CENSORED NEWS: February 2013

Frontline Warriors at White Clay Feb. 28, 2013

White Clay, Thurs., Feb. 28, 2013. Photo by Joey Feaster

Sheridan County Sheriff accused of being drunk at the scene, as protesters demand an end to liquor profiteers on the border of Lakota land at Pine Ridge, S.D. By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com

Photo by Joey Feaster

Lakota warriors and allies stand in unison against police tonight, Thursday night, Feb. 28, 2013. Oglala President Bryan Brewer, still in a wheelchair after his accident, was present to support the action against the liquor profiteers at the border of Lakota land. President Brewer vowed to shut down liquor stores in the bordertown. Read his statement: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2013/03/oglala-president-vows-to-shut-down.html An Idle No More style Round Dance was held during the gathering to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Wounded Knee, “Liberation Day!” As usual, police arrived in force to protect the abusive business practices of the bar owners in White Clay, Nebraska, at the border of Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

Sheridan Co. Sheriff Terry Robbins at White Clay, Feb. 28, 2013 Photo credit Joey Feaster

Jerry Feaster said, “Remember these cops protect the right of the bar owners to sell alcohol not to protect the members of the community.” “This is Sheridan County Sheriff Terry Robbins (on left.) Sheriff Robbins was accused of being drunk by the Lakota warriors and relatives while performing a round dance on the north side of White Clay, Nebraska. Sheriff Robbins was on duty, operating a state vehicle, and carrying a firearm. Robbins was given a breathalyzer by his own state trooper in front of all community members present at the direct action protest. Robbins passed the breath test, but in my opinion, it was botched.” Protesters said videos posted reveal Sheriff Robbins was slurring his speech.

VIDEO White Clay Round Dance Idle No More by Joey Feaster

Video Wounded Knee Liberation Day 2013

Thanks to Clarence Rowland for sharing!

First Nation Terrance Nelson \’Rigged Election!\’

Rigged Election!
How Canada controls First Nations, and keeps the \’scouts\’ on councils
Statement by Terrance Nelson
First Nation Roseau River
Censored News
February 28th 2013
In middle east countries, drones kill anyone who opposes the west. In Canada it is much more subtle, it is done with divide and conquer and helping the “good Indians” the scouts to knock of the “bad Indians.”

Mohawk Nation News \’Political Paranoia\’


MNN. Feb. 28, 2013. Political paranoia is being considered a mental disorder. Those who question everything and especially conspiracy theorists, are considered to suffer from political paranoia. Every social disaster or political movement has its loonies: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot. Jim Jones, Duncan Campbell Scott, Steven Harper, Tom Flanagan, Crusty the Clown, Federal Court of Canada, etc. What conditions have to exist before the paranoia is believed? As soon as it appears on mainstream TV or media, everybody believes it. If it s not, they don t believe it. Take the test to see if you are paranoid.

If you do not read the news, you are uninformed. If you do, you are misinformed. Mark Twain

Mohawk Nation News \’Corporatist Usurpation\’



MNN. Feb. 27, 2013. Cayuga chief of the Iroquois Confederacy, Deskahe, was sent to the League of Nations in Geneva in 1922 to apply for membership and to try to influence it to become an egalitarian system. The bankers wanted one world government with a hierarchy controlled by them. We were sponsored but usurped by the bankers.

Video Wounded Knee 40th Anniversary Celebration

Thank you Chase Iron Eyes for sharing the video!

Photos 40th Anniversary of Wounded Knee

Photo Kristi Eaton via Twitter
Photo KILI Radio
Photo Chase Iron Eyes/Last Real Indians More 2013 photos in video format: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2013/02/video-wounded-knee-liberation-day-2013.html See Owen Luck\’s photos from 40 years ago Wounded Knee Occupation http://www.npr.org/blogs/pictureshow/2013/02/27/173048452/revisiting-wounded-knee-40-years-later


Lakota and Wet\’suwet\’en Unite to Fight All Mining, Fracking and Pipelines!

(Click on photo to enlarge) Debra White Plume, Lakota: “W henever I see photos of our beautiful strong elder Lakota women standing up in their day, I feel my spirit grow stronger, my backbone gets stronger, my heart fills with more love. We of today had these wonderful role models to show us how to be real Lakota women and face the enemy however we have to, just as they did. They stood with their men, as we stand with ours. Some of us were fortunate enough and guided wisely to stand with them, back in the day. That is why we must always work with our younger women of today, just as our elder women worked with us to show us the way. Then it continues, generation to generation. keep loving, keep fighting.”

Russell Means Remembered \’Long Walk Song\’

. Pearl Means shares this video as family and friends begin the second honoring of Russell Means on Pine Ridge in South Dakota. In fond remembrance of Russell Means ( 1939-2012 ). A fearless warrior for First Nations people. A challenging force conscience for all North Americans. I never met the man, but I always liked him. I was always humbled, enlightened, and encouraged to reflect by what he had to say. His frankness and strength of conviction evoked the same in others and served his concerns for his people well. “Long Walk” was composed and is performed here by Lloyd Vivola. Inspired at first by sadness during the weeks after Russell Mean\’s departure, then by hope that a new era of treaty rights, social justice, truth and reconciliation is possible. Lyrics posted below. The photos in the video are not the property of the video author and are borrowed here only to pay tribute to the life of Russell Means. For more information on the photos, search Google Images. LONG WALK ( Lyrics ) So many tender tears That gather here to beat the sacred drum So many wounded wings That sing and dance a circle \’round the sun Long time we be walking Long walk I be at your side So many misty moons That pierce the gloom on great horizons So many painted skies That train the eye on better days begun Long time we be walking Long walk I be at your side Long time we be walking Long walk nations on the rise Drive your horse down waves of thunder Weave your robe with rays of morning light Raise a prayer on clouds of wonder When lightning strikes When eagles take to flight So many windy trails That dare prevail the harshest border So many waking dreams That flow like streams of healing water Long time we be walking Long walk I be at your side So many wisdom wheels That still reveal each true relation So many kindred hearts That welcome home the restoration Long time we be walking Long walk I be at your side Long time we be walking Long walk nations on the rise.

Mohawk Nation News \’War Pigs\’

mnnlogo1 MNN. Feb. 25, 2013. The US inspired Canada First Defence Strategy CFDS is a profit-driven scheme to benefit career soldiers and industry. [June 19, 2008]. Prime Minister Harper points out that the military will be supported by predictable, long-term funding [tax and resource exploitation] so that industry can make money. The plan to build up Canada s armed forces will provide opportunities for international industry, to create World War III.

Canada soliciting war business.

Canada soliciting war business.

Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat is petitioning the UN to become involved in the ongoing resource dispute with DeBeers Diamonds. chief-theresa-spence-seeks-un-intervention

Under Attatwapiskat.

Under Attawapiskat.

Core Defence Strategy missions are: Conduct daily domestic and continental operations, especially the Arctic; respond to a major terrorist attack; support civilian [law enforcement] authorities in Canada; lead international operations; and respond to crises . Stable predictable funding means A Military in Partnership with Canadian Industry , to extract resources with no interference from the Indigenous owners. Contributing to International Peace and Security and stability abroad means unfettered access to other people s territory and resources. In 2008 Canada budgeted $490 billion for the next 20 years. Defense spending rose by 2% starting in 2011, from $18 billion to over $30 billion in 2027. The Government plans to increase the number of military personnel to 70,000 Regular Forces and 30,000 Reserve Forces. Their Bold Eagle program targets Indigenous youth, especially in the North, to exploit Indigenous knowledge of the land and weaken indigenous sovereignty at the same time.

Underground bunker for elites.

Cheyenne Mountain underground bunker for elites.

In 1958 Canada and US formed NORAD. This was right after they blasted our riverside for the St. Lawrence Seaway for the benefit of industries. Since then they set up Canada Command and US Northern Command . Headquarters Failed and failing states, civil wars and global terrorism are being created so that the military can describe the world as volatile and unpredictable . National Defense is the largest property holder in the federal government, which is all un-surrendered indigenous territory. 21,000 buildings over 50 years old and crumbling. 13,500 works including 5,500 kilometers of roads, jetties, training areas, etc. and 800 parcels of land covering 2.25 million hectares will be replaced or fixed up over the next 10 to 20 years. The Strategic Investment Plan is to coordinate all military spending. Canadians, you are the Nazis when you allow the war program to go on unfettered. You are allowing the theft and exploitation of Indigenous natural resources to continue the war problem.

Marching off to war.

Marching off to war.

As Ossie Osbourne of Black Sabbath sang in War Pigs : Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses, evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerers of death s construction. In the field, the bodies burning, as the war machine keeps turning .

Canada First Defence Strategy . Harper s plan 2. Strategic Investment Plan . 1st defense strategy 3. Rebuilding

3. Bold Eagle Program. target aboriginals 4. Advantage Canada . Flaherty s plan MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

California: State Wide Action to Stop Foreclosures

California State Wide Action to Stop Foreclosures From Quanah Parker Brightman Censored News State Wide Action to Stop Foreclosures

Wells Fargo: 1# in Destroying Communities and Stealing Homes

Quanah Parker Brightman with his father Lehman Brightman, Lakota, and founder of United Native Americans.
It s time for Wells Fargo to stop pushing hardworking families into short sales and into the streets. Keep Californians in their homes!
Over 25% of Californian homeowners are underwater & between 07- 10 Americans have lost some 40% of their wealth
Wells Fargo is quick to foreclose and slow to offer loan modifications
Wells Fargo has foreclosed on more California homeowners than any other bank
The U.S. Department of Justice found that Wells Fargo employed brokers who illegally targeted Latinos and African-Americans for high-cost loan

Currently, Wells Fargo has over 11,000 families statewide their foreclosure pipeline. Enough is enough! Wells Fargo and their Wall Street cronies caused the housing crisis. It s time for Wells Fargo to clean up the mess they made and refund California! Join With ACCE Foreclosure and Eviction Fighters Wednesday, February 27th at 10:30am

Pit River protecting Medicine Lake Highlands from industrial development

By Morning Star Gali
Pit River Tribe
Censored News
BURNEY, Calif. On February 15, 2013, The Pit River Tribe unanimously affirmed a resolution opposing geothermal and other industrial developments in the sacred Medicine Lake Highlands.
The resolution affirms that geothermal development would threaten the underlying aquifer and would result in the injection of toxins into the atmosphere and waters. Further the Tribe maintains that the construction and development of even a single geothermal power generation plant would result in irreversible impacts to the sensitive cultural resources of the highlands and devastate the habitats of plants and animals. The Tribal resolution calls upon the Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service to reject all proposed geothermal development in the sacred Medicine Lake Highlands.
The Pit River Tribe has been in court since 2002 over proposed development of geothermal energy in Medicine Lake Highlands. The Tribe has successfully challenged the extension of leasing of their sacred areas in decisions in the 9 th Circuit Court in 2006 and 2010. The lease holder, Calpine Energy, must reapply for extensions of the leases that the Tribe maintains were illegally issued by the BLM in 1988. Such applications for lease extensions are expected to trigger an environmental impact statement under the National Environmental Policy Act. In the mean time, the applicant has scrapped the original plan to build a 48 megawatt power plant and is reported to be leaning towards building several 100 megawatt plants in the sacred highlands.
The Pit River Tribal resolution indicates that the new proposals are incompatible with the use of the Medicine Lake Highlands as a sacred area. Geothermal development in such a sensitive hallowed place will despoil the environment and harm the Pit River Tribe. The resolution invokes the responsibilities of the federal agencies under federal law, regulations, agreements, executive orders and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to remind the decision makers of their responsibilities to protect sacred places and the people.
Medicine Lake is our church. It is there we heal our bodies and our spirits. Would you want a power plant in your church? – Cecelia Silvas, Ilmawi Band Elder ______________________
Morning Star Gali Assistant Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Pit River Tribe, 36970 Park Avenue

Searching for Sugar Man wins Oscar Best Documentary

Censored News congratulates Searching for Sugar Man for winning the Oscar for Best Documentary, and the life and music of Sixto Diaz Rodriguez! Producers said Rodriguez didn\’t attend because he didn\’t want to take credit for the film, which says a lot about who he is. Censored News congratulates the people of South Africa, and elsewhere around the world, who allow censored music and thought to change their lives and the world we live in. Here\’s an article from Censored News on the power of music to change the world: Sugar Man, the Beatles and Buffy Sainte Marie!

Dangerous Music: Sugar Man, Beatles and Buffy Sainte Marie
Sugar Man, Sixto Rodriquez

How music cracked open the world: Searching for Sugar Man , How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin , and the music of Buffy Sainte Marie By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com

Searching for Sugar Man , and How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin , tell the same story, in very different ways. Both films tell how music, forbidden and censored music, transformed lives, instilled hope, moved generations, and brought social change to two countries, South Africa and the Soviet Union.
While music instilled the yearning for freedom and liberation in South Africa and the Soviet Union, the leader of the so-called free world, President Lyndon Johnson was putting Cree singer Buffy Sainte Marie, the sound of American Indian resistance, out of business.
Searching for Sugar Man
Sixto Diaz Rodriguez didn\’t know he was more popular than Elvis and the Rolling Stones in South Africa. At a time when South Africa demanded an end to Apartheid, Sugar Man\’s music offered the hope of life in the open, life unbound, life beyond borders. Rodriguez\’ music brought the message to fight the establishment.

Western Shoshone fighting new mining near Eureka, Nevada

Western Shoshone continue their fight against mining.

Citizen Groups File to Prevent the Immediate and Irreparable Impacts from the Mount Hope Molybdenum Mine\’ February 22, 2013 by Lisa J. Wolf, Correspondent From a release by the Great Basin Resource Watch Censored News RENO — The Great Basin Resource Watch (GBRW) and the Western Shoshone Defense Project on February 20th filed a Motion for Preliminary Injunction in Federal Court in Reno following their filing a February 15th Complaint challenging the decisions of the United States Department of the Interior and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) approving the Mount Hope Project located some 23 miles north of the town of Eureka.

Mount Hope

According to the Motion, The Project will have immediate, irreparable, and permanent impacts to the local ranching and farming communities and families which have lived there since the 1860s and to the critical environmental, historical, cultural and wildlife resources that will be outright eliminated or significantly degraded by the Project. One of the residents in Diamond Valley nearest to the proposed mine said, We own the closest private property to the Project in two directions. Our ranch and farm are located close enough to Mount Hope to be adversely affected by the mining caused imparment of our air, increased heavy truck traffic, and the very real damage to our business from the massive pumping and resulting drawdown of groundwater. Our water is not infinite. Adding to our water over appropriation problem is very wrong. I believe it is wrong to break laws that are in place to protect us, in the name of progress. The Western Shoshone that toured the Mount Hope site in 2007 all agreed that the impacts to the water resources, loss of mature pi on/juniper forest, and destruction of cultural sites to too high of a price for this mine, said Larson Bill, Western Shoshone Defense Project. During the tour Western Shoshone Elder Bernice Lalo of Battle Mountain said, I don t understand this attitude of destruction. Pauline Estevez, Timbisha Shoshone said as we passed a spring, what is important is what is here now … that spring is our ancestor, it is a cultural site.

Dine\’ Angela Davis: The Enemy Within: Navajo Generating Station

Angela Davis, Dine\’ writes to the Alamo Council Delegate, regarding sponsorship of lease extension for Navajo Generating Station, one of the dirtiest coal fired power plants in the US. It is fed with coal ripped from the earth by profiteer Peabody Coal, which continues the suffering of Navajos on Black Mesa, to provide electricity for the Southwest while many Navajos go without.
The Honorable George Apachito P.O. Box 827 Magdalena, NM 87825 Dear Delegate Apachito, Yah at eeh. It has come to my attention that you recently sponsored a resolution (004-13) that recommends that the Navajo Nation extend the lease for the Navajo Generating Station. I m writing to urge you to put a hold on voting on this resolution to extend the lease until further study and review by all our tribal delegates. I think more time to decide on the vote can ensure that the Navajo Nation obtain the maximum amount of economic compensation for our natural resources and investments. This involves too many parties (Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power Project, Los Angeles Water and Power, Arizona Public Service, Nevada Power and Tucson Electric Power Company, for example) to make such a monumental decision in the short time frame currently allowed. I understand that there is pressure to vote quickly on the matter from many parties, but I think it is worth the wait to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved, especially our tribe. To me, it seems that outside interest groups, mostly energy companies, will benefit most if the resolution is passed as it is currently written. Although the Navajo Nation stands to receive 43 million dollars annually through 2044 if the deal goes through, I do not think that is enough to justify extending the lease so quickly. If the proposed resolution passes and the extensions are granted without adequate research, we may never know how we could have benefited more and will be indentured to the power companies for decades. I urge you to think about the future generations and how this decision will affect them financially, environmentally and more importantly, health-wise. Investing more money into the dirty, coal-fired plants is not a good decision environmentally, financially, or physically in the long-run. Investing in solar and/or wind energy is healthier, environmentally safer, and technologically efficient. I am aware that there are 538 workers, eighty-three percent of which are Navajo, at the Navajo Generating Station. Keeping their jobs is important and that is why I encourage a smooth, gradual transition from coal mining to solar/wind energy. Perhaps they can still hold their jobs during the transition, especially since the coal industry is dying and other sources of energy are currently being explored. In conclusion, I would like to express my disappointment in you sponsoring this bill. You are my chapter official and I thought you had more of a conscience when it came to the environment and protection of our natural resources, given that you recently opposed uranium mining in the eastern agency. Many people accuse Alamo Navajo of being traitors to our tribe and often refer to us as the enemy Navajo . I think that is really sad. You sponsoring and supporting this bill would truly make us just that — the enemy Navajo; we will be regarded historically as the band of Navajo that does not care about the health of the environment, the fair and honest management of our resources and most of all, our people s health. Let us change that negative view of our people. I know you have it in your heart to do the right thing and withdraw your sponsorship of this bill or at least table the discussion until more research and discussion can be done. Thank you very much for your time. Ahe he he. Sincerely, Angela Marie Davis Artist Writer

