Who is Dr Aafia Siddiqui & why did Algerian kidnappers demand her release?

by Yvonne Ridley on Friday, January 18, 2013 at 11:28am ·

By Yvonne Ridley

THE only thing that surprised me when I heard that the Algerian kidnappers had called for the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqui was that it hadn’t happened sooner.

Don’t get me wrong, as a former hostage myself, there is no way I condone the actions of what has unfolded in a remote corner of the Algerian desert.

And my heart goes out to the families of those who have lost loved ones in the unfolding drama at the In Amenas gas plant siege said to have been masterminded by Mohktar Belmokhtar. The infamous one-eyed Algerian militant apparently with ties to al Qaida, has claimed responsibility for launching Wednesday’s attack.

It also goes without saying there is no way the kidnappers, whether politically or criminally motivated, can be justified in their actions.

But an injustice is an injustice, and as the only western journalist to have specifically gone to Afghanistan to investigate the case of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, I have to say her plight has become a cause célèbre around the Muslim world.

And I have an uncomfortable feeling that more and more westerners will be kidnapped as their captors demand the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, a woman I once called the most wronged in the world.

So just who is Dr Aafia Siddiqui and why is a group of North Africans calling for her release?

Well it’s very easy to get emotional about a wronged Muslim woman caught up in the War on Terror but I am not basing my case on emotion, just some simple, cold, hard facts and forensic evidence … or lack of it, but more of that and her bizarre story later.

Her family will certainly not be pleased that a group of Algerian terrorists have called for her release because it will give a perception in some quarters that Dr Aafia must be an Islamic extremist. It’s a narrative pushed by US intelligence although it has to be said in her trial the opening statement of the prosecutor stated quite clearly that she was not al-Qaida nor a terrorist sympathizer.

The case of the mother-of-three is well known in every household in Pakistan from the most religious to the most secular … the majority of which have been demanding her repatriation for years. Now she is known as the Daughter of the Nation, although her story has traveled well beyond Pakistan’s borders.

Thousands of Muslim children have been named after her because of all that she has come to symbolize. Everything that she represents stems from the injustices created by America’s War on Terror … the kidnaps, renditions, torture, rape and waterboarding.

The brilliant academic, a neuroscientist, educated in top US universities, is tonight languishing in a Texan jail serving an 86 year sentence after being found guilty of trying to kill American soldiers.

The fact they shot her at close range and nearly killed her is often overlooked.

To their eternal shame, the US soldiers serving in Afghanistan claimed in court under oath that the diminutive, fragile academic leapt at them from behind a prison cell curtain, snatching one of their guns to shoot and kill them. It was a fabricated story that any defense lawyer worth his or her salt would have ripped apart at the seams.

The scenario painted in court was incredulous and more importantly, the evidence non existent – no gunshot residue on her hands or clothes, no bullets from the discharged gun, no fingerprints belonging to Dr Aafia on the gun … other vital evidence removed by US military from the scene went missing before the trial. Come on, we’ve all seen episodes of CSI – the science doesn’t lie.

After being patched up in a medical wing in Bagram, she was then renditioned to America to stand trial for an alleged crime committed in Afghanistan. Flouting the Vienna and Geneva Conventions, she wasn’t given consular access until the day she made her first court appearance.

The trial was held in New York, a stone’s throw from where the Twin Towers once stood making it impossible not to invoke the memories of that horrific day on September 11, which for some forever turned Muslims into Public Enemy Number One.

A lack lustre legal team forced on Dr Aafia by the US authorities failed to sway the jury of her innocence, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that she could not have snatched a soldier’s gun let alone pull the trigger.

I went into the cell in Ghazni a few weeks after the shooting in July 2008 and discovered that the soldiers had panicked and sprayed the room with bullets as they struggled to flee. The evidence is there on film shot during my visit and handed over to the defense team.

The prosecutors could not believe a western journalist had traveled to this part of Afghanistan and obtained compelling witness and visual evidence. Soon after that vital forensic evidence including spent bullets that had been gouged out of a wall in the cell, went missing.

Seeing Dr Aafia emerge unshackled and unhooded from behind a curtain caused blind panic among the young soldiers who had been briefed by the FBI they were going to arrest one of the most dangerous women in the world.

I interviewed eyewitnesses, senior Afghan police officers and one after another told me their account of what happened. Yet the only Afghan brought to court to give testimony against her was the FBI’s translator who now has a green card and lives in New York with his family.

What the jury was not told is that Dr Aafia, and her three children, all aged six and under at the time, had been kidnapped from a street near their home in Karachi and disappeared from 2003.

The FBI put out a story at the time that she had in fact gone on a jihad to Afghanistan – it was a ludicrous tale without foundation and, as every mother of young children knows, a journey to the local corner shop with toddlers is a monumental challenge so heading off to fight in Afghanistan with a pram, pushchair and toddler in hand is simply inconceivable. The FBI narrative was destroyed by Boston-based Elaine Whitfield Sharp, a lawyer hired by the Siddiqui family when Dr Aafia first disappeared.

The missing years of the academic’s life reveal a story which is now known to virtually everyone in the Muslim world where she is widely regarded as a victim of George W Bush’s War on Terror.

As she tried to tell the jury how she was held in secret prisons, with no legal representation, cut off from the outside world since 2003 where brutal interrogation techniques were used to break her down, she was silenced by the judge who said he was only interested in the cell shooting incident.

Judge Richard Berman, a modest little man with much to be modest about, insisted he was not interested in the missing years; it had no relevance to the case he insisted.

She testified that after completing her doctorate studies she taught in a school, and that her interest was in cultivating the capabilities of dyslexic and other special needs children. She emerged as a humanity-loving nurturer and educator, the gentle yet resolute seeker for truth and justice.

As the evidence continued we learned that she didn’t know where her three children were – it was sensational content for those who knew the real story. She talked of her dread and fear of being handed back to the Americans when she was arrested in Ghazni and was held by police.

Terrified that yet another secret prison was waiting for her she revealed how she peeked through the curtain divider into the part of the room where Afghans and Americans were talking, and how when a startled American soldier noticed her, he jumped up and yelled that the prisoner was loose, and shot her in the stomach. She described how she was also shot in the side by a second person. She also described how after falling back onto the bed in the room, she was violently thrown to the floor and lost consciousness. This ties in exactly with what I was told by the counter terrorism police chief I interviewed in Afghanistan back in the autumn of 2008 – I remember him laughing as he told me how the US soldiers panicked, shot randomly in the air as they stampeded out of the room in a blind panic.

