Quotes by Famous Jews

Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Their material abundance derives from supernal refuse. Indeed, they themselves derive from refuse, which is why they are more numerous than the Jews. — Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chabad-Lubavitch

Quotes by famous Jews

We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own. — Maurice Samuel

‘S Arabia signs deal with Israeli army to buy weapons for militants fighting Syria govt.’

Saudi Arabia reportedly reaches a deal with Israeli army to buy Israeli weapons for militants fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Israeli Radio reported that Saudi Arabia signed a 50-million-dollar deal with Israeli army to supply the foreign-backed militants with old Israeli military equipment and arms.

The reports added that the weapons include different kinds of anti-tank missiles, military vehicles, artillery equipment, and night vision devices.

Other sources have quoted Takfiri sources as saying that the Israeli weapons will be used to maintain control over Aleppo and its surrounding areas in northern Syria.

The report came as The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported last month that Saudi Arabia has provided the Takfiri militants with Russian-made Konkurs anti-tank missiles.

It quoted militant sources as saying that they had received the first batch of the heavy weaponry from Saudi Arabia in northern city of Aleppo.

On June 14, US President Barack Obama ordered his administration to provide the militants with weapons, claiming that the Syrian government had used “chemical weapons” against the militants and thus crossed Washington’s “red line.” Damascus has rejected the allegation as “lies.”

Israeli President Shimon Peres voiced support for Washington’s arming of the Takfiri militants in Syria. Takfiris accuse most Islamic sects of being infidels.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned other states against providing weapons to the militants in Syria, saying that the arms could end up in Europe one day.

The Syrian government says the West and its regional allies – especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey – are supporting the militants.

Syria has been gripped by deadly unrest since 2011. According to the United Nations, more than 100,000 people have been killed and millions of others displaced in the violence.


The Ugly, Torturous & Hypocritical US Government

U.S. Assures Russia Snowden Will Not Face Death Penalty

 Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said in a letter sent to the Russian minister of justice this week that the United States would not seek the death penalty against Edward J. Snowden

The letter also offered reassurances that the United States would not torture Mr. Snowden


What does this letter from Eric Holder say to the reader and the entire world about the US?
As a nation? As an ideal?  As a self proclaimed bringer of democracy?
A beacon of human rights the world over?
Having a ‘Responsibility to Protect”?  (R2P)

What this letter says, loudly and clearly, that all those concepts are false.
They are lies. They are propaganda talking points.
While reading this piece from NYT’s I thought how very, very IRONIC.
But will most of the usual readers from NYT’s realize this?
Doesn’t the US castigate other nations for allegedly resorting to  torture?
Yes, the US does.
But torture was OK with Obama when it came to Libyan leader Gaddafi

In fact, for Obama,  the torturous death of Gadaffi should serve as a warning to others……
Indeed the US loves torture when it serves their purpose

And doesn’t Assad have to go  because his regime ‘tortures’. Much of it on behalf of the US when they tried to toady up to the US in the past. But now that all the knives are out for Assad and Syria is to be destroyed, well torture is bad in the opinion of the US.Obama says Assad using ‘torture, corruption and terror’
Except when done to Gaddaffi, by the NATO Islamist army, then it is a ‘warning to others”

The US tortures and likes torture when it is undertaken to advance their agenda. Other then that it is bad.
And the US wields the death penalty like the Grim Reaper wields a sickle.

“We believe these assurances eliminate these asserted grounds for Mr. Snowden’s claim that he should be treated as a refugee or granted asylum, temporary or otherwise,” Mr. Holder said in the letter, which was sent to Justice Minister Aleksandr V. Konovalov.

Yes, that’s right. The letter is written to alleged human rights abuser par excellence, according to the US, that is. The letter is written To Russia’s Justice Minister.

 Unbelievable hubris

The US is a country that kills on a massive scale, from it’s inception to it’s present day
And it tortures.
If the US does not torture individuals itself, in it’s extensive prison system, foreign and domestic.  It ‘encourages’   many other nations to do the dirty deeds on their behalf.
This disconnect between reality and illusion results in delusion.

A copy of the letter was provided to The New York Times on Friday by a Justice Department official, in response to questions about communications between the United States and Russian governments about Mr. Snowden’s fate.

The charges Mr. Snowden faces in the United States do not carry the death penalty, the letter said, adding that the United States would not seek the death penalty “even if Mr. Snowden were charged with additional death penalty-eligible crimes.

What does that quoted section really mean?
““even if Mr. Snowden were charged with additional death penalty-eligible crimes”
Being charged means nothing. It is being convicted that counts So is the US implying they would resort to some sort of kangaroo court to deal with Snowden?

Perhaps, Snowden can be tried in the Court of King Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner..

Zio Steamroller: 26 Who Got Crushed!

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Jewish control over our governments and the media is indeed supreme, and it does makes one wonder what ever happens to those who openly either criticize or oppose this control…

For this article, I want to present the following very important piece that comes from the “Tomato Bubble website, at www.tomatobubble.com.   It is entitled: “The Zio Steamroller: 26 Who Got Crushed!”, and contains some important information about 26 people in just the last 40 years who had the guts to stand up against Jewish tyranny, and how the Jews went out of their way to destroy them!   Here is that article, and I do have some of my usual thoughts and comments to follow:


“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
– Voltaire, French Philosopher.

Long time, unbeatable, US Senator (D-AR, 30 years)
Stated, on a national televised news show (ABC’s Face The Nation):

“Israel controls the U.S. Senate. The Senate is subservient, much too much; we should be more concerned about U.S. interests rather than doing the bidding of Israel. The great majority of the Senate of the U.S. – somewhere around 80% – is completely in support of Israel; anything Israel wants; Israel gets…”

The Jewish Lobby organized against him and he was unseated in 1974

A Washington GIANT was suddenly taken down!

Long time Congressman, unbeatable, (R-IL, 22 years)
Outspoken critic of Isarel and the Jewish lobby (AIPAC)
Wrote the best selling book “They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby” (1985) in which he states that the AIPAC has vast influence over the United States Congress.
Supporter of the rights of Palestinians
Supported the efforts of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to improve the image of Muslims in America

The Jewish Lobby – which referred to Findley as “a dangerous enemy of Israel” – organized against him and unseated him in 1982

Findley dared to speak out – and he soon lost his seat for it!


Long time US Senator (R-IL, 18 years)
Tried (but failed) to save Karl Linas, an anti-Communist Estonian-American (who fought in the German SS) from being deported to face death in the Soviet Union

The Jewish Lobby organized against him and he was unseated that same year (1984)

Percy-cuted! Another Washington bigshot is steamrolled.

Despite Percy’s efforts, old man Linas was sent to die in the USSR.

Ran for US Senate, Governor, and President (R-LA)
Outspoken critic of Globalism and Zionist control of America
Once belonged to Ku Klux Klan (as did many southern politicians who were later “forgiven”)

Subjected to intense, and sustained, media attacks
Lost very winnable bids for US Senate (1990) and Governor of Louisiana (1991) because the entire Republican Party endorsed (and even campaigned for) his liberal Democrat opponents!

2006 CNN interview with Zionist Wolf Blitzer: The lighting around Duke was purposely darkened.

Soon after House Speaker Newt Gingrich named her as “House Historian”, it was revealed that she had once criticized the contents of an educational project as follows:

“The program gives no evidence of balance or objectivity. The
Nazi point of view, however unpopular, is still a point of view
and is not presented.”