Publi par Censored News Dimanche 24 f vrier 2013 See original article in English Traduction Christine Prat
Angela Davis, Din , crit au D l gu au Conseil d Alamo propos de son soutien l extension du contrat pour la Centrale Navajo [Navajo Generating Station] , l une des centrales au charbon les plus polluantes des Etats-Unis. Elle est aliment e avec du charbon arrach la terre par les profiteurs de Peabody Coal, qui entretiennent les souffrances des Navajos de Black Mesa pour fournir de l lectricit au Sud-ouest, alors que de nombreux Navajos doivent s en passer.
A l Honorable George Apachito P.O. Box 827 Magdalena, NM 87825 Nouveau-Mexique
Cher D l gu Apachito,
Yah at eeh. J ai appris que vous avez r cemment soutenu une r solution (004-13) qui recommande que la Nation Navajo prolonge le contrat de la Centrale Navajo. Je vous cris pour vous presser de suspendre le vote de cette r solution jusqu ce qu elle ait t tudi plus avant et pass e en revue par tous nos d l gu s tribaux. Je pense que prendre plus de temps pour d cider peut assurer que la Nation Navajo obtienne un maximum de compensations conomiques pour nos ressources naturelles et nos investissements. Cette question implique de trop nombreuses parties (le Projet d Energie et Am lioration Agricole de Salt River Project, l Energie et Eau de Los Angeles, le Service Public d Arizona, l Energie du Nevada et la Compagnie d Energie Electrique de Tucson, par exemple) pour prendre une d cision si monumentale dans le cours lapse de temps accord actuellement. Je comprend qu il y ait des pressions de tous c t s pour que le vote se fasse rapidement, mais je pense qu il vaut la peine d attendre pour assurer le meilleur r sultat pour tous, sp cialement pour notre tribu.
Il me semble qu en dehors des groupes d int r ts, ce sont surtout les compagnies d nergie qui profiteront le plus de la r solution dans son texte actuel. Bien que la Nation Navajo doive recevoir 43 millions de dollars par an jusqu en 2044 si l accord est pass , je ne pense pas que ce soit suffisant pour justifier l extension du contrat aussi rapidement. Si la r solution passe et les extensions sont accord es sans tude ad quate, nous pourrions ne jamais savoir comment nous aurions pu obtenir plus d avantages et nous serons li s aux compagnies d nergie pour des d cennies. Je vous demande instamment de penser aux g n rations futures et de vous demander comment cette d cision les affectera financi rement, cologiquement et, plus important, sur le plan de la sant . Investir plus d argent dans l nergie sale des centrales au charbon n est pas une bonne d cision long terme, ni sur le plan cologique, ni sur le plan financier ni sur le plan physique. Investir dans l nergie solaire et/ou olienne est plus sain, plus s r pour l environnement et techniquement efficace. Je suis bien consciente que 538 travailleurs, dont quatre-vingt trois pourcent sont Navajos, travaillent la Centrale Navajo. Il est important que leur emploi soit pr serv et c est pourquoi j encourage une transition graduelle et en douceur du charbon l nergie solaire/ olienne. Peut- tre peuvent-ils conserver leurs emplois pendant la transition, d autant plus que l industrie du charbon est mourante et que d autres sources d nergie sont actuellement explor es.
En conclusion, je souhaite exprimer ma d ception de vous voir soutenir cette proposition. Vous tes le repr sentant officiel de mon chapitre [ circonscription] et je pensais que vous feriez preuve de plus de conscience lorsqu il s agit de l environnement et de la protection de nos ressources naturelles, tant donn que vous vous tes r cemment oppos l exploitation de mines d uranium l est. Beaucoup de gens accusent les Navajos d Alamo d tre des traitres notre tribu et nous sommes souvent nomm s le Navajo ennemi . Je trouve tr s triste que le fait que vous souteniez cette proposition risque de faire de nous justement cela le Navajo ennemi ; nous serons consid r s dans l histoire comme la bande de Navajos qui ne se soucie ni de la sant ni de l environnement, ni de la gestion juste et honn te de nos ressources, ni, par-dessus tout, de la sant de notre peuple. Changeons cette vision n gative de nos gens. Je sais que vous pouvez trouver dans votre c ur ce qu il faut pour faire le bon choix et retirer votre soutien cette proposition ou au moins geler la discussion jusqu ce que des recherches suppl mentaires puissent tre faites. Merci beaucoup pour le temps que vous m accorderez. Ahe he he
Sinc rement,
Angela Marie Davis
Artiste, crivain

Mohawk Nation News \’License to Kill\’


License Bureau Director. MNN. Feb. 24, 2013. Freedom of speech is guaranteed in Section 2 of Canada s Constitution Act, 1982. Everyone has the fundamental freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication . An honest state presents the facts for public discussion.

Bureau Chief who hands out licenses to kill.
Canada Secret Service on the job.
Canada Secret Service on the job.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 2008 that CSIS, Canadian Secret Intelligence Services, cannot destroy evidence. This happens every day to us about our history, rights, funds and the ongoing genocide of our people. Canada does not respect its own laws. It has a propaganda mill to control the media. It suppresses and rewrites historical facts, trying to make us invisible. Many vital documents are being destroyed. We all have minds, the capacity to see and hear, to think and feel. Every person s ability to sense and understand is important. Each of us has a unique insight to contribute, no matter how big or small. We can t just drift along following orders without thinking or questioning.

Execution no longer legal!
Riel: Execution no longer legal

The appetites of the colonizers are insatiable. They do not maintain sustainable economies. They depend on the exploitation of stolen non-renewable resources and funds. They are conditioned to want more. Their children are force fed fascism and call it democracy. They have no control over their appetites. Their common sense is shut down. They cannot access the natural principles of self-determination found in the Kaianerehkowa, the law of Great Turtle Island. All the weapons of war belong to the Canadian state. The army and police try to scare people into submission, legal or not. It s not working.

Secret genocide at first thanksgiving.
Indians invited to First Thanksgiving, then all murdered.

A century ago Louis Riel was hung for treason because he defended Metis rights. Today the death penalty has been banned in Canada. Canadian government officers are trying to implement death sentences by other means such as excessive use of force and extraordinary threats and abuse. Our people are put under so much stress some die in or following custody. Ronald Lasagna Cross was so badly beaten by the SQ and military he died not long after the Oka Crisis of 1990. Matt Fisher was killed in Whitehorse prison while being held on fake charges. The Officer beat him to death in the cell until he died. He thinks he got away with it. Canada gives its agents a license to kill Indigenous people with impunity. South Africa, Nazi Germany and other totalitarian regimes have followed the Indian genocide model of Canada. Everything they did to us here they are now doing to the general population because they think they got away with it. Thahoketoteh wrote a song about his murdered brother. A nyone who has lost a brother can relate to this song: My brother, this song is for you. In your memory and your honor. To help us when we feel blue. When always we think of you. Brother MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

Photos Journey of Nishiyuu camp Waskaganish Feb 23, 2013

At 2 Camp- km 48 in Waskaganish territory Young and old trekkers, about 60 First Nation walkers, continue on their journey to Ottawa, in solidarity with Idle No More.

Mohawk Nation News \’Populaton and Resource Control PRC\’

MNN. Feb. 24, 2013. Special agents such as the CBSA Canadian Border Services Agents are trained in psychological warfare and state brutality. They wear black fascist uniforms with Kevlar vests. They try to humiliate, demoralize and injure those who question and complain about mistreatment. According to Wikileaks, PRC methods devised by the US are designed to confuse, destroy and terminate. Low level psychological warfare is mixed with high tech violence on target groups, like Indigenous, followed by the homeless, welfare, pensioners and then the general population.

Tax dollars at work.
Discussion on how to kill

The US Department of Defense Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces manual describes 3 types of insurgency. The third, Traditional Insurgency , refers to Indigenous resistance. Onkwehonwe are engaged in centuries of resistance to regain full sovereignty. We are dangerous criminals and are harassed at border crossings. The manual allows the suspension of habeas corpus. They can kidnap and disappear us without notice or right. CBSA can force a confession. PRC measures also include curfews, blackouts, travel restrictions, and restricted residential areas such as protected villages or settlements , like Indigenous communities, refugee camps, detention centers, prisons and FEMA Camps that can hold millions of people. They maintain Registration and pass systems and control of resources and critical supplies such as weapons, food and fuel.

Indigenous internment camps.

Indian reservations!

When we defend our land, the military poiice use: Checkpoints, searches, roadblocks; surveillance, censorship, and press control; restriction of activity of selected groups [like Indigenous, labor unions, political groups and the like]. We are classed as members of organized crime and fake charges are filed against us to create assumptions. When one resists or questions, a profile is created with their background, car model, family and associations. The file is flagged red, green or yellow. Any adherents to the Great Law are classed as high risk or extreme . Agents are sent to the School of the Americas where death squads are trained. Another deadly Special Forces strategy is infiltration of communities. Agents gather information about individuals and disseminate demoralizing and false information to cause suspicion and divisions. Since the COINTELPRO of the 70s in the US against A.I.M., many have become aware of DISINFORMATION campaigns. They get turncoats to train the military and police in their work against us. When we are arrested, we are handed over to the RCMP, CSIS, SQ, CBSA, OPP and the new Provincial Organized Crime Enforcement Team POCET set up June 25, 2008. OPP POCET

Knowledge is power!

Knowledge is power!

The integrated enforcement teams of cops, correctional services, parole officers, social services, informants, courts and other controls, are a fine example of state organized crime. They breach peoples rights, freedoms and lives. The Indian Act corporate band and tribal councils are part of the hierarchical control grid. They feign resistance but in fact sign over Indigenous jurisdiction to their masters, to get their paycheck. As Axel Rose from Guns and Roses sang : Look at your young men fighting. Look at your women crying. Look at your young men dying, the way they ve always done before. Look at the hate we re breeding. Look at the fear we re feeding. Look at the lives we re leading, the way we ve always done before Civil War PRC Manual D of D , Israeli manual MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

Mohawk Nation News \’Perverted Police Policy\’



MNN. Feb. 24, 2013. Indigenous children are being murdered. Hundreds of girls and women are disappearing. We have to guard ourselves and each other. Take cameras, cell phones, become a witness and make good notes. We need names, badge numbers, videos and photos of the abused and abusers. Then we should file complaints, take them to court and put pressure on politicians. The police and politicians work together to continue the illusion of freedom in the police state we are living in.

Life goes on.

Life goes on.

Cops are the worst abusers. In Northern British Columbia Human Rights Watch has documented that RCMP are the perpetrators of attacks and rapes on girls and women. In Thunder Bay Ontario the Mayor admits to his role in racism as if it s normal. Watch out for agent provocateurs. They dress like us, with backpacks and vehicles full of implements. They are really cops! Agent provacateurs at G20 Montebello They start throwing these at our kids and then disappear. Cops are attracted to violence. They don t need peace to keep their jobs. Some try to stir things up so they can use all the expensive toys they claim to need. A despicable tactic is to target and attack young women. This provokes otherwise peaceful men to come to their aid who are then beaten and arrested. They say peace can be gained by violent means. Like George Orwell says in 1984 , Peace is war! .

Low level war in Oka 1990.
Fighter jets flew over Oka in 1990 psy ops operation.

The highly trained people like doctors, miners, scientists, politicians, military and corporation heads need relative order in their communities to go about their jobs of stealing our water, energy and resources. They need the Onkwehonwe out of the way. In guerrilla warfare our great strength is when we are on our home turf. We know it and we feel the power that comes from being truly Indigenous. Colonists come from fragmented backgrounds. Their leaders have a program of low level warfare by attacking, harassing, taking prisoners, surrounding us, putting out bad stories about us to scare the public.

Extra help doesn\'t hurt.
Extra help doesn t hurt.

**Our persistence and perseverance comes from our ancestors. We are so well-rooted with nourishment from the land. A transplant s root has to adjust for a long time to gain strength from the earth, but sometimes the roots don t easily take. Sometimes transplants need a stick to help them stand up. The colonists program is to replace the natural people. The natural world has decreed that we shall always be here doing our job, taking care of the land, plants, animals, water and air. Okay, men, time to stand up for your women, as Leonard Cohen says in I m your man If you want a boxer, i ll step in the ring for you. And if you want a doctor, I ll examine every inch of you . MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

Mohawk Nation News \’Monkey Business\’

Monkey Business

MNN. Feb. 22, 2013. How to steal our consent. According to court rulings and international law, our view and consent are required for any legal use of our land, resources and funds. The racket is to make it look like they got our consent. The ambulance chasers [lawyers] are trained to build a hall of mirrors. When consultation goes on, they make sure we do not hear, see or say anything. Three Monkeys Strategy .

We can\'t hear, see or say anything.

We can t hear, see or say anything.

We are overrun by chasers. The bureaucrats, politicians and corporations are trying to fill their ambulances with suffering Indigenous people whom they have maimed. Shysters chase us to represent us. Then meetings are held behind our backs with their mentors and clients on how to avoid consulting us or to twist what we ve said.

Rezz Dogs!

Rezz Dogs: The lawyers are beating us! The bar associations hold seminars to train these chasers on how to help industry, government and Indigenous stakeholders to consult us without actually talking to us. We only find out what we supposedly agreed to when we are told to move away because industry needs the minerals under our community. These teach-ins are attended by chasers, CEOs, VPs, directors, managers, mining, forestry, environment, energy and constitutional law breakers, litigators, negotiators, mediators, bureaucrats, and the Vichy collaborator band and tribal councils. They learn Tips and Traps to watch for in their meetings with us. They are told what to avoid: meetings organized by us; meetings in our community; full advertising of the meeting; bringing our own experts; spending too much time in the community to avoid seeing our realities; making scientific evidence available to show the reality of pollution of our land, communities, water and housing; no time lines; full assessment of the consequences of development for the generations to come; letting everyone talk besides those on the band council payroll; allowing grassroots traditionals to define the issues [that s really dangerous!].

Training band councils to organize their people.

Training band councils to organize their people. They want to shut us up. They go through the motions. They re told to always act like they re in a big hurry [to hit the jackpot]. When we say no , it s no, and they have to accept it. They can t start openly or covertly confusing, threatening and undermining us to get their way. The Crown has a fiduciary duty to take our advice on investment of our Indian Trust Funds and to report fully to us, the beneficiaries. They can t avoid their responsibilities to us without going to jail. As Chuck Berry sang in Too much monkey business Same thing every day. Gettin up, goin to school, no need for me complainin , my objections overruled, ahhh! Too much money business . MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

First Nation Terrance Nelson: Refusing to be the \’house nigger\’

Refusing to be the \’house nigger\’
Terrance Nelson
By Terrance Nelson
First Nation Roseau River Ojibway
Evander Kane has every right to challenge racism in the NHL and in Winnipeg. Despite the attack by Don Cherry upon Evander Kane for using the “race card”, there is no doubt that racism in the NHL is real. Not long ago Boxing, Baseball, Football, and Basketball were white only because blacks were excluded. The last bastion of white dominance in a sport is hockey, why wouldn\’t there be racist reaction to blacks in a “white” sport. Paul Friesen who initially wrote in the Winnipeg Sun about the complaint Evander Kane made should go see the movie Django Unchained. My 20 year son loved the movie so much, he went with me to see it a second time. Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, the word “nigger” is used so often in the three hour movie, the shock wears off. The movie is cartoon-ish, something like “Kill Bill” but although I didn\’t initially like it, I got into it as I watched the reaction of the white folk in the theatre. Don Cherry would squirm in his seat if he watched the movie.
Dicaprio as the villain was a poor choice, he doesn\’t make the grade as a villain. The real Oscar role belongs to Samuel L. Jackson. Director Quentin Tarantino read what Malcolm X wrote of the difference between the field nigger and the house nigger. Jackson delivers an Oscar winning performance as the “house nigger”. What Don Cherry wants for the NHL is gratitude from the black man that you have been allowed into a white sport. Cherry wants Evander Kane to “suck it up” and be another Jackie Robinson, a class act taking all the taunts and racial slurs without responding to the racism. Robinson, the first black man in major league baseball did what he had to do in his era, he was a great man. Howard Cosell on television at an NFL game calling a black man a “little monkey” and others calling the first black men in the NFL, “jungle bunnies” is what racism was. The NHL is no different. The white guys just don\’t want Evander Kane telling it like it is. Evander Kane deserves to say what needs to be said, the days of the house nigger are over, no more grovelling in front of the master, no more sucking it up just because someone paid for the ticket to see the game.
Thank you Evander Kane for not being quiet about racism. Remember Evander that even though 70% of the white people who voted in the United States election voted against Obama, there is still a black man in the White House. Obama is not a house nigger and you don\’t have to be either. Some people want you to be quiet, but you belong to a different era, you have every right to tell like it is. The indigenous people who live in Winnipeg have felt the racism and know that you are speaking the truth.
Don Cherry says Evander Kanes race claim is ridiculous
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Brazil human rights defenders murdered after Rio+20

Brazil: Killing of human rights defenders Mr Almir Nogueira de Amorim and Mr Jo o Luiz Telles Penetra

By Frontline Defenders Posted at Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com

On 24 and 25 June 2012 the bodies of human rights defenders Mr Almir Nogueira de Amorim and Mr Jo o Luiz Telles Penetra were found following their disappearance on 23 June 2012.
Almir Nogueira de Amorim and Jo o Luiz Telles Penetra, or “Pituca” as he was known, were both leaders of the Associa o Homens do Mar AHOMAR (Association of Sea Men) which was set up in 2009 to defend the rights of the fisher-folk working in Rio de Janeiro, and particularly those affected by the construction of a gas pipeline for Petrobras. Since the founding of the organisation its members have reported being subjected to death threats, physical attacks and killings. According to AHOMAR\’s members, the attacks are perpetrated by people linked to death squads, security guards hired by the companies in charge of building pipelines and militias operating in the region.

Politician and developers attempt to force Loop 202 on Gila River Indian Communtiy

Politician and Developers Attempt to Force Loop 202 on Gila River Indian Community after Voters Say No\’ By No South Mountain Freeway www.nosouthmountainfreeway.wordpress.com nosouthmountainfreeway@gmail.com Pangea Deception in No Build Option PHOENIX, AZ Developers behind Pangea Corporation and Phoenix District 6 Councilmember Sal DiCiccio have threatened construction of Loop 202 freeway through Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) regardless of a recent vote against the proposed freeway. Joey Perez, of Tempe based corporation Pangea, recently deceived the public on the status of the proposed Loop 202 s extension. In a May 20 Arizona Republic article titled Gila River tribe may hold vote on Loop 202 freeway effort, Perez stated, “I\’ve talked to community members and I\’ve talked to landowners, and a vast majority of them ultimately feel very deceived by the no-build group and the community for not communicating correctly that if the \’no build\’ won, the freeway would still be built.” Perez, a Gila River Indian Community member and partner at private land development corporation Pangea, called the original referendum flawed because an option to vote “no build” was insufficiently explained. Sal DiCiccio, District 6 councilmember, also provided misinformation in the same article regarding the freeway s status. According to the Arizona Republic, DiCiccio and others have said, No Build was never a valid option. The Arizona Republic article further reported, Officials from the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) have said planning for the $1.9 billion, 22-mile freeway will continue despite the vote. On February 8, 2012 GRIC members voted for the No Build option for the proposed202 freeway to prevent desecration of South Mountain, which has been held sacred since time immemorial. South Mountain is an area full of cultural significance to the Akimel O odham and the Pee Posh, the two tribes that comprise that Gila River Indian Community. The fact of the matter is that it is not currently nor has it ever been predetermined for the Loop 202 to be expanded, said Jezz Putnam. A vast majority of community members from Ahwatukee, Laveen and GRIC have opposed freeway expansion. Due to widespread opposition, the Loop 202 has yet to be expanded since the nearly 30-year-old plans for expansion originated. The fact that a corporation such as Pangea is now heading the efforts to expand the freeway through GRIC should also raise concerns, said Putnam. It has been the tribe s formal decision through resolutions and voting to oppose the freeway. Why is a corporation leading the discussion on pushing the loop 202 on GRIC residents? Perez s petition also raises many questions. Where would the promised $2,000 for GRIC members each come from? How can Pangea, a private corporation, guarantee that payoff from the federal government? IfPangea has secured those funds, why couldn t that money aid the construction of healthier alternatives to freeways that residents in Laveen and Ahwatukee have asked for? Another question regarding Pangea s statements about their petition is how exactly could Pangea limit truck traffic from using the freeway if it were to be expanded. In Arizona Department of Transportation s (ADOT), Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the Expansion of the Loop 202 ADOT says: As the process moves forward, ADOT and MAG will continue to coordinate with the Community [GRIC] on remaining concerns and potential methods for mitigating those concerns. We ask, why should the process move forward at all? The concerns of the Gila River Indian Community have not been addressed by ADOT.Paloma Allen, a member of the Gila River Indian Community and a volunteer with Gila River against Loop 202 noted, As 202 stakeholders, ADOT has violated our rights. It s been about 25 years we re waiting on that EIS [Environmental Impact Statement] from them. It s required by law, and we have every right to know how our land would be impacted. I feel no vote, no Pangea petition, no further discussion about the 202 is warranted until we all have the basic facts about what the freeway could do to our clean air, our health, and our heritage. Why hasn t GRIC been respected for not wanting the freeway on their land? And, most importantly, why would anyone be expected to vote on freeway expansion prior to seeing the Environmental Impact Statement?