Of course there’s no way a bunch of soldiers are going to admit they lost it, but according to those I interviewed for my film In search of Prisoner 650 in Afghanistan that’s exactly what happened.

Two of her missing children have since been found and reunited with their extended family in Karachi. It is still not clear where the children were held when they were snatched from a street in Karachi but there’s no disguising their American accents … possibly picked up from their jailers.

So why did the FBI want to speak to Dr Aafia in the first place and why did they portray her as a dangerous terrorist on the run? if she was the person they painted why wasn’t she charged with terrorism offences and why was the prosecutor at pains to point out that she was not al Qaida?

One person who might hold the key is Dr Aafia’s ex-husband who has resisted attempts to be interviewed by me. He was going through a very combative and bitter divorce in the months before she disappeared. He first came to the attention of the FBI in 2002 when he was living in America but what he told them that would lead them to suspect his ex-wife of wrongdoing is anyone’s guess.

Who snatched Dr Aafia and her children? I don’t know, but I have also tracked down several ex-Bagram detainees who told me they saw Dr Aafia being held in Bagram in 2005 and gave a positive identity of her by photographs before her kidnap and after her arrest in Ghazni.

 The bottom line is Dr Aafia Siddiqui should not be in prison and as long as this injustice continues she will become a rallying call for anyone who wants to pick a fight with America.

Acknowledging the injustice and returning Dr Aafia to her home in Pakistan will not stop extremists from causing terror, but it might make the lives of US citizens a lot safer if this wrong is put to right.


* British journalist Yvonne Ridley is a patron of Cageprisoners as well as being the European President of the International Muslim Women’s Union and the Vice President of the European Muslim League.

Christians who will be beheaded for their faith: THE MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES ARE HERE

Email from READER-More Christian VISIONS OF GUILLOTINES & Martyrdom USA

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Email from Concerned Reader: 
and Christians Beheaded!

The following is an email I just received today from a concerned Christian reader. As many other Christians I have previously interviewed have revealed, she had a dream-vision of herself and her family being beheaded for their Christian faith in the future in America.
But many would say, HOW can anyone be beheaded for their Christian faith IN AMERICA???
I will state emphatically that THE MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES ARE HERE, and have been in America at least since the 1970’s, according to one CIA source, when they were first clandestinely ordered and imported from JAPAN. They were then quietly distributed across America to military facilities nationwide primarily by truck.
According to reliable military sources I have personally interviewed who have actually worked with these guillotines,  the guillotines are now in military bases across this nation, in places like FORT LEWIS/MCCHORD, WA; Fort Hood, TX; Fort Bragg, NC; and even in military bases overseas as well.


This is Bible prophecy  about to be fulfilled before our eyes, regarding Revelation 20:4 referring to the Christians who will be beheaded for their faith under a satanic antichrist world government 
as described in Revelation 13.
The distinctly Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS, originating from teachings in the the Babylonian Talmud (a major source of spiritual “MYSTERY BABYLON” persecutions of the Christians as described in Revelations), are what will facilitate the use of the MODERN GUILLOTINES, and pave the way for mass genocide of the Christians nationwide and worldwide. 

Former President Bush Sr. signed the legislation for the NOAHIDE LAWS after it was presented by the Orthodox Jews under LUBAVITCH CHABAD, rushed by deceitful means through the Senate and House, and finally signed in to legislation by Mr. “NWO” Bush himself. 

Of course, being a member of the Bush Illuminati bloodline and a Lucifer worshiper himself, who also wants Christians removed from the world to make way for their NWO agenda, Bush Sr. had no problem signing this. He knew what it was really all about!


The Noahide Laws declare that anyone guilty of “idolatry” and “blasphemy against God” will be subject to EXECUTION BY DECAPITATION. Traditional Orthodox Jews declare that CHRISTIANS are guilty of both offenses, because of their belief in, and reverence of, JESUS CHRIST as “SON OF GOD” and “DIVINE”. (And He is indeed BOTH.) This teaching is found throughout the Talmud and other rabbinical writings addressing Jesus and His followers.

Most Jews of today consider the NEW WORLD ORDER, as defined  by Jew Karl MARX and Jew Moses Hess and other originators of Communism,  to be THEIR global plan to achieve world dominance, to subjugate Gentiles under them and seize their land and possessions, and to get RID of the Christians and all others who stand in their way.
They attempt to justify all of this by twisting scriptures from the Bible regarding Jews ruling the world from Jerusalem, and Gentiles subjugated beneath them. They also use writings from the Babylonian Talmud and other rabbinical writings to justify their position regarding Marxism and the NWO agenda. READ the following quote:


“The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.” ~ Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928

Did you realize that the Presidential Executive Orders, that will become LAW OF THE LAND under MARTIAL LAW someday, are  in reality the Communist/Marxist blueprint for seizing America? And that under these orders, ANYONE’S PROPERTY CAN SIMPLY BE SEIZED BY THE GOVERNMENT AND FEMA???  Your land, your home, your guns and food supplies…and even family members!
America, wake up!
I remember one email I received from a Jewish reader one day. He bragged, “..yeah, lady, your reporting is correct! And the ANTICHRIST you Christians fear, will be OUR NEW MESSIAH to lead us to world victory, and TO GET RID OF YOU CHRISTIANS WHO STAND IN OUR WAY!”
How deeply troubling, and how very sad. In a nation that has provided protection for Jews and their religious freedoms for hundreds of years, primarily because of the Constitution, coupled with America’s Christian heritage and the teachings of Jesus regarding how to treat our fellow man, the Jews who believe in their NEW WORLD ORDER Communist agenda have been working for many years  to move against our  Republic and Constitution, and to ultimately destroy the Christians from our nation,  and finally impose a Marxist NWO tyranny on AMERICA.
It has become evident now to millions of concerned Americans, that a Marxist indoctrinated President is moving to do this very thing: 
But Obama is just a figurehead. It is NOT solely Obama, but the many people, agencies, voices, organizations, foreign governments and shadow government BEHIND him that are writing and handing Obama the anti-American freedom Executive Orders to sign, etc. Essentially, Obama is only a puppet on the hands of his NWO handlers, many of whom are dual-citizenship Zionist NWO agenda Jews as well. 
These are sad revelations to comprehend, especially for the many naive Christians across America who have been praying for the Jews and supporting Israel, not really comprehending exactly WHAT hidden Jewish darkness and Jewish plans for THEIR genocide they have actually been supporting. 

