people of the world return to a more balanced way of life. Hopi say there is a path to follow that allows for us to move through this time of change: Walk gently upon our earth with respect for her and all life. Connect your heart with the heart of the path to the future. Plant gardens, respect our Sacred life giving waters and all of life for future generations of our children. Kwak wha , Lolmani (Thank you, may there be good things in the future.) Lee Wayne Loamayestewa Kikmongwi, Chief of Shungopavi Village SONGOOBAVE HOPI MOMNGWIDU Kikmongwi/Ja\’agmongw Lee Wayne Loraayestewa Soyalmongwi Marcus Lomayestewa Cajinmongwi Lawrence Keevama Dawmongwi Joseph Laban Gwanmongwi Albert Susunkewa Adlmongwi Antone Secakuku Wirojfanmongwi Moody Lomayaktewa Sagwalenmongwi Pascal Nuvumsa Masilenmongwi Patrick Lomawaima Joftnongwi Floyd Lomaguy vaya Ju\’monngwi Qaleedaqmongwi Radford Quamahongnewa LAVAY AY AMU Radford Quamahongnewa

PHOTOS: Long Walk 3 northern route Montana

Photos by Longest Walk northern route. Thank you!

Carl Bad Bear, Western Shoshone, on LW 3 northern route, Thurs. night: “A nice day, Yellowstone National Park, Montana.” After walking into Gardiner, Bad Bear said, “We prayed for the buffalo, while the runners made it five miles from Billings.” On Monday, March 21, Long Walker Lisa Peake, Ojibwe/Pomo, said, ” How about welcoming in our new walker/runners Mark Blue of Morton, Minn., who ran in the 2006 walk/run and 2maro T-Hawk of United Nationz productionz dot com (lol) from the land of Mohawk and Tonga islands. T-Hawk is a award winning native artist of west coast music awards and also an active member of DQ UNITY representive. YAY! more spiritual warriorz!”

Acoma Pueblo Maurus Chino Anti-War Statement: From Conquistador Butchers to ROTC

Greed, violence and entitlement have scarred this
Statement by Maurus Chino, for the March 19, 2011 rally commemorating the Iraqi War, Albuquerque, NM
(Moment of silence for the brave ones alive and dead who stand and stood for the People in the face of oppression throughout the world) Guwaatsi! Gai d awa hauba? Wa shinum e Kaaimaisiwa d aagashi, D yaami Hanu suda. Uusraatra Hanu waashdi suda etyu. Ak ume suda. Greetings! Are you all well? My Acoma name is Kaaimaisiwa. My American name is Maurus Chino. I belong to the Eagle Clan, and am a child of the Sun Clan. I belong to the Acoma People. Acoma, a beautiful and wondrous place to the west of here, is for us the center of the universe. I may live in other places, as I do now, here in Albuquerque, but Ak u, beloved Ak u is a strong force that draws those of us who were born for Acoma and those who will be born for Acoma, always back to its center. Ak u is the word for the actual rock upon which the old village sits. Ak ume translates as, a person from Ak u . From the word Ak ume, comes the word Acoma. War and Terrorism . We ve heard these words a lot lately, but here in New Mexico beginning four hundred years ago, they have been much more than buzz words about lands far away. Here it has been actuality. In October 1598, My Acoma People in defense of the Land and the People saw the first violent contact with the so-called Spanish conquistador. In that initial conflict thirteen Spanish soldiers were killed and as a result, in January 1599 a war ensued at Acoma that nearly destroyed the village. The epic war left hundreds some say thousands dead and butchered. Juan de Onate ordered the right foot of all warriors chopped off and the young girls and women between the ages of 12 to 25 enslaved for 25 years. I say the so-called conquistador because in spite of the horrific events my people endured, we were never conquered. We still practice the ancient beliefs that have sustained the people for thousands of years. The sacred songs, rituals, and prayers are much the same as they have been for millennia. We were never a Spanish speaking people. Against all odds, even in the face of genocide, we are still here. I speak of this because it is important to understand the mindset of violent greed and colonialism. It is why we are gathered here today. We are beset on a worldwide level, and in our hometown communities with social ills directly related to this mindset of greed, violence, and entitlement. In this sacred Land right where you are right now; four hundred years ago; and nearly one hundred years earlier in Central and South America a violent invasion crashed upon the People. And it happened for much the same reasons that war in Iraq happened: for greed, empire, and in the name of Judeo-Chirstian dominion. In the Middle East it started for oil and here in the southwest it was for gold and human souls. In the Albuquerque Journal, Feb 25, there was a picture. The title read: A living History Lesson. It was about Spanish conquistador re-enactors, who visited Madison Middle School to attend a history exhibition of student work. The picture implied the event was lighthearted; a good time to be had by all. Conquistador re-enactors smile as they encourage the children. Of course nothing was ever mentioned of land thefts, genocide, streets running red with blood, babies smashed to the ground at Acoma, the exact same way the civilian deaths in the Middle East are never mentioned. And how can they be? It doesn t jibe with the rhetoric of freedom and democracy. When we allow the children to learn a history that is false and one-sided, we allow ignorance and bigotry to perpetuate. It s true when we hear that if we don t learn from our history then we are doomed to repeat it. In the years to come, as these young impressionable students become the leaders of our communities, do not be surprised when they are confronted with the same social ills that trouble us now. These beautiful young minds poisoned in the schools today become what we will stand against tomorrow. The so-called conquistador Juan de Onate, mass murderer deified, throughout much of New Mexico, and into west Texas still enjoys a misguided reverence, even as we wallow in the violence and death that he represents. We have schools, streets, town plazas, and public buildings, from Taos to El Paso, Texas named after him. You can see Onate today in front of the Albuquerque Museum, a gruesome smile on his face; a clumsy and incompetent attempt by the sculptor to bring lightness to the subject of bloodthirsty colonization. And just outside Alcade, NM, another bronze homage to Onate, this version as mediocre as our own here in Albuquerque, appears to have Onate rising from the low; dripping mud or blood. Sloppy though the work may be, it may be eerily accurate and perhaps a poetic justice. And in El Paso, Texas a 2 1/2 million dollar statue, 41/2 stories high, adorns what one magazine called the fifth ugliest airport in the nation. Shamefully, New Mexico alone has spent millions to honor a butcher when these millions of dollars could have been spent better fixing the social ills that have plagued us and will continue to plague us if we do nothing, namely: drug and alcohol abuse, violence in the streets, jobs, education, and healthcare. As you know, the heroes we choose to celebrate reveal much of who we are as a people. Read the news stories and sooner or later you will see New Mexico prominently fixed on one ruinous list or other. We are the most ignorant, the most violent and as shown from the news stories that keep on coming; the most politically corrupt. We should not be bewildered when we read the stories of drug and alcohol related crimes and violence. That we are one of the most violent states in the union shouldn t surprise us, and it should not surprise us because we have in a way let it continue. When we stay quiet, when we do nothing even as we see the world crumble around us; we become part of the problem. In 2004, I along with other Indigenous activists drove down through Mexico, down to the Mexican State of Chiapas, to San Cristobal de las Casas. We went down to help the Zapatistas celebrate the 1994 uprise against oppression. We drove for three days down, and three days coming back. We drove through desert, mountains, jungle, small towns and large cities. We spoke to Mayan community leaders in mountain villages, yet we never saw any monuments to the Spanish conquistador. Some would think that if there were a place for conquistador monuments, Mexico would be that place, but no. Only here in the American southwest do you see such a pitiful hanging on to a misrepresented and violent past. New Mexico s love, dependence and obsession with violence used to perplex me, until I realized that what I was seeing around me was a mindset, a mindset locked in stone long before drugs and immigration across our borders. What started with a glorification of a violent past continues to this day when we see our people so independently proud, yet so dependent upon the military industrial complex for our economic survival. Once a year in our lone Albuquerque newspaper, we read a story insidiously implying pride to be the birth place, of one of the most evil inventions ever to be conceived by humankind: the atomic bomb. I ve heard many people refer to retired New Mexico Senator, Pete Dominici as Saint Pete . St. Pete of course championed our continuing nuclear arms research at Los Alamos National Laboratories. Every August, the morbid Santa Fe Fiesta is held. It celebrates the so-called bloodless re-conquest of New Mexico , which in fact was not bloodless at all. When people love and obsess over violence then the communities and values become bedeviled by that same obsession. In a collective mindset, obsession with violence manifests violence. When I was a young man, back in that booze-haze of a different time, I used to drink with this Acoma man. He is gone now. Beloved, he has returned back to the source. His name was Paul. He was a Marine and had just come back from the Viet Nam War. We would talk me and him, about all manner of things, but somehow it seemed our conversations would many times turn back to the good ol days, (those good ol days we all know). And once he told me something that startled me because I knew exactly what he was talking about. I was taken aback because I thought I was the only person who knew this trivial, seemingly unimportant piece of my life. He said, when I was I was in high school, I joined football just because the football team ate good on game days . That was me exactly. I was on the cross country team. I loved running, the nervous anticipation, the adrenaline coursing through my body, and the thrill of the competition. But man, how I looked forward the meals at those greasy spoon restaurants. It was my best meal of the week. Paul and I you see knew poverty in our homes. It s much the same even now with many of our youth and I speak of our Indian youth; our young women and men. Though not many if any, experience the same poverty Paul and I knew, the sad fact is that many experience the same lack of opportunity, the same lack of quality education in a school system filled with poorly paid teachers. Some of our young people feel that there isn t much choice other than the military. Many young people beloved, from Acoma, and our neighbors our indigenous relatives, the Din e, Apache, Southern Ute, Cheyenne, Comanche, Hopi, Zuni, K awaik me, T amayam e , K ewam e, Ohkay Owingeh, Zia, Cochiti, Lakota, Kiowa, Taos, O odham, on and on, have been to the endless wars: World War ll, Iwo Jima, Korean War, Cambodia, the Viet Nam War, and now the Middle East. They return and it is hard for them to get back to the values of these two most important things: the Land and the People. Amuu haatsi e amuu hanu, the beloved land and the beloved People . Beloved, they come back changed if they come at all. Without exception, we all know this to be true. But remember this too People: that though the wars are unjust we must always, always respect our women and men who serve. I praise all of you here today. By this act of being present you are doing something that the overwhelming majority of the people will simply not do; and that is to take action. It is not easy to take action I know. I have been doing my work as an activist for many years and I would have stopped a long time ago if I thought I was not making any difference. I ll tell you something that I heard years ago that helps me to continue. I was planning an event with a Mexican man, an older man and activist of many years. We know, he said, that we are going to lose the battle, but we do it anyway. We continue to do it because it is the right thing to do . That is why I continue. It is the right thing to do. I try to make my way in these uncertain times as an artist. I pour myself into my work just like you. We all have much the same issues in different forms as we try to make our way. No one has it easy. It s hard to devote time for social justice, but we must if we are to remake our communities. We belong to the community, and so we have a responsibility. Should we not be looking out for each other? We see much unrest around the world today, Egypt, Libya and recently here in the U.S., Wisconsin. We see a mighty struggle for social justice, and it can be heartbreaking to such struggles against overwhelming odds. Yet, it is heartening to see that the People truly can possess power. We can make a difference if we speak in unity, and if our purpose is worthwhile. It starts here. The madness in the whole wide world can be remedied right here. Write letters to the city council speak up when you see monies misspent; speak out against the ROTC programs in the schools. Denounce the glorification of conquistador celebrations. Vote and make sure you know the values of those people who propose to help you. Do something any big or small worthwhile thing. Our actions create a butterfly effect. Our positive actions can and do have an effect on everything else. Thank you all for being here. I want to wish you all the blessings. D awa e hauba, baa Druuwishatsi. Thank you everyone, may you fare well. Maurus Chino, Acoma Tribe, Founder Southwest Indigenous Alliance mauruschino@yahoo.com About Maurus Chino: Maurus Chino, Ka aimaisiwa of the Acoma, Eagle clan/Sun Child, creates pottery, animal figures, canteens, oil paintings, pastels, graphics and murals. Born in 1954 in Albuquerque, Maurus attended Grants High School, NM and received a B.F.A. from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, 1980. He is the grandson of Mamie Torivio Ortiz and Joe L. Ortiz; son of Myrna Antonio Chino and Elmer Chino; brother of Larry, Debbie, Keith, Paul and Darlene. Maurus has been a forest firefighter, underground mine worker, illustrator, art consultant, potter, silversmith and full-time painter since 1992. His many awards include those from the Indian Market in Santa Fe and Carl Gorman Memorial Award. His works are in exhibits at the Heard Museum in Phoenix; Acoma Museum; University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and other museums and institutes. Maurus Chino said, In a world of uncertainty, critical issues of art, cultural identity, and history become even more clouded and misrepresented in the hands of those who wield political power. Indigenous history and Indigenous voice has been and will become secondary; if we allow it to be so. But we have a choice. We have an obligation to the Mothers and Fathers who gave everything for our continuance, even in the face of overwhelming odds. The People\’s continuance and resistance though born from the attempted genocide of the people, has beauty. As an artist/activist I present the Indigenous view and give voice to the people. Supporters of Albuquerque\’s Anti War Rally on Saturday : Albuquerque Chapter Vets for Peace; Albuquerque War Tax Alternative Fund; A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition NM; BDS-NM; Calming Four Swing Dance Group; Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel; GetEqual; Gray Panthers; Healthcare is a Right Campaign; La Raza Unida, NM; Las Vegas Committee for Peace and Justice; March Forward; Military Families Speak Out; National Committee to Free the Cuban Five (NM Chapter); Pax Christi NM; Raging Grannies; Santa Fe Chapter Veterans for Peace; Southwest Indigenous Alliance Southwest Organizing Project; Stop the War Machine; Students Against Empire Students Organizing Action for Peace (SOAP); Trinity House Catholic Worker UNM Peace Studies; Young Americans for Liberty; Youth in Transition Inc. Please Contact with Concerns: Senator Jeff Bingaman, Democrat 703 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 800-443-8658; 202-224-5521 To send an email go to this website: http://bingaman.senate.gov/contact/types/email-issue.cfm Senator Tom Udall, Democrat 110 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 800-443-8658; 202-224-6621 Tto send an email go to this website: http://udall.senate.gov/contact/types/email-issue.cfm Governor Susana Martinez 505-76-2200 To email the Governor go to this website: http://www.governor.state.nm.us/Contact_the_Governor.aspx Richard J Berry, Mayor of Albuquerque 505-768-3000 mayorberry@cabq.gov Albuquerque City Councilors email and contact information, go to this website: http://www.cabq.gov/council/councilors/albuquerque-city-councilors New Mexico Depart. Of Cultural Affairs Veronica Gonzales, Secretary-designate 505-827-6364 National Hispanic Cultural Center Executive Director Estevan Rael-Galvez 505-246-2261 Estevan.rael-Galvez@state.nm.us