Upon being crucified in the media, House Speaker Gingrich IMMEDIATELY fired her!
The 20 year old comments resurfaced when she ran for Congress in 2010
Lost her support as the GOP ran away from her

Professor Jeffrey: denounced as a “Nazi”, outcast from the GOP

Journalist / Presidential candidate 1992 & 1996
Very critical of Israel’s control over US foreign policy
Described the Congress as “Israeli occupied territory”, and wrote of the first Gulf War (1990):

“There are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in The Middle East – the Israeli Defense Ministry and its amen corner in the United States.”
“Expressed doubts over certain “Holocaust” claims

After strong starts in the GOP Primaries, both of his Presidential runs (92 & 96) were stopped by intense media attacks and smears of “Anti-Semitism”
Numerous newspapers cancelled his nationally syndicated column

Lovely and “objective” magazine cover!

The arch-villain!

Owner of Cincinnati Reds Baseball Team

Kept a “Nazi” armband that a German soldier had given to her late husband during World War II
In an interview with ESPN, said this about Adolf Hitler:

“Everything you read, when he (Hitler) came in [to power] he was good…They built tremendous highways and got all the factories going…Everybody knows he was good at the beginning but he just went too far.”

Massive condemnation in both sports and news media
Suspended from baseball
Eventually pressured into selling her team in 1999

The lovable old lady was vilified by the press!

GIANT of the Hollywood screen
(groveled and was forgiven)

In an interview with Larry King, stated:

“Hollywood is run by Jews; it is owned by Jews, and they should have a greater sensitivity about the issue of—of people who are suffering. Because they’ve exploited—we have seen the—we have seen the Nigger and Greaseball, we’ve seen the Chink, we’ve seen the slit-eyed dangerous Jap, we’ve seen everything but we never saw the Kike. Because they knew perfectly well, that that is where you draw the wagons around.”

Swift condemnation by Jewish groups, followed by Brando’s TEARFUL apology, made partially IN YIDDISH!

Days after speaking his mind about Jewish Hollywood, Brando CRIED his way out of trouble!

As part of his apology tour, Brando would later KISS Larry King (who is Jewish) ON THE LIPS!

The Zio-Mafia made ‘The Godfather” an offer he couldn’t refuse – repent, or be cast out of Hollywood paradise!

‘Act like a man!” What would Don Vito Corleone have said about Brando’s pathetic groveling?

British Author/Historian – once universally respected

Began to openly question the facts of “The Holocaust” – finally denying the existence of gas chambers altogether

Banishment from the academic community
Arrested for “Holocaust Denial” in Austria (2005-2006)

*Irving has since tried to weasel his way back into the academic establishment by “modifying” his views – but to no avail.

Arrested for thought crimes!

Austrian political leader (Freedom Party)
Praised Hitler’s economic recovery policies
Defended SS veterans as honorable men
Rose to a prominent position in Austria’s coalition government (2000)

Austria drew international condemnation
Heads of 14 EU nations ceased cooperation with Austria
Jaider forced to reduce his role in the government
Killed in a mysterious “car crash” in 2008

The haters of Haider came down hard on the charismatic Austrian.

Strange car crash appears to have been a Mossad operation.
College Football Star (won 1993 Heisman Trophy)
NBA Basketball star (NY Knicks)
(groveled and was forgiven)
It was leaked that Ward had once stated during a PRIVATE Bible study group:

“Jews are stubborn…tell me, why did they persecute Jesus unless he knew something they didn’t want to accept…They had his blood on their hands.”

Attacked by Jewish media
Sternly reprimanded by the Knicks management and the NBA
Forced to apologize

* After a groveling apology in which Ward stated, “I have friends that are Jewish”, he was forgiven.

Hounded by the media and the NBA, Ward was forced to apologize.

Served 17 years, unbeatable, (D-OH)
Openly critical of Israel’s policies and the Jewish Lobby
Tried to prevent Ukranian-American and former SS volunteer John Demjanjuk from being deported to face death in Israel

*Demjanjuk was sentenced to death, but the verdict was then overturned by another Israeli court. Under heavy Jewish pressure, the US again deported the 90 year old former auto worker to Germany (2009). He was falsly convicted and died before sentencing.

Investigated and convicted of trumped charges relating to misuse of campaign money
Served 7 years in Federal Prison

John Demjanjuk. The old man was taken from his Ohio family and hounded to death!

The fearless Congressman still maintains his innocence and blames Zionists for his persecution.

(Russian literary icon & anti-Stalin dissident/ won Nobel Prize in Literature)

His final work “200 Years Together” (a history of Russian-Jewish relations) noted that many of the “revolutionary cutthroats” in the Communist ranks were Jewish

“200 Years Together” was denounced as having “anti-semitic” overtones
Book was blacklisted in the US & UK – the only Solzhenitsyn book never to be translated into English!

His books were always translated and well publicized – until he wrote “200 Years Together”

Superstar mega-Preacher
(groveled and was forgiven)
THE CRIME: Released tape recordings of a — year old conversation between President Nixon and Rev. Graham revealed the following exchange:
Graham: “This (Jewish) stranglehold on the media has got to be broken or the country’s going down the drain.”
.Nixon: “You believe that?”
.Graham: “Yes, sir.”
Nixon: “Oh, boy. So do I. I can’t ever say that but I believe it.”
.Later in the conversation…
.Graham: “They (Jews) swarm around me and are friendly to me, but they don’t know how I really feel about what they’re doing to this country.”

Graham IMMEDIATELY apologized and repudiated his own words. He was forgiven.

Graham (l) and Nixon (r) said in private what they dare not say in public!

2004 & 2006: MEL GIBSON


His father, Hutton Gibson, is an outspoken “Holocaust Denier”
Produced ‘Passion of the Christ’ (2004) depicting Jewish High Priests conspiring to kill Jesus
In a drunken tirade (2006), yelled at a Jewish police officer:

“F**king Jews…the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world!”

Outcast / Blacklisted from Hollywood
Humilating tape recordings of his domestic disputes were widely publicized

“Braveheart” groveled like a chicken when the Zio steamroller crushed him.

Actor/Rising Hollywood Star – “The Count of Monte Cristo”, “Angel Eyes”, “Passion of the Christ”
Accepted the role of Jesus in Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion of the Christ’ – in despite of Gibson’s friendly advance warning: (Gibson: “You’ll never work in this town again.”)
Is a devout and outspoken Catholic

Relegated to “B” TV actor status – has not had a major Hollywood film role since 2004

Jim Caviezel’s (shown as Jesus Christ) association with Mel Gibson (left) damaged his career.

Even Caviezel’s striking good looks can’t land him any more Hollywood leading roles.

(immediately groveled and was forgiven)

Wore a “Nazi” arm band to a costume party

Swift international condemnation – quickly followed by a royal apology
Was ordered by his father (Prince Charles) to visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp! (Harry did not comply, but he did visit the Holocaust Museum in Berlin in 2010)

Prince “Harry the Nazi” was slammed hard in the British press.

and the US press attacked Harry too.

“The King of Pop”
According to his ex-wife (Lisa Marie Presley), and his nanny (Adrian McManus) Jackson had unusual obsession with Adolf Hitler, modeling his armband after Hitler’s
Described Hitler as a “genius orator and showman”
Made anti-jewish remarks which were caught on audiotape:

“They suck – they’re like leeches. I’m so tired of it. They start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, big house, cars, and everything, end up with, penniless. It is conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose.

1996 Hit song “They Don’t Really Care About Us” includes the lyric: “Jew me. Sue me. Kick me. Kike me.”

FALSE accusations of child molestation were widely publicized by the media

* “The trial that was relayed to us didn’t even resemble the trial that was going on inside the courtroom”. – Charles Thomson, The Huffington Post, “One of the Most Shameful Episodes In Journalistic History”, (2010)

** “Out here…Michael Jackson is being literally crucified…I think if you did a pulse poll, of people listening to these local talk shows, they would say 95% that Michael Jackson did all this…because it’s based on the coverage.” – Matt Drudge (The Drudge Report)
Apparently murdered by a deliberate drug overdose

Jackson often wore armbands, jackets and medals, just like his secret idol!