Should we pray for the Jews? Yes, and I do so every day. But I pray with knowledge based on the truth. I have been a Christian outreach worker living and working among Jews for many years now, I lived for a while in Jerusalem and Israel, and I know the truth first hand. I became personally aware of the pervasive influence of the occult and satanism among many of them. I became fully aware of the strong spirit of hatred and persecution of Christianity in the Jewish community.

One Orthodox  Jewish rabbi from Russia threatened to have me thrown into prison for daring to share Jesus Christ as Messiah among the Jews, as I ministered to Jews in New York City. I was visiting his synagogue in Brooklyn, during SIMCHA TORAH one year. But after the service, I found myself singled out and cornered by the rabbi and several other men. They looked at me threateningly.

The rabbi asked me, “Tell me, WHO IS JESUS???” I replied to him, “He is the Son of God and the Messiah of the Jews!” He became livid and angry and said, “AHA! Now we will have you arrested and thrown into PRISON, because you deceive the people!” I reminded him he was no longer in Communist Russia, where indeed Christians were arrested and thrown into prison under a Jewish Marxist government. He was a clear product of Marxist ideology and the hate it produces for THE CHRISTIAN.

I pray for God to bring such Jews to repentance and true salvation through Jesus Christ their ONLY Messiah. I pray for the many Jews involved in the Illuminati and satanism and Marxism/Communism(which is also rampant in Israel by the way) to be convicted and get right with God through Jesus Christ. 

I remember asking a Jew one day in Brooklyn, the question: “Tell me, HOW could so many Jews who have the promises of God through Abraham, and the commandments of Moses, ever get so involved in satanism?” I was truly puzzled many years ago. He turned to look at me and quickly replied, “Well, if JESUS IS NOT OUR MESSIAH, then who else do you have BUT….” Of COURSE! It made perfect sense. If you reject the TRUTH, then what else do you have, BUT A LIE TO BELIEVE IN!

All of this spiritual darkness in the Jewish community can be traced directly to the ONE KEY FACTOR: rejection of Jesus the Messiah as their Savior! And what good fruit can possibly come from rejection of salvation from satan’s power and sin? None whatsoever. Rather, such people remain under satan’s power and sin. And satan can then fully use such people for his agendas in the world today. And unfortunately for millions upon millions of dead Christians under Communism, satan HAS.

“And thou shalt call His name Jesus (Yahshua) for He shall SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM THEIR SINS.” Thus spoke the angel Gabriel to Mary, mother of Jesus. But when His people, the Jews, REJECT Him and His salvation, THEY ARE NOT SAVED FROM THEIR SINS. And satan freely works through all sinners, including Jews who reject their Savior Jesus Christ.

And this is exactly what happened to form Marxism and Communism and it’s blueprint for the destruction of nations and Christianity. Jews rejecting salvation through Jesus Christ, turning to the forces of hell called the Illuminati and satanism and the occult instead to seek corrupt power to bring forth their world control. And to get rid of the Christians who stand in their way. When Jesus warned His Church about the “Jews of the synagogue of satan, ” He meant it.

Therefore, how can the NEW WORLD ORDER be anything other than a satanic Jewish Communist agenda? Karl Marx spoke of the destruction of the OLD order among nations, to bring forth THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER under Communism and the Lucifer behind it. 

Jesus declared that satan the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. This is exactly how Communists operate as they greedily take over nation after nation, seize peoples’ property, brutally murder and torture and kill all opposition, and march off political and religious resisters of their NWO to the gulags or detention camps for elimination.

The NOAHIDE LAWS and millions of modern guillotines to behead Christians “who stand in their way” can ONLY be a Jewish  anti-christ agenda from beginning to end. And Jewish politicians, Zionist in nature and frequently “dual-citizenship” with their FIRST loyalties to ISRAEL and to Jewish Communist goals in America, have worked hard behind the scenes to make such horrors REALITY someday in America.

And the Marxist agenda for the destruction of Christians in America and worldwide, to make way for Jewish rule over the earth, can be nothing else. And ONLY Lucifer or Satan the deceiver and destroyer and spiritual head of the NWO (as former satanists admitted to me) can be the ruling spirit of darkness controlling this. See the following article revealing this:
Yes, of course the non-Jewish satanists and Illuminati of the world are behind this as well. But in Karl Marx you find both JEW and SATANIST/Illuminati combined to make a deadly combination that has brought suffering to untold millions of Christians throughout the world, and costing up to 100 million victims their lives in the vain quest for Satanist/Marxist/Jewish rule over the entire earth.

The many NON-Jews you see involved in Communist and the NWO, are simply recruits and leftist “useful idiots” into their agenda. Every cult and religion has it’s recruits, and Communism is no different. Just as Christians send out missionaries to gain converts, so the Communists work hard to proselytize and convert as many people as they can to serve them and their AGENDA.
The present push for the NEW WORLD ORDER  takeover in our nation IS Bible prophecy in fulfillment revolving around Revelation 13…finally coming to AMERICA at last. 
Pray for the lost souls so deceived by NWO lies and rhetoric. Pray for the Jews who are so sadly deceived by this, robbed of their salvation through their Messiah Jesus Christ, and doomed to eternal suffering and torment forever without salvation. How my heart breaks for these people! I never stop praying for them to repent and receive their one true Messiah at last.
But I also never stop praying for MY ENDANGERED FELLOW CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA as well.  For it is my people who are targeted by the NWO agenda, to be beheaded under NOAHIDE LAWS and brutally murdered in the NWO gulags in our nation under their Marxist NWO agenda for “AMERIKA”.
By the way , Senator Diane Feinstein knows all this. SO does Carl Shumer, Joe Lieberman, Janet Napolitano, Michael Chertoff, Richard “prince of darkness” Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and many other NWO agenda Jews in our government and key positions. Perle, in fact, helped import 20,000 Chinese prisoner boxcars with shackles to America, working with Senator “Scoop” Jackson, to be someday used to terminate NWO resisters (i.e. “Christians”) in America under martial law.

