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Tribal Council Corruption Thune Lawsuit

Tribal Council Corruption Thune Lawsuit Click for video webcast.

Navajo Nation Council Tables Water Rights Settlement

. Wednesday, September 29, 2010 Contact: Ron Milford Email: H mailto:Haskan1990@yahoo.com Phone: 928-606-0787 Navajo Nation Council Tables Water Rights Settlement Grassroots Dine (Navajo) Vow to Stand Against Oppression

By Dine\’ Water Rights
Photos: Copyright Dine\’ Water Rights More photos at: http://www.dinewaterrights.org/

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. Due to community pressure, the Navajo Nation Council decided to put off voting on the Northeastern Arizona Indian Water Rights Settlement Agreement (NAIWRSA) and gave one week for public review but did not specify what that would look like. The Council is set to consider the legislation again on Friday, October 8th but the date is subject to change. Legislation No. 0422-10, also known as NAIWRSA, sponsored by Council Delegate George Arthur has faced increasing community criticism in the last few weeks. More than 160 concerned Dine (Navajo) marched, rallied and packed the council chambers to send the message for the council to VOTE NO! on the water rights settlement. Children, elders, parents, students and others from throughout the Navajo Nation joined together in chanting, Water is life! Save our Future! NAIWRSA was created by lawyers including a non-native with the Navajo Nation, Stanley Pollack, as an attempt to resolve water rights claims of the Navajo Nation and Hopi Tribe for water from the Little Colorado River and from the lower Colorado River. Dine community members have raised concerns that NAIWRSA gives the Navajo Nation only 31,000 acre-feet per year of 4th Priority Colorado River water, that would not be available in times of drought, and would require more than $500 million of new federal funding to pay for pipeline infrastructure to deliver water to communities in need. That money would have to be appropriated from U.S. Congress. One pipeline would be built to send Colorado River water from Lake Powell on the Arizona-Utah border to the reservation. During the special session Hope Macdonald, Council Delegate from Tuba City, raised concerns on the council floor regarding the document being out of order.” Specifically exhibit A not being located in the agreement and the issue of the agreement being distributed to delegates moments before the meeting. She motioned for the agenda item to be stricken but failed to gain votes. Delegate Amos Johnson motioned to table the legislation and give one week for council delegates to take the agreement back to their communities for review, 49 voted in support, 32 against with 7 not voting. It is appropriate for the Navajo Nation to consider Hogan level family s water rights and they have an obligation to do that, to take it to the communities for their input which has not been the case,” stated Milton Bluehouse Sr. former Navajo Nation President. The more informed the people are the better the decision will be made, with respect to their rights. “Why would we waive our rights to the water for just a promise of federal funding, when we know historically the appropriations have not come to Navajo?” said Hope Macdonald. Why was there no deliberate and detailed consultation with the affected Dine\’ communities? said R. Begay a concerned Dine\’. Why has this process been so secret? What does Stanley Pollack have to hide? This is an extension of colonialism. We will stand against this oppression. The most important thing to show our leaders is that we are watching them, we are making sure that they are accountable to their communities and what we hold sacred as Dine people, stated Kim Smith, resident of St. Michaels. Water is an essential part of our way of life, our ceremonies, our livestock and most importantly, it is our future. We are calling on all Dine people who value their future, their sacred water to join us when the council goes back into session and let them know we want them to VOTE NO! This movement to oppose the Arizona Water Settlement is about our children, and we will not waive their water rights, not now not ever,” stated Ron Milford, a concerned citizen for Dine Water Rights. Concerned citizens for Dine Water Rights along with organizations such as Dine Care, To Nizhoni Ani, Black Mesa Water Coalition, Council Advocating an Indigenous Manifesto, ECHOES, and others are calling for another rally and march at the next council session.

The date and time have not yet been set. They are also urging the Dine People to contact their council delegates and urge them to vote no on the water settlement. Visit http://www.dinewaterrights.org/ for further details. Only one percent of the water in this world is water we can consume, stated Daniel Tullie a Dine student from Phoenix who made the trip with a caravan of ASU students to Window Rock to voice his concerns. Worldwide water shortages are facing us, we need to protect what we have here, because it is sacred and we need to protect it for future generations. Note to editors: High Resolution Pictures Available Upon Request or at http://www.dinewaterrights.org/ Credit: http://www.dinewaterrights.org/
Message from Klee Benally:

Ya\’a\’teh! Please forward far and wide! Dine\’ People can take action today: 1. Call, email, or talk face to face with your Council Delegates There is a great listing with contact info here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0AuTy0AwDkD80dG5lbHQ4OThQbUdPeGZ2VTQ3VnEyU1E&hl=en&single=true&gid=0&output=html 2. Write letters to the editors. Navajo Times: duane@navajotimes.com Navajo-Hopi Observer ( http://www.navajohopiobserver.com/Formlayout.asp?formcall=userform&form=1) Gallup Independent: editorialgallup@yahoo.com 3. Sign the online petition to Protect Dine\’ Water Rights: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/dine-water-rights 4. Help spread the word! Educate your friends and relatives about this issue. Come to Window Rock for the next Council session!

EVO MORALES: Nature, Forests and Indigenous Peoples are Not For Sale


BY EVO MORALES AYMA President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia Press Statement

Indigenous brothers of the world: I am deeply concerned because some pretend to use leaders and indigenous groups to promote the commoditization of nature and in particular of forest through the establishment of the REDD mechanism (Reduction Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) and its versions REDD+ REED++. Every day an extension of forests and rainforest equivalent to 36,000 football fields disappears in the world. Each year 13 million hectares of forest and rain forest are lost. At this rate, the forests will disappear by the end of the century. The forests and rainforest are the largest source of biodiversity. If deforestation continues, thousands of species, animals and plants will be lost forever. More than three quarters of accessible fresh water zones come from uptake zones in forests, hence the worsening of water quality when the forest condition deteriorates. Forests provide protection from flooding, erosion and natural disasters. They provide non-timber goods as well as timber goods. Forests are a source of natural medicines and healing elements not yet discovered. Forests and the rainforest are the lungs of the atmosphere. 18% of all emissions of greenhouse gases occurring in the world are caused by deforestation. It is essential to stop the destruction of our Mother Earth. Currently, during climate change negotiations everyone recognizes that it is essential to avoid the deforestation and degradation of the forest. However, to achieve this, some propose to commoditize forests on the false argument that only what has a price and owner is worth taking care of. Their proposal is to consider only one of the functions of forests, which is its ability to absorb carbon dioxide, and issue “certificates”, “credits” or “Carbon rights” to be commercialized in a carbon market. This way, companies of the North have the choice of reducing their emissions or buy REDD certificates” in the South according to their economic convenience. For example, if a company has to invest USD40 or USD50 to reduce the emission of one ton of C02 in a “developed country”, they would prefer to buy a “REDD certificate” for USD10 or USD20 in a “developing country”, so they can they say they have fulfilled to reduce the emissions of the mentioned ton of CO2. Through this mechanism, developed countries will have handed their obligation to reduce their emissions to developing countries, and the South will once again fund the North and that same northern company will have saved a lot of money by buying “certified” carbon from the Southern forests. However, they will not only have cheated their commitments to reduce emissions, but they will have also begun the commoditization of nature, with the forests The forests will start to be priced by the CO2 tonnage they are able to absorb. The “credit” or “carbon right” which certifies that absorptive capacity will be bought and sold like any commodity worldwide. To ensure that no one affects the ownership of REDD certificates buyers, a series of restrictions will be put into place, which will eventually affect the sovereign right of countries and indigenous peoples over their forests and rainforests. So begins a new stage of privatization of nature never seen before which will extend to water, biodiversity and what they call environmental services”. While we assert that capitalism is the cause of global warming and the destruction of forests, rainforests and Mother Earth, they seek to expand capitalism to the commoditization of nature with the word green economy”. To get support for this proposal of commoditization of nature, some financial institutions, governments, NGOs, foundations, “experts” and trading companies are offering a percentage of the “benefits” of this commoditization of nature to indigenous peoples and communities living in native forests and the rainforest. Nature, forests and indigenous peoples are not for sale. For centuries, Indigenous peoples have lived conserving and preserving natural forests and rainforest. For us the forest and rainforest are not objects, are not things you can price and privatize. We do not accept that native forests and rainforest be reduced to a simple measurable quantity of carbon. Nor do we accept that native forests be confused with simple plantations of a single or two tree species. The forest is our home, a big house where plants, animals, water, soil, pure air and human beings coexist. It is essential that all countries of the world work together to prevent forest and rainforest deforestation and degradation. It is an obligation of developed countries, and it is part of its climate and environmental debt climate, to contribute financially to the preservation of forests, but NOT through its commoditization. There are many ways of supporting and financing developing countries, indigenous peoples and local communities that contribute to the preservation of forests. Developed countries spend tens of times more public resources on defense, security and war than in climate change. Even during the financial crisis many have maintained and increased their military spending. It is inadmissible that by using the needs communities have and the ambitions of some leaders and indigenous “experts”, indigenous peoples are expected to be involved with the commoditization of nature. All forests and rainforests protection mechanisms should guarantee indigenous rights and participation, but not because indigenous participation is achieved in REDD, we can accept that a price for forests and rainforests is set and negotiated in a global carbon market. Indigenous brothers, let us not be confused. Some tell us that the carbon market mechanism in REDD will be voluntary. That is to say that whoever wants to sell and buy, will be able, and whoever does not want to, will be able to stand aside. We cannot accept that, with our consent, a mechanism is created where one voluntarily sells Mother Earth while others look crossed handed Faced with the reductionist views of forests and rainforest commoditization, indigenous peoples with peasants and social movements of the world must fight for the proposals that emerged of the World People\’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth: 1) Integrated management of native forests and rainforest not only considering its mitigation function as CO2 sink but all its functions and potentiality, whilst avoiding confusing them with simple plantations. 2) Respect the sovereignty of developing countries in their integral management of forests. 3) Full compliance with the Rights of Indigenous Peoples established by the United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Convention No. 169 of the ILO and other international instruments; recognition and respect to their territories; revalorization and implementation of indigenous knowledge for the preservation of forests; indigenous peoples participation and indigenous management of forest and rainforest. 4) Funding of developed countries to developing countries and indigenous peoples for integral management of forest as part of their climate and environmental debt. No establishment of any mechanism of carbon markets or “incentives” that may lead to the commoditization of forests and rainforest. 5) Recognition of the rights of Mother Earth, which includes forests, rainforest and all its components. In order to restore harmony with Mother Earth, putting a price on nature is not the way but to recognize that not only human beings have the right to life and to reproduce, but nature also has a right to life and to regenerate, and that without Mother Earth Humans cannot live. Indigenous brothers, together with our peasant brothers and social movements of the world, we must mobilize so that the conclusions of Cochabamba are assumed in Cancun and to impulse a mechanism of RELATED ACTIONS TO THE FORESTS based on these five principles, while always maintaining high the unity of indigenous peoples and the principles of respect for Mother Earth, which for centuries we have preserved and inherited from our ancestors. EVO MORALES AYMA President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia

Chilean Troops Flown in to Suppress Rapanui — On the Verge of Extinction

– September 29, 2010 Contact: Kihi Tuki-Hito 011 56 9 88190047 Levanate Araki 011 56 9 81506843 Santi Hitorangi 1 845 596 5402 This morning a C-47 military plane arrived on Rapanui (aka Easter Isalnd) with a contingency of SWAT teams to augment the already in-place armed forces set to remove indigenous Rapanui people from their ancestral lands.. Since July 31, the Rapanui have been non-violently re-occupied the land illegally taken from their grandparents and have been , asking for their legal title to be restored. Tonight the Rapanui people are on high alert expecting what may come in the wee hours of the morning. This afternoon Marisol Hito, spokeswomen of the Hitorangi clan, presented the Rapanui case to the Human Rights Commission of the Chilean House of Representatives. The Commission unanimously voted to stay any order to harm or remove Rapanui people from their claims. Marisol Hito stated that, We have been asking to negotiate for 60 days with the Chilean government, but they have refused to negotiate and instead sent in armed troops to cause psychological and physical duress . From day one we have been expressing that our claim is for recognition of title to our lands, and the ability to manage our sovereignty. Under Chilean law only Rapanui people can legally hold title to land on the island. The Human Rights Commission filed a protective order for the 18 children that are in occupation at the Hanga Roa Hotel, reclaiming their land title and future. The Hanga Roa property was illegally sold during the Pinochet regime to a non-Rapanui person, and was subsequently transferred to a non-Rapanui corporation, in violation of Chilean law. Kihi Tuki-Hito showed the Rapanui flag on the back of his jacket and spoke to press after the 8 hour meeting with the Human Rights Commission. He said, We want to peacefully restore our rights to our land and self government . Chile has refused to conduct serious and meaningful peaceful negotiations and has criminalize all the Rapanui claimants in violation of human rights and of the Universal Declaration of Indigenous Rights, to which Chile is a signatory. Ironically Chile uses the Rapanui moai, the well-known monolithic stone statutes, on its currency and passports as a symbol colonial supremacy over Rapanui people. Only 5,000 Rapanui people exist today . Any violence against them is an act of extinction to these legendary people who are a heritage and treasure of humanity. In 1994 UNSECO declared Rapanui as a heritage of humanity. If we as humans can save the smallest inhabited place on the planet earth, Rapanui, then when we can learn how to heal and save our entire human existence on this planet. This is a an S.O.S. for the world to save itself. For more information go to www.SaveRapanui.org

American Indian Movement protests FBI raids

Debra White Plume on First Voices Indigenous Radio WBAI

Debra White Plume speaks out on uranium mining in Lakota territory on WBAI New York Photo: Debra White Plume delivering a symbolic blanket of smallpox to the Lewis and Clark Expedition/Photo Brenda Norrell By Kent Lebsock Debra White Plume of Owe Aku (Bring Back the Way) will be on Tiokasin Ghost Horse\’s First Voices Indigenous Radio on WBAI New York City this Thursday, September 30th, from 10 to 11 a.m. Debra is the Director of Owe Aku which is a traditional Lakota cultural preservation, human rights and environmental protection NGO operating from the banks of Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Debra will be updating the radio audience on Owe Aku\’s extensive work to protect sacred water in and around Lakota treaty territory against the unyielding drive by foreign and domestic corporations to destroy soil and water in order to rip uranium from deep in the Earth. Debra will be joined on the program by Owe Aku\’s coordinator from their International Justice Project, Kent Lebsock. He will briefly discuss the Lakota leadership\’s concentrated effort to now take the issue of sacred water, as well as many other issues governed under international law by the Lakota treaties of 1851 and 1868, to the International Court of Justice. The list below contains the ways to access the program from the internet. If you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact the New York City Office of the Owe Aku International Justice Project at 646-233-4406 or oweakuinternational@me.com . FIRST VOICES INDIGENOUS RADIO Thursdays 1Oam-11am www.firstvoicesindigenousradio.org (archived 212.209.2800 switchboard STREAMS & BROADCASTS On All Stations! WBAI NY 99.5 FM 120 Wall Street, 10th Floor New York, NY 10005 www.wbai.org (10AM Eastern) also archived WJFF 90.5 FM Jeffersonville, NY W233AH 94.5 FM Monticello, NY www.wjffradio.org (12AM Tuesdays) WPKN 89. 5 FM Bridgeport – New Haven, Conn. www.wpkn.org (12PM Thursdays) also archived WPKM 88.7 FM Montauk, NY Westerly, Rhode Island New London, Conn. www.wpkn.org (12PM Thursdays) CKLB 101.9 FM Yellowknife, NT, Canada (rebroadcasts through week) KVNF 90.9 FM Paonia, Colorado www.kvnf.org (7 PM Mountain Sundays) 99.1 FM Grand Valley, Grand Junction 88.7 FM Lake City 98.3 FM Hotchkiss Crawford 88.9 FM Ridgway 90.1 FM Ouray KVMT 89.1 FM Uncompahgre Valley Montrose Delta Kent Lebsock Coordinator Owe Aku International Justice Program oweakuinternational@me.com

TODAY: Dine\’ Water Rights March and Rally, Wed, Sept. 29, 2010

Click on image to enlarge. Navajo statements on Navajo water rights giveaway As a young person who values the land, the culture, and people I come from, I am concerned about the Navajo people\’s right to water. I was taught that water is sacred. I was taught that it should be respected and used appropriately. I am also T \’ han (Near the Water Clan). Water and the people\’s access to it is a human right, and as the indigenous people of this land we have aboriginal rights to water. Our ancestors lived on this land, developed a relationship with the land and understood the importance of land and water. Our ancestors believed in the land so much that they fought and died for it. It is because of their efforts and struggles that we the Din are here today. Our people need to remember who our ancestors were and everything they did to get us here. Just like our ancestors, we too need to fight for our land. At this time, we especially need to fight for our water. We need to question. We need to demand that our voices be heard and that our Navajo government does right by the people and not give away our water. On Sept. 29, during special session, the Navajo Nation Council may give away the Navajo people\’s water and waive our water rights forever. The Northeastern Arizona Indian Water Rights Settlement Agreement includes several measures that will harm our people. In addition to losing our rights to water, there is language that allows non-Indian users unlimited amounts of C-aquifer water as well as “underground flow.” Non-Indians do not have to worry about what impact this will have on Navajo use of the aquifers. The list continues, including prohibiting more than 10,000 acres of irrigated agriculture along the Little Colorado River. The water settlement would limit our people to 31,000 acre-feet annually. The Navajo people need to be warned about this bargaining of our future, our livelihoods and sovereignty. I am especially concerned about this legislation because it will affect those in my generation, and it will forever affect all those who have yet to follow. What do the council delegates have to worry about? They are all middle-aged or past. They will not have to live with the effects of their decision. Many of them will not even be in office when the new council is seated next month. It will be my generation who will be devastated and left with nothing. Denying us access to the water on our land is to deny the survival of our people. I find it absolutely disgusting that the Din are expected to happily accept a drop of water. If tribes like the Gila River are able to secure 155,700 acre-feet per year for their 14,000 population, then why can\’t we too secure an adequate amount of water for our people? Think about it, we have a population of 300,000, but yet we\’re settling for a meager 31,000 acre-feet per year? This is far less than Gila River currently claims. This amount is ridiculously low. There are estimates that say the Navajo people could be claiming as much as 10 million acre-feet annually. Why are our Navajo Nation officials not claiming our ancestral waters? Our treaties as well as two Supreme Court cases recognize our rights to water (Winters Doctrine of 1908 and Arizona v. California of 1963). Both Supreme Court cases establish Indian water rights as “prior and paramount” to all surface and groundwater resources on and near a reservation. So, when folks like Stanley Pollock and the Navajo Water Commission say that water law is based on “use it or lose it,” telling us that since we haven\’t used our fair share of water, it isn\’t ours anymore, this is absolutely false. The Winters Doctrine of 1908 secures a tribe\’s future use of water. The Navajo tribe has senior water rights that are not being asserted. Now is the time for the Din to act. Contact your council delegates and make sure they are representing your best interests. How can giving our water away be beneficial to our people? Robyn Jackson Wheatfields, Ariz. Proposed Arizona water settlement cheats Din I\’d like to get this off my thoughts/spirit and it\’s overdue. I do not have sympathy for Stanley Pollack, the Navajo Nation\’s water rights lawyer, who is believed to be the “indefatigable” person on water rights. It might be true on many small projects/bank accounts, but not on the huge Colorado River, the largest bank account for Navajo. The current proposed 31,000 acre-feet Arizona water settlement is history repeating itself in terms of past Navajo Generating Station deals in the upper Colorado River Basin (all on Navajo land) and land swaps, no renegotiations for a higher royalty rate, contamination of groundwater through uranium and coal mining, etc. I compare Stanley Pollack with John Boyden, who worked for the Hopi people and Peabody Coal at the same time. So we have Pollack working for the Navajo government and adjacent states and multi-billion dollar companies/corporations. Navajo natural resources generate more than $60 billion and economic spinoffs off the Navajo Reservation, and in return we are offered 31,000 acre-feet of water and $3.5 million in coal royalty renewal negotiations. This is total economic suicide/racism and ethnic cleansing and human rights violations, which is condemned by U.S. senators when applied in different countries yet it is applied here to the Navajo people in the form of the Bennett Freeze, forced relocation, and the unclaimed water rights to the Colorado River. This settlement agreement affects/impacts all Navajo citizens with census numbers because it totally wipes out past accomplishments by our forefathers who persuaded the U.S. government, after eight attempts, to come back to Din h land in 1849 and 1868 treaties. Our forefathers did this in unity with one prayer, one song, one spirit with less than 4,000 people strong yet we are over 300,000 people using less than 20 percent of our political power on this water rights settlement. … get proactive and voice your concerns for a true honest government by escorting Stanley Pollack off the Navajo Nation. …rescind all chapter resolutions supporting the proposed water rights settlement agreement, and write/call your delegates to oppose this during any Council special session this fall and spring until all Navajo citizens are aware of their potential true water rights to the Colorado River. Do you think you would excuse someone if they took 100 sheep from Grandma and told you they will only give you back one to 10 sheep? Well, this is exactly what is happening with this proposed, insane 31,000 acre-feet settlement. You are settling for less than 10 sheep! Don\’t get me wrong, there are certain good honest non-Navajo citizens working for the Navajo people. Leonard Gilmore Cameron, Ariz. Water proposal is a huge scam For the past few years, the Navajo Nation government has been working on the Arizona water settlement for the Little Colorado River and the lower basin of the main stem Colorado River. Recently, council delegates and local leaders have been pushing for voters to approve resolutions in support of this settlement. From a grassroots point of view, the supposed Arizona water settlement is a huge scam and we, as indigenous people who have been here for many generations, will be losing our basic water rights for the sake of money, power and control. Back in 2007, I wrote a statement about the infamous Mohave Generating Station negotiation agreement titled “Mohave Mediation Memorandum of Recommended Non-Economic Terms.” In that agreement, the $600 million lawsuit brought against the federal government would have been dismissed in exchange for giving away C-Aquifer water to the “Black Mesa Project.” In the same agreement, we, as a nation, would have waived and released any and all claims against APS. With the Arizona water settlement, we will have the same terms…In order for Navajo Nation to approve (it), the Navajo Nation must waive rights to water such as the Winter\’s Doctrine. I want to emphasize that the treaties of 1849, 1868, and the Winter\’s Doctrine entitle the Navajo people water rights. To all farmers, ranchers, sheepherders, Navajo Times readers, the great people of the Navajo Nation, please urge and demand your leaders not to approve the Arizona water settlement. Navajo Nation leaders should be fighting for and defending the treaties of 1849, 1868 and the Winter\’s Doctrine. Thank you for your time and as always be safe out there and keep reading the Navajo Times. Calvin Johnson Leupp, Ariz. We will lose what we have left forever At the Western Agency Council meeting in Tuba City on Sept. 18, a resolution was presented requesting to the Resource Committee to renegotiate the lease reopener with Peabody Coal Company by upgrading the lease to a rate beyond the 12.5 percent including other associated offer by Peabody. Although the resolution passed, two delegates – Jack Colorado of Cameron Chapter and Kee Yazzie Mann of Kaibeto Chapter – objected and actually attempted to prevent the resolution approval and tried to convince the WAC that the presenters were lying. Delegate Harriett Becenti of Rock Springs Chapter also opposes the idea, likewise with George Arthur, the Resources Committee chairman. What is going on here? There\’s a real problem with these individuals\’ negative attitude on the matter. There\’s something fishy about their resistance. You would think these so-called leaders understood our people are suffering the lack of tribal funding that is required for all their dire needs of water, electricity, good roads, etc., and while all the far away cities are enjoying the benefits from our resources, our so-called leaders are again looking to continue selling our high-quality coal dirt cheap. Two coal leases on Black Mesa, Kayenta, and Black Mesa Mines, were agreed on in 1964 and 1966, respectively, where the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Tribe were literally cheated out of their high-quality coal at dirt-cheap prices. The leases were amended in 1987 where 12.5 percent royalty was imposed and to date remains the same in spite of the rising cost of living, not to mention the coal prices on the open market has increased since 1987. My goodness, that\’s nearly 15 years ago and prices of everything we purchase today has about tripled and here we are with some ignorant leaders going along with the notion that everything is static and are ready to agree with another of the same. We lost Mohave Generating Station in 2005; P&M mine just shut down in December 2009; the Four Corners Power Plant is threatened to be shut down by the Environmental Protection Agency. And with the council\’s careless spending, the Navajo Nation is in the red by $24 million. For crying out loud, how do we get these leaders to come to their senses? Presently there is another proposal coming before the Navajo Nation Council at the Sept. 29 special session. This proposal is again another shaft by the government and corporations: a 31,000-acre-feet of water is offered to the Navajo Nation with another catch. This one is if the council approves the offer it will be an agreement to never sue the corporations, energy companies, and government ever again. Simply meaning we won\’t be able to force better deals for our resources, including our land, water, and whatever other precious minerals that may be within our land. Then what happens to the upcoming generations of our children, their children and so forth? If the council agrees to this new proposal of the 31,000 acre-feet water settlement we will lose the rest of what we have left, forever. For the sake of our present needs and our future generations the council better vote this down. Tulley Haswood Rock Springs, N.M. Comment from Censored News An eye on those non-Indian attorneys By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ Today, Navajos march and rally at the Navajo Nation Council to defend their right to water. Earlier, my Facebook access was frozen when I posted a comment about Navajo water rights and non-Indian attorneys working for Arizona Indian Nations. The attorneys who worked for the Navajo Nation, and were involved with the removal of former Navajo Chairman Peter MacDonald in 1989, went to work for southern Arizona Indian Nations after his removal. Those attorneys were involved with water rights settlements for southern Arizona Indian Nations. That is all but one. She transferred to Washington D.C., where she worked on water rights. I ran into them through the years as a news reporter. During the federal trial of Peter MacDonald in the early 1990s, when he was sentenced to federal prison on other matters, a Navajo businessmen said to me, “You know what this is really about: Water rights.” Few reporters followed the truth about the accusations about Peter MacDonald. Most failed to report that real estate broker Byron Bud Brown never gave MacDonald the millions as Brown claimed for the flip sale of the Big Boquillas Ranch. MacDonald served a decade in jail and federal prison, and underwent heart surgery in prison. Brown admitted later in a federal court hearing in Phoenix that he never gave MacDonald the money. Brown, it turns out, stashed those millions in his island bank account. Federal prosecutors could not prosecute Brown for lying under oath because he had earlier been given immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony. . Also see: Kit Carson Returns: Navajo Water Settlement by Bill Edwards, Navajo Family Farms, Leupp: http://www.censored-news.blogspot.com

Forgotten People: Bennett Freeze Development Act a disappointment

FORGOTTEN PEOPLE COMMENTS ON KIRKPATRICK DISCUSSION DRAFT OF THE FORMER BENNETT FREEZE AREA DEVELOPMENT ACT By Forgotten People September 24, 2010 Photo: Unremediated abandoned uranium pit on Navajo Nation/Forgotten People Forgotten People supports James W. Zion, Esq. s comments on Kirkpatrick discussion draft of the former Bennett Freeze Area Development Act herein attached. We agree with James Zion that the draft is a disappointment. First, it is authorization legislation, not required by the Constitution, and all it would do is set up a new trust, to be funded from sources that are not likely, and authorize appropriations that will never come. The Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation (ONHIR) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have never served the victims and survivors of the Bennett Freeze and Relocation. Forgotten People doesn t know what the Navajo Hopi Land Commission (NHLC) and Rep. Kirkpatrick are doing because they are operating in secret. Read more: http://censored-news.blogspot.com/2010/09/forgotten-people-navajos-say-bennett.html

UN: Bolivian Leader Proposes Alliance to Save Humankind

At UN, Bolivian leader proposes alliance to save humankind President Evo Morales Ayma of Bolivia UN News Service

24 September 2010 Bolivian President Evo Morales proposed the creation of a new alliance to save humankind by guaranteeing human rights, saving the environment and promoting equality and social justice for all during his address to the General Assembly s annual high-level segment. The provision of water and other basic services, including energy and electricity, are human rights, he said, also urging the protection of migrants. Walls were built for cattle and sheep, Mr. Morales told world leaders gathered at the Assembly yesterday, criticizing the erection of barriers in Mexico and the occupied Palestinian territory. We cannot confuse human beings with animals. Commerce can circulate freely but people cannot, he said, calling for an end to embargoes such as the one against Cuba put in place by the United States. The new alliance would also help to conserve the environment, the President said, speaking out against the selling of so-called carbon bonds. How can Mother Earth be turned into a business? he asked. The coalition must also promote equality and justice for all, which he said is the backbone for peace. Its final objective, Mr. Morales said, is to strengthen the United Nations by democratizing it, which he said would be a difficult task.

Newsy News: Reporter whistleblows on CNN censoring war crime

Join the Caravan and Support Navajo Resisters at Black Mesa

Join the Caravan in Support of Indigenous Communities Resisting Massive Coal Mining Operations on Their Ancestral Homelands of Big Mountain & Black Mesa, Arizona November 20-27, 2010
Photo Sierra Club: Black Mesa protesters
These Front-Line Resistance Communities, in their Struggle for Life, Land, & Future Generations, Have Always Maintained That Their Struggle Is For Our Collective Survival. May They Be Supported Now and Always! Greetings from Black Mesa Indigenous Support, We are excited to extend the invitation from Dineh resisters of the Black Mesa region to join BMIS\’s caravan to support their ongoing struggle. On behalf of their peoples, their sacred ancestral lands and future generations, the Dine\’ and also Hopi communities continue a 36 year long struggle against the US Governments forced relocation efforts, Peabody Coal\’s financial interests, and an unsustainable fossil fuel based economy. They continue trying to halt and repair the devastating impacts of colonialism, coal mining, and forced relocation of their communities, sacred lands, and our planet. As one of their resistance strategies they call upon outside support as they maintain their traditional way of life in the face of the largest relocation of indigenous people in the US since the Trail of Tears. By assisting with direct, on-land projects you are supporting a broad movement for climate justice and families right to stay on their ancestral homelands in resistance to an illegal occupation. The oil spill in the Gulf highlighted the dangerous and unsustainable reality of our fossil fuels based economy. Another example of this dangerous reality comes from Black Mesa. The recently approved carbon capture storage project will capture the coal firing plant emissions and use clean water to pump the carbon an estimated 9,000 feet into the ground to be stored near their major aquifer. False solutions to climate change and large scale coal extraction must be stopped! We propose participating in this caravan as one small way in supporting these courageous communities who are serving as the very blockade to coal mining on Black Mesa! In honor of the sacred ancestral homelands of the Dine\’ and Hopi peoples that we\’ll be traveling to, and in honor of this years host family who are so graciously offering their home so that we can gather together, and in regards to the positive feedback as well as constructive criticism from past caravan attendees, we\’ve placed a limit to the number of caravan participants. Caravans in years past were a tremendous success however when the numbers get too big it becomes difficult to manage. This year we\’re already getting a huge response. This is another reason why we\’re encouraging you to join regional BMIS groups leading up to the caravan and after it is over. Most of the regional groups are working in their communities year-round in supporting indigenous leadership such as those of Black Mesa. Supporting Indigenous leadership and creating models for support that are based on the priorities and visions of their communities is a major goal of BMIS. While BMIS wishes for this caravan and the support network as a whole to be an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to listen to and work with the families of Black Mesa, we are prioritizing the participation from already-politicized accountable movement builders. We are particularly seeking people of working-class based struggles, environmental, global justice organizations, indigenous people, people of color, LGBT and queer-identified participants, members of movement organizations, women, organizers working in anti-war/occupation movements. We are also encouraging the participation of returning supporters and those who plan to come before or stay weeks after the caravan, as well as anyone who is planning to be involved long term. Supporters who have experience operating chainsaws or chopping wood, are carpenters, and/or can drive your trucks on back country roads, we encourage to apply as well. This years caravan will be held at some amazing organizers\’ homes so we are excited to focus on movement building, strengthening resistance movements and support networks that will make victories possible not only on Black Mesa, but in communities all across the world. We are creating a space for sharing updates from \’The Land\’ and for dialogue about the connections between Black Mesa and various struggles in which they are interconnected. We encourage regional organizing and fundraising to support the participation and leadership of people most impacted by interlocking systems of oppression. We are prioritizing the participation from people who are deeply invested in and on the front-lines of movements for social, economic, environmental justice in their communities, as they will have the most to offer and gain from gathering, talking with, and working with each other and the elders. We are also encouraging the participation of returning supporters or those who plan to come before or stay after the caravan, as well as anyone who is planning to be involved long term. We look forward to seeing how caravan participants can integrate their work, their lessons, and of course the communities\’ stories and visions into their work and life! The U.S. Government began relocating Black Mesa residents from their ancestral homelands in 1974 to pave the way for Peabody\’s mining. Families are in their FOURTH DECADE resisting this travesty. And, since relocation laws have made it nearly impossible for younger generations to continue living on their homelands, many of the residents are elderly and winters can be extremely rough in this remote high desert terrain. The aim of this caravan is to honor the elders\’ requests and, under their guidance, carry out direct, on-land support: chopping and hauling firewood, doing minor repair work, offering holistic health care and sheep-herding before the approaching cold winter months arrive. “The Big Mountain matriarchal leaders always believed that resisting forced relocation will eventually benefit all ecological systems, including the human race,” says Bahe Keediniihii, Dineh organizer and translator. “Continued residency by families throughout the Big Mountain region has a significant role in the intervention of Peabody\’s future plan for Black Mesa coal to be the major source of unsustainable energy, the growing dependency on fossil fuel, and escalating green house gas emissions. We will continue to fight to defend our homelands.” Peabody Energy\’s Disastrous Coal Mining Operations on Black Mesa: At this moment, decision makers in Washington D.C. are planning ways to continue their occupation of tribal lands under the guise of extracting “clean coal,” with false solutions to climate change such as carbon storage and cap and trade carbon offsets. In 30 years of disastrous operation, Peabody\’s coal mining has ravaged Dineh and Hopi communities by forcibly relocated thousands of families, draining 2.5 million gallons of water daily from the only community water supply, and has left a toxic legacy along an abandoned 273-mile coal slurry pipeline. Peabody\’s Black Mesa mine has been the source of an estimated 325 million tons of CO2 that have been discharged into the atmosphere. Coal from the Black Mesa Mine could contribute an additional 290 million tons of CO2 to the global warming crisis!* As a result of hard and strategic work from the Black Mesa resistance community, Black Mesa Water Coalition, To Nizhoni, The Forgotten People, the Sierra Club and others, Peabody\’s mine expansion project is temporarily slowed. As a way to honor and continue that work, now is the time to strengthen networks of direct support to the resisters, to ensure that when they try again for the expansion, resistance communities are prepared and resilient. Peabody Coal Co. plans to seize another 19,000 acres of sacred land beyond the 67,000 acres already in Peabody\’s grasp at Black Mesa. Peabody Energy, previously Peabody Coal Company, is the world\’s largest private-sector coal company, supplying 10% of U.S power and 2% of worldwide electricity. Peabody\’s coal mining will exacerbate already devastating environmental and cultural impacts on local communities and significantly add fuel to the fire of global climate chaos! We are at a critical juncture and must take a stand in support of communities on the front lines of resistance now! Indigenous and land-based peoples have maintained the understanding that our collective survival is deeply dependent on our relationship to Mother Earth. Victory in protecting and reclaiming the Earth will require a broad and multi-pronged movement. BMIS wishes for this caravan to be an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to listen and work with the families of Black Mesa to generate more awareness that relocation laws and coal mining need to be stopped, that these communities deserve to be free on their ancestral homelands. We hope to come together to strengthen our solidarity and find ways to work together to protect Black Mesa and our Mother Earth for all life. Ways you can support: Join the Caravan and Be Self-Sufficient! By connecting with a regional coordinator and joining one of the volunteer work crews from your region, you are expected to be adequately prepared and self-sufficient prior to your visit on Black Mesa, which is a very remote area in a high desert terrain. There is no electricity, no central heating, and no running water. You must come prepared, and bring everything you will need. There could be extreme weather, and it will be cold especially at night. Each participant will need to bring food, water, outdoor camping gear (although we will likely be staying inside with families), very warm clothing, and appropriate attire for hands-on manual work. Coming equipped with chainsaws, trucks, shovels, axes and mauls dramatically increases your effectiveness as a work crew! Read and sign the Cultural Sensitivity and Preparedness Guide: All direct, on-land supporters of Black Mesa are required to thoroughly read over and sign the Cultural Sensitivity and Preparedness Guide. This document is an in-depth guide that contains important information that you will need prior to and during your visit with a host family on Black Mesa. This guide gives you crucial information about how to be adequately prepared, background of the struggle and current his/herstory, safety and legal issues, cultural sensitivity, code of conduct, and a suggested list of what to bring with you. We want to ensure that each person is informed about the agreements and basic requests from these communities, that each person is safe and accounted for, and that we have your emergency contact info should an emergency arise. It is of the utmost importance that each caravan participant understands and respects the ways of the communities that we will be visiting. Please print out and bring this guidebook with you during your visit to Black Mesa http://blackmesais.org/tag/cultural-sensitivity/
Pre-register: To help us estimate how many people to expect as well as to help us make necessary accommodations for all. For participants coming from areas with BMIS designated regional coordinators, please register with them – see our website. Host or attend regional organizational meetings in your area: We strongly urge participants to attend or organize regional meetings. Caravan coordinators are located in Prescott, Phoenix and Flagstaff, AZ; Denver, CO; Santa Cruz, CA; Eugene and Portland, OR; and the San Francisco\’s Bay Area. The meeting locations and dates will be posted at the BMIS website and Face Book as coordinators set them u p. This caravan will be collaborating with the annual Clan Dyken Fall Food and Supply Run on Black Mesa. Raise Awareness: about Black Mesa and the caravan. You can obtain literature from BMIS. Organize fundraisers: At the weeks prior to every caravan, grassroots supporters from all over throw benefits to raise the much-needed funds, for such things as supplies, wood, and direct, on-land people-support. Please contact BMIS for guidelines prior to any fund-raising in the name of Big Mountain and Black Mesa. Collect supplies: Chainsaws, axes, mauls, axe handles, shovels, tools of all kinds, organic food, warm blankets, and especially trucks –either to donate to families or to use for the week of the caravan–are greatly needed on the land to make this caravan work! Check back on the BMIS website for an ongoing list of specific requests from the land. Donate: We are not receiving nor relying on any institutional funding for these support efforts, but are instead counting on each person\’s ingenuity, creativity, and hard work to make it all come together. We are hoping to raise enough money through our community connections for gas, specifically for collecting wood and food for host families, and for work projects.
Stay longer than the caravan with a family on Black Mesa: Families living in resistance to coal mining and relocation laws are requesting self-sufficient guests who are willing to give three or more weeks of their time, especially in the winter. By coming prepared to stay longer, you can conserve resources by making 2 trips out of one. If you are returning for your second caravan, please consider this, as one of our goal is to create connections between families and support. Since it is crucial to have good help out there and not create more work for the families, all supporters are required to read and sign the Cultural Sensitivity Preparedness Guide. Contact BMIS in advance so that we can make arrangements prior to your stay, to answer any questions that you may have, and so we can help put you in touch with a family. The communities request support throughout the year: If you cannot attend the caravan and still want to support the resistance, please contact BMIS! We will provide support options or help facilitate your stay with a resisting family any time through the year!
If you\’re not able to participate in the fall caravan, remember that BMIS is available to support YOU in connecting and staying with a host family any time of the year. Please get in touch with regional coordinators in your area regarding fundraisers, report-backs, education, outreach, other support efforts, and actions that they might be planning leading up to and after the caravan. If you do not have a regional coordinator in your area, please contact us for ways to support the courageous resistance taking place on Black Mesa. So, please be sure to let BMIS know sooner rather than later! Thank you everybody for your continued support! BMIS We can\’t wait to see you in November! Give back to the Earth! Give to future generations! Black Mesa Indigenous Support Black Mesa Indigenous Support (BMIS) is a grassroots, all-volunteer organization dedicated to working with and supporting the indigenous peoples of Black Mesa who are targeted by and resisting unjust large-scale coal mining operations and forced relocation policies of the US government in their struggle for Life and Land. Address: P.O. Box 23501, Flagstaff, Arizona 86002 Voice Mail: 928.773.8086 Email: blackmesais@gmail.com Web: www.blackmesais.org Facebook: Black Mesa Indigenous Support

Reflections of Injustice: Haudenosaunee Lacrosse

Reflections of Injustice

Artwork and comments by Mohawk artist Tracy Thomas
PHOTO: This is Everson Museum pic of my new mirror painting titled “Reflections of Injustice” my statement on what happened to the Iroquois Nationals this summer. This my statement on what happened to the Iroquois Nationals in July of 2010: It was a sad feeling, that the team didn\’t get to go the World Lacrosse Games. But to us they\’re heroes of what are ancestors fought for … our survival, that is why we are still here today. They instilled pride into our children, and that they can never take away. Our sovereignty, meant more than a trophy, it was a great day for all indigenous peoples, that we showed the World, who we are, The Haudenosaunee-People of the Longhouse. Also thanks to Mike Greenlar for letting me use his photograph, to make this picture, for the exhibition.
–Tracy Thomas

Native Voice TV: Defending Sacred Sites with Wounded Knee

Serious Risk: Navajo Nation Water Rights

SERIOUS RISK OF NAVAJO NATION WATER RIGHTS Article and photo by Calvin Johnson, Navajo, Leupp, Arizona NAVAJO NATION COUNCIL DELEGATES: DO NOT WAIVE THE TREATIES OF 1849, 1868 AND THE WINTERS DOCTRINE For the past few years, The Navajo Nation Government has been working on the Arizona Water Settlement for the Little Colorado River and the Lower Basin of the main stem Colorado River . Recently, Council Delegates and local leaders have been pushing for voters to approve resolutions in support of this settlement. On September 17, 2010 Speaker Lawrence T. Morgan announced a Special Session, set for September 29, 2010 at the Navajo Nation Council Chambers. The session is to start at 10 a.m. (DST) with water rights settlement as an action item listed under new business. The agenda lists Council Delegate George Arthur (T\’iistoh Bikaad/San Juan/Nenanezad), the current chairman of the Resources Committee, as the sponsor of Legislation No. 0422-10 Northeastern Arizona Indian Water Rights Settlement Agreement legislation and per Office of the Speaker press release states the settlement would settle the Navajo Nation s and Hopi Tribe s water rights claims in the lower basin of the Colorado River and Little Colorado River system. Preliminarily and from a grassroots point of view, the supposed Arizona water settlement is a huge scam and we as indigenous people who have been here for many generations will be losing our basic water rights for the sake of money, power and control. Recently at Tolani Lake Chapter meeting, Delegate Leonard Chee stated to the public that it was the fault of the people that the Navajo Nation will be only receiving 45,000 acre-feet/year total from the C-aquifer . It was they who were saying NO to water.” Well, with all due respect if Mr. Chee took the time to read all the agreements/settlement and spoke to activist who understand water rights, he would have read that Navajo water is NOT FOR ALL THE NAVAJO PEOPLE. Back in 2007, I wrote a statement about the infamous Mohave Generating Station negotiation agreement titled Mohave Mediation Memorandum of Recommended Non-Economic Terms.” In that agreement, the $600 million dollar lawsuit brought against the Federal Government would have been dismissed in exchange for giving away C-Aquifer water to the Blackmesa Project.” In the same agreement, we as a Nation would have waived and released any and all Claims against APS, Southern California Edison, Salt River Project, Nevada Power, Tucson Electric Power and LADWP, waived of certain natural resources damages claims, waived sovereign immunity. With the Arizona water settlement, we will have the same terms because the Treaties of 1849, 1868 and the Winters Doctrine (Winters v. United States, 1908) guarantees the Navajo People water rights to the Little Colorado River and the Lower Basin of the main stem Colorado River. In order for Navajo Nation to approve the Arizona Water Settlement for the Little Colorado River and the Lower Basin of the main stem Colorado River, the Navajo Nation must waive our rights to water such as the Winters Doctrine. I want to emphasis again, that the Treaties of 1849, 1868, and the Winters Doctrine entitles all the Navajo People as a nation water rights whether it s brown, clear or underground. Additional serious and grave concerns regarding the Little Colorado River and the Lower Basin of the main stem Colorado River Settlement are the lucrative terms such as: Allowing of non-Indian users to pump unlimited amounts of C-aquifer water from wells beyond 18 miles south of the Navajo Nation boundary; Allowing of non-Indian users unlimited amounts of C-aquifer water 18 miles south of the Navajo Nation boundary even though excessive pumping will reduce flows in the River and may bring more salty water to Navajo wells . Allowing of non-Indian water users to pump as much underground flow as they want without regard for impact on Navajo use of same aquifers. Waiving all Navajo priority and reserved water rights to the Little Colorado and Colorado Rivers for other uses forever . To all farmers, ranchers, sheep herders, elders, youth, the great people of the Navajo Nation please call the speaker s office at (928) 871-7160 or the Navajo Nation Council s Office at (928) 871-6380 and urge your local leaders, delegates to VOTE NO on the Arizona Water Settlement for the Little Colorado River and the Lower Basin of the main stem Colorado River. The Navajo Nation leaders should be fighting and defending the Treaties of 1849, 1868 and the Winters Doctrine. Every drop of what belongs to Navajo is will deserved, not by giving it away to greedy corporations or entities who in return do not help our nation. Also, a clarification of Mr. Chee s accusation of the residents of Canyon Diablo who were saying no water for Peabody was due to the fact that impacted residents were not to receive a single drop of water even if the pipeline was directly in front of their homes. Same goes for the Dilkon Water Project: Water will be piped to Dilkon but impacted residents living in front or directly of the line will NOT receive any water. Would you say yes to such a project if you were not to get water for 15 years down the road? Calvin Johnson Leupp, AZ caljohnson2006@yahoo.com Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions officially of my employer or the Leupp Schools Inc., its employees, staff and/or its board. Calvin Johnson PO Box 5527 Leupp, AZ 86035 Also see: Secret negotiations exposed on Navajo water rights Navajos urge Navajo Nation Council to vote \’No\’ on Sept. 29 to this settlement of Navajo water rights, a giveaway of Navajo water rights http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2010/09/secret-negotiations-released-on-navajo.html Download or print this document: http://www.scribd.com/doc/37688923/Navajo-water-rights-give-away-exposed

Reporter: CNN Censored US War Crime in Iraq

Reporter: CNN Refused to Air Footage of US War Crime in Iraq Democracy Now A prominent Australian war correspondent has revealed the news giant CNN refused to air footage of an apparent war crime by US troops in Iraq. In an interview with the Australian network ABC, Michael Ware says he witnessed a US soldier fatally shooting an Iraqi teenager in the back of the head. The boy then lay dying for twenty minutes. Ware says CNN decided the footage was too graphic for broadcast. He s been unable to release it because CNN owns the tapes. http://www.democracynow.org/2010/9/21/headlines/reporter_cnn_refused_to_air_footage_of_us_war_crime_in_iraq

Evo Morales and Palestinian Authorities in New York: The Right to Water

By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com Bolivian President Evo Morales and Palestinian Authorities will speak in New York on Wednesday, on “The Right to Water for Occupied Palestine,” as President Morales presses the nations of the world to guarantee the right to water for humanity. The right to water is one of the fundamental rights stated in the declarations produced by those attending the World Peoples\’ Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in April. Of the 35,000 people attending, the majority were Indigenous Peoples. President Morales has carried those concepts to the United Nations, as the governments of the world prepare to negotiate at the UN Climate Conference in Cancun, Nov. 29 Dec. 10. President Morales announced today that he would join high-level Palestinian Authorities in New York to speak on the Right to Water, while in New York for the General Assembly of the United Nations. Continuing to speak out for the rights of nature, President Morales\’ address at a gathering on Tuesday is, Nature is not for sale: The Rights of Mother Earth.” In Cochabamba in April, Morales demonstrated his message of living well and living free from the disposable plastic and Styrofoam items that pollute the earth. Morales invited the foreign press to accompany him for a soccer game and traditional feast in the mountains of Bolivia. After playing soccer, Morales joined news reporters for a feast of locally grown potatoes, corn and beans, and fresh fish, all served on locally made clay plates. Since then, Morales has been successful in carrying the standards formulated in Cochabamba to the United Nations and initiating change. In July, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution submitted by Bolivia declaring that the right of access to water and sanitation is an essential human right, without which other human rights cannot be fully enjoyed. Native American delegations from the United States and Canada are now preparing to join Indigenous Peoples from around the world for the UN Climate Summit in Cancun in November, pressing for the protection of the land, forests and oceans, while upholding the Rights of Mother Earth and exposing the scams of the carbon credit market. As President Morales and Palestinian Authorities speak out on the right to water in New York, Navajos continue their battle against secret negotiations by the Navajo Nation government for the sale of their ancestral water rights, vital for future generations. President Morales announced the following key elements within the declarations of Cochabamba are now in the United Nations documents for climate change negotiations: 50% reduction of greenhouse gasses emission by developed countries for second period of commitments from the Kyoto Protocol years 2013 to 2017. Stabilize the rise of temperature to 1 C and 300 parts for million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. To guarantee an equitable distribution of atmospheric space, taking into account the climate debt of emissions by developed countries for developing countries. Full respect for the Human Rights and the inherent rights of indigenous peoples, women, children and migrants. Full recognition to the United Nations Declaration on of Indigenous Peoples Rights. Recognition and defense of the rights of Mother Earth to ensure harmony with nature. Guarantee the fulfillment of the commitments from the developed countries though the building of an International Court of Climate Justice. Rejection to the new mechanisms of carbon markets that transfer the responsibility of the reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases from developed countries to developing countries. Promotion of measures that change the consumption patterns of the developed countries. Adoption of necessary measures in all relevant forums to be excluded from the protection of the intellectual property rights to technologies and ecologically sustainable useful to mitigate climate change. Developed countries will allocate 6% of their national gross product to actions relatives to Climate Change. Integrated management of forest, to mitigation and adaptation, without market mechanics and ensuring the full participation of indigenous peoples and local communities. Prohibition the conversion of natural forest for plantations, since the monoculture plantations are not forest, instead should encourage the protection and conservation of natural forests.

