CENSORED NEWS: October 2016

Sacramento Area Activists Hold Protest in Solidarity with Standing Rock

Liliana Mendoza (Maya) stands in front of federal building in Sacramento at a protest in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux. Photo Copyright by Francisco Dominguez. Sacramento Area Activists Hold Protest in Solidarity with Standing Rock by Dan Bacher

Censored News The Sacramento Area Friends and Relatives of the Lakota Nation sponsored a peaceful and indigenous faith-based event protest from 3 pm to 5 pm at the federal building at 501 I Street in Sacramento in support of the Standing Rock Sioux. Fifteen people attended the event to call attention to and support the Standing Rocky Sioux Tribe of North Dakota and all Native American and non-Native American allies who have been assaulted in their struggle to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The protesters held colorful signs proclaiming, Protect Our Water, End Environmental Racism, No DAPL, Stand With Standing Rock, Native Rights Matter, and Love Water! Not Oil! No DAPL! A number of people in vehicles passing by the event honked their horns in support of the protest.

M dicos atacados por la polic a de Estados Unidos mientras daban primeros auxilios a civiles en Dakota del Norte.

Violent police attack on Standing Rock water protectors Oct. 27, 2016 .


Photo copyright Sara LaFleur-Vetter
M dicos atacados por la polic a de Estados Unidos mientras daban primeros auxilios a civiles en Dakota del Norte.
Morton county sheriff and the violent gang of police targeted and arrested medics while they were treating patients.
Brenda Norrell, Censored News
Villanueva, S., Traducci n
Cannon Ball, Dakota del Norte, Estados Unidos- Uno de los m dicos en la reservaci n Standing Rock describi como la polic a atacaba selectivamente a los m dicos y los arrestaba violentamente mientras ellos daban los primeros auxilios a pacientes durante un ataque violento de la polic a contra los protectores del agua el jueves 27 de octubre de 2016 en un campamento dentro de las tierras protegidas por un tratado entre los ind genas y el gobierno federal. Esta rea est en el paso de la construcci n del oleoducto Dakota Access.
El personal m dico vio que las armas de la polic a ten an silenciadores.
Si est n aqu de manera pac fica, porque tienen silenciadores en sus armas? Mientras los m dicos batallaban por dar los primeros auxilios a los heridos y las v ctimas de los ataques de los polic as, ellos mismo se volvieron v ctimas de ataques violentos y fueron arrestados tambi n. Los veh culos en los que estaban ten an el s mbolo de la cruz roja, Ellos sab an que eramos m dicos, Ellos me rociaron con gas pimienta de la cabeza a los pies, Me apuntaron con rifles en la espalda mientras daba tratamiento de emergencia a los pacientes.
Video publicado el 27 de octubre de 2016
Actualizacion: La polic a est atacando a los m dicos. Dos m dicos fueron arrestados y 200 civiles fueron arrestados.
Los m dicos estaban al frente tratando de mover sus carros fuera del camino de los polic as que estaban avanzando. Dos m dicos estaban sentados en su camioneta. La polic a se les acerco y los golpeo con sus macanas, dej ndolos tirados en el piso. Los protectores del agua (manifestantes ind genas contra la petrolera) lograron levantarlos antes de que la polic a se los llevara. Mientras tanto, la polic a rodeo a un carro claramente identificado con un logotipo de la Cruz Roja y con personal m dico identificado como tal. La polic a se llev a todo el personal m dico incluido el conductor (otro m dico) mientras el carro a n estaba en movimiento. Otro m dico estaba frente al carro y casi fue arrollado por el carro que quedo en movimiento cuando la polic a se llev al conductor del veh culo repentinamente. Este fue sin duda un riesgo muy grande causado por la polic a. Ambos m dicos fueron arrestados. Estamos pidiendo m s ayuda aqu . Las cosas se han salido de control y la violencia ha incrementado. Necesitamos que nos apoyen y necesitamos ayuda financiera porque hemos perdido nuestro equipo medico en el desalojo de hoy , -dijo un m dico. Posteriormente tambi n afirmaron lo siguiente:
Por favor vengan a ayudarnos. Esta es nuestra pagina: www.medichealercouncil.com/ volunteer
Por favor env enos fondos para ayudar a remplazar la infraestructura y equipo m dico perdido y dos tiendas de campa a gigantes para atender pacientes. www.cash.me/$ medichealercouncil

Esto es real y necesitamos su ayuda y sus oraciones Oraciones y paz.

Censored News Traducci n por Villanueva, S.
Queridos amigos,
Mi coraz n est por los suelos.