Jackson admired Hitler’s showmanship and, apparently shared his anti-semitism.

(served 6 terms, previously unbeatable,D-GA)
Was openly sympathetic to the cause of the oppressed Palestinians
Her father publicly stated that “Jews have bought everybody. Jews. J-e-w-s.”

2002: The Jewish Lobby organized against her and backed a Democrat Primary challenger who unseated her. (Denise Majette)

2006: After winning her seat back in 2004, the Jewish Lobby went after her again in 2006, backing Hank Johnson in the Democrat Primary. McKinney lost.

Cynthia was taken down TWICE!

Why did Zio-Neo Con FOX News suddenly obsess over a little known Georgia Congresswoman?

(groveled and was forgiven)


Told an interviewer that “Jews dominate the media” and that the US Israel Lobby “has fucked up U.S. foreign policy for years.”

Swift condemnation, followed by an apology and a denial of what he himself actually said:

“I made a clumsy association about the Holocaust, for which I am sorry and I regret. Jews obviously do not control media or any other industry.”

Stone was about to be stoned to death! But his groveling saved him.

CNN News Anchorman

Sarcastically told a radio interviewer that there are many Jews who run the media:

“And a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart (Jewish comic John Stewart). And to imply that somehow they — the people in this country who are Jewish — are an oppressed minority? Yeah.”

IMMEDIATELY fired from CNN, stabbed in the back by colleauges, and since blacklisted from the major newsmedia

The rising news media star is now a nobody.

Legendary reporter who covered White House press conferences since 1958!
In the latter part of her career, became very aggressive when questioning Presidents Bush & Obama about America’s Middle East policies
When asked about Israel by a sneaky Rabbi with a video recorder, replied:

“Tell them (Israel) to get the hell out of Palestine…….Remember, these people are occupied and it’s their land.”

Immediately fired by Hearst Publications
Her scheduled commencement speech at Walt Whitman High School in Maryland was canceled by the school
Backstabbed and shunned by longtime colleagues

Before the Zionists made her a total outcast, Helen Thomas was a journalistic legend.

One of Hollywood’s biggest stars
Angered Jewish groups when he seemed to mock the jewishness of his producer Chuck Lore, telling a radio host: “Chuck Lore, his real name is Chaim Levine (with repeated emphasis on ‘Levine’)
Upon being fired, Sheen then doubled down, referring to Lore/Levine as:

“a contaminated little maggot…I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels.”

Immediately fired from his hit TV show “Two and a Half Men” (in spite of the show’s massive success which was due solely to him!)
Relegated to “has-been” status and doing freak shows

Sheen was dumped for pointing out the Jewish name of his producer.

Sheen hated Chuck Lore/ Chaim Levine (right) with a passion

*NTS Note: What is amazing as well about Charlie Sheen (real name is Carlos Estevez) is that he himself  is a Marrano Jew.  This shows how these criminals will indeed “eat their own” if necessary!

(Lead Fashion Designer for Christian Dior)
While arguing with a Jewish couple in Paris, he made Anti-Semitic remarks and stated “I Love Hitler.”

Drew swift international condemnation, was IMMEDIATELY fired by Christian Dior, and then charged with “hate speech”

“I love Hitler!” screamed Galliano, and off to jail he went!

(Presidential candidate, 1988 (L), 2008, 2010, R-TX)

Openly critical of the influence of the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) and Jewish “neo-cons”
Oppossed all “Foreign Aid – including to Israel
Called for abolition of The Federal Reserve (which happens to be controlled by Zionist banking interests)

In spite of massive fund raising and legions of enthusiastic devotees, the Zionist dominated media buried Dr. Paul’s recent Presidential campaigns with a blanket of silence. When Paul became to big to ignore, he was attacked and portrayed as a “kook”
Ignored and outcast by his own Party

During the debates, Paul was given a fraction of the speaking time as the other candidates were.

Silenced by the Zio media at first, then openly mocked.

(8 term Congressman, previously unbeatable, D-OH)

Openly critical of the influence of the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) and Jewish “neo-cons”
Sympathetic towards the plight of the Palestinians:

“… like many Israelis and Palestinians, I have concerns …..one of those concerns relates to the ongoing lack of resolution on the dispossession of Palestinian property and the dislocation of Palestinians after (Israeli) Independence. It must be remembered that about 700,000 Palestinians became exiled. Much Arab property was appropriated. And about 500 Arab villages were destroyed. (House Floor Speech, 2010)

His District was redrawn (gerrymandered), pitting him against another sitting Democrat Congresswoman (Zio-whore Marcy Kaptur)
Jewish lobby organized against him and he was unseated

Under AIPAC pressure, his own Party leaders sold him out.


1988 / 2003: ERNST ZUNDEL:

Holocaust researcher, deported and imprisoned twice http://www.ihr.org/news/030923Zundel.shtml


America’s foremost expert on gas chamber technology – performed chemical analysis on Auschwitz “gas chambers”- results were NEGATIVE – professionally persecuted http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v12/v12p421_Weber.html


Los Angeles school teacher – caught railing against Zionist Jewish bankers on video – fired from her job http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/19/patricia-mcallister-fired_n_1020252.html



NTS Notes:  This is so sad and yet is so telling…. The truth is that anyone today that has the courage to step up to the plate and tell the truth about the sickness of Israel and about Jewish criminality is either ruined and/or purposely destroyed.

Please take this information and let everyone see for themselves what happens when people stand up for the truth and try to expose the Jewish crimes against humanity…

More to come

Ishrat Probe Officer: Elements in Indian Govt behind Parliament and Mumbai attacks, 26/11

It is common knowledge in alternative news circles that much of Pakistan’s media is bought and paid for by the CIA. Its job is to conduct a psychological war against Pakistanis that will lead to sectarian strife and lack of support for Pakistani’s only line of defense, i.e. the Army and ISI.

Indian activist Arundhati Roy puts forward 13 questions on the parliament attack of Dec 13

http://wp.me/p1cZly-tQ showing it was a Made in India RSS/Mossad elements job false blamed on Pakistan.

Subject: Ishrat Probe Officer: Elements in Indian Govt behind Parliament and Mumbai attacks, 26/11

Unraveled: Like the 9/11 inside job, this is another example of false flag operations conducted for political purposes and blamed on muslims or muslim majority countries…..see also “Indian Home Minister Shinde confesses ‘Samjhota, Makkah Masjid, Malegon Blasts were carried out by BJP and RSS” further down. And also see Secretary General of Lok Janshakti Party lokjanshaktiparty@gmail.com article on falsely blaming muslims for bombings perpetrated by RSS to frame muslims, after this.

India: Govt behind Parliament attack, 26/11: Ishrat probe officer



Govt. behind Parliament attack, 26/11: Ishrat probe officer

TNN Jul 14, 2013, 12.30AM IST

NEW DELHI: In what is certain to escalate the already vicious fight between the CBI and the IB over the Ishrat Jahan “fake encounter case”, a former home ministry officer has alleged that a member of the CBI-SIT team had accused incumbent governments of “orchestrating” the terror attack on Parliament and the 26/11 carnage in Mumbai.

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/photo/21064279.cmsR V S Mani, who as home ministry under-secretary signed the affidavits submitted in court in the alleged encounter case, has said that Satish Verma, until recently a part of the CBI-SIT probe team, told him that both the terror attacks were set up “with the objective of strengthening the counter-terror legislation (sic)”.

Mani has said that Verma “…narrated that the 13.12. 2001(attack on Parliament) was followed by Pota (Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act) and 26/11 2008 (terrorists’ siege of Mumbai) was followed by amendment to the UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act).”

The official has alleged Verma levelled the damaging charge while debunking IB’s inputs labelling the three killed with Ishrat in the June 2004 encounter as Lashkar terrorists.