Coopted by Homeland Security: Native Americans call for boycott of the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona in Tucson is funded and coopted by Homeland Security as abuse of Indigenous Peoples continues at the border By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ TUCSON — Native Americans are calling for a boycott of the University of Arizona for profiteering at the border, as the university continues to be funded and coopted by Homeland Security. The University of Arizona\’s most recent cash from the militarization of the border comes in the form of $500,000 to evaluate the effectiveness of Border Patrol checkpoints and their impact on nearby communities. Native Americans say the US military, federal agents and US spy operations have no place on university campuses. The University of Arizona\’s National Center for Border Security and Immigration opened in September of 2008 with funding from the Department of Homeland Security. The operation is co-led by the UA and the University of Texas-El Paso, which will also get $500,000 to study checkpoints. The US has already reported that the checkpoints have not proven to be efficient or effective. The militarization of the border has resulted in the increased targeting of people of color by border agents, including Native Americans who live in their homelands. The border hysteria and new passport laws means that Indigenous Peoples are subjected to abuse from border agents and police as they travel in their homelands, from the Kumeyaay in Calif., to the Cocopah and Tohono O\’odham in Arizona and the Ysleta del Sur and Lipan Apache in Texas. Yaqui, O\’otham, Apache and Yavapai also have communities in the US and Mexico and are subjected to abuse by border agents during family visits and while traveling to ceremonies. The latest funding comes as the University of Arizona continuous to engage in global cyber spy activity, increases the climate of racism by targeting people of color during classroom spy instruction, receives Department of Defense funding, and increasingly has Homeland Security agents on campus. Previous article: The University of Arizona just got a lot creepier Classroom spy training targets people of color as university celebrates its global cyber spy: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2010/05/university-of-arizona-just-got-lot.html

Jack Storms Photos: John T. Williams March to Seattle City Hall

Photos copyright Jack Storms, published with permission.
March to Seattle City Hall to demand justice in the shooting death of BC carver John T. Williams, shot to death by a Seattle police officer. Williams was deaf in one ear and carrying a carving knife. News articles:

Tea Baggers in Indian Country

In the cloak of hate, the Tea Party sanitizes racism with deception By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ . It seems unlikely that the rightwing Tea Party would be seeking converts in Indian country, but that\’s what is happening in Montana and South Dakota. In Arizona, heavily-armed Tea Party style hunters are stalking human beings on the Arizona border. This week, I posted this comment and question, “The Tea baggers, as they are called, are edging their way into Indian country. Any sightings?” The first confirmation came by way of a link to Wanbli\’s Indigenous Rights Movement Blog Talk Radio show, about the \’Lakota Tea Party.\’ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wanbli/2010/08/06/indigenous-rights-movement-radio-lakota-tea-party As the questions rolled in about the Tea Party, I added this on Facebook, “The rhetoric is of course racist. Although many people are not happy with some, or many, of Obama\’s decisions, the Tea Party rhetoric often crosses the line into harsh or violent rhetoric. “Rush Limbaugh and Arizona Gov. Janet Brewer also seem to be heroes of the Tea Party guys.” Although Native American readers seemed assured that there was no way that the Tea Party would gain a stake in Indian country, it turned out it had already happened. The Tea Party was in Crow country in Montana, and attempting to organize with Lakotas in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. This article on the Crow Tea Party appeared in the Billings Gazette: http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/article_1074f29c-1aa0-11df-998a-001cc4c002e0.html One person responded, “It is a tactic of the rightwingers to pit marginalized groups against one another. They want to see us fight over the scraps that the dominant culture throw us.” The majority of Tea Party members are white, protestant, conservative and rich, according to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tea_Party_Demographics.gif Of course, the root of the modernday Tea Party is colonization and the colonizers. Wikipedia states, “The name \’Tea Party\’ is a reference to the Boston Tea Party of 1773 a protest by American colonists against various acts by the British Government which, among other things, attempted to establish a monopoly on the importation of tea into the colonies by giving a cut on re-importation tax imposed on the East India Company.” It turns out that the Tea Party was already organizing in Pine Ridge. One reader writes, “They had a tea party meeting at Pine Ridge during Oglala Lakota Nation Pow-wow. I never heard how the turn out was or what they were framing their voice around.” Then from Arizona, came these comments. “Down here in southeastern Arizona, JT Ready and his for hire mercenaries often say the same things and he has an Apache in his group that is very confused about why he helps the damn NAZI,” wrote another. In South Dakota, Native Americans already talk of a “Tea bagger infestation.” The idea of Native Americans promoting the Tea Party, along with white conservatives, was too bizarre for most. One person e-mailed and questioned whether Native Americans are being paid to travel and organize Tea Party meetings in South Dakota and Montana. Another person on the Navajo Nation wrote, “I smelled them at the Navajo Nation Fair, hopefully they don\’t spread their speechless moments to our leaders.” The “bag of brew” scent came from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. It was this final video from the Sonoran Desert in Arizona that revealed how the surge in hate and racism in America, with migrant xenophobia fueled by the media and pushed by private prison lobbyists, border wall builders and security contractors, is now being manifest. It is a video of white supremacists hunting for migrants with assault rifles on the Arizona border. Heavily armed, they wear “Border Patrol” caps and display their cache of weapons in the Arizona desert. A confused Apache, a young man wearing the camouflage of a shrub, says he is not a white supremacist and alludes to working with a police department. Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvtBBt1OUnw . Also see who\’s funding the Tea Party: White billionaires with a hidden agenda: http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Election-2010/2010/0919/Who-s-picking-up-the-tab-for-the-tea-party

Secret negotiations released on Navajo water rights settlement

Secret negotiations released on Navajo water rights settlement Navajos are urged to attend the Navajo Nation Council special session on Sept. 29, and persuade the council delegates to vote \’No\’ to this giveaway of Navajo water rights, which has been negotiated in secret. Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com Photo by Calvin Johnson Briefing on the Navajo Nation s Proposed Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Agreement Summary The proposed Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Agreement gives away, waives, does not protect, and does not claim the Navajo People s and Navajo Nation s priority rights to all waters that fall on, run by or through, or are under the land surface between the Four Sacred Mountains. The proposed Settlement waives, gives away and does not claim — Navajo priority water rights — first in time, first in right ; Navajo water rights established by the Winter s Supreme Court Doctrine to enough water to serve all purposes for which the Navajo homeland was established; and Navajo water rights provided for in Arizona v California to enough water to irrigate all practicably irrigable acreage The proposed Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Agreement : Prohibits any more than 10,000 acres of irrigated agriculture along the Little Colorado River; including building any surface water reservoirs for irrigation; Claim only 40,000 acre-feet (25%) of average annual Little Colorado River surface flow; Gives Navajo only 32,000 acre-feet per year of 4th Priority Colorado River water — this water will NOT BE AVAILABLE in times of drought ; — this water will require over $500 million of new federal funding to deliver the water to our communities and may not be used for any new farming; — this water will be extremely vulnerable to disruption by natural or human causes; Gives Navajo no more than 60,000 acre-feet/year total from the C-aquifer in a 36-mile strip of Protected Areas along the Navajo Nation south boundary; Allows non-Indian users unlimited amounts of C-aquifer water 18 miles south of the Navajo Nation boundary even though excessive pumping will reduce flows in the River and may bring more salty water to Navajo wells . Allow non-Indian water users to pump as much underground flow as they want without regard for impact on Navajo use of same aquifers. The proposed Settlement waives all Navajo priority and reserved water rights to the Little Colorado and Colorado Rivers for other uses forever. Some More Detail on the Navajo Nation s Proposed Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Agreement Surface Waters of the Little Colorado River (LCR) The proposed Agreement prohibits any future irrigated agriculture beyond some 10,000 acres of farm projects identified along the main-stem of the Little Colorado River between Birdsprings and Cameron. The Agreement also prohibits the Navajo People from building any new reservoirs for irrigation anywhere; and prohibits any new agriculture on Navajo off-reservation lands. — This makes it practically impossible to use the surface flows of the Little Colorado River, which only come an average of four months a year. This also closes the door in the Leupp area to the beneficial use of LCR water on thousands of acres of Class 1 irrigable soils west of North Leupp Farms completely eliminating Navajo Winters Doctrine rights to enough water to irrigate the major resource area of practicably irrigable lands in the LCR Basin. The proposed Agreement only claims some 40,000 acre-feet per year of Little Colorado River surface flow within the Nation even though the Navajo Nation has a clear priority right to all that flow. — 40,000 acre-feet are only 25% of the average annual flow of 160,000 acre-feet measured at Cameron — why not claim 50% or 75% or more of this average ? In wet years, there is a great deal more water in the River for example, in 1973 the highest recorded LCR annual flow at Cameron was over 800,000 acre-feet — which could be used if there was a storage reservoir along the River. The proposed Agreement prevents Navajo either from claiming any priority rights, or from claiming any in-stream flows to provide for and protect wildlife, trees, quality of life, cultural or environmental purposes. The proposed Agreement encourages the Navajo Nation to give up its priority water rights to other interests with less priority. — Whatever happened to first in time first in right ? Why should the Navajo Nation give up its priority water right? Some More Detail on Proposed Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement The proposed Agreement provides the Navajo Nation with some 31,000 acre-feet per year of 4th Priority * Colorado River main-stem water — which has to be pumped from Lake Powell at enormous energy and operating and maintenance costs; and which will NOT BE AVAILABLE in times of shortage on the Colorado River. — We are in a drought cycle which may well be long-term like the drought which affected the Anasazi for a century or more. Why is the Navajo Nation making many of our communities totally dependent on water which will not be there in severe drought years? The proposed Agreement does not clearly quantify how much LCR surface water Navajo has a right to. — If the Navajo Nation has a right to unappropriated surface waters, how much LCR surface flow is actually unappropriated and who has appropriated the rest, and when? The proposed Agreement prohibits the Navajo Nation from challenging non-Indian use of sub-flow waters — including waters in the alluvial aquifer — even though such use takes surface waters to which the Navajo Nation is given a right. — For example, folks in Winslow or Holbrook could set up a well field beside the LCR to capture large amounts of the waters of the LCR alluvium without regard for impacts on Navajo water rights Peabody Coal is allowed to retain its surface water impoundment structures on Black Mesa permanently why? _________________________________________________________________________ * For more information on Priorities to Colorado River Surface Water, see — http://www.azwater.gov/AzDWR/StateWidePlanning/CRM/documents/CopyofAzCRPrioritiesListing-Alpha05-2009_web.pdf Priority 1 – Present Perfected Rights (PPRs) as provided for in the Arizona v. California Decree. Priority 2 – Federal Reservations and Perfected Rights established prior to September 30, 1968 Priority 3 – Contracts between the United States and water users in Arizona executed on or before September 30, 1968 Priority 4 – Entitlements pursuant to contracts and other arrangements between the United States and water users in the State of Arizona entered into subsequent to September 30, 1968, not to exceed 164,652 acre-feet annually; Priority 5 – Unused Arizona Entitlement Priority 6 – Surplus Water Some More Detail on Proposed Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Ground Water in LCR Basin C-Aquifer According to the Bureau of Reclamation, there are about 140,000 acre feet average annual re-charge to the entire C aquifer . This is the maximum sustainable yield for all users if more water than that is taken out in a given year, the aquifer is being mined and will (eventually) be exhausted. See http://www.usbr.gov/lc/phoenix/reports/ncawss/NCAWSSP1NOAPP.pdf The proposed Agreement allows non-Indian users to pump unlimited amounts of C-aquifer water from wells beyond 18 miles south of the Navajo Nation boundary; — Even though excessive pumping will reduce flows in the River and may bring salty water to wells on the Navajo Nation (eg, Leupp). Note for example — Local heavy withdrawals from the C-aquifer may also cause upward shifting of the salt water interface from the evaporites in the Supai Formation near Joseph City Long-term pumping could lead to long-term increases in salinity of pumped water — Mann, L.J., and Nemecek, E.A., 1983, Geohydrology and water use in southern Apache County, Arizona: Arizona Department of Water Resources, Bulletin 1, 86 p. The proposed Agreement allows non-Indian users to pump no more than 50,000 acre-feet per year from an 18-mile strip south of the south boundary of the Navajo Nation; and allows no new large capacity wells within 2 miles of the Navajo Nation boundary; The proposed Agreement allows the Navajo Nation to use no more than 60,000 acre-feet/year total from the C-aquifer in an 18-mile strip of the Navajo Nation, north of the Navajo Nation s south boundary. The proposed Agreement prohibits the diversion of any surface waters out of the LCR Basin — But no mention is made of pumping ground water out of the LCR Basin as has already been done by Phelps Dodge who initiated the LCR Adjudication in 1978. This opens the door to down-state folks who are running out of their local water (Verde Valley, Payson, Phoenix, etc) setting up well-fields along the Mogollon Rim to pump as much as they want of the C-aquifer without regard to possible long-term impacts to the quantity and quality of Navajo Nation C Aquifer water. There are many other serious concerns with the proposed Little Colorado River Water Rights Settlement Agreement. The Navajo People must be allowed to study, understand, and decide openly for themselves every aspect of this proposed Agreement which will determine the quality and even the possibility of life for the Dine for all time to come. . Download or print this document: http://www.scribd.com/doc/37688923/Navajo-water-rights-give-away-exposed
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Quiqui Lee Photos: Halting Shell\’s Arctic Ship at Portland Bridge

Thank you to Quiqui Lee, Opata Apache photographer, for sharing these incredible photos
with Censored News. To publish these photos, contact her at Quiquilee@hotmail.com
At St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon, activists spent 40 hours suspended blocking the icebreaking ship hired by Shell to begin its Arctic drilling. Police and Coast Guard moved in to remove them.
(c)Quiqui Lee photos

Democracy Now: Police Remove Greenpeace Activists from Portland Bridge After They Forced Shell Ship Back to Port

Police Remove Greenpeace Activists from Portland Bridge After They Forced Shell Ship Back to Port
Police Remove Greenpeace Activists from Portland Bridge …

In Portland, Oregon, law enforcement officers have removed Greenpeace activists who spent 40 hours suspended from the St. Johns Bridge in order to block an icebr…
Preview by Yahoo
In Portland, Oregon, law enforcement officers have removed Greenpeace activists who spent 40 hours suspended from the St. Johns Bridge in order to block an icebreaking ship commissioned by oil giant Shell from leaving for the Arctic. Hundreds of activists have been gathering on the bridge and in kayaks since Tuesday night in efforts to stop Shell\’s plans to drill in the remote Chukchi Sea. Early Thursday morning, the suspended Greenpeace activists successfully forced Shell\’s ship to turn back to port in a showdown that grabbed international headlines. Joining us to discuss the action is Annie Leonard, executive director of Greenpeace USA.


This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.
AMY GOODMAN: We begin today\’s show in Portland, Oregon, where law enforcement officers have removed Greenpeace activists who spent 40 hours suspended from a bridge in order to block an icebreaking ship commissioned by the oil giant Shell from leaving for the Arctic. Hundreds of activists have been gathering on the bridge and in kayaks since Tuesday night in efforts to stop Shell\’s plans to drill in the remote Chukchi Sea. Early Thursday morning, the suspended Greenpeace activists successfully forced Shell\’s ship to turn back to port in a showdown that grabbed international headlines. Greenpeace activist Kristina Flores discussed watching the ship turn around as she stood on top of St. Johns Bridge on Thursday.

Dan Bacher: Protesters sing, wave signs and blast Delta tunnels at “open house\’

Photo Dan Bacher: Chief Caleen Sisk at the protest against the Delta Tunnels in front of the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento on July 28. More photos at:

Protesters sing, wave signs and blast
Delta tunnels at “open house\’
by Dan Bacher
Censored News
As consultants and state and federal officials promoting the Delta tunnels plan used poster displays to tout the alleged benefits of Jerry Brown s project, Stockton activist and performer Jonathan Michelsen stood up on a chair with his guitar in the dark ballroom of the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento and began belting out his song, Sanctuary.
The Delta is our home, we won\’t let you take what is ours, he sang. We come against darkened forces of political control, political control that comes to take our sanctuary.
As he continued singing the song over and over, a crowd of tunnels opponents, many of whom had come on buses from Stockton, the Delta and the Bay Area, began to gather around. They began clapping and singing along to the lyrics.
The consultants and officials around the room at the California Water Fix open house in Sacramento on July 29 seemed amused by the song and didn t stop him from singing. After he played the song for several exciting moments in the otherwise sedate and bureaucratic affair, he got down off the chair.
We must be bold. We have our home here in the Delta. We must stand up for what belongs to us. It is our land, our crops and our fish, he told me in a short interview.
As a Christian, I am called to give witness to the persecuted around the earth, he added.
Michelsen is a music teacher at Delta College and had joined Restore the Delta and other tunnel opponents last year at protest against the project at the State Capitol. He performs regionally, nationally and internationally.
Surrounded by posters around the room touting the alleged ecological and water supply benefits of the California Water Fix, Michelsen said, The tunnels only take away from the natural ecosystem, not restore it.
The state and federal agencies organized the open house for the review of Delta Tunnels EIR/EIS (formerly known as the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.) The Department of Interior and California Natural Resources Agency recently divided the project into two parts – the tunnels component, the California Water Fix, and the habitat “restoration” component, California Eco Restore.
The agencies promoting the project made no formal presentation to the public and set no time aside for the public to express their concerns in a community setting. Instead, the set up the “open house” like a science fair, with the public moving from one exhibit to the next.
Some took advantage of a chance to give a comment to the court reporter in attendance. Others at the event handwrote their comments on forms provided by the agencies.
As Michelsen performed and others wrote their comments on forms, other Delta advocates gathered with a variety of colorful signs and props on the sidewalk in front of the hotel to protest the tunnels plan. The protesters included Delta farmers and residents, fishermen, Winnemem Wintu Tribe leaders, local environmental activists and others concerned about the fate of the largest estuary on the West Coast of the Americas.
Karen Cunningham, a Delta cattle rancher on Bradford Island, said, The tunnels will destroy the ecosystem and take three-quarters of the fresh water out of it. They will be bad for fish, otters, turtles, since they need fresh water. So do the farmers and ranchers.
She has already been impacted by ecological changes on her property, a result of the construction of the False River Barrier. For example, she said the area where her and her family normally catch bluegill now has a current that is too strong for panfish to hold.
In addition, she noted that if the tunnels are built, you can expect the same lack of concern for endangered species that the state has shown when it put in the False River Barrier.
We saw how the state acted when I found five endangered Giant Garter Snakes while the Department of Water Resources (DWR) was installing the barrier this year, she said. I tried to speak to a biologist on the project site, but my phone calls never resulted in a scientist coming out to the site. This is just an inkling of what will happen if the tunnels project is built.
In addition to driving salmon, Delta smelt and other species closer to extinction, the tunnels project also violates tribal rights, according to Caleen Sisk, Chief and Spiritual Leader of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, who showed up with her son, Michael, and her sister, Helene, at the open house.
The government has conducted no on-the-ground cultural studies, as required under Public Law 106, protecting burial sites, villages and traditional fishing areas, said Sisk. They are solely relying on the libraries for their information. They have not consulted with any of the Tribes. Tribes have been left out of the water process.
She emphasized, Right now the existing water projects continue to damage our ecology. They have already harmed our fish and driven them to extinction. The tunnels will only complete the job. The tunnels that they want to build are large enough to divert the entire Sacramento River.”
The tunnels are one key part of the plan that includes the Sites Reservoir, Shasta Dam Raise and Proposition 1, she said.
She said the water for the tunnels would be provided by Shasta Lake and Sites Reservoir and that to fill Sites Reservoir, the Shasta Dam would be raised to hold more water from the Sacramento River.
This state was built for salmon, not almonds and pistachios, Chief Sisk said. We should base our economy on salmon. If people want to see a healthy environment and healthy watersheds, we should bring back the salmon.”
A lot of countries are now acknowledging the rights of nature. We should allow nature to have the right to support us, she concluded.
During the protest outside of the hotel, a video crew organized by Restore the Delta interviewed people to share their actual public comments with the Secretary Jewell at the Department of the Interior and with President Obama
Speaking to the video camera, Michael Frost, Restore the Delta Board Member and recreational angler, offered a four point plan.
First, we need to retire drainage impaired land, he said. Second, we need to increase freshwater flows through the Delta. Third, we must repair the levees. Fourth, we must determine the amount of water that we actually have in the system (not paper water.
The agencies backing the California Water Fix also held an open house the following day from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm in Walnut Grove at the Jean Harvie Senior and Community Center. A big crowd of tunnels opponents also showed up at this event to comment – and to wave signs opposing the tunnels also.
Outside of the center, members of North Delta Cares parked a boat, outfitted with fishing rods, on a trailer. They also outfitted the boat with signs protesting the tunnels.
Eugene Phillips, an artist, builder and photographer who restored the historic Miyasaki Bath House in Walnut Grove, set up in front of the center a big model of the tunnels project that he is working on. The model he brought depicts a family standing in the bottom of the tunnels, with a father and daughter in one tunnel and a mother and daughter in the other.
“I placed a family standing in the tunnels to give a clear perspective of how really large the tunnels will be,” he stated. “This model gives a human scale to the tunnels project.”
He plans to build a full scale tunnels model – and is encouraging people to help build their own sections of the tunnels, based on his pattern, so they can be interlocked.
“I live on the river and often sit on the river and watch the water flow by in the evening,” he noted. “The tunnels will have a clearly detrimental impact on the Sacramento River by pulling more water out of it.”
Background: The Revised BDCP EIR/EIS at 48,000 pages of appendices, footnotes, tables, and renumbered alternatives is now open for public comment. The original 45-day comment period was met with outrage by community groups and agencies. The comment period has now been extended until October 30, 2015 .
Written comments are due by close of business Friday, Oct. 30 . Comments should be mailed to BDCP/WaterFix Comments, P.O. Box 1919, Sacramento, CA 95812 or emailed to BDCPComments [at] icfi.com
Helen Sisk
More photos at:

Nihigaal bee lina Dine\’ Walkers: Cortez Block Party

(Photo above) ” We\’re hiding from the sun, it\’s really hot today. Please feel free to contact us if you\’d like to donate a canopy!
By Nihigaal bee lina
Censored News

CORTEZ, Colo. — Today in Cortez! Please come out if you are in the area. We will be discussing border town violence, environmental racism, economic development, capitalism, and being Din .

As we approach Dib Nitsaa, the elevation climbs, leading to cooler climes, and colder nights. Two of our walkers don\’t have a sleeping bag, so anyone who can donate a sleeping bag, please do. We are in the Cortez, Colorado area! \’ sh d !
Call the Dine\’ walkers at 928-221-7292 for more information, and to offer support!
Cortez Block Party! July, 29, 2015 at 6 pm.
Cortez City Park, Cortez, Colorado, 405-534-4620. ****

Journey for Existence is now walking to Dib Nts (Hesperus, Colorado.) The walkers began in January with their walk to Dzi Nahodi ii (Huerfano, NM). They recently walked to Doo\’o\’k\’osliid (San Francisco Peak, Flagstaff, Arizona.) The walkers said, In the fall we will go all the way to Sisnajin (Blanca Peak, Alamosa, Colorado). All combined, we will be walking over 1000 miles in 2015.”

Subcomandante Moises: Second Grade of the Zapatista Little School

Second Grade of the Zapatista Little School

English Espanol
July 27, 2015
To the National and International Sixth:
To the former students of the Zapatista Little School:
The date for the second grade (only for those who passed the first) of the Zapatista Little School is approaching.
As we had previously announced, the dates are July 31 and August 1 and 2 of 2015.
No, don t rush. This time it isn t about coming to Zapatista territory. Rather, this time it is about not coming here, at least not for the Little School. The second grade will be everywhere, outside of Zapatista territories.
Let us explain:
As we have already said, we see that the economic situation is really difficult. Well, not just the economic situation. The government repression against the originary peoples, including the Yaquis (in Sonora) and Nahuas (in Santa Mar a Ostula, Michoac n, and in Ayotitl n, Jalisco), and against the democratic teachers union (first in Oaxaca, later it will come in other states) reminds us all that those above do not honor their word and betrayal is part of the way they do politics.
With respect to the economic situation, we know that it is not easy to get together the money for daily things, much less for frequent travel to spend a few days here.
We Zapatistas know very well that if we say come to the Little School to continue learning how to really see us, well there will be people who can.

Frontera NorteSur ceases publication due to lack of funding

Ayotzinapa: The Missing 43

Censored News regrets that Frontera NorteSur will cease publishing due to a lack of funding. Journalist Kent Paterson and FNS have been a voice for human rights and justice, and for the voiceless, dying, and disappeared. This voice will be missed on the border. — Brenda Norrell Dear FNS News Readers: It is with great regret that I write to inform you of the closing of FNS News that will take place by September 1 of this year. Keeping FNS News funded had become an increasingly uphill battle, and during this year of severe budget cuts, university funding for FNS News has ceased altogether for the academic year 2015-16. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the readers and in particular those of you who made financial contributions that have been essential to keeping this news-service running. I would also like to thank Kent Paterson for the quality and consistency of his journalism. He has brought decades of expertise on Mexico and the Border Region to FNS News. Over the years his articles have covered a huge variety of issues crucial to the region. They have been read widely both nationally and internationally by educators, researchers, government agencies, people working in both private and non-profit sector, as well as citizens interested in the Border Region. The Center for Latin American and Border Studies keeps a physical archive of all past issues that is open for consultation. We also plan to maintain an electronic archive of past issues of FNS News for consultation. Readers can go back and check articles dating from the 1990s through the summer of 2015 on immigration, the drug war, violence against women, New Mexico history, Mexican politics, border economy, and many more topics. The address is: http://fnsnews.nmsu.edu/ Please be assured that we will not release your e-mail address to third parties. We will maintain the list to occasionally notify the public of events of interest sponsored by the Center for Latin American and Border Studies at New Mexico State University. Thank you once again for your constant support and readership. Sincerely, I igo Garc a-Bryce Director CLABS igarciab@nmsu.edu

VIDEO Leonard Peltier \’I Will\’ Clemency Campaign Part 4 \’The Land From Which He Came\’


Anonymous rattles Canada with release of spy files

The police murder of an Anonymous member in Dawson Creek B.C., James McIntyre, who was supporting the Treaty 8 battle against Site C dam, and now the unfolding secrets involving the Keystone XL pipeline, reveal the importance of the ongoing Native battles to protect the land, water and air for future generations.
— Censored News
Read today\’s news articles:
Toronto Star: Anonynmous opens door on secrets
The Anonymous leak, Canada spying on Obama, and the Keystone pipeline:
“… The group also released a video claiming that the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) tried to spy on President Barack Obama on Prime Minister Stephen Harper s orders and that the espionage, when it was discovered, put the Keystone pipeline project in jeopardy.”
Ipolitics: Anonymous starts slow leaking of cabinet confidences

http://ipolitics.ca/2015/07/27/anonymous-start-slow-leaking-of-cabinet-confidences-cse-spy-attempts Metronews: Anonymous reveals CSIS secrets Ottawa scrambles to sove breach http://metronews.ca/news/canada/1440920/anonymous-reveals-csis-secrets-ottawa-scrambles-to-solve-breach/ National Post: Anonymous says it hacked Canada\’s security secrets in retaliation for police shooting http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/anonymous-says-it-hacked-canadas-security-secrets-in-retaliation-for-police-shooting-of-b-c-activist ANONYMOUS VIDEO #AnonDown: Canadian Cabinet Leaks (#CCLeaks) Document 1 Press Release

Watch video: Anonymous video press release https://vimeo.com/134671981
Public Domain: use, reuse, mash up as you wish.
We begin with a moment of silence for our fallen friend, James McIntyre.
Stephen Harper, Canadian security forces, and their corporate overlords have now determined that anyone opposing their fossil fuel agenda is a terrorist.
This is the immediate and most important context of the murder of JayMack at the hands of RCMP officers in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.
Beginning with:
-covert, warrantless surveillance -outright police state dystopia at the G-20 -full court pressure against Idle No More -a series of monstrous crime legislation -and, finally, Bill C-51,
Canada has made opposing fossil fuel mania with action, words or thoughts into a summary criminal offense of the highest order.
Anonymous has been collecting bits of evidence and making plans for many months. Beginning in June, we launched an all out assault on Canada\’s Internet infrastructure in opposition to C-51, Canada\’s secret police bill.
We are also concerned that Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada will once again use widespread cheating in the upcoming federal elections.
Meanwhile, Canadian security forces and their Five Eyes partners in New Zealand, the UK, Australia, and the U.S. have been extremely pro-active in developing and purchasing offensive hacking capabilities.
Fortunately for us, Canada has been far more lax in defending its own systems. We have just released a secret document from the Canadian cabinet. We are excluding certain document security features, and, accordingly, some heading material. This is a painstaking process. We simply cannot release a document for every story we will be reporting over the coming months.
This first document, though, combined with remarks from Tony Clement after our DDoS attacks last month, show that Harper\’s cabinet made direct decisions domestically, as well as for foreign spy stations, to update security systems at a leisurely pace over at least a four year period.
Congratulations! You left many doors open for us!
We are now privy to many of Stephen Harper\’s most cherished secrets.
For instance, shortly after winning a majority in 2011, the NSA discovered that Stephen Harper had grown a bit to big for his Christian britches. He and the Canadian Security Establishment were attempting to spy on their Five Eyes partnes in the U.S. Obama\’s top intelligence officials were furious when they caught CSE in the act. They vowed to kill off Harper\’s number one priority, the KXL pipeline.
By the way, Mr. Stephen Blaney, there is nothing more undemocratic than repeatedly cheating at elections then cutting the budget for the elections watchdog. All the while, your government has continued with unprecedented secrecy, antipathy to legitimate media inquiry, and outright contempt independent scientific inquiry.
We repeat our insistence upon the immediate arrest of the RCMP killers of James McIntyre. Unless and until that happens, we will be releasing stunning secrets at irregular intervals. Of course, even if such arrests take place, we will still maintain access to information highly damaging to Stephen Harper and other supporters of Bill-C51.
Enjoy the summer, everyone. Fall will be Wild.
Until then:
We Are Anonymous.
Expect Us.
All your secrets are belong to the mask.
Also see:
Google Blogger bullying the little people: Take down order and more for Censored News

http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2015/07/google-blogger-bullying-little-people.html ……………….

Google Blogger bullying the little people: Take down order and more for Censored News

Censored News photos through the years.

Google Blogger bullying the little people: Take down order and more for Censored News By Brenda Norrell Censored News Censored News is a small operation, a labor of love. It is a service to Indigenous Peoples and human rights advocates. So why the bullying from Google Blogger, where I have been posting for the last nine years? First, Google Blogger yanked off an article last week with a take down order (Canadian police kill Anonymous member defending Treaty 8 land from dam.) After I published the facts about the take down, perhaps in retaliation, Google Blogger posted an ugly sign on my blog for European readers, warning them about cookies. The ugly sign isn\’t even correct. Censored News does not use Ad sense or any form of advertising. Further, Google never gave me a copy of the so-called complaint which led to the take down order. So, there is no way to know what the offending content was. The post has multiple links and screenshots on it. Here\’s the Censored News WordPress site , which is up and running again. It will serve as a backup in case Google Blogger follows through on its threats and yanks the whole nine years of Censored News work off the Internet. www.censorednews.wordpress.com For now, we will keep posting on Google Blogger as well. We will let you know if there\’s more bullying. Here\’s Google Blogger\’s notices:

Above: Google Blogger notice to Censored News for ugly sign for European readers
Above: Google Blogger notice of take down order, but there is no copy of the complaint so the post, which has multiple links and screenshots, can be fixed.
Above: Ugly sign posted on Censored News yesterday for European readers. It is incorrect. Censored News does not use Adsense or any form of advertising.

Below: Censored News now again at WordPress.

Up and running again, Censored News at WordPress. www.censorednews.wordpress.com

Anonymous release: Keystone Pipeline and Canada spying on Obama

By Brenda Norrell Censored News Anonymous in Canada is now releasing documents following the police shooting of James McIntyre, jaymack9. The Anonymous member had posted on Twitter that he would be at the Dawson Creek meeting that night to support the Treaty 8 battle against Site C dam. He was shot by police when he arrived. Now Anonymous is releasing spy documents. Read the news involving Keystone Pipeline and Canada\’s spying on Obama. Anonymous says it is prepared to expose more secrets of Canada and Harper. https://news.vice.com/article/anonymous-vows-to-keep-leaking-canadian-spy-secrets-over-police-shooting?utm_source=vicenewstwitter

Nihigaal bee lina Walking the Good Road to Cortez

Journey for Existence, Dine\’ youths walking to the Four Sacred Mountains, speaking out for protection of the land, water, air and all living things.

Death by US police accelerates as media and ethical attorneys fail the people

By Brenda Norrell Censored News The US attempted to cover up the US police murders while testifying before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in May. The countries of the world made it clear that they knew the facts. Now, these police murders, and deaths in jail, are increasing — at least the reporting of these is increasing. A judge has now ordered migrant children released from jail, which violated international law. The US attempted to cover up the fact that migrant children were imprisoned in the U S, before the UN Human Rights Council. Also during the cover-up, the US representatives claimed that the atrocities of homelessness of US veterans, and failed services to veterans, particularly in Phoenix, had all been resolved. On the issues of drone assassinations, torture and spying, the US had few words to offer in the attempted cover-up. It was disturbing to see that Keith Harper, Cherokee, led this cover-up testimony before the UN. His law firm received millions, a large portion, of the Cobell settlement. As for those receiving Cobell checks, many Native Americans still do not know if when they cashed those checks if they were being paid for royalties owed for their land, or if by signing the checks they were giving up their Native ancestral lands. Both the news media, and ethical attorneys, are failing the people in these battles for justice. Particularly in Indian country, the national news media has collapsed into plagiarism and fraud, with reporters at Native news websites deceiving their readers into believing that they are out covering the news, when they are actually staying home and plagiarizing and rewriting others hard work. Where are the ethical attorneys who can expose the facts of the Cobell settlement? Where are the ethical attorneys who will bring justice for those who are victims of police racism and violence?

Google enforces takedown order on Censored News: Anonymous member killed


By Brenda Norrell Censored News Google has enforced a takedown order on Censored News and removed this article from Censored News: \’Canadian police kill Anonymous member defending Native land from dam.\’ Google has not provided the specifics as to why it was removed. Meanwhile, there are many articles on the web with the same information. The important point is that there are conflicting reports on the reasons police shot the Anonymous member James Daniel McIntyre, known as jaymack9, and there should be a real investigation. There is also a need for more news coverage on Treaty 8 land and water rights, and the battle of First Nations Treaty 8 to halt the Site C dam in BC. Among the many threats is the flooding of lands of medicinal plants. Update: Google Blogger bullying the little people: Take down order and more for Censored News http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2015/07/google-blogger-bullying-little-people.html A Yahoo search will take you to the same information that Google has censored: (Search words: \’Anonymous Treaty 8 dam Dawson Creek\’ ) https://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=AtLcXo9z6d.91RHOBmsLKsKbvZx4?p=Anonymous+Dawson+Creek+dam+Treaty+8&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-314&fp=1

Arizona Rep Gosar sinks to new lows in paternalism and white supremacy

Apache Stronghold grandmothers terrified Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar this week when they came to his office door at the US Captiol. Gosar called the cops on them.

By Brenda Norrell Censored News English/French French translation by Christine Prat Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar — who called the cops on Apache Stronghold grandmothers who came to his US Capitol office — sank to many new lows this week, even for Arizona politicians. In a statement reeking of paternalism and white supremacy, Gosar claims Apache can\’t think for themselves and are controlled by outside interests. Gosar said, “Anti-mining opponents have sunk to a new low by using members of the Apache Tribe to further their misguided effort …” Gosar\’s statement is too ridiculous and self-serving to post and give publicity to. This is how they spin, Arizona racist politicians harnessed by corporate interests and racist underbellies. Read more: Arizona Rep Gosar calls the cops on Apache grandmothers http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2015/07/ariz-rep-gosar-calls-cops-on-apache.html

DENVER Dine\’ Protest Proposed Saddle Butte Pipeline and Fracking of Chaco Region

SEVERAL DINE ADVOCATES, COLORADO ALLIES, and OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS FROM MEXICO, UNITE TO PROTEST SADDLE BUTTE PIPELINE TO PREVENT FURTHER FRACKING, DESTRUCTION TO OUR PRECIOUS GROUND WATER, DESTRUCTION OF OUR COMMUNITIES, FAMILIES, AND LAND, and DESTRUCTION OF OUR SACRED SITES. Dine\’ and advocates press statement Censored News Photos by Krystal Curley, Dine\’ English/French French translation by Christine Prat July 24, 2015 Today a group of indigenous peoples representing North America and Mexico, came together to protest the proposed oil pipeline to be constructed by Saddle Butte Pipeline if approved permission by the U.S. Department of Interior. A one page bullet-point notice by the group was delivered to the Vice-President of Engineering, Wayne Swafford, who met the group outside the building they are located in downtown Denver, Colorado. The notice to Saddle Back listed the following: We are the Caretakers of Land, Elders and the Children We are advocates for our land and stand united with our allies We unite to protest Saddle Butte s plans to construct its proposed oil pipeline near our sacred Chaco canyon lands & the destruction of what fracking is doing to our precious drinking groundwater We are here today to protect Mother Earth and her western rocky backbone The proposed oil pipeline will begin from south of Farmington and end near U.S. Interstate 40 where railroad tracks are closely aligned to the freeway. The proposed path for the pipeline will go through the Navajo Nation, indigenous communities, and near the infamous Chaco Canyon that is home to Pueblo Bonito. Chaco Canyon is sacred to indigenous peoples from the Southwest region of the United States into Mexico and Guatemala. Several questions were posed to Mr. Swafford that included his thoughts on the impact to sacred lands and if he wanted to say anything to the Navajo People & other indigenous peoples. His response was that the oil needs to get from point A to point B and that it is the only way to get there. He further stated that Saddle Butte does not produce oil and is only trying to make it a safer environment for everyone. Saddle Butte pipeline, stay out of our communities. Protect what is sacred to us. Water, land, life and Chaco canyon. We stand united to protect Mother Earth. Etta Arviso and Ken Augustine of Caretakers of Land Elders and Children Association sent the delegation with a message to Saddle Butte Company in Denver. For more information: Anna Rondon, Dine\’ annarondon@msn.com .