Smithsonian\’s racist collection of Indian skulls

The history of the Smithsonian Institution, like the history taught in US classrooms, is largely one of deception and fiction

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Photo: Trees at Sand Creek massacre. Photo Brenda Norrell.
The Smithsonian\’s dark history includes the collecting of American Indian brains for a racist experiment which claimed to reveal the relationship between race and intelligence. Brains were collected for bounty. One of the massacres where this sinister collection of brains was carried out was at Sand Creek in Colorado, a brutal massacre where fleeing Cheyenne and Arapaho women and children were murdered in 1864. The following article is republished, so the facts will not be forgotten, with a special thank you to Pawnee professor James Riding In who provided much of the information. After publication of this article, I wrote the Smithsonian and asked if it was true that more than 10,000 Indian skulls remained at the Smithsonian. There was no response. –Brenda Norrell
Smithsonian harbored Ishi\’s brain by Brenda Norrell (March 19, 1999)
The Smithsonian Institution admits, after a probe and nearly a century of secrecy, that it housed the brain of Ishi, a Yahi Indian who walked into Oroville, Calif., in 1911. But the admission comes only after American Indians demanded a beffiting burial and University of California researchers probed the whereabouts of Ishi\’s remains, that the Smithsonian admits that Ishi\’s brain was in a warehouse at the National Museum of Natural History. Pointing to scientific racism, James Riding In, Pawnee professor at Arizona State University, said American Indian skulls at the Smithsonian are part of the U.S. Army\’s research intended to show that whites were superior based on the size of their skulls. Riding In said the Smithsonian has been less than forthcoming about the American Indian remains in its possession, as mandated by the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. Riding In said Smithsonian Institution curators previously acquired 18,500 bodies and most of the skulls were collected by the Army Medical Museum in the 1800s. While most of the crania gather dust at the Smithsonian today, others have been destroyed by carbon 14 dating analysis. Riding In\’s research is now included in law seminar course material at Arizona State University, “Symposium on Land, Culture, and Community: Contemporary Issues in Cultural Resources Protection.” The research shows that Samuel G. Morton, in the early 1830s, worked in craniology and phrenology, to devise tests on skulls, in relation to intelligence and crania size. He poured mustard seeds into human skulls to determine size and volume in his research. In the process, Morton assembled a large collection of American Indian skulls. “He never questioned the morality of stealing Indian crania from graves,” Riding In said. Morton paid soldiers, settlers, and others for Indian skulls. With bounty offered, American Indian skulls became sought after in what Riding In describes as a cottage industry. The United States Army established a program during the 1860s for studying Indian crania. Among those massacred, beheaded and their crania taken, were a group of friendly Cheyenne, Kiowa and Arapaho near Sand Creek, Colo. The final chapter in the legacy of Ishi, whose biography became a documentary film, is included in this dark, untold chapter of American history. Although Ishi made a final request that there be no autoposy, the anthropologists who supposedly befriended him, removed his brain during an autoposy in 1916. The removal and transfer to the Smithsonian were kept secret until recently. “It was not uncommon to study brains in the early 20th century,” said anthropologist Orin Starn, who led the Smithsonian to admit the location of Ishi\’s brain. “Some people thought that different races had different brain sizes.” Starn said Ishi was “really was a victim of a holocaust.” The investigation was spearheaded by Nancy Rockafellar, a research historian at the University of California in San Francisco in the History of Health Science Department, and Starn, a Duke University anthropologist. Rockafellar said that before his death in 1916 from tuberculosis, two persons appeared to befriend Ishi, anthropologist Thomas Waterman and museum curator Alfred Kroeber. Rockafellar determined that after the autoposy, Kroeber sent Ishi\’s brain to the Smithsonian for study in 1917. Native Americans in California plan to carry out a proper burial at Ishi\’s homeland at Mount Lassen.
(A proper burial of Ishi did follow.)
Additional reference to the US collection of American Indian skulls: “In 1862, during the Civil War, the Surgeon General established the United States Army Medical Museum (AMM; now the National Museum of Health and Medicine of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology).”
Photographs of American Indian skulls at this museum: “Tribes or races represented are Apache, Arapaho, Arikara, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Comanche, Dakota, Eskimo, Hawaiian, Negro, Paiute, Ponca, San Miguel and San Nicholas islands (California), White, and Wichita.” Read more: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/p/reference-smithsonians-collection-of.html

RESISTANCE FILM \’Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawai\’i\’

NOHO HEWA: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawai i

Censored News
Censored News congratulates Native Hawaiian filmmaker Anne Keala Kelly for her documentary, NOHO HEWA: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawai\’i, exposing the United States\’ illegal occupation, colonization and ethnic cleansing on this island homeland of Native Hawaiians.
The film captured Best Documentary Award at the Hawaii International Film Festival, 2008 and is the winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Festival International du Film Documentaire de Oceanien, Tahiti, 2010. Joleen Oshiro of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin said, “It conveys knowledge that resonates in the heart as well as the mind.”
Albert Wendt, Maori artist and author of Sons for the Return Home, also praised the film. NOHO HEWA is a brilliant, incisive, and complex expos of colonialism (American and other) and its devastating effects on Kanaka Maoli, the indigenous people of Hawaii, and their land,” Wendt said.
“After you see this film you will never again believe the lies and myths perpetuated about Hawaii by successive American governments, non-Hawaiian historians, writers, filmmakers, the tourism industry, and others. \’Noho Hewa\’ is the first Native Hawaiian produced film of the 21st century to document the Hawaiian resistance to the U.S. occupation of their country. Produced and directed by independent journalist and filmmaker, Anne Keala Kelly, it looks at desecration of sacred sites and burials, and how the U.S. policies, via the military, the GMO industry and tourism use desecration as a colonial tool of ethnic cleansing.
Keala\’s work focuses on Hawaiian political and cultural issues, indigenous peoples and the environment. In 2008, she co-produced The Other Hawai i, for Al Jazeera English s Inside USA, and she was a Ted Scripps Environmental Journalism Fellow at the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2006 – 2007. Keala has filed stories from her home in Hawai i, as well as Kathmandu and Geneva, and her articles, editorials and essays have been published in the Honolulu Advertiser, The Nation, American Indian Quarterly, the Honolulu Weekly and other journals. She has produced features and documentaries for the Pacifica Network s Free Speech Radio News and NPR s The Environment Report.
Go to http://www.nohohewa.com/ to purchase a copy of the DVD and support the film s distribution. In Hawaiian language, the word HEWA means wrong, in the world of film and media, NOHO HEWA tells the truth about what is happening to the Hawaiian people and their homeland.
If you would like to arrange a public screening for your community or campus please send inquiries to nohohewa@ gmail.com
Filmmaker Anne Keala Kelly has kindly offered to donate 10 percent of sales to Censored News, if you mention you read about it here. Thank you.