Contacted by TOI, Verma refused to comment. “I don’t know what the complaint is, made when and to whom. Nor am I interested in knowing. I cannot speak to the media on such matters. Ask the CBI,” said the Gujarat cadre IPS officer who after being relieved from the SIT is working as principal of the Junagadh Police Training College.

Mani, currently posted as deputy land and development officer in the urban development ministry, has written to his seniors that he retorted to Verma’s comments telling the IPS officer that he was articulating the views of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

According to him, the charge was levelled by Verma in Gandhinagar on June 22 while questioning Mani about the two home ministry affidavits in the alleged encounter case.

In his letter to the joint secretary in the urban development ministry, Mani has accused Verma of “coercing” him into signing a statement that is at odds with facts as he knew them. He said Verma wanted him to sign a statement saying that the home ministry’s first affidavit in the Ishrat case was drafted by two IB officers. “Knowing fully well that this would tantamount to falsely indicting of (sic) my seniors at the extant time, I declined to sign any statement.”

Giving the context in which Verma allegedly levelled the serious charge against the government, Mani said the IPS officer, while questioning him, had raised doubts about the genuineness of IB’s counter-terror intelligence. He disputed the veracity of the input on the antecedents of the three killed in June 2004 on the outskirts of Ahmedabad with Ishrat in the alleged encounter which has since become a polarizing issue while fuelling Congress’s fight with Gujarat CM Narendra Modi.

Gujarat Police has justified the encounter citing the IB report that Pakistani nationals Zeeshan Zohar, Amzad Ali Rana and Javed Sheikh were part of a Lashkar module which had reached Gujarat to target Modi and carry out terrorist attacks.

In its first affidavit, filed in August 2009, the home ministry had cited IB inputs that those killed with Ishrat in the alleged encounter were part of a Lashkar sleeper cell, and had objected to a CBI probe into the “encounter”.

In its second affidavit, filed in September 2009, the home ministry, irked by the Gujarat government treating the first affidavit as justification of the encounter, said the IB input did not constitute conclusive proof of the terrorist antecedents of those killed. It supported the demand for a CBI probe.

Mani said Verma doubted the input saying MHA’s first affidavit was actually drafted by IB officer Rajinder Kumar, who looked after IB’s operations in Gujarat at the time of Ishrat “encounter” and now runs the serious risk of being chargesheeted by the CBI for hatching the conspiracy behind the alleged extra-judicial killings.

Mani said Verma stuck to his guns even after being told that the home ministry did not need outside help. The former home ministry official said Verma insisted that the “input” was prepared after the encounter.

http://www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/photo/21062155.cmsIndian Home Minister Shinde confesses ‘Samjhota, Makkah Masjid, Malegon Blasts were carried out by BJP and RSS, not by “muslims”


This is why Mr. Heman Karkare was murdered as he had arrested several high ranking members in the Gov/Army.

9/11 was also an inside job, like so many others.

Cover ups funded by massive amounts of money created from nothing hide the truth.


Subject: Hindu ‘Saffron’ Terror Camps Breeding Terrorists – Indian Home Minister Shinde confesses ‘Samjhota, Makkah Masjid, Malegon Blasts were carried out by BJP and RSS, not by “muslims”

1.   News for ‘Samjhota, Makkah Masjid, Malegaon … 

2.   RSS, BJP camps promoting Hindu terror: Sushilkumar Shinde – The


2 days ago – training camps to spread terrorism… Bombs were planted in Samjhauta express, Mecca Masjid and also a blast was carried out in Malegaon.

1.    RSS, BJP behind Samjhauta, Mecca Masjid and Malegaon Blasts: Shinde

The Week ‎- 1 day ago

RSS, BJP behind Samjhauta, Mecca Masjid and Malegaon Blasts: in Samjhauta express, Mecca Masjid and also a blast was carried out in

3.   RSS, BJP behind Samjhauta, Mecca Masjid and Malegaon Blasts



2 days ago – RSS, BJP behind Samjhauta, Mecca Masjid and Malegaon Blasts: in Samjhauta express, Mecca Masjid and also a blast was carried out in

4.   BJP, RSS promoting Hindu terrorism | The Nation


1 day ago – JAIPUR – Exposing the nexus between Bhartia Janta Party (BJP) and Samjhauta, Makkah Masjid and Malegaon blasts were carried out by the,

‘Samjhota, Makkah Masjid, Malegon Blasts were carried out by BJP and RSS; blamed on Muslims’

Indian Home Minister

Sushil Kumar Shinde, India’s Home Minister

In a ground-breaking confession, India’s home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has exposed the nexus between BJP and the RSS for breeding ‘Hindu terrorism’, a charge which has raged a storm from hard line Hindus on Indian mainstream and social media.

Speaking during Congress’s Chintar Shivir at Jaipur, Shinde said:“We have reports that RSS, BJP camps are promoting Hindu terror in the country.”

He alleged that RSS was behind Samjhauta, Mecca Masjid and Malegaon blasts.

“Reports have come during investigation that BJP and RSS conduct terror training camps to spread terrorism; Bombs were planted in Samjhauta express, Mecca Masjid and also a blast was carried out in Malegaon.”

Considering this a serious security threat, Shinde further said, “We will have to think about it seriously and will have to remain alert,”

Remaining steadfast on his stance Shinde defended his allegation by saying, “This has come so many times in the papers… It is not a new thing that I have said today.”

Relating this to notorious ‘Saffron Terror’ often related to fundamental Hindu Right Wing groups which have previously been alleged for terrorism he said,

“This is saffron terrorism that I have talked about. It is the same thing and nothing new. It has come in the media several times,” the home minister said.

The Home Minister of India, P. Chidambaram urged Indians to beware of “Saffron terror” on August 25, 2010 at a meeting of state police chiefs in New Delhi, first time the word was officially used.

Charging Congress with having a “destructive mindset which was reflected in the home minister’s statement”, BJP said it was “very objectionable”. “It is not only unacceptable but dangerous also,” party spokesman Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said.

“There cannot be anything worse that the country’s home minister giving such an objectionable statement to disrupt peace and harmony of the country,” Naqvi told reporters in Delhi.

Terming RSS as a “nationalist organisation”, the BJP leader said, “Sonia Gandhi should apologise. Rahul Gandhi and home minister should also apologise, otherwise there will be serious consequences. This is not accepted. Such baseless things when said by home minister amounts to giving clean chit to real terrorists.”

“Sometimes I feel that Congress has become a group of cowards (kayaron ki jamaat). I am terming Congress as a group of cowards because repeated terror strikes are happening in the country, terrorists are mushrooming here.

“They abolished the tool to fight terrorism,” he said in an apparent reference to scrapping of POTA.

Attacking the home minister, RSS spokesman Ram Madhav described his statement as “highly irresponsible” and said he had made the remarks only to please his party bosses.

“If a Congress leader had said something like this it wouldn’t have mattered that much, but if the home minister of the country is saying something like this, it is highly irresponsible. This is all about playing votebank politics,” he said. : Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Sunday sparked a major political controversy saying RSS and BJP were promoting Hindu terror.

A storm is also raging at this brazen statement that has removed the lid from an open-secret, Social Media is flooded by mixed reactions. Hindu extremists who use this medium for their activities are terming this an attack on Hinduism.

BJP believes this statement will dent the communal harmony which is already on a fuming volcano after Owaisi Speech against Hindu Oppression and marginalization and how strongly Muslim can react if Police remains unbiased. Owaisi was arrested after his speech while 5 Muslims were shot dead by police in Dhule, Maharashtra whi led to riots injuring hundreds of people.

BJP leaders and RSS extremists are vehemently condemning Shinde for remarks and are shocked that instead of blaming Pakistan for terrorism, congress is blaming Hindus.