Chaco Canyon, one of the greatest windows to the past
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CENSORED NEWS: September 2013

Photos Joni Tucker: Long Walk 4: Indigenous Sovereignty in Wichita Kansas


Censored News Photos by Joni Taylor Tucker, thank you! See more photos of this day by Long Walker Bad Bear: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2013/09/long-walk-4-wichita-kansas-fight.html Photo 1: September 29, 2013: Longest Walk 4: Circle Gathering for Rally at the “Keeper of the Plains.” Michael Lane discusses Indigenous Sovereignty with supporters. Photo 2: Longest Walk 4 Supporter Kent Rowe of Wichita State University and the Sierra Club, Wichita Kansas Chapter, passionately speaking about the fight against the Keystone tar sands pipeline and it\’s destruction to Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Several local Sierra club members attended the Rally. Rowe asked all to join in the fight as well as encouraged individuals go off grid or commit to find ways in reducing their use of petroleum and coal. Photo 3: Longest Walker Western Shoshone Bad Bear speaking during Rally on his commitment and purpose that brought him to the Longest Walk 4. Walking through Wichita, and at the end of the day, dinner together! The lake photo is of Keeper of the Plains: http://kansastravel.org/ keeperoftheplains.htm

Long Walk 4 Wichita Kansas \’Fight the Tarsands\’


Thanks to Western Shoshone Long Walker Bad Bear Sampson for sharing these photos with Censored News! Wichita, Kansas on Sunday!
Joni Taylor Tucker writes to Censored News:
September 29, 2013: Longest Walk 4: Circle Gathering for Rally at the “Keeper of the Plains.” Michael Lane discussed Indigenous Sovereignty with supporters. Longest Walk 4 Supporter Kent Rowe of Wichita State University and the Sierra Club, Wichita Kansas Chapter, passionately spoke about the fight against the Keystone tar sands pipeline and it\’s destruction to Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Several local Sierra club members attended the Rally. Rowe asked all to join in the fight as well as encouraged individuals go off grid or commit to find ways in reducing their use of petroleum and coal.

Censored News 8th Birthday: Changing the Face of News

Top Story: Lakota blockade tarsands trucks in 2012

Censored News contributors changed the face of news By Brenda Norrell Censored News Censored News is celebrating its 8th birthday with 2.5 million views and sends a thank you to each contributor of Censored News. Topping the list of the top ten most viewed articles at Censored News are the Lakota protest actions. The number one most viewed article was coverage of Lakotas at Pine Ridge blockading the tarsands trucks, and their arrests in 2012. There were 22,000 views. Next was the coverage of Lakotas and Dakotas facing off with white supremacists in Leith, North Dakota, on Sunday. The series on the Wikileaks cables and US spying on Indigenous Peoples, with six months of research by Censored News, follows. The top ten include the video of the Lakota elder who discovered the initials of KKK carved into him in a Rapid City hospital. Next, is the Censored News original article showing Mexico\’s corruption in the dirty coal industry and destruction of Indian sacred lands with mining. The article came after Anonymous hacked e-mails in Mexico and placed those online. The banning of books written by Chicano and Native American authors by the Tucson Unified Schools, when it eliminated its Mexican American Studies program, follows. Wikileaks exposure of wiretaps of Mohawks in 2010 was next. The exposure of Arizona Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain attempting to steal Navajo water rights by Dine\’ Ed Becenti was next. After a leaked memo on Censored News, the Secretary of Interior resigned. Articles on Native Americans efforts to protect San Francisco Peaks from Arizona Snowbowl\’s destruction in Arizona, and protests of Peabody Coal, also topped the list of reader favorites. Censored News was created in 2006, after I was censored and terminated by Indian Country Today, after serving as a longtime ICT staff reporter. Censored News was created to reveal the news that is censored by ICT and most of the mainstream media in Indian country. Censored News has been published without advertising or grants, primarily with my own funds, which were totally depleted two years ago. Hopefully, a newspaper or online media will follow, covering these issues on a national and global scale. The key will be to provide writers and photographers with salaries, and the costly expenses for travel and equipment. This new media is vital for truth and media integrity in Indian country, which has been degraded by widespread plagiarism, censorship, manipulation and deception. Thanks to each of you, writers, photographers, sources, leakers, supporters, videomakers, readers and friends of Censored News. You know who you are. You have helped changed the face of news. Special thanks to our longtime contributors, including Kahentinetha at Mohawk Nation News; Debra White Plume and Owe Aku International; Ofelia Rivas and O\’odham Voice against the Wall; and Navajo, Hopi, Apache, Supai, Pueblo, Mohawk, Pomo, Cree and Anishinaabe contributors. Special thanks to the Native youth media in Flagstaff, Arizona, including Indigenous Action Media, Outta Your Backpack Media, and Save the Peaks Youths. A special thank you to our hard working translators Christine Prat, French, and Alice Holemans, Dutch. Special thanks to the Zapatistas, Mohawk Warrior Society, Dine\’, Hopi and Lakota medicine people, and traditional Indigenous grassroots people for their guidance. We continue. Censored News Top 10 Reader Favorites (1) Lakotas arrested blocking tarsands trucks on Pine Ridge, by Brenda Norrell with contributing Lakotas at the scene, special thanks to Debra and Alex White Plume, Ironshell family, and other Lakota contributors, Censored News, March 5, 2012 http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2012/03/lakota-arrests-underway-halting-xl.html (2) American Indians Protect Treaty Territory; Lakotas and Dakotas faceoff with white supremacists in Leith, North Dakota, by Brenda Norrell, special thanks to Last Real Indians, and Unedited Media livestream, by Censored News, Sept. 21, 2013 updated: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2013/09/american-indians-protect-treaty.html (3) Wikileaks revealed US espionage of Indigenous Peoples, series by Brenda Norrell, Censored News, Dec. 29, 2011 http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2011/12/wikileaks-revealed-us-espionage-of.html (4) KKK carved on Lakota elder in Rapid City hospital, special thanks to Candace Ducheneux and Cheyenne River contributors, April 25, 2012 http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2012/04/kkk-carved-on-blind-lakota-elder-in.html (5) Hacked e-mails reveal Mexico manipulating climate change, destroying Indian sacred lands, by Brenda Norrell, Censored News Feb 14, 2012 http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2012/02/hacked-e-mails-reveal-mexico.html (6) Banning of books signals revolution in Tucson, by Brenda Norrell, special thanks to Mexican American Studies students, Three Sonorans news, Roberto Rodriguez, Acoma Pueblo poet and professor Simon Ortiz, and more, Censored News, Jan. 14, 2012 http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2012/01/banning-of-books-signals-revolution-in.html (7) Wikileaks: Canada\’s unauthorized wiretaps of Mohawks, by Brenda Norrell, Censored News 2010 http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2010/08/wikileaks-canadas-unauthorized-wiretaps.html (8) Arizona senators coming to steal Navajo water rights, by Ed Becenti, Dine\’, Censored News, April 3, 2012 http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2012/04/arizona-senators-coming-to-steal-navajo.html (9) Native youth drummers attacked by Snowbowl supporters at city event in Flagstaff, by Protect the Peaks, special thanks to Klee Benally and Native youth media in Flagstaff, Arizona, Censored News, Feb. 10, 2013 http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2013/02/native-youth-drummers-attacked-by.html (10) Navajos, Appalachians protest Peabody Coal in St Louis, protesters arrested Snowbowl protesters arrested by By Derek Minnow Bloom, Black Mesa Indigenous Support, Zach Chasnoff, Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, Jan. 25, 2013, Censored News http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2013/01/navajos-and-appalachians-protest.html Articles censored by Indian Country Today 2004 — 2006: http://bsnorrell.tripod.com/ Censored News Top 10 for 2012: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2012/12/censored-news-most-censored-in-2012.html The top countries reading Censored News are the US, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Russia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Australia, and Poland. Recently, China has been one of the top ten. Brenda Norrell has been a news reporter in Indian country for 31 years. During the 18 years that she lived on the Navajo Nation, she was a reporter for Navajo Times and stringer for AP, USA Today and other media. After serving as a longtime staff reporter for Indian Country Today, she was censored and terminated in 2006. She created Censored News, now with 2.5 million pageviews, and without advertising or grants. brendanorrell@gmail.com

Photos Longest Walk 4 close to Wichita Kansas Sept. 27, 2013

Add the end of a hard day Friday, 32 miles left until Wichita
Photos by Western Shoshone Long Walker Carl \’Bad Bear\’ Sampson
Friday, Sept. 27, 2013 via cell as it happens
Route and donation tab at Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz website:
Update: Michael Lane: The Walk will be going through Wichita on September 29th. We will start at 9am from 29th and Rock, go down Rock to Central and head toward the park by the Mid America All Indian Center, where we will have a rally at 12:30 pm to talk about the Walk and to express our support for those engaged in tar sands and pipeline resistance. We will be in the Wichita area for the next four days so if anyone wants us to come and talk we are available. We will be staying at 9601 w 73rd street and the contact phone is 202-436-6576. Wichita Sunday
Clara Curtiss on Long Walk 4 with children

The Longest Walk 4: Return to Alcatraz will be in Wichita this Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013, at 12:30 pm at the Keeper of the Plains to give a presentation about Native Issues and the impact of Tar sands pipeline. Long Walker seeks sponsor Clara Curtiss, our friend from Long Walk 2, would like to join Long Walk 4 as a walker and runner, with her three children. She is seeking a sponsor ($220 a month for existing monthly expenses) so she can join the walk all the way to California. I\’ll tell a little story of Clara\’s unselfishness. When Clara had just joined Long Walk 2, one of the Japanese youth walkers, who had come all the way from California with us, had to leave the US immediately to renew his visa. The cheapest ticket I could find for him was to Ecuador, but he had no US dollars to buy the ticket. Instantly without knowing him, Clara agreed to give him all the money she had to buy that ticket. He was out the door of the Earthcycles radio bus in minutes and on a plane to Ecuador the next morning. He later reimbursed her and had a great walk around Ecuador before returning to Long Walk 2. — Brenda Norrell, Censored News Contact for more information: brendanorrell@gmail.com

Winnemem Wintu Say No To Shasta Dam Raise, Twin Tunnels

Winnemem Wintu Chief Caleen Sisk emphasized that the loss of salmon will result in a huge catastrophe for fish, people and the planet. Who will turn over the rocks in the river when the salmon are gone? Who will provide the nutrients to the ecosystem? Without the salmon, there will be a major disaster, she said.
Winnemem Wintu Say No To Shasta Dam Raise, Twin Tunnels
by Dan Bacher
Over 30 people, including members of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, Hoopa Valley Tribe and their allies, protested government plans to raise Shasta Dam and build the peripheral tunnels under the Delta in front of the Visitors Center at the dam on Saturday, September 21 as the first rain of the fall poured down on them.
The protest was held as part of a series of events, including several film showings, to counter the Bureau of Reclamation s 75th anniversary celebration of Shasta Dam the week of September 15-22.
The protesters wore raingear emblazoned with letters spelling out, No Dam Raise, No Tunnels, on the side of the Visitor Center. They also shouted out, No Shasta Dam Raise, No Twin Tunnels as they held an array of signs, with the dam in the background.

Listen: Choctaw Ben Carnes: Indian Child Welfare \’These are our children\’

ICWA: These are our CHILDREN and our Future (Part 2)

Choctaw Ben Carnes
Eaglemanz on Blogtalk Radio Thursday 5:30 pm Central time
Call in to speak with the host
Most people have heard of the outcome in Baby Veronica\’s case and recent victory of the Absentee-Shawnee in having Baby Deseray returned to their care and custody. What will future outcomes of ICWA cases. What must we do to ensure that our children remain within their traditional, cultural and spiritual environment.
Special Guests :
Charles Tripp , Cherokee. Successfully litigated the case of Baby Deseray for Absentee-Shawnee. Currently the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Kaw Nation in Oklahoma and serves as district Judge, attorney general and prosecutor/public defender for several tribal judiciaries in OK and KS.
Casey Camp-Horinek , Ponca. Activist, Elder, and Actress. She is one of only 100 women representatives selected world-wide to attend the International Women s Earth and Climate Initiative (IWEC ) in NYC this past weekend.
JoKay Dowell , Quapaw/Cherokee. Journalist, photographer and Activist.
Glenda Sue Deer , Kickapoo. American Indian Movement Activist and former foster mother.

Long Walk 4 Photos Walking toward Wichita Kansas Sept. 26, 2013

By Censored News

KANSAS — Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz today, Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013. Thanks to Carl \’Bad Bear\’ Sampson, Western Shoshone long walker, for sharing photos via cell with Censored News!

Long Walker Sharon Heta, Maori, said, ” Expressions of gratefulness is extended to Dennis and Brenda Yarnall and their son Zac of Cardinal Creek Farm in Leon, Kansas in opening their home and hearts to the Longest Walk4: Return to Alcatraz and providing a dinner after walking 17 miles today. The LW4 is humbled, especially as the Yarnell family was not aware about the LW4 or that it was a spiritual walk to Alcatraz for indigenous peoples of Turtle Island and the World. As we walk in prayer for indigenous sovereignty, we come to learn that our hosts the Yarnell family of Cardinal Creek Farm are committed to building a stronger community by building connections between people while strengthening the connection with our natural world. It was a good day walking as the butterflies spread their wings, towards the turquoise blue Kansas skies.” Wichita Sunday The Longest Walk 4: Return to Alcatraz will be in Wichita this Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013, at 12:30 pm at the Keeper of the Plains to give a presentation about Native Issues and the impact of Tar sands pipeline. Return to Alcatraz 4 route and donation tab http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com

Mohawk John Kane \’No, Really! It s OK to Watch Al Jazeera America\’

PHOTO Dianne McNair, Bureau Coordinator/Assistant to the Bureau Chief, Al Jazeera Network, Washington, DC Bureau and Abderrahim Foukara, Al Jazeera Bureau Chief, Washington, DC and New York with a Unity Flag from yours truly. Al Jazeera network is committed to the voices of the voiceless. Sign me up! No buffalo speeches. Just the hard truth and how WE see things. (Photo by L. Hill) By John Kane, Mohawk Let\’s Talk Native Censored News I am amazed at the displaced loyalty to all things American that far too many Native people have. Whether it is getting all patriotic every time 9-11 is mentioned or supporting American political candidates or voting in their elections or even enlisting in their armed forces. Have we forgotten that we are survivors of the most monstrous and prolonged act of genocide the world has ever known? Do we forget that for more than 100 years our children were seized from our homes, stripped of their identities, languages, cultures and dignities while being abused and crippled physically and mentally? Do we fail to acknowledge that policies exist to this day designed to conform us and assimilate our people to their laws and customs? Can we not see that in 2013 we have become so marginalized in our own lands that the occupiers can actually get away with using our images for sports mascots as though we are not real people or no longer exist? What s worse, I think, is that so many are fine with all of this. The mere mention of a country or nation that the U.S. or Canada deems unfriendly sends far too many Native people scurrying to their oppressors teats. Even just the name of countries like Venezuela, Iran, Palestine countries whose people have never harmed our own invokes an almost involuntary response due entirely to the propaganda we have been fed. No matter how many times ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX or CNN portray us as pitiful creatures incapable taking care of ourselves in the land of milk and honey, we still flock to them or to their affiliates for our basic windows to the world and what can only be described as funhouse mirrors to view ourselves. When I mention a viable alternative to such blather, such as Al Jazeera or Al Jazeera America, it is actually comical to view the responses. Big eyes and Whoa there, terrorist are not just written on their faces but are actually uttered through the mouths of some people. Mention that I have done an interview for Al Jazeera and a step back has even been witnessed. I am not suggesting that anyone gets our story entirely right. However, until there is an Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) in the U.S. market and perhaps, more importantly, in the international market, we need to examine more critically the ridiculous talking heads that currently dominate the mainstream media. For me, Al Jazeera is the only hope on the horizon. With the launch of Al Jazeera America, this news channel has committed itself to giving a voice to the voiceless and therein lies our best opportunity to be heard. But we have to be willing to at least utter a few sounds first and stop running from those the in the US and Canada would love to see us silenced. As we make noise in our own territories we need to help this new network stay true to its word by telling our stories and providing feedback. My conversations with the folks from Al Jazeera have stressed our plight in the context of many conflicts around the world and throughout history. There is little point in waging war against the Washington Redskins if we are only suggesting that a name change will make America better. That is ridiculous! It won t! Mascots are not the real issue here racism and genocide are. If no other network sports, news or talk is willing to have a serious discussion on how the true heirs to this continent still battle everyday to survive, not just as individuals but as peoples, then I am all in for giving my new best friend AJ a shot. Let s get a conversation going on the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Let s expose the Doctrine of Christian Discovery as the racist foundation the U.S. and Canada is built upon. Show the poverty, the suicides, the violence and corruption that exist on Native lands but this time show why. Show the federal policies, state sponsored racism and crimes against humanity that continue to this day in the land of truth, justice and the American way. I don t mind for a minute telling our story from a studio devoid of fake patriotism, flag lapel pins and pro-America spin on every turn. Let s give Al Jazeera America a chance. What the Heck! They even have America in their name for all of you who need that sort of thing. John Karhiio Kane, Mohawk, a national commentator on Native American issues, hosts Let s Talk Native with John Kane, ESPN-AM 1520 in Buffalo, Sundays, 9-11 p.m. He is a frequent guest on WGRZ-TV s (NBC/Buffalo) 2 Sides and The Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter in Albany. John s Native Pride blog can be found atwww.letstalknativepride.blogspot.com. He also has a very active Let s Talk Native with John Kane group page on Facebook. First published in Two Rows Times , reposted by permission. Thank you John Kane.

Photos Longest Walk 4 Long Hot Road to Wichita Kansas Sept 25, 2013


Thanks to Carl \’Bad Bear\’ Sampson, Western Shoshone, for sharing photos from the Longest Walk 4 with Censored News! The Longest Walk made it to Emporia, Kansas, on Tues., Sept. 24, 2013! More photos from yesterday! http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2013/09/long-walk-4-photos-near-lyndon-missouri.html Route and donation tab at www.returntoalcatraz.com

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CENSORED NEWS: August 2008

Federal government involved in raids on protesters

Glenn Greenwald Sunday Aug. 31, 2008 11:46 EDT Federal government involved in raids on protesters As the police attacks on protesters in Minnesota continue — see this video of the police swarming a bus transporting members of Earth Justice, seizing the bus and leaving the group members stranded on the side of the highway — it appears increasingly clear that it is the Federal Government that is directing this intimidation campaign. Minnesota Public Radio reported yesterday that “the searches were led by the Ramsey County Sheriff\’s office. Deputies coordinated searches with the Minneapolis and St. Paul police departments and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” Read article: http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2008/08/31/raids/

Haudenosaunee Grandmothers File Suit Against Canada

HAUDENOSAUNEE GRANDMOTHERS FILE DO IT YOURSELF LAW SUIT WATCH OUT CANADA , THE FEDERAL COURT IS BEING PUT TO THE TEST Mohawk Nation News Aug. 30, 2008. Canada keeps trying to pretend it s open season on the Kanionkehaka/Mohawk. It s even okay to assault our elders and grandmothers. No steps have been taken to charge the Canada Border Services Agents CBSA who assaulted Katenies and Kahentinetha on June 14th 2008. Kahentinetha suffered a trauma induced heart attack. They tried to beat Katenies to a pulp. They act like this is business as usual . The prosecutors have not done their duty. Because of this there has been no public investigation and the crime has been swept under the carpet. The two women have no money, but they have found a way that might make rogue crown agents accountable. They have filed an action in Canada s Federal Court. This does not mean they are accepting Canadian jurisdiction over themselves or the Haudenosaunee. Canadian agents have no right to abuse human rights or commit crimes against anyone, including those foreign to Canada . Canada has signed many agreements promising to uphold international human right standards. You don t have to be a Canadian citizen to sue Canada . Canada s courts have an obligation to uphold the law. The following Statement of Claim shows that we can defend ourselves. They two grandmothers filed their complaint in the Federal Court of Canada, under Section 48 of Canada s Federal Court Act. [You can find the instructions for filing on the Federal Court website]. To get things going, you pay the filing fee and hand in 5 copies of your Statement of Claim . The court clerk puts on a gold stamped seal and signs it to prove it has been filed. They serve it on the government the next day, and the crown has 30 days to answer. When you draft your claim, just put the facts down. Make sure you don t include any allegations that you can t prove. For example, you need a direct witness, documentary evidence or video tapes from CBSA cameras. If you miss a deadline, your case will be finished. The crown has to follow the law too, but it might try to ignore you. Don t forget to include a demand that federal officials follow the court s timelines.September 19, 2008, is the crown s deadline for answering the two grandmothers. If the crown doesn t answer, Canada will lose by default. The court should then order Canada to meet the grandmothers demands. MNN Staff STATEMENT OF CLAIM TO THE DEFENDANT (court seal) Assault, Arrest and Illegal Detention By Canada Border Service Agents At Cornwall Border Court File No. F1309-08 FEDERAL COURT OF CANADA BETWEEN KAHENTINETHA AND KATENIES Persons of the Kanion ke:haka/Mohawk NationPlaintiffs AndThe QueenSection 48, Federal Court Act STATEMENT OF CLAIM1. The plaintiffs demand that the individuals who assaulted them must be charged, tried and punished and that their personal possessions must be returned. 2. Canada s Constitution Act, 1982 states that Canada is governed by the rule of law and everyone is equal before the law. 3. This means that Canadian officials must obey the law, just like everyone else. When they commit an assault they should be charged with an assault under Canada s Criminal Code just like anyone else who commits an assault on the territory over which Canada claims jurisdiction. 4. Canada has failed to apply its laws equally in the area over which it claims jurisdiction. 5. Akwesasne is a small Kanionkehaka community that existed long before the Canadian state was conceived. 6. The Canada – U.S. border was placed in the middle of Akwesasne without the consent of the people of Akwesasne. 7. The people of Akwesasne must cross the Canadian border many times a day for groceries, to visit relatives and to conduct normal community life. 8.Kahentinetha is a 68-year old Kanionkehaka grandmother. Katenies is 43-years old and also a Kanionkehaka grandmother. Sakowaiaks is their friend. 9. On June 14, 2008 Sakowaiaks and Kahentinetha went to Akwesasne to pick up Katenies on the Kanatakon portion of the Akwesasne community. 10. At approximately 2:00 pm they arrived at the Canadian border control, which is situated in the Kawehnonkeh portion of the Akwesasne community. 11. The border agent took the identity documents of Katenies, Kahentinetha and Sakowaiaks and told them to wait under the canopy. Soon they took Kahentinetha s car keys. The three hostages sat there peacefully for an hour surrounded by guards. 12. Some Kanionkehaka elders showed up to witness what was happening. 13. During this time, several other vehicles were searched and released. Only Indigenous people were stopped. All were residents of Akwesasne. 14. At approximately 3:00 pm, a platoon of about a dozen guards marched towards the car, all wearing leather gloves, flack jackets and all kinds of equipment hanging about their waists. 15. Throughout the attack on Kahentinetha and Katenies that followed, one officer, Maurice Saucier [Badge #16121], was on the cell phone directing operations. 16. Katenies was dragged violently from the back seat of the car by a gang of hefty young men and women dressed up as Canadian Border Services Agents. They knocked her down, pinned her to the ground, and forced their knees into her head and back. They handcuffed her and smashed and rubbed her face into the pavement. 17. Sakowaiaks heard the sound of flesh hitting the pavement. 18. Katenies received bleeding scrapes and bruises on her face, shoulders, arms and legs. She was taken into the customs building and later to Ottawa . 19. No charges were read to Katenies and her request for medical help was refused. She was not allowed to call her mother and her mother was not permitted to see her or speak to her. She was held incommunicado for three days until she appeared in Cornwall court on June 17, 2008. 20. After the assault on Katenies began, Kahentinetha was ordered to get out of the car. She was afraid to get out because of what they had done to Katenies. 21. Kahentinetha heard Maurice Saucier tell the other agents to Take her out . She was afraid for her life if she got out of the car. 22. Kahentinetha asked What have I done? She was not informed of any legal charges against her.23. Several agents started grabbing her and yanking her out of the car. She was thrown around, assaulted, handcuffed, and imprisoned. 24. In the cell, the attack continued. Kahentinetha s shoes were taken. Some officers tightened the handcuffs she was wearing several times. This cut the circulation to her hands. Pain shot up her arms. She saw flashes of light and felt sharp pains in the middle of her chest and back. She cried out for help. The guards ignored her and tightened the handcuffs more. They yelled threats at her and kept ordering her to bend down. A man stood behind her and had his hands on her pants. She received scrapes and bruises on her arms and legs. 25. Frank Horn, Kahentinetha s brother is a Cornwall lawyer. He and his son Kanatase, happened to be waiting in the line at the border. 26. When Frank Horn asked to see his sister, they took off the handcuffs and gave her a chair to sit on. When he saw her, he immediately insisted on calling an ambulance. The Akwesasne Police stood and watched in silence. 27. The ambulance took Kahentinetha to Cornwall Community Hospital and later to the Ottawa Ontario Heart Institute. She remained in hospital for 5 days in the trauma unit and intensive care unit. The doctors told her she had had a trauma induced heart attack. 28. Kahentinetha was in excellent health before the attack by the border guards. Her health is now fragile. On June 30th, 2008 she had a relapse and was hospitalized at the Anna Laberge Hospital in Chateauguay Quebec . 29. Neither of these women is associated with any kind of criminal activity. 30. Some of the CBSA officers involved in the attack had the following badge numbers: 17012; 16320; 16511; 16121; and 16275. 31. Katenies identity documents have not been returned. Also missing are documents that were in the trunk and the shoes taken from Kahentinetha s feet. The plaintiffs request: a) Trial on appropriate criminal charges against the individuals who committed and directed the assault against them; b) Full disclosure of all evidence including videotapes, cell phones, files, official communications, policing agreements and wiretaps concerning this action; c) An order that all Canadian government agencies must respect our human rights as set out in international human rights instruments that Canada has signed; d) An order that the accused and all involved Canadian government agencies must respect the time delays set out in the Federal Court Rules of Court; e) $10 million for physical, psychological and punitive damages; andf) Such other relief as this court may deem fit. The plaintiffs propose that this action be tried in the Federal Court of Canada at 30 McGill Street , Montreal Quebec . August 20, 2008 Kahentinetha _______________ Katenies ___________________ Address of Service: For the purposes of this proceeding only, service to be made care of Julio Peris, 625 Rene Levesque West, Suite 900, Montreal, Quebec H3B 1R2 514-933-4656 Fax 514-93309587/I HEREBY CERTIFY that the above document is a true copy of the original issud out/filed in the Court on Aug. 20, 2008 A.D. Signed by Nicole Reimen, Agent du Greffe, Registry Officer PLEASE NOTE: As can be seen, it s becoming critical for legal actions to be taken to protect our rights. We have no funds. Canada is hiring costly law firms to suppress our rights. If you can donate anything to our cause, it will be greatly appreciated.Donate to: PayPal, www.mohawknationnews.com , or MNN Mohawk Nation News , Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen/Thank you very much. New MNN Books Available Now! 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Denver Democratic National Convention, this isn\’t OZ

By Brenda Norrell

DENVER — If you relied on the mainstream media for coverage of this week\’s Democratic National Convention, you probably visualized everyone clicking their heels together and entering the land of OZ. While the mainstream media and politicians were cloistered together, the people were in the streets, voicing disgust over the Bush regime, which decimated civil liberties and turned the Earth into the corporate profiteers\’ commodity. At the same time, the Iraq war continued with the mainstream media complicit in the genocide of women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan. The signs reminded all that the Bush regime and Congress violated the Geneva Conventions and carried out kidnapping, torture and murder of people in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and secret prisons. The lawlessness that prevailed in the White House and Congress was maintained by the police at the Democratic National Convention who provoked peaceful demonstrators on Monday night, culminating in an at attack by riot police who sprayed pepper spray and shot rubber bullets at peaceful protesters. The collapse of US democracy was most poignant at the Freedom for Political Prisoners rally and march at the federal courthouse in Denver on Monday. Here, Aurora police drew weapons on people of color: American Indians, blacks, Chicanos and others. It was clear that there are two Americas and one America is filling the prisons because of racial profiling and racial injustice. While simulating waterboarding and US torture, activists demanded freedom for Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal, the Cuban Five and other political prisoners. With courage, US servicemen led the march against the war and occupation in Iraq on Wednesday. On Thursday, marchers demanded that US lawlessness be halted and the ICE raids against workers that are dividing families be halted. At the “We Are America,” march for immigrant rights, marchers pointed out that hundreds of workers arrested in Laurel, Mississippi, in raids have been sent to one of the most racist towns in America: Jena, Louisiana. As the so-called “clean coal,” industry poured millions into the convention, protesters reminded the people that there is no such thing as “clean coal.” A moment of truth came when ABC news producer Asa Eslocker was roughly arrested. Eslocker, an investigative reporter, was pushed into the traffic by a Boulder police officer. During the arrest, Eslocker was grabbed around the neck by an officer, as documented by a film crew. Eslocker was waiting on a public sidewalk to film financial donors leaving a hotel. Meanwhile, those marchers who were sprayed with pepper spray on Monday were not allowed to wash it off when they were detained and jailed. “This is a form of torture,” said one street medic, describing the poisons that are absorbed internally. Another medic described the wound of a rubber bullet. The women of Code Pink were targeted by police, with women thrown violently to the ground during arrests, as documented in videos. In the St Paul/Minneapolis area, police raids of homes and community centers are already underway in preparation for the Republican National Convention, Sept. 1 — 4. Protesters say they are not intimidated. As thousands marched this week in Denver, volunteers at Food Not Bombs gathered donated foods and fed the people. In the streets, the people asked: “Is anyone really listening?” The people don\’t have a clue. But for those who spent this week in the streets of Denver, a new America was emerging. The people were giving voice to truth, a prized commodity in this age of US genocide, corrupt media and the corporate rape of the Earth Mother.

McCain\’s VP pick: Oil drilling more important than polar bears

Censored News, reader comment: McCain\’s Vice Presidential\’s selection Palin Would deny Indigenous Rights Praying to Four Winds Gov. Sarah Palin is not prepared to be Vice President. She reversed Dirk Kempthorne, US Secretary of the Interior, decision listing polar bears as an endangered species. This youthful appearing governor ignored pleas of both Native People and environmentalists amid her fears of annoying oil barrens. The Governor\’s actions deny a way of life for American Indians, falsely believing an opposite action would hurt oil and gas development in the bears\’ habitat off Alaska\’s northern and northwestern coasts. We don\’t need to punch more holes in pristine lands, nor to make our few Indians homeless. Citizens agree it\’s time to fight against global warming, not add to it. Palin\’s pushy fundamentalist Christian views coupled with Texas bible classes would bring havoc to classrooms across Texas, which we do not need. Palin is not good for the Nation; she\’s not been tested. If we look back historically, it was the fundamentalists who led the worse blight on our Nation — genocide of the Native People.

In Alaska she has taken just such a position. This candidate\’s short history reveals scary positions, at great risk to Alaskans; and if the country should elect her, she\’s not ready to lead us. The women of this nation would be denied not bettered. — Kenneth
In the news:

In May, Palin said she would sue the federal government after it declared polar bears an endangered species. The Anchorage Daily News reported, “She and other Alaska elected officials fear a listing will cripple oil and gas development in prime polar bear habitat off the state\’s northern and northwestern coasts … Climate models that predict continued loss of sea ice, the main habitat of polar bears, during summers are unreliable, Palin said.” Response from Center for Biological Diversity: “She\’s either grossly misinformed or intentionally misleading, and both are unbecoming,” said Kassie Siegel of the Center for Biological Diversity. … “Even the Bush administration can\’t deny the reality of global warming. The governor is aligning herself and the state of Alaska with the most discredited, fringe, extreme viewpoints by denying this.”

Videos: Recreate 68, Democratic National Convention

Watch videos:
ABC News Producer Arrested
Photo: We Are America migrant rights march/Photo by Mano Cockrum

Denver Arts Organization Targeted by Police

By The Other Side Arts
DENVER — Denver Police targeted The Other Side Arts , a non profit art center as part of an effort to, “clean up the neighborhood” just before the Democratic National Convention. On Sunday afternoon, a number of police officers from Denver and Aurora Police Departments appeared outside of TOSA, some dressed in riot gear, and begin to investigate the property.

Denver DNC: Mass arrested pressured to waive rights

C ontacts: Brian Vicente, Director, National Lawyers Guild DNC People\’s Law Project, (720) 280-4067 Miriam Stohs, Esq., Colorado Chapter liaison, NLG (303) 929-5501

F ROM: NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD DNC PEOPLE\’S LAW PROJECT CRITICIZES DNC COURT PROCEDURES Denver– The National Lawyers Guild DNC People\’s Law Project (PLP) criticizes the procedures that created a high risk of accused persons waiving their rights without access to lawyers or an adequate understanding of their cases. The PLP is particularly concerned with today\’s phone call from the Denver County Courts alerting defendants that they could appear in court on Friday, August 29 “for an opportunity to dispose of their case.”

\’We Are America\’ Migrant March Denver

By Brenda Norrell
DENVER — The march for migrants in Denver, “We Are America,” sent a message Thursday morning to both presidential candidates to pass immigration reform laws and halt the ICE raids that are violating human rights and dividing families. The most recent ICE raids have been in Mississippi. Jose Matus (second photo) is founder and director of the Indigenous Alliance Without Borders. Matus is also a Yaqui ceremonial leader who brings Yaqui ceremonial leaders across the US/Mexico border for temporary visits to carry out ceremonies. Indigenous living along the border, from the Kumeyaay in California to the Tigua and Lipan Apache in Texas have battled the oppression, seizures of land and violations of sacred areas due to Homeland Security waving all federal laws to build the border wall. In addition, Tohono O\’odham ancestors have been dug up for border wall construction and an ancient ceremonial route dissected. Tohono O\’odham Chairman Ned Norris said in a congressional hearing that human bone fragments have been found in border wall machinery tracks.
During today\’s march near the Democratic National Convention, marchers demanded a halt to the “Gestapo-style ICE raids” that are “promoting bigotry at the highest levels of government,” according to World Can\’t Wait ( www.worldcantwait.org )
ICE swept through Laurel, Mississippi and seized 595 workers. Four hundred and seventy-five workers are being held in Jena, Louisiana, a town notorious for racism and attacks on people of color. (Photos Brenda Norrell) Listen to Earthcycles Producer Govinda Dalton, with Brenda Norrell in Denver:

Denver police pepper spray and beat people

Action Alert: Protest Police Treatment of DNC Activists From Colorado Legal Eagles info@coloradolegaleagles.org For photos and more informaton, see: http://www.coloradolegaleagles.org/ [Denver, CO] – Glenn Spagnuolo, one of the main organizers of Recreate 68, was interviewed on Peter Boyles on KHOW radio Tuesday morning about the pepper bullet incident on Monday. You can listen to the full interviews here: http://www.khow.com/pages/boyles.html Glenn said that the incident last night started around 5:30pm, when heavily-armed police in SWAT gear began making random sweeps through Civic Center Park, harassing people sitting in the grass by poking them with nightsticks and telling them to get up and leave. Glenn complained several times to the protester\’s police liaison, and the police would stop the harassment, just to start it again a few minutes later. He said that happened about 4 or 5 times. Glenn said some of the kids in the park became annoyed and formed a circle and started chanting “No Justice, No Peace” and put bandanas on their faces. He said that the police got worked up and came in pretty heavy and opened up with pepper spray and pepper bullets into the crowd without warning. The police chased the crowd through the park towards 15th and Cleveland, where there was another line of police waiting to surround the people running from the police and prevent them from leaving. Glenn says the police surrounded the crowd, which included frightened and crying children, and began pushing them back and crushing the crowd together. He said they were detained for well over an hour. With their heavy-handed tactics and lack of warning to the crowds, the police clearly were trying to provoke violence from the crowd. There had been over 2 days of peaceful protests up until this incident. Instead of trying to arrest the trouble-makers without endangering others, the police chose to react by firing pepper bullet guns, pepper spray and tear gas into groups of innocent bystanders without warning and rounding up crowds of innocent people and detaining them for over an hour. In other incidents of police harassment, Cindy Sheehan, an antiwar activist running for office against Nancy Pelosi, returned to her hotel room in Denver yesterday to find a man trying to plant a bug in her telephone. http://obambi.wordpress.com/2008/08/25/cindy-sheehan-catches-a-man-trying-to-wiretap-her-hotel-room-telephone/ According to Glenn Spagnuolo, the police had been stopping and searching the cars of Recreate68 and Unconventional Action activists near their convergence center north of downtown. Another report on colorado.indymedia.org states that 5 members of the Solidarity Radical Library and Revolutionary Center from Lawrence, Kansas were arrested Monday in Denver without any reason. Other activists reported heavy intimidation and harassment by roving gangs of heavily-armed law enforcement officers in the Civic Center Park Festival of Democracy and elsewhere in Denver. Please call the officials below and tell them to stop the harassment of antiwar activists by police. Forward this announcement to your friends. We need to let the city of Denver know that the “The Whole World is Watching!” Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper Phone: 720-865-9000 (Denver 311) Ask for the Mayor\’s Office Colorado Governor Bill Ritter Phone: (303) 866-2471 They say it\’s the Mayor\’s responsibility, not theirs, but they still need to feel the heat. ### —Provided as a public service by the: Come Up to Denver Coalition”No one else can take your place!”Check out our video of Crosby, Stills and Nash playing “Denver” http://www.comeuptodenver.org/ Email: info@comeuptodenver.org

Guantanamo on the Platte

By Brenda Norrell

DENVER — If you like chaos, you should be in the streets of Denver. If you like being surrounded by squads of riot police with nothing to do but irritate people, you should definitely be in Denver. If you like downtown shop owners saying, “Our restrooms are out of order,” and “We turned the Wi-Fi off for the week,” you should really be in Denver.
I don\’t know how anyone else\’s day went, but for me, I spent eight hours accomplishing nothing. First, there\’s the downtown Kinkos, the worst in the nation. You can pay $30 for what should cost $5 to accomplish because the computers are pitiful. It has been that way for years.
While many shop owners just handled the chaos this way: “Our restrooms are broken,” (Kinkos) or “We turned off the Wi-Fi for the week,” (Paradise Bakery)” on down the street, Barnes and Nobles tried another approach. It was so hot in there that babies were sweating.
Finally I gave up and sat in a coffee shop. Across the street, the anti-abortion crowd had huge posters of fetuses. The restaurant owners were very upset because people really couldn\’t eat looking at these. There seemed to be lots of drama, as police and news reporters kept rushing back and forth as confrontations came and went. But one thing was clear, these protesters, mostly white Christians from small towns, were treated very different by Denver\’s riot police, than the peaceful marchers for political prisoners on Monday.
For people of color, the police drew their weapons. The alternative crowd wasn\’t treated well either. For the peaceful Food Not Bombs group, there was a huge buildup of police delivering intimidation and repression. Finally, for all the alternative protesters near the Civic Center there was a huge arrest sweep on Monday night. Medics, documentary filmmakers, and reporters said they were detained for one and one half-hours during the roundup.
Apparently Denver police felt Monday\’s crowd was entirely too peaceful and arrests were in order. There was no other way to explain the big roundup and arrests Monday night. Police sprayed people with pepper spray and shot pepper bullets at them. As for the bizarre single file procession of dozens of police through the Food Not Bombs dinner of rice and lentils, there\’s no way to explain that.
Still, there are great handmade signs all over Denver. However, there\’s little indication that the “haves” at the Democratic National Convention are paying any attention to the people in the streets. The people taking to the streets of Denver have come from all over America. Anyone who has a cause is here. Two signs today read, “911 was an inside job,” and “Clean coal spending $2 million on convention.” On the lighter side, here\’s a few great signs from the streets: “Give everyone everything,” “Get rid of government everything,” and “Free hugs.”
Anyway, back to today. As I was leaving the Civic Center area, I heard from a young woman photographer who had witnessed one of the police attacks. She said one person was simply photographing his friend being arrested. The police told him to halt, so he dropped the camera and put his hands in the air. The young man taking photos was then tackled by three riot police and arrested. His crime was taking a photo. She also filled me in on the fenced dog cages being used as jails during the convention.
The locals call it after their river, “Guantanamo on the Platte.”
(PHOTO: Denver riot police ready for the big sweep on Monday. Apparently the people were too peaceful, as the guy sleeping on the grass demonstrates. The photo was taken shortly before the sweep and arrests in the Civic Center area on Monday evening. Photo Brenda Norrell)

Denver police: Intimidation and provocation

D enver police stage bizarre behavior

By Brenda Norrell

DENVER — On Monday, Denver police spent the day intimidating and provoking peaceful protesters. By day\’s end there were entirely too many police with too much time on their hands. They were eager to arrest people in Denver. It didn\’t matter if the people were simply walking down the street. Medics were even detained.
Flashing a wide variety of weapons, Denver police positioned police gangs around the peaceful Food Not Bombs. Police even made a single file procession through the heart of Food Not Bombs\’ peaceful dinner. As people were eating, Denver police made one of the silliest processions ever through a dinner of rice and lentils.
After spending the late afternoon in bizarre staging and intimidation tactics in the Civic Center area, Denver police began spraying people with pepper spray and shoving people randomly by day\’s end. Finally, apparently bored and itchy to arrest, they arrested people for their Democratic National Convention dog cages. It was a sad and embarrassing day for Denver police, proving that lawlessness reigns for US police.

In the Streets of Denver: Free Political Prisoners

\’Taser bait\’ in Denver

Article and photo by Brenda Norrell DENVER — It was an incredible morning in the streets of Denver, with the voices of the people spilling out through this city during the Political Prisoners March and Rally. It was clear that there is another divide underway, those who are in the Democratic National Convention with their expense accounts and those in the streets, lending powerful voices to define the future. With most US citizens in a state of post traumatic stress syndrome, the brave faced off with Denver police and marched through the streets this morning. What began as a small crowd near the Civic Center grew as hundreds joined the march through the heart of the city. Among those speaking out was Ben Carnes, Choctaw, who read a message from Leonard Peltier. King Downing, with ACLU\’s Campaign against Racial Profiling, described how he was arrested in a racial profiling incident and won his case. Mumia Abu Jamal\’s message was heard from death row in a recording for the event. Jamal described the true portrait of US democracy. At one point, a police officer drew his weapon on the crowd in front of the federal courthouse. A legal observer with the Lawyer\’s Guild confronted him and after a standoff, the officer walked away. There was the feeling that we could all soon be “taser bait.”