Arizona approves uranium mining permits in Grand Canyon 2011

Sacred place of prayer for the well-being of the world approved for uranium mining in Arizona — as disaster reveals danger of nuclear power in Japan Article and photo by Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ Arizona issues uranium mining permits to Canadian company to endanger water supply in Southwest SUPAI TERRITORY (Grand Canyon) — When the Supai opposed uranium mining here — which Arizona just approved last week — Supai said it is a place for prayer for the well-being of the world. Now in Japan, the truth of the danger of nuclear power is revealed. Gathered at sacred Red Butte in the Grand Canyon to oppose uranium mining here in 2009, Supai said this is a sacred place where they go to offer prayers for the protection of the earth. Speaking of the Supai responsibility to protect the land, water, and air here from the poisons of mining, Supai Waters said, “If we do let this happen, we would be the murderers of the world. We cannot let that happen.” Supai Waters said that protection of the Grand Canyon also affects the weather patterns and climate of the earth. “My people have lived in the canyon since time immemorial. The canyons contain power points and vortexes. If there is tampering or pillaging, the earth will not be the same. There are places where we guard. These sacred places have to do with the weather, the wind, the sun, the celestial movements. That is why we are here protecting it,” Supai Waters said. Matthew Putesoy, vice chairman of the Havasupai Nation, said the Grand Canyon is a national treasure, inviting 5 million people every year to explore and be inspired by its beauty. “To the Havasuw \’Baaja, who have lived in the region for many hundreds of years, it is sacred. As the \’guardians of the Grand Canyon,\’ we strenuously object to mining for uranium here. It is a threat to the health of our environment and tribe, our tourism-based economy, and our religion.” American Indian Nations joined local residents to oppose this threat to their water and air. However, Arizona regulators caved in to the pressure from the corporation — Denison Mines based in Toronto, Canada — and the coopted US government. “Ignoring widespread public opposition, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality today issued three air- and one aquifer-pollution permits for three uranium mines located on public lands within Grand Canyon National Park s immediate watershed,” said the Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club and Grand Canyon Trust. Read more: http://censored-news.blogspot.com/2011/03/arizona-issues-uranium-mine-permits-for.html The press statement was issued on March 10, 2011. The earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11. The Havasupai territory in the Grand Canyon is targeted by this new uranium mining from Denison Mines based in Toronto, Canada. At the same time, Navajo communities and the aquifer that provides their drinking water are threatened by new uranium mining along the borders of their lands in New Mexico. Already, the same area of Church Rock, N.M., was the site of one of the United States worst radioactive spills. Between Albuquerque and Grants, where Navajos and Pueblos live, there are even more new uranium mining permits by the state of New Mexico: http://www.cibolabeacon.com/articles/2011/03/04/news/doc4d70271827536314023640.txt Japan s earthquake shifted balance of the planet AP reports that last week\’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has actually moved the island closer to the United States and shifted the planet\’s axis. “The quake caused a rift 15 miles below the sea floor that stretched 186 miles long and 93 miles wide, according to the AP. The areas closest to the epicenter of the quake jumped a full 13 feet closer to the United States, geophysicist Ross Stein at the United States Geological Survey told The New York Times.” http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookout/20110314/ts_yblog_thelookout/japans-earthquake-shifted-balance-of-the-planet Listen to Supai at Earthcycles. Supai, other Native Americans and local residents speak out against this uranium mining at the summit in July of 2009. Recorded live by Earthcycles and Censored News. Scroll down the list for 93 audio recordings from the summit at Red Butte: http://www.earthcycles.net/nts/ There will also be a benefit concert to Stop Uranium Mining at the Grand Canyon on March 26th in Flagstaff at the Orpheum Theater. From: http://www.stopuraniummining.org/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/stopuraniummining

Subcomandante Marcos letter Jan/Feb. 2011

Subcomandante Marcos letter Jan/Feb 2011

Photos Long Walk 3 northern route Helena Montana Capitol

Photos by Chris Francisco, coordinator, Long Walk 3 Northern Route, rally at Montana Capitol in Helena, March 11, 2011. The walkers are now in Bozeman and headed toward Billings, Montana.
Owns the Sabre Long Walk 3: These seven are doing the impossible
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Paul Owns the Sabre, Cheyenne River Lakota, said, “It is a high honor to be with these young people. They are doing the impossible.”
Owns the Sabre said the seven Native Americans walking and running across America do not even know themselves how important each one is.
Owns the Sabre said the four walkers and three runners have few funds, and very little national support, and are relying on community support in the towns they pass through.
Owns the Sabre was also on the Long Walk 1978 and 30 years later on the Long Walk 2 in 2008. Owns the Sabre said it is an honor to again be with three of the Native youths who were on the Long Walk 2 northern route, and are now crossing America for the second time.
Craig Luther, Navajo, from Sanders, Arizona, is now on Long Walk 3 with his father, Chris. Carl “Bad Bear” Sampson is Western Shoshone from Nevada. Lisa Peake, Ojibwe/Pomo, is one of the few young Native American women to walk across America on these Long Walks for the second time.
Owns the Sabre, speaking from Bozeman, Montana, recalled the journey of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce who led his people across Lobo Pass, a pass that the Long Walk 3 northern route crossed, after Long Walk 3 walked and ran through heavy snow in the mountains of Oregon.
Owns the Sabre said the walkers of the Long Walk 3 are making this journey for those who cannot. He added that both he and the coordinator, Navajo Chris Francisco, from Shiprock, N.M., have diabetes.
“These walkers and runners have no idea the importance of what they are doing,” Owns the Sabre said.
Lisa Peake, Ojibwe/Pomo, is in the top photo, on the far left. Carl Bad Bear Sampson, Western Shoshone, is in photo 2 on the far left. Long walker Manny is in photo 3. Navajos Craig and his father Chris are in photo 4. Owns the Sabre, Cheyenne River Lakota, is photographed in the last photo, on the lower left, along with long walker Ellyn Carlson, on the steps of the Montana Capitol. Not photographed is long walker and runner Chris Francisco, Navajo coordinator, who took these photos. Thanks to all of you!

Please support these seven who made it through the snows of Oregon and mountains of Montana with so little. Please especially send your support to the Native youths. It is really a walk for survival, sending a message to other Native youths of the indomitable human spirit. — Brenda Norrell, Censored News

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CENSORED NEWS: September 2016

Amnesty International to Morton Co. Sheriff: Halt dog attacks, armored vehicles, police assault weapons

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier Morton County Sheriff s Department 205 1st Avenue NW Mandan, ND 58554 28 September 2016 Dear Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier: Following the protests that took place at a Dakota Access Pipeline construction site on 3 September, we are writing to ask you to investigate the use of force by private contractors, remove blockades and discontinue the use of riot gear by Morton County Sheriff s deputies when policing protests in order to facilitate the right to peaceful protests in accordance with international law and standards. On 3 September, protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline construction moved on to private property in response to the potential destruction of land that was earlier marked as containing burial grounds and sacred sites for the local Native American tribes. After protesters had crossed a temporary fence onto the land where construction was taking place, video shows members of a private security firm use dogs and what appears to be Oleoresin Capsicum spray (OC spray) against several of the protesters before the security team leaves the premises. While the North Dakota Private Investigation and Security Board is reviewing the use of dogs by private security personnel during the events on 3 September, it is the obligation of the Morton County Sheriff to review the actions taken by private security in both the use of dogs and OC Spray against individuals at this site. Even though individuals trespassed on to private property in order to stop the destruction of potential cultural sites, law enforcement, in its obligation to facilitate peaceful protest, has a duty to protect peaceful protesters and not use the unlawful acts of a few as a pretext to restrict or impede the exercise of fundamental rights of a majority. The Morton County Sheriff should review the unnecessary use of force by security personnel on this day. In relation to the actions that took place on this day, Amnesty International USA has written to Morton County State s Attorney, Allen Coppy, calling on his office to drop charges of criminal trespass against Democracy Now! Journalist Amy Goodman. Miss Goodman was acting in her role as a journalist/reporter when she crossed onto private property in order to report on the actions of the protesters, construction crew and private security firm. Her trespass on to this property was clearly related to, even essential to, effectively carrying out her role of covering the protest and making information about it available to the public. We are calling on your office to support that request to the Morton County State s Attorney s office. A copy of the letter has been attached. Lastly, we are calling on your office to refrain from outfitting officers in riot gear when policing of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests unless strictly necessary. On 13 September 2016, after making arrests of at least 20 individuals who were trespassing on private land in order to partake in non-violent direct action against the pipeline, images that were circulated from the protest site showed Morton County Sheriff s officers outfitted in riot gear despite the lack of violence by protesters. More recent images from ongoing protests at the construction site show officers outfitted in similar gear, equipped with assault rifles and using armored vehicles to police protests. The use of heavy-duty riot gear and military-grade weapons and equipment to police largely peaceful demonstrations intimidates protesters who are practicing their right to peaceful assembly and can actually lead to an escalation in violence. Equipping officers in a manner more appropriate for a battlefield may put them in the mindset that confrontation and conflict is inevitable rather than possible, escalating tensions between protesters and police. Any police presence at demonstrations needs to be proportionate to the situation. Police deployed in larger numbers than appear necessary or deployed wearing protective clothing or riot gear can be confrontational and intimidating. As seen in many countries, inappropriate or excessive police interventions can actually lead to violence and disorder rather than reducing tensions. The U.S. government is obligated under international law to respect, protect, and fulfill the human rights of Indigenous people, including the rights to freedom of expression and assembly. It is the legitimate right of people to peacefully express their opinion. Public assemblies should not be considered as the enemy . The command hierarchy must convey a clear message to law enforcement officials that their task is to facilitate and not to restrict a peaceful public assembly. We look forward to your reply and would be happy to provide additional information as needed. Yours Sincerely, Margaret Huang Executive Director Amnesty International USA Note from Censored News: Thanks to Amnesty International for this statement. It is important that charges be dropped against Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, but it should have been pointed out that Cody Hall, Lakota media spokesman for Red Warrior Society, spent four days in jail on the same charge, criminal trespass, and Unicorn Riot livestreamers were arrested while livestreaming and jailed.

Mohawk Nation News \’Kukla, Oren and Ollie


Mohawk Nation News
Please post and distribute.
MNN. Sept. 29, 2019. A subpoena was served on Oren Lyons and Ollie Gibson of the Onondaga chiefs, to appear in the trial of the Onondaga15 in Syracuse on September 28, 2016. They sent their traditional anglo lawyer, Joe Heath, bedraggled, in a burlap sack suit, and no tie.

Onondaga chief:

Onondaga chief: What do you mean I m not the Lone Ranger?
Heath said the corpo chiefs have sovereign immunity. They cannot answer for their part in the violent attack on the onkwe hon:weh. He cannot be sued or come to court because Oren is a clergyman, a religious faithkeeper of the Handsome Lake Code. He heads a corporation. He can be made to answer to the people of the Iroquois Confederacy.
One plaintiff said: They are hiding behind sovereign immunity. The Onondaga Tribal Council of New York Inc. is under the US Constitution. kaia nere:kowa, our constituion provides that anyone trying to establish anything else would lose their native name, land and birthright . Oren cannot escape immunity for his crimes under the kaia nere:kowa, the great peace. He incorporated himself and his followers under the Bureau of Indian Affairs for recognition by corporate entities. They accepted all laws, rules and regulations of the USA. Only the people are sovereign according to the kaia nere:kowa, the law of the land. The council pretends to be the rotino shonni, Iroquois Confederacy. tekentiokwanhoxta, the 49 original families, are the basis of rotin shonni sovereignty. The two row wampum is our agreement with creation.
Royaner must follow a path and cannot stray. Should he stray, he will be removed. Oren tries to impose his will on the people. He is a Seneca and must follow his mother s lineage. He can never claim to be an onondaga titleholder.
Both Oren and Ollie are not onondaga and bring in outside police forces to terrorize the people. In 1996 the chiefs bulldozed businesses on Route 11 while the NYS Police stood by. Atotharho Leon Shenandoah said the businesses belong to the women on behalf of the people.
The two row is the oldest agreement between the onkwe hon:we, US and Europe. To maintain the peace we would travel as equals and help each other.
The onondaga tribal chiefs are informants to New York State. They tried to enter into secret taxing compacts to share the taxes and control the people. Many resisters have no rights, benefits, jobs, running water or hydo. These are treasonous actions.
Warriors and their families were coming to the May 18, 1997 ceremonial event. I went there as a rotiskenrakete that was on the Dialogue Team to inform the media and American public about what was going on. We ended up getting billy clubs and arrests.
Scullin admitted the comments were eloquent. You may be right. I have to apply the [white] law that exists. This council is recognized by the state. They do enjoy immunity. I cannot enforce the subpoenas and quash them.
According to Dennis Blythe s interrogatory, i appears the chiefs provided false intel and allowed the police to attack us. How do we face our accusers?
On September 28 th The Onondaga15 rested their case. Final submissions will begin on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. 12 th floor, room 6, 100 South Clinton St., Syracuse. 9.30 am. Come and stand with us. The jury begins deliberations after that. thahoketoteh.
14449945_10157591708135571_8752493981282670335_n THE ONONDAGA 15 ARE:
Andrew Jones, Robert E. Bucktooth Jr., Cheryl Bucktooth, Robert Bucktooth III, Ronald Jones Jr., Debby Jones, Karen Jones, Nikki Jones, Sean Jones, kahentinetha, dyhyneyyks, tekarontakeh, Ross John, Nadine ganonhweih Bucktooth.
SUPT. OF NEW YORK STATE POLICE JAMES W. MCMAHON, County of Onondaga Sheriff Kevin Walsh, NYS Troopers: Maj. James J. Parmley, Cap. George Beach, Inv. Pamela J. Morriw, Inv. Dennis J. Blythe, Inv. Joahn F. Ahern, Sgt. JoseW. Smith, Trp. Jeffrey D. Sergott, Trp. Michael S. Slade, Trp. James D. Moynihan, Trp. James K. Jecko, Sgt. Robert Hauman, Trp. Mark E. Chaffee, Trp. Christopher J. Clark, Trp. Paul K. Hunswiler, Trp. Douglas W. Shelter, Trp. Patrick M. DiPirro, Trp. Gregory Eberl, Sgt. Gary A. Barlow, Trp. Mark E. Lepczyk, Trp. Martin Zubrzycko, Trp. Glenn Miner, Trp. Gary Darstein, Trp. Kevin buttenschon, Sgt. Chris A. Smith, Sgt. Norman Mattice, Capt. John E. Wood, Lt. Thomas P. Connelly. Inc. Jerry Brown, Sgt. Harry Schleiser, Inv. Norman Ashbasrry, Trp. Peter S. Leadley, Trip. Martin J. Williams, Trp. Gloria L. Wood, Trp. David G. Bonner, Trp. Dennis J.Burgoes, Trp. John P. Dougherty, Trp. David V. Dye, Trp. Daryl O. Free, Sgt. James j. Greenwood, Trp. Andrew Halinski, Trp. Robert B. Heath, Trp. Robert H. Hovey Jr., Trp. Robert Al. ureller, Trp. Stephen P. Kealy, Trp. Rroy D. Little, Trp. Edward J. Marecek, Trp. Ronald G. Morse, Trp. Paul M. Murray, Trp. Anthony Randazzo, Trp. Allen Riley, Sgt. Chris A Smith, Trp. Frederick A. Smith, Sgt. Steven B. Kruth, Sgt. Joseph Smith, Sgt. Obrist, Sgt. Williams, John Doe 1-100 and Jane Doe 1-100.
Adam L. Pollock adam.pollock@ag.ny.gov ,
Angela C. Winfield awinfield@barclaydamon.com ,
Brittany E. Aungier baungier@barclaydamon.com ,
Carol. Rhinehart crhinehart@ongov.net ,
  1. Karle, dkarle@ongove.net .
Devin M. Cain dcain@maglaw.com ,
lkan Abramowitz EAbranowitz@maglaw.com ,
Jodi M. Meikin Jpeikin@maglaw.com
CSeel CSeel@maglaw.com
Robert J. Anello ranello@magislaw.com
Terrance J. Hoffman tjhoffman@cnymail.com
Vern Gosdin has some advice for the New York State state of mind: You think by now you would have Used up all your lies. Who are you gonna blame it on this time?
MNN Mohawk Nation News for more news, to sign up for MNN newsletters, go to mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. thahoketoteh@ntk.com Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 or original Mohawk music visit https://soundcloud.com/thahoketoteh

LAS VEGAS: Native American Forum on Nuclear Issues 2016

Leonard Peltier\’s Statement on Standing Rock

By Leonard Peltier

Listen to Peltier live on Standing Rock Resistance Spirit Radio Broadcast live by Govinda in camp
Censored News
Greeting Sisters and Brothers:
I have been asked to write a solidarity statement to everyone about the Camp of the Sacred Stones on Standing Rock. Thank you for this great honor. I must admit it is very difficult for me to even begin this statement as my eyes get so blurred from tears and my heart swells with pride, as chills run up and down my neck and back. I m so proud of all of you young people and others there.
I am grateful to have survived to see the rebirth of the united and undefeated Sioux Nation at Standing Rock in the resistance to the poisonous pipeline that threatens the life source of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. It is an honor to have been alive to see this happen with you young people. You are nothing but awesome in my eyes.
It has been a long, hard road these 40 years of being caged by an inhuman system for a crime I did not commit. I could not have survived physically or mentally without your support, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for encouraging me to endure and maintain a spiritual and legal resistance.
We are now coming to the end of that road, soon arriving at a destination which will at least in part be determined by you. Along the lines of what Martin Luther King said shortly before his death, I may not get there with you, but I only hope and pray that my life, and if necessary, my death, will lead my Native peoples closer to the Promise Land.
I refer here not to the Promise Land of the Christian bible, but to the modest promises of the Treaties our ancestors secured from enemies bent on their destruction; in order to enable us to survive as distinct peoples and live in a dignified manner. Our elders knew the value of written words and laws to the white man, even as they knew the lengths the invaders would go to try to get around them.
Our ancestors did not benefit from these Treaties, but they shrewdly and persistently negotiated the best terms they could get, to protect us from wars which could only end in our destruction, no matter how courageously and effectively we fought. No, the Treaties were to the benefit of the Americans, this upstart nation needed the Treaties to put a veneer of legitimacy on its conquest of the land and its rebellion against its own countrymen and king.
It should be remembered that Standing Rock was the site of the 1974 conference of the international indigenous movement that spread throughout the Americas and beyond, the starting point for the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The UNDRIP was resisted by the United States for three decades until its adoption by the UN in 2007. The US was one of just four nations to vote against ratification, with President Obama acknowledging the Declaration as an aspirational document without binding force under international law.
While some of the leaders of this movement are veterans of the 1970s resistance at Pine Ridge; they share the wisdom of our past elders in perceiving the moral and political symbolism of peaceful protest today is as necessary for us as was necessary for the people of Pine Ridge in the 1970s. The 71-day occupation of Wounded Knee ended with an agreement to investigate human rights and treaty abuses; that inquiry and promise were never implemented nor honored by the United States. The Wounded Knee Agreement should be honored with a Truth and Reconciliation Commission established to thoroughly examine the US government s role in the Reign of Terror on Pine Ridge in the 1970s. This project should be coordinated with the cooperation of the many international human rights organizations that have called for my immediate and unconditional release for more than four decades.
I have to caution you young people to be careful, for you are up against a very evil group of people whose only concern is to fill their pockets with even more gold and wealth. They could not care less how many of you they have to kill or bury in a prison cell. They don t care if you are a young child or an old grandmother, and you better believe they are and have been recruiting our own people to be snitches and traitors. They will look to the drunks, the addicts, and child molesters, those who prey on our old and our children; they look for the weak-minded individuals. You must remember to be very cautious about falsely accusing people based more on personal opinion than on evidence. Be smart.
I call on all my supporters and allies to join the struggle at Standing Rock in the spirit of peaceful spiritual resistance and to work together to protect Unci Maka, Grandmother Earth. I also call upon my supporters and all people who share this Earth to join together to insist that the UScomplies with and honors the provisions of international law as expressed in the UNDRIP, International Human Rights Treaties and the long-neglected Treaties and trust agreements with the Sioux Nation. I particularly appeal to Jill Stein and the Green Parties of the US and the world to join this struggle by calling for my release and adopting the UNDRIP as the new legal framework for relations with indigenous peoples.
Finally, I also urge my supporters to immediately and urgently call upon President Obama to grant my petition for clemency, to permit me to live my final years on the Turtle Mountain Reservation. Scholars, political grassroots leaders, humanitarians and Nobel Peace Laureates have demanded my release for more than four decades. My Clemency Petition asks President Obama to commute, or end, my prison term now in order for our nation to make progress healing its fractured relations with Native communities. By facing and addressing the injustices of the past, together we can build a better future for our children and our children s children.
Again, my heartfelt thanks to all of you for working together to protect the water. Water is Life.
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
Leonard Peltier

Lakota Greg Grey Cloud Free from Jail: Civil Rights Violated


Morton County violated civil rights of activist: A bogus warrant and a night in jail By Brenda Norrell Censored News MANDAN, North Dakota — Greg Grey Cloud, Lakota, is free after spending a night in Morton County Jail, when a misdemeanor warrant was suddenly changed to a warrant with no bond. The State of North Dakota and Morton County violated his civil rights. Greg was charged with criminal trespass for Sept. 3 (the day that the dogs attacked the water protectors.) The bogus warrant was not issued until Sept. 15. Greg said he was not present on Sept. 3. He turned himself in, in order to clear the matter up with the court. When he arrived, he was told there was no bond on this warrant and he was forced to spend the night in jail. The charge is a misdemeanor. Then, the Morton County Jail left Greg in a small, cold interview room until 4 a.m., after an interview with an attorney. Today, the charge was dropped against Greg, but with the threat by the court that it could be refiled. Greg spent the night in jail, where twenty-one water protectors were jailed, after being arrested on Wednesday by police who burst on the scene with shotguns and assault rifles loaded, and armored vehicles. Native American women, children and elderly, and allies, were in prayer for the water and protection of the burial places, at a work site of Dakota Access Pipeline. Although the media has misled the public into believing that DAPL halted worked on the pipeline, DAPL has instead continued work at an accelerated speed, ignoring an order of the court to halt. A court order from the DC Court of Appeals issued on September 16, 2016 states that DAPL is to stop all construction in a 20 mile buffer on both sides of the Missouri River. The State of North Dakota, and Morton County Sheriff\’s Office, have refused to enforce the federal court order to halt construction. Greg is an advocate for missing and murdered women. Please share your support with him.

Censored News 10th Anniversary! Celebrating the Collective

Celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary
Today, on our 10th Anniversary, Censored News had one million readers!