It has been time and again proved, in fact Pakistan’s interior minister Rehman Malik has also confessed of India involvement in Baluchistan and terrorism in Pakistan with complete state support. There are many proves lying with law enforcement agencies that point to Hindu Terrorists operating in Pakistan.

Dozens of Pakistanis lost lives in Samjhota Express incident, will Pakistani Media and Government that is hell-bent for Aman Ki Asha open its eyes even after they have observed Indian public and Media reaction to the LOC incident. Apart from Gen.Musharraf who rightly treated Indian Media by urging them to expose Hindu terrorism and taking action against Hindu Terror organization, it is high time that every quarter of Pakistani society unites to expose Indian Terrorism in this region.

Subject: Headley Saga: Mumbai attack was a joint IB-CIA-Mossad-RSS project, another Zionism inspired false flag operation like 9/11, 1967 USS Liberty, etc……

Amaresh Misra is a famed historian and chief of the Anti-Communal Front of the All India Congress Committee (AICC)

Also see Secretary General of Lok Janshakti Party lokjanshaktiparty@gmail.com article on falsely blaming muslims for bombings perpetrated by RSS to frame muslims, after this.


Headley Saga: Mumbai attack was a joint IB-CIA-Mossad-RSS project
By Amaresh Misra
The Milli Gazette
28 March 2010
With the row over India getting access to David Headley growing acrimonious each day, the CIA’s double agent saga seems all set to open up a can of incredible worms.

First, the case unmasks the pro-US face of the Indian English media. When the Headley saga first came to light, Vir Sanghavi of the Hindustan Times carried an editorial piece claiming that if ‘Headley is CIA, and knew about 26/11, the CIA knew about the attack.’ In other words, Sanghavi accepted the ‘conspiracy theory’–which in the eyes of the English media was ‘peddled’ by Aziz Burney and this author during the terrible aftermath of 26/11–that the event was a CIA/Mossad/RSS/ISI plot.

In November-December 2008, Vir Sanghavi and his cohorts in the English media attacked both Aziz Burney and this author for spelling forth the ‘conspiracy theory’. Then after Headley’s name surfaced, they changed tune, without of course admitting their debt to Mr. Burney or this author.

The fact of the matter is that in the 2009 Parliamentary elections, the English media was all set to project Lal Krishna Advani as India’s next Prime Minister. It was the feverish anti-RSS, anti-Mossad work done by Aziz Burney and this author that went a long way in ensuring the victory of Congress and secular forces.

Now when the CIA hand behind 26/11 is slowly being unraveled, the English media is seeing red. It is again trying to portray Headley merely as a Lashkar operative, severing thus his links with the CIA.

This highlights the second point, that basically Headley and the CIA cannot be de-linked. Thank God the government of India put into place the NIA, a new National Investigative Agency. The NIA was set up, as the IB and other Indian agencies, especially the IB, had not only gone anti-Muslim-they had gone anti-India. This was proved in the case of Azamgarh boys picked up in and around the Batla House encounter on various bomb blasts charges. Most of the boys were products not of madarsas, but modern schools. They were youngsters in their teens; they had made a mark for themselves in professional courses and were holding jobs in the new, professional sector of the economy.

When Shri Digvijay Singh, the General Secretary AICC and the most secular leader of the India, went to Sanjarpur (under the banner of Anti-Communal Front) in Azamgarh to find out the facts for himself, he was shocked to find that Zeeshan, a boy from Azamgarh who on the fateful day of the Batala House encounter was giving his exams, had more than 50 cases slapped over him in more than three states–which meant that his parents could go on fighting cases for more than 100 years and yet Zeeshan would be in jail.

There are dozens and hundreds of Zeeshans from Azamgarh and other districts of UP, Gujarat and Maharashtra languishing in various Indian jails on unsubstantiated charges. This in fact is India’s Guantanamo Bay story–that right here in the world’s largest democracy the Indian security services like the IB have secret detention and torture centres where innocent Muslim youths are tortured and put to death. The IB today has been infiltrated heavily by RSS, Mossad and CIA. In fact, this one agency is an anti-national agency—it is obstructing the work of NIA and secular Indians like Shri Digvijay Singh. Soon, in India’s interest, the IB will have to be closed down. All its communal officers will be hunted down and tried in a court of just law.

The IB knew about Headley—this is proved by the fact that the SIM cards used by the ten 26/11 terrorists were purchased by an Intelligence Bureau (India) (IB) informer. Till date, the investigations into the 26/11 case, which the IB is handling, have been unable to state as to how the ten terrorists got hold of the SIM cards.

The State IB chief of Maharashtra told a very senior Mumbai Police Officer just after 26/11 that he was ‘entirely in the dark about 26/11 investigations as Delhi (meaning the chief IB office) was handling it’. Basic information about 26/11 was not shared with secular Indian officers. The Headley lead would never have come to the fore had the NIA not stepped in.

IB training criminals [read here Charge-sheet against IB]
Now comes the news that the IB has set-up training camps in Gorakhpur, where it trains criminals–and then uses them to kill Muslim under-trials. The name of Chota Rajan is used as a convenient scapegoat. It is in this manner that dozens of accused in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts, several other such accused in other cases, Muslim businessmen and men of influence have been eliminated on a systematic basis in Maharashtra. The latest in the long list of victims killed allegedly by IB is Shahid Azmi, the lawyer defending the accused of the 2006 Mumbai train blasts. Shahid had hit upon evidence which proved the innocence of the accused-and that is why he was bumped off, again by criminals with Nepal–Gorakhpur links!

In fact, the state of Maharashtra holds the dubious distinction of almost institutionalizing the extra-judicial killing of Muslim youth and personalities. Headley was in India months and years before the 26/11 attack; he even surveyed Pune where a blast took place as late as February 2010. It beats one’s imagination as to how the IB did not know about Headley and his movements. There can only be two scenarios: that the IB is totally incompetent–or that the IB is heavily infiltrated by CIA and Mossad: the agency knew about 26/11 and did nothing to stop it.

This places the IB at par with Headley, as executioners of 26/11 and mass murderers. There can be no other honest conclusion.

Headley holds the key to the fact that 26/11 was not just a mere Lashkar operation–that it was a joint Mossad-CIA operation, conducted with possible ISI and RSS help.

If the charge-sheet against Raj Kumar Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya, accused in the Malegaon and other blasts, is read, it is clear that there was always some sort of collusion between the RSS and the ISI. The so-called nationalists, the Hindutva forces, took money to the tune of crores of rupees from the ISI! The IB knows about this transaction but is keeping quiet!

The Headley saga has links to Abhinav Bharat and pro-Hindutva terror groups. The pro-Hindutva terror groups are widely believed to be behind the Pune blasts where a combination of RDX and Ammonium Nitrate was used. Right after the visit of Shri Digvijay Singh to Maharashtra in February 2010, the state home secretary spoke of the possibility of the involvement of Hindutva groups in the Pune blasts. Other officers, including the ATS chief Raghuvanshi, purported to be an RSS/opportunist also spoke of this possibility. But then RR Patil, the Maharashtra Home Minister whose role during 26/11 was disastrous and who was removed from his post in the wake of the attack on Mumbai (but who was restored after the 2009 assembly elections), made amazing statements ‘that those who take the name of Hindu organizations in the Pune blasts will be punished’!

How can a Home Minister make such a statement? Now we hear that Rakesh Maria, a notorious anti-Muslim officer, with pro-Israeli links, a man who has killed and tortured innocents, has been made the new ATS chief and Raguvanshi has been promoted! Secular organizations in Maharashtra were demanding that Raghuvanshi be removed and that an honest, secular officer be made the ATS chief so that Hemant Karkare’s seminal work in cracking the shell of Hindutva communalism could be promoted!.