Update: Denver police stage bizarre behavior, make arrests: http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com
Here is the list of speakers that brought me here: Pamela Africa – MOVE Organization;
American Indian Movement Spokesperson Leonard Peltier Defense Committee – Ben Carnes, with a message from Leonard, direct from Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary; Rosa Clemente – United States Vice Presidential Candidate for the Green Party; Kathleen Cleaver – The Panther Nine from San Francisco; King Downing – National Coordinator of the ACLU\’s Campaign Against Racial Profiling; Jenny Esquiveo – Spokesperson for Eric McDavid (Political Prisoner); Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. – Prisoners of Conscience Committee; Mumia Abu Jamal – Current Political Prisoner (Recorded from Death Row); Cha Cha Jimenez – Founder of the Young Lords (Puerto Rican Resistance Prisoners); Ricardo Romero – National Coordinator for the Mexican National Liberation Movement (MLNM); Natsu Saito – Author, Activist, and Human Rights Scholar (Guantanamo Inmates); Spokesperson for the Cuban Five and a special musical performance by Native hip hop youth activists The Savage Family. Listen later for the audios. We were live on the radio and web this morning on Earthcycles: http://www.earthcycles.net/ In the streets of Denver, Brenda Statement from Leonard Peltier by Leonard Peltier Monday Aug 25th, 2008 10:08 AM Greetings my friends and relatives, First of all, I can\’t express to you, near as much as I\’d like to. The sincere appreciation I have that you would gather together remembering all the political prisoners, hostages and myself the way you have. Gatherings like this are extremely important because it reminds people of the sacrifices that are made daily through out the world for freedom, justice, and a clean and sane environment for our future generations. The powers that exploit our resources and people will always be there, generation after generation. And the creator will always call upon people to stand against that exploitation. Even if the creator does not call. Any just man or woman, with any semblance of justice, be it spiritual, social or environmental, He will find cause to take issue with those enemies of humanity and nature.
Photo: Ben Carnes, Choctaw, at the Freedom for Political Prisoner reads Peltier\’s statement outside the federal courthouse in Denver. Photo Brenda Norrell.

US commits genocide of infants and children at the border

US violates rights of infants and children In this news article, La Jornada in Mexico reports that the United States is violating the rights of infants and children by abandoning them at the border Translation of: http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2008/08/11/index.php?section=politica&article=018n1pol In 7 months, the United States deported 90,000 Mexican children Others remain abandoned, left to their luck on the border As of this writing, during the first seven months of the year, at least 90,000 Mexican children were deported by the government of the United States, in the context of its anti-immigrant politics, according to a PRI task force study group of work on immigration matters to Mexico\’s House of Representatives. Also about 300,000 adults have been deported. The report states that 15 per cent of the children, approximately 13,500, live on the Mexican border, without any type of governmental protection. However, ideally they are attended by religious institutions or non-governmental organizations.The coordinator of the group and secretary of the Commission of Population, Borders and Immigration Matters, the deputy from PRI Edmundo Ram rez Mart nez, specified that the children are entrusted to “polleros” or human traffickers to be taken to the United States with their parents. If the parents attempt to regain their children, they are deported. The children are practically left on the Mexican border, since the families, for fear of having the same luck, do not claim them. Also, the report explains that for every three adult deportees from the United States, one Mexican origin child is left in this nation. The report said that many of the minors accompanied parents to the north to find work, but they were deported by the authorities of this country. Violated rights On the northern border of Mexico there are children, “parked” who remain in the care of DIF hostels, religious or civil organizations. But, a very high percentage devote themselves to begging to survive and to try to go to the United States. The report detailed that the deportation of infants has a major impact, with consequences felt in areas with high migratory flow such as: Michoac n, Jalisco, Zacatecas and Guanajuato. The report expressed remorse for the systematic violation to the rights of the infants on the part of the authorities of the United States and the absence of a program of support on the part of the Mexican government. The legislative report exhibits that the International Convention of the Rights of the Children determines that in case of minors they must not be deported but repatriated. But in fact, it is believed that only 25 per cent arrive directly to their state of origin, the rest suffer the same luck as the adults who are left at the border and there they are left to their luck. Ram rez Mart nez described the difference between deportation and repatriation as “one of funds.” The first one implies practically an expulsion, whereas the second one forces the country to take responsibility of the care and tutelage of the minors.

Congratulations to Native American Music Award Nominees 2008

10th Annual Native American Music Awards Nominees Announced Blackfire, Blackfoot, Brule & AIRO, The Blessed Blend, The Crow Girls, and The Red Corn Band lead with three nominations each August 23, 2008 – New York. Nominations for the 10th Annual Native American Music Awards (NAMA) were announced today by The Native American Music Association & Awards, reflecting the combined votes of the NAMA Advisory Board Nominating Committee Membership. This year is a monumental year for the organization which will now have nominated an estimated 1500 artists and honored 300 winners over the past decade. A new limited edition NAMMY will be introduced this year commemorating the organization s 10th Anniversary year. The 10th Annual Native American Music Awards will be held on Saturday, October 4, 2008 at the Seneca Entertainment Center in the Seneca Casino & Hotel in Niagara Falls, NY. Tickets for the 10th Annual Native American Music Awards are on-sale now through all ticketmaster outlets. The Awards show will again be broadcast on MHZ Networks in November to an estimated 30 million cable households. New up-and-comers were nominated alongside established artists in a diverse array of 30 music categories. Blackfire, Blackfoot, Brule & AIRO, The Blessed Blend, The Crow Girls, and The Red Corn Band lead with three nominations each. Tied with two nominations each are; Blu, Carroll Medicine Crow, Cherokee National Youth Choir, Cheryl Bear, Chief Seattle Speaks, Delbert Blackhorse, Douglas Blue Feather, Dream Scape, Eagle & Hawk, Producer Ed Stasium, Edmund Bull, Fara Palmer, Gilbert Begay Sr, Golana, Injunuity, J.C. Campbell, Jim Boyd, Ken Quiet Hawk, Medicine Dream, Native Roots, Nightshield, Primeaux & Mike, Pura Fe , R Carlos Nakai, Rain Song, Red Feather Woman, Rezhogs, Robert Mirabal, Sotiw, Star Nayea, Stevie Salas, Tanya Brown, Terri Rivera Piatt & Lancy Goodman, Terry Lee Whetstone, Tiger Tiger, Tracy Bone and Walter Ahhaitty & Friends. Nominated in the field of Record Of The Year are; Blackfire s (Silence) Is A Weapon, Northern Cree & Friends Calling All Dancers , Thee Express Express Yourself, Golana s Mirror Lake, Brule & AIRO s Live At Mt. Rushmore and Blackfoot s Train Train. This year\’s Song Single Of The Year nominees represent more musical works within the Pop/Folk genres that feature distinctive Native American elements; All Colors Together by RainSong Terry & Darlene Wildman, Broken Dreams by Nightshield, Going To Gathering by The Blessed Blend, Hey Cuzzin ! by Cheryl Bear, Sleep Is The Ocean by The Crow Girls, and Way of the Warrior by Medicine Dream.”These nominations throughout all 30 music categories truly reflect a diverse and impressive range of new and established talent from our community,” said Awards President Ellen Bello. “We are looking forward to a spectacular Awards celebration running the full spectrum of today s most popular contemporary and traditional Native American music initiatives. Special Recognition Awards will also be given to internationally acclaimed artists; Janice Marie Johnson of A Taste of Honey, Pat Vegas & Redbone, Felipe Rose of the Village People and Rickey Medlocke of Blackfoot and Lynyrd Skynyrd.Voting ballots to select the final winner in each category will be mailed to all Advisory Board voting members. Voting ballots are also available to the general public on our websites http://www.votenative.com/ or http://www.nativeamericanmusicawards.com/ . See below for a complete list of official nominees for the 10th Annual Native American Awards: ARTIST OF THE YEAR Carroll Medicine Crow Homeland Security Delbert Blackhorse The Four Directions Jim Boyd Blues To Bluegrass Johnny Whitehorse Totemic Flute Chants Stevie Salas The Sun & The EarthTerry Lee Whetstone The Best of the Best BEST BLUES RECORDING Deep Downtown Jimmy Wolf Goin For It Terry Tsotigh Graywolf Blues Band Graywolf Blues Band Hold The Rain Pura Fe Levi Platero Levi Platero & The Plateros Sir Harrison & The Blues Kings Sir Harrison & The Blues Kings BEST COMPILATION RECORDING Calling All Dancers Northern Cree & Friends Heart of the Bitterroot Various Navajo Christmas Todi Neesh Zhee Singers Old Style Round Dance Songs Various The Best of the Best Terry Lee Whetstone (2) The Native Hip Hop Hour Volume One Various BEST COUNTRY RECORDING Follow Your Dreams Edmund Bull Mysterys Qua TiSiNo Lies Tracy Bone Still No Good The Red Corn Band Crystal Shawanda Crystal Shawanda DEBUT ARTIST OF THE YEAR Blu Rez Life Cheryl Bear The Good Road Chucki Begay Songs From My Heart Ghosthorse KSA Gilbert Begay Sr Traditional Navajo Shoe Game Songs Slavior – Slavior DEBUT GROUP OF THE YEAR 191 N. 5 Bucks Gas Injunuity Unconquered Moon Lodge Singers Cultural Legacy: Fights Alone Pimadiziwin Singers Save The Last Round Dance For Me The Breeze Band The Breeze BandThe Crow Girls Sleep is the Ocean BEST FEMALE ARTIST Fara Palmer Phoenix Nicole Deep Dreams Pura Fe Hold The Rain Radmilla Cody Precious Friends Star Nayea Silenced My Tongue Tracy Bone No Lies (2)BEST FOLK RECORDING Blue Moon Terri Rivera Piatt & Lancy Goodman Nikawiy Askiy Sandy Scofield Red Lodge Danielle Egnew Where The Green Grass Grows The Crow Girls (2) Wind of the North Violet Naytovhow Wolfgirl Arlette FLUTIST OF THE YEAR Jan Michael Looking Wolf Unity JJ Kent I Am Red Moontee Sinquah Freedom Tim Yett Creating Sacred SpaceTommy Wildcat Red Fire People Xavier Quijas Yxayotl The Color of Morning BEST GOSPEL/INSPIRATIONAL RECORDING Heartbeat of the Creator Kelly Montijo FinkI ve Come Too Far To Look Back Thelma Emerson Journeys Through The Mist The Blessed Blend Precious Memories Cherokee National Youth ChoirRise Up & Dance Rain Song: Terry & Darlene Wildman Singing Heavenly & Free Joe Tohonnie Jr GROUP OF THE YEAR Blackfire (Silence) Is A WeaponBrule & AIRO Live At Mt. Rushmore Eagle & Hawk Red Road Stories Native Roots Celebrate Primeaux & Mike w/Xavier Quijas Yxayotl The Color of Morning The Red Corn Band Still No Good (2) BEST HISTORICAL RECORDING Chief Seattle Speaks 1854 Red Hawk Journeys Through The Mist The Blessed Blend (2) Oklahoma Style Walter Ahhaitty & Friends Omeigwessi Reel Metis: A Tribute To Walter Flett Omeigwessi Ensemble Precious Memories Cherokee National Youth Choir BEST INSTRUMENTAL RECORDING Dream Scape: Spirit Maiden Dream Scape Mirror Lake Golana Sacred Land Johnsy G The Whisper Spirit Progression Larry Redhouse Unconquered Injunuity York Boats & Legends Ryan D Aoust BEST MALE ARTIST Clinton Denny Prayers For My Father Edmund Bull Follow Your Dreams Exitwound: The Native Axeman After The Storm J.C. Campbell Lazy James Johnny Mike My Spirit Soars Ken Quiet Hawk The Story Tellers BEST NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH RECORDINGA Vision of Spiritual Blessing Merlinda Woody First Light Cheevers Toppah & Kevin Yazzie Humble Prayers Denise Becenti Mourning Praise Unto Our Creator Meewasin Oma New Beginning Janelle Turtle The Four Directions Delbert Blackhorse (2) BEST NEW AGE RECORDINGA Crown of Stars Blue Feather, Dunlap & Henke Deep Dreams Nicole (2) Homeland Security Carroll Medicine Crow (2) Kokyo Devin Village Stone /KiwamuraPoints of Origin Anthony Wakeman & Mr Soon Voyagers R Carlos Nakai, Udi Bar – David, Will Clipman BEST POP RECORDING Eye of the Tiger Tiger Tiger In The Blood Robert MirabalLove Birds Archie Cavanaugh Phoenix Fara Palmer The Outsiders RezhogsTribal Trance Socie Saltwater BEST POW WOW RECORDING 5 Bucks Gas 191 N. 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Denver Political Prisoner March, Monday, August 25, 2008

Political Prisoner March, Monday, August 25th Freedom March Civic Center Park, August 25, 9 am Join supporters of Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, The Cuban Five, and other political prisoners for the Freedom March and Rally! After serving 33 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit, Leonard Peltier\’s parole hearing will take place in December, 2008. Do not forget that in 2001, the Clintons left Leonard in prison, after promising to grant him clemency. Free Mumia, the Cuban Five, the Guantanamo detainees, and others. The march will begin at Civic Center Park and end with a rally at the Federal Court House. Hear a personal recording specific for this protest and the DNC from Mumia and written statement from Leonard PeltierCall for the Freedom of Mumia and the Cuban Five Call for an end to Human Rights abuses Speakers (Alphabetical): Pamela Africa – MOVE Organization American Indian Movement Spokesperson Leonard Peltier Defense Committee – Ben Carnes, with a message from Leonard, direct from Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary Rosa Clemente – United States Vice Presidential Candidate for the Green Party Kathleen Cleaver – The Panther Nine from San Francisco King Downing – National Coordinator of the ACLU\’s Campaign Against Racial Profiling Jenny Esquiveo – Spokesperson for Eric McDavid (Political Prisoner) Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. – Prisoners of Conscience Committee Mumia Abu Jamal – Current Political Prisoner (Recorded from Death Row) Cha Cha Jimenez – Founder of the Young Lords (Puerto Rican Resistance Prisoners) Ricardo Romero – National Coordinator for the Mexican National Liberation Movement (MLNM) Natsu Saito – Author, Activist, and Human Rights Scholar (Guantanamo Inmates) Spokesperson for the Cuban Five Special Musical Performance by THE SAVAGE FAMILY http://www.myspace.com/savagefamily01

Stop Ottawa\’s warmongers show

Please sign the online PETITION now: http://prax.ca/coat/No-Arms-Shows ” Stop Ottawa\’s Arms Shows!”For the first time in almost 20 years — since ARMX \’89 — the City of Ottawa is hosting arms bazaars at municipally-funded facilities.We stopped them before, we can stop them again! Please join us! Online Petition: Sign it Now! Whether you live in Ottawa or elsewhere in Canada, please sign this online petition telling Ottawa politicians to respect City Council\’s 1989 commitment to stop using municipally-funded facilities for international arms trade exhibitions! (Here\’s a hard copy of the petition that can be printed out for signing offline at meetings and other events, etc.) Spread the word! After signing this Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) petition online, please encourage others to do likewise. Circulate this notice to friends, colleagues, list serves and post the petition link to as many web pages as possible. EMAIL! Tell the Mayor, City Council and Staff what you think!Click above to send a preset message to Mayor O\’Brien, Ottawa Councillors and Staff. Send it as is, or — better yet — modify the subject line and rewrite text to emphasize your own specific concerns. (This link will also let you know how to contact City Council by phone, fax and regular post.) Protest! If the so-called “Secure Canada 2008” and “U.S. Embassy Defense and Security Exhibition” (Sept.30-Oct.1) go ahead, we will be organising peaceful protests to express our opposition to these manifestations of the international arms trade. Please join us in our non-violent opposition to the warmongers and merchants of death who will be flogging their deadly wares in Ottawa! (Please do whatever you can to encourage progressive organizations to endorse COAT\’s campaign to expose and oppose these blatant manifestations of the international arms trade.) More Information! For many more details about the arms bazaars and exhibitors scheduled to showcase their deadly products at Ottawa\’s Lansdowne Park, please visit the COAT website. Keep informedIf you aren\’t already on the “COAT email list,” you can join here. Thanks! Your support in signing the COAT petition, contacting City Council and encouraging others to do likewise is greatly appreciated! Click here to see how else you might help. http://prax.ca/coat/No-Arms-Shows

Ben Carnes: Peltier, justice and fearlessness

By Ben Carnes

Choctaw columnist
His name is Leonard Peltier As most everyone knows I have been a spokesperson for Peltier in the past. Recently, I was asked by David Hill to help with organizing some events. Yesterday, David was returning to Oklahoma after visiting with Leonard at the prison he assigned to in Lewisburg, PA. He said that Leonard really needs help right now and that he wanted see if I could come up with some ideas to focus attention on the injustices of his case. So I may find myself involved again, and I am hoping that many others will renew their involvement with his case. One way to do something right now is to join Peltier s branches of support. You can sign up at
http://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info/branches.htm And then network with your friends, campus organization, peace/social justice groups and so on. Leonard s 64th birthday will be on Sept. 12th, and September 6 will mark 32 and half years he will have been held captive for something the government c an no longer prove. His case has generated support from the entertainment industry, religious/world leaders, 55 members of congress, numerous human rights groups, such as Amnesty International, and other respected national organizations. There has been over 25 million letters written on his behalf. U.S. Presidents have patronized his supporters and then ignored his appeal for justice. Attempts to initiate congressional hearings have been blocked, and the judicial system seems to withhold justice they would have granted to others. After being released from prison after evidence of his innocence was presented, Geronimo Ji-jaga Pratt expressed astonishment that Peltier was still be held and with more proof and support on his side. There have been several agents of the FBI who have said that it doesn t matter if Peltier is guilty or not. He will never be freed. The FBI will make sure of that and to me that sounds like a threat. It was the FBI who threatened the life of Anna Mae Aquash if she didn t cooperate in their investigations of who killed the agents. Standing Deer was also threatened with the loss of his life if he revealed the assassination plot in 1978. When Standing Deer was released and became involved with working for Peltier s freedom, he was murdered in his Houston home in 2003. In Aquash\’s case, it seems strange that al of a sudden the Justice Department and FBI are being cast as hero s in solving the case. But from so many of the sources, it is highly questionable that Looking Cloud got a fair trial and that Graham will probably be expected to see anything better. So if Graham is convicted, then will the case be over for Indians? Will justice be served on a plate of BS greedily devoured by anti-AIM rhetoric s and the media? Will former federal agents, David Price, William Wood, Norman Zigrossi, and Richard G. Held ever be tried for their roles in the deaths of AIM activists or the traditional people who supported them? Several women and children were murdered, some viciously, and the FBI did nothing to prosecute. The federal agents will never stand a day in their court. It isn t going to happen and never will. I say that because we have not secured a new trial or the release of Leonard Peltier. With Grahams trial coming up on October 6th, 2008 in Rapid City, S.D., it is an opportune time to remind people about who the thugs were that perpetuated the Oglala Civil War of the 1970 s. The government has the capability and experience in fabricating their records and evidence. They gained experience from their mistakes. When Bob Robideau and Dino Butler were found not guilty by reason of self-defense, Leonard would have been freed also, but he was in Canada and was tried before a different judge. The FBI learned after the Robideau and Butler case where their trial strategy failed and then shopped for a different Judge. The FBI created a climate of fear among the jurors and courtroom attendees, with SWAT teams covering their every move. They made Leonard out to be a very dangerous man in the minds of the jurors and the judge refused to allow Leonard to present the same evidence and testimony as his co-defendants. With the court ruling against his defense, he had no defense at all. And years after his conviction, evidence surfaced that would have brought him a new trial. But the rules had changed a few months earlier on what standards would have resulted in a new trial through prosecutorial misconduct, such as with holding of evidence that would have proved his innocence. This information and so much more I have spoken of since I became involved in 1991, and I ve seen a groundswell of support rise and then fade away. There have been several changes in the leadership of the defense committee; others have misused his name for their own gain. The coordinator for the committee is his younger sister, Betty. Through their website, you can find resources to educate yourself on Peltier s case. If you are a student, than write a research paper on the very criminal justice system within the colonial occupying government called America, using Peltier as an example. Obtain handouts on the chronology of his case, and then purchase products to keep Leonard s name and his case in the public mind. We have held major benefit concerts, spoken at colleges/universities, held mass demonstrations; signed petitions and many other activities have been held around the world. What is it going to take to free him I really wished I had an answer for you, and especially Peltier. I know that a movement doesn t exist unless we are in a state of motion. We have to be doing something everywhere. Maybe we will need to have cross-country horse rides to publicize Peltier s case, hold spiritual fasts, or other activities to draw people s attention. I will see what I can come up with and if anything develops, we can get the word out Maybe write letters and hold public demonstrations to bring an investigation into the FBI s activities of the Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) that targeted Martin Luther King, the Kennedy s and so any activists. The FBI is responsible for the false imprisonment of so many people and the murders and assassinations of so many others. In the era of homeland security, we may receive a visit from the suits and dark glasses threatening to have us taken in because we might be homegrown radicals and violent terrorists. If we are terrorists, then we stand the risk of being detained alongside Al-Qaeda and other people who may or may not be innocent. It could be something to fear, but I know there was many nameless people who stood with that same fear against the federal government and they called themselves the American Indian Movement. And we have one who is falsely imprisoned and his name is Leonard Peltier.
Photo: Longest Walk northern route walks the prayer in Lewisburg, Penn., to the federal prison where Peltier is incarcerated. The walk and 24-hour vigil in June was for all Native prisoners.
Photo Brenda Norrell

Indian Uprising Radio: Price of tar sands oil

KFAI\’s Indian Uprising, August 24, 2008 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. CDT #279 Daryl Sager (Turtle Mountain Ojibwe), Energy Justice Program Associate, Fresh Energy, Inc. Fresh Energy of St. Paul, Minnesota is an organization leading the transition to a clean, efficient and fair energy system. Its goals are: Healthy Economies, Healthy People, Healthy Environment and Energy Independence. Fresh Energy focus areas are: Clean Electricity, Energy Efficiency, Transportation Policy, Global Warming Solutions and Energy Justice. www.fresh-energy.org “Fresh Energy is the only nonprofit in Minnesota whose sole focus is a clean, just energy future for the Upper Midwest. Often, the economically disadvantaged are the most adversely affected by energy decisions. The Energy Justice program at Fresh Energy works to pass policies that help build the capacity of low-income individuals to have a strong voice in those decisions.” Tom Goldtooth (Dine /Dakota), Director, Indigenous Environmental Network, Bemidji, Minnesota IEN (nonprofit) is a network of grass-roots Indigenous Peoples empowering Indigenous Nations and communities towards sustainable livelihoods, demanding environmental justice and maintaining the Sacred Fire of cultural traditions. IEN is dependent on private foundations and individual donations but does not solicit for federal grants. www.ienearth.org One immediate concern, says Goldtooth, is the proposed 36-inch diameter tar sand oil pipeline cutting through northern Minnesota running almost 1,000 miles, from Alberta, Canada, to Superior, Wisconsin, dubbed the Alberta Clipper. “The Real Price of Tar Sands Oil – Enbridge, a Canadian company, seeks to build a pipeline to carry synthetic crude oil from Alberta, Canada, into southern Illinois. Of the many problems with this project, the greatest one stems from the energy approach driving its construction: bitumen extraction from Alberta\’s tar sands. Tar sands oil is produced through a destructive process that has deplorable consequences. Extraction and processing of just one barrel of synthetic crude oil from bitumen requires up to five barrels of fresh water and 1,000 cubic feet of natural gas. The gasoline yield from that single barrel is only enough to fill a Chevrolet Avalanche\’s tank three-quarters full. The environmental impact is severe. In 2007, greenhouse gas emissions from tar sands plants were roughly equivalent to the annual emissions of 27 million American passenger vehicles. High levels of carcinogens in fish, water and sediment have been found downstream from tar sands areas. Meanwhile, annual production of tar sands oil from Alberta is expected to at least triple by 2015, fueled principally by U.S. demand. While no one enjoys reliance on OPEC oil, the alternative of a pending environmental catastrophe is intolerable.” Brian P. Granahan, Staff Attorney, Environment Illinois Research and Education Center (washingtonpost.com, Jan. 2008). * * * * Indian Uprising is a KFAI Public & Cultural Affairs program relevant to Native Indigenous people, broadcast each Sunday on 90.3 FM Minneapolis and 106.7 FM St. Paul. Volunteer producer & host is Chris Spotted Eagle. Note: Chris is taking a leave of absence for five months, starting September 1st. For internet listening, visit www.kfai.org < http://www.kfai.org/ > , click Play under ON AIR NOW or for listening later via their archives, click PROGRAMS & SCHEDULE > Indian Uprising > STREAM. Programs are archived for two weeks.

Mato Nunpa challenging censorship of genocide

Chris Mato Nunpa, Dakota and retired professor of Indigenous Nations and Dakota Studies, challenges the censorship of a previous letter to the editor by the Granite Falls Tribune Mato Nunpa\’s daughter and granddaughter were arrested last Saturday protesting Minnesota\’s genocide: Hi Dave, I noticed that my letter was edited and my statement re: “I come from a people who were the victims of genocide. Terri comes from a people who perpetrated the genocide of Indigenous Peoples” was omitted. Also, my statement re: Terri\’s “white supremacist attitude” will work well with most white people” which was after I had said that “Terri should resign and be transferred elsewhere in the DNR system, preferably, where she can work with white people only.” Most U.S. Euro-Americans shy away from the term “Genocide” especially when it\’s connected to genocide of the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S, even U.S. Euro-American genocide scholars shy away from the term. My friend and strongest supporter of my program and of me at SMSU was Dr. Eric Markusen, a genocide scholars. For several years, he talked about the “mistreatment” of Indigenous Peoples. However, even he had to succumb to the overwhelming documentation that it was more than just “mistreatment.” It was GENOCIDE! I talk about the topic of “Genocide and the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S.” around the world: Kigali, Rwanda; Galway, Ireland; Copenhagen, Denmark; Mumbai, Indian; Sydney, Australia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; etc. as well as at universities in the U.S.: Yale University, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY; University of Minnesota; University of Kansas; Arizona State University; Worcester College, Worcester, MA; etc. However, I do understand the U.S. Euro-Americans\’ reluctance to talk about genocide of the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S., or specifically, the genocide of the Dakota People of Minnesota perpetrated by the Euro-Minnesotan citizenry. No one wants to be considered a “bad person.” People who perpetrate genocide are “bad people.” So, in order to silence the talk, the perpetrator uses various techniques; suppress the talk of genocide (so, it\’s not mentioned in the Minnesota History Textbooks or in the U.S. History textbooks); don\’t give the victims a forum (e.g., Terri\’s USASP program, letters to the editor, etc.) to talk about the genocide. And, if these don\’t work, the perpetrator resorts to more drastic and lethal measures to suppress the talk of genocide, like arresting the individual, or killing the individual. All of these techniques that are employed by the perpetrator of genocide or of a crime against humanity, etc. are mentioned in Judith Herman\’s book TRAUMA AND RECOVERY. Bounties, concentration camps (2 or them in Minensota), mass executions (the hanging of the 38 Dakota in Mankato, MN on December 26, 2008); forced marches (the 150 mile forced march of 1,000 Dakota women, children, and elders; forced removal, or ethnic cleansing, of the Dakota People from their ancient homaland, Minnesota; cries of “extermination or removal” from Govern Ramsey right on down to the common white man on the street; the term “extermination” used by General Pope, Govern Ramsey, and soldiers, legislators, the Euro-Minnesota citizenry, and in the newspapers of the day the ads for bounties on the scalps of Dakota People: in Winona, Red Wing, St. Paul, Farribault, St. Cloud, Mankato, etc. I will send you an ad for bounties on Dakota scalps from one of the Minnesota newspapers, the Winona Republican, September 23, 1863. Also, I will send to you a picture of the scalp of Little Crow for whom the State of Minnesota paid the killer $500. The remains of Little Crow were kept and displayed at the Minnesota Historical Society for 108 years before Little Crow was finally buried in 1971 in Flandrea, South Dakota. What I have mentioned above is just a smattering of the documentation of the GENOCIDE of the Indigenous Peoples by the United States government and by its Euro-American citizenry (or white people). When U.S. Euro-Americans apply the terms such as “butcher,” or “murderer,” or “criminal,” to Hitler, or to Saddam, or to Stalin, or to Milasovic (sp.?), et. al., they conveniently forget their own history of genocide and atrocities against the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S. and against the Dakota People of Minnesota. They, too, would be “butchers,” “murderers,” and “criminals.” The U.S. Euro-Americans are afraid that the people of the world might say that the U.S. and its citizenry are not better than Hitler, or Stalin, et. al. One can teach several semesters re: this topic of Genocide against the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S. Thanks for listening! Chris Mato Nunpa, Ph.D. West Central Tribune: Re-enactment leads to arrests http://www.wctrib.com/articles/index.cfm?id=40485&section=news

O\’odham Voice Against the Wall: Celebrating halting a toxic dump in Quitovac

O\’odham VOICE Agains the Wall O\’odham Rights and Cultural and Environmental Justice Coalition By Ofelia Rivas The Centro de Gestion Integral de Residuos S.A. (CEGIR) proposal to build a hazardous dump site in Quitovac has been defeated by Traditional O odham communities and local State of Sonora, Mexico communities We would like to send our sincere appreciation to all of you, Greenaction our main advisor and the 569 international organizations and individuals that supported our efforts to have this hazardous dump have canceled especially everyone who signed our online petition. We would also like to thank the 21 original organizations that signed our letter to the Environmental and Natural Resources Department of Mexico (SEMARNAT). The great thanks to support efforts of Jeff Hendricks of Tiamat Publications and all of Resistant Culture. The O odham VOICE Against the WALL and the O odham Rights Cultural and Environmental Justice Coalition have worked for a number of years to maintain the integrity of Quitovac, an O odham sacred site, while at the same time building an international coalition to stop this proposed hazardous dump. Our coalition represents thousands of people in diverse communities across Mexico and the United States spanning many different ethnic and economic backgrounds. Our coalition will remain diligent in maintaining watch on CEGIR and other companies invading O odham traditional lands and local communities. The attempt by CEGIR to build this toxic dump was in total violation of the Human Rights of O odham Indigenous communities. If this dump had been built, it would have been in a violation to the O odham integral right to protect their traditional homelands and their continued responsibility to conduct their traditional way of life through ceremonies that have been held at Quitovac since time immemorial. This would have been yet another devastating episode in the ongoing destruction of the culture, traditions, and spiritual well-being of the O odham people in both Mexico and the US which has been being carried out by the occupation governments of Mexico and the United States for many years. The proposed facility would have exposed nearby communities to dangerous toxins released in the land and the air. The proposed hazardous waste facility would have received large amounts of hazardous waste materials annually, including radioactive materials, explosives, aliphatic peroxides, compressed gasses, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) wastes, dioxins, and infectious biological wastes. Such contaminates would have contaminated the underground well water the community of Quitovac depends on.We strongly urge the Mexican government just as we urge the United States government to deal with hazardous waste issues in a manner that protects the environment and does not harm the lives, culture, traditions and sacred sites of Indigenous peoples. CEGIR violated the La Paz Agreement between Mexico and the United States which requires that official notification be given to stakeholders of the proposed site region. These stakeholders include the traditional O odham communities in Mexico and the local community of Quitovac. The exclusion of the O odham and the residents of Quitovac in the decision-making process for the planning of the CEGIR hazardous dump was an intentional injustice. Contact Ofelia Rivas, O odham VOICE Against the WALL & O odham Rights Cultural and Environmental Justice Coalition (520) 471-3398 uyarivas@hotmail.com www.tiamatpublications.com/odham_solidarity_project.html Bradley Angel Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice (415)248-5010 greenaction@greenaction.org http://www.greenaction.org/

Uncensored: Dakota genocide

Chris Mato Nunpa, Dakota and retired professor of Indigenous Nations and Dakota Studies, points out how “genocide” is censored by newspapers From Chris Mato Nunpa, Below is my letter to the editor which was printed in this week\’s edition of the Granite Falls Advocate Tribune, Thursday, August 21, 2008. It was edited, for example my statement, “I come from a people who were the victims of genocide. Terri comes from a people who were the perpetrators”, was omitted. This is so typical. Most U.S. Euro-Americans shy away from the term “GENOCIDE”. The thought of this is so horrible and paints the U.S. Euro-Americans in a very bad light. If they talk about genocide of the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S., people of the world might say that U.S. Euro-Americans are like Hitler and his Nazis. Anyway, if you get a hold of my edited letter to the editor in the paper and compare with my letter, you will find the differences. Thanks. In Struggle, Chris ——————————————————————– LIES, TRUTH, AND CLASH OF PERSPECTIVES This past Saturday and Sunday, August 16 & 17, 2008, some of us Dakota People and our allies/supporters had a counter event to the Upper Sioux Agency State Park program initiated by Terri Dinesen. We did this because we thought that Ms. Dinesen was perpetuating lies, and, also, had not consulted with the Yellow Medicine Dakota Community. On Saturday, 8/16, my younger daughter, Waziyata Win, and my granddaughter, Winuna, were arrested by the Yellow Medicine County Sheriff\’s department. I wish to offer several comments and impressions about this weekend\’s events. First, I was absolutely amazed at the number of armed personnel – so many guns and police cars – from the Yellow Medicine County Sheriff\’s department and from the Department of Natural Resources. It seemed like overkill, figuratively speaking. We had no weapons – guns, clubs, knives, etc. – yet the white law enforcement authorities were there in force. We know that they were not there for our protection but protection for Terri and the rest of the white people. In fact, one of our community members said something to the effect that “they were there to shoot us or beat us up.” To me, this over-reaction demonstrated a high level of racial hatred and fear of the Dakota People, specifically, and of Indigenous Peoples, generally, on the part of the white folk here in southwestern Minnesota. We had gathered peaceably, with our posters, banners, and educational materials to be distributed to the interested white folk. Secondly, there were many discriminatory aspects of the event. One aspect was the presence of so many law enforcement personnel. They were there so that they could bash Native heads. Several of these officers even had bulletproof vests. Another aspect involved a cousin\’s husband who is terminally ill. My cousin was not allowed to drive her husband up to where our group had gathered so that he would not have to walk so far. Later, a white lady, who has a husband, who, also, is terminally, ill, was able to drive right up to where we were and the husband could then join us. In my mind, this was discrimination on the part of Terri and her DNR guardians and, also, it was a violation of the federal disabilities act. Terri even asked the white woman, “are you with them,” referring to us Dakota People. Lastly, when our people were arrested, the sons who were minors (and who were, also, deeply impacted by their mother\’s arrest) could not check on their mother and the husband could not check on his wife. The sheriff\’s deputies forcibly blocked them. However, we saw several white women who were allowed to go to the sheriff\’s car and see those who were arrested. Some of these things were videotaped and are now on YouTube for viewing both nationally and internationally. There are so many things to say but in the interest of space, I will make one more comment re: Terri Dinesen. I perceive her as acting very unprofessionally and disrespectfully with the Dakota Community. According to one of her emails, Terri said she was taking the criticisms of her personally and it may well be that she, personally, ordered the arrest of Waziyata Win. I suspect that, in the future, there will not be too much cooperation between Ms. Dinesen/DNR and the local Dakota community because of her bull-headedness in NOT cancelling the event. One council (Board of Trustees) member indicated that she might introduce a resolution banning Terri Dinesen from the reservation. I, myself, think Terri should resign and be transferred elsewhere in the the DNR system. preferably, where she can work with white people only. She seems to have a white supremacist attitude and this would work well with white people. Lastly, a comment re: perspective. I come from the perspective of a people whose lands were stolen. Terri comes from a perspective of the people who stole the lands. I come from a people whose treaties were violated and she comes from a people who violated the treaties. I come from a people who were the victims of genocide and Terri comes from a people who perpetrated the genocide. It\’s extremely difficult to reconcile these two diametrically opposed perspectives and world-views. White Minnesotans would have to admit the TRUTH! One thing that Terri could have done with her event would have been to include both the Dakota and wasicu (white man) perspective, not just the wasicu point-of-view. Let the public be exposed to both views, especially to the Dakota view. The public can, then, make up its own mind. Chris Mato Nunpa, Ph.D. Member, Upper Sioux Community matonunpa@earthlink.net ” Retired Former Associate Professor Indigenous Nations & Dakota Studies (INDS) Southwest Minnesota State University Marshall, Minnesota 56258

Biological and chemical warfare toxins on Indian lands

Toxic cleanup inventories reveal biological and chemical warfare agents on and near Indian lands in Canada and US Special thanks to John Hummel for sending the information on biological and chemical warfare on Canada\’s First Nations lands to Censored News. These agents are revealed on toxic inventories. In the US, similar research using toxic cleanup inventories shows the biological and chemical warfare agents adjacent to the Skull Valley Goshute, at the US military Dugway Proving Grounds in northwest Utah, and more secret sites, such as an unidentified project on the western portion of the Navajo Nation in Arizona. The information on the Navajo Nation site came from DOD\’s Native American Environmental Tracking System site. The Navajo area site was listed as Nauaya Gra Res AX on Department of Defense cleanup data. The site is listed with “no information,” located on or near the Navajo Nation, with impacts unknown. (After first publishing the original information in 1995, a notice was posted on the NAETS website that NAETS has been decommissioned.) The only other US reference to “Nauaya Gra Res AX” comes from a DOD Arizona toxic cleanup citation stating the Nauaya Gra Res AX site is in Coconino County, Ariz. It states there are “no records,” and there was a clean up cost of $15 million. This web page also lists multiple Prisoner of War camps in Arizona as former Department of Defense sites for cleanup. (The Prisoner of War camps include Eloy I, Eloy II, Florence, Duncan, Maricopa County, Continental, Cortaro, Queen Creek and Safford.) The state of California has the most toxic sites, including five Prisoner of War camps. Former DOD sites in Arizona: http://www.gao.gov/gao-01-1012sp/AZ.html/ Toxic sites on First Nations Canada http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2008/08/biological-and-chemical-warfare-agents.html US map of DOD contaminated sites. Click on each state: http://www.gao.gov/gao-01-1012sp/app1.htm –Brenda Norrell, Censored News

Berkeley City Council continues opposition to US/Mexico Apartheid Wall

( Please double click to enlarge) Berkeley City Council reception of Apache from Texas and Arizona on Thursday, August 28, 2008.

