Dumb Palestinian “leaders” caught in skanky feme “Honeytrap” – or what happens if one fornicates with brazen skanky prostitutes who become politicians

“It is not wise to shtup with a zaftig but manly in face korveh, ay yi, she will film you. What a brokh !!!”

This is what is known as a “Honeytrap”

Though looking at her face I wouldn’t say there was anything “honey” like about this one.
She has a sort of non-symmetrical and hardened “too much prenatal testosterone in mommy’s womb” face that just screams cold calculating prostitute/lawyer/political/psychopath material

These guys are ruined.

It wouldn’t make anything better, but these two idiots could at least say “Yes We f—ed a prostitute, and what kind of country lets their affairs be run by scheming treacherous prostitutes?”



“..Lebanese newspaper Al Diyyar broke the story earlier this week that the Knesset Beauty had publicly stated that she and the chief Rabbi of Israel had decided that “It was ok for her to sleep and have sex with strangers, as long as it benefits Israel”.

According to Al Diyyar, Livni said :“The room where I had sex with Palestinian figures as Saeb Erekat and Yasser Abed Rabbo was equipped with cameras…”

Oy vei !

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