But Rakesh Maria is even worse than Raghuvanshi. It seems that the NCP in Maharashtra has taken a clear anti-Congress, anti-national line. RR Patil, who is a third grade, uncouth, thoroughly communal, NCP leader should be removed from his post. The Maharashtra chief minister should act, because if the NIA gets access to Headley, the latter’s links with Hindutva organizations–and the whole RSS-Mossad-CIA-ISI-IB nexus–will be exposed. This nexus is working overtime to destabilize the Congress government and undo the commendable work done by the party under the secular leadership of Sonia Gandhi. 

Please check for daily real news posts and support the truth at http://tinyurl.com/33c9yr   

Subject: In India, its Time to undo wrongs against Muslims done through false flag operations

The author is Secretary General of Lok Janshakti Party. Email:


Flawed war on terror: Time to undo wrongs against Muslims

Submitted by admin4 on 8 February 2011 – 10:43am

In the aftermath of the bomb blasts at Ajmer Sharif Dargah (2006), Malegaon (2006), Mecca Masjid (2007) and Samjhauta Express (2007), our intelligence agencies claimed that these gruesome attacks were the handiwork of Islamist terrorist groups. The disclosures were followed by large-scale arrests of suspects — predictably all of them Muslims. That was not all!
The intelligence agencies fed the media with detailed accounts of how the accused had planned the mass killings in cahoots with their Pakistani and Bangladeshi counterparts. As tangible evidence, Muslim men and even boys with beards and skull caps were paraded as the perpetrators of terror before an unquestioning media, and in turn some mischievous media men coloured the incidents with a communal hue. It was no surprise then that during this period, a vicious SMS proclaiming “all Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims” was widely circulated in a clear attempt to reinforce prejudices and further the divide between Hindus and Muslims in the country.

Biased war on terror and ordinary Muslim

The woes of the ordinary law-abiding Muslim have been compounded by these mindless acts of terror. Living as he is on the margins of society, discriminated against in the job market, in education, when seeking loans and even when looking for accommodation, he is now burdened with the stigma of being in tacit collusion with the terrorists. His commitment to the nation is being questioned because of the widespread belief, fuelled by the intelligence agencies and media that all terrorists were Muslims. Numerous Muslims have complained about being called “aatankvaadis” sometimes by their associates and sometimes even by strangers. An entire community is being punished for the crimes of an aberrant few. Scores of Muslims have been rounded up, detained without any proof of wrongdoing and tortured.

So insecure is the Muslim mindset that following every terror attack, we have the spectacle of Muslim leaders and celebrities of every hue condemning the barbaric attacks. Clearly the Muslim celebrity feels that unless he publicly condemns the terrorist acts, the general impression would be that he actually approves of these acts or was indifferent to them; perhaps at the back of their mind was the infamous statement of the former Prime Minister Vajpayee who almost justified the Gujarat riots 2002 by stating that the Muslim condemnation of Godhra incident was not loud enough: hence the loud protests. They tiresomely proclaim the universal truth that terrorists have no religion. And yet Muslims feel insecure and harried with every terrorist attack as they sense the country’s negative focus on them.

Now truth about Hindutva terror is out

But now the truth is out. Swami Aseemanand’s confession has finally and indubitably confirmed what Hemant Karkare had first exposed—the Hindutva nexus with terror. The brave Karkare’s investigations had sent shock waves through the nation and inevitably invited the wrath of known Muslim baiters such as Bal Thackeray and L.K. Advani. Despite the grave allegations against Sadhavi Pragya of inspiring the terror attacks, the President of a national party visited her in jail and came out strongly in her defense. But somehow the media and public at large did not seem too outraged by the open support given to such criminal, anti-national elements by leading functionaries of a national party. There is a lesson here somewhere. Would the nation at large be as tolerant if a Muslim leader had visited the perpetrator of the 26/11 attacks and spoken in his defense? Such a Muslim leader would most certainly have been pronounced an antinational. Clearly, there are dual standards in assessing actions of the dominant and minority communities respectively.

That the Hindutva terror network has spread far and wide is evident from the fact that apart from the Sadhavi, the Swami, myriad underworld figures, there is an army colonel involved in planning the attacks. For some strange reason there has hardly been any discernable public disquiet at revelations that Hindutva terrorists have executed a series of terrorist acts. However, it would be dangerous to dismiss the evil of Hindutva terror as a mere aberration or ‘the handiwork of a few hotheads’ when they should actually be regarded as monsters for the heinous acts committed. What is disturbing is that many misguided Indians believe that these mass murderers are giving Muslims a dose of their own medicine and therefore deserve commendation. Little do they realize that violence is a zero sum game. There are no winners in this awful expression of hate.

4 steps to undo wrongs against Muslims

There is no doubt that the fight against terrorism in this country is coloured with religious overtones. It is therefore essential that the government acts firmly and without prejudice in stamping out this cancer.

(1) The first job of the government should be to unconditionally release all those Muslims detained in connection with the blasts admittedly authored by Aseemanand and his group. The government and its law enforcement agencies cannot possibly undo the hurt caused to the hundreds of Muslims who have been persecuted for no fault of theirs, but by releasing these innocents unconditionally, the government would be sending a message that a grievous wrong is being corrected.

(2) Our country has been extremely sensitive to victims of any form of devastation whether natural, social or accidental. While no amount of compensation can make up for the torture and harassment undergone by countless Muslims for crimes they knew nothing of, it is imperative that the government adequately compensate the victims and their families. Apart from monetary compensation jobs should be given to each victim or some members of his family.

(3) The law enforcement authorities have been merciless in dealing with Muslim organizations such as SIMI, IM… that are suspected of nurturing terrorists. While the government may have strong reasons for the stringent action taken, it is intriguing that there is no move to ban equally dangerous organizations like the RSS, VHP, Bajran Dal and Abhinav Bharat. Soft peddling on this issue would not only encourage these antinational groups to continue their criminal activities aimed at the minority community, but also heighten the sense of insecurity among Muslims. It was that great visionary, Nehru, who had sanctioned that by virtue of numbers as well as in other ways, it was the responsibility of the dominant community not to use its position in any way which might prejudice the secular ideal of the nation. If the fundamentalist outfits are not challenged and defeated, this country will continue to live in the shadow of terrorism.

(4) In the last two decades, innocent Muslims have suffered grievously at the hands of religious fundamentalist groups. The Mumbai pogrom of 1993, the Gujarat genocide of 2002 were not random killings but mass murder of a particular community, and both these ghastly happenings were at least as heinous as the dastardly Sikh Killings of 1984. Our Prime Minister rightly felt that the nation owed an apology to the Sikhs for that terrible act and it was indeed honourable of him to tender such an apology. In the last four years, scores of innocent Muslims have been rounded up, confined and tortured for bomb blasts engineered by fundamentalist Hindutva groups. Would it not be in the fitness of things for the Prime Minister to say sorry to the Muslims for the suffering that they have had to undergo for no fault of theirs?

(The author is Secretary General of Lok Janshakti Party. Email:


1.   Bombay 26-11 Was An Indian FalseFlag – South Asian Affairs Focus

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3 days ago – Bombay 26-11 Was An Indian FalseFlag – posted in South Asian Affairs Indian govt behind Parliament, 26/11 attacks : Indian officer drops 

2.   Indian Bomb: Iranian Terror … Or False Flag? | Washington’s Blog


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Mar 11, 2012 – Was the Indian Bomb a False Flag Attack? Israel’s government, a master of spin and propaganda, immediately blamed the bombing …. far doesn’t support the widely accepted notion that Iran and Hezbollah were behind it.

1.   Indian Bomb: Iranian Terror … Or False Flag? | Global Research


Mar 11, 2012 – Was the Indian Bomb a False Flag Attack? Israel’s government, a master of spin and propaganda, immediately blamed the bombing …. far doesn’t support the widely accepted notion that Iran and Hezbollah were behind it.