Ottawa refuses to halt warmongers trade show

Incoming message: HERE\’S THE RESPONSE TO OUR EFFORTS TO CANCEL THE WARMONGERS TRADE SHOW. NO SURPRISE. NOW IT\’S LOOKING LIKE PROTESTS WILL BE NECESSARY. MEANWHILE, MORE MESSAGES TO LET THEM KNOW THIS DRIVEL IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE ANSWER. STOP THE MILITARY TRADE SHOW Aug 19, 2008 Sent on behalf of, Larry O\’Brien, Mayor, City of Ottawa Thank you for your email dated July 30, 2008. Mayor O\’Brien has asked that I contact you on his behalf, to let you know that a number of inquiries have been received regarding a City of Ottawa motion dating back to 1989 whereby “Lansdowne Park and other city facilities not be leased to ARMX or other such arms exhibitions”, and asking how that motion relates to the US Embassy Defense and Security Exhibition contracted to take place in the Exhibit Hall at Lansdowne Park, September 30 – October 1, 2008. Staff consulted with Legal Services regarding the prohibition on hosting arms exhibitions that was approved by Ottawa City Council in 1989. The advice from Legal Services was that the previous motion by Council is no longer applicable, since Lansdowne Park was sold to the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton on December 31, 1999. The transfer agreement between the City of Ottawa and the RMOC did not provide any obligation for the continuation of such then-City policies by the Region at Lansdowne Park. You may wish to know that Secure Canada 2008 focuses on technologies and products used for security, public safety and to a lesser degree, defence applications, including secure communications, surveillance, and command and control requirements and unmanned systems technologies for security operations – everything from critical infrastructure protection to border patrol and port security and first responder requirements. The Mayor\’s Office has been reassured by the show manager that weapons and firearms are not included in these exhibits. It is the opinion of staff that given the range of products and services being marketed during this event, it does not meet the test of what one would reasonably expect to find in an “arms exhibition”. In furtherance of its due diligence, staff also consulted with both Corporate Security and the Ottawa Police Service for insights regarding the operation of these types of shows, and the feedback was very positive in terms of minimal threat to public safety and security. Based on this due diligence, staff determined that there was no impediment to hosting these types of events, while recognizing the degree of sensitivity regarding activities that focus primarily on armaments and various weapons. Accordingly, Lansdowne Park has contracted for Secure Canada 2008 as well as CANSEC 2009, a similarly themed exhibition of security and defence technologies. It should be noted that both of these events have been successfully staged at the Ottawa Congress Centre in recent years. The imminent closure and reconstruction of that facility has forced its clientele to seek out alternate venues, even if only for the duration of new construction. There is an expectation that both of these events are likely to return to the brand-new convention centre when it opens, a project that includes a funding contribution of $40,000,000 from the City of Ottawa.” Should you have additional questions regarding this exhibit, please feel free to contact Doug Moore, Manager, Venture Properties, Business Transformation Services at (613)580-2424 ext. 41301 (office) or by e-mail douglas.moore@ottawa.ca . Thank you for contacting Mayor O\’Brien with your concerns. Regards, Colleen Gareau Constituency Assistant Mayor\’s Office110 Laurier Avenue West Ottawa (Ontario) K1P 1J1 Tel : 613-580-2496Fax: 613-580-2509 Email: colleen.gareau@ottawa.ca READ MORE: Mohawk Nation News: Sicko: Ottawa hosts warmonger trade show http://www.mohawknationnews.com/news/singlenews.php?en=en&layout=mnn&newsnr=640&backurl=%2Fnews%2Fnews3.php%3Flang%3Den%26layout%3Dmnn%26sortorder%3D0&srcscript=/news/news3.php

Protest US EPA environmental racism San Francisco August 22, 2008

Please double click on image to enlarge for protest of US EPA\’s environmental racism. Tell the US EPA to put the toxic dumps and power plants in their own backyards, rather than on Indian lands. Geenaction to US EPA: No \’cat and mouse\’ games, listen to the people Bradley Angel of Greenaction tells the US EPA that Administrator Stephen Johnson should meet with the people and halt the excuses. E-mail correspondences: From: Bradley Angel, Greenaction Dear Ms. Yoshii, Thanks for the prompt response. However, Administrator Johnson must rearrange his schedule due to the urgent matters involving US EPA and environmental justice that have arisen in the last few months, as well as the ongoing violations of environmental justice by the EPA. It is unacceptable for Mr. Johnson to come to San Francisco and fail to make time to meet with community members who will be or are being poisoned by the decisions Mr. Johnson and the EPA have made. From communities on the Navajo Nation to the Colorado River Indian Tribes to Kettleman City to Bayview Hunters Point, EPA s actions truly threaten the health and well-being of the people. We will continue to insist that Mr. Johnson meet with community representatives on Friday and we will seek to speak with him at that time. For environmental justice, Bradley Angel ————————————————————– From: Yoshii.Laura@epamail.epa.gov Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 3:02 PM To: Bradley Angel Subject: Re: Request for meeting Friday with EPA Administrator Johnson Dear Mr. Angel, In response to your request for a meeting with the EPA Administrator on Friday August 22, 2008, the Administrator\’s schedule is full and he will be unable to meet with you and other community and environmental justice groups as requested. However, Region 9 personnel would be happy to meet with you and others at a future date to discuss the concerns raised regarding Region 9 actions. Please contact Lily Lee of my staff at (415) 972-3795 to schedule these meetings. Sincerely, Laura Yoshii Deputy Regional Administrator EPA Region 9 —————————————————————————— “Bradley Angel” < bradley@greenaction.org > 08/19/2008 09:12 AM To US EPA: Subject Request for meeting Friday with EPA Administrator Johnson This is a formal written request, following up on our phone request, that Administrator Johnson meet with representatives of community and environmental justice groups during his visit to San Francisco on Friday. Mr. Johnson should make time to meet on such important concerns, especially in light of numerous actions by him and the EPA that have serious environmental justice impacts. Attached is also a flyer advertising a protest against Johnson and US EPA s racist, unjust and pro-polluter policies. We expect that EPA will respect the right of peaceful protest on Friday. Please contact me with the response to this request. Bradley Angel On behalf of the two dozen organizations uniting to protest EPA s pro-polluter policies.
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Statement of support for Mohawks from Phillipines

Dear Friends at Mohawk Nation, Greetings of solidarity from the Cordillera Peoples Alliance! Please find in the attachment our Statement of Support andSolidarity to your ongoing struggle against the encroachment of theNibourgh Developments in your territory. Let us persevere in thestruggle for the recognition of collective and human rights of theworld\’s indigenous peoples! Abigail Cordillera Peoples Alliance Public Information CommissionEmail: pic@cpaphils.org Website: www.cpaphils.org P.O. Box 975No. 2 P. Guevarra StreetWest Modern Site, Aurora HillBaguio City, Philippines 2600Telephone Number (063) (74) 442-2115Fax: (063) (74) 443-7159

Mohawks: Watch the Cops

WATCH THE COPS DAY ON MAY 29 AND EVERY DAY Mohawk Nation News April 28, 2008. Canada and Phil Fontaine of the Assembly of Colonial First Nations would like to see us standing by the side of the road with our heads down, tears rolling down our cheeks and handing out pamphlets on their Aboriginal Day of Action on May 29th. [Beware! It s an Indigenous set up day!] Many think this should be watch the goons day . We could walk, drive or bicycle through the roads, streets and highways of our communities and document police brutality and oppression. We ll be needing a great big notebook for this. Non-Indigenous communities have their problems with cops too. Maybe they ll join us. Recently a young student was given a $628 ticket for sitting on a wall in a park and for snapping pictures of them on his cell phone. They were harassing homeless people. We should be monitoring these colonial henchmen. It s come to the point now where it s not really safe to go out alone anymore. The abuse has got to stop. Take cameras, cell phones, become a witness and make good notes. We need names, badge numbers and photos of the abuse and the abusers. Then we should file complaints, take them to court and put pressure on politicians who cave into police pressure. We need know-your-rights classes. Watch the goons should make periodical reports and publish them regularly on the internet. We want to reduce Police Violence Through Accountability; and to Empower and Unite our communities by looking out for each other. [From: berkeley-copwatch@lists.riseup.net ] In Montreal when the Montreal Canadians hockey team won their series against the Boston Bruins, there was a riot on St. Catherine Street . The media coverage showed cop cars being burnt and kids jumping up and down on top of the cars. Many young people were assaulted and arrested. The police confiscated mainstream media footage so no one could see that they has gotten out of their cars, went over to a crowd of young people and started smashing them for no reason at all. People with phone cameras put these images on the internet. It was an emotional response to abuse. The cops have become the worse abusers. Watch out for agent provocateurs. They arrive dressed like us, with back packs on their back full of rocks and other implements. They start throwing these at the police and then disappear into the crowd. We get the blame. Let s face it, cops are attracted to violence. They can t stand peaceful people. So they try to stir things up so they can use all the expensive toys they claim to need. One of their most despicable tactics is to target and attack young women. This provokes otherwise peaceful men to come to their defense who are then beaten and arrested. What a violent profession. We do not approve of the theory that peace can be gained by violent means. The cops assume that those who protest their abuse must be under the spell of some kind of leader . They don t want their misdeeds to be made public. There is nothing original about what the cops are doing. They phone the acquaintances of their target and try to get information or get them on side, even offer money and safety. Safety from what! Them? What s the difference between police action and extortion? In other words, don t have a leader for them to target!The cops want more control in Southeastern Ontario because it s getting harder to illegally siphon the resources of enlightened Indigenous people. The highly trained people like doctors, miners, scientists, politicians, military and corporation heads need relative order to go about their job of stealing our water and energy. The factory jobs are now outsourced. This area is being built up for the elites. We Indigenous people are in their way. This puts us at risk. They still have depopulation plans for us in areas where they don t want us. Haudenosaunee Territory includes prime land and a vast watershed. For example, condos were going to be built on the beautiful Bay of Quinte until we stopped it. The elite always want to be on the water. We Mohawks spoil their view. These condos might have been for the workers at the new proposed U.S. Joint Task Force 2 Training Base that is being set up at Trenton Ontario , just a 20-minute drive from Tyendinaga. Sharbot Lake-Robertsville Mine site is half way between Trenton and Petawawa Army Bases. Sharbot Lake is also half way between Port Hope and Chalk River, which have the most depleted uranium stored for use by the military to make bombs. Trenton Army Base is right near Port Hope to guard that nuclear waste. Petawawa soldiers would be available to clean up nuclear messes at Chalk River, as happened in 1958 when one of the research reactors took a leak. The colonists don t want all-out warfare here. In guerilla warfare our great strength is when we are on our home turf. We know it and we feel the power that comes from being truly Indigenous. This is not understood by the colonists. They come from fragmented and abused backgrounds. They don t know what a real community is. In their ignorance they ve fallen under the delusion that they have to use low level warfare by attacking, harassing, taking prisoners, breaking our arms, surrounding us from time to time and putting out bad stories about us to scare the public. The alternative, peaceful co-existence, is simply unthinkable to them. Their psychological warfare strategies are meant to destroy all hope amongst our people and sow seeds of terror in our communiies. They want to create fear and submission. The cops wear armor and cover their faces with hideous visors and shave their heads like fascists. They are loaded with so much equipment they can hardly hear, see or move. These cops are scared and not sure why they re in our communities pointing guns at unarmed people but they re getting big pay. There are women and children on the roads too. The cops stand there shivering afraid of what will happen to them if they don t follow the crazy orders they are being given. The Mohawks took some of the stuffing out of the OPP cops who have been trying out some of their low level warfare tactics on us which aren t working. If we have courage and know we are right in what we are doing, then we will stand up to them. This perplexes them. They thought it was going to be over a long time ago. Obviously they haven t read their history. We re still here after 400 years. And we ain t going nowhere.Our persistence and perseverance comes from our ancestors. We are so well rooted with nourishment from the land. A transplant s root has to adjust for a long time to gain strength from the earth, but their roots really don t take. Most of them tumble about like rolling stones, shifting with every twist and turn of the bankrupt and exploitive economy they brought here. Such transplants need a lot of crutches like guns, propaganda, barking vicious dogs, choppers, sirens, floodlights, loud noises, UAVs [unarmed aerial vehicles for peeping tom surveillance], victims to target and lots of larceny. Their next step is to throw us all into their colonial jails and courts. These transplants keep trying to replace the Ongwehonwe of Onowaregeh. It hasn t happened and never will. We keep popping up. The natural world has decreed that we shall always be here doing our job, taking care of the land, plants, animals, water and air.The non-natives who are organized against us are not political. Otherwise they would be on our side. They would realize their own oppression and abuse by the colonists. The police hire provocateurs to mobilize them. They help set up situations that make it look good for the cops to come in. They made the recent riot at Six Nations look like the OPP were protecting the Indigenous people from the angry vigilantes from Caledonia . This makes the conservatives start okaying money for more policing and more force against us. For the cops this means job security and more opportunity to take out vengeance on us. It s part of some big plan of a few people. It s called mobilizing the masses to harmonize the peripheries with the center . The peripheries are Mexico and Canada and the center is the U.S. , of course. They rile up society so they will get a bigger budget, be in greater demand and get control over everybody. The center wants death squad type policing like in Chicago , New York , Toronto and Los Angeles , where they hit the people, do open racial profiling and are extremely corrupt internally. Is this happening in all Indigenous communities right now worldwide? On May 29th Canada with their chief provocateur, Phil Fontaine, who wants to cash in on the re-enactment of the Sand Creek Massacre , are coming in with a plan to push the final solution . Watch out. Be ready! Kahentinetha Horn – MNN Mohawk Nation News

Longest Walk, live from the Kansas Capitol

WE\’RE BACK! Listen live to Dennis Banks and the Longest Walk at the Kansas Capitol now: http://www.earthcycles.net/ Longest Walk Talk Radio, cohosts Govinda Dalton and Brenda Norrell, are back in Kansas on the northern route of the Longest Walk. We are joined by Dennis Banks, cofounder of the American Indian Movement, from the southern route, at the Kansas Capitol today, Tuesday.

Nevada Test Site oral history includes Native voices

Nevada Test Site Oral Histories The Nevada Test Site Oral History Project includes the voices and memories of American Indians, including spiritual leader Corbin Harney and other Western Shoshone and peace activists. The project at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is a comprehensive program about the Nevada Test Site during the era of Cold War nuclear testing. There are interviews with more than 150 people totaling 335 hours. Searchable transcripts, selected audio and video clips, scanned photographs and images are available on this website. http://digital.library.unlv.edu/ntsohp/

Media Censored: Mass graves of Indian children in Canada

TWENTY-EIGHT RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL GRAVE SITES IDENTIFIED WHERE IS THE MEDIA? Group of 1,500+ members question media silence on report of mass grave locations (press statement) On April 10, 2008, the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared held a press conference and public ceremony in which they released a list of twenty-eight reported mass graves across Canada – the graves of aboriginal children who died while in Indian Residential Schools. Traditional media sources have ignored this heartbreaking and important story. A Facebookgroup Mass Graves of Residential School Children Identified Where Is the Media? was started on April 18, and in less than a week had over1,000 members. That number is now at 1,500 and still climbing. The group was formed to encourage members to contact the media to demand investigation into these reported grave sites. The many abuses that First Nations children suffered at the hands of the church-operated, government funded Residential Schools are no longer secret. We know that aboriginal children were torn from their homes and families. Many were subjected to or witnesses of physical and/or sexual abuse. They died of diseases like tuberculosis at alarming rates, as reported last April by the Globe and Mail. An estimated 50,000Residential school students are missing, their fate a mystery. Now, from eyewitness accounts, documents, survey data and physical evidence, a list of 28 grave sites has been compiled and released, where allegedly the bodies of Residential school students were unceremoniously interred. Their deaths went unreported to their families. The devastating generational legacy of the Residential schools is tragedy enough. The insulting, degrading burial of the First Nations children who died while in church and government care warrants investigation and attention. And yet, the traditional media remains largely mute about this important piece of Canadian history. It is our right to know our heritage and our past,even if it fills us with sadness and shame. The only way to address this is to ensure that this story sees the light of day under public scrutiny, and that there is a full investigation is to make it become part of the public knowledge and consideration. Please consider covering this topic in the very near future. It is in the public interest, and we must finally have the truth. List of the grave sites can be found here: http://hiddenfromhistory.org/RecentUpdatesampArticles/Apr102008LocationofMassGravesRevealed/tabid/71/Default.aspx Contact: pale.cold@ gmail.com mailto:proleatacr@gmail.com Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=11679618549&ref=mf

Statement to United Nations on rights violations of Yankton

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Seventh Session, New York, April 21 to May 2, 2008. Joint Statement Submitted by the International Indian Treaty Council and the Indigenous Environmental Network Item 4: Implementation of the six mandated areas of the Permanent Forum and on the Millennium Development Goals, f) Human Rights Thank you Madame Chair and Respectful greetings to all Delegations. We join with all other delegations to congratulate the world community and the 144 member states who voted to finally recognize Indigenous Peoples as full members of the family of Nations on September 13th 2007. We now have a solid floor and a universally recognized minimum standard for the, promotion and defense of Indigenous Peoples human rights, to which all UN member states are accountable. The Declaration reaffirms Indigenous Peoples\’ right to free prior and informed consent in all matters affecting our lives, lands and ways of life. The Declaration also affirms the obligation of UN member states to uphold the rights affirmed in Nation- to- Nation Treaties they have signed with Indigenous Nations and calls upon the International community to take responsibility to ensure this is carried out. We call your attention to an urgent situation in which the human rights of the Dakota Indigenous Nation is being violated in South Dakota, United States. Various provisions of the UN Declaration including Treaty Rights, rights to own control and use traditional Lands, territories and resources, and the Right to Free Prior Informed Consent over development actives are being violated. At this time, the Ihanktowan Dakota, known as the Yankton Sioux Tribe based in Marty, South Dakota is protesting violations of human rights and the Tribe s sovereignty including violations of the 1851 Treaty between the U.S. Government and the Dakota Nation (Sioux). On April 15, Yankton Sioux Tribal members began a peaceful protest against the construction of a large scale corporate hog farm which will be operated by Long View Farms based in Hull, Iowa. Tribal members are calling attention to the environmental degradation the hog farm will bring to the reservation and surrounding communities. The air quality in the community will be impacted and the threat of contamination to surface and ground water due to shallow aquifers in the area, posing serious threats to community health. The proposed hog farm site, projected to permanently house more than 3000 sows and produce 70,000 pigs each year, is located within Treaty lands recognized as belonging to the Dakota (Sioux) Nation and is surrounded by Indian reservation land. Tribal and local community members are blocking an access road to the site which is under the jurisdiction of the Yankton Sioux Tribe. The Yankton Sioux Tribe has filed a lawsuit opposing the construction of this facility which will use approximately one million gallons of water and produce over 7 million gallons of liquid hog waste a year. Its proposed location is only four miles from the Missouri River, a major source of water for many communities and home to many endangered species. Parents of a pre- school located less than three miles from the proposed site have also filed a lawsuit based on the health threats to their children. US federal laws mandating an Environmental Impact Statement and public hearings before such projects can be implemented have also been violated. The Sheriff of Charles Mix County and the South Dakota Highway Patrol have initiated a police occupation of Indian land on the Yankton Reservation. More than 70 county, state and federal law enforcement officials, including homeland security officers, with armed swat teams and dogs, snipers with automatic weapons and helicopters are being used to contain a peaceful non-violent action with women and children present. In the last week, thirty eight people have been arrested including minors and elders. The state of South Dakota does not have jurisdictional authority on federal trust land and is therefore violating the sovereignty of the Yankton Sioux Tribe within its own borders. The Yankton Sioux tribal members are asking if these State of South Dakota and federal law enforcement officials are being used to protect corporate interests at the expense of Indigenous Peoples human rights. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota and the Santee Sioux Tribe of Nebraska have written resolutions opposing the hog farm. Additional information has been provided to the North America member of the Permanent Forum for review by all members of the Forum. The United States joined with only 3 other countries at the General Assembly last year to vote against the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and on that basis has attempted to maintain that the Declaration does not apply to them. We remind the US government that their own Constitution, Article 6 states that Treaties are the supreme law of the land . We also remind them that on March 7th 2008, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) released its recommendations in response to the United States Periodic Report, and recommended that the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples be used by the US as a guide to interpret the State Party s obligations under the Convention relating to Indigenous Peoples . This recommendation ties the implementation of the UN Declaration by the US and other state parties to the legally binding obligations of all state parties to the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination. Indigenous Peoples are not alone in recognizing that Industrial livestock production poses a serious threat to the environmental integrity and health, both where it is located as well as around the world. In its recent report, The Long Shadow of Livestock , the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) cited large scale livestock production as a major source of greenhouse gasses, water contamination and land degradation. The IITC therefore recommends that the UNPFII7th session: Transmit without delay the most urgent and critical human rights situat ions which Indigenous Peoples have presented to this session, including those caused by unsustainable imposed development, to the new Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the UN Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the High Commissioner on Human Rights to ensure further investigation and response Congratulate Human Rights Council for the resolution adopted at its last session Human Rights and Climate Change [A/HRC/7/L.21], calling upon the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights to undertake a detailed analytical study of the relationship between climate change and human rights, and to submit a separate report as the UNPFII containing the information and testimonies which have been presented to this session to the UN Human Rights Council for inclusion in this Study. In closing Madame Chair, we thank you for this time and your attention, and we ask that the UNPF determine additional ways that it can monitor, encourage and otherwise support the UN system to fully integrate and implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples at all levels, and in all UN bodies and agencies.
Press Release: Yankton Head Start Parents
The Yankton Sioux Tribe Head Start (YSTHS) concerned Parents are not an entity of the Yankton Sioux Tribe but parents and Grandparents which consist of YST, other Tribal parents, non Indian contributors, and common people supporting the children and families enrolled in the YSTHS program therefore are not under the Authority of the Tribe.That the YSTHS Concerned Parents Law Suit is on behalf of our children\’s Environmental Health and Safety, working independently towards the best Interest of our children and families. Although the YST is regulated by city, state, county, YST B&CC and BIA Agencies, not one is protecting the Rights, Health and Safety of our children And families. Instead the city, state, county, YST B&CC and BIA are Protecting the interest of a foreign company with all owners residing in Hull, Iowa. The YSTHS Concerned Parent are not represented by the YST B&CC and their Attorney Charles Abourezk. Nor have received funding from the YST B&CC. All contributors are Parents, Grandparents, local non- Indian farmers, different tribal members, other supporters concerned with the Overall environmental protection, rights to clear air and clean water, Which includes the water beneath the ground. Any act to dismiss Federal proceeding and due process rights is a hostile act against our Children and future generations to come. In closing we pray that federal laws will be upheld and protect our Children s federal right. Passing on the words of an elder from Rosebud. “This is not economic Development but in fact economic Genocide and this is our children\’s and future generation\’s land Water, and, God. We are only here to protect those who cannot Protect themselves. It is our right and our honor, if we do nothing Then we are also neglecting our children. Sincerely, Members of the YSTHS Concerned Parents Contact #: (605) 491-2674 or (605) 491-2827 Anyone who wishes to contribute to the YSTHS Concern Parents Mail check or money order to: Concerned Parent Fund C/O Robin Bair Box 34 Wagner, SD 57380

Maori message of support for Yankton struggle

E nga Iwi katoa, mihimihi tatou.Ehoa ma I am a Kaumatua (Elder) of Te Kaiaio uri of TE WHANAU A APANUIiwi (“tribe”) on East Cape, New Zealand. We are currently in Negotiation with the NZ Govt aka “The Crown” overrestoration of our “tribal Rights” to manage our lands and resources, and have been able to call an INTERIM “stay” on all development projects not carrying approval of any Hapu (“subtribe”) concerned.Given that the Govts of NZ,Canada and the US seem to be singing from similar song sheets vis a vis”aboriginal affairs” these days, though the venues are set up slightly differently, we need to be alert to what is happening on the ground and be quick with what support we can offer.A near neighbour Iwi of ours was invaded by SWAT – type forces recently,on “anti-terr” grounds subsequently quashed, but many of those arrested still face “Firearms charges”. We are sure that this outrage is connected to a certain agreement centred in “your ” national capital. and this viewpoint was well aired in our national Press, which was overjoyed to have the consequent debacle to wallow in. This not quite the point that NZMaori wish to make, but it gave us useful headlines and has added to the”injustice”profile. The Ngai Tuhoe Iwi got wide international support atthe time, and some of that filtered through as well.As you know, publicity is about the biggest tool in the box these days.For generations it was used against us all but the tide is turning somewhat, for various reasons of course but if the horse is going our waylets swing into the saddle. NZ is a small country (about the size of Wyoming) but it happens to have some useful attributes internationally,including a fairly vigorous protest community and an accessible media.Maori TV, a national public broadcaster with a mix of Maori and English programming, has increasing widespread support for the quality of its service and is starting to reach out for overseas stories. It has just launched an exclusive “Reo Maori”(local language) channel, which will takeover some of the specialised Maori topics and hopefully allow for more indigenous political coverage.We share many health and social problems, unknown before colonisation,which need urgent airing. NZ Public services aren\’t too bad but overstretched as most are, and the NZ Pakeha (white) population moans quite a bit about “extra\’ resources being sqaundered(!) on “lazy natives”. That there is something very wrong with the consequences of colonialism world wide barely penetrates the general consciousness, tho the Global Warming thing is stirring the brain cells inNZ these days. Publicising the “common cause” in Health and Education,both of which all people can relate to, is one vehicle to get the message across. Diabetes, alcoholism, domestic assaults, school truancy, youth gangs – our people never suffered these sorts of afflictions before colonisation, and those who hold the chains of power these days must be pressured into accepting they have inherited a heavy burden of responsibility, even if in their long term interest as well. We all have our local issues, and on behalf of my Hapu I forward heartfelt support foryour stand with regards to the “Hog farm” and say “Kia Kaha” (Be Strong) to those in detention.I am Chairman of our Marae (Longhouse?) Committee, and a Founding Trustee/Board Member of Te Runanga o Te Whanau, the Development Oganisation which these past 20 years has been working to lift our Iwi(consisting of 13 subtribes) out of the shackles of the Dept of Maori Affairs (now disbanded thank god). (We refuse to “register” our tribeunder Parliamentary Law, but use existing “Service Bodies” legislation to set up groups to do the work on the Peoples behalf. For instance I am Chair of a “Water Services Trust” recently registered as a “Charity” toget homes in our Hapu quality, reticulated water. As such we are eligible for funding, whereas the Hapu itself is not!) We have gone through plenty of turmoil, family fights, failed ventures etc , our founding Elders have passed on and those who have stepped up realise how little we know, but we are pushing on, as is the rest of Maoridom and our Iwi has recently joined the Indigenous Nations Organisation formed by “American FirstNations”.bodies.Being aged 70, I\’m stepping aside from “active service” – we need to putthe younger sector into the lead and Ive work of my own to finish, including a look back over what has been going on for us these past three or four decades.The “Anglophile”Goverments all derive their laws from the English Westminster structure,and they can be challenged on very similar grounds where indigenous communities are involved. I will protest to the US Embassy here, and encourage others to do likewise.I wish your people all the very best success in this current struggle, Kia Ora ratou – Kia Kaha Tony Chadwick, Te Whanau a Kaiaio.
Photo: Yankton face off with South Dakota State Police on Indian land, protesting hog farm. Courtesy photo.

Urgent Call for Support for Tyendinaga

URGENT! CALL OUT FOR SUPPORT OF TYENDINAGA Action of Support on Coast Salish Territory
Tyendinaga and Six Nations SolidarityAction of Support on Coast Salish Territory Monday, April 27th, 2008
2:30 – Meet @ China Creek Skate ParkLocated at East Broadway and Clark Drive Bring your flags, banners and voices!Wear Red to show your solidarity! On Friday April 25th at 2:45pm EST OPP surrounded the quarries inTyendinaga demanding the surrender of the Mohawks. Guns were drawnand violence ensued on the part of the police. This is following theOPP\’s swarm of Mohawk Territory earlier this week which was theresponse to halting of construction of a development site thatencroaches onto Mohawk territory that a group of warriors had takenover. 2 years ago we made a promise that if the OPP harmed the Haudenosauneagain, we would take action and show KKKanada that we will standunited against police oppression and the governments theft of ourlands. Actions have already taken place in Awkwesasne and Kahnawake, SixNations has resurrected Barricades and were threatened with an OPPraid yesturday afternoon. Because of the overwhelming support thatreturned to Kahnonstaton reclamation site (the protected place andformerly the Douglas Creek Estates) the raid was called off and theHighway 6 Bypass remains closed. In Tyendinaga, the quarries have been blocked off by police and thereis only one entrance through the reserve to the quarries. They arestill holding strong despite 6 arrests, physical violence inflicted onyoung people (a young man had both arms broken by police) and despitenews reports that denied this fact, guns were pointed at our children. They are currently requesting actions of support as well asdonations for food and supplies. See more info at bottom of email. Tyendinaga and Six Nations SolidarityAction of Support on Coast Salish TerritoryMonday, April 27th, 2008 2:30 – Meet @ China Creek Skate ParkLocated at East Broadway and Clark Drive Bring your flags, banners and voices!Wear Red to show your solidarity! Banner/Sign/Placard Making PartySunday April 26th, 20083:00 – 9:00@ Purple Thistle Centre http://www.purplethistle.ca/ for location details*** purple thistle is one block SOUTH of Venables and one block WEST of Clarkring buzzer to be let in. All Welcome and there will be food! ==> Requested Action from Mohawk Nation News: CALL Ontario Provicial Police & advise them that the world is watching: 24hour communications center OPP: 1-888-310-1122OPP Eastern Headquarters: 613-284-4500

Citizens Walk for Human Dignity, Tucson to Phoenix, in May

The Citizens Walk for Human Dignity starts May 2, from Tucson-Phoenix A national coalition of over 50 local, state and national organizations are participating in walk from Tucson to Phoenix beginning May 2 to call for an end to racially fomented hate crimes. The ten-day peaceful walk will end with a rally in downtown Phoenix on Mother s Day, May 11, honoring mothers for teaching children to treat all human beings with equal dignity. Kucinich letter of support : Dear Friends, Thank you for your courageous “Citizen\’s Walk for Human Dignity”. Events like this are very important if we are to achieve respect for the civil rights and human rights of all people. Your effort in Arizona is important for America. Each step you take is an affirmation of the power of the human spirit to respond powerfully to oppression. Every step you take challenges the system to be respectful of human dignity. Every step you take helps America to take a new direction so that we may one day soon reach that place where the rights of all people are respected. Si Se Puede. Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich Message from Jay Johnson Castro As citizens of the United States, We call on each and every US Congressperson and US Senator to join the people of this country, who want our government and our country to be the model of human dignity. You don t have to walk with us. Just STAND WITH US in solidarity. Will you join us in our demand for the cessation of hate crimes and racially prejudiced profiling by law enforcement officials that are being committed with impunity in the name of the rule of law and on the pretext of national security? Of all the countries of the world, human dignity should be guaranteed to any member of our human family that lives within the boundaries of our United States of America, the land of the free. If we are going to enforce the rule of law , our county cannot go wrong, and can only be blessed, by applying the highest rule of law , the Golden Rule. That of doing unto others as we would want them to do unto us if the shoe were on the other foot. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, along with his gracious wife, Elizabeth, has taken the lead on the part of nationally elected officials, in supporting the Citizens Walk for Human Dignity. The Citizens Walk organizers will be reaching out to and inviting all Congresspersons and Senators to show their solidarity with we the people for human dignity. To Governor Janet Napolitano. You have HB 2807 and HB 2359 on your desk that would turn your state into a prototype police state, one of tyranny and terror. If those bills are signed, without consideration of the impact on human rights and civil rights, there will be an escalation of the violations of human dignity that already exist in the State of Arizona. As it stands, Arizona, and in particular, Maricopa County are already considered Ground Zero of hate crimes, much as Selma, Alabama was some four decades ago. The already rampant violations by law enforcement officers of human rights, civil rights and constitutional rights will become epidemic in your state, and like a malignant cancer will spread all over the surface of our country. The terrorizing and victimizing of all people of color will escalate, including Arizona and US citizens. If you do not veto those bills, we appeal to you to consider delaying their signing until after the Citizens Walk for Human Dignity. Meanwhile, we are asking for the highest officials of the State of Arizona and of the US Congress to initiate an investigation, indictment, prosecution and conviction of any and all persons, especially those with a law enforcement badge, who would violate the sacredness of our freedoms. Who to contact: Rick Romero, Citizens Walk Coordinator (602) 515-9844; romero85008@yahoo.com Annette Sexton-Ruiz, Citizens Walk Assistant Coordinator (602) 505-4147; annettesr44@yahoo.com Paul Fuschini, Tucson Citizens Walk Coordinator, (520) 490-2000; fuschini@sonoracohousing.com Sarah Boone, Freedom Ambassadors, Secretary (830)768-1100, sboone@stx.rr.com . In solidarity Jay . About the walk … Among the more than 50 organizations endorsing the event are: LULAC National; Cesar Chavez March for Justice; National Indian Treaty Council; Border Angels; Freedom Ambassadors; National Network for Immigration and Refugee Rights; Veterans for Peace; Derechos Humanos; Humane Borders; Gente Unida;American Indian Movement; International Indian Treaty Council; Texas Indigenous Council; Border Ambassadors; Border Network for Human Rights; Southwest Workers Union; No Mas Muertes; LUPE; Somos America, the 42 member Phoenix coalition;IUE-CWA/AFL-CIO; Labor Council for Latin American Advancement AFL-CIO;Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law; Dallas Peace Center and MADRES. Groups as well as individuals are invited to participate in the walk for an hour, a mile, a day or whatever circumstances allow. The walk will begin immediately after a 10 a.m. rally on Friday, May 2 in downtown Tucson at the Plaza on South 6th Avenue, between 12th and 13th Streets. (PHOTO: Protest of vigilante patrols and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, during a trip to Tucson by Arpaio in 2008. Photo Brenda Norrell)

Mohawk Nation News: Update from Tyendinaga

Tyendinaga Update: Sunday, April 27, 2008 What happened – How you can help – Needs of Mohawks – Contacts of cops and politicians Mohawk Nation News Apr. 27, 2008. An email came from the real estate agents, Emile and Theodore Nibourg, enibourg@sutton.com. These are the guys who wanted to build condos on Mohawk land, or at least they wanted to make it look like they were building condos. They knew the Mohawks would object. They even told some of us they were hoping to get a pay out guaranteeing their profits from Canadian taxpayers when the deal fell through. What a scam! The OPP [who help the thieves of Other Peoples Property ] fell for it hook, line and sinker. These are Nibourg s puppets. You can practically see the strings. In a press statement Nibourg said, We sent out a media release last week stating we are refraining from continuing our plans to develop the land to allow for a peaceful resolution and negotiations with the government . We want peace too. There is nothing to resolve. If someone was trespassing on your land, what would you expect the police to do? Kick them off or kick you off? Why are the police on Mohawk land? They were not invited, Nibourg s gone, the cops are trespassing! They are also violating international law by unlawfully confining our people. Throughout the Rotiskenrekete have not blocked any roads. Commissioner of the OPP, Julian Fantino, said, There are no blockages except for the ones we put up. It s all peaceful now. Even though the Globe and Mail has published photos of the cops pointing guns at us and beating up our people, Fantino tried to deny this happened in a Canadian Press release, of April 26th. He said, There are claims on blogs that police officers po inted their guns at unarmed women and children, broke people s arms and beat prisoners . Fantino went on to say, I think it s inflaming what is already a very tenuous, very difficult situation . Fantino didn t denying any of this. There s obviously a double standards in Canadian society. A photo of an ordinary person resisting violence results in immediate charges and an arraignment in court. A photo of a cop doing the same things results in excuses, foot shuffling and obfuscation. It looks like becoming a cop makes them immune from prosecution. It s becoming a magnet for thugs. Fantino doesn t like it when the brutality and law breaking of his henchmen gets publicized. [MNN has photos of cops standing behind their patrol cars, pointing their weapons at us. Also, in the Globe and Mail is a photo of the cops beating one of our men in the ditch and breaking his arms.] Fantino told the Globe Mail, The hard work and dedication of our officers in protecting the citizens of this community cannot go unnoticed . No kidding! We have you on video beating up our people. Those responsible for criminal activities will be held accountable . If this is true, we expect to see some cops wearing handcuffs in court prisoner s dock. The standoff at the quarry continues. OPP are still holding their positions, though their numbers have decreased. Talks are ongoing between Tyendinaga Mohawks and the OPP. Today the OPP sent a message to the Rotiskenrekete at the quarry on Mohawk land. Let s agree to walk away from this and go our separate ways and then nothing will happen !!! Remember what happened the other day when the OPP were arresting Shawn Brant for a fake charge? They said the same thing. When our five men got into their cars, ten OPP goons jumped them, threw them in the ditch and beat them up. They broke both arms of one native man and one arm of another. Then the OPP put out a lie that one of our men had a gun. The Rotiskenrekete listened and told the officer, Put out a statement that our men did not have guns and that you lied, and then maybe we ll talk to you . The community is still holding strong both inside the quarry and outside on nearby Slash Road. There are a significant number of supporters. People from other Indigenous communities arrived last night and today. Visits from allies are welcome. Come during daylight hours. The situation is less tense at this moment, but dynamics can shift suddenly. Urgently Needed are first aid – water – money – non-perishable foods meat fish – camping equipment communications equipment fuel gas propane mobile phones phone cards rain coats towels soap wet wipes tooth brushes tooth paste gloves work shoes boots runners socks mosquito repellent sun block radios two-way radios hand held radios/scanners cooking utensils plates silverware buckets pails blankets and sleeping bags – and anything else you can think of. Once again, the police have turned what should have been a non-event into a summer project. Directions to the site: take TransCanada Highway 401 to the Marysville/Deseronto exit (east of Belleville ). This is the exit to Highway 49. Go south [right] on highway 49 for about 10-15 minutes. You\’ll pass a stop sign Tyendinaga . Once you hit the Slash Road , turn left. Drive until you see the people and a big bonfire. Tyendinaga_support@masses.tao.ca. The five arrested on false charges of assaulting OPP on Deseronto Road , are Matthew James KUNKEL, 21, Clint BRANT, 29, Daniel John DORENE, 34, and Steve CHARTRAND, 32. All four men are from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory . They are scheduled to appear on Monday, April 28, 2008 in Napanee court. The names, ages and places of residence of the ten trespassing police officers who committed the assault on our men are unknown. Shawn BRANT, 44 years, was remanded into custody and is also scheduled to appear in Napanee court on Monday, April 28, 2008. [Contact: Sgt. Kristine Rae, (613) 285-5479cell, 1-800-279-8660 pager]. Some have been released but we don t know their conditions. Support Action: The OPP blocked off the bypass on Highway 6. The Six Nations went there to burn fires on the bypass and stand in solidarity with the Mohawks of Tyendinaga. At 6:45 pm, Saturday, April 26, the OPP told the Rotiskenrekete to remove themselves from the bypass within half an hour or else they would be raided. Rotiskenrekete responded with a one middle finger salute to corporate Canada s security guards , followed by the profound words, FU! On Saturday, a large delegation of Mohawks of Kahnawake demonstrated at the foot of the Mercier Bridge going into Montreal handing out statements, speaking to the drivers and passengers and generally putting out information on the resistance to desecrating the land and asking them to defend mother earth and the Mohawks at Tyendinaga. A comment from an AIMer came in: This is definitely showing the difference in how people are treated by the “Powers That Think They Are” over protests. Sharbot Lake gets the OPP presence, but not the swarming . Could that be due to the non-native locals being part of the objections to the mine? Down in Tyendinaga, the locals haven t realized the implications of polluting the ground water or using the quarry for illegally dumping of toxic waste. Instead they demonstrate against us.The following message of support went to Ontario Premier McGuinty, “Don\’t repeat the crimes of the Harris government at Ipperwash. Stop the OPP and military now!” from Elizabeth Rowley [rowley@cpc-pcc.ca Provincial Leader, Communist Party of Canada ( Ontario ) (416) 469-2446 FAX (416) 469-4063 http://www.communist-party.ca/ E-mail info@cpc-pcc.ca]: We call on you to act immediately to withdraw the police and military who are attacking unarmed Mohawks at Tyendinaga. This appears to be a repeat of the events that lead to the murder of Dudley George in Ipperwash [in 1995].. you have the power and authority to act immediately to save lives by stopping this attack. What is needed is a political solution, and an end to resource exploration and all development [of Indigenous] lands The following message came from ECOTERRA International, AfricaNode, Nairobi, on Apr. 26, 2008, Kwe, We say: The fish always starts stinking from it\’s head! So why should we spend international calls to make the consciousness of the Band Office Chief, who suffers from the same oppression, more miserable. We want to attack the ones, who really are the real aggressors! The Prime-Minister of Canada is one – whom else should we address (e.g. highest Police Commander in charge of this nonsense).We demand our native men be released from the colonial jails immediately. Here are some of the colonial culprits. The Tyendinaga band council office is administrator of illegal colonial government policies. They do not support our people in defending the land. The colonial chief is R. Don Maracle 1-613-396-3426; 613-396-3089 Cell 613-391-9249; Julian Fantino, is the Commission of the Ontario Provincial Police, julian.fantino@jus.gov.on.ca, julian.fantino@ontario.ca; Governor General Michaelle Jean info@gg.ca;Hon. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada harper.s@parl.gc.ca ; Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty dalton.mcguinty@premier.gov.on.ca;Paul Leblanc of Indian Affairs, leblanc.p@ainc-inac.gc.ca;Yvan Dery, Privy Council Office, ydery@pco-bcp.gc.ca ; Sylvia McKenzie, Justice Canada, sylvia.mackenzie@sppcc-psepc.gc.ca ; Gilles Rochon, Aboriginal Policing, gilles.rochon@psepc.gc.ca 613-990-2666;Emanuel Chabot, Public Affairs 7 Emergency Preparedness emmanuel.chabot@psepc-sppcc.gc.ca 613-990-4353;Louis-Alexandre Guay, the inaptly named Justice Canada lguay@justice.gc.ca;Phil Fontaine, Assembly of [Colonized] First Nations, reception@afn.ca;Jim Potts, advisor to the inept Ontario Provincial Police on Indigenous policing who claims to be Indigenous 613-795-3907;RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police, London Ontario Detachment 519-640-7267;Chuck Strahl, Minister of Indian Affairs, 819-997-0002, 819-953-1160, 613-992-2940 Fax 613-944-9376 strahc@parl.gc.ca;Walter Walling, who organizes police attacks against Mohawks such as the Jan. 12, 2004 debacle at Kanehsatake, wallingw@ainc-inac.gc.ca;Leona Dombrowsky, Member of Ontario Legislature, 613-962-1144, 1-877-536-6248 Fax 613-969-6381 ldombrowsky.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org;Michael Bryant, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Ontario, 416-314-8693, Fax 416-314-2701, mbryant.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org, 416-656-0943, 416-325-7754, Fax 416-325-7755;L.G. Beechey Chief Supt. Commander Eastern Region OPP, 613-284-4500;Canadian Embassies in your country. Here s an email from a UK supporter, Hey there, must be getting old. It took longer than I expected it to, but we\’ve got the embassies covered. We are harassing the media, but equally the media cannot go to the embassies without crashing head first into us. We\’ve got your backs Brothers and Sister. Zoi. TO VERIFY AND FOR INFORMATION CALL: Akwesasne Rotiskenekete 518-358-3660Tyendinaga Aserakowa [Warchief]: 613-243-4993Jan Hill [Longhouse] 613-961-8515 613-827-1547 Dan 613-919-1354 Rotiskenekete 613-849-1314 613-827-4991 613-577-1355 Kahentinetha HornMNN Mohawk Nation NewsClick News & See Category: Tyendinaga 4/27/08, 10:44am EDT. Mohawk Nation News Mohawk Nation News. MNN.MohawkNationNews.com +Republishing Information +Privacy Policy +Contact +Subscribe

Woman activist and farm leader arrested in Juarez

Ciudad Juarez News Cipriana Jurado, a prominent Ciudad Juarez women\’s rights activist, is now free after posting a $700 bond. The director of the Worker Research and Solidarity Center, Jurado was arrested by Mexican federal police outside her home on Wednesday, April 2. The veteran activist was charged with blocking a public roadway during an October 2005 protest … Read more: http://frontera.nmsu.edu/today.html Lipan Apache (El Calaboz) Women Community Built a Local-Global Movement https://mysite.wsu.edu/personal/mtamez/calaboz/default.aspx Our case is supported by~~Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law http://www.centerforhumanrights.org/

SOUTH DAKOTA: Video of arrests at Yankton protest

Mohawks Surrounded by Police at Tyendinaga

URGENT HELP NEEDED Mohawks of Tyendinaga: UPDATE! OPP to take out Rotiskenekete at the quarry Mohawk Nation News April 25, 2008 Mohawks surrounded at the quarry in Tyendinaga. Ontario Provincial Police OPP fully armed with guns drawn. They are yelling through blow horns ordering the Rotiskenekete to come down with their hands up, or else they are going to take them out. The Rotiskenekete have told the OPP they are not coming down from there. We have been informed that help will probably not arrive in time. The OPP have said they are coming right away. There are 20 left at the quarry. Many have already been arrested. DO SOMETHING QUICK! WE HAVE TO SAVE OUR PEOPLE. FOR INFORMATION CALL: 518-358-3660; Warchief: 613-243-4993; Jan Hill 613-961-8515 613-827-1547; Dan 613-919-1354; Rotiskenekete 613-849-1314 613-827-4991; OPP Easter Headquarters 613-284-4500 L.G. Beechey Chief Supt. Commander Eastern Region R. Don Maracle 613-396-3089 Cell 613-391-9249 GENOCIDE IS HAPPENING AT THIS HOUR AT TYENDINAGA. THEIR POSITION IS THEY ARE NOT MOVING. THEY ARE GOING DOWN. THEY WILL DEFEND THEMSELVES. THEY ARE NOT GIVING UP THE LAND. Kahentinetha Horn MNN Mohawk Nation News

UN: Indigenous Peoples protest Sithe Global in New York

Indigenous Peoples from North America Say No to Fossil Fuel Development Dooda Desert Rock (David) Knocks on Sithe Global s (Goliath s) Door By Elouise Brown/Dooda Desert Rock Listen to audio of protest in New York: http://www.earthcycles.net/ NEW YORK A delegation of Indigenous Peoples from all over the world rallied at Sithe Global LLC in New York City, to ensure that Sithe understands the impacts of their proposed Desert Rock Energy Project on the local, Navajo people at the proposed site. Elouise Brown, President of the Dooda Desert Rock committee, and Enei Begaye, Executive Director of the Black Mesa Water Coalition, attempted to deliver a letter to Sithe telling them that local people do not support the project. Sithe did not meet with them. News reporters accompanied Elouise and Enei into the building, but were ordered to leave immediately. Enei and Elouise, as tribal members of the Navajo Nation who Sithe Global is doing business with, asked to deliver a letter to Sithe Global. Receptionists called the Sithe Global office several times and left two messages, but Sithe never came down or called back. The receptionists refused to deliver the letter but directed Elouise and Enei to a messenger center at a different location, where they sent the letter. I don t understand how the proponents of the Desert Rock Energy Project from our Navajo Nation can do business with a corporation that will not speak to members of the Nation who would be directly impacted by the project, says Elouise Brown. At least we know we delivered the letter, and they have an idea there are many Navajo people opposed to this project, and only a couple who want the project. Outside Indigenous Peoples from all over the world who are in New York for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UN PFII), rallied, chanted, and held signs in solidarity with the Dooda Desert Rock Committee. Suspiciously, soon after the rally started, large moving trucks were parked in front of the building, blocking protesters from being seen on the street. Elouise and Enei were part of the Indigenous Environmental Network delegation to the UN PFII. Together, the group profiled the disproportionate impacts their communities face as a result of the expansion of fossil fuel development in their homelands, resulting in contamination and depletion of water, compounding climate change, and exacerbating health impacts. Enei Begaye said, These are resource wars. These companies are occupying sovereign Indigenous territories, and not just in Iraq. In this country, from the Navajo Nation to the Arctic, the Indian wars continue. The letter can be found at http://www.dooda-desert-rock.net/ Contact: Elouise Brown, Dooda Desert Rock, 505-947-6159 Jihan Gearon, Indigenous Environmental Network, 218-760-1370 Enei Begay, Black Mesa Water Coaltion, 928-380-6296

Photo: Elouise Brown and Tom Goldtooth. Courtesy photo.