ACLU: Court order forbids SB 1070\’s racial profiling currently

We\’ve Only Just Begun: Standing up for the Rights of All in Arizona

By Victoria Lopez , ACLU of Arizona at 4:24pm
The highest court in the land has had its say . Politicians and media pundits have had their news cycle. And in Arizona, we re back to where this all begins and ends where the resolve of people across the state will again be tested in the coming weeks and months as the show me your papers provision of SB 1070 is implemented.
In Arizona, part of that resolve requires simply sorting out the facts. In their zeal to claim victory, Gov. Jan Brewer and others in Arizona have incorrectly announced that SB 1070 would take effect immediately . Inaccurate statements such as these are irresponsible and muddy the already dark waters. Yesterday, civil rights organizations, including the ACLU of Arizona, sent a letter to the attorneys representing Gov. Brewer and other defendants in the Friendly House v Whiting case, explaining that the court order forbidding implementation of SB 1070\’s racial profiling provision, Section 2(B), remains in place unless and until it is modified by a further order from a federal court. Until that time, no law enforcement agency in Arizona should implement Section 2(B). In the meantime, on the ground, we ve only just begun. As the Court foreshadowed, many legal questions about Section 2(B) remain to be resolved. Together with a coalition of civil rights groups, the ACLU is moving forward in Friendly House v Whiting , our legal challenge that raises the exact claims left open by the Supreme Court including claims that SB 1070 is discriminatory, will lead to racial profiling, and invites the unlawful arrest and detention of people of color, including many born in this country. Several of the plaintiffs in our case have already faced racial profiling and unlawful arrest by local police, or are afraid that they will be discriminated against because of the color of their skin. Read more: http://www.aclu.org/blog/immigrants-rights/weve-only-just-begun-standing-rights-all-arizona

Winnemem Wintu call for support June 29, 2012 to protect ceremony

Winnemem Wintu call for support to protect ceremony

Winnemem Wintu: Here are the young women who the Forest Service has neglected to protect from harassment during our Coming of Age ceremony.

Censored News

June 29, 2012
URGENT NOTICE!! REDDING, Calif. — Winnemem Wintu Chief Caleen Sisk asks any supporters who are still able to come with boats to come after all, since there is no indication from the Forest Service that they will have boats enforcing the closure. “I just heard that USFS is not planning to have boats on the closure. They also don\’t have a plan for how they will close the river or where. Sounds to me like I have been tricked! I am callin g on all the river closure supporters to gear up again at this short notice and come. ”

Chief Sisk\’s letter to the BIA has been delivered: “It\’s time,” she wrote, “the BIA stop the human rights abuses. Please supporters, let\’s flood the phones and email of Amy Dutschke, Regional BIA director in Sacramento, urging her to meet with Chief Sisk – (916) 978-6000; (916) 978-6099; amy.dutschke@bia.gov Tell the BIA to close the land for our ceremony tomorrow and restore the Winnemem\’s recognition! Chief Sisk has fasted for 12 days! And won\’t stop until she gets a meeting!
Read Chief\’s letter to BIA:

Klee Benally sentenced to \’community service\’ for defending Peaks

Ahee\’ hee\’ to everyone for the prayers and support! – Klee www.indigenousaction.org TAKE ACTION NOW: www.ProtectThePeaks.org

Klee locked down/Photo Ethan Sing

Klee Benally Sentenced To \’Community Service\’, Affirms Commitment to Defending Sacred Peaks By Protect the Peaks Censored News http://bsnorrell.blogspot.fr/2012/06/klee-benally-sentenced-to-community.html French translation: http://www.chrisp.lautre.net/wpblog/?p=825 FLAGSTAFF, AZ — Klee Benally, Dine\’ (Navajo), was ordered by Coconino Justice Court Judge Howard Grodman to perform community service as consequence to his prayerful act of resistance to desecration of the Holy San Francisco Peaks. Klee took action on August 13, 2011 to address Arizona Snowbowl ski area\’s clear-cutting of 74 acres of rare alpine forest and the laying of 14.8 miles of a waste water pipeline in furtherance of a US Forest Service and City of Flagstaff supported project to spray artificial snow made of wastewater effluent on the Peaks, which are held holy by more than 13 Indigenous Nations. The state prosecutor was seeking 12 months probation, restrictions barring Klee from going onto Snowbowl road, and community service. Defense attorney, Matt Brown of Brown & Little, P.L.C., argued on Klee\’s behalf. During the sentencing hearing Klee responded expressing that restricting his ability to go onto the Peaks, including Snowbowl road, would place an “undue burden” on his religious freedom. Judge Grodman stated, “I think that your motivations for protesting were genuine and heartfelt,” he then offered the option for Klee to do community service in assisting with a Northern Arizona University class called “Investigating Human Rights.” “If you would be willing to participate in that class, assist in that class, I think you\’d have a lot to offer the students, that would be the entirety of my sentence,” stated judge Grodman. When issuing his sentence, the judge expressed that he was unaware until recently, that Klee had made the documentary, “The Snowbowl Effect.” Judge Grodman stated that he had used the film in a class he taught years ago. Klee was also ordered to pay restitution to Arizona Snowbowl in the amount of $99.24 for construction worker\’s wages Snowbowl claims we\’re “lost” due to Klee\’s prayerful action. How can I be \’trespassing\’ on this site that is so sacred to me? This is my church. It is the Forest Service and Snowbowl who are violating human rights and religious freedom by desecrating this holy Mountain said Klee in a previous statement, Their actions are far beyond disorderly .

Klee Benally at Human Rights March

“This experience has shed light on what my ancestors, and all those who have gone before me in the struggle for justice and dignity, have faced. This experience cannot be isolated from the larger context of 500 years of colonial aggression. Our ways of life are being attacked by this \’justice\’ system, the Forest Service, and by those who value money more than life and ecological integrity.” “Indigenous Peoples in the United States have no guaranteed protection for our religious freedom. When our spirituality and cultural survival is threatened, what choice do we have but to take a stand? If Congress and the Obama administration don\’t take immediate action to address this critical issue, more and more people will put their bodies in front of Snowbowl\’s destructive machinery.” stated Klee. In August 2011, The Havasupai Tribe, Klee Benally, and the International Indian Treaty Council, filed an Urgent Action / Early Warning Complaint with the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), on the desecration of the Sacred San Francisco Peaks. CERD Chairperson Alexei Avtonomov responded to the complaint with a letter to the U.S. in March 2012, The Committee requests information on concrete measures taken to ensure that the sacred character of [the San Francisco Peaks] for indigenous peoples are respected, including the possibility of suspending the permit granted to the Arizona Snowbowl, to further consult with indigenous peoples and take into account their concerns and religious traditions. Since June 16, 2011, nearly 30 people have been arrested during protests or other actions addressing Snowbowl desecration and eco-cide on the Holy Peaks. Most have taken deals offered by state prosecutors which have resulted primarily in community service, with about 8 cases still pending. In a previous statement Klee affirmed, The struggle to protect Dooko osliid (San Francisco Peaks) continues, we must defend our ways of life and the natural law. As long as our hearts beat with an understanding that our actions are for future generations and cultural survival, then this struggle is not over. — Klee Benally indigenousaction@gmail.com | www.twitter.com/eelk www.indigenousaction.org – Independent Indigenous Media New: www.etsy.com/shop/Benally Check out my jewelry and other items for sale on Etsy! www.oybm.org – Indigenous Youth Empowerment! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2F85d7iGX8 www.taalahooghan.org – Flagstaff Infoshop

Mohawk Nation News: 1701 Great Peace of Montreal

1701 GREAT PEACE OF MONTREAL Mohawk Nation News http://www.mohawknationnews.com MNN. 27 July 2012. The Great Peace of Montreal was completed on June 25th 1701. It is the treaty that established the invaders right to live here. Canadian history omits it. The French sued for peace to end their 92-year war with us, called the French and Indian wars. This treaty legitimized their presence on Great Turtle Island. All immigrants agreed to live according to the Kaianerekowa, the Great Law of Peace, through the Guswentha, the Two Row Wampum. They would stay on their boat, not interfere with us, live in perpetual peace and could never own any of our territory. Our younger brothers agreed to become of one mind with the natural world. The Kaianerekowa is the great medicine that comes from the minds of humanity, to create peace and take care of each other. This is the only legal means by which anyone other than an ongwehonwe can live here. From the Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico indigenous nations took part in the solemn ratification ceremonies. In July 1701 we took the wampums to the British at Albany, who had taken over the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam in 1684. They agreed to the same terms. From here the Nanfan Treaty 1701 gave the British permission to live with us in peace.

In 1710 five Iroquois chiefs from each Haundensaunee nation went to Europe for the first and only time. One chief died on the way. They took the wampum belts to explain and ratify the Guswentha with the monarchs. All 13 royal bloodlines attended. Teeyeeneenhogarow, Sagaweathquatiethtow, Honeeyeathtawnorow and Etowohkoam were dubbed the Four Indian Kings.” The hierarchical heads turned the visit into a big circus. They didn t want peace. Only war, ordo ab chao . As a patriarchy they couldn t let their women exercise female power. Without it, the peace could not be adopted. The American Revolution was the first false flag. It was waged to destroy the Great Law constitution of peace and turn it into the US constitution of war. In 1779, the Americans sent 13,000 soldiers to Onondaga, the capital of the Iroquois Confederacy, to try to destroy the peace forever. They could never extinguish the fire of the people. The British parked their ships in Quebec and took the year off so the Americans could try to finish us off. Under international law when such a treaty is broken, everything goes back to one day before the treaty was ratified. In this case, June 24, 1701. We never surrendered anything. They reneged on living peacefully. They are squatters.

Once their hierarchy is gone and they give rights to their women, they can trace the roots to the Tree of Peace and establish peace with us. Mohawks have not been to Onondaga since 1779. We had to leave our home communities to save our people and maintain the peace. Canada imprisons us here to continue their illusion of freedom, that this war was real. It was all theatre. The Mohawks will return to Onondaga to stand up the Tree of Peace. That s when our traitors will have to return to a proper mind with us. The women will give three warnings to the errant leaders. If they do not heed their warnings, the war chief drops the black wampum. They may grab it before it hits the floor and redeem themselves. If it hits the floor, the warriors smash in their heads with the war club to remove their errant minds. MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

Trail of Broken Promises reaches DC from Kansas


By Millicent M. Pepion Minipah@msn.com Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com LAWRENCE, Kansas — On May 13, students from several universities left Kansas on a two-month journey to Washington, DC, to save the Wakarusa Wetlands, Lawrence\’s only remaining indigenous wetland prairie, from becoming the South Lawrence Trafficway (SLT). They call the journey the Trail of Broken Promises. Tomorrow, Thursday, June 28, they will walk from Arlington Cemetery at 9 am, to the White House, ending at the steps of Congress where they will endorse the Protection of Native American Sacred Places Act, a draft piece of legislation which will protect sacred places. The primarily on-foot trek attempts to address the difficulty of preserving sacred places within Indian Country by raising awareness of the WakarusaWetlands. Prompted by the proposed highway construction through the wetland behind Haskell Indian Nations University campus, the students traveled 21 days on the 1838 Potawatomi Trail of Death route to show appreciation to communities maintaining markers of remembrance. The Trail of Broken Promises led them through 9 states ending in Washington D.C. The draft piece of legislation the students carry would amend the American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978, “to provide a right of action for protection of Native American Sacred Places,” such as the WakarusaWetlands. It has been approved by the National Congress of American Indians. The wetlands adjoin Haskell Indian Nations University, and have been used for ceremony, prayer, and education since Haskell\’s founding as a boarding schoolin 1884. “Fighting to save the Wakarusa Wetlands extends beyond our campus,” Mike Ofor, a student on the walk said. “Our journey recognizes all Native Americans and all sacred places left vulnerable to developers\’ agendas.” The Trail of Broken Promises needs help returning home from the capitol with donations for gas and provisions. All donations can be sent through Paypal to minipah@msn.com . Here are links to articles that document their progress and ToBP2012 websites: http://kansaspublicradio.org/kpr-news/haskell-students-to-visit-washington-promoting-site-preservation http://www.nativetimes.com/news/environment/7212-students-walk-to-protect-native-sacred-places http://www.kansascity.com/2012/05/14/3612652/students-protest-south-lawrence.html http://www.lexington-news.com/LN_detailheadline.asp?key=16491&itemNumber=0&fb_source=message http://www.richmond-dailynews.com/?p=10519&fb_source=message http://www.kmzu.com/native-americans-walking-to-d-c/ http://www.moberlymonitor.com/news/x624589963/Twelve-Kansas-students-on-Trail-of-Broken-Promises-Tour-in-Moberly-Saturday http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2012/may/16/haskell-ku-students-walking-underscore-environment/?print&fb_source=message http://www.parliamentofreligions.org/news/index.php/2012/05/students-walk-to-protect-native-sacred-places-in-midwestern-united-states/ http://www.whig.com/story/18563261/trail-of-broken-promises-focuses-attention-on-desecration-of-sacred-native-american-places http://www.whig.com/story/18623655/students-advocates-for-cultural-rights-tour-indian-mounds-park-as-part-of-tour-on-the-trail-of-broken-promises http://commercial-news.com/local/x1647290843/Walkers-call-attention-to-rights http://www.purdueexponent.org/city/article_5dfbde68-f9a5-510c-a8ff-f8b97abf400d.html These websites allow you to follow them on our journey digitally: Facebook Page– https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Trail-Of-Broken-Promises/300284686671395 Youtube Page— http://www.youtube.com/user/ToBP2012 Twitter Page—- https://twitter.com/#!/ToBP2012 Tumblr Page—- http://trailofbrokenpromises.tumblr.com/ Flickr Page—— http://www.flickr.com/photos/tobp2012/ From Shirley Willard, Rochester IN: Brenda please add to your list of news about the Trail of Broken Promises: www.potawatomi-tda.org which is Potawatomi Trail of Death Assn., see Trail of Broken Promises Walk and click. www.americanindiancenter.org which is American Indian Center of Indiana. I have written several stories for the Rochester Sentinel but you have to be a subscriber to see the eEdition. However I put all my articles in www.potawatomi-tda.org . Thanks.

Long Walk 4 to Alcatraz: Listen Best of Long Walk Talk Radio

Earthcycles bus on arrival in DC Long Walk 2008 Photo Brenda Norrell

Listen to Best of Long Walk Talk Radio Long Walk 2 Northern Route By Brenda Norrell brendanorrell@gmail.com Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com Long Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz is currently walking http://www.returntoalcatraz.com

Censored News shares with you some of the best interviews and songs from the Longest Walk 2, northern route, from the five month broadcast across America in 2008.

The Longest Walk 4, Return to Alcatraz is being initiated by the original walkers on The Longest Walk in 1978. It has been postponed until 2013. The route from DC to Alcatraz is the same as Long Walk 2 northern route in reverse. “The purpose of this Walk will be to reaffirm the heart of Traditional Tribal Sovereignty rooted in Cemony and land based spiritual relationships. We call on all Indigenous Peoples to come and support this Walk,” Long Walk 4 said. http://returntoalcatraz.com/press-release The Best of Long Talk Radio Longest Walk 2 northern route 2008

Long Walk 2 northern route Penn. Capitol and Maryland campground Photos Brenda Norrell

Voices across the west, Alcatraz to Western Shoshone http://www.blogtalkradio.com/brenda-norrell/2008/12/23/voices-walk-across-the-west Paiutes of Stillwater, Nevada http://www.blogtalkradio.com/brenda-norrell/2008/12/19/paiutes-of-stillwater-best-of-longest-walk-radio Ute, Maori and Dakota Best of the Longest Walk http://www.blogtalkradio.com/brenda-norrell/2008/12/12/ute-maori-and-dakota-best-of-the-longest-walk-part-1 Choctaw Ben Carnes and Kahentinetha Mohawk Nation News http://www.blogtalkradio.com/brenda-norrell/2008/12/27/ben-carnes-and-kahentinetha-best-of-longest-walk-talk-radio Walking the Talk: Miwok, Washo and Shoshone http://www.blogtalkradio.com/brenda-norrell/2008/12/26/walking-the-talk-in-the-land-of-miwok-washo-and-shoshone Honoring the land, honoring the youths, with audio of Floyd Westerman http://www.blogtalkradio.com/brenda-norrell/2008/12/30/honoring-the-land-honoring-the-youths Kickapoo water and Navajo Resistance, Louise Benally http://www.blogtalkradio.com/brenda-norrell/2008/12/20/kickapoo-water-and-navajo-resistance-best-of-longest-walk-radio

LW 2 Northern Route: Earthcycles radio bus with walkers in Penn; Women\’s Walk to Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado; Protest at Newmont mining in solidarity with Western Shoshone in Denver. Photos by Brenda Norrell
LW 2 Northern Route: Calvin on that long lonesome highway 50 through northern Nevada and Shoshone country; the dear Duncans at Penn. powwow; Shoshone drum. Photos Brenda Norrell.


Lakota Blockade Whiteclay June 29, 2012

Strongheart photo: Whiteclay blockade

Notice of Upcoming Blockade in White Clay, Nebraska Friday, June 29, 2012 By Cante Tenza Okolakiciye – Strong Heart Warrior Society Free and Independent Lakota Nation Box 512, Hill City, South Dakota 57745 UDATE WHAT: Traffic blockade of White Clay, Nebraska in order to stop the illegal transport of alcohol onto Pine Ridge Reservation. Friday will be one of the busiest days of the summer as monthly checks come out prior to the July 4th holiday. On Thursday night, Chief Robert Greenwald of the Oglala Sioux Tribe (OST) Department of Public Safety agreed to cooperate with the blockade and enforcement of OSTCode 88.01. Strong Heart welcomes this participation and noted Greenwald s past statement in a May public meeting, that he wished to work more closely with traditional warrior societies like StrongHeart. The Strong Heart Warrior Society is asserting Lakota customarylaw, which is full sovereignty, explained Strong Heart Headsman Canupa GluhaMani (Duane Martin Sr.). We are asking these stores to leave the Lakota people alone so we can have a future and implement rehabilitation of our people, Martinsaid. WHEN: Friday, June 29th from 10:00AM to 11:00PM WHERE: Borderbetween Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota and the town of WhiteClay, Nebraska. WHO: Cante TenzaOkolakiciye, known as the traditional Strong Heart Warrior Society of theLakota Nation will be leading the blockade with support from OST Public SafetyHighway Division officers. Members of the Oglala Lakota Nation will be there insupport. Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe activist Laci Hale will be coordinating theparticipation of the women. Deep Green Resistance will be present in solidarity. OST lay advocates Susan Schrader and Carmen Yellow Bull arecalled upon to monitor the behavior of public safety officers in the enforcement of OST and sovereign customary law. Local, state, national and international media have also been notified of the blockade. WHY: The small border town of White Clay sells over 13,000 cans of beer a day, or FIVE MILLION cans of beer a year to mostly Oglala Lakota people in an ongoing act of physical and spiritual genocide of the Lakota people. With direction from traditional Grandmother societies in Pine Ridge Reservation, Strong Heart has been at the forefront of trying tostop the illegal flow of alcohol into the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation forover 12 years. This zero tolerance ban is defined in Oglala Sioux Tribal Ordinance 88.01 as well as traditional Lakota customary law. Cante Tenza Okolakiciye also known as the Strong Heart WarriorSociety of the Lakota Nation is an ancient Lakota warrior society as well as abroad-based civil rights movement that works to protect, enforce and restoretreaty rights, civil rights, and sovereignty of Native people and theircommunities across Turtle Island.