Subject: Farzana Khan Explains how Mr. Karkare had Exposed Hindutva’s Role in Staging Terror in India including 26/11 Mumbai

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 10:28:23 +0000

The Deadly Penetration of Hindu Zionists/Fascists inside Indian Army & its role in 26/11 Mumbai False Flag attacks (sounds similar to Zionist Penetration in Pentagon & Zionist Racism in Israel)

Seems these Hindu supremacists are also being guided by Mossad….

Quotes from below:

Farzana Khan, the author, can be reached at janashah_1@yahoo.com

“This dual linkage of young Indian officers with both military and Hindu fascist organisations has caused a cancer to the military establishment in India. It has brought elements into the Indian military who have their own goals which do not conform well with military discipline. An army with irrepressible elements is as dangerous to any country as its real enemy’s army can be or even more.“

“Lt Col Chitale, the dictator of ‘Maharashtra Military Foundation while speaking to the media said “Ours is a truly secular suicide squad. Every Indian is welcome to join my suicide squad.” The training session for the suicide squad, which includes the use of lathis and swords, takes place near Vasat Village at Ambernath, an industrial town, which is over 50 kilometres away from Mumbai from where according to Lt Col Chitale a batch of 30 students has passed out in the last 15 days.”

“Mr. Singh said “ The First batch of training of Sri Lankan Tamil militants was done by India in 1983 under the orders of then Prime Minister (Late) Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The camp was located at Chakrata, Tamil Nadu.””

“Out of embarrassment Indian Army Chief General Kapoor said, “Steps are being taken to prevent involvement of its officers in terror attacks”.”

“The Immediate goals of 26/11 are clearer than ever before…

  1. Eliminate Hament Karkare along with his team to put breaks on ongoing investigations which were illuminating all links between Indian military, RAW and Hindutva organizations.
  2. Divert attention towards ISI so that next time no one in India could ask about those investigations done by Karkare and his team before they got assassinated.
  3. Advocate Hindutva message that Muslims are root cause of panic in India so these must be either converted to Hinduism or must be eliminated from Indian soil.
  4. Create a media wave to divert attention from incidents like Malegeon and Samjhuta Express blast and hence diverting attention from investigations of these incidents as well.”

God forbid, that if these Hindu fundamentalist take over the Indian nuclear weapons then the region will face the biggest threat ever.”


Subject: Indian Army’s Penetration by Hindu Zionists & Fascists – Hitherto Unknown Sinister Nexus

By Farzana Shah

 Links of the Indian military with the Hindutva organizations are no secret now. Most of the organizations that are working in Indian society since ages such as Shiv  Sena, Bajrang Dal etc, have a long history of having links with the military establishment at different levels. The root of this cooperation is a decades-old racism: “India is for Hindus only”. This is nothing new, but there is something new now and that is the growing influence of this ideology among Indian military and other elements that are not yet in control of the Indian military or the Indian government but they are growing with their agenda of Hindutva, a name given to the same old appeal of race and religion regarding India.

Over the years, the Indian youth is becoming part of these militant outfits working under these organizations with the same ideology of Hindu fascism but the same youth are being recruited into the Indian military on a regular basis. After being recruited, these Hindu racist fundamentalists keep their links intact with terrorist entities like RSS, VHP, Bagrang Dal, Shiv  Sena etc.

This dual linkage of young Indian officers with both military and Hindu fascist organisations has caused a cancer to the military establishment in India. It has brought elements into the Indian military who have their own goals which do not conform well with military discipline. An army with irrepressible elements is as dangerous to any country as its real enemy’s army can be or even more.

Officers like Gen (R) Premnath Hoon joined the Indian army decades ago and served at different posts all the way to the rank of General before he retired. What is revealing is that he was one of the founding fathers of the military wing of Shiv Sena. This also proves that either before joining or during his service in the military he establis

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The Ummah’s tragedy: court ulama


by Zafar Bangash

July, 2013

The ulama are supposed to be inheritors of the Prophets but only if they adhere to the divine commands. When they fall for worldly temptations, they become a curse. This is what appears to have happened to Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a well-known alim, who has now joined the hate-spewing Saudis in spreading sectarianism.

‘Ulama are supposed to be successors to the Prophets (Å). Since no more prophets will come to guide humanity, the role of the ‘ulama has assumed great importance. If they adhere to the Qur’an and the Sunnah, they are a blessing for the Ummah; should they fall for temptations of the dunya, they become a curse. Who is unaware of the Pakistani politician Fazlur Rahman, a Deobandi maulana, whose antics and corruption are legendry? They have caused havoc in Pakistan. But in the hierarchy of ‘ulama, Fazlur Rahman is a minor figure. Much more serious is the role of figures like Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Egyptian ‘alim who has a television program on the Qatari-owned al-Jazeera with a following of some 60 million people worldwide.

At a rally in Doha, Qatar on June 1, Shaykh al-Qaradawi called upon “Sunni” Muslims from around the Muslim East to go to Syria and fight against Hizbullah, which had joined the battle for Qusayr in support of Syrian government forces. Al-Qaradawi alleged that “the Shi‘is [meaning Iran and Hizbullah] wanted to exterminate the Sunnis.” He went on to denounce Hizbullah as the “Party of Shaytan [Satan].” Not surprisingly, the Saudi Grand Mufti, Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Aal al-Shaykh welcomed al-Qaradawi’s call since Saudi Arabia is in the forefront of fomenting sectarianism in the Ummah. This is the only game they know and since the Saudi rulers and court ‘ulama cannot justify on the basis of Islamic principles their illegitimate rule over the Arabian Peninsula, they want to entangle Muslims in disputes that dissipate their mental and physical energies. One is constrained to ask, when did the Saudis or Shaykh al-Qaradawi ever call upon Muslims in the Muslim East or anywhere else to go to Occupied Palestine to help liberate their Palestinian brothers and sisters from decades of Zionist oppression and occupation? Iran, Hizbullah and Bashar al-Asad’s government are the only players that have confronted US-Zionist hegemony in the region.

While every Muslim, indeed every human being that cares for human rights and dignity must support the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people, the issue is no longer about their rights. Thousands of mercenaries from neighbouring countries backed and armed by the Saudi, Qatari, Jordanian, Turkish, American and Zionist regimes have flooded into Syria to advance the imperialist-Zionist Anglo-Wahhabi agenda. Their aim is to undermine the resistance front against imperialist-Zionist hegemony. When their direct military assault failed, they unleashed sectarianism to divide Muslims in a conflict that has already claimed thousands of lives in Syria. Shaykh al-Qaradawi has lent his considerable weight to this perfidious campaign. As Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, President of the International Movement for a Just World, Malaysia, wrote, “He was among the earliest public figures to endorse NATO’s airstrikes over Libya. In the middle of last year he even opined that if the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) came back today, he would support NATO. This earned him the derisive moniker ‘NATO Mufti’ among some Arab commentators.” Imagine a noted Muslim scholar maligning the noble Messenger (pbuh) in this manner! Contrast this with the joint appeal by former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamed and former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami in May calling for an end to sectarian fighting and killings.

Regrettably, Muslim history is replete with examples of some scholars standing against injustice while others endorse it. Soon after the Khilafah was subverted into monarchy, the Umayyad and ‘Abbasid rulers punished those scholars — Imams Abu Hanifah, al-Shafi‘i and Ahmad ibn Hanbal — who refused to endorse their illegitimate rule, but those who went along with the corruption were richly rewarded with worldly goods and positions (read that: hush money). Shaykh al-Qaradawi and many in the Arabian Peninsula have also succumbed to the lure of political partronage from those who prefer to make tawaf around the White House instead of the Ka‘bah. Living in palatial homes lined with carpets and plush sofas and a bevy of servants at their call, these scholars have forgotten the Islamic duty of al-amr bi-al-ma‘ruf wa-al-nahy ‘an al-munkar. Instead, they are actively promoting munkar.