Ponca Casey Camp-Horinek at UN: Fossil fuels, climate change, devastating Indian lands

Indigenous Environmental Network at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Ponca Casey Camp-Horinek delivers statement on fossil fuels and climate change INDIGENOUS ENVIRONMENTAL NETWORKAt the 7th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Intervention on Climate: Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 As part of the Road of Destruction campaign of the Indigenous Environmental Network, Indigenous grassroots representatives from communities traveled to New York City, New York to make a statement to the Indigenous Peoples of the world and world government leaders and UN agencies on the issue of climate change and fossil fuels. The following statement (intervention) was read to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues on Tuesday, April 22, 2008. All statements were limited to 3 minutes and even though our collective statement should have been much longer, we respected the policy and limited our words to the 3 minute limit. Our delegation recognized many of the other statements given by Indigenous peoples from around the world. However, we recognized the link to fossil fuels was not being highlighted. Casey Camp-Horinek, of the Ponca Nation was selected by the IEN delegation to read the intervention. As a member of concerned Ponca tribal members, Casey Camp has been fighting for environmental and health issues in the shadow of the international headquarters of the Conoco-Phillips refinery and the Carbon Black coke processing plant. After the statement was read, Casey asked for all Indigenous Peoples that are affected by oil, gas, coal and fossil fuel development, to please stand up. Almost the whole assembly stood up. This visual action demonstrated the need of CO2olonalism and petro politics to be addressed. IEN with support of Indigenous organizations throughout the world are demanding the Permanent Forum to call for an EMERGENCY WORLD SESSION of the UN General Assembly to address this issue (please see the Recommendation at the end of the statement below). Climate change is an Indigenous rights issue! INTERVENTION TO THE SEVENTH SESSION ON THE UNITED NATIONS PERMANENT FORUM ON INDIGENOUS ISSUES April 2008 Topic: Climate Submitted by the Indigenous Environmental Network, with support of global endorsements: Centre for Organisation Research & Education (Indigenous Peoples\’ Centre for Policy and Human Rights in India\’s Eastern Himalayan Territories Center for Organization Research and Education (CORE), Federation of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Asia, Indian Confederation of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples, Western Shoshone Defense Project, Cabildo Wayuu Noona, International Indian Treaty Council, Asociaci n Ind gena Ambiental, Seventh Generation Fund. Thank you, Madame Chair, for the opportunity to address the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. I m Casey Camp-Horinek a member of the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma. I represent the Indigenous Environmental Network, which includes the following affiliate organizations and Canadian First Nations governments that are with me today: Pa Tha Tah, REDOIL [Resisting Environmental Destruction on Indigenous Lands], Mikisew Cree First Nation, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, the Tribal Campus Climate Challenge Youth delegation, Dooda Desert Rock, Fort Berthold Environmental Awareness Committee, Passamaquoddy Bay Defenders, Black Mesa Water Coalition, Tulalip Youth, Laguna Acoma Coalition for a Safe Environment. We cannot deny that the dangers of climate change violate the human rights of Indigenous Peoples. Climate change threatens our food systems and ability to practice our ceremonies, forces removals from our traditional lands and territories, and creates disproportionate health impacts on Indigenous Peoples. Climate change is more than an environmental issue to Indigenous Peoples. Our cultures are in crisis the inability of governments to address the issue of climate change is tantamount to cultural genocide for our Peoples. The UN and relevant international agencies must address these human rights violations immediately. We cannot wait; climate change is a real issue in the communities we are from. We must build upon the discussion of impacts, and take action to create real solutions to climate change and global warming now. Madame Chair, while there is a very justifiable increase of global interest on studying climate issues and debates on its solutions, it is business as usual with the expansion of oil, coal and other fossil fuel development within our homelands. The international scientific community, led by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was established through a resolution of the UN General Assembly, has concluded that the burning of oil, gas, liquid natural gas, and coal, as fossil fuels, is the primary source of human-induced climate change and global warming. The Earth has already warmed by 0.76 degrees Celsius (nearly 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels. Most scientists warn that a temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) could have serious consequences. Above the 2 degrees level, scientists are saying this is the tipping point where temperatures and weather events will be out of control, with an acceleration of climate changes and global warming. Concerned scientists are now saying we are almost at that tipping point, within 10 years. For the well being of Mother Earth and future generations, the world must move more aggressively then it is now, towards a rigorous plan towards a zero fossil-fuel emissions level by 2050. Conventional fossil-fuel supplies are limited, even if we tear up Mother Earth to extract every last drop of oil and shard of coal. Tearing up the sacredness of our Mother Earth to get to the last drops of oil is not sustainable and violates every principle of our Indigenous Original Instructions. As Indigenous Peoples gathered here at the Seventh Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, we are in solidarity with many other Indigenous Peoples of every region of our Mother Earth in demanding a worldwide moratorium on new exploration, extraction, and processing of fossil fuels on Indigenous Peoples land and territories. The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted by the General Assembly on September 13, 2007 and consecrates fundamental rights of Indigenous Peoples. Articles 10, 26, 27, 29, and 32 justify the following recommendation: 1) The Permanent Forum, through ECOSOC [Economic and Social Council] call on the UN General Assembly to convene an emergency world session to fully explore, with all branches of the UN, and relevant treaty bodies, in particular UNCERD, the multiple impacts of climate change and its link to fossil fuel development and the human rights of Indigenous Peoples, to include the topics of, but not limited to social, economic, cultural, environmental, health, food security, land and water rights, and treaty rights. Thank you
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\’Callous\’ Homeland Security on San Pedro, wrecking environment to build wall

Department of Homeland Security Ignored Warnings of Harm to San Pedro River Prior to October 2007 Border Wall Exemptions By Center for Biological Diversity PHOENIX, Ariz Newly obtained Bureau of Land Management documents reveal that the Department of Homeland Security ignored warnings of damage to the San Pedro River, prior to exempting the border wall across the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area from all environmental laws. The callousness displayed by Homeland Security in ignoring warnings to damage a national treasure is mind-boggling. The border wall does not stop humans, but it will destroy the southern part of the San Pedro, said Dr. Robin Silver, board member of the Center for Biological Diversity. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff exempted the border wall across the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area from all environmental laws on October 22, 2007. The Bush administration keeps claiming that they are taking environmental impacts of the border wall into consideration, but time and time again their actions prove that sensitive wildlife and protected lands are being ignored and neglected in their rush to build expensive, ineffective walls” said Matt Clark, Southwest representative for Defenders of Wildlife. “The San Pedro River is treasured by Americans because it is a ribbon of life that sustains diverse bird and wildlife populations in an otherwise arid landscape. To handle such a fragile, important area with such disregard is reprehensible. READ MORE … http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/

Yankton police officer quits job, arrested, at hog farm protest

Illegal South Dakota state police occupation continues on Yankton Indian Land Incoming messages from Yankton protest: I am Oitancan Zephier, a former police officer of the Yankton Sioux Tribe, combat veteran of Afghanistan and a father. Last week I quit my job when the protests started over the building of a hog farm by a corporation on private land surrounded by tribal lands. I quit because the Bureau of Indian Affairs will not help us. They stand and watch us get tossed in jail. The filth of the pigs will effect every part of our Indian people here. There is a headstart school 2 miles away from the hog farm. There is a kindergarten through 12th grade school 4 miles away. There is a day care a couple miles away from the site. It is a prejudice act granted by the state of South Dakota to these pig farm owners. We need your help. If this is completed they will assume jurisdiction of all that surrounds them. The already began taking our tribal road, which we have intensely fought for 2 weeks now. I have been thrown in jail while on our Indian land by a state officer. That is wrong! I am begging you for your help. If you can, please publish the cry for help below in any way you can. Contact me if you can help; or please forward this on to anyone who can help us. ——————————————————————————— People! We need your help! Come to Marty, SD now! Help us fight the Longview Farms Hog farm and the State of South Dakota. We need the help of every nation that is willing to help us! Don\’t wait for an invitation. Please! Come help us now! We\’re too busy with things here to think of everyone that can help us. We have our hands full with whats in front of us. Call us. Make suggestions. Give us advise! Whatever it is, help us! We need bodies. We need people! people! people! We need people willing to fight! We need people willing to go to jail by a state officer on Indian land! Doesn\’t that seem wrong to you? I went to jail while standing on a tribal highway by a South Dakota state deputy, while the Bureau of Indian Affairs watched. That\’s what is happening! It is wrong! We need money for bail. Many more of our Indian people will be going to jail. If we don\’t fight this, Indian people will continue to lose land. Next time it will be your people. Remember when a cry for help came out what “reason” or “excuse” you gave. You\’ll get it right back when you need help. The system keeps us locked in place. It keeps us working, paying bills and plugged into society. In that mindset we\’re all robots programmed to do what the government wants us to do pay taxes! Give them money! “I gotta feed my family,” you\’re thinking. I know it. I was too but overcame it. Tunkasina (the grandfather) knows that our fight is right and honorable. Better things will follow for us. This is really not about a hog farm! This is about the racist state of south dakota moving in the middle of Indian country and saying, “This is our road!” Tomorrow it will be “this is our land!” We need to fight! We need your help! Oi Zephier Ihanktonwan Dakota Yankton Sioux Tribe Marty, SD 57361 http://us.f330.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=Zephiero@hotmail.com (605) 454-8355 (Cell)

The Genocide of Gold, Meet the Resistance

Meet the Resistance: A Speaking Tour of Affected Indigenous Communities NEW YORK — Over 3,000 people are attending the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) over the next two weeks in New York, including Indigenous Nations, UN bodies, Governments and NGO\’s. Three Indigenous communities present at the forum are voicing their concern against the worlds largest gold mining company, Canadian owned Barrick Gold. As side events to the UNPFII, Wiradjuri (Australia), Ipili (Papua New Guinea) and Western Shoshone (Nevada, USA) will be talking about the desecration and destruction of their lands by Barrick Gold. Please show your support by coming to the following events to hear about Barrick\’s exploitative and unsustainable practices on these communities lands, culture and life. These events have been supported by Friends of the Earth Australia, ProtestBarrick.net, Western Shoshone Defence Project, Mineral Policy Institute, Save Lake Cowal and Akali Tange Association. Indigenous Resistance to Gold MiningOur guests will make presentations, show short films and answer questions about gold mining on their lands. Carrie Dann, Western Shoshone (Nevada, USA)Neville Chappy Williams, Wiradjuri (Australia)Jethro Tulin, Executive Officer Akali Tange Association, Ipili (Papua New Guinea) Thursday 24th April @ 7.3 0pm American Indian Community Center11 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York Subway 4 & 5 to Bowling Green, Lower Manhattan Indigenous Voices Films and Speakers from Australia and Papua New Guinea Neville Chappy Williams, Wiradjuri (Australia) Jethro Tulin, Executive Officer Akali Tange Association, Ipili (Papua New Guinea) Sunday 27th April @ 7.00pm Bluestocking s BookStore172 Allen Street between Stanton and Riverington Lower East Side, Manhattan Subway F J M Z to Delancey Street/Essex, Indigenous Struggles from Australia and Papua New Guinea Wedneday 30th April @ 7.00pm ABC No Rio156 Rivington Street between Suffolk and Clinton Streets Lower East Side, Manhattan Subway F J M Z to Delancey Street/Essex For more info: natalie.lowrey@foe.org.au www.ProtestBarrick.net

Dooda Desert Rock members join Longest Walk to DC

Dooda Desert Rock Members Walk With The Longest Walk II to Washington, DC By Elouise Brown Arriving at Amarillo, Texas, members of Dooda Desert Rock continue their walk with the Longest Walk II, along the southern route across the United States to Washington D.C. The Longest Walk II began their trans-continental journey in San Francisco on February 11th. The walk marks the 30th anniversary of the original Longest Walk for environmental protection and Native American rights. DDR joined the Longest Walk II as they crossed into New Mexico from Arizona. DDR president Elouise Brown reported that the weather has been unpredictable. Sometimes it has been warm and sunny, other times very windy and cold. In Taos, NM, the walkers encountered snow and wind, but they continued their sacred walk with the intent of carrying a strong message of protecting and improving the health of the environment for all people, and preserving the rights of indigenous peoples. The mission of The Longest Walk II is to carry the message that All Life is Sacred, Save Mother Earth. We walk for the Seventh Generation, for our youth, for peace, for justice, for healing of Mother Earth, for the healing of our people suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other diseases. Through the elements of the seasons, we shall walk through the rain, snow, over mountains, high winds, through the heat and cold. Nothing shall deter us from completing our mission: All Life is Sacred, Protect Sacred Sites. Let those who doubt, hear our pledge. Let those who believe, join our ranks. As we walk the final miles, by our side will be elders, families, children, people of all races, from many walks of life, from the old and the new America. All Life is Sacred, Clean Up Mother Earth. As we walk, we support The Longest Walk II s goal: The Clean Up America Campaign. This campaign is an effort to clean up our country s highways and roads by collecting debris found along the Longest Walk s route. This monumental task will engage Walkers at a grassroots level, in a global effort to promote harmony with our delicate environment. Longest Walk participants will carry specially marked trash bags to separate the collected refuse into trash bins and recycling bins. A rotating team of walkers will pick up trash along the way with trash pokers leaving a health trail of earth in their path. The photo above shows a group of Dine (Navajo) representatives of Dooda Desert Rock walking with the Longest Walk II to Washington D.C. They need financial support while they represent the Dine people. Contributions can be sent to Dooda Desert Rock (DDR), P.O. Box 7838, Newcomb, NM 87455. All contributions are tax deductible and will help the DDR walkers continue to walk with the Longest Walk II until they arrive in Washington D.C. on July 11th. Indigenous at UN plan Desert Rock/SITHE protest in New York PRESS ADVISORYPRESS CONFERENCE SCHEDULED WHO: Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) and members of its Native grassroots delegation attending the 7th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues WHAT: Protest/Rally & Press Conference on Environmental Racism and Indigenous Peoples Rights WHEN: Friday, April 25, 2008 at 9:30 am WHERE: Sithe Global Power, LLC, 245 Park Avenue, New York City, NY WHY: To demand immediate action to address fossil fuel expansion and climate chaos on Indigenous lands, and support Dooda Desert Rock (DDR), a Dine grassroots organization in calling out Sithe Global Power in it s plan to build a coal-fired power plant on the Navajo reservation. UNITED NATIONS, New York City, NY A delegation of Indigenous Peoples from the United States and Canada are demanding immediate action to address climate chaos and crisis. Twenty two youth, women, elders and tribal chiefs have traveled to New York City to participate in the United Nations 7th Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. One of the main issues the UN forum is addressing is climate issues. This delegation is profiling the disproportionate impacts their communities face as a result of the expansion of fossil fuel development in their homelands resulting in increased greenhouse gases, contamination and depletion of water and compounding climate change. In solidarity with delegation member, Elouise Brown, President of DDR Committee, the delegation and supporters will stage a protest/rally at Sithe Global Power, LLC at 245 Park Avenue at 9:30am. Sithe Global Power formed and partnered with Desert Rock Energy Company to build a destructive mine-mouth coal-fired power plant in the Four Corners Area of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. It would be the third coal-fired power plant in an area where the community is already suffering from respiratory and skin ailments and other health problems associated with the existing coal-burning power plants. Although there is an Environmental Impact Statement pending, it did not incorporate or address what the cumulative impacts of all three power plants and the existing uranium contamination in the area, would be. A press conference will take place immediately after the protest/rally and will feature various frontline Native community members impacted by fossil fuel expansion. Speakers include: Elouise Brown, (Dine [Navajo]) As a President of Dooda Desert Rock, Elouise has been on the front line fighting a proposed coal fired power plant in her back yard near Crown Point, New Mexico. Faith Gemmil, (Pit River, Wintu, and Neets\’aii Gwich\’in Athabascan) As the REDOIL campaigner, runs an Alaska Native network opposing efforts of the U.S. Congress and the State of Alaska in their attempts to open the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) to offshore oil and gas development. Clayton Thomas-Muller, (Cree) With the Canadian Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign, working with Cree, Dene and Metis First Nations from northern Alberta Canada speaking out on health, ecological and environmental damge to their Aboriginal lands from tar sands development. Loren White Jr., (Hidatsa/Arikara/Mandan) As a member of the Environmental Awareness Committee from Fort Berthold, North Dakota, is fighting a proposed oil refinery that is set to produce crude oil from the tar sands in Canada. David Moses Bridges, (Passomaquaddy First Nation) As a member of the local We take care of the land coalition in Maine, fighting the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in their attempts to site a massive liquefied natural gas terminal in their pristine Atlantic homeland. Enei Begaye, (Dine and Tohono O odham) As Executive Director of Black Mesa Water Coalition, they are battling coal and water mining and are leading a Native movement for a Just Transition and Green Economy/Green Job Transition. For more information please contact: Clayton Thomas-Muller, CITSC (218) 760-6632 (cell)Elouise Brown, DDR (505) 505-947-6159 (cell) Jihan Gearon IEN (218) 760-1370 (cell) The Permanent Forum is meeting from April 21 to May 2, 2008 at the UN in New York. This is its 7th session since starting in 2002. This year the forum was opened by Bolivian President Evo Morales. For more information please see http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unpfii/index.html

Canada Grave Disappointment for Indigenous Peoples at UN

Aboriginal Peoples Declare Canada\’s UN Statement Grave Disappointment for Aboriginal Peoples on Climate Change Press statement from Indigenous Peoples at UN UNITED NATIONS, NY – The statement delivered by the Canadian government yesterday to the United Nations Permanent Forum (UNPFII) on Indigenous Issues was a grave disappointment to the Indigenous representatives attending the UNPFII\’s special session on climate change because “it does not address Indigenous Peoples\’ rights, needs and priorities in real climate change solutions,” according to Indigenous Environmental Network director Tom Goldtooth. Other groups represented include the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), Confederacy of Treaty 6 First Nations, the International Indian Treaty Council, the Indigenous Network on the Environment and Trade, the Native Women\’s Association of Canada (NWAC) and the British Colombia First Nations Leadership Council. “What the statement shows is how little the government cares to deal with climate change\’s effects or stopping climate change. They announced their plan to reduce 2006 greenhouse gas levels by 20% in 2020, but this is too little too late, and will only mean further devastation to our peoples,” said Ben Powless (Mohawk) of the Indigenous Environmental Network. Current impacts on First Nations communities were also left out. Grand Chief Edward John (Carrier Sekani) of the BC First Nations Leadership Council stated, “Canada is ignoring the devastating impacts of the mountain pine beetle on the lands, territories and resources of First Nations in BC.” “Canada has stated that it is committed with us on climate change, so we call upon Canada to ensure the full participation of Indigenous Peoples in all domestic and international climate change discussions, initiatives and negotiations,” concurred AFN National Chief Phil Fontaine. Also evident was Canada\’s unilateral approach of dealing with Indigenous Peoples after they begin to have problems. “Canada is happy to pour more and more money into studying us and how we adapt to climate change, but not with addressing environmental issues at their source,” stated Beverley Jacobs, President, NWAC. “They are now telling us they take traditional knowledge seriously, but that they would never consider implementing it themselves. These continued, seriously misguided federal policies are going to be the death of us,” warned Arthur Manuel (Secwepmc) of the Indigenous Network on the Environment and Trade. This comes after dramatic action was called for by Indigenous participants attending the forum. A representative of the Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug Nation made a presentation to the forum attesting to the fact that her community\’s elected leadership had been jailed for opposition to destructive mining in their community. Elected representatives of Aboriginal communities surrounding the Tar Sands were also attending to detest the destructive practices upsetting their homelands. For more information please contact: Gina Cosentino, AFN: (613) 241 6789 x356 Grand Chief Edward John (778) 772 8218 Arthur Manuel: (250) 319-0688 -30- The Permanent Forum is meeting from April 21 to May 2, 2008 at the UN in New York. This is its 7th session since starting in 2002. This year the forum was opened by Bolivian President Evo Morales. For more information please see http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unpfii/index.html — +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Alyssa MacyConfederated Tribes of Warm Springs, OregonIndigenius Media http://www.indigeniusmedia.com/ International Indian Treaty Council http://www.treatycouncil.org/

CENSORED: US Torture Training at Fort Huachuca

By Brenda Norrell http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ PHOENIX — OK, so its no surprise, but it keeps happening. Reporters and editors keep asking for my comments and columns. Then those words are censored and stashed in the “Don\’t even think about publishing it department.” The subject this time was not a funny one. It was the ongoing torture training at Fort Huachuca in southern Arizona. Two priests, Fr. Steve Kelly and Fr. Louie Vitale, just spent five months in prison for kneeling in prayer at Fort Huachuca in opposition to US torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo, torture in violation of the Geneva Conventions. A reporter for the Arizona Business Journal asked me to comment on the newest human intelligence training facility contract for Fort Huachuca, which went to Sletten Corp. of Phoenix. Here\’s what I said on April 7. It was chopped by the media powers that be: “The United States government is acting like a dog gone mad with rabies. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has declared himself \’god\’ and voided all federal laws to build the border wall. Now, in a continuance of the practices which reflect the Nazi regime, the United States will continue to build torture training facilities at Fort Huachuca. It was here that the root of the torture manuals were produced that led to the rape, disappearance, torture and murder of an unknown number of Indigenous Peoples and innocent farmers in Central and South America, before the manual was exposed in 1996. “The United States, in violation of the Geneva Conventions, has tortured people to death in Iraq and Afghanistan. While Americans sleepwalk, hypnotized by television and Wal-Mart shopping, their country is in ruin.”As we make our way across the United States, broadcasting from the Longest Walk, we see that fear has been used to manipulate the people into building power plants and allowing oil and gas drilling on their own lands. The purpose is profiteering for corporations and their politicians. From California to Kansas, we have listened to the stories of a sinking and desperate America. The continuance of torture and torture training is another cancer in the body of America.” –Brenda Norrell The Contract: Sletten Companies, Phoenix, Ariz. was awarded on March 28, 2008, an $11,981.566 firm-fixed price contract for the design and construction of a human intelligence training facility. Work will be performed in Fort Huachuca, Ariz. Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. Work is expected to be completed by July 31, 2009. Web bids were solicited on Jan. 24, 2008, and six bids were received. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles, Calif. is the contracting agency (W912PL-08-C-0008). UNCENSORED ARTICLES Mass Graves Revealed of Indian Children in Canadian Schools The NarcoSphere, NY – Apr 18, 2008By Brenda Norrell, The horror of the genocide in Canada\’s Indian Residential Schools became public, as the locations of 28 mass graves of Indian children … Brenda Norrell: Longest Walk offers feast to tornado devastated … UN Observer – Apr 15, 20082008-04-15 GREENSBURG, Kansas — The Longest Walk Northern Route offered a grand feast for the community of Greensburg, Kansas, where a two-mile wide … Brenda Norrell: Navajo selected as peace diplomat for delegation … UN Observer – Apr 10, 20082008-04-10 Michelle Cook is a community worker, spiritual activist, and a recent graduate from the University of Arizona with a BA in Women\’s Studies and … Sand Creek, releasing the spirits Narcosphere

Arizona cops target people of color

DWI: Driving while Indian in Arizona By Brenda Norrell http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ PHOENIX — The Arizona Department of Public Safety targets people of color, with American Indians stopped more than 3 times more often than whites, according to DPS own statistics. For Natives who drive in Arizona, or those who ride with them, this will come as no surprise. Like South Dakota, where Indians are also targeted in traffic stops, the term DWI, “Driving While Indian,” has long been a reality. The statistics don\’t stop there. The traffic stops are not the only place you find Indians targeted. The jails are packed with American Indians and people of color. Military recruiters target American Indians and other people of color, making empty promises, when the reality is the risk of dying in Iraq. DPS data shows that Arizona police target American Indians. According to Associated Press, Arizona Department of Public Safety officers are more likely to search minorities than White people, even though on average minorities were less likely to have illegal items, according to a report released Monday. The report is dubbed Driving While Black or Brown. It was produced for the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona by Fred Solop, director of the Social Research Laboratory at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Using DPS data, Solop looked at 200,000 traffic stops on Arizona highways between July 2006 and June 2007. Of those, 13,271 resulted in searches. The report concludes that Blacks and Hispanics were each 2 times more likely than Whites to be searched by DPS. American Indians were about 3 times more likely to be searched. The minorities were more likely to be searched although Whites were more likely to have illegal items than any other minority except for Blacks. Whites were 34 percent likely to have such items and Blacks were 38 percent likely to have them. In comparison, Hispanics were 22 percent likely to have illegal items and America Indians were 24 percent likely to have them. Asians and Middle Easterners had comparable results. “The true test of democracy is how we treat people who are outsiders,” ACLU attorney Dan Pochoda said. “We have seen a trampling of the rights of those persons in Maricopa County and throughout the state.” A DPS spokesman wasn\’t immediately available to comment on the report. DPS collected data for the report under the terms of a settlement of a 2001 class-action lawsuit.
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CENSORED NEWS: October 2011

Photos: Unidentified officers arrived before Marine Scott Olsen shot

Officers on the far right, unidentified, arrived on the police line
in front of Marine Scott Olsen, moments before Olsen was struck
with a projectile in Oakland. The uniformed officers are with the San
Francisco Sheriff\’s ESU, Emergency Services Unit.
Officer in the center, unidentified, with pepperball or paintball gun,
appeared in the area from where chemical agents were fired
shortly before Marine Scott Olsen was struck.
Censored News
OAKLAND, Calif. — Videos reveal that the San Francisco Sheriff\’s ESU, Emergency Service Unit, were on the front line when chemical agents and flash bombs were fired and Marine Scott Olsen was struck Tuesday in Oakland.
However, moments before chemical agents and flash bombs were used, unidentified officers arrived on the scene, as shown in these photos.
The San Francisco Sheriff\’s Department defended its officers on Monday and said that they carried guns that shoot a stun projectile, but those were not used in Oakland on Tuesday. The Alameda Sheriff\’s Department, coordinating the Bay Area police units, said its officers were armed with a large amount of tear gas, but no flash bombs.
Scott Olsen, Marine and member of Iraq Veterans for Peace, suffered a skull fracture after being hit as he stood peacefully with Navy seaman Joshua Shepherd. Shepherd held a Veterans for Peace flag. The two stood between the police and the crowd, directly in front of the San Francisco Sheriff\’s ESU police line.
After Olsen was hit, and was being carried away, a flash grenade was thrown at them, and hit one of his rescuers in the leg.
Videos show that the flash bomb was thrown from the police line of the San Francisco Sheriff\’s ESU and the unidentified officers above.

Roberto Rodriguez: Arizona\’s Experiment in Democracy Failing Badly

Column of the Americas Arizona\’s Experiment in Democracy Failing … Badly By Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez The experiment in Democracy seems to be failing badly in Arizona. Here, government, the state legislature, law enforcement, the educational system, the courts and the media are a testament to this colossal failure. Here, rampant hate and bigotry starts at the top and here, it is government by [ugly] mob rule. Acourt proceeding earlier this month in Phoenix with a decision expected any day now attests to this experiment gone awry; the court hearing was as absurdas the daily Kangaroo trials in Tucson known as Operation Streamline (70 migrants are charged, tried, convicted and sentenced in one hour). This Phoenix proceeding was part of an appeals process, being held to determine whether Tucson s Mexican American Studies (MAS) Department is out of compliance with HB 2281, the state s anti Ethnic Studies or mind control measure. The program graduates nearly 100% of its students and sends over 70% percent of them to college. Yet, these phenomenal accomplishments are of little consequence for those trying to eliminate it. This last hearing featured a formidable sounding state witness, Dr. Sandra Stotsky.She testified that multiculturalism is harmful to students. Upon review of MAS curriculum materials, she testified that she saw no evidence that MAS students are being reminded of the virtues of being American citizens (her specialty is teaching the virtues of democracy to students in the former communist countries of Eastern Europe). Her very presence, given her expertise, gave off a disturbing message. She made the further assessment that MAS students were being taught to resent whites [HB 2281 bans classes that teach resentment, create ethnic solidarity and that promote segregation). Her testimony sounded very damaging to the MAS cause until she was cross-examined. She readily acknowledged that she was not an expert in Ethnic Studies, Mexican American Studies or Critical Race Theory. She further revealed that she had never set foot in an MAS classroom nor had she ever spoken with an MAS teacher or student, nor read MAS books, though she claimed to be familiar with some of them. Upon making these acknowledgements, the erudite-sounding scholar and the state sstar witness was thanked and asked to step down. Atthe previous hearing, the director of MAS-TUSD, Sean Arce, was forced to defend the MAS curriculum in a manner comparable to the 1950s McCarthy hearings.[Indigenous] knowledge itself was on trial. The proceedings were actually closer to an Inquisition; they were about what can be taught inside ofArizona s K-12 classrooms. Books, authors and even classroom posters ( Who sthe Illegal Alien, Pilgrim ) were on trial. Glaringly absent was any mention of the independent Cambium Study, which was commissioned by State Superintendent of Public Instruction, John Huppenthal. It foundMAS-TUSD to be in compliance with HB 2281. Despite this, Huppenthal rejected the findings and declared MAS to be out of compliance. This is what triggered the appeals hearings. Inexplicably, neither the Cambium authors, nor Huppenthal, were called to the stand. TUSDsuperintendent, John Pedicone, however was. He testified that there were things that bothered him about the curriculum, but admitted that he saw nothing illegal. Eerily, no one was there to ask him why he ordered the May 3rdschool board meeting militarized, at which time the neighborhood and TUSDheadquarters were occupied by riot officers, students and elders were arrested inside the meeting (some were physically thrown out of the building) and youths outside were beaten. The hearings revealed that beyond Tucson sMAS program, it is the discipline, and by extension, a people and their right to history, culture and memory that have [again] been put on trial. Also revealed is that MAS stands accused of being outside of civilization and specifically,outside of Western Civilization, in effect, that its knowledge-base does not concur with the U.S. Master Narrative of history. Actually,that is not in dispute; MAS s philosophical foundation is in fact derived from the ancient maiz-based cultures of Abya Yalla or Cemanahuac [Americas], as opposed to Greco-Roman culture. This begs the question: since when is having a different cultural, historical and intellectual tradition, grounds for an intellectualexecution? While the decision is expected in mid-November, it is actually Huppenthal, who campaigned to Stop La Raza, that will render the final verdict. If he rules against TUSD, look for MAS to be openly taught in front of the capitol and other state buildings. The suggestion that the MAS curriculum be remanded to the home is an idea that is so 500 years ago. Rodriguez,an assistant professor at the University of Arizona, can be reached at: XColumn@gmail.com or http://drcintli.blogspot.com/

Another mellow day at Occupy Tucson

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
TUCSON — It was another mellow day at Occupy Tucson, with nutritious sandwiches and fresh coleslaw served at noon. A new solar panel, in the little garden, provides electric power for the kitchen.
Like most days, there was a steady stream of local activists and university folks sauntering through, joining the occupiers for a visit. At one table, there was information on “Save the Peaks,” and the threats posed by Rosemont Mine. On the bulletin board, there\’s info on the local efforts like Derechos Humanos and No More Deaths.
There\’s a steady stream of young tech wizards, homeless, housewives, retirees, bike riders and downtown folks around to visit. There\’s an information table, library, tech tent, medic tent and of course, the kitchen, where fresh food or donated pizzas are usually found. Today there was popcorn in the afternoon.
Although Occupy Tucson made national news this week, the news wasn\’t exactly accurate.
While more than 300 people have been cited at Occupy Tucson, they have not been arrested. Each night Tucson police come around about 10:30 pm and issue citations at the main site, at Armory Park, and at the satellite camp down the street. Still, those cited have to make a court appearance, and each fine could be a maximum of $1,000.
Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011

Copwatch: Occupy Oakland: Beware of police infiltrators and provocateurs

Oakland Calls, We Answer: Nov. 2, 2011

Oakland Calls – We Answer All out in the Streets in Solidarity with Occupy Oakland Wednesday, November 2nd http://www.bailoutpeople.org Early Tuesday morning 900 police from a dozen police agencies in the Bay Area, along with Homeland Security, brutally cracked down on demonstrators who marched in support of Occupy Oakland. The demonstrators were marching to reestablish the Oakland occupation, which was shut down earlier in the day. At least one person was critically injured, 24 year old Iraq war veteran, Scott Olsen, who was struck in the face with a projectile launched by police. In response to the violent repression, which included the use of tear gas, guns that use incapacitating bean bags, batons and the arrests of over 85 protesters, the General Assembly of Occupy Oakland has called for a Mass Day of Action and a General Strike in Oakland to take place on Wednesday November 2nd. We support Oakland\’s call. In the wake of the violence used by the police in Oakland, also in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Boston, New York and elsewhere, we are asking students and community organizations, unions, anti-war groups, all progressive organizations and individuals across the country to take to the streets in solidarity. Defend Oakland! Defend all the occupations! All Out Wednesday, November 2nd We Are Oakland Stop Police Brutality We Shall Not be Moved Supported by: Bail Out the People Movement, Labor-Community Forum/South Bronx Community Congress; May 1 Workers & Immigrant Rights Coalition, Cynthia McKinney; Clarence Thomas, Co-chair Million Worker March, Exec. Bd member ILWU Local 10*, Bay Area; Council on American Islamic Relations, New York Chapter (CAIR-NY); BAYAN USA, United National Antiwar Coalition; The Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan NY (Majlis Ash-Shura) Social Justice Committee; International Action Center; SEIU Local 32BJ* Latino Caucus – Ed Figueroa-Chair; Charles Jenkins, VP Coalition of Black Trade Unionists; Larry Hales, New Yorkers Against the Budget Cuts; Mike Eilenfeldt-Delegate-NYC Central Labor Council* Ramsey Clark – Awarded UN Human Rights Award, former U.S. Attorney General, Frantz Mendes, Pres. United Steelworkers Local 8751, Boston School Bus Union; John Parker, President, Los Angeles Empowerment Congress Central Area Neighborhood Council*; All Peoples Congress, Baltimore; Reverend C. D. Witherspoon, President, Baltimore Southern Christian Leadership Conference; Andre Powell, AFSCME delegate, Baltimore Metropolitan AFL-CIO Council*; Puerto Rican Alliance, Los Angeles; Carlos Montes, LA Committee to Stop FBI Repression *=for ID only Bail Out the People Movement Solidarity Center 55 W. 17th St. #5C New York, NY 10011 212.633.6646 www.BailOutPeople.org Email: bailoutpeople.org/cmnt.shtml

Resistance at Big Mountain 2011 Santa Cruz

Resistance at Big Mountain 2011 Benefit Event in Santa Cruz Sunday, November 6th 6:00pm @ Quaker Meeting House 225 Rooney St. (at Highway 1 & Morrissey Blvd.)

SPEAKERS: Louise Benally (Din /Navajo) A Din mother, grandmother, activist, educator and lifelong resister of relocation and coal mining at Big Mountain. Ann Marie Sayers (Ohlone) An outspoken and active Ohlone woman who has worked for decades to protect burial grounds and sacred places of her ancestors. – Delicious food, drinks, and desserts – Black Mesa Indigenous Support slideshow – California Indian Singers, including Wicahpiluta Candelaria (Rumsen Ohlone) This is a fundraiser, however, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. All donations will go to direct on-land support for Black Mesa families resisting relocation. BACKGROUND Since 1977, federal relocation policy has forced over 12,000 Din (Navajo) people from their ancestral homeland in Arizona, an area known to contain 21 billion tons of high-grade coal. For over 30 years, many traditional Din families at Big Mountain have lived in resistance, steadfastly refusing to relocate as strip-mines rip apart their sacred lands and generating plants poison the desert air. “Coal is the liver of Mother Earth” Keep it in the ground. Keep the earth alive. To view the poster for this event: http://www.indybay.org/uploads/2011/10/30/nov6poster-web.jpg For a printable mini-flyer in PDF format: http://www.indybay.org/uploads/2011/10/30/nov6-halfsheet.pdf Facebook invitation link: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=294690597217516 Indybay announcement link: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2009/11/10/18628307.php * 2011 Fall Caravan to Black Mesa * On November 19th, work crews from Santa Cruz and all across the country will converge in support of the indigenous resistance communities of Big Mountain/Black Mesa, AZ. Donations of tools, food, clothing, and other basic supplies are requested. Donations can be dropped off at the Resource Center for Nonviolence in Santa Cruz, Monday-Thursday between 12 and 4pm, or please call 831-708-8199 to make a different arrangement or request a pick-up. Thank you! For more information: Black Mesa Indigenous Support, Santa Cruz regional organizers: sheepandsagebrush@riseup.net / 831-708-8199 http://blackmesais.org/

From Tucson to San Xavier, walkers remember migrants

Janice Felix, San Xavier District Council Member, Tohono O\’odham, welcomes walkers
Article and photos by Brenda Norrell
Censored News
TUCSON — Walkers journeyed eight miles from Tucson to San Xavier on the Tohono O\’odham Nation on Saturday, in the annual pilgrimage to remember the migrants who have died crossing the Sonoran Desert.
Family members walked with the crosses of loved ones who died, and placed their crosses in the circle of crosses for their fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, children and grandparents.
Janice Felix, San Xavier District Council member, walked with the walkers and welcomed them to Tohono O\’odham land when they arrived.
Kat Rodriguez of Derechos Humanos described how US immigration policies and the militarization of the US/Mexico border has resulted in increased deaths over the past decade, as more migrants risk dangerous areas of the desert for crossing.
Standing in front of San Xavier Mission, walkers called out the names of loved ones, and said, “Presente!” when their names were read.
“The Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a celebration of life, a traditional way for the living to affirm their love for those who have passed away,” said the statement.
“Today, as we make our pilgrimage to the beautiful, historic San Xavier Mission, we walk with the spirits of those who have gone before us. We carry in our hearts the memories and dreams of all who have walked beside us in the journey of life. So long as we remember with love and honor, the dead never really die.”
There have been 2,287 human remains recovered on the Arizona-Sonoran border since the year 2000.
“For eleven years, we have walked to honor the memory of all who have died, especially those who lost their lives on the U.S. – M xico border. We invite all friends and allies to walk with us this year, bearing witness to the lives that have been lost in our communities,” said the statement. The walk is sponsored by Coalici n de Derechos Humanos, Alliance for Global Justice, Casa Maria, Tucson Samaritans, Borderlinks, Fundaci n M xico, No More Deaths and St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church.

Occupy Denver: Police using rubber bullets and teargas

Officer strikes woman with gun repeatedly
Mace or pepper spray sprayed into faces of protesters
Officer repeatedly jabs man with baton Watch on Channel 9 news: http://www.9news.com/dontmiss/227022/630/Twenty-Occupy-Denver-protesters-arrested-in-clash
Andres Cleres, 21, said he was shot with a rubber bullet

Hactivists release data on officer following abuse By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com DENVER — Hactivists released personal data on a Denver police officer today, vollowing a violent attack on Occupy Denver. The personal data on Officer Ethan Donnell Aldridge, #05100, was released, showing a history of allegations of violence and racial profiling. The full release is at: http://stickypaste.com/view/84437673

  1. http://denvergov.com/Portals/326/documents/Lopez_Newsletters/10October2007.PDF
  2. http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/2010/07/daniel_alderete_filberto_alderetes_make_my_day_situation_aside_shooting_by_cop_deemed_justified.php
  3. : Investigation of the shooting death of Eugene
  4. Paul Velarde, dob 06/18/84, DPD#656974, by
  5. Lakewood Police Department Agent Devaney
  6. Braley, on June 10, 2009 in the 1700 block of
  7. Sheridan Boulevard, Denver, Colorado:
  8. http://www.denverda.org/News_Release/Decision_Letters/PS-09-06-10-Lakewood%20P%20D%20Agent%20Devaney%20Braley%20(Eugene%20Velarde)%20(2).pdf
  9. :Investigation of the wounding of Daniel
  10. Alderete, dob 08-05-84, by Officer Ethan Aldridge,
  11. #05100, on July 18, 2010, at 3436 West 18
  12. th Avenue, Denver, Colorado.:
  13. http://www.denverda.org/News_Release/Decision_Letters/PS-10-07-18-Officer%20Ethan%20Aldridge.pdf
  14. —-
  15. http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/2010/07/daniel_alderete_filberto_alderetes_make_my_day_situation_aside_shooting_by_cop_deemed_justified.php
  16. As a result of the Denver Police Department s practice of racial profiling, ethnic
  17. stereotyping, and biased policing, plaintiff Jose Sanchez was unjustifiably targeted while he was standing lawfully on the public sidewalk, smoking a cigarette, outside the Denver home of his girlfriend, Joshinna Carreras. Police illegally detained and handcuffed him, falsely accused him of being an illegal immigrant, and falsely arrested him on a bogus charge of providing false identification. The supposedly false identification was a current and valid photo ID card issued by the Department of Homeland Security verifying Mr. Sanchez s legal presence and authorization to work in the United States. Mr. Sanchez spent five days in jail on the bogus charge before it was dismissed. :
  18. http://www.thedenverchannel.com/download/2011/0330/27365078.pdf

VIDEO: Who shot Scott Olsen at Occupy Oakland?

Update Oct. 12, 2012 Oakland police chief wants two officers fired, 42 disciplined, for abuse of Occupy protesters http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_21759765/oakland-police-chief-seeks-fire-two-police-officers UPDATED FEB 24, 2012:

(Above) Police video used to identify Oakland police officer R. Roche. Watch video: http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2012/02/oakland-cop-identified-who-shot-scott.html Video reveals San Francisco Sheriff officers on front line when Marine

Scott Olsen was shot at Occupy Oakland. An Oakland officer can be heard on the loud speaker giving commands. More photos below.

Center police line when Scott Olsen was shot: San Francisco Sheriff Emergency Services Unit (ESU) officers Ceciel Yambao, Scott Bergstresser and Hugo Aparicio.
Officers on the far right, unidentified, appeared on the police line moments before Olsen was hit.
Marine Scott Olsen and Navy Joshua Shepherd, Veterans for Peace, face police minutes before tear gas canisters were fired directly at them. See video below. Screen capture by Censored News. .

UPDATE: Video shows riot police firing shotguns where Marine Scott Olsen was shot:
Update: Nov. 4, 2011: The following video shows the unidentified officer above moving down the police line when Scott Olsen was shot. The riot shotgun he is holding can fire rubber bullets or bean bags. In this video, police are shown firing riot shotguns at head level into the crowd, on the far right in the video, minutes after Olsen was shot. New photos and videos show that several Sheriff\’s Departments were positioned in the area when Olsen was shot:
Censored News
http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ Update: San Francisco Sheriff\’s officers on center front police line, during shooting of Marine Scott Olsen have been verified, by way of an official list of officers. They are San Francisco Sheriff Emergency Services Unit (ESU) officers Scott Bergstresser, Ceciel Yambao and Hugo Aparicio. OAKLAND, Calif. — US Marines are gathering evidence to prosecute the officers who shot fellow Marine Scott Olsen, member of Veterans for Peace, at Occupy Oakland on Tuesday night. Scott was standing in front of police to protect the people behind him, when police fired directly at him. Scott suffered a skull fracture when a police projectile struck him in the head. After Scott was down, and people rushed to help him yelling for medics. Police threw a flash grenade at Scott after he was unconscious and bleeding from the mouth and head.
A video reveals that the San Francisco Sheriff\’s Emergency Services Unit (ESU) were on the front police line at Occupy Oakland when the tear gas canisters were fired. The video below shows San Francisco Sheriff ESU team member Scott Bergstresser, (whose uniform has two stripes) next to officer Ceciel Yambao.
“Multiple copies of the videos used to ID Yambao, Bergstresser and officer Hugo Aparicio are on servers. Too late for YouTube takedowns,” according to a Twitter message today.

“Two questions that Bergstresser should be asked under oath: Did you fire directly at Scott? Did you throw a grenade?” At minimum, Bergstresser is a witness. The video reveals one of the officers striking his baton at a disabled woman before the gas attack began. An Oakland officer in the background can be heard giving commands on a loud speaker. Also see: Video: Officer shows flash bang at Olsen after he was hit: http://youtu.be/xWXm3cd5S-o A separate series of photos details the events when the teargas was fired: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/10/27/1030750/-UPDATED:-Oakland-Mayor-Quan-Prosecute-This-Cop-or-Resign:-Photo-Evidence,-Scott-Olsen-Shooting WATCH VIDEO: OCCUPY MARINES SEEKS PROSECUTION FOR OAKLAND ATTACK Photos below of additional San Francisco Sheriff\’s Emergency Services Unit (ESU) on the front police line when tear gas canister was shot at Scott Olsen. See also top photo of Bergstresser. Screen captures from above video. Double click on images to enlarge.

Officer on the right strikes baton repeatedly at disabled woman being helped to stand.