By Brenda Norrell Censored News We are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Censored News today, Sept. 29, 2016. What makes me happy is that we have, in the words of Martin Luther King, overcome. We have overcome the censorship and oppression, and the lies and manipulations, of the media, corporate monsters, and sinister politicians. We are still here. We are still publishing with no advertising, grants, or revenues. Today our readers have multiplied, and today we passed the 9 million mark in pageviews. Ten years ago, I was a staff writer for Indian Country Today, where I had worked for most of the years since 1995. On that day, after being censored repeatedly, I was terminated. The editor had warned me, in writing, that if I did not stop writing about grassroots Native people, that I would be fired. On that day, I was on my way to the Indigenous Peoples Border Summit in San Xavier, on Tohono O\’odham land. With no place to post my articles, Censored News was born. Indian Country Today editors censored some of the greatest and most powerful voices in Indian country. This happened after the newspaper was sold by Tim Giago, Lakota, to the Oneida Nation in New York in the late 1990s. Those powerful voices that were censored included Buffy Sainte Marie, Russell Means, Louise Benally, Bahe Katenay, Lenny Foster, and San Carlos Apaches, just to mention a few. An interview with Buffy Sainte Marie was censored for seven years, which detailed how President Lyndon Johnson blacklisted her out of the music industry in the U.S., because of her stance against the Vietnam War and her song, “Universal Solider.” When the article was published, Indian Country Today continued to censor the facts about uranium mining on Lakota land at Pine Ridge. When Louise Benally, Dineh of Big Mountain was censored, she spoke out against the invasion of Iraq as it began, comparing it to the horror and tragedy of the Long Walk of Dineh. She spoke out at a time when few would speak out against America\’s bogus wars and the lies behind those wars. (See Censored article below.) Bahe Katenay of Big Mountain was censored when he described how oil and gas drilling were desecrating Dinetah, the Dineh Place of Origin in the Four Corners region. Russell Means was censored often. Lenny Foster was censored when he described how Leonard Peltier\’s rights were denied in prison. San Carlos Apaches were censored when elders protested for their water rights. Being censored always leads to personal hardship, even devastation, as detailed in the lives of those who survived McCarthyism. Censorship can also open doors unimaginable. Both were the case for me. After being censored and terminated by Indian Country Today in 2006, the other newspapers I had worked for since 1982 also refused to hire me. With time on my hands, I was able to travel the West, and even to Mexico and Bolivia, to share censored voices, always scraping up just enough money to make it happen. During the past 10 years, thanks to Govinda at Earthcycles, Censored News was able to broadcast live and preserve audios of some of the great Native Americans of our time. We began our broadcast at the Indigenous Peoples Border Summit ten years ago. We broadcast for five months live on the Longest Walk northern route across America in 2008. Then, we were live at Western Shoshone, Acoma and Laguna Pueblos, Havasupai, Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara, and AIM West. We also broadcast from the Mother Earth Conference in Bolivia, and the Peltier Tribunal and Boarding School Tribunal in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In Sonora, Mexico, I was able to spend time with the Zapatistas when Marcos and the Comandantes came to Sonora, after traveling with the Zapatistas in Chiapas and elsewhere in Mexico through the years. It is, however, the collective that Censored News represents today that is its greatest honor, its greatest offering. Today Censored News is a gathering of the good hearts. It is a collective of the writers, photographers, translators and activists — who often pay out of their own pockets and share freely — so the world will know the truth. Today, Censored News belongs to all of them, and all of you, the good hearts who are resisting. Thank you for this opportunity to celebrate. — Brenda Norrell

Dineh and Apache children in the prison of Bosque Redondo, Fort Sumner, N.M.
Louise Benally censored by Indian Country Today
The following comments by Louise Benally of Big Mountain, comparing the Long Walk and imprisonment in Bosque Redondo to the war in Iraq, were censored by Indian Country Today. Pressed to publish a correction to the published article by this reporter, the newspaper refused.
Navajos at Big Mountain resisting forced relocation view the 19th Century prison camp of Bosque Redondo and the war in Iraq as a continuum of U.S. government sponsored terror.
Louise Benally of Big Mountain remembered her great-grandfather and other Navajos driven from their beloved homeland by the U.S. Army on foot for hundreds of miles while witnessing the murder, rape and starvation of their family and friends.
I think these poor children had gone through so much, but, yet they had the will to go on and live their lives. If it weren t for that, we wouldn t be here today.
It makes me feel very sad and I apply this to the situation in Iraq. I wonder how the Native Americans in the combat zone feel about killing innocent lives.
Looking at the faces of the Navajo and Apache children in the Bosque Redondo photo, Benally said, I think the children in the picture look concerned and maybe confused. It makes me think of what the children in Iraq must be going through right now.
The U.S. military first murders your people and destroys your way of life while stealing your culture, then forces you to learn their evil ways of lying and cheating, Benally said.

About Censored News Brenda Norrell has been a news reporter in Indian country for 34 years. She began as a news reporter at the Navajo Times, during the 18 years that she lived on the Navajo Nation, living for years in a log cabin in the Chuska Mountains. During those years, she was a stringer for AP for five years, covering the Navajo Nation and federal courts, and USA Today for seven years, covering the Navajo Nation. As a staff writer for Indian Country Today, she covered the Southwest. After being censored and terminated by Indian Country Today, she created Censored News, now concluding its 10th year with more than 9 million pageviews. Donate to Censored News

Please donate to Censored News, which provides funds for our live coverage. We\’ve published 10 years with no ads, grants or revenues. We are completely reader supported. Thank you. brendanorrell@gmail.com

Mohawk Nation News \’Big Bluff\’


By Mohawk Nation News
MNN. Sept. 29, 2016. Judge Frederick Scullin [Bones] of the New York Federal Court tried to throw out so far 8 of the Onondaga15 pro se plaintiffs/victims of the I-81 NYS INDIAN Detail attack on May 18, 1997. Five were a few minutes late because the guards kept them outside the courtroom. After argument they were reinstated.
Scullin does not allow evidence like a video showing women, children and elders standing around the ceremonial fire on the Jones property and being viciously attacked and arrested. Any evidence contrary to the interests of the NYS I-81 INDIAN Detail, especially their contradictory statements are being kept out. One was not allowed to cross-examine the cop in case of false arrest.

\'Henh! Stop Police Brutality!\'

Henh! We told you to stop resisting police brutality!
Scullin ordered the plaintiff to give him his questions to decide if they can be asked by someone else. The plaintiff insisted on asking them himself, which by law he s allowed to. The fix is in!

Behind New York State royalty!!

NYS royalty : You tell em, judge!!
Scullin glanced for a second at the questions and then denied all questions, without explanation. An argument ensued. Scullin ordered him out of the courtroom. The plaintiff asked, What does that mean? Scullin demanded the plaintiff leave. The man asked, What does that mean? Scullin did not answer. The man asked, Judge, can you clarify what you mean? Are you throwing me out of the case?
Scullin yelled, I want you out of my courtroom for the rest of the day!
The plaintiff said, I don t believe you have ever experienced a case like this. Throw me out of the case so I can start my appeal! Scullin wouldn t.
Scullin ordered the jury out so they could not see his continued abuse. The plaintiff s loud voice could be heard through the walls.

Freddie Scullin [Bones]:

Freddie Scullin [Bones]: You can appeal my disgusting rulings .

Two plaintiffs left the courtroom with the boisterous man to protect him. During the chaos, one guard at the door pushed the plaintiff in the back. The plaintiff asked, What are you doing? One guard said, At least I m not a savage , No, he s a racist! Fifteen cops arrived as a show of force and escorted the three of the Onondagas 15 out of the courthouse. Shuddering Scullin ran to his chamber where he could have a good cry.

It appears the court is trying to sabotage the case, hoping the jury will give a decision that supports the Troopers for their crimes.
One woman supporter walked out shaking her fist at the judge, I m a warrior!
The INDIAN Detail that viciously beat the plaintiffs on May 18, 1997 sit and watch. The warriors were falsely accused of being at the gathering and putting the women and children on the front lines and running away!
Scullin continues to try to derail the pro se plaintiffs case. [Stand with the Onondaga15, 100 South Clinton in Syracuse]. thahoketoteh.
As the Onondaga15 are being railroaded by Judge Scullin [Bones], we are reminded of the Grateful Dead song Casey Jones : Driving that train, high on cocaine. Casey Jones, you better watch your speed. Trouble ahead, trouble behind, and you know that notion just crossed my mind.
MNN Mohawk Nation News .for more news, to sign up for MNN newsletters, go to mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. thahoketoteh@ntk.com Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 or original Mohawk music visit https://soundcloud.com/thahoketoteh
PERSONS CONCERNED ABOUT JUSTICE FOR THE ONONDAGA 15 CAN HELP. Call these parties and ask them for their position: District Court Fax 315-234-8501, Angela C. Winfield awinfield@barclaydamon.com ; Brittany E. Aungier baungier@barclaydamon.com ; Carol L. Rhinehart crhinehart@ongov.net dkarle@ongov.net ; Devin M. Cain dcain@maglaw.com ; Elkan Abramowitz EAbramowitz@maglaw.com ; Gabriel M. Nugent gnugent@barclaydamon.com 315-425-2836 Fax 1-315-425-2836; Joanna Gozzi Joannagozzi@ongov.net , denisekarle@ongov.net ; Jodi M. Peikin JPeikin@Maglaw.com , CSeel@Maglaw.com , RAnello@Maglaw.com ; Robert J. Anello ranello@magislaw.com ; Terrance J. Hoffman tjhoffman@cnymail.com 315-471-4107; Timothy P. Mulvey timothy.mulvey@ag.ny.gov 315-448-4800 Fax 1-315-448-4800; Judge Scullon s assistant Nicole Eallonardo Nicole_eallonardo@nynd.uscourts.gov Fax 1-315-234-8501. Ask Syracuse Post Standard to cover this rial 315-470-0011. amygoodman@democracynow.com , New York Times executive-editor@nytimes.com

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Doc Holladay Occupy and Beyond


We need more articles like this, Noa, those goddamned republican moonbats are going to POISON US ALL unless something gets done…I\’m going to post this in Beyond….

North Dakota – A bill to set limits on oil spill reporting has been passed through the North Dakota state House of Representatives. If approved, House Bill 1151 would allow for companies to conceal any spills of oil, natural gas, and/or contaminated water. Specifically, it would, “end a requirement

LIVE: Standing Rock – At least 71 people arrested (including Chase Iron Eyes) at a new treaty camp, The Last Child Camp, on a hill near the main camp and tipis have been taken down (police allowed campers to disassemble their tipis according to Running Elk). Main camp is safe at this moment and warriors are in prayer and song.

2 Brave Water Protectors locked down to the Trans Pecos Pipeline and were arrested at a beautiful action today! Share and spread the word! # WaterisLife # NoDAPL # KeepitintheGround # TreatyRights


7 Paradero Chihuahua

At an anti Transpecos Pipeline action

Big Bend Defense Coalition

CENSORED NEWS: Native Youth Runners Protest at White House ‘NO Dakota Access Pipeline!’

Native Youth Runners Protest at White House \’NO Dakota Access Pipeline!\’

Photo by
Photo by Ulrick Francisco: Live at the White House Saturday
Live in front of the White House, runner says, “It is a good day to be alive!”
“It is a good day to be human!”
Dakota runners demanded Obama ensure that this pipeline will not go through.
Runners chanted, “We can\’t drink oil, keep it in the soil.”
“What do we do when our people are under attack?”
“Stand up and fight back”
“What do we do when our water is under attack?
Stand up and fight back!”
Broadcast live Saturday on Facebook
VIDEO: Actress Shailene Woodley broadcastng live in front of White House. This video had 78,000 views by Saturday evening.
https://www.facebook.com/ShaileneWoodley/videos/594378480723536/ Shailene Woodley said, ” Obama we are out front. Please come out.” VIDEO: Ulrick Francisco streaming live in front of White House of Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bvttonsmasher/videos/1137363086309665/ VIDEO: Rezpect Water: Live at the White House https://www.facebook.com/ReZpectOurWater/videos/1172240589484901/ .


Live from the White House
Congratulations to the Native American youth runners who ran from Standing Rock Nation in North Dakota to DC! They ran to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline and its immediate threat to the Missouri River: Defend Sacred Water!
The public is invited to join the runners to protest on Lafayette Square in DC today, Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016, at 1 p.m.
Please share with media.
Photo by Victoria Humphreys
(Above) Native runners protested on Friday at the Army Corps of Engineers, after arriving from their cross country run from Cannonball, North Dakota.
Click arrow below to watch video of Native youth arriving in DC on Thursday!
. video
Read more about their journey on Censored News here:
Video on Facebook:
Check back here for updates.
Support from Hawaii
Watch video below: Native youth runners at White House today!