Lazy media aids Hopi Navajo water theft scheme

Media aids scheme to steal Hopi and Navajo water rights by not checking the facts, or reporting the news By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2012/06/lazy-media-aids-hopi-navajo-water-theft.html French translation: http://www.chrisp.lautre.net/wpblog/?p=831 June 27, 2012

Warriors Kris and Carlos walking and running to Window Rock to defend Navajo water rights. The Navajo Council announced Wednesday\’s council session to vote on water rights settlement is cancelled. Photo Next Indigenous Generation.

The media has published false reports that the Hopi Tribe passed the Little Colorado River settlement, which is aimed at giving Hopi and Navajo water to non-Indians in Arizona, along with the coal fired power plant, Navajo Generating Station, one of the dirtiest in the US, and Peabody Coal. The bill, devised by Arizona Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain and non-Indian attorneys, would require Hopi and Navajo to give up their aboriginal water rights. The water rights theft scheme is aided by paid armchair journalists and online aggregators who do not check the facts of what they are posting. Kris Barney, Dine\’, arriving in Window Rock today, after walking and running from western Navajoland to defend sacred water, said, “We must remain strong and in unity, with our sacred thoughts, prayers and the gift of water through rain from above. They do not own life, they should not have the power to sell, trade or barter our lives, futures. The people have spoken. And Lightning flashes in the dark all across this Window Rock …” Three former Hopi Tribal Chairmen responded to false reports in the media and to false reporting by Hopi Chairman Shingoitewa concerning Senate Bill 2109, Navajo-Hopi Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Act of 2012. Meanwhile, at the last minute, the Navajo Council announced that a Navajo Nation Council session today, Wednesday, June 27, to vote on the water settlement, is cancelled. In a statement, the three former Hopi chairmen said that Hopi Tribal Chairman LeRoy Shingoitewa and Council Representative George Mase gave out false information that the Hopi Tribe approved the water settlement, when in fact, the Hopi Tribal Council, by a vote of 11 for, 4 against, and 0 abstentions, rejected the Kyl bill on June 15, 2012. Over 100 tribal members witnessed the event. Representatives from the Hopi villages, traditional leaders, allottees, and tribal members provided overwhelming objection to, and rejecting Senate Bill 2109 through written and oral testimony in a packed Hotevilla Elderly Center. Senate Bill 2109 favors non-Indian parties including owners of the Navajo Generating Station and the Peabody Coal Company; requires waiver of Hopi aboriginal and federal reserved water rights to the Little Colorado River; and waives any future claims for damages done to the Navajo Aquifer and sacred springs by Peabody Coal Company and owners of the Navajo Generating Station. After hearing the people s testimony, the Hopi Tribal Council passed Resolution No. H-072-2012 rejecting Arizona Senator Jon Kyl s Senate Bill 2109. But, Shingoitewa has refused to sign this resolution forcing the former elected tribal leaders to file a formal complaint to the Hopi Tribal Council and demanding Shingoitewa s immediate removal. Hopi Council Resolution H-072-2012 not only rejects Senate Bill 2109, it also prohibits Shingoitewa, the Water and Energy Team and the Hopi Tribal Council from further negotiations on Senate Bill 2109, including the Settlement Agreement. It also requires Hopi Chairman Shingoitewa to report the official position of the Hopi Tribe to Senator Kyl and the Department of Interior on the formal rejection of Senate Bill 2109. The official position of the Hopi Tribe is embodied in Resolution H-072-2012 which rejects Senate Bill 2109 and the proposed Settlement Agreement. Read complete statement: http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2012/06/medias-false-report-on-hopi-council.html

Media\’s false report on Hopi Council passage of water settlement

Former Hopi Tribal Chairmen respond to false reporting by Hopi Chairman Shingoitewa Concerning Senate Bill 2109, Navajo-Hopi Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Act of 2012 By Former Hopi Chairmen Ben Nuvamsa, Ivan Sidney and Vernon Masayesva

Censored News
Hopi water 1906 photo Edward Curtis

KYKOTSMOVI, Ariz. — Hopi Tribal Chairman LeRoy Shingoitewa and Council Representative George Mase have been giving out false information that the Hopi Tribe approved Senate Bill 2109, the Navajo-Hopi Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Act of 2012, when in fact, the Hopi Tribal Council, by a vote of 11 for, 4 against, and 0 abstentions, rejected the Kyl bill on June 15, 2012. Over 100 tribal members witnessed this historic event. Representatives from the Hopi villages, traditional leaders, allottees, and tribal members provided overwhelming objection to, and rejecting Senate Bill 2109 through written and oral testimony in a packed Hotevilla Elderly Center. Senate Bill 2109 favors non-Indian parties including owners of the Navajo Generating Station and the Peabody Coal Company; requires waiver of Hopi aboriginal and federal reserved water rights to the Little Colorado River; and waives any future claims for damages done to the Navajo Aquifer and sacred springs by Peabody Coal Company and owners of the Navajo Generating Station. After hearing the people s testimony, the Hopi Tribal Council passed Resolution No. H-072-2012 rejecting Arizona Senator Jon Kyl s Senate Bill 2109. But, Shingoitewa has refused to sign this resolution forcing the former elected tribal leaders to file a formal complaint to the Hopi Tribal Council and demanding Shingoitewa s immediate removal. Hopi Council Resolution H-072-2012 not only rejects Senate Bill 2109, it also prohibits Shingoitewa, the Water & Energy Team and the Hopi Tribal Council from further negotiations on Senate Bill 2109, including the Settlement Agreement. It also requires Hopi Chairman Shingoitewa to report the official position of the Hopi Tribe to Senator Kyl and the Department of Interior on the formal rejection of Senate Bill 2109. Leroy Shingoitewa and George Mase have been providing false and misleading information that the Hopi Tribe approved and endorsed the Kyl bill. They are doing this so they can continue the Little Colorado River water rights negotiations. Any negotiations by Hopi tribal officials would be in direct violation of Resolution H-072-2012 and would be grounds for Serious Neglect of Duty charges under the Hopi Tribe s constitution. Shingoitewa convened an illegal tribal council meeting on June 21, 2012, to force passage of a council resolution to endorse Senate Bill 2109. This he did out of total disrespect for the Hopi and Tewa people s rejection of the Senate bill. Upon hearing of this action, many tribal members are angered and are demanding immediate removal of Hopi Chairman Shingoitewa and George Mase. Resolution H-073-2012 is not the official position of the Hopi Tribe and its members. The official position of the Hopi Tribe is embodied in Resolution H-072-2012 which rejects Senate Bill 2109 and the proposed Settlement Agreement.

Federal Court of Appeals attacks public interest litigants

Federal Court of Appeals attacks public interest litigants

By Stephen Brittle
Photo Save the Peaks

President, Don\’t Waste Arizona Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com French translation: http://www.chrisp.lautre.net/wpblog/?p=817 Thank you from Censored News to Christine Prat for the French translation!


The message from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was clear: if you are concerned about the environment; if you want to protect Native American sacred areas; or even if you simply want to make sure that the federal government complies with its own environmental obligations, go home. You are not welcome in the Ninth Circuit. As Gary Marchant, the Lincoln Professor of Emerging Technologies, Law & Ethics at Arizona State University\’s Sandra Day O\’Connor College of Law explains, there is no question that [the San Francisco Peaks case involved] a valid set of claims that could have been decided either way [and] therefore is clearly not a case where sanctions would be appropriate or warranted.” Professor Marchant adds that ** “applying sanctions in a case such as this would have a chilling effect on the willingness of qualified counsel to take on controversial and important public interest matters of any type.” ** What Happened: Recently a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit imposed sanctions on a pro bono attorney for the Save the Peaks Coalition. In an opinion issued on June 21, 2012, Ninth Circuit Judges, J. Clifford Wallace, John T. Noonan, and Milan D. Smith, Jr., held that environmental and Indian rights attorney Howard Shanker acted in “bad faith,” that he “grossly abused the judicial process,” and that he “misled his clients.” As a result, according to the Ninth Circuit, Shanker has to personally pay all the costs of the intervenor-defendant Snowbowl Resorts Limited Partnership. Here, however, is the rub. The only thing Shanker is guilty of is providing competent representation to his clients for free (pro bono) on a politically charged matter of public importance.

Nothing in the entire record of this case provides any basis for a finding of bad faith, or an abuse of process, nor does it provide any other indication of unethical or unprofessional behavior on the part of Shanker. Indeed, even the court\’s opinion is void of any reference to any specific behavior in the context of the case that could warrant a sanction. Further, Shanker s clients are adamant that he never misled them about anything – an allegation that appeared for the very first time in the Ninth Circuit\’s en banc opinion.
Judges are supposed to be neutral arbiters of the law. Here, however, Judges Wallace, Noonan, and Smith are attacking Shanker\’s credibility and reputation, and imposing sanctions on him for bringing a case simply because it appears to be at odds with their ideological and political bent. More recently, Judge Smith, the judge who wrote the Save the Peaks opinion, launched a political tirade in a dissenting opinion in Karuk Tribe of California v. U.S. Forest Service, where he rails against the enforcement of environmental laws as bad for business. But that was just a dissenting opinion. Smith didn\’t have the political majority in the Karuk case, like he did in Save the Peaks.
The chilling effect that the Save the Peaks Coalition case could have on any attorney who might have otherwise been willing to help a community group, an environmental organization, or even a Native American tribe cannot be overstated.
The message is clear, bring a case we disagree with and we will rule against you, attack your credibility, and impose sanctions on you – regardless of the facts or law of the case. Apparently the federal courts no longer have to even try to keep up the fa ade of impartiality.
Shanker has indicated that he intends to file a petition for a rehearing en banc with the Ninth Circuit. Such petitions are, however, discretionary and only rarely granted.
The one thing we can truly learn from this process, is that no good deed goes unpunished. Let this be a warning to attorneys, if there are any left, that want to protect the environment, ensure the integrity of Native American rights and sacred areas, and who feel compelled to champion the public interest over the short term economic gain of a few, especially if the attorney is willing to work for free.
According to the Ninth Circuit, such misguided practitioners will from now on be punished for their willingness to stand up to the machine and to challenge the status quo – the law or facts be damned.


Mohawk Nation News \’Canada\’s Day of Infamy\’

CANADA S DAY OF INFAMY MNN. 25 June 1012. Every July 1st Canadians celebrate the birth of their corporation.

By Mohawk Nation News http://www.mohawknationnews.com July 1, 1867 Canada was issued its corporate number through Washington DC from the City of London bankers. All of the original shareholders were part of the 13 Royal bloodlines and still own the corporation.

At the Coliseum known as Parliament Hill, the thirsty masses gather to sing, Oh Canada, our home on native land , drinking, partying, revelry, fireworks, vacations and a long weekend; all to scream and holler over their illusion of freedom. PARENTS ARE FORCED TO SIGN THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE turning their children over to the corporation as a property of the shareholders. [Under Roman Law capitus diminutio maxima]. They are traded as a commodity every day on the stock exchanges.

Indigenous land and resources are usurped. We Ongwehonwe are real people and not pretend. The natural world placed us here to be one with our mother and all of our relations. The corporation of Canada uses our natural resources as collateral to bolster the Canadian dollar. This is theft. When they force us to turn our babies into corporate property without our knowledge or consent, that is fraud of the highest order. The corporations and their agents are the biggest snakeheads and human traffickers.

The corporation enforces its by-laws through their admiralty court system. The banks and corporations gave themselves illegal jurisdiction over all trade over the waters of the earth. They extort fees from all other businesses and people. Harper dismantled all the environmental protection laws that have been carefully crafted over 40 years with his new Bill C-38 ( http://openparliament.ca/bills/41-1/C-38/ ). Foreign corporations can now come in, destroy and squeeze every last resource out of the earth. They want to create more deserts that will not be fit for human habitation. These spoiled brat shareholders that have been in-breeding for thousands of years scream, Gimme! Gimme! It s all mine! Their lie called hierarchy is coming to an end. The shareholders are saying, Before the end, we are taking everything . Despite their efforts, World War III will not happen. Plan B is already operational, through many fronts, such as manipulation of food, air, pharmaceuticals, wars, etc. to cull 80% of their slaves worldwide. July 1 is a big drunken barbecue for the extremely ignorant unknowing public, whom are celebrating their slavery.As Stompin Tom sang, The girls are out to bingo, the boys are getting stinko. There ain t no need for INCO on a Sudbury Saturday night . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl751CDdRZI MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

US Supreme Court upholds racial profiling

US Supreme Court upholds targeting people of color in Arizona By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com TUCSON — The US Supreme Court upheld racial profiling in its ruling on Arizona\’s SB 1070, while striking out other provisions. In reality this means that all people of color are targeted by Arizona police. Jose Matus, Yaqui and director of the Indigenous Alliance without Borders, responds to US Supreme Court decision Jose Matus said, “All alien looking people and people of color, we must resist, with non-violent rebellion against SB1070 and work in solidarity with Derechos Humanos to repeal the High Court Decision on SB1070!” “Should we be subjected to racial profiling? Should we be stopped and questioned. detained and charged with a state crime because we don\’t carry a passport to prove we are citizens, because we are Red, Brown or Mexican?” Matus, Yaqui ceremonial leader in South Tucson, told Censored News. Matus said that the Indigenous Alliance Without Borders will, in partnership with the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, document abuse of authority and violation of rights. He said the Alliance will work closely with Derechos Humanos and all other community organizations to promote respect for human rights, Indigenous rights and immigrant rights. The next Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras meeting is in Phoenix, Saturday, July 7, 2012, at 10 am. The International Day of the World Indigenous People will be August 9, 2012.

Mike Wilson, Tohono O\’odham, responds to Supreme Court decision Mike Wilson, who has put out water for migrants for years, said, “Despite today s\’ Supreme Court decision in favor of the provision upheld by the State of Arizona, S.B. 1070 remains an immoral law. Like the Supreme Court\’s 1896 decision in Plessy Vs. Ferguson that ruled in favor of racial segregation and state apartheid, history will judge this decision as equally immoral.” Wilson is the policy director for Border Action Network and spent years putting out water for migrants on Tohono O\’odham land, where the largest number of migrants have died in recent years. The Tohono O\’odham Nation passed a law making it a crime to aid a migrant, even giving a drink of water to a dying person. Now, the dying include Mayan women and their children, walking from Guatemala, Chiapas and Oaxaca to survive. Amnesty International responds to Supreme Court decision on Arizona law on immigration enforcement SB 1070 Contact: Sharon Singh, ssingh@aiusa.org , 202-675-8579, @spksingh By Amnesty International Posted at Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com WASHINGTON Frank Jannuzi, the head of Amnesty International s Washington office, issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Supreme Court s decision to strike down major provisions of Arizona s controversial immigration enforcement law, commonly known as SB 1070: Amnesty International welcomes the Court s decision that the right to work and possible criminal penalties for not carrying immigration documents provisions of SB 1070 are invalid because they encroach on federal responsibilities on enforcing immigration laws.” However, we are disappointed that the Court failed to draw a clearer line in the sand against racial profiling. This leaves the door open for continued challenges as ambiguities in implementation still exist. Amnesty International is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning grassroots activist organization with more than 3 million supporters, activists and volunteers in more than 150 countries campaigning for human rights worldwide. The organization investigates and exposes abuses, educates and mobilizes the public, and works to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied. Response from Border Action Network JUNE 25, 2012 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Border Action Network Statement Regarding the Supreme Court Rulings on Arizona S.B.1070 Border Action Network would like to share with you some of the comments from members of our organization and other organizations that are responding to the Supreme Court ruling. The Court s decision to reserve judgment on the discriminatory racial profiling provision, Section 2(b), comes at a tremendous human cost, because the rights of all Arizonans will be violated while this issue is resolved. But we are confident that all of this law and others like it will ultimately be struck down as discriminatory racial profiling, as preempted by federal law, or both. Although we are disappointed that the racial profiling provision has been allowed to take effect, importantly, the Supreme Court s decision recognizes that the provision could cause constitutional problems and may violate federal law. The Supreme Court also stated that if the law is interpreted to prolong detention it would be unconstitutional. In our lawsuit challenging Arizona s S.B. 1070 we have raised precisely this constitutional challenge as well as others to the racial profiling provision. The Supreme Court s decision leaves open legal challenges on these bases. Border Action Network and other organizations will continue to press forward with our litigation, which raises such challenges. We will not rest until this unconstitutional provision is permanently stricken from Arizona s law books. The Supreme Court did not address the impact of S.B. 1070 on Arizonans or the harm that people in Arizona will suffer from S.B. 1070. We have real concerns that we will be guarding against as we move forward. 2(b) is wrong and/or immoral. The Supreme Court has expressed reservations and concerns about section 2(b) given the limitations it placed on it. There are potential constitutional problems with section 2(b) down the road. Though making an effort to limit the opportunities for racial profiling, the Supreme Court still upheld one of S.B. 1070 s central and most offensive provisions, the requirement that law enforcement officers demand proof of legal status from anyone they suspect is undocumented. This papers please provision will directly lead to racial and ethnic profiling based on the way people look or the way they speak, regardless of whether they have been American citizens all of their lives. Still, today s ruling was narrow in that the Court only concluded that federal law did not pre-empt states from enacting these papers please laws. Lawsuits challenging the provision on racial profiling grounds will continue to be litigated, and we are confident that the measure will ultimately be struck down. Unfortunately, the Court s ruling today means that while we await that future decision, the fundamental rights of all Americans living in those states will be degraded. This decision is still a setback to civil rights in America, but it is not a defeat. The civil rights and immigrant rights communities will continue to fight against laws like S.B. 1070 in the courts, in state legislatures, and in Congress. These measures don t exist in a vacuum. As recent polling shows, Latino voters are paying close attention to the court s ruling, and a majority believes the decision will contribute to a hostile environment for Latinos. Moreover laws like these hurt our community, compromise our safety, bankrupt economies, and undermine our national unity, so it is not surprising that the rush to follow Arizona down this treacherous road has stalled. States that were considering copycat measures in 2012 all took a pass after seeing how costly and socially divisive these laws are. The three components of the law that have been struck down are as follows: Make it a state crime for undocumented immigrants not to possess their federal registration cards Make it a crime for undocumented immigrants to work, apply for work, or solicit work Allow state and local police to arrest illegal immigrants without a warrant when probable cause exists that they committed any public offense that makes the person removable from the United States The court did uphold the papers, please provision, which requires state and local police to check the immigration status of people they ve stopped if deemed reasonably suspicious. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/ondeadline/post/2012/06/-supreme-court-strikes-down-most-of-arizona-immigration-law/1?sf4810060=1 The following are comments from our staff: Juanita Molina, Executive Director We will continue to advocate for the people of Arizona in the face of this law. We are a community that spans across international borders. No one\’s humanity should cease to be recognized at the border. Racial profiling undermines the relationship between the community and law enforcement. This law puts undue burden on law enforcement and ultimately contradicts their primary purpose, which is to protect and serve this community. Mike Wilson, Policy Director: Despite today s\’ Supreme Court decision in favor of the provision upheld by the State of Arizona, S.B. 1070 remains an immoral law. Like the Supreme Court\’s 1896 decision in Plessy Vs. Ferguson that ruled in favor of racial segregation and state apartheid, history will judge this decision as equally immoral. Julissa Villa, Organizing Coordinator: Disappointment, that\’s what I felt as I heard the decision of the Supreme Court in favor of the provision upholding the State of Arizona. Throughout history we have celebrated the integrity and wisdom of the Supreme Court in our country. We are saddened by their decision. General staff comments ON THE PROVISION UPHELD: We are very disappointed that State rights trump Federal law on this provision. We are moving from a country that is based on Federalism and has a Central government – to a confederation. We believe we are going backwards as a country towards disintegration. Our Community will live in fear of law enforcement. Oppressive practices make law enforcement less effective. This will obstruct daily function of law enforcement with unreasonable practices. As plaintiffs in the civil rights coalition\’s challenge to the law we will continue to fight it on the grounds that S.B. 1070 violates our constitutionally protected civil rights. NNIRR\’s Response to the US Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona\’s SB 1070: Court Ruling Invites More Racial Profiling in Arizona Need to Ensure Rights, End Discrimination against \’Reasonably Suspicious\’ (Brown) People In allowing the notorious “show me your papers” provision of Arizona\’s SB 1070 bill, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively supports the rollback of rights and protections that have been long fought for and honored in this country — specifically, the freedom from racial discrimination. Importantly, the Court struck down the other three provisions that had been challenged in the case. Ruling on whether or not the “show me your papers” provision (Section 2B) “pre-empted” federal authority in immigration, the highest court in the country decided it was “premature” to block it. However, we are alarmed that this provision, very much the heart of SB 1070, can only be implemented through racial profiling. The provision requires state and local law enforcement to determine the immigration status of any person lawfully stopped, detained or arrested whenever there is “reasonable suspicion” that the person may be undocumented, and to verify that person\’s status with the federal government. As an Arizona community leader has pointed out, “and we know what \’reasonable suspicion\’ is: brown skin.” Although the ruling left open the potential for legal challenges on the implementation of the law, we are deeply concerned, in the meantime, about the rights and protections of our communities in Arizona. Already, it has been the practice of police in the Tucson sector to “hold” people they have stopped for 20 minutes until they can make contact with a federal agent – not a problem given that there are literally thousands of Border Patrol agents constantly milling around, particularly with the decrease in cross border migration. This practice will undoubtedly increase the number of immigrants who are being detained and deported simply because they were driving their children to school, going to a grocery store, or just going about their daily lives. While the ruling, overall, reaffirmed that the federal government has the exclusive authority to regulate immigration, we cannot forget that it was the federal government\’s introduction of programs such as 287g (authorizing local and state policing agencies to engage in immigration enforcement) and Secure Communities that laid the groundwork for state initiatives like SB 1070. SB 1070 was just one of many divisive pieces of state legislation (like the \’stand your ground\’ law) drafted by ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council and promoted by conservative policymakers, who claimed the federal authorities were not doing enough to “stop illegal immigration.” While states may avoid legislative language that was struck down by the Supreme Court, more copycat bill efforts may be renewed that are centered on the “show me your papers” provision. The Supreme Court ruling, as well as the temporary nature of the recent reprieve from deportation for some young immigrants, continue to point to the need for a fair and just legalization program that will ensure access to rights and freedom from the fear of deportation for undocumented immigrants. We will continue to challenge anti-immigrant state laws and punitive federal enforcement programs like Secure Communities that result in detentions, record-level deportations and the separation of families. As strategies to resist the effects of SB 1070 are underway in Arizona and elsewhere, we join our members in Arizona in calling for a repeal of SB 1070 in its entirety and urge vigilance in the monitoring of SB 1070 as it is implemented. We further call on President Obama to take all necessary steps to protect the communities of Arizona and other states from the scourge of racial discrimination, harassment, and abuse and to commit to humane, fair and durable immigration reforms. For background material and resources on the Supreme Court ruling and SB 1070, please see our blog here.