Video from KTVU TV news reveals this teargas shooter, standing with San Francisco Sheriff ESU officers: http://www.ktvu.com/video/29587714/index.html


Officer in center with pepperball gun
shortly before Olsen was hit

. Occupy Marines Statement: OccupyMARINES Have Watched Closely The Response From The OPD, The Mayor, The Governor, And All Others Involved In The Oakland Attack On Peaceful Demonstrators; We Have Observed These Pathetic Cowards Refuse Responsibility For Their Actions That May Very Well Alter The Course Of Our Brother s Life. Additionally, Many Other Police Departments Nationwide Deploy Similar Riot Tactics Against Demonstrators Honoring The OWS 8, A Peaceful Declaration Of Assembly; We Will Organize Peacefully Against These Departments. In Response To The Oakland Shooting Of Scott Olsen OccupyMARINES Request The Following: The GOP Cowards Responsible For Influencing This Event Be Brought To Justice. Track Names And Photos Of Each And Email Them To Us Identify The 300 OPD Riot Officers By Name, Photo, And Badge Number With Boots On The Ground Engaging In Illegal Excessive Force Acts Against Peaceful Americans For Prosecution. Identify The Officer Responsible For Harming Scott Olsen By Name And Photo For Prosecution. The Honorable Resignation Of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan And Acting Police Chief Howard Jordan. A Public Apology From California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. For The Unlawful Injury Of Our Brother Scott Olsen. We Fully Intend To Make An Example, Legally And Peacefully, Of The Cowards Associated With Harming An American Veteran. We Will Not Stop Until Our Aforementioned Demands Are Met In Their Entirety. God Be With Scott Olsen, We Pray A Speedy Recovery For Him And His Mother. Semper Fidelis Scott Olsen Keep Pushing Forward America We Support You.

Lakota Media Project Photos: A Day with Daryl Hannah and Tom Weis

Copyright Lakota Media Project
Copyright Lakota Media Project
Copyright Lakota Media Project
Copyright Lakota Media Project
Copyright Lakota Media Project
Copyright Lakota Media Project Lakota Media Project photos Published with permission at Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com/

LAKOTAS JOIN TOUR OF RESISTANCE: Actress Daryl Hannah and climate activist Tom Weis, crossing the country on his pedal-powered Rocket Trike, join Lakotas on Pine Ridge in South Dakota. They oppose the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline and the Tarsands mining that is destroying First Nation land in Alberta, Canada. The pipeline of dirty oil would go through the Ogalalla Aquifer, which provides drinking water and water for crops in the region. Tarsands activists will circle the White House on Nov. 6. Debra White Plume, shown in photos, was among those arrested on Sept. 2, when Native American activists engaged in civil disobedience in front of the White House in opposition to the Tarsands and Keystone pipeline. (Debra White Plume is on Hannah\’s left in photo five.) Read more about Tom Weis\’ Rocket Trike: http://www.rideforrenewables.com/
For permission to repost photos, please contact the Lakota Media Project

Occupy Oakland Solidarity in Egypt

By Egyptian blogger Mohammed Maree
Reposted at Censored News
As they vowed earlier this week to do, Egyptian pro-democracy protesters marched from Tahrir square to the U.S. Embassy today to march in support of Occupy Oakland and against the type of police brutality witnessed in Oakland on Tuesday night, and commonly experienced in Egypt.
In this post, photos from Egyptian blogger Mohammed Maree , who is there at the march live-tweeting these snapshots. He is a journalist with Egytimes.org , a human rights activist, and a veterinarian; all photos are his.

Lehman Brightman Benefit Dinner

Lehman L. Brightman\’s Dinner Benefit for Recovery

By Quanah Parker Brightman
Censored News
Mills College, Graduate School of Business Gathering Hall 5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619 Nov. 10,2 011 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
As many of you are aware, Indigenous Scholar, Korean War Veteran, Professional Football Player and Resistance Leader Lehman L. Brightman suffered a stroke this past July 22, 2011 and is currently recovering in the hospital.

Dr. Brightman is in need of financial assistance in paying his medical expenses, back taxes, and his mortgage. Any monetary gift is generous and is greatly appreciated. Benefit Dinner Itinerary: Opening Blessing: Lakota Medicine Man Richard Mooves Camp Introduction: Son, Quanah Parker Brightman Slide Show Presentation Of Prof. Lee Brightman Including Singing Groups The Sweet Lodge Sistahs Community Dinner Honor Song by Drum Closing Prayer Mills College, Graduate School of Business Gathering Hall 5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619 Nov. 10,2 011 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm For Event Details Contact: Melinda Mills (510) 430-3324 melinda@mills.edu Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=270992186272774 All other info regarding Prof. Lee Brightman or UNA Inc. QuanahBrightman (510) 672-7187 qbrightman75@hotmail.com Dr. Brightman\’s bio: Lehman L. Brightman is a Sioux and Creek Indian who was born on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. Professor Brightman is the founder and National President of United Native Americans,Inc. an Indian organization formed in 1968, to promote the progress and general welfare of American Indians. In his capacity as President of UNA, Mr. Brightman has testified in two U.S Senate Hearings on the deplorable conditions of Indian boarding schools and hospitals on reservations. He led investigations of seven Indian boarding schools and three Indian hospitals due to the poor service and abusive treatment of Indian people. He is a former football and track star at Oklahoma State University where he earned a B.A. degree, and he has an M.A. degree from the University of California at Berkeley. Mr. Brightman is an ex-Marine and served one year in the Korean conflict where he was wounded inaction. Professor Brightman established and coordinated the first Native American Studies Program in the United States at UC Berkeley in 1969, and has since taught at the University of California in San Diego, Sacramento State University, D-Q University, and Contra Costa College in San Pablo, California. Brightman is the author of numerous articles on the history of Indian education and federal boarding schools. He is the former editor of the first International Indian newspaper called Warpath, and was involved in the occupation ofAlcatraz, and the takeover of Wounded Knee, and led the takeover and occupation of Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota in 1970. He was one of the national coordinators of the Longest Walk in 1978, and the Long Walk for Survival in1980. At the present time, Mr. Brightman is writing a book on the history of the Indian Civil Rights Movement from the 1960\’s to the present. *Kindly mail your donation to: UnitedNative Americans, Inc. 2434 Faria Avenue Pinole, California 94564. The entire U.N.A. family would like to personallythank you for assisting us in helping Lehman Brightman during this difficulttime. Your continued prayers for his health and welfareare greatly appreciated. For more information, please contact unitednativeamericansinc@gmail.com or (510) 672-7187 Sincerely, United Native Americans, Inc.

Occupy Oakland: Moving vigil for wounded Marine Scott Olsen

Veterans for Peace member Scott Olsen stands between police and crowd at Occupy Oakland to protect the people. Minutes later he was shot with a police projectile.

Occupy Oakland: Moving vigil for wounded Marine Scott Olsen By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com OAKLAND, Calif. — Friends of wounded Marine Scott Olsen gave a moving tribute to Olsen, who remains hospitalized with a skull fracture. Olsen was struck in the head by a police projectile when Oakland police opened fire on peaceful demonstrators Tuesday night.

Olsen was standing with Navy veteran Joshua Shepherd in front of police to protect the crowd from the police. Videos show there was no provocation when police fired directly at the veterans and into the crowd. Olsen, who completed two tours of duty in Iraq, and Shepherd, are both members of Veterans for Peace.

On Thursday night, about one-thousand people gathered for the vigil, with many carrying candles, as the tent encampment of Occupy Oakland was resuming. Speaking at the vigil, the announcer said of Olsen, “He is conscious and able to write and will not need additional surgery.” The crowd cheered as news was announced of his condition and that other vigils for Olsen were being held in Chicago, New York, Austin, Philadelphia and San Francisco. Clare Chadwick described what happened when Olsen was hit, after police began firing on the peaceful gathering, Chadwick looked down to her left and saw that Olsen was hit. “There was nothing to provoke the police when they started tear-gassing the citizens,” she said. Olsen was on the ground and he was not moving. “He was bleeding from the mouth. His eyes were rolling to the back of his head.” Chadwick screamed to the police for medical help. Instead of giving medical help, Oakland police threw a flash grenade toward them. Keith Shannon, a friend who served in Iraq with Olsen, spoke during the vigil. He met Olsen six years ago. He said when they came back to the United States from Iraq, they had different views of what was happening in Iraq. Shannon said Olsen worked during the days and spent his free time at Occupy San Francisco. “He has been spending every night, and every weekend. Another friend, who spent the night at the hospital when Olsen arrived in critical condition, also spoke. “I can not express the outrage,” she said, of seeing him with a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage. She described the outrage that Olsen had to take this kind of risk after returning home from two tours in Iraq safely. Pointing out that this is not the first incidence of police brutality in Oakland, she expressed the hope that we stand in solidarity with other communities in Oakland that experience egregious police violence.” She said she has deep respect for Scott, who came back from Iraq with the sense that real peace will be achieved by standing up for a just economy and redistribution of wealth in the world. She said Olsen was with the campaign to stop the deployment of traumatized troops. She encouraged people to take care of one another, and look out for one another. During the vigil, an announcer said Scott still has a bruised brain and would need months of recovery. WATCH VIGILVIDEO NOW: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/livefromsf#utm_campaign=t.co&utm_source=9517622&utm_medium=social

livefromSF on Ustream

DENVER Oglala Vice President confronts Obama on Tarsands

By Tom Poor Bear, Oglala Lakota Vice President Posted at Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com From Tar Sands Action Today I was removed from Obama s speech at the University of Colorado in Denver for sharing words that have been weighing on my heart. Because I was stopped before I could fully express myself this morning, I would like to share these words now. I feel that the United States of America should fulfill their obligation to the Treaty Tribes of the territory of the 1851 and 1868 Fort Laramie Treaties, and also their obligation to us as the true owners of this territory. President Obama must honor these treaties. We just want Obama to respect our Mother, the Earth. We just want Obama to respect our water, which is life and to respect our future generations. We ask all indigenous people to join us in our plight to oppose the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline. We feel that Obama, in his position as President of the United States, should look at this issue very seriously because he also purports to represent us as indigenous peoples. So we are asking all indigenous peoples and Treaty Nations, as well as all other peoples who also respect our Mother, the Earth, to join our opposition and stop the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline. Through a unified effort, we will accomplish this task. As our great leader of our ancestral days, Crazy Horse, once said: You cannot sell the land your people are buried on. I believe today he would say: You cannot desecrate the land your people are buried on. In respect of Mother Earth and our Future Generations, Tom Poor Bear, Vice President, Oglala Lakota Nation By Glenn Morris Hello AIMsters, and fellow renegades, DENVER — Yesterday, we had our action at the Obama speech on the Auraria campus. It was pretty awesome, as was the action on Tuesday, despite the cold and rain and snow. I want to acknowledge the leadership that was shown by Scott, Tessa and Sky, in the lead-up to today\’s action, and for the courage that they showed, in the face of the Secret Service and other police agencies. They stood for hours in the rain and snow with our banners and messages and bullhorns, outside of the Pepsi Center where Obama had his $5000 per person fundraiser, outside of Obama\’s hotel, stood in line for hours to get the tickets to get inside the Auraria event, They smuggled banners into the event, past Secret Service security, and raised the banners, and the Oglala Sioux, flag at the critical time. Also essential to the action locally were Robert Chanate (who was central to the organizing, and who held up the banner, too),Carol Berry, Jolynne Locust-Woodcock whose pictures of the event can be found on her Facebook page, and Lance Tsosie, an Indian student from DU. Several others who could not get into the event braved the snow to rally outside, including Viki Eagle and other DU students, Lizzie Kerplanek from CU-Denver and Colorado AIM, and especially to Kia Fathi, a strong and solid ally, who worked tirelessly to support this action. There were other AIM people who helped, too: Brenda Jenkins, Dave and Joylynne Woodcock, Frank who helped with security for us, Harrison Sadler, and Tessa\’s dad, mom and sister. Deb Freemont was in the event too, but got separated from us by the huge crowd. I also want to commend Steve Keith for creating a beautiful banner for us. A special message of appreciation to Tom Poor Bear and his daughter, Evangeline, who drove down from Pine Ridge, and who were in there with us. Tom is a long-time AIM veteran of the Trail of Broken Treaties, Wounded Knee “73, Yellow Thunder Camp, Camp Justice, and many other AIM sponsored actions; he is now the Vice-President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Several other members of the OST Council said that they were going to join us, but Tom was the only one with the courage actually to show and confront Obama. He was also instrumental in shouting to Obama about honoring Indian treaties, stopping the Keystone XL pipeline, and respecting our mother the Earth. Also very important to the action was Jennifer Baker, an attorney from the Smith, Shelton and Ragona law firm, who is lead advisor to Tom on the Keystone pipeline impact on the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Jennifer hung in there with us through the actions on Tuesday night, and came into the Obama event, and help us hold up the Keystone banner. The events above caused Obama to stammer, lose his place in his speech, pause, and then directly to respond to the messages that were shouted, and the message on the banners that were located right in front of him: “Honor Indian Treaties,” and “Stop The Keystone Pipeline.” Obama stopped and said that a decision had not yet been made, and he said, “I know your deep concern about it. We will address it.” The Secret Service then surrounded our group and ordered us to stop shouting, and to take the banners down. When Sky told them that we weren\’t taking the banners down, they ordered us to leave the room, which we did, eventually. In the news articles below, you can see that the fact Obama stopped his written speech, and responded to the Keystone issue, was a first. These stories were reported locally, nationally, and internationally — including on Associated Press, Reuters, and in the New York Times, some links are below — for more Google news search the terms “Obama, Denver, Keystone.” Indigenous Resistance to the Tar Sands – our local FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Indigenous-Resistance-to-the-OIL-Sands-Denver/296999983643881 http://thehill.com/blogs/e2-wire/e2-wire/189955-obama-speech-interupted-by-anti-keystone-hecklers http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/10/26/us-obama-keystone-idUSTRE79P6OI20111026 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/26/keystone-xl-pipeline-obama_n_1033067.html

Occupy Oakland Photo Brings Global Solidarity

Photo copyright by Justin Warren/Oakland Oct. 26, 2011

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

OAKLAND, Calif. — When this photo by Justin Warren was posted of Occupy Oakland on Wednesday night — after the violent repression by Oakland police on Tuesday night — it was retweeted by Egyptian activists, and brought solidarity from people around the world. Voices of support and solidarity came from Western Shoshone in Nevada and from Santiago, Chile, China, South Africa, New Zealand, Spain and Romania. Messages of love and support came in from Fiji, BC, Canada, Germany and Wales. On Censored News\’ Facebook, (brenda.norrell) the photo was “liked” and shared more than 2,000 times within 12 hours. Elsewhere on the web, there were 15,000 views. Veterans for Peace released a statement concerning Scott Olsen, the US Marine who was hit in the head by an Oakland police projectile on Tuesday night, and suffered a fractured skull and brain swelling. A video shows Olsen and Navy veteran Joshua Shepherd, both member of Veterans for Peace, standing in front of the crowd to protect them. The video shows Oakland police firing tear gas canisters directly at the veterans, who were separated from the crowd behind them by police fencing. It shows police firing at Olsen a second time while friends attempted to rescue him as he was fallen on the pavement. In a second video, a young man who helped carry Olsen from the scene describes a second projectile crashing close to Olsen\’s head as they were moving him to the hospital. Olsen\’s condition was upgraded to fair on Thursday and he was reported breathing on his own. Watch videos and read statement: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2011/10/veteran-wounded-by-police-in-oakland.html Occupy Oakland filled the streets on Wednesday night, as Occupy San Francisco prepared for arrest with a huge dance party outside, with a California senator and city officials present to ensure the peoples rights were not violated as they were in Oakland the night before. At the same time, Occupy Oakland took to the streets. In a general assembly on Wednesday night, Occupy Oakland voted for a city-wide general strike on Nov. 2. To prevent Oakland protesters from joining San Francisco, the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART) stations were blocked by police in Oakland and closed near Occupy San Francisco, at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. When Occupy Oakland began considering taking the Bay Bridge, BART suddenly announced the stations would be opened again. In San Francisco, as people prepared for arrest, Senator Leland Yee said he was there to make sure the peoples rights were protected. San Francisco City Supervisors were also present. Thanks were sent out to Wikileaks and the hactivists at Anonymous. One of the reasons that the Occupy movement began was because the banks and PayPal froze all Wikileaks accounts. The US used the banks to silence the truth, after the Wikileaks\’ exposures of the US killing of civilians and journalists in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the midnight hour, Oakland activists began catching rides to San Francisco after BART blocked its doors in Oakland. Eventually, the police raid in San Francisco was called off in the dawn hours of Thursday. Thanks resounded around the world to Occupy Oakland, photographer Justin Warren and the global community.


Veteran wounded by police in Oakland

New video of Oakland police shooting veteran Scott Olsen with tear gas canister, then shooting at him again as friends tried to rescue him on the pavement: Footage of Scott Olsen being shot by Police at Occupy Oakland from Raleigh Latham on Vimeo . . VIDEO: In Oakland, young man hit by a rubber bullet describes how Veterans for Peace Scott Olsen, a Marine who was in Iraq twice, was hit in the head by a canister fired by Oakland police on Tuesday night. Official VFP Statement Regarding Occupy Incident in Oakland Veterans for Peace Statement Veteran For Peace member, Scott Olsen, a Marine Corps veteran twice deployed to Iraq, is in hospital now in stable but serious condition with a fractured skull, struck by a police projectile fired into a crowd in downtown Oakland, California in the early morning hours of today. Other people were injured in the assault and many were arrested after Oakland police in riot gear were ordered to evict people encamped in the ongoing “Occupy Oakland” movement. Olsen is also a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. VFP members are involved with dozens of these local “occupy movement” encampments and we support them fully. In Boston, for example, our members, wearing VFP shirts and carrying VFP flags, stood between a line of police and the encampment, urging police to “join the 99%” and not evict the protesters. In that case, several of our members were banged and bruised when the police decided instead to carry out their eviction orders.

. In Oakland, last night, a similar thing happened, according to VFP Chapter 69 member and Navy veteran, Joshua Sheperd, who said he went to downtown Oakland “to see if, as a VFP member, I could help still the anger…to be between the police and the protesters…it seemed unconscionable to me that the police use the cover of darkness like that to do what they were doing.” Fortunately, he was not injured in the police assault that left Olsen with a fractured skull As with virtually every example of the occupy movement across the country, those encamped were conducting themselves peacefully beforehand, protesting current economic, social and environmental conditions in the U.S. brought about by decades of corporate control, a criminal financial industry and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that are driving the U.S. global empire into bankruptcy. These “occupy movement” participants are telling us something we need very desperately to hear. They should be listened to, not arrested and brutalized. Police in the majority of cities are acting with restraint and humanity towards the encampments, but Veterans For Peace will not be deterred by police who choose to use brutal tactics. In fact, as happens with repression everywhere, more people join the cause. We do believe that the rank and file police officers are part of the 99%, the overwhelming majority of Americans who are suffering at the hands of an intolerable system. Layoffs and cutbacks in city after city prove that we must join together to demand justice for all. We send our very best to Scott Olsen and his family and wish him a speedy recovery to health. We shall not be moved. Video from Tuesday night in Oakland:

Occupy Tucson: Solace in the city

Bob Zavoda at Occupy Tucson. Also shown are peace keepers in front of kitchen and information center at Armory Park downtown
Tents form a circle at Occupy Tucson Armory Park downtown
Occupy Tucson satellite site downtown.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
TUCSON — Pigeons make their way across the grass as people visit outside the information booth at Occupy Tucson. There is a sweetness here, where green apples are on the table next to a large gourd carved for Halloween. When dinner arrives from a distant kitchen, the aroma of lasagna fills the air on the lawn of Armory Park, outside the senior center.
There is talk of donated solar panels and the morning appearances in court. There were about 300 citations for occupying this space. Pleas of not guilty were entered at the arraignment.
In the middle of the courts downtown, there is a new Occupy Tucson satellite camp. Sitting around the park table, young people talk about political theories, and what occupying this space means to them. One young man arrives with chocolate chip cookies. There is talk of where to charge laptops and where to shower.
Bob Zavoda takes a cardboard sign in hand and stands on the busy downtown corner as passerby honk horns.
“This is what it is all about,” he says, referring to the sign he is holding. “The corporations are taking over.”
The night before, walking between the two camps, there was the stillness and quiet of downtown Tucson. A local ministry was serving hot chocolate and hot chicken soup out of the back of their car, just as they have done for the past six years.
In the night, a row of people sat outside the library, sipping their hot drinks.
“It is like a big slumber party,” says my friend, laughing, as we walk again between the camps in the Tucson night.
Another friend, O\’odham, is one of the peacekeepers at Occupy Tucson at night.
On the bulletin board, there is the face of Tucson. There is an announcement for the migrant walk on Saturday to San Xavier. Walkers will carry crosses bearing the names of migrants who have died in the Sonoran Desert.
Friday night at Armory Park is family night, with parents and children planning to camp out.
“What about the citations?” I ask. No one has the answer yet.
Around the corner, at Shot in the Dark Cafe, where an Occupy Tucson benefit concert was held, occupiers drink ice tea and coffee and use the wifi. A sign in the window says simply: “Occupy Tucson.”
As usual, at 10:30 p.m., Tucson police issue their citations, after another long day where police appear to be extremely bored, watching people at Armory Park.
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CENSORED NEWS: September 2012

Long Walker Danny Wyatt passes to Spirit World

Photo by Sophie Adison/Long Walk 2 northern route
Photo by Marek/Long Walk Haskell, Kansas

Long walkers mourn the passing of their good hearted friend Danny Wyatt, Washoe from Gardnerville, Nevada. Danny was battling leukemia. During the Long Walk 2 northern route, Danny made friends fast with his good heartedness and laughter. Danny celebrated his 27th birthday in August. Shown here with Long Walkers Edmund and Daniel, Miwok, on the left, Danny was a friend to everyone, who also made the walkers happy by making fry bread for them. Sincere condolescenses to his family and friends. Long Walker Marek in Poland took the photo of Danny in Haskell, Kansas, the second photo.

Marek writes, “It s very sad to hear that we miss another walker from the Longest Walk 2. I have met Danny only briefly a few times when the Northern and Southern Routes got together in 2008 but I remember him as a kind, open, and good hearted person, and a strong walker. There s no justice in losing such good and young people so fast.”
Peace and prayers to you and all around,
Marek Nowocien, Longest Walker All the Way, Poland

Top photo Danny Wyatt (seated lower right) by Sophie Adison. Sophie is our Navajo friend from Utah, whose 17-year-old daughter Kenzie was also a Long Walker on the 2 northern route. Thanks to all of you! Brenda, Censored News. Second and third photos by Marek Nowocien (Danny in grey sweatshirt, second from left) in Haskell, Kansas.

Danny back center, at Kansas City Capitol. Photo by Marek

Day 5 Texas tarsands blockade: Tree sitters remain as bulldozers destroy heartland

Day 5: This is the true face of Keystone XL. This pictures says it all. This horrific scar is at the doorstep of our tree blockade and is slated to cut 110-feet wide for 1,700 miles through America s heartland. Millions of homes and trees are being plowed to make way for this toxic pipeline. Right now heavy machinery is a mere 60 feet from our nine brave blockaders in the trees. Follow it here: http://tarsandsblockade.org/ tree-sit-day5/

First Nation Terrance Nelson alleges vote buying, delegation heads to Iran

Terrance Nelson, former Roseau River chief in Manitoba, made allegations today of vote buying in an e-mail to the Prime Minister. Further, Nelson said a First Nation delegation leaves for Iran on Oct. 8 and will ask for the lives of three Canadians on death row. In his previous statement, Nelson said the delegation will also show photos of the massacre of Wounded Knee. Nelson s morning e-mail has brought a dramatic reaction already. Among the allegations, Nelson questioned if there was a payment of $25,000 for a chief to distance himself from Nelson. Updates from APTN on Oct. 1, 2012 Allegations bring threats to Terrance Nelson and others http://aptn.ca/pages/news/ 2012/10/01/aboriginal-affairs- official-threatens-legal- action-over-allegations-of- afn-election-meddling/ http://aptn.ca/pages/news/ 2012/10/01/forwarded-email- alleging-vote-swaying- triggered-legal-warning-from- senior-federal-officials- husband-says-winnipeg-man/

————————————————————————————————————————– The following are morning and evening e-mails sent from Nelson to the press today, Sept. 28, 2012. By Terrance Nelson Posted at Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com Dear Prime Minister An accusation has been made against the Harper Government of vote buying. Chief Nelson Houle of the Ebb and Flow First Nation in Manitoba delivered a public speech at the Treaty 1-11 Gathering in Brandon Manitoba in front a large audience in which he said that he was asked to attend a breakfast meeting at the Fairmount hotel on the morning of the Assembly of First Nations election. He stated in his speech that he met with two Ministers and two Aboriginal Affairs people. They were very concerned with the possibility of my being elected National Chief. Chief Houle\’s speech is on record. He stated, “I should have took the deal”. Chief Morris Shannacappo of Rolling River First Nation who was Grand Chief of Southern Chiefs Organization at the time of the AFN election in Toronto has accused Regional Director General Anna Fontaine of the Manitoba Regional Aboriginal Affairs of paying $25,000 to have him “distance” himself from me. He has made the accusation that he was told “Chief, the door will be open for you and your community”. These are very serious charges to be made in public by the Chiefs in question. Your government has always stated that accountablity and transparentcy are your goals. Was there a $250,000 contract paid by the Assembly of First Nations to the person who nominated Shawn Atleo for National Chief. This was a question put forward by Chief Wallace Fox of Onion Lake Saskatchewan. The Regional Chiefs from the Assembly of First Nations who I have asked to verify or deny the existence of that contract are telling me that they are not being given the information on various contracts by the AFN. Pam Palmater another candidate delivered a speech this week to Chiefs making an accusation that $20 million was committed by the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs to various First Nations to influence the AFN election. These are public statements being made at various gatherings of Chiefs. For an RDG of the department of Aboriginal Affairs in Manitoba who is in charge of almost a billion dollars of federal funding to meet with Chiefs and try to infleunce the vote at the Assembly of First Nations is a very serious charge. Did Anna Fontaine make such statements and did she try to buy votes with Canadian federal funding? More importantly, was this a directive given by your government to Aboriginal Affairs? You and I differ greatly on the Iran/Israel issue. I support the right of Israel to exist but I don\’t support another war, this one against Iran. As I stated to the Chiefs in my speech at the July 2012 AFN election, I will travel to Iran whether I am elected National Chief or not. As a person who organized a First Nation trip to Iraq in 1998, I saw first hand the suffering of the Iraqi people. My You Tube video, A war on children, depicts what we saw in Iraq. I have condemned United Nations economic sanctions as genocide and I will continue to condemn economic sanctions as an evil. The fact that the United Nations found in a 1995 study that 567,000 Iraqi children had died in the first five years of economic sanctions is proof of evil. When half a million Iraqi children die, how can we condone economic sanctions as a milder form of war. Your government cutting funding to the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, our Manitoba voice for First Nations will affect the way they work with your government. To cut 81% of their funding is an attempt to silence the Chiefs of Manitoba. I hope that I am not so egotiscal as to believe that your only reason is that AMC supported my bid for National Chief but we do need to get to the bottom of why these cuts are being made. A small First Nation delegation will leave to Geneva on October 8th and we will fly to Tehran on October 11 from Geneva. As we cannot get our visas in Ottawa anymore, we will get them in Geneva. I intend to ask for the lives of the three Canadians on death row in Iran. I have no illusions. I will ask, that is all I can do. A lot of the Chiefs seem scared of the trip to Iran but regardless if we are to break the 60 to 95% unemployment on First Nations in Canada, we must go beyond Ottawa. Whether OPEC nations are prepared to work with First Nations in Canada remains to be seen. It appears your government is closing doors on dialogue. I will not support a war on Iran. There are some of us in North America that do not see the need for another war. I attach a link that puts a different view forward. I don\’t always agree with everything that is being said but free speech is a right and it is a responsibility. http://blackagendareport.com/content/talking-peace-and-justice-ahmadinejad As I stated in my speech at the AFN election, Steven Harper is not the problem, we are the problem. By that statement, I meant that we cannot wait for someone to rescue us, we must do whatever we need to do to rescue ourselves. If Canada is unwilling to break the economic sanctions imposed upon First Nations in Canada then we will do it ourselves. As your Aboriginal Affairs people stated to Chief Nelson Houle, if Terry Nelson gets elected National Chief, industry will have to open up their wallet. The question that Chief Houle asked after that statement was made by an official in your government was, Why does Terry Nelson have to elected National Chief, why can\’t it happen anyway. ———————————————————————————- Dear Deputy Minister Hallman I recieved an email from RDG Anna Fontaine and will respond to both your email and the RDG\’s at the same time. I did not have third party hearsay evidence on this matter. The speech made by Chief Nelson Houle of Ebb and Flow First Nation was recorded at the Treaty 1-11 Gathering. He made the statement that he met with Ministers and Aboriginal Affairs officials. This is a matter of record. There was also hundreds of witnesses who can verify the text of his speech. If this does get to court or to a parliamentary inquiry, Chief Morris Shannacappo will be testifying under oath as to what he stated to me and a number of other people. This afternoon, Dean Fontaine, the husband of Anna Fontaine has admitted to a reporter that he phoned Gerald McIvor on why McIvor had sent out copies of my earlier email to press etc. I also recieved a very nasty message this evening from RDG Fontaine\’s in law. I have it on tape. I have no animosity towards Anna Fontaine. This is not personal. The issue is, did the RDG meet with Chiefs at the AFN election in Toronto. Did Ministers or Deputy Ministers meet with Chiefs at the Toronto AFN election for National Chief and did representatives and employees of Aboriginal Affairs mention their preference of who the Chiefs should vote for. Aboriginal Affairs administers over $10 billion each year for First Nations. Such influence over the Chiefs is real if Aboriginal Affairs people met with Chiefs to discuss who the Chiefs should vote for. A few years ago former RDG for Mantioba, Mary Blais was marched out of her office alongside two other Indian Affairs senior personel. She recieved a substantial settlement and apparently is under a gag order as part of her settlement. Why is there so much secrecy? Can Mary Blais and other Aboriginal Affairs staff testify in a parliamentary inquiry on this issue. The workings of the Regional Department of Aboriginal Affairs in Manitoba must be accountable and transparent. At least, the Conservative Government has always stated that Chiefs and Councils must be accountable and transparent, why not the government? Accusations are made every day against Chiefs and Council members, do the courts ever hear a defamation lawsuit, why is it defamation if I ask questions, did Aboriginal Affairs staff or Ministers, Deputy Ministers meet with Chiefs to discuss the AFN election. Did they influence how Chiefs should vote? Did Shawn Atleo or members of the AFN authorize a $250,000 contract to Ovide Mercredi as Chief Wallace Fox has questioned. Why can\’t this question be answered? Did Ovide Mercredi meet with Chiefs in northern Manitoba to lobby for Shawa Atleo? Was he paid to do this? These are simply questions. Anna Fontaine states clearly, “I have never ever promised anything for votes for anyone”. Okay RDG Fontaine denies any wrongdoing. Now, does she deny meeting with Chiefs in Toronto and did she at any time discuss the AFN election with Chiefs? What Ministers and Deputy Ministers met with Chiefs in Toronto and did they discuss with Chiefs, the AFN election? It seems to me that if you have $10 billion every year that the Chiefs and their communities need that it would not be hard to influence their vote, they would be listening to you if you mention who you like working with. It is not about Anna Fontaine and whether or not she is a good person, it is about the appearance and perhaps the reality of vote buying. Do you Ron Hallman as Senior Deputy Minister state for the record that none of your Aboriginal Affairs staff met with Chiefs in Toronto? Are you saying that no Minister or Deputy Minister met with Chiefs in Toronto? If you want to go to court on this, that\’s fine. I have not made an accusation against anyone, I am repeating what was stated by Chiefs and I am asking questions. If that is illegal, let us go to court and we can have AANDC staff and Ministers and Deputy Ministers testifying under oath. I have nothing to hide, do you? Terrance Nelson ————————————————————————————– Anna Fontaine has denied the allegations.

Save Lehman Brightman\’s home from foreclosure

Message from Quanah Parker Brightman
Posted at Censored News
Go Fund Me for Lehman Brightman:
http://www.gofundme.com/ ForMrBrightman Dear Relatives, This letter is written on behalf of Lehman Brightman, a Sioux/Creek Indian who in the Lakota term is an icke wicasa, or common man, and lives by the principles of that term, in that he does not put himself above others, works as a warrior for his people, and lives his life in a good way, with respect and caring for the people. In this life there are times to be active, times to b

e rest and be healed, times to stand strong, times to be cared for. Lee needs us now, and I am reaching out to ask you to support this man in his waning years. Please let me tell you about who this man is and what he needs from the community. There are roles and cycles in life that we are all bound by. The cycles come to us in the duration of our lives, while the roles we have in life are chosen. In that regards Lee is an exceptional ikce wicasa, for he never takes the easy choices in life and never gives up! Born on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, he grew up in Oklahoma where his mother s people came from and where his father worked for the BIA. He grew up in Indian Country and saw the poverty and the unjust treatment of his fellow Indian people, something that would inform his entire life. Lee is a highly intelligent and physically imposing figure. These characteristics and his sense of social justice have informed his life choices and actions. His accomplishments are long, and show how he has chosen to life his life in a good and caring way. Some of the choices and accomplishments he has made in life: He was a football and track star at Oklahoma State University. He was a Marine wounded in action in Korea and awarded a Purple Heart for bravery. He earned a B.A. degree from OSU and an M.A. degree from UC Berkeley. He and his former wife Trudy Felix Brightman (Sicangu Lakota, now deceased) raised a family of three sons; Lehman Jr., Lakota Gall and Quanah Parker in Pinole, CA. He founded and was National President of United Native Americans Inc., a non-profit organization promoting the progress and general welfare of American Indians. (1968) As Professor Brightman, he established and coordinated the first-ever Native American Studies Program in the United States at UC Berkeley (1969). He has taught at UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, Sacramento State University and Contra Costa College in San Pablo, CA (1969-2006). He led the take-over and occupation of Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota (1970). He was the director of the San Francisco American Indian Center. He sheltered Dennis Banks in his family home when he was a fugitive from South Dakota after the conflict at Wounded Knee. He led investigations of seven Indian boarding schools and three Indian hospitals, due to the poor service and abusive treatment of Indian people. He testified in two U.S. Senate hearings on Indian boarding schools and reservations hospitals. He spoke out publicly about the sterilization of native women in Indian hospitals. He authored numerous articles on the history of Indian Education and federal boarding schools. He is the former editor of THE FIRST National Indian newspaper called Warpath. He was involved in the occupation of Alcatraz and the take-over of Wounded Knee. He was one of the National Coordinators of the Longest Walk (1978) He was one of the National Coordinators for the Long Walk for Survival (1980). This is quite an incredible list. He is a family man, an activist, an educator, an author, an academic, a veteran, a publisher, an athlete, a leader, and, now, an elder who needs our support. Lee suffered a stroke last year and since that time has been in the hospital in several different facilities. All his retirement funds are being used to cover his medical expenses and the mortgage on his family home is seriously in arrears with an imminent auction looming overhead. His son Quanah is organizing a fundraiser to try and address some of the expenses and is asking for community support to help keep the family home, which is also the office of UNA, the organization which Lee founded and that has informed his life s activism work. The family needs donations to help save Professor Lehman Brightman s home of over 25 years and the Home Office of U.N.A. from foreclosure; assistance for payments with the PG&E, and pro-bono legal assistance in remedying the foreclosure. If you can help, donations may be made directly to Wells Fargo Bank, Loan # 0044126233 for the property address 2434 Faria Avenue, Pinole, California 94564. With an Auction date of October 9th 2012 fast approaching, we are in desperate need for your financial support. Cards of appreciation, well wishes and encouragement may also be sent to Lee at the above address and will be delivered to him by Quanah. Lee has been in the hospital over a year and is in stable but monitored condition. He has his good days and his bad. If you wish to visit Lee please contact Quanah about this as well. If you have any questions or can offer other types of support, please contact Quanah Brightman at: (510) 672-7187 . The entire UNA Family personally thanks you for your prayers for Lehman s health and well being, and for your generous donations, which are deeply appreciated. Lee has always acted out of a sense of social justice for what is right and has been a lifelong advocate for native peoples. The fact that he is now destitute, and has to pay his medical expenses after having served his country in it s time of need, I think is an indictment of how we treat our veterans and elders, but that is a larger story for another time. Right now, I hope that we can do something to help in this situation as a small way of thanking Lee for his choices to stand for the people and that you will do what you can to offer support, whether it be money, prayers, cards, songs, visits, or all of those, to share with our relative, our elder uncle. I have great respect and admiration for such a man who has stood so long for the people, and hope that those of us who can do something to thank him for his lifelong service while he is with us now. Wopila tanka
United Native Americans,Inc
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AIM West Film Fest and November Conference Flyer

AIM West Film Festival Schedule http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2012/09/aim-west-international-film-fest-oct-12.html

3rd Annual
International American Indian Movement Film Festival
Hosted by AIM West
Brava Theater, 2781 24 th Street
San Francisco, CA
Friday, October 12, 2012
11:30 a.m.
Opening Prayer Drumming
12:00 p.m.
Indian Summer in Geneva ( 52 min .) 1977
Producer: Volkmar Ziegler
12:52 p.m .:
Q& A and intro to next films
1:00 p.m.
Guatemala Vive (30 min.) 2012
by AIM West Productions
Director: Adrian Carrasco
1:30 p.m.
Q &A- Discussion
1:45 p.m.
My Adopted Daughter from Nicaragua (30 min.) 2012
Director: Morten Bruus
2:15 p.m.
Q & A- Discussion
2:30 p.m.
Behind the Blue Veil (Tuareg People) (9.5 min) 2012
Imazighen Lybia (8 min.) Documentary
2:50 p.m.
Q&A- Discussion
3:00 p.m.
The People and the Olive (Palestine) (60min.) 2012
Director: Aaron Dennis
4:00 p.m.
Q&A- Discussion
4:15 p.m.
Wild Horses & Renegades (79 min.) 2010
Director: James Anaquad Kleinert
5:35 p.m.
Q&A- Discussion
5:45 p.m.
Into the Current: Burma s Political Prisoners (76 min.) 2012
Director: Jeanne Hallacy
7:00 p.m
Aung San Suu Kyi-Lady of No Fear (64 min.) 2010
Director: Annie Gyrithe Bonne
8:05 p.m.
Q&A- Discussion of films on Burma
8:15 p.m.
The Game of Life, Heart and Spirit of the Onondaga ( 15 min.) 2012
Produced and Directed by Stu Lisson and Meg Lynch
8:30 p.m.
Crooked Arrows (105 min)
Drama-Feature Film
Director: Steve Rash
Films end @ 10:15

Mohawk Nation News \’Mohawks v. the Queen. Kanekota.\’


MOHAWKS V. HER MAJESTY. FEDERAL COURT, TORONTO: October 1, 2012. Re: Kanekota http://mohawknationnews.com/blog/?p=1433 MNN. Sep. 27, 2012. The hearing is o n Monday October 1 at 10 AM, 180 Queen Street West. Toronto. Thahoketoteh will be arguing Rule of Law with the Attorney General on the issue of Kanekota. All welcome. Kanekota, where the water comes from the earth , is a 525 sq. mi. tract in the northern portion of the Haldimand Tract. The Royal Proclamation of 1783 provides that Canada has the responsibility to protect the Mohawks forever and that there shall never be any encroachment. Thahoketoteh states, I would be pleased if you could come to the courtroom as a witness. The argument will be chronological, starting at 1701 with the introduction of the Gushwenta, up to the present . The Gushwenta is the formula whereby the settlers agreed to become of one mind and live with us in peace. It was ratified in 1710 when our Royaner visited Queen Anne s court. This will now be on the Public Record for everyone. The return of the Peace is almost here. MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

Crownpoint Navajos march against uranium mining Sept 27, 2012

TransCanada worker attempts to drop tree on peaceful blockader Day 4

VIDEO: TransCanada Worker Attempts to Drop Tree on Peaceful Blockader (Day 4) http://tarsandsblockade.org/video-transcanada-worker-attempts-to-drop-tree-on-peaceful-blockader-day-4/

After Tuesday s incident in which blockader s witnessed TransCanada supervisors actively encouraging the torture of two peaceful blockaders , they immediately turned their heavy machinery back on and continued to plow toward nine people in a tree blockade. Before they could get close enough to the 80-foot-high tree village, a team of four nonviolent blockaders intent on protecting the safety of their friends, and stopping TransCanada s reckless clear-cutting machinery intercepted them. When approached in plain sight by the members of Tar Sands Blockade the TransCanada operator refused to turn off his machine in accordance with Federal safety regulations. He continued to recklessly clear-cut trees in full view of TransCanada supervisors who simply watched with video cameras. The feller buncher operator made eye contact with blockaders, and proceeded to drop a tree near enough to them that blockader J.G Jenson had to jump out of the way to avoid being slammed by the branches. It felt like he was aiming a loaded gun at me and would pull the trigger any second, says J.G. Jenson who had to leap out of the way to avoid being struck by the falling tree. TransCanada has abandoned all safety protocols to plow this toxic pipeline through our homes at any cost. We are here on the front lines of the fight to stop tar sands extraction, and we need more people to join us here because they are trying plow right through us. Below is a personal account of from the Tar Sands Blockader member, J.G. Jenson, who was almost struck by the falling tree: After Tuesday s lockdown action had been cleared up [TransCanada] finished the timber bridge, and we heard that a feller buncher was approaching. We went out there, and saw two TransCanada supervisors with vests and hard hats, standing 100-feet from a feller buncher. It was clear they had seen us, and they were filming us the whole time. We moved in right after we saw that the feller buncher had cut a tree and dropped it, so we knew the feller buncher wasn t about to drop another tree and we could approach. We approached slowly in plain sight of the TransCanada supervisors, keeping in mind that it was a dangerous situation. We walked past the supervisors calmly, and got about 60-feet from the feller buncher. That s when the feller buncher began to back up. I thought, OK, the supervisors have radioed him, and told him to back up because there are peaceful blockaders approaching, but instead of leaving he turns and cuts a dead tree that falls into four big pieces, and he threatens us by dropping the lower section in our general direction. We are 50-feet away at this point. On the machine it says stay back 500-feet. We are trying to stop this feller buncher from cutting the trees and building this pipeline, and advancing toward the wall [40-foot-high timber scaffolding where sitters are nearby], so we began walking towards it again. He cut a very tall tree and swung it around, pointing it right at us like a loaded gun. I m thinking, This guy thinks we re just going to run away, and I wanted him to know that we re not here to run away, we re here to stop this dangerous project, so I sat down. I knew that the operator had full control over that tree, because the machine has a tight grip like a fist around the tree trunks, and it will only let go of that tree when it wants to. The operator kept that tree pointed at us for what seemed like forever. It felt like he was aiming a loaded gun at me and would pull the trigger any second. Then he turned it back a bit, and basically dropped the tree. As it fell it hit another tree which broke and fell straight towards me. I managed to roll out of the way right before the top of the tree slammed down right were I had been sitting. Others were right next me. The operator fully retreated back across the bridge, and regrouped with the supervisors. After that, two supervisors hung around and filmed us, telling us that the cops would be here soon. We went back and retook the bridge where are our friends did the lockdown earlier in the day. We had effectively run them off because it was the end of work day.