These military guillotines to fulfill NOAHIDE LAWS have also been installed in the prisoner boxcars with shackles as well, confirmed by eye-witnesses and insiders I have previously interviewed.

These Jewish politicians and many others have quite evidently worked hard behind the scenes for many years to make their Jewish Marxist NWO agenda become bitter REALITY in America. And at the cost of hundreds of millions of innocent lives throughout America, I might add! But then, of course this has been the established pattern of Communist/Marxist takeover in nation after nation that has fallen to COMMUNISM. And CHRISTIANS are always  the FIRST TO GO TO THE CAMPS FOR EXTERMINATION!

These Jewish politicians know about, and secretly approve of, the Noahide Laws/guillotines agenda to destroy Christians out of North America. 

They know about, and secretly approve of, the prisoner boxcars with shackles and FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps to deal with all resisters of their Marxist NWO agenda for America.
Senator Feinstein knows the truth: America cannot be seized by their NWO IF the good and Patriotic people are armed and able to defend themselves and their Republic. 
Armed Americans protecting themselves and their family from being murdered by the military GUILLOTINES, and preventing them from being taken to the prisoner boxcars to to be terminated in the FEMA camps, cannot be effectively be destroyed by the Marxist NWO agenda.
This is the true underlying reason for Feinstein’s role in gun control, and the roles of many other Jews in key political positions in America as well. 
It is time that the American people understand fully what GUN CONTROL and the NWO agenda for  America is REALLY ALL ABOUT.
May God have mercy on us all….on the Jews and Illuminati who will someday go to hell because of all this if they do not repent, and the Christians who will be brutally beheaded, murdered and sent to the camps because of all this as well. Satanism, Marxism and unbelief in the Living God and His Son the Messiah is a lethal destroyer of ALL  that it encounters.
-Pamela Rae Schuffert
Hi Pamela,
I have been reading numerous sites talking about the guillotines on American soil.  I just read some on the blog site American Holocaust and The New World Order.  
I also had a dream which I called a vision about 30 years ago where I saw myself, my daughter (who is now 21) and my mother sitting in white robes in the church that we used to attend with other people waiting to be called out and asked to denounce the name of Jesus Christ.  
In the parking lot manned by our military were guillotines.  
Each person who refused to deny Jesus was marched down the side stairs into the parking lot and beheaded.  
I remember exactly how I felt knowing I would soon be next and thinking this is what it all comes down to.  
There is no way I can deny Jesus! And I will soon be in His presence.  
I woke up before I got there.  It was the most vivid and real “dream” I have ever had and it is still just as vivid in my memory.   I can feel it drawing very near when that day is here.  
It is interesting to know that so many other Christians have had similar dreams or visions, my mother told me she had one also.
Thanks for all your efforts to make people aware of what is already here.  All I can say is, people get ready!

In conclusion, read the ominous words of GUS HALL, former Jewish chairman of the Communist Party USA:

“The Christians are always singing about the blood. Let us give them enough of it! Let us cut their throats and drag them over the altar! And let them drown in their own blood! I dream of the day when the last priest is strangled on the guts of the last preacher.”
And their guillotines will certainly cut our throats someday, but only IF all goes as they have planned.

And ONLY if good and Patriotic Americans 
 sit back and 
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Saudis Behead Poor Sri Lankan Maid


Saudis behead poor Sri Lankan maid

Ranjan Ramanayake, a Sri Lankan MP who campaigns for Sri Lankan workers abroad, described the Saudi government as “dictators” who would never execute Europeans or Americans, only Asians and Africans. There have been many instances of Americans or Europeans being caught committing crimes but after a short jail sentence, they are released after calls from their government to the Saudi authorities. The harsh and cruel punishment is reserved for poor people from third world countries.


by Crescent-Online.net

January, 2013

As the case dragged on, it became increasingly clear that the heavily biased court would not listen to her side of the story.

Dubai, Crescent-online
January 09, 2013, 21:55 EST

The Saudi regime has beheaded a poor Sri Lankan maid despite appeals for clemency to King Abdullah from her distraught parents as well as the president of Sri Lanka. The Saudi interior ministry announced today that Rizana Nafeek was executed for smothering a child in her care.

She had denied killing the four-month-old infant. Nafeek was only 17 at the time of the alleged killing and had been in the kingdom only a few weeks when she was asked to look after the four-month old baby. Human rights groups say that her execution is a breach of international child rights.

While feeding milk to the infant via a bottle, the child started to choke and later died. The infant’s family living in the town of al-Dwadmi accused her of killing the infant, a charge she vehemently denied. The incident occurred in 2005.

The Sri Lankan government condemned the execution, which it said took place despite numerous clemency pleas. In a statement, the Sri Lankan foreign ministry said that President Rajapakse and the government deplored the execution “despite all efforts at the highest level of the government and the outcry of the people locally and internationally”.

When Nafeek was first accused of killing, no translator was provided to explain to her what she was being charged with or what the consequences of an admission of guilt might be. As a newly arrived domestic servant from Sri Lanka, she did not speak Arabic. No lawyer was provided either but she was coerced into admitting guilt. This was used against her in the kangaroo courts that characterize the legal system in Saudi Arabia. In court she denied the charge and said she was coerced into admitting her guilt by threats from her employer.

Ranjan Ramanayake, a Sri Lankan MP who campaigns for Sri Lankan workers abroad, described the Saudi government as “dictators” who would never execute Europeans or Americans, only Asians and Africans. There have been many instances of Americans or Europeans being caught committing crimes but after a short jail sentence, they are released after calls from their government to the Saudi authorities. The harsh and cruel punishment is reserved for poor people from third world countries.

As the case dragged on and it became increasingly clear that the heavily biased court would not listen to her side of the story, appeals for clemency were made to King Abdullah. Both Nafeek’s parents as well as the Sri Lankan government made appeals on separate occasions. The family hoped that the Saudi monarch would listen to the pleas to spare their daughter’s life who had gone to Saudi Arabia with high hopes of earning a livelihood and to provide for her desperately poor family back home. Their hopes turned into nightmare when within weeks of her arrival in the kingdom, she was accused of murder.