Northern Paiute traditional hunter Kwassuh\’s letter to Nevada governor

Northern Paiute Kwassuh, Wesley Dick, has drafted this letter to Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, requesting dismissal and disclosure of State of Nevada Wildlife charges. Kwassuh explains the ceremonial reasons for traditional hunting.

By Wesley Dick Jr. (Kwassuh) Censored News http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2012/06/northern-paiute-traditional-hunter.html Governor of Nevada Brian Sandavol June 23, 2012 Dear Sir: My name is Kwassuh/Buckskin a.k.a. Wesley Dick Jr. and I am an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe, Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe of Nevada. I ask for the respect and acknowledgement on behalf of myself and the traditional peoples across and over these lands that practice and live our sacred and unique traditional lifeways and the laws that protect and preserve these lifeways. I stand as a traditional man of the Numa/Northern Paiute Nation of Nevada and as a father to provide for my family and my people of our ceremonial and traditional lifeways of the Numa/Northern Paiutes of Nevada that are known throughout these lands including several other related nations of tribal people along with the 564 federally recognized tribes, the unrecognized and also the terminated tribal people that live amongst the lands of the United States of America today. This request is of good relations towards the indigenous people and the people of the state of Nevada as well as the United States of America concerning these multiple violations of State Wildlife Officer Buckland Tingle and the State of Nevada Wildlife Department concerning disrespect, disregard of treaties, laws recognized nationally and internationally protecting my inherent rights as a descendant of the original peoples of this land to continue our sacred and unique lifeways and traditions of the Numa/Northern Paiutes of Nevada. As I first met with Officer Buckland Tingle, I shook his hand and told him I come in a good way and expect him to do the same. I then introduced myself, my tribe, where I am from, my federally recognized I.D.; the same as my people did in the past. I then described what I was doing and what I still needed to do in regards to my prayers, the ceremony, and the preparations to the Tunna/Antelope. I then told him of the rights I carry with me, and handed him from my hand to his, to read. After an hour of his investigation, I was placed under arrest while I told/advised him of the disrespect towards the laws. I provided these laws and my rights to provide for my family, my people, and my ceremonial tasks of hunting, and the process I learned from my elders of the spiritual recognition of the Tunna/Antelope and the area I stood that is always done in ceremony which provided my people the Numa/Northern Paiute with the plants and animals of these lands for thousands of years with no interference. I openly advised the State Wildlife Officer of my status, identification, my laws and rights; he decided on his own to disregard. These laws I provided to him, is the same I am including with this letter. I also can provide more information. As my related tribal relative nations of people are winning court challenges throughout and across these lands, these laws of our inherent rights protect us and preserve our lifeways and we should not be punished, prevented, or prosecuted for being what and who we are as the Native Americans of these lands. Indigenous peoples worldwide are still in existence, as I have been a known teacher, demonstrator, instructor, mentor, and ceremonial provider/supporter for many years. It is also world known of the importance of continuing our lifeways to pass this to our children and future generations, this knowledge to live the good life and stand as our ancestors have from thousands of years past to today is shared with all indigenous peoples of the world. I request a dismissal and disclosure of these State Wildlife Charges and also that all my belongings be returned to me immediately as I have been tremendously delayed culturally, financially, and spiritually. And an end to these distractions and interferences amongst my peoples of the Numa/Northern Paiute Nation, Newa/Shoshone Nation, and the Washoe Nations of Nevada and the recognition and respect that is due these laws and treaties. This spiritual disrespect not only interferes with my prayers for my family, Earth, and all my surroundings including the Tunna/Antelope s ceremonial circle of life, it has clearly affected our connection towards this animal as I, Kwassuh, have visions and dreams of these Tunna/Antelope that stand and watch me as I cannot connect their spirit towards their ending so they are like lost and blood from the liver is to be taken and gifted to the Earth, along with tobacco, to ensure that three more Tuna/Antelope will take it s place. There are several more ways I learned and keep to myself and I now sense the sadness of the Earth and Creator from whom I asked for the blessings to take part in our sacred ways that were of goodness, honor, and gratitude. There are unfinished prayers and the ending methods that I was taught by my own people; they need to be completed. I also advised these officers that this interruption/interference towards my traditional ways and the importance of my request, may bring some honor towards my traditional relationship I described when these request have been returned to me and I will complete/fulfill my ceremony as it should be. Immediate attention to these matters is of great importance for this good relationship between said Indian nations and all governmental agencies to understand and honor. These laws are easy to acknowledge, understand and are recognized daily throughout this nation; it is the law. Respectfully, Wesley Dick Jr. (Kwassuh) Enrolled member of the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe. A federally recognized tribe of the United States of America

Kwassuh means Buckskin in the Numa/Northern Paiute language.

Numa means Northern Paiute in the Northern Paiute language. Toi-Ticutta means the Cattail Eaters in the Northern Paiute language.

RIO+20 Protest: Ta\’kaiya, 11, rips apart UN for failing to act

June 21, 2012: 11-year-old Ta\’Kaiya is outside the Rio+20 plenary urging world leaders to act now, and calls the society to the Earth Revolution.

Video Kandi Mossett: Defend the Rights of Mother Earth

Growing up and living in North Dakota, Kandi Mossett has experienced firsthand what oil development can do to communities. She is a member of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nations on the Fort Berthold Reservation and works with the Indigenous Environmental Network, organizing with tribes to fight the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Kandi says “there are sacred sites out here, there are burial sites out here, there\’s places that are holy that they want to just bulldoze right through.” Watch for more on her story. For more stories visit: http://www.nrdc.org/energy/keystone-pipeline/tar-sands-stories

Video Debra White Plume: NO! to tarsands and pipeline

Debra White Plume is an activist, grandmother, and member of the Oglala Lakota Nation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, who has been fighting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, concerned about its effect on water resources. She says “I think our native nations are going to stay opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline and stay opposed to any other oil pipelines that come through here because we understand that water is a precious resource, it\’s a gift from our Grandfather and it\’s a gift for life, it\’s a gift of life….” Watch for more on Debra\’s story.

Aljazeera and Democracy Now! feature Indigenous Environmental Network

While world leaders negotiate in the Rio+20 meeting halls, thousands of activists have launched \’The People\’s Summit\’.
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. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – “The development – the drilling, mining and damming – is affecting everyone, our communities and the Earth, our home and the only planet we have.” The piercing voice of 11-year-old T\’Kaiya is enough to grab the attention of delegates passing by. With the aptitude of a seasoned speaker, this young delegate from Canada comfortably commanded the following of environmental activists staging a sit-in at the Rio+20 conference . T\’Kaiya is in Rio to represent the Indigenous Environmental Network and to speak out against the controversial tar sands project being planned by an energy transport company, Enbridge, that involves a pipeline from the Alberta tar sands to the Pacific northwest coast of Canada. “This pipeline puts in jeopardy, thousands of streams, 45 different indigenous cultures that have been practiced by my ancestors and their ancestors. I am shocked that people would jeopardise such pristine beauty and put a price tag on it,” T\’Kaiya told Al Jazeera. READ MORE: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2012/06/2012622175745190650.html?utm_content=tweets&utm_campaign=Trial3&utm_source=SocialFlow&utm_term=twitter&utm_medium=ExperimentMasterAccount

Civil Society, Indigenous Groups Protest at Rio+20

Democracy Now

Protests continue at the Rio+20 U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development in Brazil. On Thursday, civil society delegates staged a walkout of the talks to call for bold action against global warming. Meanwhile, hundreds of indigenous activists marched through the streets of Rio de Janeiro to deliver a petition demanding fairer treatment over land and other rights.

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CENSORED NEWS: February 2012

VIDEO: Tucson lockdown: Protest border militarization Feb. 29, 2012

Activists block the entry to G4S parking lot, Tucson, 02.29.2012 Part of #F29 shut down the corporations day, activists in Tucson, AZ, blocked the entrance to a parking lot where buses that are used to deport migrants are parked. Workers of G4S taking down the own fence to let the buses out. G4S is one of the biggest corporations in the world, it works includes privatization of prisons and deportations in the US, also they are part of the private companies that were contracted to privatized the check points in the West Bank in Palestine

BREAKING NEWS: LOCAL ACTIVISTS TAKING DIRECT ACTION AGAINST BORDER MILITARIZATION, PROFITEERING AND ALEC IN TUCSON, AZ Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Media Contact: Richard Magon E-mail: feb29media@gmail.com Phone: (520) 261 – 0292 This morning, local activists are using direct action to shut down the transportation headquarters of G4S in Tucson, Arizona. Responding to Occupy Portland\’s call to shut down the corporate members of the American Legislative Exchange Council, this action is being taken to halt the profit-driven operations of ALEC member G4S. This massive company operates the buses used to transport those being deported or moved between immigration detention facilities, and contributes to untold strife and devastation for those criminalized by U.S. Immigration policy. The second largest multinational corporation after WalMart, G4S, a worldwide private security services provider, profits through the militarization of infrastructure along the U.S. Mexico border, aiding U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in the human rights crisis perpetuated through the daily seizure, detention and criminalization of undocumented people. G4S profits additionally from the private management of prisons, into which thousands of people are streamlined daily by the U.S. prison-industrial complex and its corporate, governmental and military investors, explained Ben Lorber, a supporter of the action. Ben Lorber further stated, Well beyond our borders, G4S bolsters and profits from state-based terror worldwide. In occupied Palestine, to cite one of many examples, the company provides private security technology and personnel for Israeli prisons, where the systematic torture of Palestinian prisoners is regularly documented by human rights organizations, and for West Bank settlements, deemed illegal and in violation of international human rights law by the United Nations Security Council and the International Court of Justice. Jonah Clarke, one of the participants in today s actions said; Today\’s shutdown of G4S bus operations is part of a nation-wide day of action to shut down the corporate members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an organization in which corporations who stand to profit from criminalization and militarization, such as G4S, work directly with politicians to craft model legislation that puts profit over people, and bolsters the military- and prison-industrial complex while human beings are trampled underfoot. Across the country, in all our struggles, ALEC\’s influence is present and representative of a failed system in which power and greed are dominant over everything else. This day is part of a longer struggle against ALEC and against the white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy and the colonial state of which they are only a part. We use direct action to confront these oppressive structures and take back the power to shape our world. The G4S bus shutdown is expected to last several hours. In addition to this autonomous action, a rally in response to the Shut Down the Corporations call is scheduled for 4 p.m. today at the Joel D. Valdez library in downtown Tucson. For video from this morning s ongoing action, see http://www.youtube.com/user/shutdownalec .High quality photographs are available by contacting feb29media@gmail.com. More information on the national day of action available at http://www.shutdownthecorporations.org/ .

Western Shoshone challenge Te-Moak Tribal Council\’s member disenrollments


By Lisa J. Wolf, Correspondent Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/