Remembering Splitting the Sky (video)

23 Mar 2013

Mohawk activist. 9/11 truth campaigner. War criminal protester. Attica State riot leader. Gustafsen Lake Standoff organizer. Splitting The Sky had a remarkable life. Tragically, that life was cut short last week after an unexplained incident near his home in Chase, British Columbia. Today on The Corbett Report we memorialize his life and reflect on the legacy he leaves behind. Documentation

Corbett Report Interview 069 Splitting The Sky
Time Reference: 01:00
Corbett Report Interview 073 Splitting The Sky
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Corbett Report Interview 180 Splitting The Sky
Time Reference: 01:02
Native peace activist John Boncore found dead
Time Reference: 01:36
Arresting Impunity
Time Reference: 04:00
Splitting the Sky: No jail time for attempted arrest of war criminal George Bush
Time Reference: 06:37
Bush in B.C.: Canada Hosts A War Criminal
Time Reference: 08:12
Splitting the Sky 9/11: Follow The Money
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Splitting the Sky Speaks to Break The Chains Political Prisoner Forum, 2003
Time Reference: 25:13
Splitting The Sky blogspot
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We owe it to Dac to be suspicious and to be vigilant
Time Reference: 43:35
Larry Pinkney on The Jack Blood Show 03.19.2013
Time Reference: 45:33
John Lennon Attica State
Time Reference: 53:09
 \’Revolution\’ film journey of saving the species and ourselves

Screen capture from Revolution trailer by Censored News.

Wonderful to see familiar faces, and the beautiful cinematography in the trailer of the upcoming film \’Revolution\’ being released on April 12, 2013. http://www.therevolutionmovie.com

About \’Revolution\’ Revolution is a film about changing the world. The true-life adventure of Rob Stewart, this follow-up to his acclaimed SHARKWATER documentary continues his remarkable journey; one that will take him through 15 countries over four years, and where he\’ll discover that it\’s not only sharks that are in grave danger — it\’s humanity itself. In an effort to uncover the truth and find the secret to saving the ecosystems we depend on for survival, Stewart embarks on a life-threatening adventure. From the coral reefs in Papua New Guinea and deforestation in Madagascar to the largest and most destructive environmental project in history in Alberta, Canada, he reveals that all of our actions are interconnected and that environmental degradation, species loss, ocean acidification, pollution and food/water scarcity are reducing the Earth\’s ability to house humans. How did this happen, and what will it take to change the course that humanity has set itself on? Travelling the globe to meet with the dedicated individuals and organizations working on a solution, Stewart finds encouragement and hope, pointing to the revolutions of the past and how we\’ve evolved and changed our course in times of necessity. If people were informed about what was really going on, they would fight for their future — and the future of other generations. From the evolution of our species to the revolution to save it, Stewart and his team take viewers on a groundbreaking mission into the greatest war ever waged. Startling, beautiful, and provocative, Revolution inspires audiences from across the globe to start a revolution and change the world forever.

Native Americans Rally to Save Hickory Ground at NIGA Conference

Native Americans Rally to Save Hickory Ground at NIGA Conference
Press statement
Posted at Censored News
PHOENIX — On Tuesday, March 26, 2013, Native American sacred lands activists from throughout the country, including O odham, Navajo, Havasupai and Muscogee Creeks, demonstrated at the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) conference to support the preservation of Hickory Ground in Wetumpka, Alabama.
The Poarch Band of Creek Indians excavated approximately 57 sets of Muscogee Creek human remains from the ceremonial ground at Hickory Ground as part of its $246 million casino expansion project.
What s another developer going to say who is not Native when they look at indigenous people desecrating their own sacred lands, asked Navajo activist Klee Benally of Indigenous Action Media.
NIGA is one of the largest most powerful lobbying entities for indigenous interests, so it s about time that they stand up and they lobby to ensure guaranteed protection for our sacred places, Benally said.
Poarch Band Tribal Council members Eddie Tullis and Keith Martin were present at the beginning of the rally, but left shortly after the rally began.
American Indian Movement co-founder Dennis Banks said, Underneath that ground are bones and a lot of evidence of it being a very sacred site. Banks implored, Please, anything that you can do to support, to stop that casino from being built.
Last December, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation filed a federal lawsuit to enjoin ground-disturbing activity at Hickory Ground. The lawsuit claims that the burials excavated from Hickory Ground are the lineal ancestors of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and Hickory Ground Tribal Town. The plaintiffs request the court to order the remains and funerary objects to be reburied where they were excavated, and to restore the ceremonial ground to a nature.
Demonstrators also spoke about threatened destruction to other sacred places, including the San Francisco Peaks and the South Mountain in Arizona.
Rex Tilousi traveled from Havasupai Reservation at the bottom of the Grand Canyon to attend the rally. What is inside our mother earth, not only the surface but underneath our mother earth, the waters, the springs that give us life, we need to save and protect these things, Tilousi said.
Video Links:
Photo Actor Adam Beach speaks to Hickory Ground Warrior Wayland Gray at the Sacred Lands Rally in Phoenix. Activist Klee Benally is seen at the left of the photo.

COMMUNIQUE DE PRESSE: DES AUTOCHTONES SE RASSEMBLENT POUR SAUVER HICKORY GROUND PENDANT LA CONFERENCE DE LA NIGA Indigenous Action Media See original article in English Also on Censored News 29 mars 2013 Traduction Christine Prat PHOENIX, Arizona Mardi 26 mars 2013, des d fenseurs des terres sacr es Autochtones venus de diverses r gions des Etats-Unis, entre autres des O odham, des Navajo et Havasupai et des Creeks Muscogee, ont manifest devant le b timent o se tenait la conf rence de la National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) pour la pr servation de Hickory Ground, Wetumpka, en Alabama. La Bande Poarch Creek a d terr environs 57 squelettes de Creek Muscogee du site c r moniel de Hickory Ground dans le cadre de son projet d expansion du casino, projet qui doit co ter 246 millions de dollars. Que dira le prochain promoteur non-Autochtone quand il verra des Autochtones profaner leurs propres terres sacr es a demand l activiste Navajo Klee Benally d Indigenous Action Media. La NIGA est l un des groupes de pression les plus importants et les plus puissants repr sentant les int r ts Autochtones, alors il est grand temps qu ils se mettent faire pression pour assurer une protection garantie nos sites sacr s a ajout Klee Benally. Les membres du Conseil Tribal de la Bande Poarch Eddie Tullis et Keith Martin taient pr sents au d but du rassemblement mais sont partis peu apr s le d but. Le cofondateur de l American Indian Movement Dennis Banks a d clar Sous cette terre il y a des ossements et tout prouve que c est un site tr s sacr . Banks a implor les promoteurs du projet : Je vous en prie, faites tout ce que vous pouvez faire pour nous soutenir, emp chez ce casino d tre construit. En d cembre dernier, la Nation (Creek) Muscogee a d pos une plainte au niveau f d ral contre toute activit de perturbation du sol Hickory Ground. La plainte affirme que les d funts d terr s de Hickory Ground sont les anc tres directs de la Nation (Creek) Muscogee et de la Ville Tribale de Hickory Ground. Les plaignants demandent la Cour d ordonner que les d pouilles et les objets fun raires soient nouveau inhum s l o ils ont t d terr s et que le site c r moniel soit rendu la nature. Des manifestants ont aussi voqu d autres sites sacr s menac s de destruction, entre autres les San Francisco Peaks et la Montagne du Sud en Arizona. Rex Tilousi est venu de la R serve Havasupai, au fond du Grand Canyon, pour participer au rassemblement. Ce qui est l int rieur de Notre M re la Terre, pas seulement la surface, mais en-dessous, les eaux, les sources qui nous donnent la vie, ce sont des choses que nous devons sauver et prot ger d clara t-il. Vid os (en anglais) : Klee Benally: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWE2HB4FPpQ Dennis Banks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LefwuYiX0zI Rex Tilousi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH5n9sNWgSU Vid o (mauvaise qualit ) de Klee Benally sous-titr e en fran ais: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN5Apb_yV1E

Michael Moore reads his poem for freedom for Leonard Peltier

Peter Coyote introduces Michael Moore. Moore speaks on how the innocent are imprisoned in the US, and the role that the media and public play in convicting people, including Leonard Peltier. Moore speaks on the lies of governments and corporations. “We were a country founded on genocide,” Moore said, “and built on the backs of slaves.” “Americans kill people, that\’s what we do,” said Moore of US wars and drones. Moore reads his poem, and asks President Obama to bring Leonard Peltier home for Christmas. “Please let Leonard come home for Christmas, or we shall all bury our hearts at Wounded Knee.” On December 14th, 2012, Harry Belafonte, Jackson Browne, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Bruce Cockburn, Common (with Mos Def), Peter Coyote, Danny Glover, Jack Healey, Jennifer Kreisberg, Bill Means, Bill Miller, Pete Seeger, Margo Thunderbird, Tom Poor Bear and Michael Moore gathered at the Beacon Theater, in NYC to sing, speak and dance for Leonard Peltier\’s freedom. Who is Leonard Peltier? http://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info/

The Fight 4 Freedom Continues…


April 2013

Supporters, Friends, Family, LPDOC Chapters;
In prayer to the 4 Directions, the LPDOC of the U.S. and Canada have joined together in setting off on a new campaign to fight for the Freedom of Leonard Peltier.
It is in the air, you can feel it. It is palpable. The energy is building, we feel it too. This time something is different.
For almost 40 years now, people from all over the world have worked to set Leonard free. His gratitude is endless, his heart is swollen with pride in the people.
At this time, U.S. President Barack Obama is the sole human being with the power to grant Leonard his freedom. It is up to US to demand Leonard s freedom. We believe the President will listen to his people. It is, after all, what he has been elected to do; to listen to the people of the United States, and indeed, the entire world.
We are asking for something special. We want you to HAND-write a letter or postcard, putting your voice, your prayer, your demand in physical evidence form. The Electric petition medium has not proven very successful, for Leonard, and in some ways seems easier to ignore.
Let s go old school. Pen to Paper.
These letters will be held in repository until 2014, when they will be hand-delivered in a visual and physical representation of our demands,through a very special LPDOC event. Many MANY boxes of letters will be fed down a line of elders, community leaders, political figures, celebrities and indeed many of you, our tireless supporters, for all the world and media to see.
It is our belief that the sheer quantity of physical evidence representing our demand cannot be ignored.
The people demand justice for Leonard. The people demand his freedom. Any other outcome would be an outrage and a blemish on the history of our nation.
We call to ALL peoples in ALL 4 Directions to hand-write your demand.
Be a part of the Fight 4 Freedom- put your pen to paper, have a letter writing party! Let your voices be a part of a choir so loud, the whole world (but especially Barack Obama) can hear.
Send your letters to:
Letters 4 Leonard P.O. Box 4444 Trego, MT 59934 www.Letters4Leonard.com www.whoisleonardpeltier.info