Why she would want to murder an infant was never explained although it was alleged that she had had an argument with the infant’s mother. This is an absurd allegation since domestic servants, especially from poor third world countries, are treated as slaves in Saudi Arabia. How could a 17-year-old dare to argue with her employer, especially when she had been in the kingdom only a few weeks? Her parents sent this poor girl to earn a living, only to be executed by beheading.

Nafeek’s is not the first execution nor will it be the last. Poor workers from Pakistan and India are routinely executed after being accused of minor offenses. The Saudis have a horrible record of mistreating domestic servants and poor workers. Often such executions are turned into a spectacle in the public square where beheadings are carried out.

In Sri Lanka, the execution has rekindled debate about the safety of expatriate workers in the Middle East and about the poverty that drives people like Rizana Nafeek to seek work abroad.

Human rights groups including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW) have condemned the Saudi authorities for their handling of the case, as have campaigners in Sri Lanka, who argue that there were also serious translation problems at the time she “confessed” to the crime. They argue that her execution breaches the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that Saudi Arabia has ratified.

“Saudi Arabia is one of just three countries that executes people for crimes they committed as children,” said senior HRW women’s rights researcher Nisha Varia.

News of the execution came on the same day that the International Labour Organization (ILO) said that laws were needed “urgently” to give greater protection to domestic workers. The ILO report estimates that only about 10% of all domestic workers—about 5.3 million people—are covered by labour laws to the same degree as other workers.

Regrettably such protection is not available to most domestic workers in Saudi Arabia or any of the Gulf sheikhdoms. These workers are not even aware that any such laws exist.


Obama Agency: Pepsi Using Aborted Fetal Cells is Ordinary Business


PepsiCo has come under fire from pro-life advocates because it has been contracting with a research firm that uses fetal cells from babies victimized by abortions to test and produce artificial flavor enhancers.

Now, the Obama administration is set to face more criticism because an agency has declared that Pepsi’s use of the company and its controversial flavor testing process constitutes “ordinary business.”

In a decision delivered February 28, the Security and Exchange Commission ruled that PepsiCo’s use of aborted fetal remains in their research and development agreement with Senomyx to produce  flavor enhancers falls under “ordinary business operations.”

Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director of Children of God for Life, the organization that exposed the PepsiCo- Senomyx collaboration last year, informed LifeNews today that a letter signed by Attorney Brian Pitko of the SEC Office of Chief Counsel was sent in response to a 36-page document submitted by PepsiCo attorneys in January 2012. In that filing, PepsiCo pleaded with the SEC to reject a Shareholder’s Resolution filed in October 2011 that the company “adopt a corporate policy that recognizes human rights and employs ethical standards which do not involve using the remains of aborted human beings in both private and collaborative research and development agreements.”

PepsiCo lead attorney George A. Schieren noted that the resolution should be excluded because it “deals with matters related to the company’s ordinary business operations” and that “certain tasks are so fundamental to run a company on a day-to-day basis that they could not be subject to stockholder oversight.”

Vinnedge said she is appalled by the apathy and insensitivity of both PepsiCo executives and the Obama administration.

“We’re not talking about what kind of pencils PepsiCo wants to use – we are talking about exploiting the remains of an aborted child for profit,” she said. “Using human embryonic kidney (HEK-293) to produce flavor enhancers for their beverages is a far cry from routine operations

Vinnedge said PepsiCo also requested the resolution be excluded because it “probed too deeply into matters of a complex nature upon which shareholders cannot make an informed judgment.”

“In other words, PepsiCo thinks its stockholders are too stupid to understand what they are doing with the remains of aborted children,” she said. “Well they are about to find out just how smart the public really is when they turn up the heat on the world-wide boycott.”

Vinnedge is warning consumers to be on guard for the roll-out of PepsiCo’s newest beverage that claims to cut sugar and calories by 50%.  The product is called Pepsi Next and is anticipated to hit the market in the coming weeks. Since PepsiCo stated that their goal with Senomyx is to produce new beverages with reduced sugars and calories, she wonders if Pepsi Next is the new Senomyx-PepsiCo creation?

“While fetal components are currently not in the final product, there is growing concern among consumers that it could happen in the near future.  With the explosion of health foods on the market, there is nothing to stop companies from using fetal remains as protein ingredients,” she told LifeNews. “Impossible, you say?  Actually because of GRAS rules (Generally Accepted as Safe) it might not even trigger FDA oversight. And that has consumers plenty worried about just what might be “next” from the industry.”

She says the latest development makes Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey’s SB1418 banning the sale of products that are developed with or contain aborted fetal remains critically important for consumer protection.

“We commend the Senator for his courageous move,” noted Vinnedge. “The public is already saying no thanks to all Pepsi beverages and Pepsi Next is just that – the “next” product to avoid.”

As recently as May, Pepsi ignored concerns and criticism from dozens of pro-life groups and tens of thousands of pro-life people who voiced their opposition to PepsiCo contracting with biotech company Senomyx even after it was found to be testing their food additives using fetal cells from abortions.

“The company’s key flavor programs focus on the discovery and development of savory, sweet and salt flavor ingredients that are intended to allow for the reduction of MSG, sugar and salt in food and beverage products,” the Senomyx web site says. “Using isolated human taste receptors, we created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavor ingredient interacts with the receptor.”

Vinnedge explained, “What they don’t tell the public is that they are using HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors. They could have easily chosen animal, insect, or other morally obtained human cells expressing the G protein for taste receptors.”

ACTION: Contact these companies…

Jamie Caulfield, Sr. VP
PepsiCo, Inc.
700 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577
(914) 253-2000
Email form: http://cr.pepsi.com/usen/pepsiusen.cfm?time=5189878

Three Ways Obama Carried Bush’s Tyrannical Torch, in Just One Week

John Glaser

If one were looking for a way to demonstrate how faithfully the Obama administration had carried on the legacy of the Bush administration, this past week takes the cake, and no, I’m not talking about making Bush tax cuts on the middle class permanent.

In a matter of four days, President Obama ushered in three landmark decisions that further institutionalized the Bush administration’s penchant for abridging civil liberties in the name of national security, all the while making us less safe.