Chief Temoke
February 28, 2012

Newe Sogobia Of 2,448 enrolled Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone members in 2003, an estimated 413 were disenrolled (some 17% of the Tribe), and it is expected that the current disenrollment wave underway by Nevada s Te-Moak Tribal Council will eliminate the membership of another 300 persons for a total disenrollment of approximately 29% of the Tribe. In a letter dated January 23, 2012 to the Te-Moak Tribal Council in Elko, Lois Whitney and Myron Tybo informed Council Members a meeting had been held January 21, 2012 to discuss enrollment issues at which the majority of the people in attendance expressed that the enrollment committee altered their family enrollment, which the letter maintains is unconstitutional and a violation. The letter called on the Tribal Council to investigate its enrollment process. Reminding the Te-Moak Tribal Council they are responsible to promote the welfare of ourselves and descendants, the letter claims the Council and Enrollment Committee used malice to disenroll members, and demands that disenrollment be dissolved in its entirety, including the Enrollment Committee, and that the Enrollment Ordinance, characterized as not approved or enforceable, be abolished; and that all members documents be protected and that members be allowed to review their family enrollment files. The letter maintains tribal members were denied due process and demands the Council immediately reinstate all federally-recognized enrolled Te-Moak Tribal members. Joe McDade of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Eastern Agency; Bryan Bowker, Area Director of the BIA s Western Regional Office; Ken Salazaar, Secretary of the Interior; and Larry Echohawk, Assistant Secretary of the Interior, also received a copy of the letter. In addition, a Support Document, aiming for 1,000 signatures, being circulated opposing altering Shoshone blood and disenrolling members, notes that on February 1st, 2012, Tribal members plead[ed] with the Te-Moak Council to cease tribal disenrollment and reinstate members status, and called for a resolution for a referendum vote by the people to determine Tribal membership, which was defeated by the Council with Tribal Chairman, Brian Cassadore, casting the tie-breaking vote against the referendum. The Document characterizes the Tribe s current review process as equivocal to entrapment and denying membership cards takes away rights, privileges and membership. Disenrollment cuts people off from tribal rights including homes, land assignments, health care and the right to vote and hold office. The Support Document, based on the Tribal Constitution s Bill of Rights which allows members to seek redress of grievances; notes to avoid Tribal retaliation, signatures will be held under seal for only the Secretary of the Interior to witness. The Te-Moak Tribe blood-degree individuals have determines enrollment as outlined in the original Constitution and By-Laws of the Te-Moak Bands of Western Shoshone Indians of Nevada approved August 24, 1938 under the auspices of the U.S. Department of the Interior Office of Indian Affairs. The 1937 Constitution s Article II states membership shall consist of [a]ll persons of at least one-quarter degree of Shoshone Indian blood whose names appear on the official census roll of the Elko Colony as of January 1, 1937 and [a]ll persons of at least one-quarter Shoshone Indian blood residing in the territory of the Bands whose names appear on the official census roll of the Carson Indian Agency as of January 1, 1937 who make written application to the Te-Moak Western Shoshone Council as well as [a]ll children of at least one-quarter degree of Indian blood born to any member. In addition, the 1937 Constitution allowed admittance to membership of any other person whose name appears on the official census roll of the Carson Indian Agency as of January 1, 1937. The Constitution permitted the Council to cancel membership upon application by any adult person to sever his tribal relations. In addition, the Tribal Council was given authority to promulgate ordinances subject to review by the Secretary of the Interior governing adoption and compulsory loss of membership. In 1982 the Constitution was amended and likewise mentions the official census roll of the Elko Indian Colony as of January 1, 1937, hereinafter called Base Roll 1. However, there is and never has been, an Elko Indian Colony official census roll. The Amended Tribal membership section also includes descendants of members of the Tribe born after the effective date of this Constitution, provided, such descendants possess at least one-quarter degree Te-Moak Indian Blood and [a]ny person who does not appear on either Base Roll 1 or 2, who has at least one-quarter degree Shoshone Indian blood and who can establish residency for himself or his ancestry in the Te-Moak census area as of January 1, 1937. In 2003 when members began to be disenrolled by the Te-Moak Council, the U.S. DOI BIA wrote to the Chairman expressing that the BIA office had been receiving calls and visits from individuals who themselves or their children were being disenrolled by the tribe due to a blood degree decrease initiated by the Tribe. Acting Superintendent Robert R. McNichols told the Chairman the BIA had not received any official documentation regarding Tribal correction to blood degrees of individuals and informed the Tribal Council you may be making blood degree changes without authority for those listed on the Indian Census of 1937, an official federal document. McNichols acknowledged the Tribe could make changes to an individual s blood determination if a mathematical error is made or if an error is apparent on the record but must provide our office with documentation to support the change so that we can make an official request to the Regional Office to have the record changed, as well as requiring that all individuals and their heirs be notified about the correction on their blood degree and provided with a hearing and their appeal rights prior to taking action on any disenrollment. Absent such a hearing, the tribe would be denying individuals due process. Further, McNichols told the Chairman, Any action taken by the tribe illegally will not be honored by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and our records will remain the same. Further, in August of 2005, the BIA informed the Acting Enrollment Officer for the Te-Moak Tribe that the Tribe s request for 18 individual blood degree changes required additional documentation. Again the BIA letter cautioned, Because blood degree changes may have an adverse effect on numerous descendants involved; all persons who would be affected by the changes should be notified by the tribe in writing of the change being considered and given the opportunity to show evidence why the change should or should not be made. The BIA pointed out that as the Te-Moak Tribe does not have an official base roll or a reconstructed base roll the Tribe does not have the authority to change any individual s blood degrees that are listed on the Northeastern Nevada Indian Census of January 1, 1937 which is the official record of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and that all blood degree requests for changes must be approved by the BIA prior to the Tribe changing their official records. Further correspondence from the BIA directed to the Chairman in 2008, related that individuals are enrolled under the laws that are in effect at the time the application is filed; meaning new membership requirements contained in the amended Constitution would affect only those individuals who submit an application on or after the date of approval of the new membership provisions. In addition, the BIA informed the former Chairman the new requirements cannot be applied to individuals who were enrolled under the old membership requirements. Joe McDade of the BIA in Elko, himself a Te-Moak Tribal member, said by phone February 27, 2012, I know what you re referring to about the BIA letting them know about their concerns with the disenrollment. I m not really sure that that process isn t a Tribal issue providing they re not doing it violating people s rights or in conflict of their Constitution. If they re doing it in violation of people s rights and in violation of their Constitution then there s probably going to be an issue with that. The problem comes in interpretation: what the Tribal Council interprets as being what their Constitution says and what other entities say it is, that s where the problem comes in. McDade said he supported the statements made by McNichols in his letter of 2003 but said, The Tribe has a different interpretation sometimes than what the Bureau has. Regarding the Tribe contacting people and telling them they have to return their membership cards with threat of litigation without confirmation of disenrollment criteria from the BIA, McDade said. All of their enrollment meetings are closed meetings, I think; and it s difficult to determine what happens. We haven t seen anything official here on any of the actions that they ve done. That enrollment issue is pretty much a local matter with the Tribal Council. The only thing when the BIA would be involved; and that s if they were notified that there were changes to the official blood quantum that s listed on one of those census rolls. If they re changing those, it has to come to the federal agency to make the change; and then if it s a mathematical error or something like that because those are federal records. I know it s a contentious issue. The Superintendent hasn t been involved in those issues. Number 1: we haven t been asked; and number 2: we haven t seen any official actions that s been taken that s come through here. Until something comes through here and I m officially able to take a look at it, I really can t comment one way or the other on that. McDade acknowledged that changes to the official census have to come through the BIA if we are made aware of it. The information would have to come from a Tribal group. Officially, it would have more weight if it came from a Tribal Council; certainly an individual can ask us about that and we would have to respond one way or the other; but if I don t have the documentation in front of me, I wouldn t know what to ask. McDade said his membership in the Te-Moak Tribe has nothing to do with my position here. McDade said official actions if we re made aware of those and they come through here then we ll have to respond one way or the other. Nobody s asked. We hear this stuff going out there; and the Tribe s reluctant to ask the Bureau to be involved in things like that, especially matters of enrollment; that s pretty much a local issue. The Council in order to act on disenrollment is required to have resolutions of support from all the Bands, including the Battle Mountain and South Fork Bands. However, in 2006 the South Fork Band voted in favor of a resolution in opposition of the disenrollment by the Te-Moak Tribal Council of Western Shoshone and demanded that the Te-Moak Council stop and desist any further actions of disenrollment of the Te-Moak Tribal members and resolved that members disenrolled should be re-enrolled back to their original status as members of the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone Indians of Nevada. Likewise, the Battle Mountain Band Council on December 14, 2007 and on May 6, 2010 issued resolutions opposing the disenrollment procedures of the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone. The Wells Band and Elko Band are both being contacted to ask for resolutions in opposition to disenrollment. Moving the process forward, 12 concerned Western Shoshone met February 25th at the Battle Mountain Band Council offices to discuss resolving the disenrollment issue. Some present had themselves been disenrolled. Western Shoshone at the meeting contend that the Enrollment Committee is indeed going backwards in time and disenrolling people ex post facto or retroactively. Ex post facto laws are expressly forbidden by the United States Constitution. Members are being disenrolled because of charges of lack of blood degree, in some instances only using one side of their parentage despite both parents being Western Shoshone; and being sent letters threatening criminal charges if they don t return tribal membership cards. Apparently, members are being disenrolled on the basis of errors. Rhonda Hicks and her daughter were disenrolled. When she confronted Enrollment Committee members, Lita Jim and Lavona Johnson, they were really rude. Hicks feels disenrollment happens if you don t know the right person or they re mad at you. Hicks said if you re not in with their crowd, they won t do anything. She found it odd that her daughters were disenrolled and her son was not. A prevailing impression is that certain connected families are behind disenrollment. Hicks said, If you can t be fair, then what s the point? They don t want to hear anything. Hicks wondered, How many know your blood has been changed? Apparently, other Constitutional violations include the entire Tribal Council being present at meetings of the Enrollment Committee and voicing opinions rather than simply listening and gathering information. In addition, Enrollment Committee members, the Tribal Enrollment Officer and Tribal Administrator bear close family ties and appear to be violating nepotism principles. Enrollment Committee members Lydia Sam and Lavona Johnson are sisters and Committee member Lita Jim is their cousin. The Tribal Administrator, Pat Stevens, is Lita Jim s sister. Bernice Lalo believes some 80% of the Battle Mountain Western Shoshone have been disenrolled. The Enrollment Committee says they can t give out the names of dis-enrolled persons due to confidentiality. Lalo said the BIA needs to come over here and consult with the Newe people until all this gets so big that we don t have a Newe nation anymore. Lalo observed, We re like an abusive family. We re letting it air out. The BIA can t step in on their own, but must be invited. Members share concern the tribe is being written into extinction while enrollment should be boosted. One member observed with so many disenrolled, only the big families can get in the high seats and believes they are protecting their own families and the non-members who work around them. Myron Tybo has said, Why Te-Moak is disenrolling people, we don\’t know and that is why we are involved because they are violating members rights without due process of how they are disenrolling them. They are in violation of the Te-Moak Constitution because there is no clause in the Constitution that calls for disenrollment. The only way a member dissolves his membership is if they relinquish and put it in writing according to the Constitution. And, the disenrolled members have not officially been disenrolled because they have not received anything in writing from the Department of the Interior stating they have been disenrolled, only at the Te-Moak level. He also stated, No one has this so-called Te-Moak blood that tribal members are being disenrolled by. It is not a federally recognized blood. Who is going to be disenrolled next? No one is safe from this Enrollment Committee. When the 1982 Constitution was amended, a US Department of the Interior letter dated April 30, 1982 stated regarding the one-quarter degree Te-Moak Indian blood that we have eliminated the language dealing with the source of that blood. Contacted at the Tribal Office, Enrollment Officer, Sharla Dick, rather than answering questions, referred the inquiry regarding disenrollment to Tribal Manager Pat Stevens. Stevens likewise wouldn t answer, saying, The only person who can give that information or make a response–the employees cannot respond to anything like that–it has to be the Chairman. Thus far, Chairman Cassadore has not responded. Disenrolled Western Shoshone Lois Whitney characterizes disenrollment as a tribal genocide against their own people. Why would they take away those people who are Western Shoshone people? Asked about the problem of the quarter degree blood component diminishing as the generations unfold, Whitney described what they did in my situation. Both of my grand-parents are full Western Shoshone and my mother was born here in Elko; so she s full Shoshone. My dad was raised in the Owyhee Reservation, which is just 100 miles away in Elko County, and where the Eastern Agency was located at one time; and that reservation was created for the Shoshone people when they signed the Treaty of 1863; so what they did is they took away half of my blood. They said, We can only count the blood of one parent even though they were full Shoshone and they took away the blood of my daughter because her father is not Shoshone; he s of another tribe and when it came to my grand-children then they were wiped out: they didn t qualify for the one-fourth even though they had their great-grandparents who were four-fourth s Shoshone on both sides. Whitney added, We object to the fact that we were having to establish blood degrees like pedigree, like animals. We re not animals: we re people. We re descendants of the aboriginal people that were here. This is our territory and we have to prove who we are. Whitney considers it cruel and mean to do this, and says the Council and Enrollment Committee are not protecting the Constitution; as a matter of fact, they are violating the Constitution and violating the rights of the people. On February 29th, Whitney and the group will present on disenrollment to the Elko Band Council. In addition, another public meeting on disenrollment will take place March 3rd at 9:30 a.m. at the Elko Public Library. The issue will likely go to federal court if the problem can t be resolved. Asked about funding for a court case, Whitney said if they have to they will find funding as they look at saving our Tribe and speak out for the Elders and those who passed away who were disenrolled. 8 California disenrolled Pala Band of Luiseno Indians were recommended by the BIA for re-entrance on the Tribe s membership roll. As reported January 4, 2011 in the Original Pechanga s Blog, The Picayune Rancheria, near Fresno, eliminated almost 50% of their tribe. Pechanga at about 25%. The Redding Rancheria even terminated the family of their FIRST Tribal Chairman, Robert Foreman. Again, the disenrollments are characterized as genocide. As Original Pechanga says, It has been discussed that tribal disenrollments in Indian Country is nothing short of genocide of families. It\’s nothing compared to the horrors in Rwanda or Armenia of last century, however, tribes are eliminating large percentages of their people. Original Pechanga says, Disenrollment is tribal genocide. Money is involved in Pechanga disenrollment. In the case of Chukchansi Gold, the casino had been averaging $5 million per month in payments to the Tribe over the past 48 months (as reported to me by a former Tribal Council member). The tribe disenrolled 625 members whose share would be $3,200 per month. This equates to $104,000,000 stolen. They are now disenrolling an additional 300 members. The North County Times posted an editorial by Rick Cuevas that says, Tribal governments are using sovereignty as a weapon to beat the weak and helpless. Our federal and state governments are happy to stay out of the issue by saying that membership is a tribal matter. Fair enough, but what about the government\’s trust responsibility to Indians, to see that tribal constitutions are followed? Cuevas observes, Good governance requires fair legal frameworks that are enforced impartially. It also requires full protection of human rights. Impartial enforcement of laws requires an independent judiciary and an impartial and incorruptible police force. That simply is not what is happening on tribal reservations. Cuevas says, Tribes are using fear tactics, and yes, terrorism, to keep members in line for fear of losing their land, homes, per capita shares and health benefits. More critical, they also lose their rights to choose a representative government and to vote on issues that pertain to them. Imagine if the Republicans were able to eliminate 25 percent of the Democratic vote. Disenrolled Te-Moke Tribe members have reason to fear. Says Cuevas, Currently at Pechanga, the tribal council is threatening allottees with fines, banishment and restricted access to their property. One family is taking it upon themselves to try to force a family —- who was given an allotment with the creation of the reservation —- off their land. The Chukchan Tribal Council is now in a war over the recent election which was reported on by ABC, Channel KSEE24, February 28th. The recent Council voting included disenrolled members and a new anti-disenrollment council was elected, ousting the pro-disenrollment council. The installation of the new council is being opposed by the previous Council and the BIA has been saying, as did McDade at Elko s BLM, that it is an internal tribal matter. The dispute between Chukchan tribal members has turned violent with a teenager stabbed, and a woman and security guard injured, Tuesday, February 28th, in the dispute among the Councils. The BIA is being asked to step in and assist. The drama in Chukchan may serve as a cautionary tale to the Te-Moke Tribal Council as their members seek to stop disenrollment. —

TUCSON ALEC action underway to shut down G4S border profiteers


BREAKING NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Media Contact: Richard Magon Email: feb29media@gmail.com Phone: (520) 261 – 0292 This morning, local activists are using direct action to shut down the transportation headquarters of G4S in Tucson, Arizona. Responding to Occupy Portland\’s call to shut down the corporate members of the American Legislative Exchange Council, this action is being taken to halt the profit-driven operations of ALEC member G4S. This massive company operates the buses used to transport those being deported or moved between immigration detention facilities, and contributes to untold strife and devastation for those criminalized by U.S. Immigration policy. The second largest multinational corporation after WalMart, G4S, a worldwide private security services provider, profits through the militarization of infrastructure along the U.S. Mexico border, aiding U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in the human rights crisis perpetuated through the daily seizure, detention and criminalization of undocumented people. G4S profits additionally from the private management of prisons, into which thousands of people are streamlined daily by the U.S. prison-industrial complex and its corporate, governmental and military investors, explained Ben Lorber, a supporter of the action. Ben Lorber further stated, Well beyond our borders, G4S bolsters and profits from state-based terror worldwide. In occupied Palestine, to cite one of many examples, the company provides private security technology and personnel for Israeli prisons, where the systematic torture of Palestinian prisoners is regularly documented by human rights organizations, and for West Bank settlements, deemed illegal and in violation of international human rights law by the United Nations Security Council and the International Court of Justice. Jonah Clarke, one of the participants in today s actions said; Today\’s shutdown of G4S bus operations is part of a nation-wide day of action to shut down the corporate members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an organization in which corporations who stand to profit from criminalization and militarization, such as G4S, work directly with politicians to craft model legislation that puts profit over people, and bolsters the military- and prison-industrial complex while human beings are trampled underfoot. Across the country, in all our struggles, ALEC\’s influence is present and representative of a failed system in which power and greed are dominant over everything else. This day is part of a longer struggle against ALEC and against the white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy and the colonial state of which they are only a part. We use direct action to confront these oppressive structures and take back the power to shape our world. The G4S bus shutdown is expected to last several hours. In addition to this autonomous action, a rally in response to the Shut Down the Corporations call is scheduled for 4PM today at the Joel D. Valdez library in downtown Tucson. For video from this morning s ongoing action, see http://www.youtube.com/user/shutdownalec . High quality photographs are available by contacting feb29media@gmail.com . More information on the national day of action available at www.shutdownthecorporations.org .

VIDEO: Totem Pole honors slain woodcarver John T. Williams

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Stratfor Files: US issued sealed indictment against Julian Assange

Press release: US issued sealed indictment against Julian Assange Tuesday 28th February 2012 18:30 GMT http://wikileaks.org/Stratfor-Emails-US-Has-Issued.html Reposted at Censored News Updated with statement by US Center for Constitutional Rights Confidential emails obtained from the US private intelligence firm Stratfor show that the United States Government has had a secret indictment against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for more than 12 months. Fred Burton, Stratfor s Vice-President for Counterterrorism and Corporate Security, is a former Deputy Chief of the Department of State s (DoS) counterterrorism division for the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS). In early 2011, Burton revealed in internal Stratfor correspondence that a secret Grand Jury had already issued a sealed indictment for Assange: “Not for Pub We have a sealed indictment on Assange. Pls protect.” (375123) According to Burton: “Assange is going to make a nice bride in prison. Screw the terrorist. He ll be eating cat food forever.” (1056988) A few weeks earlier, following Julian Assange s release from a London jail, where he had been remanded as a result of a Swedish prosecutor s arrest warrant, Fred Burton told SkyNews: “extradition [to the US is] more and more likely”. (373862) . Emails from Fred Burton reveal that the US Government employs the same counterterrorism strategy against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as against Al Qaeda: “Take down the money. Go after his infrastructure. The tools we are using to nail and de-construct Wiki are the same tools used to dismantle and track aQ [Al Qaeda]. Thank Cheney & 43 [former US President George W. Bush]. Big Brother owns his liberal terrorist arse.” (1067796) Ten days after the CIA reportedly assassinated Osama bin Laden, Burton writes in an email sent to Stratfor s “Secure” mailing list that he “can get access to the materials seized from the OBL [Osama bin Laden] safe house.” (1660854) Burton states: “Ferreting out [Julian Assange s] confederates is also key. Find out what other disgruntled rogues inside the tent or outside [sic]. Pile on. Move him from country to country to face various charges for the next 25 years. But, seize everything he and his family own, to include every person linked to Wiki.” (1056763) Along with the FBI, the Diplomatic Security Service and the Department of Defense (DoD) form a multi-agency US Government outfit seeking to criminally indict and prosecute WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. According to the Department of State, the DSS handles the investigation of all leads that involve the DoS and assists the DoD in forensic analysis of hard drives seized by the US Government in its ongoing criminal investigation. Burton also says he “would pursue [c]onspiracy and [p]olitical [t]errorism charges and declassify the death of a source someone which [he] could link to Wiki” (1074383) . Burton s strategy is to: “[b]ankrupt the arsehole first,” Burton states, “ruin his life. Give him 7-12 yrs for conspiracy.” (1057220) WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said: “For over a year now, the US Attorny General Eric Holder has been conducting a “secret” Grand Jury investigation into WikiLeaks. This neo-McCarthyist witch hunt against WikiLeaks may be Mr Holder s defining legacy. Any student of American history knows that secret justice is no justice at all. Justice must be seen to be done. Legitimate authority arises out of the informed consent of the governed, not Eric Holder s press secretary. Secret Grand Juries with secret indictments are apparently Eric Holder s preferred method of dealing with publishers who hold his administration to account. Eric Holder has betrayed the legacy of Madison and Jefferson. He should drop the case or resign. Should he continue, however, the Obama administration may not Democrats and Republicans alike believe in the right to tell the truth.” As early as June 2010, after the release of the Collateral Murder video but prior to the Afghan War Diaries release, the emails talk of a sealed indictment. In an email conversation between Shane Harris, a National Security journalist, and Burton, Harris is surprised that Assange was reporteded to be attending a Las Vegas Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) conference. Burton remarks: “As a foreign national, we could revoke [Julian Assange s] travel status and deport. Could also be taken into custody as a material witness. We COULD have a sealed indictment and lock him up. Depends upon how far along the military case is” (391504) . Julian Assange cancelled his appearance at the IRE conference due to security concerns. In another email to Stephen Feldhaus, Stratfor legal counsel, about Ronald Kessler, a “pro-FBI journalist”, Burton remarks: I look forward to Manning and Assange facing a bajillion-thousand counts [of espionage].” (1035283) In July 2010 alleged WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning was moved from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait to the Quantico Brig in the Military District of Washington at the request of Maj. Gen. Terry Wolff, then Commanding General of the 1st Armored Division/US Division Center in Iraq. Wolff requested Manning s move, the Pentagon reported, “due to a potentially lengthy pre-trial confinement because of the complexity of the charges and an ongoing investigation. Three days before Manning arrived at Quantico Brig, Burton wrote to George Friedman, Stratfor CEO and founder: We probably asked the ASIS [Australian Secret Intelligence Service] to monitor Wiki coms and email, after the soldier from Potomac was nabbed. So, it s reasonable to assume we probably already know who has done it. The delay could be figuring out how to declassify and use the Aussie intel on Wiki… The owner [Julian Assange] is a peacenik. He needs his head dunked in a full toilet bowl at Gitmo. (402168) The GI Files: http://wikileaks.org/the-gifiles.html Please donate: http://shop.wikileaks.org/donate WHO TO GO TO FOR COMMENT –Wikileaks Kristinn Hrafnsson, Official WikiLeaks representative: +35 4821 7121 - Julian Burnside, Australian barrister and Human Rights expert: +61 412 157 230 or +61 03 9225 7488, burnside@vicbar.com.au - Jennifer Robinson, Legal adviser in Australia and available for interviews now: +61423871773 - Michael Ratner, President, Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR): +1 2126146449, press@ccrjustice.org - Frank La Rue, United Nations Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Opinion and Expression +502 23 680-021 - Scott Ludlam, Australian Senator: +61 6277 3467 - Geoffrey Robertson, Australian-born Human Rights barrister, academic, author: +44 020 7404 1313, g.robertson@doughtystreet.co.uk - Glenn Greenwald (salon.com), Columnist/blogger/Constitutional lawyer: +1 (646) 400-5600, ggreenwald@salon.com - Ben Wizner, Litigation Director at ACLU s National Security Project: +1 (212) 519 7860, bwizner@aclu.org - Oliver Spencer, Article 19, Global Campaign for Free Expression: +44 (0)20 7324 2517 - John Perry Barlow, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF): +1 415 436 9333 and +1 202 797 9009, barlow@eff.org - Cindy Cohn, Legal Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation: +1 415 436 9333 x108, cindy@eff.org - Tala Dowlatshahi, Reporters without Borders (US): +1 917-239-0653 ————————————————————————————————