Zapatistas and National Indigenous Congress — ConSciences for Humanity in Dec/Jan

Calendar for the 5th Congress of the CNI and the Gathering \’Zapatistas and ConSciences for Humanity\’ ZAPATISTA ARMY FOR NATIONAL LIBERATION MEXICO October 26, 2016. To the invited and attending Scientists of the Gathering Zapatistas and ConSciences for Humanity :

To the compa eras, compa eros, compa eroas of the National and International Sixth:
Brothers and sisters: We send you greetings. We write to inform you of the following: First: Per instructions from the National Indigenous Congress, which at the moment is consulting with the originary peoples, barrios, tribes, and nations throughout Mexico on the proposal made during the first phase of the Fifth Congress, we inform you that the permanent assembly of the CNI will be reinstated December 29, 2016, at CIDECI-UNITIERRA in San Crist bal de las Casas, Chiapas. There the CNI will hold roundtable sessions on December 30 and 31 of this year. During these sessions, or before then if the CNI so chooses, the results of the consultation will be made known. On January 1, 2017, the plenary assembly will take place in Oventik, Chiapas, Mexico, and any agreements necessary will be made there.

Mohawk Nation News \’Bomb Trains\’


Please post & distribute.
MNN. OCT. 31, 2016. Many people around the world are to be commended for their great effort to do to the best of their ability, knowledge to adhere to what they understand is our responsibility. kaia nere:kowa, the great peace, is the act of acknowledgement, respect and taking responsibility. treeofpeace
Everybody has to stand up and do something. The earth is our floor. The sky is our ceiling. We are the walls. Our friends and allies must also stand up. We all are connected and have a responsibility to each other, to our environment and future generations that are coming.
We stand with everyone who is taking action to protect and preserve what is tionhekwon, [that which sustains our existence, water, earth, land and all that is upon it, to keep us alive]. We all have to keep them in their purest form for all lives and the future generations. The four legged, wing ones, crawling creatures, and the rest of creation as per our original instructions when people first arrive on earth. We agreed to survive and co-exist with all creation as brothers and sisters on our mother. Nature is waiting for us all to wake up and remember our original instructions.
The Lakota at Standing Rock and their friends and allies are gathered and united to try to stop the destroyers of life, whose only concern is lining their pockets at any cost. They themselves do not dirty their own hands. They send politicians, military, courts, police and mercenaries to do their dirty work. It is time for the enforcers to stop abusing the gifts of nature, to begin to use their brain to distinguish the difference between right and wrong. 42e2a19afd51be2d2e65b4e5cf696697
The future of all the generations to come is at stake. Chief Seattle said, Only when the last tree has died, when the last river been poisoned, and the last fish been caught, will we realize we cannot eat money . Don t wait til then because it will be too late.
Demon train.

Demon train.
The link has been identified between the CP train that runs through Kahnawake and the origins of the Bakken crude that comes from North and South Dakota. 85% of the black metal serpent that slithers across the land carrying this poison is a train bomb . Billions of gallons are being moved on these rails which go though many residential areas. A disaster could take out many families, like the explosion in Lac Megantic in July 2013, that levelled the town and killed so many people.
This video describes the bomb trains that are going through our communities.
This bomb does not have to happen. Together we can stop this man-made environmental disaster and deaths. The Kahnawake Mohawks, their friends and allies, have set up a solidarity camp for Standing Rock at the southern foot of the Mercier Bridge that spans the St. Lawrence River to Montreal. Friends and allies welcome.
Join us at southern foot of Mercier Bridge to Montreal.
Johnny Cash sings about the bomb train: Cause he was going down a grade making 90 miles-an-hour when his whistle broke into a scream. He was found in the wreck with his hand on the throttle, scalded to death by the steam. [Wreck of the Old 97].
Standing Rock update: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.ca/
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LET S TELL THEM WHERE WE STAND: Politicians, Corporatists, Band & Tribal Councils and sell-outs that are cooperating with pipeline companies; ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS OF HOUSTON http://energytransfer.com/contact_us.aspx

Standing Rock — Brutalized by police and jailed in \’dog kennels\’

An injured water protector is carried to safety during the brutal police attack on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016
Photo copyright by photographer