Democracy Now! Has US designated Wikileaks Assange \’enemy of the state\’

By Democracy Now! In the wake of a speech given by Julian Assange addressed to the United Nations, documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show Wikileaks founder Julian Assange may have been designated an “enemy of the state” by the United States. For more on the new developments Democracy Now! has Assange\’s speech as well as an interview with the president emeritus of the CCR and legal advisor to Julian Assange, Michael Ratner. watch: http://youtu.be/e-m8bV9KGVE Michael Ratner was on Democracy Now! this morning! to talk about the U.S. Air Force counter-intelligence documents that show military personnel who contact WikiLeaks or its supporters may be at risk of being charged with “communicating with the enemy” – a military crime that carries a maximum sentence of death. The designation is the same legal category as al-Qaeda and the Taliban. In this interview Ratner discusses the implications of the newly found documents and the current state of Julian Assange\’s legal case.We also show the speech Assange addressed towards the UN from the Ecuadorian Embassy. Exposed: U.S. May Have Designated Julian Assange and WikiLeaks An “Enemy of the State” DEMOCRACY NOW LINK: http://www.democracynow.org/ 20 12/9/27/exposed_us_may_have_ de signated_julian

Censored News celebrates six years of publishing the warriors!

Celebrating six years of publishing the warriors, revolutaries and truth tellers!

By Brenda Norrell, publisher

brendanorrell@gmail.com Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com

Censored News bolts into its seventh year of publishing in October 2012. It has been a bumpy ride to keep it going. But always there are those who have no other place to post their news for a global audience. The worst offenders, like the US Border Patrol, Canadian mining corporations, the US government, and other human rights abusers are able to either co-op, or silence, most of the media.
The news reporters that can not be squelched are bought off. Then, too, some news reporters have simply just given up. The fight for truth has been too long and too exhausting for them. Others never really started the fight, relying instead on plagiarism and rewriting others hard work.
Well, that s the bad news.

The good news is that it is a thrill to look online and see all the good hearts that are still out there doing it. And not many of them are reporters. At least not anymore. They are the warriors. They are the grassroots warriors, standing in front of trucks, locking down to heavy machinery, and saying no to the destruction of their homes, communities and the Earth.

They are the grandmother water walkers, the canoe paddlers, and those that live in uncertainty with US Border Patrol spy cameras pointed at them in the night.

They are the ones that say No to being co-opted and being bought off. They are the ones who refuse to look the other way when there is fraud, when people are being deceived and cheated.

They are the Indigenous in Guatemala and Peru being assassinated by mining companies. They are the truth tellers at Wikileaks. They are Anonymous revealing facts in a way that no one else can.
They are all the people who can not trust the mainstream media to tell their story and get it right. They are the ones saying \’NO!\’ to corporations. They are the ones who protest the banning of books. They are the Native American youths who walk across America. They are the American Indian elders who tell their stories. They are the children who arise with hope. They are the keepers of tradition, the defenders of sacred lands, protectors of the old growth pines, caribou and Beluga whales.
They are the tree sitters. They are the whistleblowers. They are the media that walk out and tell the truth. They are the poets. They are the revolutionaries. They are the resisters.
So, as we come to the end of six years of publishing, Censored News celebrates all of you who are out there doing it, keeping it real, and refusing to give up, for the sake of the future generations and in defense of the earth.
Thank you to all of our readers, writers, photographers, translators, contributors, and well-wishers!

Censored News began in 2006 when reporter Brenda Norrell was censored, then terminated by Indian Country Today, after serving as a longtime staff reporter. Norrell is a former reporter for Navajo Times and served as a stringer for AP and USA Today during the 18 years she lived on the Navajo Nation. She has been a news reporter in Indian country for 30 years, covering the western US, and traveling with the Zapatistas in Mexico. The original Censored posted in 2006, with articles censored by Indian Country Today, is at http://bsnorrell.tripod.com/

Censored News www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com is a service to Indigenous Peoples and other grassroots people engaged in the defense of human rights and the protection of the Earth. Censored News continues with no advertising.

TransCanada encouraged torture of peaceful protestors Day 3 Texas

TransCanada Actively Encouraged Torture Tactics to be Used on Peaceful Protestors (Day 3)

yesterday two Texans, Shannon Bebe and Benjamin Franklin, were subjected to torture tactics at the hands of police under the active encouragement of TransCanada senior supervisors. Bebe and Franklin were exercising their constitutional rights to nonviolent protest when they locked themselves to Keystone XL construction machinery outside Winnsboro, Texas and delayed construction for most of the day. Police began using aggressive pain compliance tactics when a senior TransCanada supervisor named John arrived and actively encouraged it. Torture tactics included; sustained chokeholds, violent arm-twisting, pepper spray, and multiple uses of Tasers, all while blockaders where in handcuffs.

Immediately following TransCanada s consultation, law enforcement handcuffed the protesters free hands to the heavy machinery in stress positions and then subjected to repeated torture tactics by four police officers while TransCanada employees stood by and watched. With the news that their friends had been tortured with TransCanada s approval, the eight original tree sitters were bravely joined by another, expanding the tree blockade further as TransCanada s clear-cutting heavy machinery rapidly approaches. Construction is roughly 300 yards away from the tree blockade. All refuse to come down until TransCanada halts its dangerous pipeline project. Read more: http://tarsandsblockade.org/transcanada-torture/

SOA Watch: Two human rights lawyers assassinated in Honduras

Two human rights lawyers assassinated in Honduras: take action! This past Sunday and Monday, two human rights lawyers, Antonio Trejo and Eduardo Diaz, were brutally murdered in Honduras, bringing to over 60 the number of victims caught in the struggle for life and land in the Bajo Aguan in Honduras. The debate over the production of food for families versus bio-fuels for corporations has reached a high note After the 2009 coup that was led by SOA graduates, massive privatization has become the order of the day for Honduras, with almost everything, from land to entire cities, on the docket for privatization. Lawyer Antonio Trejo had the valor to take a stand against this. He was defending the right of the MARCA peasant collective to the restoration of their lands in the Lower Aguan valley. These lands were seized 18 years earlier by Honduras wealthiest man: Miguel Facuss . Facusse s Dinant Corporation was using this land to produce African palms, a source of bio fuel . Trejo s efforts led to initial success, with a June court decision calling for the return the land to the campesinos, However, pressure from the private corporation led to an overthrow of the court order, as well as the arrest of Trejo and other campesinos protesting the reversal. Saturday night unknown assailants riddled Trejo\’s body and car with bullets as he left a wedding. On several occasions, Trejo denounced the threats he had received to the media and had publicly said that if he were killed, Facusse would be responsible. Trejo had also taken a stand on the controversial proposal by the Honduran government, in conjunction with a US company, MGK Group, to build three privately run cities with their own police, laws and tax systems. Just hours before his murder, Trejo had participated in a televised debate in which he accused congressional leaders of using the private city projects to raise campaign funds. Only hours after Trejo s assassination, another human rights lawyer, Eduardo Diaz Madariaga was killed in Choluteca, 84 miles (135 kilometers) south of the capital. Lawyers Antonio Trejo and Eduardo Diaz lost gave their lives to the struggle for dignity. If you have at least 3 minutes to spare or a 3 cents in your pocket, this is what you can do: 3 minutes to spare? Contact your Member of Congress and demand an end to US military aid to Honduras . – 10 minutes to spare? Learn how Nicaragua found the courage to withdraw their troops from the SOA last month, while neighboring Honduras continues to pay the price for actions of SOA graduates, by reading the report from a recent SOA Watch delegation . – 3 days to spare? Go to Honduras as an election observer . The National Popular Resistance Front formed a political party, LIBRE, to compete in next years national elections, and primary elections for LIBRE and Honduras traditional parties will be held this November. Four LIBRE primary candidates have been killed to date and violence against FNRP activists and members is committed daily – 10 days to spare? Join Witness for Peace and the Friendship Office of the Americas to see the effects of militarization in Honduras and then take action at the SOA Watch vigil in Georgia. – No time, but some pocket change? Help sponsor SOA Watch\’ Human Rights Accompanier with the PROAH Accompaniment Program of Honduras Oligarchs beware: the Honduran people of struggle will continue to place our bet on the construction of a dignified life, until we achieve a new society and a new country that we will refound with equality, justice, peace and sovereignty – statement by COPIHN, September 25, 2012 “We are not birds who live in the air, we are not fish who live in the sea, we are campesinos who must live on the land”. – Unified Campesino Movement of Aguan (MUCA) – November 16-18, 2012: Converge on Fort Benning, Georgia! _________________ SOA Watch @SOAWatch SOAW YouTube

Texans lockdown again to halt Keystone tarsands pipeline

BREAKING: Day 2 Two People Lock Themselves to Keystone XL Machinery to Defend Eight People in Tree Village

Day Two: Blockaders Stop All Work At Keystone XL Construction Site

All work has been halted at a Keystone XL construction site outside Winnsboro, Texas. Two Texas-born blockaders have locked themselves to construction machinery, effectively halting all construction until further notice.
By Global Justice Ecology Project
Climate Connections

___ Two Texas-born Tar Sands Blockaders have locked themselves to a critical piece of machinery for Keystone XL construction in order to protect a tree village occupied by eight people in the tar sands pipeline s path of devastation outside Winnsboro,Texas. The two landowner advocates and climate justice organizers are risking arrest to delay deforesting work along the Keystone XL pipeline s path, which threatens to destroy a magnificent tree village on property that TransCanada now claims ownership of through court action. The machinery involved, a backhoe, was being used to build a bridge across a gully in the massive path of destruction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. WIthout the bridge construction has effectively been halted for the day. Help spread this breaking story on Facebook and Twitter . Please see the latest updates at the bottom of this post TransCanada s heavy machinery has clear-cut its way within just over 300 yards of the 80-foot tall tree house village occupied by landowner advocates in the pathway of Keystone XL just outside Winnsboro, Texas. The eight people in trees have held strong despite the advancing roar of TransCanada s clear cutting machinery and are determined to hold their blockade as long as needed. This action is to protect the eight people sitting in trees, as their blockade enters its second day the longest halt to construction since Tar Sands Blockade, which organized the tree sit, began in August. Lake Dallas, Texas-born blockader Shannon Bebe, 26, has united with Houston-native and small business owner, Benjamin Franklin, 34, to support rural and neighboring communities who feel abused by TransCanada s extremely aggressive land grabs and threatened by their toxic pipeline s diluted bitumen slurry. Franklin, whose family traces its lineage to pre-independence Texas, relates, As someone who has a religious dedication to nonviolence, I have a duty to assist nonviolent tactics. This is a path to change that works. I had a childhood spent in the piney woods of Texas, and they contain a beauty that haunts me, still. Driving up here and then walking amongst the trees and their sitters reminded me of the beauty I experienced in childhood. That in and of itself is reason to be here defending it. He continues, The theft and destruction of people s homes, the contamination that s likely to occur once the pipeline is completed, and the release of the carbon bomb that is the Athabascan tar sands formation make the need for action now unignorable.

Tar Sands Blockade is a coalition of Texas and Oklahoma landowners and climate justice organizers using peaceful and sustained civil disobedience to stop the construction of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. We have already successfully shut down Keystone XL construction for about two-and-a-half days in Livingston , Saltillo , and Winnsboro . Watch the high energy video from our recent actions and sign up to join us . The risk of inaction is far greater than the risk of taking action even risky action like this, suggests Ron Seifert, a Tar Sands Blockade spokesperson. We are committed to undertaking a campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience to stop construction of Keystone XL, and Tar Sands Blockade will continue to protect the Winnsboro tree village. It is a symbol of all the homes and families crudely threatened by this tar sands pipeline. Sometimes, one must simply stand one s ground in the face of eminent threats like those posed by this dangerous pipeline in order protect the health and safety of their families, loved ones, and that of their neighbors.

UPDATE: 12:00PM Wood County Sheriff Has Arrived The Wood County Sheriff just arrived at the Keystone XL construction site that has effectively been shut down by two blockaders who have locked themselves to construction machinery. Today s brave action is preventing TransCanada s machinery from approaching an eight person indefinite tree vigil just over 300 yards away. UPDATE: 1:15PM More Law Enforcement Officers Arrive

Three more law enforcement officers have joined the Wood County Sheriff at a Keystone XL construction site that has been effectively shut down by Texas born blockaders, Shannon and Benjamin. Join them in an upcoming action to help defend our homes form this toxic pipeline.

AIM West International Film Fest Oct. 12, 2012

AIM-WEST host American Indian Movement International Film Festival Friday October 12, 2012 More information 415-577-1492 www.aimwest.info Posted at Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com AIM-WEST proudly presents the American Indian Movement International Film Festival, to be held at the Brava Women s Theater, located at 2781 24 th Street, in San Francisco s Mission District! The program begins at 12 noon until 10 pm with traditional dance, drumming and songs prior to the opening. The M.C. is nationally known AIM leader, Mr. Bill Means. The films selected for this year s festival, found in our website, exemplifies the legacy and spiritual movement of resistance, and the fight for self-determination found among indigenous peoples throughout the globe. Held each year on Indigenous Peoples Day (Columbus), the film festival offers an important educational alternative to the stories typically associated with the national celebration of Columbus Day in the USA, and what it means to Indigenous Peoples throughout the Americas. The films selected this year will bring to light the scope and diversity of Indigenous peoples who claim their inherent rights throughout the world, documenting the strategies they are using, from armed resistance to the electoral process, to secure recognition of their rights, including treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements made between nation/states and Indigenous peoples. The AIM-WEST International Film Festival brings a new sense of urgency to these struggles, especially in light of the global challenges of climate change, migration, poverty and social justice. Through these films AIM-WEST seeks to demonstrate the common bond between all Indigenous peoples as they struggle for equal justice and freedom. This year the AIM-WEST International Film Festival will screen contemporary, provocative and interesting films. For example, we have included two Burmese films that depicts political prisoners held there (and ethnic minorities aka Indigenous). One is about the multitude of prisoners held by the dictatorship, and another about the Nobel Peace Prize winner of 1991, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi, who was recently released from 15 years under house arrest and just elected to the country s Parliament. Ironically, Ms. Suu Kyi will grace us with her presence in San Francisco on Saturday, September 29 th . We expect that her arrival in town will increase interest and attendance at the AIM-WEST Film Festival. Another recent film to be screened and highly recommended is Crooked Arrows about the sport of La Crosse, the game of life, heart, and spirit of the Onondaga. This will be a first time screening on the west coast! Don t miss it! There will be vendors, food and refreshments, bring the family and kids! Tickets are $12 at the door, sliding scale, no one turned away! Donations accepted.

3rd Annual
International American Indian Movement Film Festival
Hosted by AIM West
Brava Theater, 2781 24 th Street
San Francisco, CA
Friday, October 12, 2012
11:30 a.m.
Opening Prayer Drumming
12:00 p.m.
Indian Summer in Geneva ( 52 min .) 1977
Producer: Volkmar Ziegler
12:52 p.m .:
Q& A and intro to next films
1:00 p.m.
Guatemala Vive (30 min.) 2012
by AIM West Productions
Director: Adrian Carrasco
1:30 p.m.
Q &A- Discussion
1:45 p.m.
My Adopted Daughter from Nicaragua (30 min.) 2012
Director: Morten Bruus
2:15 p.m.
Q & A- Discussion
2:30 p.m.
Behind the Blue Veil (Tuareg People) (9.5 min) 2012
Imazighen Lybia (8 min.) Documentary
2:50 p.m.
Q&A- Discussion
3:00 p.m.
The People and the Olive (Palestine) (60min.) 2012
Director: Aaron Dennis
4:00 p.m.
Q&A- Discussion
4:15 p.m.
Wild Horses & Renegades (79 min.) 2010
Director: James Anaquad Kleinert
5:35 p.m.
Q&A- Discussion
5:45 p.m.
Into the Current: Burma s Political Prisoners (76 min.) 2012
Director: Jeanne Hallacy
7:00 p.m
Aung San Suu Kyi-Lady of No Fear (64 min.) 2010
Director: Annie Gyrithe Bonne
8:05 p.m.
Q&A- Discussion of films on Burma
8:15 p.m.
The Game of Life, Heart and Spirit of the Onondaga ( 15 min.) 2012
Produced and Directed by Stu Lisson and Meg Lynch
8:30 p.m.
Crooked Arrows (105 min)
Drama-Feature Film
Director: Steve Rash
Films end @ 10:15

San Francisco: Retire Columbus Day

Retire Columbus Day

By United Native Americans
Censored News
INDIGENOUS DAY OF RESISTANCE INDIGENOUS RIGHTS RALLY & MARCH to Decolonize the World on the Truth of Christoper Columbus and his Insidious Hate Crimes he Committed Against the Indigenous Peoples of The Americas Known as Turtle Island. Our Peaceful March will begin from foot of Jefferson and Stockton Streets located near Fisherman\’s Wharf to Coit Tower Rally in Front of the Columbus Statue
Sunday, October 7th, 2012 From 10:00 am -1:00 pm Press Conference from Noon to 1:00pm at Coit Tower in Front of the Columbus Statue Fisherman\’s Wharf Foot of Jefferson and Stockton to Coit Tower, Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, CA https://maps.google.com/ maps?hl=en&safe=off&q=Fishe rmans+Wharf%2C+San+Francis co%2C+CA+to+Coit+Tower+Tel egraph+Hill&ie=UTF-8 We as United Native Americans, Founded in 1968 in the San Francisco Bay Area Call for an Educational Rally to Decolonize the World on Retiring the Nation\’s Oldest Italian Heritage Parade\’s Celebration of Christopher Columbus since 1869, which was San Francisco\’s First Columbus Day Celebration. Ending the 144 Year Celebration of Christopher Columbus so called “Discovery of America” and Ending 520 Year\’s of the Celebration of the Criminal Genocide inflicted upon the Indigenous People of the Americas. We as United Native Americans Refute the Doctrine of Discovery. We Demand that The United States Government Retire the Celebration of Christoper Columbus and We Demand that The United States Government Sign Into Law & Implement The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples History: 1876 California accepted a Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella Statue from Darius Ogden. The statue is displayed in the Rotunda of the State Capital. Valued at $30,000, it was crafted by Larkin G. Mead in Florence, Italy. 1892 President Harrison declared October 12, 1492 as the day America was discovered by Christopher Columbus. 1909 California declared October 12 a legal holiday, to be known as “Discovery Day.” 1911 Assemblyman Dismo M. De Negri of San Francisco changed the name of the holiday to “Columbus Day.” 1910 President Taft declared October 12 to be a legal U.S. holiday. United Native Americans Educational Rally Fisherman\’s Wharf Foot of Jefferson and Stockton to Coit Tower Telegraph Hill Blvd. San Francisco, CA https://maps.google.com/ maps?hl=en&safe=off&q=Fishe rmans+Wharf%2C+San+Francis co%2C+CA+to+Coit+Tower+Tel egraph+Hill&ie=UTF-8 Ending the 144 Year Celebration of Christopher Columbus and Ending 520 Years and Counting of Genocide inflicted on the Indigenous People of the Americas. INDIGENOUS DAY OF RESISTANCE We as United Native Americans, Founded in 1968 in the San Francisco Bay Area Call for anI Indigenous Day of Resistance is calling for an International Forum in Support of Ending the Celebration of Christoper Columbus. We Demand that The United States Government Retire the Celebration of Christoper Columbus and We Demand that The United States Government Sign Into Law & Implement The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Retiring the Nation\’s Oldest Italian Heritage Parade & Ending the Celebration of Columbus since1869 San Francisco\’s First Columbus Day Celebration is held, marking the first time in San Francisco and America that Italian-Americans gathered and held a parade to honor the accomplishments of Italians, as well as the first Italian-American, Christopher Columbus. 1876 California accepted a Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella Statue from Darius Ogden. The statue is displayed in the Rotunda of the State Capital. Valued at $30,000, it was crafted by Larkin G. Mead in Florence, Italy. 1892 President Harrison declared October 12, 1492 as the day America was discovered by Christopher Columbus. 1909 California declared October 12 a legal holiday, to be known as “Discovery Day.” 1911 Assemblyman Dismo M. De Negri of San Francisco changed the name of the holiday to “Columbus Day.” 1910 President Taft declared October 12 to be a legal U.S. holiday. 1915 The San Francisco Columbus Day Committee was organized by the Salesian Fathers of St. Peter and Paul\’s Church in the heart of North Beach. View Our Educational Videos UNA Co-Founder Dr. Jack Forbes argues that Native Americans discovered Europe before Europeans discovered America.” http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=1lKtIDm_v10&feature =share&list=PLC192C91C0E6A 0CBE Reconsider Columbus Day Presented by Nu Heightz Cinema rethink columbus day reconsider christopher columbus anti columbus day http://youtu.be/ 9DviNNxaJJk Dr. Lehman Brightman-International President of UNA On Christopher Columbus http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=L-3hFI4nKm4&feature =share&list=PLC192C91C0E6A 0CBE United Native Americans on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/ playlist?list=PLC192C91C0E6 A0CBE&feature=mh_lolz Friend Us On Facebook.com http://www.facebook.com/ groups/ unitednativeamericansinc Follow UNAINC on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/ unainc WE INVITE MEMBERS OF THE PRESS AND COMMUNITY TO JOIN US FOR OUR INDIGENOUS RIGHTS RALLY & FORUM All Dancers and Drum Groups Are Welcomed! For More Information Contact: United Native Americans,Inc. Quanah Parker Brightman qbrightman75@hotmail.com

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O\’odham in Mexico Protest Trump\’s Border Wall

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE Sat., March 25, 8:30 a.m. The O\’odham in Mexico, Traditional Authority, are beginning their rally against Trump\’s border wall in Sonora, Mexico. Meanwhile, on the U.S. side, there is breaking news, as supporters head down to the border protest. The US Border Patrol is stopping supporters on the Tohono O\’odham Nation, and issuing this warning right now. There are ACLU legal observers involved, and we will keep you updated on the legal issues as we receive those. We are in touch with the O\’odham in Mexico will keep you updated. O\’odham are watching to see what official position the elected Tohono O\’odham government in Sells, Arizona, will take, as the U.S. Border Patrol issues these warnings to those arriving on the US side, south of Sells, Arizona, known as San Miguel Gate. The threat letter below being issued by the US Border Patrol agents has the logo of the Tohono O\’odham Police Department at the top. It is clear that the US Border Patrol wants to stop the protest. The intimidation tactics, threats and abuse of the US Border Patrol continues on Tohono O\’odham Nation land. — Brenda, Censored News. Update at 9 a.m. Supporters have been stopped in the tribal capitol of Sells, Arizona, by a white officer with the Tohono O\’odham Police Department, and federal agents. They were told they would be arrested for trespass if they proceeded on tribal land without an O\’odham tribal member with them. Reporters have been halted. The following warning is being issued by U.S. Border Patrol agents to supporters arriving, on Tohono O\’odham Nation land, right now. .

O\’odham protest Border Wall at the Wo\’osan Gate (San Miguel Gate)

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News and Narco News
O odham in Mexico rally today, March 25, at the border to protest President Trump s plan to build a border wall that would separate their families and communities, interfere with ceremonies and threaten the lives of O odham who depend on medical services.
The Traditional O odham in Sonora, Mexico, welcome the public and media to join them for prayer, traditional songs and speakers, beginning at 7 a.m. on Saturday, March 25, 2017.
“Everyone is invited to support the O\’odham community in bringing awareness to the negative effects that the US President Donald Trump\’s physical barrier would have on the livelihood of O\’odham living on both sides of the border, the Consejo Supremo O odham in Mexico said.
The international border dissects the traditional homelands of O odham, who live on both sides of the US Mexico border.
President Trump s proposed border wall would deter O odham traditional ceremonies, separate families and threaten the lives of those who depend on emergency medical services.
Further, the border wall in Arizona would halt the natural flow of migration of wildlife, including jaguars and pronghorns.
Wo\’osan Gate, known as The Gate, is located south of Sells, Arizona. It is a US Mexico border crossing for O\’odham with tribal membership identification.
Protesta pacifica en la frontera
Protestamos en contra del muro
El sabado 25, de marzo del 2017
Lugar: garita wo\’osan (tambi n conocido como garita de san Miguel)
Evento todo el d a inicia a las 7:00 am
Todo el publico es bienvenido todo medio informativo es bienvenido
Invitaci n abierta a personas que hagan canto tradicional danzantes bandas musicales y todas las personas que desean hablar tendremos comida y todas sus donaciones son bienvenidas
El 24 de marzo del 2017
Habr lugar para acampar en la iglesia santa carmela en la comunidad wo\’osan en sonora M xico traigan sus tiendas de acampar ramadas sombrillas y sillas para su comodidad.
No sera tolerado el uso de alcohol ni de ninguna otra substancia toxica pandillerismo y ning n tipo de armas contaremos con el apoyo de autoridades estatales y federales.
Anfitri n el Consejo Supremo de la tribu Tohono O\’odham en Mexico.

NORWAY — Women of Standing Rock to Speak Out During Divestment Delegation

Indigenous Women of Standing Rock and Allies to Speak Out During Divestment Delegation to Norway

March 23, 2017

March 24, 2017
Media Contact:
General requests – Emily Arasim, +1(505) 920-0153, emily@wecaninternational.org
Urgent requests in Norway – Osprey Orielle Lake, +1(415) 722-2104, osprey@wecaninternational.org
Indigenous Women of Standing Rock and Allies to Speak Out
During Divestment Delegation to Norway, March 25th-April 2nd
SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, California (March 24th, 2017) A delegation of Indigenous women from Standing Rock and their allies who observed and/or experienced human rights and Indigenous rights violations in North Dakota, U.S. will travel to Norway to share on-the-ground experiences from Standing Rock and other traditional territories, as Indigenous women who are living in communities directly impacted by fossil fuel development and infrastructure.
Despite the termination of the Environmental Impact Statement for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) by the U.S. Trump administration, Indigenous women remain undeterred in their quest for justice and healing regarding the violations of Indigenous rights and human rights related to the on-going construction of DAPL and other fossil fuel projects.
From March 25th to April 2nd, 2017 the Indigenous Women s Divestment Delegation to Norway: Experiences from Standing Rock will engage with financial institutions and public officials, civil society groups and public forums, and press and media to share their experiences, concerns and calls for international solidarity and justice.
All of the Delegates have been engaged on the frontline of the Standing Rock resistance effort and other work to oppose extractive developments in their homelands and to protect the natural systems of life and Indigenous rights.
Delegates include Dr. Sarah Jumping Eagle (Oglala Lakota and Mdewakantonwan Dakota living and working on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation); Wast Win Young (Ihunktowanna/Hunkpapa of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Former Tribal Historic Preservation Officer); Tara Houska (Anishinaabe, tribal attorney, National Campaigns Director of Honor the Earth, and former advisor on Native American affairs to Bernie Sanders); Autumn Chacon (Din /Navajo writer and performance artist); and Michelle Cook ( Din / Navajo, human rights lawyer and a founding member of the of the Water Protector Legal Collective at Standing Rock) – with the support of Delegation organizer Osprey Orielle Lake (Executive Director of the Women s Earth and Climate Action Network, WECAN) and documentary filmmaker, Tanyette Colon. [ Full spokes-women biographies here ]
Details surrounding public and press events will be released soon. Members of the press are encouraged to reach out with questions and media requests for spokeswomen.
“In the 21st century, an investment in dated, entrenched, dirty fossil fuels is an investment against our children and our future. Indigenous peoples bear the brunt of the many harms associated with extractive industry, our communities are impacted first and worst. We must break the cycle of oil dependency and justly transition to a green economy.” explains Tara Houska, Anishinaabe, tribal attorney, National Campaigns Director of Honor the Earth, former advisor on Native American affairs to Bernie Sanders
The United States Army Corps of Engineers recently permitted the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would carry crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois, where it would hook up to other pipelines and refineries. The inevitable pipeline break on the river will result in catastrophic contamination of the water supply for 17 million people downstream, including our people. This sends a direct message that our people are expendable. Although there has been a brief respite in activity it has not stopped or deterred our people from maintaining a physical and spiritual presence on our ancestral lands. This movement has and always will be guided by prayer and love. W hekiye. Wo theh ila. Wo wau ila. Prayer. Love. Compassion. Mitakuye Oyasin. All My Relations. explains Wast Win Yellowlodge Young, Ihunktowanna/Hunkpapa, member the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
“Making indigenous human rights abuses visible is critical in ending human rights abuses against Indigenous peoples. Indigenous women deserve spaces where they can share their personal testimonies regarding the impacts of extractive industries on their lands, lives, bodies, and human rights. This delegation provides the rare opportunity, for Indigenous women to meet face to face with the international banks who fund the DAPL and oil and gas extraction in their traditional territories.” explains Michelle Cook, Din (Navajo) human rights lawyer and founding member of the Water Protector Legal Collective at Standing Rock
“The connections between who we are as Lakota Oyate – our health, our lands and water, our spirituality, our self-empowerment and self-esteem – are deeply rooted; the actions we take to protect our land and water, our future, and our children\’s water can only help us all. We all have the power – wowasake – within us to make a difference in this world.” explains Dr. Sara Jumping Eagle, Oglala Lakota and Mdewakantonwan Dakota living and working on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation
“In North Dakota when we attempt to sit down and have meetings with the bank, or the executives of the project affecting us, the doors will be locked before we even get to the building. The police will be called, we are threatened with arrest. What options are we then left with?” explains Autumn Chacon, artist, activist and Water Protector
Indigenous women are the foundation, backbone and future of their tribal nations and now more than ever, it is essential to listen to the struggles and solutions of frontline women. We stand in solidarity with the Indigenous women delegates from the Standing Rock resistance effort as they raise their voices in Norway throughout this week. Concerned members of the international community whose governments and corporations are complicit in the violation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples, human rights, and Earth rights must be made aware of the devastations being carried out in their names across the world. Together, with voices of Indigenous women at the forefront, we can restore the health of our communities, transition to clean energy, and build the just world we seek. explains Osprey Orielle Lake, Executive Director of the Women s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)
“While in Standing Rock bearing witness a few months ago and documenting Indigenous women, one interview that pierced my soul was that of a 13 year old from the Standing Rock Sioux. I asked her,” What would you tell Norway if you had the opportunity to speak to them?” She said, “Please know that my people have suffered and if you still continue to invest here I would say, “Have you no heart?” explains Tanyette Colon Activist and Documentarian
About The Women\’s Earth & Climate Action Network (WECAN) International
The Women s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN International) is a solutions-based, multi-faceted organization established to engage women worldwide as powerful stakeholders in climate change, climate justice, and sustainability solutions. WECAN International was founded in 2013 as a project of the 501(c)3 Women s Earth and Climate Caucus (WECC) organization.

Film Trailer \’AWAKE, A Dream from Standing Rock\’ Tribeca Film Festival


Watch trailer online at:
Watch trailer below:


World Premiere Screenings


VANCOUVER \’Stoking the Sacred Fire\’ Live Friday Night

Live from Vancouver BC Friday night.
Voices from the Sacred Fire: Indigenous Land Defenders Speak
With Freda Huson (Unist ot en) — Ladonna Brave Bull Alla rd (Standing Rock Sioux) — Richard Wright (Madii Lii) –Brandon Gabriel (Kwantlen) — Kachina Bige (Lutsel\’ke Den ) — Sakej Ward (Mi kmaw) — Kanahus Pelkey (Secwepemc)

Video Cheyenne River Chairman Update on Camps for Water Protectors


Cheyenne River Chairman Harold Frazier
Cheyenne River Chairman Harold Frazier shares how Cheyenne River opened up a camp at Eagle Butte, South Dakota, as a safe place for water protectors. The camp was created after water protectors were attacked, arrested and evicted at Standing Rock. Chairman Frazier describes how Cheyenne River also maintains a spiritual camp of water protectors along the Cannon Ball River, where ceremonies are being held. Chairman Frazier said it was created so people would not be a burden on anyone, and could continue their cultural ways. Water protector Eric Poemoceah, who conducts the interview, thanks Chairman Frazier for coming to the aid of water protectors. Eric was violently attacked on live video by militarized police when Oceti Sakowin Camp was demolished. Eric is now in a wheelchair following the attack when police.

SALT LAKE Long Walk 5 Photos by Bad Bear

Thank you to Carl \’Bad Bear\’ Sampson, Western Shoshone, for sharing his photos of Longest Walk 5. Walkers at the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake stood in solidarity with Standing Rock water protectors, urging divestment in Dakota Access Pipeline. Walkers marched to the Utah Capitol and offered prayers.
Photojournalist Bad Bear has shared his photos from the Longest Walk 2, 3 and 4, with Censored News, and is now crossing this land again. Thank you!

O\’Odham in Mexico Against the Border Wall Peaceful Event


Protesta pacifica en la frontera Protestamos en contra del muro El sabado 25, de marzo del 2017 Lugar: garita wo\’osan (tambi n conocido como garita de san Miguel) Evento todo el d a inicia a las 7:00 am Todo el publico es bienvenido todo medio informativo es bienvenido Invitaci n abierta a personas que hagan canto tradicional danzantes bandas musicales y todas las personas que desean hablar tendremos comida y todas sus donaciones son bienvenidas El 24 de marzo del 2017 Habr lugar para acampar en la iglesia santa carmela en la comunidad wo\’osan en sonora M xico traigan sus tiendas de acampar ramadas sombrillas y sillas para su comodidad. No sera tolerado el uso de alcohol ni de ninguna otra substancia toxica pandillerismo y ning n tipo de armas contaremos con el apoyo de autoridades estatales y federales. Anfitri n el Consejo Supremo de la tribu Tohono O\’odham en Mexico.

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Native American Forum on Nuclear Issues 2017


Western Shoshone, Timbisha Shoshone, Havasupai, Dine\’ and Paiute speak out on radioactive dumping in Native American communities By Ian Zabarte, Western Shoshone Secretary of the Native Community Action Council Censored News LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Native Americans are preparing to meet the renewed threat of the proposed Yucca Mountain High Level Nuclear Waste Repository by educating themselves about cancer risks by hosting the Native American Forum on Nuclear Issues 2017 (NAFNI 2016) at the UNLV Barrick Museum Auditorium. Joe Kennedy of the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe in Death Valley stated, Our effort is focused on cancer prevention by understanding exposure pathways then conducting risk mitigation in Native American communities. Since 1951 the US and UK have conducted nuclear testing within Western Shoshone homelands causing a wide variety of adverse health consequences know to be plausible from exposure to radiation in fallout. The proposed Yucca Mountain high level nuclear waste repository, if licensed, will add significant risk factors to the lives of the Shoshone and Paiute people. According to Ian Zabarte, Secretary of the Native Community Action Council, Yucca Mountain is within the Shoshone treaty boundary and therefore cannot meet the licensing requirement of ownership since the treaty is in full force and effect. T his is our primary contention at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Atomic Safety Licensing Board. . The NAFNI 201y will have presenters speaking about protecting the Grand Canyon including Professor Michael Lerma of Northern Arizona University, author of Indigenous Sovereignty in the 21st Century; Tribal Council Member, Carletta Tillousi, Havasupai Tribe; Klee Benally, Dine (Navajo); Leona Morgan, Dine No Nukes; Joe Kennedy of the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe; and the Native Community Action Council board members representing Shoshone and Paiute people.

Photo by Ian Zabarte 2016

Native Community Action Council P.O. Box 46301, Las Vegas, NV 89114 nativecommunityactioncouncil@gmail.com www.nativecommunityactioncouncil.org Native Community Action Council P.O. Box 46301 Las Vegas, Nevada 89114 A Native American Yucca Mountain Experience By Ian Zabarte By the year 2001, the Environmental Protection Agency set the radiation protection standards for Yucca Mountain without considering the comments of the Native Community Action Council challenging the Environmental Protection Agency standard for not being protective of Native Americans. The Environmental Protection Agency set the radiation protection standard based upon a individual living 11 miles from Yucca Mountain getting water from a well and farming, in what is known as, the reasonably maximally exposed individual. No consideration was given to the comments of potential impact to Native Americans and the Department of Energy adopted the Environmental Protection Agency standards denying any arguments that do not support licensing of Yucca Mountain. This amounts to environmental racism, a violation of President Bill Clinton s Executive Order 12898, Federal Action to Address Environmental Justice in Low Income and Minority Communities. As the Yucca Mountain licensing proceeding before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission loomed in 2008 the Native Community Action Council began preparing for the licensing and in December of 2008 intervened in the Atomic Safety Licensing Board Panel of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Two contentions of the NCAC deal with ownership of land and water rights. Specifically, the NCAC relied upon the same federal statute that created Nevada, as the foundation for the ownership interests that accrue to the Shoshone people. The 1861 Nevada Organic Act states: Provided, further, That nothing in this act contained shall be construed to impair the rights of person or property now pertaining to the Indians in said Territory, so long as such rights shall remain unextinguished by treaty between the United States and such Indians, or to include any territory which, by treaty with any Indian tribe, is not, without the consent of said tribe, to be included within the territorial limits or jurisdiction of any State or Territory. In December of 2014, the NRC Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards published long awaited Safety Evaluation Report Requirements NUREG-1949, Volume 4: The NRC staff finds that DOE has not met the requirements 10 CFR 63.121(a) and 10 CFR 63.121(d)(1) regarding ownership of land and water rights, respectively. The Native Community Action Council, representing the Shoshone and Paiute people intervened in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensing of Yucca Mountain. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission proceedings are regarded as the most complicated and lengthy legal proceeding ever contemplated in human history. The Native Community Action Council achieved party with standing in the proceedings before the Atomic Safety Licensing Board Panel without any financial support bringing three contentions–one contention related to the National Environmental Policy Act and two legal contentions related to ownership of land and water rights. The Native Community Action Council is the only non-federally funded party to the licensing proceedings, whereas the Department of Energy together with other parties including the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the State of Nevada and have spent approximately $15 billion. The Shoshone and Paiute peoples began questioning impact to the people and land from radioactive fallout released by the United States and United Kingdom testing of weapons of mass destruction. Between 1986 and 1990 the Shoshone and Paiute participated in the creation of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act of 1990 with former United States Secretary of the Interior Steward Udall and local Las Vegas lawyers Larry Johns to provide payment to downwinders–up to $50K, $75K for on-site participants; and uranium miners up to $100k for cancer illness for 15 primary cancers. Citizen Alert, then Nevada s only state-wide grassroots environmental organization, collaborated with the Shoshone and Paiute people to create the Nuclear Risk Management for Native Communities Project. Research conducted by the Native Community Action Council reviewed the Department of Energy Off-Site Radiation Exposure Review Profile and found that the Department of Energy did not replicate Native American lifestyle as they exist and instead substituted a sheep herder lifestyle for analysis. The Native Community Action Council research found significant increased exposure to Native Americans based on lifestyle differences that include: 1) diet–what Shoshone and Paiute people ate and how their food was prepared; 2) mobility where they went and what they did there; 3) shelter where they lived and what their houses were made from. Citizen Alert no longer exists but, today the Native Community Action Council proudly bears the banner, Nevada is Not a Wasteland to protect the people and land of the Great Basin. Twenty-five years ago, the Shoshone and Paiute people organized the first Healing Global Wounds event, the first Native American conference and pow-wow ever held at UNLV on the anniversary of 500 years since European discovery of North America. The Native Community Action Council is preparing to meet the continuing licensing of Yucca Mountain by hosting the 2017 Native American Forum on Nuclear Issues at the University of Nevada Las Vegas on Earth Day, April 22, 2017. The Las Vegas community is invited to participate. Further information can be found at: www.nativecommunityactioncouncil.org

Mohawk Nation News \’Trump\’s War Posture\’


Please post & distribute.
MNN. Mar. 23, 2017. US President Trump is posturing for a war with China over North Korea. In effect, he said, We owe China $1.7 trillion and we are not paying any of it. We have power over them and will force them to do our bidding in North Korea. They will do as they are told, or we will nuke them . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY9nX4WP0eI See Trump posture war with China.
When the Americans came to great turtle island they made a deal to have a relationship with our ancestors to live in perpetual peace forever, based on the guswentha, two row wampum. They set up a trust account for the onkwe hon:weh, which is now over $999 trillion. The corporation stole all our money and resources and reneged on that agreement. They murdered over100 million of us while doing this.
The US has reneged on every agreement they made with us. They owe us everything they ever made from ono ware:keh, great turtle island. They owe us more money than the world has. They want to continue with their warring and destruction of mother earth in the process.
The rest of the people of the world need to stand up against the big bully called the USA before they destroy all mother earth. Borders, governments, power, money are illusions. People are born into this man-made slavery of the mind system.

UK marshall law timed with Trump outburst.
The private corporation called USA got its existence through an illegal war on great turtle island and the genocide of 100 million to get our land mass as their base. It is not theirs, it is the land of the onkwe hon:weh, the natural people. What the American bankers did to us they are now doing to Palestine. They will continue following this business plan until they enslave everyone on earth, or until the world stands up against them.
As Black Sabbath describes perfectly in War Pigs : Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses. Evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerers of death s construction. In the fields the bodies burning, as the war machine keeps turning. Death and hatred to mankind poisoning their brainwashed minds . [War Pigs].
Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com for more news, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to mohawknationnews.com More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 or original Mohawk music visit https://soundcloud.com/thahoketoteh
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEU9GxPevcM Is Merkel the daughter of Hitler?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_FtfssfmqQ China, Iran ready for USA attack
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G9FJMuRGFQ China can hit u.s. in 30 minutes [from Nantucket!]

Indigenous Women\’s Divestment Delegation to Norway — Experiences from Standing Rock


Indigenous women leaders stand in peaceful direct action at Standing Rock

Dear Friends and Allies, With the beauty and strength of the Spring Season unfurling in the Northern Hemisphere, the Women\’s Earth and Climate Action Network is busy organizing and helping coordinate an unexpected, and very special delegation to Norway, in support of and solidarity with Indigenous women on the frontline of the ongoing Standing Rock, Dakota Access Pipeline resistance. We kindly request your support for the delegation and follow-up efforts. In the face of continued human and Indigenous rights abuses, and action by the Trump administration to push forward and terminate the Environmental Impact Statement for the Dakota Access Pipeline – Indigenous women remain undeterred in their quest for justice and healing regarding the violations occurring through the continued construction of DAPL and other fossil fuel developments threatening their homelands across the country. From March 25th to April 2nd, 2017, the \’Indigenous Women\’s Divestment Delegation to Norway: Experiences from Standing Rock\’ will travel to Norway to engage with financial institutions, public officials, civil society groups, press and media. They will participate in a variety of strategic platforms to share their experiences and calls to action, with a focus on continued forward motion in advocacy for full fossil fuel divestment and investment in a clean energy future that respects the web of life. Several of the world\’s largest financial institutions supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline and other dangerous fossil fuel developments are based in Norway. All of the Delegates have been deeply engaged in the Standing Rock resistance effort and other movements to stop fossil fuel infrastructure developments and threats to Indigenous rights, sovereignty, lands and lifeways. Please click here to contribute to this important Delegation! “Making Indigenous human rights abuses visible is critical to ending human rights abuses against Indigenous peoples. Indigenous women deserve spaces where they can share their personal testimonies regarding the impacts of extractive industries on their lands, lives, bodies, and human rights. This delegation provides that rare opportunity, for Indigenous women to address issues critical to our life-ways and survival.” – Michelle Cook, Din /Navajo human rights lawyer and founding member of the Water Protector Legal Collective at Standing Rock .

Several delegation members (left to right): Dr. Sarah Jumping Eagle, Tara Houska and Michelle Cook Delegates include Dr. Sarah Jumping Eagle (Oglala Lakota and Mdewakantonwan Dakota living and working on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation); Wast Win Young (Ihunktowanna/Hunkpapa of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Former Tribal Historic Preservation Officer); Tara Houska (Anishinaabe, tribal attorney, National Campaigns Director of Honor the Earth, former advisor on Native American affairs to Bernie Sanders); Autumn Chacon (Din /Navajo writer and performance artist); and Michelle Cook (Din /Navajo, human rights lawyer and founding member of the Water Protector Legal Collective at Standing Rock) – with the support of Delegate organizer Osprey Orielle Lake (Executive Director of the Women\’s Earth and Climate Action Network, WECAN) and Tanyette Colon (documentary filmmaker). Thank you for considering making a donation today! http://wecaninternational.org/donate For the Earth and All Generations, Osprey Orielle Lake Co-Founder and Executive Director Women\’s Earth and Climate Action Network

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