Important Statement by the US Centre for Constitutional Rights regarding reported sealed Assange indictment

Leak of Private Intelligence Firm Documents Confirm Existence of Secret Indictment by Secret Grand Jury. Important Statement by the US Centre for Constitutional Rights regarding the reported secret Assange indictment:

A sealed indictment against Julian Assange would underscore the very thing Wikileaks has been fighting against: abuses the government commits in an environment of secrecy and expansive, reflexive calls for \’national security.\’ ”

Journalist Julian Assange, the founder and editor of WikiLeaks
CCR Condemns Reported Sealed Indictment Against WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange. February 28, 2012, New York Leaks published today from Stratfor, a private intelligence corporation, indicate the United States Department of Justice has issued a secret, sealed indictment against Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks. In response, the Center for Constitutional Rights issued the following statement:
A sealed indictment against Julian Assange would underscore the very thing Wikileaks has been fighting against: abuses the government commits in an environment of secrecy and expansive, reflexive calls for “national security.” From the shocking, inhumane treatment of Bradley Manning, to secret grand jury proceedings, to Stratfor\’s apparent knowledge of the existence of a sealed indictment before either Mr. Assange or the American public had such knowledge, the government\’s conduct in this case reveals why more transparency, not more secrecy, is essential.
This would also mark perhaps the first time a journalist has been prosecuted for allegedly receiving and publishing classified documents. Indicting Julian Assange would represent a dramatic assault on the First Amendment, journalists, and the public\’s right to know. Rather than promoting transparency as promised, the Obama administration has aggressively pursued whistleblowers and dissenters, launching Espionage Act prosecutions twice as many times as all previous administrations in the last century combined. Attorney General Eric Holder should rethink this dangerous course. Instead of pursuing Julian Assange, Mr. Holder should investigate the serious crimes and abuse of government authority exposed by Wikileaks.
The Center for Constitutional Rights legally represents Wikileaks and Mr. Assange in the Bradley Manning hearings.
The Center for Constitutional Rights is dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Founded in 1966 by attorneys who represented civil rights movements in the South, CCR is a non-profit legal and educational organization committed to the creative use of law as a positive force for social change.
Visit www.ccrjustice.org . Follow @theCCR.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez recovering satisfactory

President Hugo Ch vez Is Recovering Satisfactory Office of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Censored News As is publicly known, in recent days, during a medical check-up of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Ch vez, doctors detected a lesion requiring corrective surgery. In that sense, the medical team, after the necessary tests, performed the surgery in the briefest time possible. The surgery was carried out as expected, producing satisfactory results and a recovery plan was established for the coming days. President Ch vez is in good physical condition, is joined by his family, and constantly in touch with the executive vice president and the Bolivarian Government. He is always attentive to keeping the Venezuelan people and the international community properly informed, with accuracy and transparency, about the details of the medical treatment he is receiving. The president has asked that the results of his recent surgery be made public. As soon as the surgery concluded, the results were presented by the medical team in the following terms: The pelvic lesion was totally removed, as well as the surrounding tissue. There were no complications with regard to adjacent organs. Immediate post-surgery has been clinically stable, without systemic complications. He is adequately recovering with the post-operative rehabilitation. In the coming hours the histology tests will be available, which will determine the optimum medical treatment for the lesion. President Ch vez thanks, from the bottom of his heart, the warm wishes he has received from the Venezuelan people, as well as innumerable messages of solidarity from men and women from other parts of the world. Additionally, he offers his thanks for the several messages and phone calls he has received from heads of state and government, as well as from international leaders and representatives of important grassroots organizations in the world. On behalf of the Venezuelan people, the President wishes to thank Fidel, Raul, the Cuban people, and the medical team that led this surgery and is conducting with scientific wisdom and human warmth the treatment for his full recovery. For its part, the Bolivarian Government expects the sentiments of solidarity and support from the Venezuelan people for their president be respected by those international and national right-wing political sectors that are at the service of imperial interests, and asks that they stop their perverse campaign against Venezuela. Finally, President Ch vez ratifies the call to all men and women of our homeland to continue working in the daily struggle to consolidate independence and build socialism, which is the supreme dream of our Liberator, Sim n Bol var. Our people know that they can always count on the loyalty and commitment of Commander Ch vez, leading the homeland, just as he trusts the love and loyalty of the people. Toward victory always! We shall live and overcome! Office of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Comunicado Presidente Hugo Ch vez se recupera satisfactoriamente Como es del conocimiento p blico, en d as pasados, durante el m s reciente control m dico del presidente de la Rep blica Bolivariana de Venezuela, Hugo Ch vez, le fue detectada una lesi n que amerit una intervenci n quir rgica correctiva. En ese sentido, el equipo m dico, tras las correspondientes evaluaciones, fij la operaci n en el tiempo m s breve posible. sta se llev a cabo seg n lo previsto, obteni ndose un resultado satisfactorio tras lo cual se ha programado un plan de recuperaci n a cumplir en los pr ximos d as. El presidente Ch vez se encuentra en buena condici n f sica, en compa a de sus familiares y en contacto directo y permanente con el vicepresidente Ejecutivo y el Gobierno Bolivariano. Siempre atento a mantener oportunamente informados al pueblo venezolano y a la comunidad internacional, con exactitud y transparencia, acerca de los pormenores del tratamiento que est recibiendo. El presidente ha ordenado hacer p blicos los resultados de la reciente intervenci n quir rgica. stos fueron expuestos por el equipo m dico, tan pronto concluy la operaci n, en los t rminos siguientes: Se realiz la extracci n total de la lesi n p lvica diagnosticada, extirp ndose adem s, el tejido circundante a la lesi n. No hubo complicaciones relacionadas con los rganos locales, El post operatorio inmediato ha sido estable, cl nicamente sin complicaciones sist micas. Se recupera adecuadamente colaborando con la rehabilitaci n post quir rgica. En las pr ximas horas se dispondr de los estudios histol gicos, que determinar n el tratamiento ptimo de la lesi n El presidente Ch vez agradece, desde su coraz n, el c lido acompa amiento que ha recibido del pueblo venezolano, as como tambi n las innumerables expresiones de solidaridad venidas de hombres y mujeres de todas las latitudes del planeta. Igualmente, desea expresar su agradecimiento por los numerosos mensajes y llamadas recibidos de parte de jefes de Estado y de gobierno, as como de l deres internacionales y representantes de importantes organizaciones sociales del mundo. De manera especial, quiere, en nombre del pueblo de Venezuela, agradecer a Fidel, a Ra l, al pueblo cubano y al equipo de especialistas de la salud que han dirigido esta operaci n y mantiene, con sabidur a cient fica y calor humano, el tratamiento para el pleno restablecimiento de la salud del comandante Ch vez. Por su parte, el Gobierno Bolivariano manifiesta su aspiraci n para que el sentimiento de solidaridad y apoyo del pueblo venezolano hacia su Presidente sea respetado por parte de aquellos sectores pol ticos y de la derecha nacional e internacional, al servicio de intereses imperiales, y que cesen en su campa a perversa contra Venezuela. Finalmente, el presidente Hugo Ch vez ratifica su llamado a todos los hombres y mujeres de nuestra Patria a mantenerse en el trabajo y la lucha diaria por consolidar la independencia y construir el Socialismo, que no es no es otra cosa que el sue o supremo de nuestro Libertador, Sim n Bol var. Sabe nuestro pueblo que puede contar siempre con la lealtad y el compromiso del comandante Ch vez al frente de la Patria, as como l tiene la confianza de que cuenta con el amor y la lealtad de todo un pueblo. Hasta la victoria siempre! Viviremos y venceremos! Presidencia de la Rep blica Bolivariana de Venezuela

Alaska\’s Big Village Network protesting sHELL drilling in Arctic!

Alaska\’s Big Village Network
sHELL drilling in the ARCTIC!!!
supporting the international days of action……..
Thanks to Real People in Alaska
Thanks to Earl Kingik for publicly standing up to Shell
Thanks to US Constitution for allowing this freedom of speech against a foreign multi-national corporation set to seize on America\’s Arctic.
Thanks for the Bowhead Whale for providing thousands of years of beauty, food, culture and sharing with the Iniut.
Thanks to Human Beings to Save the Arctic.

Photos by Alaska Big Village Network. Thanks for sharing with Censored News!

NOW: Wikileaks releasing Stratfor \’Global Intelligence Files\’

Wikileaks releasing Stratfor e-mails Posted at Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com Updated Monday Feb. 27, 2012 Wikileaks Global Intelligence Files, e-mails released: http://wikileaks.org/gifiles/releasedate/2012-02-27.html Ustream: Wikileaks press conference today, watch archive video: http://www.ustream.tv/channel-popup/frontline-club Wikileaks is now releasing five million e-mails from Stratfor global intelligence. The e-mails were turned over to Wikileaks by the hacktivists Anonymous. Censored News is happy to report that we, as a collective of writers and activists at Censored News, are among the first mentioned in the leaked Stratfor Global Intelligence Files. Although we are not yet mentioned by name, those of us at the Cochabamba climate summit are incorrectly categorized by US State Dept. sources as “anti-US, anti-Capitalism (specifically targeting Coca Cola), anti-UN, pro-coca (sic cocaine) and narco-trafficking platform that was embraced by 22,000 anti-US, left-wing anarchists in as a result of the recent Climate Change Summit in Cochabamba.” Scroll down for s ome of the first e-mails leaked, selected by Censored News: Bolivian President Evo Morales and those attending the Cochabamba climate summit; Chavez\’ illness; report on ICE hit in Mexico; payment to informant \’Geronimo\’; \’Insight McCain Pls do not forward\’ and Coca Cola spied on PETA. A large number of oil companies were Stratfor clients seeking global spiex. Around the world, oil companies target activists defending the land, resulting in abuse, rapes, tortures and assassinations of Indigenous Peoples. Client list: http://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/1429763_client-working-list-.html


Wikileaks, Yes Men and Stratfor release statements

Wikileaks said, “On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files , over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal\’s Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor\’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods”(Scroll down for full statement.) The Yes Men, the subject of Stratfor e-mails, also released a statement. “CEO Friedman recently to an employee, Reva Bhalla, on how to exploit an Israeli intelligence informant providing information on Chavez\’s cancer. (Stratfor\’s \’confidential intelligence services” clients include, besides Dow and Union Carbide, the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines, the US Defense Intelligence Agency, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon.) Yes Men said, “Perhaps most entertainingly of all, the email trove reveals that Stratfor\’s \’Confederation Partners” an unethical alliance between Stratfor and a number of mainstream journalists are referred to informally within Stratfor as its \’Confed Fuck House.\’ (Another discovery: Coca Cola was spying on PETA. More such gems are sure to surface as operatives sift through the 5.5 million emails.)” Scroll down for Yes Men statement. Meanwhile, Stratfor, in a released statement, said it will neither confirm or deny the authenticity of the e-mails: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/599356
—————————————————————————————– Insight Bolivia: State Dept. source\’s take on Morales April 27, 2010 “…. Finally, the nomination of Evo for the Nobel Peace Prize was just formally accepted yesterday as a result for his “Mother Earth” Summit [aka, vehement anti-US, anti-Capitalism (specifically targeting Coca Cola), anti-UN, pro-coca (sic cocaine) and narco-trafficking platform that was embraced by 22,000 anti-US, left-wing anarchists in as a result of the recent Climate Change Summit in Cochabamba.” READ MORE: http://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/1142108_re-insight-bolivia-st-dept-source-s-take-on-morales-.html

—————————————————————————————— Coca Cola asked Stratfor to spy on PETA (one of four e-mails released so far from June 2009) “Hi Ben, As we discussed, I\’d like to put a really good research-oriented intern on the case to find the following information. – How many PETA supporters are there in Canada? — How many of these are inclined toward activism? — To what extent is PETA in Canada linked to PETA in the US or elsewhere? –What sort of attacks has PETA carried out in Canada? — To what extent could non-PETA hangers-on (such as anarchists or ALF supporters) get involved in any protest activity? To put some context onto this request, our client is looking forward toward the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and is somewhat concerned that PETA affiliates might be interested in carry out direct action against Olympic sponsors and events during that time frame …” READ MORE: http://wikileaks.org/gifiles/releasedate/2012-02-27-12-coca-cola-contracting-stratfor-to-spy-on-peta.html ————————————————————————————————

INSIGHT – VENEZUELA – Update on Chavez\’s health, power struggle

Dec 6, 2011

“It does check out with what I heard in caracas but that increases the chance its gossip. If this is a source you suspect may have value, you have to take control od him. Control means financial, sexual or psychological control to the point where he would reveal his sourcing and be tasked. This is difficult to do when you are known to be affiliated with an intelligence organization. The decision on approach would not come from you but from your handler. This is because you\’re position is too close to the source and your judgment by definition suspect. Each meeting would be planned between you and your handler and each meeting would have a specific goal not built around discussing the topic of interest which would ideally be hidden but in analyzing him personally and moving toward control. The justification for the op would be specific classes of information and on gaining control the first step would be determining his access. If he failed the test contact would be terminated.”

Mexico ICE hit:

Feb 17, 2011
“According to STRATFOR sources with knowledge of the investigation and details surrounding the attack, the working theory behind the attack against the two ICE agents was that they were the target of a “hit” sanctioned by the top ranks of the Los Zetas cartel. Originally it was thought that the men were targeted because they were driving in (according to sources) a high-profile, fully-armored navy blue Suburban SUV, a valued commodity amongst cartel members. While a carjacking may have been the original intent once the vehicle was first spotted, according to STRATFOR sources, the two agents stopped for lunch at a Subway fast-food restaurant along the route before the incident. While the distance between the restaurant and the roadblock where the shooting took place is not yet known, it is possible that stopping while in route from Mexico City to Monterrey may have led to them to be identified as U.S. law enforcement and provided time for Zetas associates to put an operation in place to target the two agents at the roadblock (we believe a rolling roadblock) along Hwy 57. This is especially possible since according to sources, the vehicle they were driving had diplomatic mission license plates. As the agents stopped (or were forced/boxed in) at the roadblock (which they thought was that of the military), it would be difficult for the gunmen not to have noticed the specialized plates indicating the vehicle as that of U.S. federal law enforcement. There is a specific two-letter code issued on license plates to federal agents inside Mexico.”

Geronimo source payment

Dec 6, 2011
“… Can you send us an “approved” email for the source that Marko left with you= . Geronimo, $1200 monthly payment.=20 Since this is a recurring payment, you can also send us something like “I a= pprove this expense for the remainder of the term, or until I say otherwise= .=20”
Insight McCain #5 -Internal use only-Pls do not forward
Nov 5, 2008
“… Curiously, there are whispers of McCain being set up by the Cheney/Bush crowd, because McCain was never liked by either. Some are shocked he did so well. Coupled with serious errors in tactics. Some made no sense. For example, the Hispanics in Florida loved Palin but his camp would never send her there when easy money was to be had. My guy said Rove and company want to bring in someone they can control next go around. McCain was not controllable. Jeb Bush\’s name is being discussed. Source advised Rick Davis was an arsehole and McCain\’s econ team had no clue, trusting in academics vice business-people. The Jewish crowd was split and money never flowed. For example, McCain staff only gave $3000.00 for nationwide ads, when Obama put in $500,000 targeting the Jewish community in Florida alone. I\’ll see what more I can collect on this.”

