Most Censored: US tragic fictional theater before UN Human Rights Council

By Brenda Norrell Censored News English and Dutch The United States is like that pretty girl in high school that thrives on her own self-promotion. But eventually the stardom wanes, the wrinkles take over, and well, its all down hill from there. The US has a partner in self promotion at the United Nations, an ally in its cheerleading to distract from its human rights violations. Its fellow chum is Saudi Arabia, oozing in oil dollars and with an abhorrent human rights record. Both the US and Saudi Arabia want you to believe that they are standard bearers for human rights. Saudi Arabia even wants to head the UN Human Rights Council. Of course the rest of the world sees clearly through both the US and Saudi Arabia, and their strange relationship. The rest of the world sees through the theater of these two countries before the UN Human Rights Council. It is theater — tragic fictional theater. During the recent United States Periodic Review at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, there we

Hundreds will rally as oil spill fouls Santa Barbara \’marine protected areas\’

Hundreds will rally as oil spill fouls Santa Barbara \’marine protected areas\’ by Dan Bacher Censored News As the Santa Barbara Oil Spill fouls the controversial “marine protected areas” created under the privately-funded Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Initiative, Californians Against Fracking announced they will march with local residents at the site of the tragic spill to call on Governor Jerry Brown to stop fracking and “move California off dirty fossil fuels.” Following a disastrous 105,000-gallon oil spill that devastated fish and wildlife populations and closed down beaches, the group “Stand in the Sand” will gather in De La Guerra Plaza in Santa Barbara on Sunday, May 31 at 1 p.m. to show solidarity with local residents and organizations working on the front lines in response to the spill, according to a news release from Californians Against Fracking. “Members of Californians Against Fracking, including Santa Barbara County Organizer for

Protect Oak Flat Native Youth Concert May 30 2015

OAK FLAT, Ariz. — On Saturday May 30, 2015 to Sunday May 31, 2015 The Apache Stronghold will host a two day camp and conference to discuss the future actions and protection of sacred Oak Flat, Arizona entitled Protect Sacred Oak Flat Conference & Apache Stronghold Spiritual Gathering. Saturdays Protect Oak Flat events will begin at 11 a.m. with traditional Apache Songs and will then be lead by master of ceremonies Naelyn Pike and Raleigh Dewey who will introduce Wendsler Nosie Sr., San Carlos Apache and Tribal Councilmen from Peridot District, will give an official welcome and kick off a free concert with national leading Native American artist Nataani Means and Frank Waln recently featured in Mtv s new series Rebel Music. DJ. ScapeGoat, Che Christ, Indigenize, Standing Fox, and Quese IMC are also scheduled to perform. Each Native American artist comes from diverse independent sovereign nations that are also lending their support in the protection of Oak Flat. The evening final

Migrant Trail Walk Completes Sonoran Desert Journey

12 th Annual Migrant Trail Walk Arrives in Tucson 60 Participants Complete the Final Day of a 75- mile Journey through the Sonoran Desert Press Conference: Sunday, May 31, 2015 at 11:30 AM Kennedy Park, Ramada #3, Tucson, Arizona English and French TUCSON, Ariz. — On Sunday, May 31st, the twelfth annual Migrant Trail, a 75- mile walk from S sabe, Sonora will arrive in Tucson, Arizona. The event will culminate in a press conference, followed by a community gathering at Kennedy Park. Approximately 60 participants who have made the seven-day trek have traveled from M xico, Canada, and more than 13 states throughout the US; they represent diverse international communities that include Colombia, Guatemala, and Palestine. Since the 1990s, more than 6,000 men, women and children have lost their lives crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. The ongoing human rights crisis of deaths along the border is only one piece of the larger strategy to funnel vulnerable migrants into Arizona\’s deadly deser

\’Crying Earth Rise Up\’ now available on DVD

prairie dust films & owe aku present CRYING EARTH RISE UP now available on dvd http://cryingearthriseup.bigcartel.com Prairie Dust Films and Owe Aku are pleased to announce that Crying Earth Rise Up is now available on DVD, BluRay and Digital Download on our website ( www.cryingearthriseup.com ). We also offer a downloadable screening toolkit, educational resources and teaching guides to help further the conversation. Please spread the word to individuals, organizations, libraries or universities to help bring the film to new audiences. We are excited to be on the road with Crying Earth Rise Up and to share it with those working on water protection and energy policy issues. “I think everyone is America needs to watch this documentary and ask why uranium is still mined? Excellent work you\’ve done bringing this issue to a much broader light.” -comment from PBS viewer For more information visit: www.cryingearthriseup.com or www.facebook.com/cryingearthriseup . Thank you for spreadi

Mohawk Nation News \’Creates Criminals Bill: C-51\’

CREATES CRIMINALS BILL: C-51Posted on May 29, 2015 Please post & distribute. Nia:wen. MNN. 29, 2015. Stephen Harper s Bill C-51 outlaws radicalization of Islam, a religion. Rotinoshonni territory is being inundated by two opposite longhouse concepts, kaia nereh:kowa and Handsome Lake. As the faithkeepers says: Stay peaceful & pray! kaia nere:kowa, is the law of the land of Great Turtle Island, based on the basic thought and knowledge in how a people relate to the universe. The opening thanksgiving outlines an interdependent system of relations of all elements of nature, which are equal; women are powerful in social, political and economic life; and the people form the base of power. The Great Peace is not a religion. It is our system of consensual decision making. Soon, Oren, soon! The Code People describe Handsome Lake as a religion. It is based on a hierarchical order which goes against the Great Law, which is egalitarian. Their creator is a male hierarchical concept b

Mohawk Nation News \’Planet of the Clans\’

PLANET OF THE CLANS Posted on May 27, 2015 Please post & distribute. Nia:wen. MNN. May 27, 2015. The clan system will lead to the peace. Women s power is natural. Their role emulates the earth from whom we get our life and energy. Women s power was ignored by the invaders to cut our natural tie to the land and to steal it. Artificial clans were created known as political parties. Men were put at the head based on the corporate hierarchical model of the Vatican. Family trees should follow the mother, not the father. The clan system cannot be monetized. The corporate party system monetizes everything. The 1% get more from our mother, while the 99% are deprived. Since 1779 the main mission of the CROWN/Vatican is to wipe out the Great Law, kaia nereh:kowa, so the war continues. We get our clan from our mother, which can never change. The clans are headed by clan mothers. Through the consensual decision making process our clans come to one mind on all issues. Only the women appoint the

Meet Author Julian Kunnie \’Cost of Globalization\’

Meet the Author Julian E Kunnie at Barnes & Noble Foothills Mall May 30th, 1-5pm TUCSON, ARIZONA . Dr. Julian Kunnie (on far right) at the Indigenous Peoples Border Summit on Tohono O\’odham land, standing on the imaginary border line with Mohawks, Acoma Pueblo, Dineh, Oneida and Lakota. Photo Brenda Norrell Meet the author in Tucson: Dr. Julian Kunnie, who many of you met at the Indigenous Border Summits in Arizona, is the author of \’The Cost of Globalization.\’ Along with traveling the world from South Africa to China and beyond, Dr. Kunnie has hosted Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O\’odham, to speak on the brutality of Border Patrol agents at his classes at the University of Arizona. — Brenda, Censored News Julian Kunnie is Professor of Religious Studies/Classics at the University of Arizona. He is the author of four books (listed below). His most recent publication is The Cost of Globalization: Dangers to the Earth and Its People (McFarland, April 2015). In addition, he has produc
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