Neither the Saudi nor Qatari rulers are legitimate; they have usurped power and authority in rebellion against Allah’s (swt) commands and are subservient to the power of global kufr. It is their shameless and treacherous behavior, and not the level of Islamic scholarship, that ought to determine how obedient ordinary Muslims should be to the errant recommendations of scholars who have never acquired a level of comfort with cogently analyzing things that matter. Muslims have paid a terrible price for such faulty thinking in the past and cannot afford any more disasters. Instigating hatred among Muslims to advance the illegitimate rulers’ agenda is not only shortsighted, it is also mean spirited and ultimately disastrous for the Ummah. The blood of innocent Muslims will be as much on the hands of these scholars as it is on those who pull the trigger.

Zafar Bangash is Director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought

Dome of the Rock Virtually Destroyed

And burned the house of the LORD, and the king’s house; and all the houses of Jerusalem, and all the houses of the great men, burned he with fire
Jeremiah 52:13


Few holidays are more confused than the fast day of Tisha B’Av (“the ninth of Av”) in Israel. Formally, it commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem. Contradicting its source, it reintroduced idolatry by its date having become a magic number.

Jewish religious communities commemorate a plethora of other events that they define as disasters. It is claimed that on this date SS commander Heinrich Himmler received approval from the Nazi Party for The Final Solution. On this day started the mass deportation of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto, Ariel Sharon’s Gaza Disengagement Plan and many more. On this day, hungry Israel becomes an astrologist’s Utopia.

Dome of the RockDome of the Rock

Don’t laugh, it kills. A Pulsa diNura* and a little help from good friends destroyed the life of the perpetrator of the Gaza Disengagement Plan.

From time to time, I report on the slow advances Israel makes in its plan to construct the Third Temple on the Temple Mount, where today is the Dome of the Rock. Last October in Israel gets closer to Third Temple, and afterwards in Israel Expands Western Wall.

Some of the preparations relate to the ground; others to the artifacts and ceremonies prepared by dedicated colleges. The latter are purposely changing the Biblical texts. The best known example of manipulation is the Menorah, the seven branches lampstand which was adopted by the State of Israel as its symbol. The reproduction publicly displayed these days is not the one described in the Bible, but the Roman pagan version (see Un-Branding Israel).

On Tisha B’Av 2013 (July 15), Israel inaugurated a new step in the preparations, virtually exploding the Dome of the Rock.

Har Kodesh SnapshotHar Kodesh Snapshot
A Graffiti of the Third Temple Appears over a Picture of the Dome of the Rock


Holy Mount Unholy Deeds

On the evening before the fast, a press release was published byHar Kodesh, announcing its 3D virtual tour of the Temple Mount. The company’s name means “Holy Mount.”

Out of respect to Muslim readers I won’t quote the Hebrew reports except one that shows the trend: “In the tour, you will be able to tour Har HaBait (“Mount of the House,” the Hebrew name of the Temple Mount) from nearby and see what those evil Muslims have done to our beautiful place, and what we can do to them now.” A superb example of the charming Jewish interpretation of thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself (Lev 19:18).

The address of the company identifies it as a commercial enterprise. It is owned by “Lev HaUma” (Heart of the Nation), an NGO. The tour uses various virtual guides, three dimensional renderings of real people and their real voices. The one in the snapshot below is Abshalom Kor, a well-known linguist. Another one belongs to Minister of Housing and Construction Uri Ariel, from the settler party The Jewish Home. To the say the least, a formal part of the Israeli Government was aware of the initiative and cooperated with it.

The press release states that the minister wants to create a museum on the Mount. The only way of doing that is by removing the Dome of the Rock and the adjacent al-Aqsa mosques. The company doesn’t explain how this would be achieved except for saying “quickly, in our days, amen.” The NGO had made the Third Temple experience available for those unable to visit the relevant sites. Dome of the Rock
Dome of the Rock in the Har Kodesh Website
Jewish Fundamentalism and the Temple Mount: Who Will Build the Third Temple?

Emphasizing this point “at any moment with a click on the mouse, the Dome of the Rock vanishes.” At that moment, it is replaced by the Third Temple.

Hey, Brute Samson, Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?+. The real Temple is in our heart; invariably, you violate it by raping others at any opportunity you have in the best fashion of the indefatigable conspirators.** “What we can do to them now,” you obscurely threat. Let me dare you. Show us! You know that if you dare, you’ll die with the Philistines.++


* Pulsa diNura (“lashes of fire” in Aramaic) is Jewish ceremony calling the angels of destruction to block heavenly forgiveness of one’s sins, causing all Biblical curses to befall the victim.
Two cases became infamous.
On October 6, 1995, at midnight, Avigdor Eskin, a prominent member of the Settler Gush Emunim movement recited (it was made public by the media): “Angels of destruction will hit him. He is damned wherever he goes. His soul will instantly leave his body… and he will not survive a month. Dark will be his path and God’s angel will chase him. A disaster he has never experienced will befall him and all curses known in the Torah will apply to him. I deliver to you, the angels of wrath and ire, Yitzhak, the son of Rosa Rabin, that you may smother him and the specter of him, and cast him into hell, and dry up his wealth, and plague his thoughts, and scatter his mind that he may be steadily diminished until he reaches his death. Put to death the cursed Yitzhak. May he be damned, damned, damned!” Later, in Court, it was proved that the Shin Beth secret police had been involved in the subsequent assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
Another published event is related to the odd stroke of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. After the abovementioned Eskin faced troubles for his public course, the perpetrators of this one were careful not to identify themselves. In July 2005, opponents of the Gaza pullout plan recited the Pulsa diNura in the old cemetery of Rosh Pina, asking the Angel of Death to kill Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Seven months later, he was clumsily taken in ambulance to the hospital during Jerusalem’s rush hour, instead of being taken with the standby helicopter available to Prime Ministers. Along the way—oops!—he was given the wrong drug. Since then he is in a coma. Shin Beth agents refuse to comment.
Israel’s Prosecutor refused to charge them, claiming that their prayers were aimed at God and not to specific persons, thus they were not instigating violence. Oddly, Shin Beth agent Avishai Raviv (a.k.a. “Agent Champagne” as disclosed by the Shin Beth during the Rabin’s assassiantion trial) instigated the assassin but was absolved by Court. He just followed orders.

+ 1 Corinthians 3:16-17

++ The Samson Option is the common name for Israel’s nuclear option. It originates in Judges 16:30 And Samson said, Let me die with the Philistines. And he bowed himself with all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people that were therein. So the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life. It is now an idion for a suicidal attack.

** “Indefatigable conspirator” is an indirect method of referring to the Shin Beth secret police and its agents. Four catchy phrases ruined Shimon Peres political life, relegating him to the simple formalities of Israel’s Presidency. “Yes and No” was coined by Sefy Rivlin, and cost Peres the 1981 and 1984 elections. A Peres puppet was shown answering “yes and no” to every question asked. Before that, in 1977, Yitzhak Rabin called Peres an “indefatigable conspirator.” Since this article is in English, I won’t analyze the brilliance of the Hebrew saying; in the feat of his lifetime, Rabin ruined Peres with three words. The other two phrases are related to Shimon Peres’ attempt in 1990 to replace Shamir’s government—of which he was Minister of Finances—by a narrow government led by Labor and supported by ultra-Orthodox parties. Peres failed, and Rabin hit again. He called the affair the “Dirty Trick” (literally “The Stinking Exercise”). In the popular protests that followed, the fourth slogan appeared: “Mush’hatim, nim’astem!” (roughly “corrupt people, we’re fed up with you!”). Rabin used it as the Labor slogan for the 1992 election, which he won. It was obvious that he included Peres in the culprits at whom the slogan was aimed.