READ MORE: http://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/347043_insight-mccain-5-internal-use-only-pls-do-not-forward-.html


Wikileaks release statement
LONDON Today, Monday 27 February, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files more than five million emails from the Texas-headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor. The emails date from between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal s Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defense Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment-laundering techniques and psychological methods, for example : “[Y]ou have to take control of him. Control means financial, sexual or psychological control… This is intended to start our conversation on your next phase” CEO George Friedman to Stratfor analyst Reva Bhalla on 6 December 2011, on how to exploit an Israeli intelligence informant providing information on the medical condition of the President of Venezuala, Hugo Chavez. The material contains privileged information about the US government s attacks against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and Stratfor s own attempts to subvert WikiLeaks. There are more than 4,000 emails mentioning WikiLeaks or Julian Assange. The emails also expose the revolving door that operates in private intelligence companies in the United States. Government and diplomatic sources from around the world give Stratfor advance knowledge of global politics and events in exchange for money. The Global Intelligence Files exposes how Stratfor has recruited a global network of informants who are paid via Swiss banks accounts and pre-paid credit cards. Stratfor has a mix of covert and overt informants, which includes government employees, embassy staff and journalists around the world. The material shows how a private intelligence agency works, and how they target individuals for their corporate and government clients. For example, Stratfor monitored and analysed the online activities of Bhopal activists, including the “Yes Men”, for the US chemical giant Dow Chemical. The activists seek redress for the 1984 Dow Chemical/Union Carbide gas disaster in Bhopal, India. The disaster led to thousands of deaths, injuries in more than half a million people, and lasting environmental damage. Stratfor has realised that its routine use of secret cash bribes to get information from insiders is risky. In August 2011, Stratfor CEO George Friedman confidentially told his employees : “We are retaining a law firm to create a policy for Stratfor on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. I don t plan to do the perp walk and I don t want anyone here doing it either.” Stratfor s use of insiders for intelligence soon turned into a money-making scheme of questionable legality. The emails show that in 2009 then-Goldman Sachs Managing Director Shea Morenz and Stratfor CEO George Friedman hatched an idea to “utilise the intelligence” it was pulling in from its insider network to start up a captive strategic investment fund. CEO George Friedman explained in a confidential August 2011 document, marked DO NOT SHARE OR DISCUSS : “What StratCap will do is use our Stratfor s intelligence and analysis to trade in a range of geopolitical instruments, particularly government bonds, currencies and the like”. The emails show that in 2011 Goldman Sach s Morenz invested “substantially” more than $4million and joined Stratfor s board of directors. Throughout 2011, a complex offshore share structure extending as far as South Africa was erected, designed to make StratCap appear to be legally independent. But, confidentially, Friedman told StratFor staff : “Do not think of StratCap as an outside organisation. It will be integral… It will be useful to you if, for the sake of convenience, you think of it as another aspect of Stratfor and Shea as another executive in Stratfor… we are already working on mock portfolios and trades”. StratCap is due to launch in 2012. The Stratfor emails reveal a company that cultivates close ties with US government agencies and employs former US government staff. It is preparing the 3-year Forecast for the Commandant of the US Marine Corps, and it trains US marines and “other government intelligence agencies” in “becoming government Stratfors”. Stratfor s Vice-President for Intelligence, Fred Burton, was formerly a special agent with the US State Department s Diplomatic Security Service and was their Deputy Chief of the counterterrorism division. Despite the governmental ties, Stratfor and similar companies operate in complete secrecy with no political oversight or accountability. Stratfor claims that it operates “without ideology, agenda or national bias”, yet the emails reveal private intelligence staff who align themselves closely with US government policies and channel tips to the Mossad including through an information mule in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Yossi Melman, who conspired with Guardian journalist David Leigh to secretly, and in violation of WikiLeaks contract with the Guardian, move WikiLeaks US diplomatic cables to Israel. Ironically, considering the present circumstances, Stratfor was trying to get into what it called the leak-focused “gravy train” that sprung up after WikiLeaks Afghanistan disclosures : “[Is it] possible for us to get some of that leak-focused gravy train ? This is an obvious fear sale, so that s a good thing. And we have something to offer that the IT security companies don t, mainly our focus on counter-intelligence and surveillance that Fred and Stick know better than anyone on the planet… Could we develop some ideas and procedures on the idea of leak-focused network security that focuses on preventing one s own employees from leaking sensitive information… In fact, I m not so sure this is an IT problem that requires an IT solution.” Like WikiLeaks diplomatic cables, much of the significance of the emails will be revealed over the coming weeks, as our coalition and the public search through them and discover connections. Readers will find that whereas large numbers of Stratfor s subscribers and clients work in the US military and intelligence agencies, Stratfor gave a complimentary membership to the controversial Pakistan general Hamid Gul, former head of Pakistan s ISI intelligence service, who, according to US diplomatic cables, planned an IED attack on international forces in Afghanistan in 2006. Readers will discover Stratfor s internal email classification system that codes correspondence according to categories such as alpha , tactical and secure . The correspondence also contains code names for people of particular interest such as Hizzies (members of Hezbollah), or Adogg (Mahmoud Ahmedinejad). Stratfor did secret deals with dozens of media organisations and journalists from Reuters to the Kiev Post. The list of Stratfor s “Confederation Partners”, whom Stratfor internally referred to as its “Confed Fuck House” are included in the release. While it is acceptable for journalists to swap information or be paid by other media organisations, because Stratfor is a private intelligence organisation that services governments and private clients these relationships are corrupt or corrupting. WikiLeaks has also obtained Stratfor s list of informants and, in many cases, records of its payoffs, including $1,200 a month paid to the informant “Geronimo” , handled by Stratfor s Former State Department agent Fred Burton. WikiLeaks has built an investigative partnership with more than 25 media organisations and activists to inform the public about this huge body of documents. The organisations were provided access to a sophisticated investigative database developed by WikiLeaks and together with WikiLeaks are conducting journalistic evaluations of these emails. Important revelations discovered using this system will appear in the media in the coming weeks, together with the gradual release of the source documents. END - Public partners in the investigation - Comment - Current WikiLeaks status - How to read the data

Public partners in the investigation:

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This is a glossary and information on how to understand the internal terms and codes used by Stratfor in their emails. It is not a complete list. We call on the public to add to this list by tweeting #gifind To see a list of the terms George Friedman considers useful for his staff to know please download this PDF : The Stratfor Glossary of Useful, Baffling and Strange Intelligence Terms.


As you browse through the content, you will notice that a large set of it is what is classified as “open source” (subject lines which include [OS]). These are basically email threads that start with someone posting a published and accessible source, such as news sites, and follow with commentary by the staff. In one of the emails, Joseph Nye is referenced saying : “Open source intelligence is the outer pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, without which one can neither begin nor complete the puzzle”


Many of the emails have codes in the subject lines as well as in the body, to make it easier for the staff to “quickly identify when we need to go back and have a look-see.” [*] : Examples : INSIGHT – COUNTRY – Subject – SOURCE CODE INSIGHT – CHINA – Trains and planes – CN1000 Please refer to the glossary for the code names of subject and country tags, as well as mailing list names.


A lot of interesting stuff comes from “sources”. Sources are either informal contacts or people they have a formal relationship with. The IDs for sources have the format of CN120 or ME001. In terms of the character part, it refers to a region or a country : A) Regions ME – Middle East region EU – European Union EE – Eastern Europe LA- South America SA- South Asia B) Countries or Orgs CN – China PK – Pakistan IN- India ML – Malaysia VN – Vietnam NP- Nepal US – United States VZ – Venezuela CO- Colombia BR-Brazil NC- Nicaragua MX- Mexico CL/CH- Chile AR- Argentina PY- Paraguay BOL- Bolivia RU – Russia UA – Ukraine GE – Georgia TJ – Tajikstan MD – Moldova BG -Bulgaria CR/CZ- Czech Republic PT- Portugal ZA – South Africa AO – Angola SO – Somalia NG- Nigeria CD- DR Congo CI- Cote D Ivoire ZW- Zimbabwe ZM- Zambia RW- Rwanda KE- Kenya ET- Ethiopia SD -Sudan MA- Morocco SN- Senegal GN- Guinea SL- Sierra Leone IR – Iran IQ- Iraq IL or IS- Israel SA- Saudi Arabia SY- Syria KU- Kuwait Y or YN – Yemen HZ – Hizbollah TK – Turkey LN- Lebanon LY- Libya UAE- UAE EG- Egypt (etc.) C) Odd codes OCH – Old China hand, a finance insider. Stick – Scott Stewart, high level employee Z s – Zetas, Mexican drug gang


When “insights” are sent, they usually have the following header information : SOURCE : The ID of the source, say CN123. Sometimes this is left “no source ID” when it s a new source. ATTRIBUTION : How the source is to be attributed, i.e. “Source in the pharma distribution industry in China”, Stratfor source, etc. SOURCE DESCRIPTION : Describes the source, for example : “Source works with Mercator Pharmaceutical Solutions, distributing pharma to developing countries.” These include concrete details on the source for internal consumption so that there s a better understanding on the source s background and ability to make assessments on the ground. PUBLICATION : Yes or No. If the option is yes it doesn t mean that it would be published, but rather that it _can_ be published. SOURCE RELIABILITY : A/B SOURCE RELIABILITY : A-F, A being the best and F being the worst. This grades the turnaround time of this source in responding to requests. ITEM CREDIBILITY : 1-10, 1 being the best and 10 being the worst (we may change the range here in the future). this changes a lot based on the info provided. 1 is “you can take this to the bank” and 10 would be an example of maybe – “this is a totally ridiculous rumor but something that is spreading on the ground” SPECIAL HANDLING : often this is “none” but it may be something like, “if you use this we need to be sure not to mention the part about XXX in the publication” or any other special notes SOURCE HANDLER : the person who can take follow-up questions and communicate with the source.


alpha@stratfor.com Discussions circulated exclusively among analysts, writers and higher-ups, including insights and discussions about sources and source meetings. secure@stratfor.com Discussions circulated exclusively among analysts and higher-ups, and only for use within continental US (analysts traveling overseas are removed from the list for the duration of their journey). analysts@stratfor.com – Discussion among analysts only, who manage sources, gather and analyze intelligence. ct@stratfor.com Ongoing discussions to collect and analyze counterterrorism intelligence, circulated among select group of analysts. tactical@statfor.com Non-time sensitive discussions for internal training on technical and tactical matters within field of counterterrorism. intelligence@stratfor.com gvalerts@stratfor.com – Related to Gas ventures clients military@stratfor.com Military list for pre-approved staff africa@stratfor.com eastasia@stratfor.com mesa@stratfor.com Middle East/South Asia list for pre-approved staff. eurasia@stratfor.com os@stratfor.com List with information from the public domain circulated and discussed among all employees. adp@stratfor.com List for ADPs. See Glossary. translations@stratfor.com alerts@stratfor.com responses@stratfor.com dialog-list@stratfor.com


a) Industry and other misc. tags : HUMINT – Human intelligence OSINT- Open source intelligence DATA FLU BIRDFLU ECON TECH ENERGY MINING GV – Gas Venture CT – Counterterrorism G1-G4 B2-B4 S1-S4 MILITARY or MIL PENTAGON AQ- Al Qaeda AQAP – Al Qaeda in the Arabia Peninsula SF- Special Forces CONUS- Continental US b) Special internal codewords : Hizzies or HZ – Hizbollah Izzies or IZ – Israel A-dogg – Mahmoud Ahmadinajad, Iranian President Baby bashar – Bashar Al-Assad, Syrian President Uncle Mo – Moammar Gaddhafi ADP- Analyst Development Program. Four-month program at STRATFOR from which candidates mostly recent college graduates are selected for hire. Strictly protect and protect – Often mentioned in the subject , means that the source is protected. Played- A term used for procuring sensitive information from sources. E.g. from one of the secure list messages circulating the complete scenario for the Israeli team in Centcom s war game, the analyst who procured the data wrote : “I played the head of the Mossad which was great fun.” Excomm- Appears to be executive committee of STRATFOR. c) Regions and Orgs AFRICOM – African countries LATAM – Latin American MERCOSUR NATFA ASEAN APEC FSU – Former Soviet Union countries MESA or MIDDLEEAST – Middle East EASTASIA OPEC EURASIA SA – South Asia FSB- Federal Security Service (Russia)


Attached documents can be searched by Filename or part of the file name. Preliminary searches for filenames using the terms lists , source lists or insight lists , coupled with the names of source handlers (e.g. Reva for Turkey, Brazil or Venezuela) produced Excel lists of the source names, contact info and source descriptions which correspond to the source codes (e.g. ME1315).

Sourcing Criteria

The following are the proposed criteria for analyzing both sources and insight. 1. Source Timeliness 2. Source Accessibility/Position 3. Source Availability 4. Insight Credibility 5. Insight Uniqueness Source Timeliness : This is the average grade on how long this particular source turns around tasks and replies to inquiries. It may change but is more of a static indicator. Source Accessibility : Accessibility weighs the source s position to have certain knowledge in a particular field. So, for example, if we are looking for energy insight and the source is an official in an energy agency, his or her Accessibility would be ranked higher than if s/he was a banker giving insight on energy. While we would welcome a banker giving his/her insight, a good source may not have a high accessibility ranking if they aren t in a position to offer reliable insight on a certain topic. The source s access to decision makers, specific training or education in the desired topic area, specific knowledge of events/situations/incidents can also be considered. Source Availability : How often can we go to this source ? Are they someone we can tap daily, weekly, monthly, yearly ? Insight Credibility : This is our assessment of the veracity of the insight offered. Here we need to consider whether or not this is disinformation, speculation, correct data or knowledgeable interpretation. Any bias that the source is displaying or any specific viewpoints or personal background the source is using in the assessment provided should also be considered. Insight Uniqueness : Is this insight something that could be found in OS ? If it is but the analysis of the information is unique, it would still have a high uniqueness ranking. Or, if it is concrete data, but is something that is only offered to industry insiders, i.e. stats that aren t published but that aren t secret, it would still have a high uniqueness score. Scoring All of the above factors will be scored on an A-F scale, with A being exemplary and F being useless. Source Timeliness : A = turnaround within 24 hours B = turnaround within 48 hours C = turnaround within a week D = turnaround within a month F = lucky to receive a reply at all Source Accessibility : A = Someone with intimate knowledge of the particular insight B = Someone within the industry but whose knowledge of the topic is not exact (e.g. if we were asking someone in the oil industry about natural gas) C = Someone working close to the industry who doesn t have intimate knowledge of a particular topic but can speak to it intelligently (e.g. a financial consultant asked to gauge the movement of the stock market) D = Someone who may know a country but doesn t have any concrete insight into a particular topic but can offer rumors and discussions heard on the topic F = Someone who has no knowledge of a particular industry at all Source Availability : A = Available pretty much whenever B = Can tap around once a week C = Can tap about once a month D = Can tap only several times a year F = Very limited availability Insight Credibility : A = We can take this information to the bank B = Good insight but maybe not entirely precise C = Insight is only partially true D = There may be some interest in the insight, but it is mostly false or just pure speculation. F = Likely to be disinformation Insight Uniqueness : A = Can t be found anywhere else B = Can only be found in limited circles C = Insight can be found in OS, but the source has an interesting take/analysis D = Insight can be found in OS, but still may not be common knowledge F = Insight is accessible in numerous locations Daily Insight Scoring SOURCE : code ATTRIBUTION : this is what we should say if we use this info in a publication, e.g. STRATFOR source/source in the medical industry/source on the ground, etc SOURCE DESCRIPTION : this is where we put the more concrete details of the source for our internal consumption so we can better understand the source s background and ability to make the assessments in the insight. PUBLICATION : Yes or no. If you put yes it doesn t mean that we will publish it, but only that we can publish it. SOURCE RELIABILITY : A-F. A being the best and F being the worst. This grades the source overall – access to information, timeliness, availability, etc. In short, how good is this source ? ITEM CREDIBILITY : A-F. A = we can take this info to the bank ; B = Good insight but maybe not entirely precise ; C = Insight is only partially true ; D = There may be some interest in the insight, but it is mostly false or just pure speculation ; F = Likely to be disinformation. SPECIAL HANDLING : often this is “none” but it may be something like, “if you use this we need to be sure not to mention the part about XXX in thepublication” or any other special notes SOURCE HANDLER : the person who can take follow-up questions and communicate with the source. ————————————————————————————————– YES MEN Press release MASSIVE LEAK REVEALS CRIMINALITY, PARANOIA AMONG CORPORATE TITANS Dow pays “strategic intelligence” firm to spy on Yes Men and grassroots activists. Takeaway: movement is on the right track! WikiLeaks begins to publish today over five million e-mails obtained by Anonymous from “global intelligence” company Stratfor. The emails, which reveal everything from sinister spy tactics to an insider trading scheme with Goldman Sachs (see below), also include several discussions of the Yes Men and Bhopal activists. (Bhopal activists seek redress for the 1984 Dow Chemical/Union Carbide gas disaster in Bhopal, India, that led to thousands of deaths, injuries in more than half a million people, and lasting environmental damage.) Many of the Bhopal-related emails, addressed from Stratfor to Dow and Union Carbide public relations directors, reveal concern that, in the lead-up to the 25th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, the Bhopal issue might be expanded into an effective systemic critique of corporate rule, and speculate at length about why this hasn\’t yet happened providing a fascinating window onto what at least some corporate types fear most from activists. “[Bhopal activists] have made a slight nod toward expanded activity, but never followed through on it the idea of \’other Bhopals\’ that were the fault of Dow or others,” mused Joseph de Feo, who is listed in one online source as a “Briefer” for Stratfor. “Maybe the Yes Men were the pinnacle. They made an argument in their way on their terms that this is a corporate problem and a part of the a [sic] larger whole,” wrote Kathleen Morson, Stratfor\’s Director of Policy Analysis. “With less than a month to go [until the 25th anniversary], you\’d think that the major players especially Amnesty would have branched out from Bhopal to make a broader set of issues. I don\’t see any evidence of it,” wrote Bart Mongoven, Stratfor\’s Vice President, in November 2004. “If they can\’t manage to use the 25th anniversary to broaden the issue, they probably won\’t be able to.” Mongoven even speculates on coordination between various activist campaigns that had nothing to do with each other. “The Chevron campaign [in Ecuador] is remarkably similar [to the Dow campaign] in its unrealistic demand. Is it a follow up or an admission that the first thrust failed? Am I missing a node of activity or a major campaign that is to come? Has the Dow campaign been more successful than I think?” It\’s almost as if Mongoven assumes the two campaigns were directed from the same central activist headquarters. Just as Wall Street has at times let slip their fear of the Occupy Wall Street movement, these leaks seem to show that corporate power is most afraid of whatever reveals “the larger whole” and “broader issues,” i.e. whatever brings systemic criminal behavior to light. “Systemic critique could lead to policy changes that would challenge corporate power and profits in a really major way,” noted Joseph Huff-Hannon, recently-promoted Director of Policy Analysis for the Yes Lab . Among the millions of other leaked Stratfor emails are some that reveal dubious financial practices, including an apparent insider trading scheme with Goldman Sachs Managing Director Shea Morenz, who joined Stratfor\’s board of directors and invested “substantially” more than $4 million in the scheme, called StratCap. “What StratCap will do is use our Stratfor\’s intelligence and analysis to trade in a range of geopolitical instruments,” wrote Stratfor CEO George Friedman in September 2011. StratCap was designed through a complex offshore share structure to appear legally independent, but Friedman assured Stratfor staff otherwise: “Do not think of StratCap as an outside organisation. It will be integral… It will be useful to you… We are already working on mock portfolios and trades.” (StratCap has been due to launch in 2012, though that could now change.) Other emails show Stratfor techniques of a truly creepy Spy vs. Spy sort: “[Y]ou have to take control of him. Control means financial, sexual or psychological control,” wrote CEO Friedman recently to an employee, Reva Bhalla, on how to exploit an Israeli intelligence informant providing information on Chavez\’s cancer. (Stratfor\’s “confidential intelligence services” clients include, besides Dow and Union Carbide, the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines, the US Defense Intelligence Agency, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon.) Perhaps most entertainingly of all, the email trove reveals that Stratfor\’s “Confederation Partners” an unethical alliance between Stratfor and a number of mainstream journalists are referred to informally within Stratfor as its “Confed Fuck House.” (Another discovery: Coca Cola was spying on PETA. More such gems are sure to surface as operatives sift through the 5.5 million emails.) A number of the remaining Yes Men-related emails take the form of reports on public appearances by the Yes Men, such as one that describes one audience comprised of “art students on class assignments and free entertainment.” Another notes that “The Yes Men tweeted about the US Chamber of Commerce \’plotting forged emails, documents to trick (AND smear) opponents,\'” a reference to an apparent plot to discredit Chamber opponents using forged documents, as revealed when thousands of emails were recently leaked by Anonymous from cyber-security firm HB Gary. Yet another discusses Alessio Rastani, the Wall Street trader widely mistaken for Yes Man Andy Bichlbaum, who proclaimed, live on the BBC, that “governments don\’t rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world.” “Rastani was right,” said the real Andy Bichlbaum five months later. “But it\’s now very clear that it doesn\’t have to be that way anymore.” The Yes Men and representatives from the Bhopal Medical Appeal will join Julian Assange of Wikileaks at a press conference at noon today, Feb. 27, at the Frontline Club in London. test
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