Three Ways Obama Carried Bush’s Tyrannical Torch, in Just One Week

1. Warrantless wiretapping of American citizensOn Sunday, Obama signed into law a renewal of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, which authorizes broad, warrantless surveillance of Americans’ international communications, checked only by a secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that doesn’t make it’s activities and procedures available to the public.

Obama voted for the FISA Amendments Act as a senator, but with expressed reservations about “President Bush’s abuse of executive power,” and the constitutional protections that the warrantless surveillance program offended. As President, though, Obama has turned into a staunch supporter of these legally questionable abuses of executive power.

Justice Department documents released in September in litigation brought by the ACLU showed “that federal law enforcement agencies are increasingly monitoring Americans’ electronic communications, and doing so without warrants, sufficient oversight, or meaningful accountability.”

“Part of the problem is much of this is being done in secret and there’s very little oversight or accountability,” NSA whistleblower Nick Drake told Al Jazeera recently. “It was just stunning when I found out that the White House had entered into a secret agreement with the National Security Agency to completely bypass the FISA, and by bypassing it they turned the USA into the equivalent of a foreign nation for the purposes of dragnet, blanket electronic surveillance…in secret.”

Even though the government has acknowledged that the secretive program has exceeded its legal limits, violating Americans’ Fourth Amendment constitutional rights, the Obama administration has aggressively refused to allow any checks and balances on the program, even refusing congressional requests to disclose how many Americans have been spied on.

2. Indefinite detention without charge or trial: On Wednesday, Obama signed the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act into law. The 680-page omnibus bill contains more military and national security provisions than any one person can account for, but it notably renews the prohibition against transferring detainees from Guantanamo Bay to the US for any purpose, a measure which again prevents Obama from fulfilling his pledge to close the black hole detention center.

Obama initially threatened a veto of the bill due to this provision, but the threat proved a false one. In a signing statement, Obama said he disagreed with the provision, despite his signing it into law.

But it’s difficult to take his stated reservations seriously. Back in 2010, the President signed an executive order that “establishe[d] indefinite detention as a long-term Obama administration policy and [made] clear that the White House alone will manage a review process for those it chooses to hold without charge or trial,” reported ProPublica at the time.

And in last year’s NDAA, there were even more controversial provisions suggesting American citizens, detained on US soil, can be locked up without charge or trial as enemy combatants. The constitutionality of those provisions, which advocates say are acceptable under the 2001 AUMF, is still being fought out in the US court of appeals.

In Afghanistan, too, the Obama era has meant mere suspects can be locked away without charge or trial in abusive detention camps, mostly in secret. The US military’s increased use of night raids led to a huge surge in detainees, very few of whom have had any evidence placed against them. The Obama administration has had them sent to Bagram to be held for indefinite detention without charge or trial, which Daphne Eviatar, an attorney for Human Rights First, has described as “worse than Guantanamo, because there are fewer rights.”

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that the practice of extraordinary rendition, wherein suspects are captured and transferred to another country to be held without charge or trial, is “taking on renewed significance” under Obama.

3. Targeted killings of suspects by drone, without any pretense of due process (even if they are US citizens) remains none of the American people’s business. 

One could argue that Obama doesn’t support indefinite detention as much as Bush did, since he supports killing suspects before the issue of detention ever arises.

On Wednesday, a federal judge sided with the Obama administration in a case brought by The New York Times in which the latter was demanding that more information about the legality of the drone war be disclosed.

In terms of carrying on the legacy of the Bush administration, this one is a double-whammy. Not only did Obama expand Bush’s covert drone program exponentially, but he’s doing so by shutting out any judicial scrutiny by claiming disclosures would harm national security, a tactic called ‘state secrets privileges’ which was pioneered by the Bush administration.

US District Judge Colleen McMahon in Manhattan appeared reluctant in her ruling, noting she “can find no way around the thicket of laws and precedents that effectively allow the executive branch of our government to proclaim as perfectly lawful certain actions that seem on their face incompatible with our Constitution and laws while keeping the reasons for their conclusion a secret.”

“The Alice-in-Wonderland nature of this pronouncement is not lost on me,” McMahon said, referring to the nightmarish wonderland in which people are sentenced to death before a verdict from a jury is in.

The Obama administration has continued its dramatic increase in the use of armed drones to target and kill mostly unnamed people, primarily in Yemen and Pakistan. When a high-profile terrorist suspect is killed, the Obama administration openly discusses the success of the drone program. But when journalists and civil liberties groups ask tough, scrutinizing questions about the legality of the program, the administration gets away with ignoring their requests for information, claiming the program is secret.

Meanwhile, a report by researchers at the Stanford and NYU schools of law found in September that the drone program is “terrorizing” the people of Pakistan and that it is having “counterproductive” effects.

In Yemen, drone attacks are dramatically increasing, bombing the country over 42 times in 2012, up from an estimated 10 incidents in 2011, and killing at least 223 people. Virtually all of the victims’ indentities remain classified, thanks to the Obama administration, and al-Qaeda recruitment continues to grow in Yemen because of disgruntled locals who resent their families and tribes being relentlessly bombed and killed by the hundreds.

The Washington Post reported last week, the Yemeni government as a policy tries to conceal when US drones kill civilians, instead automatically and systematically describing the victims as al-Qaeda militants, regardless of the truth.

“Our entire village is angry at the government and the Americans,” a Yemeni villager named Mohammed told the Post. “If the Americans are responsible, I would have no choice but to sympathize with al-Qaeda because al-Qaeda is fighting America.”

It’s become almost trite to argue the continuities between Bush and Obama. But this week has been so detrimental to individual liberties and so favorable to never-ending, unaccountable secret war, that it’s hard to imagine we ever extricated ourselves from those dark days of post-9/11 tyranny.

This article originally appeared at AntiWar.com

Is Genetically Modified Food Killing Us?

Average’s Question: If Vilsack is a A-Hole, what does that make his boss?

Back in October, a group of Australian scientists published a warning to the citizens of the country, and of the world, who collectively gobble up some $34 billion annually of its agricultural exports. The warning concerned the safety of a new type of wheat.

As Australia’s number-one export, a $6-billion annual industry, and the most-consumed grain locally, wheat is of the utmost importance to the country. A serious safety risk from wheat — a mad wheat disease of sorts — would have disastrous effects for the country and for its customers.