By Brenda Norrell Censored News English and Espanol Dear friends,

My heart has been on the ground.
Please share these articles about the horrific attack on water protectors on Thursday at the new Treaty Camp which was established on the path of Dakota Access Pipeline.
The Standing Rock water protectors were beaten with batons, pepper sprayed, tear gassed, shot with rubber bullets, hit with sound grenades and tasers.
They were jailed in “dog kennels” and marked with numbers, as was done in concentration camps, at Morton County jail. More than 100 were arrested, even elderly in ceremony, and sent to jails throughout North Dakota, making them difficult to find.
The medics were targeted, pepper sprayed and arrested:
The young Lakota horseback riders went to bring the buffalo to help the people, as the police were beating them. The police shot the teens, Lakota horseback riders, with rubber bullets, and their horses. One young man was shot four times. One horse did not survive:
The same day, a member of DAPL security charged into camp, attempted to kill the people by running over them. He was armed with an assault rifle. The warriors chased him to disarm him. He was arrested by the BIA. His DAPL employee documents were in the truck.
Videos and photos of Thursday\’s attack by police as it happened:
Sacred Stones Camp report on attack:
Before that two cases of torture:
One person in lockdown was hooded. A woman in jail was forced to remain naked.
Hooded in lockdown, cold water poured over those handcuffed:
Strip searched and forced to remain naked in jail cell:
In the aftermath
On Saturday night, a grassfire raged throughout much of the night near the Standing Rock Camps. It was eventually put out and everyone was reported safe Sunday morning.
Tonight, a Hero\’s Welcome: Water Protectors Return from Fargo Jail:
Video by Andrew Ironshell
The Grandmas are Free, video by Kanahus Manuel
Brenda Norrel, Censored News
Traducci n por Villanueva, S.
Queridos amigos,
Mi coraz n est por los suelos.
Por favor, compartan estos art culos sobre el horrible ataque contra los protectores de agua el jueves pasado. Fueron golpeados, rociados con gas pimienta, les tiraron con balas de goma, los golpearon con ca ones de sonido y los atacaron con pistolas el ctricas.
Fueron encarcelados en “perreras” y marcados en los brazos con n meros, como se hizo en los Campos de concentraci n. M s de 100 fueron detenidos y trasladados a c rceles a lo largo de Dakota del Norte, haciendo muy dif cil que sus familiares los encuentren. Varios ancianos que participaban en la ceremonia fueron detenidos y encarcelados.
Los m dicos fueron atacados tambi n, los rociaron con gas pimienta y fueron detenidos.
Los j venes Lakota jinetes fueron a traer a los b falos para ayudarlos, cuando la polic a estaba golpeando a la gente. La polic a les dispar con balas de goma, y a sus caballos tambi n. Un caballo no sobrevivi .
Un oficial de seguridad privada de la petrolera DAPL se infiltro al campamento haci ndose pasar por un ind gena e intent matar a la gente con un carro. Los guerreros lo desarmaron a pesar de que llevaba un rifle de asalto. Fue detenido por la BIA.
Videos y fotos del jueves
Sacred Stones informe Camp el ataque:
Antes de todo lo anterior, dos casos de tortura:
Una persona fue encapuchada. Mientras tanto, una mujer en la c rcel fue obligada a permanecer desnuda.
Encapuchado por la polic a y la polic a los torturo ech ndoles agua fr a a los que estaban esposados.
Al desnudo, obligada a permanecer desnuda en la celda de la c rcel:
Police Brutalize Water Protectors on Thursday
Thank you all, Brenda
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Hero\’s Welcome: Water Protectors Return from Fargo Jail


Standing Rock water protectors return to camp after being brutalized by police and jailed in Fargo, North Dakota
Video by Andrew Ironshell
Thank you for sharing with Censored News

Chief Arvol Looking Horse to Obama — Own your words, stop the pipeline

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

STANDING ROCK: Police from 5 States Escalate Violence, Shoot Horses to Clear Treaty Camp

Photo by Sara Lafeur-Vetter

Police from 5 States Escalate Violence, Shoot Horses to Clear 1851 Treaty Camp By Camp of the Sacred Stones Censored News French translation by Christine Prat at: http://www.chrisp.lautre.net/wpblog/?p=3733 CANNONBALL, North Dakota — Over 300 police officers in riot gear, 8 ATVs, 5 armored vehicles, 2 helicopters, and numerous military-grade humvees showed up north of the newly formed frontline camp just east of Highway 1806. The 1851 Treaty Camp was set up this past Sunday directly in the path of the pipeline, on land recently purchased by DAPL. Today this camp, a reclamation of unceded Dakota territory affirmed as part of the Standing Rock Reservation in the Ft. Laramie Treaty of 1851, was violently cleared. Both blockades established this past weekend to enable that occupation were also cleared.