Cananda United in the quest for Freedom, The LPDOC of the U.S. & Canada

Monopoly Game: Civil Disobedience at Wells Fargo, Occupy Sacramento

. Photo 1: Protest at Wells Fargo on March 28, 2013. Photo 2: Quanah Parker Brightman with his father Lehman Brightman, founder of United Native Americans, and victim of Wells Fargo fraud and home seizure. From Quanah Parker Brightman: Thank U Again for Helping Spread Awareness on Our Plight to Save My Father\’s Home from Being Stolen. It\’s Really Shameful that Contra Costa County, which has Violated Public Law 100-606 & Are the One Whom Claim to Be Conservator of My Father\’s Person & Estate Have Allowed My Father\’s Home to Become Foreclosed by Wells Fargo. Wish The County Would Have Protected My Father\’s Estate by Applying for the Veterans United Home Loans, HUD Sec 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program, or Keep Your Home California. Anyone of these Programs would have Allowed Us to Save My Father\’s Home. My Father Deserves Better treatment than He has Been Receiving at Kindred Walnut Creek, where the Contra Costa County has Chosen to Place Him, Instead of Protecting His Home and Allowing Him to Live Out His Final Day\’s at His Home Surrounded By His Family & Community Who Cherish Him. *Stop the Eviction of The Brightman\’s* When: April 4th 2013 Where Richmond Court 100 37th street Richmond Ca, 94805 Time:1:00pm On Thursday April 4th 2013 My Attorney Through Bay Area Legal Aide & I will be in Court to Inquire if the Judge will Grant us Our Motion for Summary Judgment to Dismiss the case to Evict Both Lehman L. Brightman & Quanah Parker Brightman from Our Hom e of Over 26 Years. And If The Judge Does Not Grant us Our Motion. We Will Be Taking this to Trial. Thank U to Everyone who has Offered Us Prayers & Support During these Trying Times. Please Join Tenants Occupy to Save Dr. Lehman Brightman\’s Home-Working Group at: https://www.facebook.com/ groups/148325401988436/me mbers / Fighting Elder Abuse By Contra Costa County & Wells Fargo Bank. Please Help Contribute to Indigenous Resistance. United Native Americans,Inc. 2434 Faria Ave Pinole, CA 94564 Bank of the West Account # 106012446 We Humbly Ask the Community to Help Support Our Occupation to Save Dr. Brightman\’s Home & Bring Lehman L. Brightman Home. We are in Need for an Attorney to Assist & Community to Help in Bringing Awareness to Our Plight. Also we Humbly ask for a Donation of a Inter-Net Ready Computer & Donations of Ink Cartridges HP Deskjet 3050. Fire Wood, Bottled Water, Food, Gas Cards, Battery\’s & Blankets. We Humbly Ask Everyone to Please Pray for My Father & Our Family During these Difficult Times. http://occupytheauctions.org/ wordpress/?p=7719Links to Related Resources Occupy the Auctions / Evictions Stop predatory and for-profit evictions, foreclosures, and auctions in San Francisco and beyond Tenants Occupy to Save Dr. Lehman Brightman\’s Home

Ihanktonwan hosts Keystone Blockade Training, South Dakota, April 5–7, 2013

Mohawk Nation News \’Crawling Creature\’


MNN. Mar. 25, 2013. The Great Law provides that, As a weapon against a crawling creature, I lay a stick with you so that you may thrust it away from the Council Fire . A crawling creature may be a disrespectful person seeking to disrupt the people and must be removed. [Wampum 4].

Serpent of Discord.

Serpent of Discord.

We Indigenous are called domestic dissidents who are disrupting the corporate government s image and economy. Infiltrators are sent in. It could be a vigilante operation to silence us, or to neutralize us by creating factionalism, attacking our reputations and causing confusion. Spies and agents pose as scholars, friends, supporters or helpers. The perfect intruder abandons you suddenly when their assignment is over. Their cover could be blown the longer they remain.

Infiltrator with angel wings.

Infiltrator with angel wings.

Infiltration is low intensity warfare, to mold public opinion, to sabotage us. Surveillance is gathering intel to expose, disrupt or discredit us. Infiltrators hang around for years studying and gathering info. Some offer services, like legal advice or romances. Some even have families in the community. Infiltrators get involved with one faction. Another infiltrates the opposing faction. They drive wedges between them. Targets are lured into compromising situations. Fear is created, like having them followed, strangers taking pictures and arranging attacks. Infiltrators organize drug, booze and sex parties to recruit youth. Intruder s cause suspicion. True activists are sometimes bad jacketed as being government agents. The courts criminalize us through perjured evidence, false arrests and imprisonment. We face threats, assaults and political assassinations. Provocateurs disrupt, create disagreements, make divisions, sabotage, squander resources, steal funds, seduce leaders, provoke jealousy and public embarrassment, lead targets into danger and push paranoia. New Agents are loners, with a vague cover story that doesn t identify them. Some have many aliases. Some pretend to be Indigenous. Agents have no job but have a steady income. They will leave at a moment s notice and disappear. They dress to quickly change their image, like hairstyle, weight, clothes or car. Hired thugs, right wing vigilantes, private military and local police are front line foot soldiers. Agents are subsidized, armed, directed and protected by the military. False stories are planted. Bogus organizations are set up. Parents, employers, landlords or school officials can be coerced into causing trouble for the target. Look for cameras, microphones & scanners. They act needy or feign a rare sickness or medical condition to get sympathy and leave suddenly. They act like a best friend, downplay themselves and quietly observe. Targets are taken to unfamiliar outside groups to compromise them. Check the authenticity of visitors. Keep friends and family close and your enemies closer , as the godfather said. Stay on movement goals. If the eyes say something different from the body, they are not genuine. it reminds us of the old Charlie Pride song: The snakes crawl at night . that s what they say. W hen the sun goes down, then the snakes will play . MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 WHERE EAGLES DARE TO SOAR available from MNN.

Moccasins on the Ground: Protecting Lakota generations from TransCanada tarsands pipeline


Debra White Plume Owe Aku, Bring Back the Way

Moccasins on the Ground: Protect Sacred Water by the Lakota Media Project
Owe Aku, a grassroots organization on the Pine Ridge, SD Indian Reservation, along with many allies, held a three-day training at the Wounded Knee School, titled Moccasins on the Ground Tour of Resistance. Over 300 people registered, some came and left, others stayed, some did not register. We estimate 250 people took part in some or all of the training, says Vic Camp, Owe Aku organizer. NonIndian ranchers and farmers from SD and NE participated, as well as members of SD Rural Action, Clean Water Alliance, and other Great Plains water protectors.
Moccasins on the Ground Tour of Resistance is a community strategy to protect water from the tarsands oil proposed to pass through the Great Plains inside the Keystone XL 36-inch pipeline owned by a Canadian corporation, TransCanada [TC], said Debra White Plume, a Lakota grandmother from Manderson. The KXL pipeline would slurry tarsands oil from the Canadian mines, crossing hundreds of rivers and streams and the Ogllala Aquifer which provides drinking water to two million people from South Dakota to Texas, which irrigates the bread basket of America, said White Plume. It would cross unceded Ft Laramie Treaty Territory without our free, prior, informed consent, our right according to the United Nations, and in violation of our treaties, which are international law. It would cross the Oglala Sioux Tribal Rural Water pipeline, which brings drinking water 200 miles to our lands here, from Pierre, SD.
TC has applied for its second international permit through the US Department of State, as the pipeline would enter Montana from Alberta, Canada. President Obama denied the first application in January, 2012. TC filed another application, which includes a 45-day Comment Period that started on March 1, 2013. A US State Dept Hearing is scheduled for April 18, 2013 in Grand Island, NE. In past hearings, landowners expressed concern that TC forced rights of way across their ranches and farms using eminent domain, exposing their lands to the tarsands bitumen mixed with chemicals, heated constantly to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Concerns include clean-up capabilities, referencing the 2010 Enbridge pipeline rupture of a million gallons of tarsands bitumen into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, which to date has cost $809 million, three years into the clean up effort, leaving forty miles of the river closed pending clean up. (for info see http://insideclimatenews.org/news/20130128/dilbit-6B-pipeline-kalamazoo-river-enbridge-oil-spill-michigan-keystone-xl )
The training included nonviolent direct action skills, community organizing, Human Rights, Treaty Rights, Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2007), street medic and strategic media workshops. Folks from the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), Texas Blockade, Owe Aku, Earth First, and many other organizations served as trainers and will continue to network. Effective social media skills are critical in social justice work. Often mainstream media neglects issues impacting people s everyday lives, and the ability to cover non-violent direct action [nvda] situations is a skill with value that cannot be measured, said Suree Towfignia of People s Media Project of Chicago, Ill, one of the trainers in the Strategic Media workshop. Working with the Lakota Media Project, the groups created a video that is available on Youtube.
Great Plains Tarsands Resistance is comprised of many organizations. We are not little organizations working in isolation, we are working collectively across the country to stop this desecration, said Camp, who served as Eyapaha (announcer), engaging folks in workshops, plenary sessions, and social gatherings.
We collaborated to develop and adopt the Treaty to Protect the Sacred at our Gathering in February. We are happy to meet allies here and continue our work to protect the sacred, said Faith Spotted Eagle, from the Yankton, SD Homelands. We are going to Ottawa, Canada, to make more allies and strengthen our Treaty. Moccasins on the Ground Tour of Resistance will be in the Yankton area April 5-7, 2013.
We must protect our communities, children, water, for the future. We want Moccasins on the Ground to come to the Eagle Butte Reservation, to Bridger, the first community to face the tarsands, said Robin LeBeau, Tribal Council Representative from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. The training will be held in mid-April.
Medic training came in handy on the final day when a young boy experienced difficulty breathing. Camp yelled MEDIC , and a dozen people came running to provide assistance. (The boy was treated and was ok, his mother greatly relieved.)
The US decision regarding the KXL pipeline is expected in September or October, said White Plume. Through the long, hot summer we will provide requested nvda to Lakota Homelands, several have confirmed training dates, more requests are coming in, so we will schedule those. An organized and trained community is better prepared to protect their lands and waters, said White Plume, in the event that President Obama chooses to ignore the concerns of thousands of Americans who have commented, written letters, rallied by the tens of thousands in Washington, DC, and the thousands of people arrested in civil disobedience at the White House to give him the message that the KXL pipeline is not in the best interests of the big land (America). We will join our counterparts of ranchers and farmers who will face TransCanada s earthmovers when they come to dig, using the human right to engage in nonviolent direct action. We hope the president will realize the large and diverse national support to deny the permit, that he will be revolutionary and refuse to expose the big land to such a toxic project.
This is the land of our ancestors. We protect it for our grandchildren, said Marie Randall. George Jumping Eagle led the drum group to Honor Grandmother Randall. At age 94, she stood with others in front of a heavy haul Texan caravan transporting huge equipment destined for Canadian oil mines, when it attempted to pass through the Pine Ridge Reservation s village of Wanbli, in March of 2012. Five individuals were arrested for blockading the trucks. (Randall was not arrested). LeBeau of Eagle Butte, SD said that such caravans have passed through her Homelands in spite of Tribal Council legislation and expressed concern that South Dakota s Governor seems oblivious to tribal council action. Twice her people have blockaded trucks.
We need tools to fight this KXL black snake pipeline. The strongest tool we gained is unity between Lakota and non-native supporters, said Marty Cobenais, from IEN. He spook of the Enbridge pipeline blockade in Minnesota, which the Red Lake Nation states has been on their lands illegally since 1949.
Grandmother Randall conducted a traditional Lakota Water Ceremony, calling those who intend to protect sacred water. Almost everyone came forward to receive sacred red earth paint to make their commitment to Grandmother Earth, said White Plume.
Oglala Sioux Tribal President Bryan Brewer addressed the crowd, vowing to protect the water and the Lakota generations from TransCanada s KXL tarsands pipeline, I will put my moccasins on the ground with my people.
for more info contact Debra White Plume on FaceBook.
Photo 1: Vic Camp, Marie Randall, Poj Camp during Honor Dance for Unci Marie after the Water Ceremony Committment. Other photo is a group photo at the training, includes Oglala President Brewer.

Mohawk Nation News \’COINTELPRO 2\’

mnnlogo1 MNN. Mar. 30, 2013. Paranoia should not paralyze us. To protect ourselves, watch for visitors who want information, plainclothes who take pictures before and during demonstrations; those who seem out of place and interested in members rather than issues; who suddenly disappear and put out false stories, sometimes about us being out of our minds.

