Norwegian doctor’s medal withdrawn under Zionist pressure



January, 2013

Two were made against Dr Linstad: that he supports the Islamic Republic of Iran, and that he opposes gays and lesbians. One is forced to ask: since when has support for the Islamic Republic become a crime?

Toronto, Crescent-online
January 3, 2013, 21:05 DST

A Norwegian medical doctor involved in social work serving disadvantage communities in Oslo has had his medal of honour withdrawn under pressure from the Zionist lobby. Dr Trond Ali Linstad, founder and chairman of Urtenhagen Islamic Foundation in Oslo, was told by a court official that the Royal National Medal awarded to him for meritorious services rendered to people way beyond the call of duty, has been withdrawn.

Dr Linstad was awarded Norway’s silver medal for services to immigrant communities and children that reside in the Urtenhagen locality outside Oslo. In making the award, an official announcement on behalf of Kind Herrold V of Norway had said: “As a medical doctor, this medal is awarded to Dr Linstad for years of selfless service to immigrant communities in Greenland (immigrant settlement area near Oslo).”

The Urtenhagen Islamic Foundation caters to the needs of more than 280 immigrant children of all backgrounds that receive free medical and educational services. Immigrant families similarly receive free services.

A day after this announcement was made, another announcement from the palace said: “Since we have found Dr Ali Linstad to be an ‘anti-Semite’, he is not qualified to be a recipient of this award.” This scandalous allegation was made against Dr Linstad because he has been a leading critic of Zionism. Israeli supporters deliberately conflate anti-zionism with anti-semitism. The charge against Dr Linstad is ludicrous. He has invited leading Israeli intellectuals including the late Israel Shahak to speak at his centre. He also regularly invites anti-zionist rabbis to conferences and meetings.

It is clear that the medal was withdrawn under Zionist pressure that forced the royal palace into this scandalous behaviour. After cancelling the award ceremony at which the medal was to be presented, a palace official called Dr Linstad to offer his profound apologies but said he was helpless in this matter because of the huge pressure exerted by the Zionist lobby on the palace.

In his mid-twenties, Dr Linstad had served on an Israeli kibbutz where he discovered first hand the racist attitude of Zionists. He was appalled at the manner in which the Zionists mistreated and humiliated Palestinians, a practice that continues to this day. By making the scandalous allegation of anti-semitism against anyone that is critical of the racist ideology of Zionism, Israeli supporters think they can fool the people indefinitely. People worldwide are waking up to this reality and are no longer prepared to accept Zionist racism. Many people are openly speaking out against it and are prepared to face the consequences.

Two other allegations were also made against Dr Linstad: that he supports the Islamic Republic of Iran, and that he opposes gays and lesbians. One is forced to ask: since when has support for the Islamic Republic become a crime? True, the Zionists are rabid Islamophobes and indulge in a vicious campaign whipping up anti-Iran hysteria to pave the way for an illegal war against the Islamic Republic but this can in no way be used as an argument against an individual who is involved in rendering great service to humanity.

As for the charge that he is against gays and lesbians, in the Islamic faith, such attitude is forbidden. Dr Linstad is a Muslim. He is doing no more than following his religious conviction. Since when has it become compulsory to believe in and practice gay and lesbian behaviour? Norway is supposed to be an independent country; it is not a Zionist colony yet the Zionists think they can dictate to any government, any country, anywhere in the world as to how that government/country can or cannot behave.

Dr Linstad may have been denied a medal for services he is rendering to humanity, this will in no way take away from him the honour that he has enjoys among the people he serves. He is a role model for all human beings. He did not launch his services for the sake of a medal, but only to please Allah. His reward is surely with Allah, the Best of Providers and the Sustainer of all the worlds.

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