Standing Rock Camp Live: Labor Union Workers Arrive to Support — Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016

Labor for Standing Rock arrives in Camp
Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News
CANNON BALL, North Dakota — Labor Union workers — nurses, public defenders, pipeline workers, and teachers — arrived at Standing Rock Camp to support the water protectors and bring a halt to the Dakota Access Pipeline construction.
Marty Goodman, retired transit worker, from Manhattan in New York, said transit workers identify very strongly with the struggle.
“We\’re fighting pipelines in New York City.”
Union workers came from Cheyenne, Wyoming; Casper, Wyoming; Kansas City, Missouri; Madison, Wisconsin; Lafayette, Colorado, and elsewhere came to defend the water.
They said, “Water is Life!”
A registered nurse from Lafayette, Colorado, said the leader for the AFL-CIO Richard Trumka, had spoken out in support of DAPL — but union workers did not have a voice in Trumka\’s decision to promote DAPL.
In Colorado, they are fighting fracking and fighting for the water, he said.
“If workers can put that pipe in the ground, then they can take that pipe right back out and put it on the truck and ship it out of there.”
A public defender, with Labor for Palestine, and Labor for Standing Rock, spoke on the vicious attack here by police on unarmed peaceful water protectors.
He said what is happening here reminds him of the Civil Rights struggle, Wounded Knee, Palestine, Ferguson and other struggles.
Most of all, he said, it reminds him of Palestine.
Listen to the video below:

Labor for Palestine, Labor for Standing Rock arrives!

Screen capture by Censored News

Saurday noon. Photo by Marshall.

By Brenda Norrell Censored News Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016 — Breaking News: DAPL workers are laying razor wire on the Sacred Sites they bulldoze in the hills east of Highway 1806 as they near the Missouri River with Polic e Armored vehicle cover! Share! Confirmed with my own eyes. DAPL will have the pipeline complete up to the river in 5-7 days if nothing changes! Calling all Water Protectors! — Johnny D. We must defeat the Dakota Access Pipeline! Saturday about 1:30 pm — Live reports now that water protectors will be going in for their teepees. US Border Patrol, which constantly abuses Indigenous on the border, is now there with highway patrol. Morton Co. Sheriff says he will be there when people retrieve their teepees. .

Police Barricade Main Camp Standing Rock Friday, Oct. 28, 2016

Video below: “Eighty six cultural sites and burial sites now being desecrated.” Dakota Access Pipeline construction underway on Friday night, after military and police brutalized Native American water defenders and supporters on Thursday. There were 105 arrests yesterday. Update Friday night on video. Military police roadblock. Sniper on the hill. Dakota Access Pipeline working rapidly desecrating sacred sites and burial places.

Below, listen: Live in front of CNN building in Los Angeles Friday night

Anonymous Urges Water Protectors to Join Million Mask March Nov. 5, 2016

Mohawk Nation News \’The Tatanka Answer the Call\’



Please post & distribute.
MNN. Oct. 28, 2016. The call is out to all species. Because the people are following the original instructions to survive and co-exist with nature on mother earth, the buffalo, who still follow their original instruction, arrived at Standing Rock. wounded-knee-1890
WATCH THE BUFFALO STAMPEDING TO THE RESCUE! https://www.facebook.com/walt.pourier/posts/10210161842184469
When the corporations do not follow the original instructions, they do not belong here on this earth. 50% of all wild species on earth are now extinct since 1970. Heavy machinery to dig holes on our mother to dig up her innards and put a filthy pipe in her. It looks like they are digging a big hole for those who resist.
\'I collect a different type of oil painting.\'
Lakota Archambault speaks to the UN in their Chamber in Geneva. UN Human Rights Council asked to act on genocide At International World Court. We call on the United Nations to have their prosecutor stop this act of genocide in the international world court.
All pipelines are acts of genocide. US Army slaughtered 65 million buffalo. That is why the buffalo came. They were the first victims when General William Sherman murdered 65 million to starve out the Lakota. They went against nature. They always have. They are doing it again. That is what the United States of America is. The USA is a genocidal entity and the world is watching.
Armed with the great peace.

Armed with the great peace.
Ted Nugent had it right back in the 1970s: The Indian and Buffalo existed hand in hand. The indian needed food, skins for a roof, but he only took what he needed. Millions of buffalo were the proof. But then came the white dog with his thick and empty head. He couldn t see past the billfold, he wanted all the buffalo dead. It was sad Then I looked above the canyon wall. Some strong eyes did I see. I think it s something coming around to save our asses. I think they re going to save you and me. It was the leader of the land, the Great White Buffalo. He got the battered herd and lead them across the land. With the Great Buffalo, they re going to make a final stand. Look out. Here he comes. He s doing alright, making everything right. [Great White Buffalo]
MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com for more news, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. thahoketoteh@ntk.com Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 or original Mohawk music visit https://soundcloud.com/thahoketoteh
LET S TELL THEM WHERE WE STAND : Politicians, Corporatists, Band & Tribal Councils and sell-outs that are cooperating with pipeline companies; ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS OF HOUSTON http://energytransfer.com/contact_us.aspx
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