COINTELPRO tactics against American Indian Movement activists.

COINTELPRO tactics against American Indian Movement activists.

Direct Action : A sign-in policy; get Freedom of Information info; suspects at pickets and protests don t usually get arrested; educate the public by handing out a written position; lobby politicians; learn from victims of covert actions; class action suits [they usually back out]; court actions create disputes and splits; pro bono lawyers that take opposite sides. Investigate Informers : check background; check police academy grads list; they usually speak against cops; use phony names; they issue death threats we get blamed for. Privacy : Step out of the office to speak privately; watch for cars following, acquaintances suddenly becoming friendly; bogus discrediting about drug use or false relationships or activities about a true activist; throwing names around. Sweep your living space for electronics; don t say anything that you wouldn t say in court. Common sense helps! Check out non-native groups that divert Indigenous issues such as residential school abuse, missing women, land claims, or sharing of our resources. Watch for outsiders that confuse, control and disorient. True Supporters : Don t scare or ostracize true supporters or push them to take risks. Debrief : Write down information, look for patterns, check strengths and weaknesses, assess allies and adversaries. Don t let agents inside your home to glean information about your prospects, lifestyle or floor plan. Counter Tactics : Government covert actions mislead the public, punish their own whistle blowers and interfere in anyway they can. Complain about illegal covert interference to human rights organizations. COINTELPRO is being used by US and Canada. Agents appear peaceful and friendly, but are there representing the military. As Roger Daltrey sang: We won t get fooled again We ll be fighting in the street, with our children at our feet. And the morals that they worship will be gone. And the men who spurred us on sit in judgement of all wrong. They decide and the shot gun sings the song.

Watch out for the wolf in sheep\'s clothing.

Wolf in sheep s clothing.

MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

Mohawk Nation News \’Tower of Power\’


MNN. Mar. 28, 2013. Each Indigenous has an equal share of the ever-growing $50.3 trillion Indian Trust Fund being administered by the illegal trustee, the Corporation of Canada, through the Department of Indian Affairs, 10 Wellington Street, Ottawa/Hull. It is the accumulated wealth from the exploitation of our natural resources. We demand our fund. Should they refuse to turn it over to us, we will seize our assets and foreclose on the law-breaking trustee.

14th floor backed out windows is the

14th floor blacked out windows was the war room in 1990.

They have to pay for their genocide and they know it. Sorry isn t good enough. Canada is spending our fund without our knowledge or consent. They use it as collateral for payment of the corporation s debts, to raise money on the stock exchange and to bolster the Canadian banking system. The Indigenous People will recover our Indian Trust Fund that was set up under Section 109 of the British North America in 1867. The same year the Corporation of Canada passed the illegal persons law that a person is anyone other than an Indian so they could become the trustees of our fund. All parties have been put on notice by registered mail sent to Prime Minister Harper by a Mohawk woman elder, demanding her share of the Indian Trust Fund. The trustee has defaulted. The entire fund shall be returned, along with any amount spent or loaned, plus all the interest. The Corporation of Canada will be dissolved to liquidate its debt to us that they cannot pay. Not with our ever growing Indian Trust Fund. We will foreclose on all the banks and shareholders of the Corporation of Canada who are guilty of selling our land and resources to accumulate this fund. Should there not be enough funds to cover the principle amount owed, the accrued interest and fees, all federal property throughout Canada will be seized by the Indigenous beneficiaries of the trust. To begin the process, we can convene a meeting of our People of our communities and notify Canada to return our fund. Should they not respond, we will begin the foreclosure procedures and seize all the assets of the corporation. Don\'t come back, you hear! All Canadians have benefited from the proceeds of our funds. To begin the reconciliation- repayment process, they will have to assist us. Should they wish to stay here, they must polish the chain, wipe the dust off of their own memories and start living according to the principles of the original Two Row Wampum agreement . Once a nation accepts the Peace they are obligated to spread it , to the world. As Robert Plant sang: Hang man , hang man. Upon your face a smile. Pray tell me that I m free to ride, ride for many a mile. Your brother brought me silver. You sister warmed my soul. But now I laugh and pull so hard, I see you swinging on the gallows pole. MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

Dine\’ CARE: \’No!\’ to Navajoland becoming a dumpster for dirty coal

March 28, 2013
By Din Citizens Against Ruining our Environment
Censored News

Obvious liabilities of Navajo Mine should prevent waste of $2.3 million more for needless investigation by outside firms; Deal with BHP Billiton should be dropped
Farmington, NM As the Navajo Nation Council prepares to vote this week on approving $2.3 million to continue paying a law firm and other consultants to look into the risks of buying BHP Billiton Navajo Mine, Navajo community members with Din C.A.R.E called the expenditure needless and wasteful given the well-known risks and liabilities associated with the mine.
“Buying the mine from BHP Billiton means responsibility for millions of tons of coal ash waste with toxic metals leaching into our aquifer and the San Juan River, said Donna House of Din C.A.R.E. Navajo people do not want that dirty legacy on our hands, nor the massive costs of cleaning it up. We don t need to pay millions more to high-priced consultants to know this coal deal is a bad deal.
Three quarters of a million dollars was already approved last fall by the Council to pay consulting companies to study the matter, with little revealed to date about how the funds were spent or what results were obtained.
In January, the president of BHP Billiton New Mexico Coal told the Farmington Daily Times that demand for coal from the mine will drop 30 percent with the upcoming closure of three of five coal boilers at the Four Corners Power Plant, part of an increasing trend away from coal as a power source given its increase expense as a fuel source.
In addition to declining demand for coal, huge future risks loom in dealing with a mine with 50 years of built-up liabilities, including miles of land filled with millions of tons of coal ash waste laden with heavy metal toxins that could be contaminating groundwater. The quantity and quality of the coal in the mine are also in serious question and BHP Billiton plans to cut about 100 employees from mine operations before Navajo Nation agrees to the purchase.
BHP Billiton appears to want out of a declining industry here and to leave us on the hook for their mess –which includes economic, health, and toxic waste impacts, said Colleen Cooley of Din C.A.R.E. Instead of wasting millions of dollars more on a last gasp to cling to a dying coal industry, let s put resources into our future, into building clean energy on Navajo land to benefit Navajo communities.


Lori Goodman (970) 759-1908
Donna House (505) 608-1002
Colleen Cooley (928) 637-3221 Email: dinecare88@gmail.com Full page ad in Navajo Times

Mohawk Nation News \’Kill the Messenger\’


MNN. Mar. 28, 2013. On March 26, 2013, the MNN editor was invited to be the opening speaker at Champlain College in Sherbrooke Quebec. The topic was, A Native Perspective on Canada s Exploitation of Resources . Two Mohawks, as is our custom, accompanied the speaker. They sat at a table facing the crowd.

Champlain College students.

Happy Champlain College students!

She did a traditional opening; explained the Seigneury of Sault Louis land,dispute which is returning vast areas to the Mohawk Nation; that Canada is not a state according to the Montevideo Convention of 1933; the genocide committed by the Jesuits, the storm troopers of the Catholic Church; the Great Peace of Montreal 1701 that created the official two row wampum relationship between the Indigenous and the visitors to Great Turtle Island; and Section 109 of the BNA Act 1867 that established the ever growing $50.3 trillion Indian Trust Fund. The presentation was legalistic and cautious. Cartoons were inserted in the power point presentation to help them understand the basics. They were carefully taken step by step through the legal maze of their settlement history here on our land and their legal position today.

Debating with the speaker.

Champlain College debater.

The speaker received an ovation. Then the questions and comments began. Some in tears, said, What happens to us? I came here because I love the Indians. After listening to you, now I hate them and I hate you! I didn t do anything. My ancestors did. Why? Why are you telling us this? You have no feelings for us! I instructed them to study the Great Law of Peace to help them understand our position. The speaker, a 73-year old elder of the Mohawk Nation, tried to make light of the provocative jibes to calm them down. This made them madder. The discussion became more and more heated. Some students stomped out. Others heckled and smirked. The air became static with anger and threats. The speaker remarked, The truth hurts . Almost the entire student body jeered in astonishment. The three Mohawks could feel intense anger and were ready to deal with it. And they did.

Julian Assange:

Julian Assange: Happens to me all the time .

For a moment the crowd calmed down. Then the insults started again. The speaker was accused of having no feelings . The speaker answered, Yes, the we have strong feelings about the genocide of 100 million people and the murder of half our children placed in your church run residential schools. No one has been charged or punished for this. More angry words flew. None addressed the legitimate issues. The sound arguments backed them into a corner. It was like they were standing on their hind legs and were ready to jump the Mohawks. Suddenly a teacher rose up. She reminded them that, We wanted to hear the Indigenous side. You have to listen even if she turns it inside out . The confrontation ended. They formed groups and began talking, some giving the Mohawks dirty looks.

I don t agree with your point of view .

A native speaker should take at least three people security when they go into a potential hostile situation. Because of the rampant spread of the Owistah disease throughout the settler population, an adverse side affect is, when they don t like the message, they might kill the messenger. As the Guess Who sang: Guns Guns Guns You be the Red King and I ll be the Yellow P awn . G uns, guns, guns! Eagle all gone and no more caribou. God speed mother nature. Never really wanted to say good-bye . MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

Terrance Nelson \’Celebrating\’ the 10 Year Anniversary of the Second Invasion of Iraq

By Terrance Nelson
Roseau River Anishinabe
Censored News
Brenda Norrell
My last email to you which you posted contained some of the following
Your posting of the Native leaders from US and Canada joining forces in opposing the Transcanada pipeline is good but Native Americans and First Nations people must understand how deceptive and manipulating the oil companies and Governments are.
An article out of the UK contains the following paragraphs
BP (British Petroleum) was concerned that if Washington allowed TotalFinaElf\’s existing contact with Saddam Hussein to stand after the invasion it would make the French conglomerate the world\’s leading oil company. BP told the Government it was willing to take “big risks” to get a share of the Iraqi reserves, the second largest in the world.
Over 1,000 documents were obtained under Freedom of Information over five years by the oil campaigner Greg Muttitt. They reveal that at least five meetings were held between civil servants, ministers and BP and Shell in late 2002.
The 20-year contracts signed in the wake of the invasion were the largest in the history of the oil industry. They covered half of Iraq\’s reserves 60 billion barrels of oil, bought up by companies such as BP and CNPC (China National Petroleum Company), whose joint consortium alone stands to make 403m ($658m) profit per year from the Rumaila field in southern Iraq.
When President Obama was in Israel last week talking about bombing Iran, Israel\’s Benjamin Netanyahu was spouting the same lies as when the second war against Iraq was being pushed, “weapons of mass destruction”.
Economic Sanctions are used to soften up the country for war.
Thank you Brenda for posting the email I sent you. Now I am sending you an article written by Dahr Jamail, who is in Iraq.

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The Police scramble to respond to the leaks

Kelly Hodgkins

Over in the States, Anonymous hit the Arizona police force hard tonight, releasing scathingly unprofessional email banter between cops. We’re sure these emails aren’t the worst, but you’ll get an idea of the tone.
Some that the US Giz saw were way too NSFW, so you will have to find those on your own in the leaked files. Ping us below if you find anything juicy. Have fun! [Anonymous]

The Police scramble to respond to the leaks

Mr Musgrave likes to buy guns

So this is what they do at those fancy police dinners

Oh, someone is being difficult

No Immigrants Allowed!

Obama is the Devil

Obama is the Devil, again

Tough crap…shoot ’em. Trigger-happy?