Is Genetically Modified Food Killing Us

Which is why the alarm bells are being rung over a new variety of wheat being ushered toward production by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) of Australia. In a sense, the crop is little different than the wide variety of modern genetically modified foods. A sequence of the plant’s genes has been turned off to change the wheat’s natural behavior a bit, to make it more commercially viable (hardier, higher yielding, slower decaying, etc.).

What’s really different this time — and what has Professor Jack Heinemann of the University of Canterbury, NZ, and Associate Professor Judy Carman, a biochemist at Flinders University in Australia, holding press conferences to garner attention to the subject — is the technique employed to effectuate the genetic change. It doesn’t modify the genes of the wheat plants in question; instead, a specialized gene blocker interferes with the natural action of the genes.

The process at issue, dubbed RNA interference or RNAi for short, has been a hotbed of research activity ever since the Nobel Prize-winning 1997 research paper that described the process. It is one of a number of so-called “antisense” technologies that help suppress natural genetic expression and provide a mechanism for suppressing undesirable genetic behaviors.

RNAi’s appeal is simple: it can potentially provide a temporary, reversible “off switch” for genes. Unlike most other genetic modification techniques, it doesn’t require making permanent changes to the underlying genome of the target. Instead, specialized siRNAs — chemical DNA blockers based on the same mechanism our own bodies use to temporarily turn genes on and off as needed — are delivered into the target organism and act to block the messages cells use to express a particular gene. When those messages meet with their chemical opposites, they turn inert. And when all of the siRNA is used up, the effect wears off.

The new wheat is in early-stage field trials (i.e., it’s been planted to grow somewhere, but has not yet been tested for human consumption), part of a multi-year process on its way to potential approval and not unlike the rigorous process many drugs go through. The researchers conducting this trial are using RNAi to turn down the production of glycogen. They are targeting the production of the wheat branching enzyme which, if suppressed, would result in a much lower starch level for the wheat. The result would be a grain with a lower glycemic index — i.e., healthier wheat.

This is a noble goal. However, Professors Heinemann and Carman warn, there’s a risk that the gene-silencing done to these plants might make its way into humans and wreak havoc on our bodies. In their press conference and subsequent papers, they describe the possibility that the siRNA molecules — which are pretty hardy little chemicals and not easily gotten rid of — could wind up interacting with our RNA.

If their theories prove true, the results might be as bad as mimicking glycogen storage disease IV, a super-rare genetic disorder which almost always leads to early childhood death.

Although Heinemann and Carman cannot provide rock-solid proof that the new wheat is harmful, they have produced a series of opinion papers that point to the possibilities that could happen if a number of criteria are met:

  • If the siRNAs remain in the wheat in transferrable form, in large quantities, when the grain makes it to your plate. And…
  • If the siRNA molecules interfere with the somewhat different but largely similar human branching enzyme as well…

Then the wheat might cause very severe adverse reactions in humans.

Opinion papers like this — while not to be confused with conclusions resulting from solid research — are a critically important part of the scientific process. Professors Carman and Heinemann provide a very important public good in challenging the strength of the due-diligence process for RNAi’s use in agriculture.

However, we’ll have to wait until the data come back from the numerous scientific studies being conducted at government labs, universities, and in the research facilities of commercial agribusinesses like Monsanto and Cargill — to know if this wheat variety would in fact result in a dietary apocalypse.

But if the history of modern agriculture can teach us anything, it’s that GMO foods appear to have had a huge net positive effect on the global economy and our lives. Not only have they not killed us, in many ways GMO foods have been responsible for the massive increases in public health and quality of life around the world.

Nevertheless, the debate over genetically modified (GM) food is a heated one. Few contest that we are working in somewhat murky waters when it comes to genetically modified anything. At issue, really, is the question of whether we are prepared to use the technologies we’ve discovered.

In other words, are we the equivalent of a herd of monkeys armed with bazookas, unable to comprehend the sheer destructive power we possess yet perfectly capable of pulling the trigger?

Or do we simply face the same type of daunting intellectual challenge as those who discovered fire, electricity, or even penicillin, at a time when the tools to fully understand how they worked had not yet been conceived of?

In all of those cases, we were able to probe, study, and learn the mysteries of these incredible discoveries over time. Sure, there were certainly costly mistakes along the way. But we were also able to make great use of them to advance civilization long before we fully understood how they worked at a scientific level.

Much is the same in the study and practical use of GM foods.

While the fundamentals of DNA have been well understood for decades, we are still in the process of uncovering many of the inner workings of what is arguably the single most advanced form of programming humans have ever encountered. It is still very much a rapidly evolving science to this day.

While RNAi is not a panacea for GMO scientists — it serves as an off switch, but cannot add new traits nor even turn on dormant ones — the dawn of antisense techniques is likely to mean an even further acceleration of the science of genetic meddling in agriculture. Its tools are more precise even than many of the most recent permanent genetic-modification methods. And the temporary nature of the technique — the ability to apply it selectively as needed, versus breeding it directly into plants which may not benefit from the change decades on — is sure to please farmers, and maybe even consumers as well.

That is, unless the scientists in Australia are proven correct, and the siRNAs used in experiments today make their way into humans and affect the same genetic functions in us as they do in the plants. The science behind their assertions still needs a great deal of testing.

Still, their perspective is important food for thought… and likely fuel for much more debate to come. One thing is sure: the GMO food train left the station nearly a century ago and is now a very big business that will continue to grow and to innovate, using RNAi and other techniques to come.

Source: www.dailyreckoning.com

Dear Goy, when I say you all are stupid, I mean for you to wake up. When THEY say you all are stupid, it’s because they hate your guts

Jewish life more valuable my brown ass!

Jewish life more valuable my brown ass!

Is the Jewish state becoming Klan country?

by Justin Raimondo

A screaming mob of whites gathers in a public square, their placards proclaiming their hatred of blacks, their shouts of “N—-r!” reverberating and bouncing off the walls of nearby shops and homes like the ominous thunder of a coming storm. They loot shops that cater to blacks, and a prominent elected official is at the head of the mob, declaring that blacks are “a cancer” that must be eradicated.

Mississippi in the Sixties? A neo-Nazi rally? A Klan conclave?

No, it’s a recent scene in southern Tel Aviv, Israel, where Likud member of the Knesset Miri Regev – a former IDF spokesperson and prominent political figure – led a well-organized march of ultra-nationalists demanding the expulsion of all blacks from Israel. Just look at the ugliness of these people – listen to them screaming “White Power”! And here are the Jewish Hitlers, proclaiming their desire to set up a “Jewish monarchy.” A few extremists? No. Israel’s Interior Minister has pledged to ship all blacks back to Africa, and the issue of the African refugees has become themajor issue in Israel’s election campaign.

Rising ultra-nationalist star Naftali Bennett, of the religious fundamentalist “Jewish Home” party, is demanding their immediate expulsion in order to preserve the “purity” of the Jewish state. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for his part, has pledged to get rid of the Africans in short order, and ordered the construction of a “security fence” bordering the Sinai, where most of the refuges turn up seeking asylum from Africa’s wars.

They come from Sudan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia, for the most part, victims of the constant conflict that has made East Africa a bloody battlefield for many years. As Israel has made a concerted effort to boost arms sales to African nations, including Ethiopia, where many of the refugees come from, the influx can be seen as blowback – otherwise known as karma.

Israel has a longstanding military connection to Ethiopia: ever since the 1970s, when the genocidal Derg took power in Addis Ababa, Israel has been intimately involved with the Ethiopian military, providing training, weapons, advanced aircraft, and direct subsidies, which the government used to battle regional insurgents. The main target was the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF), which fought a bitter 30-year warof independence against the Ethiopians. Israel’s main interest in this, aside from the arms sales, was to secure control over Eritrea’s strategically important Red Sea shoreline. In 1991, Eritrea finally won its independence, yet there was but a short breather before the two sides started up again. The Israeli arms pipeline has fueled the conflict, along with generous US aid to the late Ethiopian tyrant Meles Zenawi, sobeloved by Susan Rice.

There are 20,000 of these “infiltrators,” as the anti-African demagogues call them, and that they have showed up on Israel’s doorstep is not just karmic, is it also geographic: Israel is the closest country with any promise of providing them with work, and they are often invited in by Israeli employers, who cannot find enough people to do menial jobs. Israel’s growing ultra-nationalist movement finds in them a convenient target, and a politically promising issue. Violence against the refugees is on the upswing: last year, 20-year-old Haim Mula was arrested for firebombing an orphanage for very young African children: he got off practically scot-free with a three-month plea bargained sentence.

Far from being considered a criminal and a pariah, young Haim might well run for the Knesset – because he has the Israeli people with him, particularly the young people who are flocking to the banner of “Jewish Home.”

This is what is so disturbing about recent events in Israel, where outright anti-Arab racism has long been tolerated and even encouraged by the government and religious authorities. Instead of denouncing and isolating the anti-black hate-mongers, Israel’s elites are defending and succoring them. A recent declaration initiated by Professor Rafael Medoff, director of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies in Washington, D.C., and Professor Yehuda Bauer of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, calls for “a world solution for a world problem.”

In other words: it’s not our problem. Medoff says other countries “have more room, and they have more resources. Israel has been taking a beating in the international press for how it treats the refugees, but never has there been any suggestion in these reports that maybe other countries should be lending a hand.”

Gee, that’s funny, but the US has never asked for help from other countries in dealing with the millions of political and economic refugees who have sought asylum and work here. Neither have the small European countries which today find themselves playing host to numerous migrants from less fortunate areas of the world. Perhaps because to do so would be in somewhat dubious taste – but apparently such considerations don’t come into play where Israel’s professional apologists are concerned. And naturally we do not hear one word out of their mouths about the orgy of hate the African presence in Israel has aroused – not only do they not condemn it, they don’t even mention it.

To top it off, Messrs Medoff and Bauer have named their initiative, which takes the form of a petition to the world’s governments, “The Evian Declaration,” timing it to “coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Evian conference, when nations around the world turned their back on Europe’s Jewish refugees,” as Ha’aretz put it.

The Evian Conference was called in the summer of 1938, as Hitler’s assault on the Jews took on horrific dimensions and they tried desperately to flee. While the conference did little to provide these refugees with realistic options, US and British immigration quotas were somewhat relaxed, with some others following suit (the Dominican Republic offered to take 100,000, but only 800 actually went). However, the refugee problem was on such a large scale that this hardly made a dent.

For Medoff and Bauer to invoke the Evian episode in this context simply underscores the tone-deafness of Israel’s apologists: by effectively saying it is “everyone’s problem” – and no one’s – they are merely replicating the tragedy of that affair.

Israel was itself conceived as a home for the homeless, a refuge for those who had been refugees in their own lands and driven into exile by war and the world’s animus. How they can now turn around and say “Not our problem” defies explanation. That they dare to say it out loud is proof – if more were needed – that Israeli society has gone more than a little crazy.

After all, these two distinguished professors are liberals – they aren’t joining the neo-Kahanists in the streets, firebombing orphanages and calling for “N—–s Out!” They are merely trying to cover for them, to make the world avert its eyes as hate explodes like a ripe boil on the Israeli body politic, exuding its poisons into the organs the Jewish state.

It’s the world’s problem? No, it isn’t. The hate that is erupting in the Jewish state is a Jewish problem, one that has yet to be acknowledged, let alone confronted, by Jewish leaders worldwide. I have not heard a single word about this from the so-called “Anti-Defamation League,” and its usually vociferous chief honcho, Abe Foxman, who seems to have an opinion about anything and everything, but is strangely silent on the defamation of Africans in Israel. As blacks in Israel find themselves beset by racist mobs, where is the American Jewish Committee, and all the other organizations that were important allies of the early black civil rights movement in this country – where are they now that the Bull Connors and the George Wallaces are Israeli?

They’re too busy trying to scuttle the nomination of Chuck Hagel to head up the Department of Defense to bother with speaking to the deepest values of the Jewish people and speaking out against a monstrous injustice. They’re too busy retailing the most contemptible smears against a patriotic American, who refuses to kowtow to a powerful lobby, to even acknowledge that crimes are being committed in their name and with our tax dollars. Even as I write this, detention camps – camps! – are being built with US “foreign aid” taxpayer dollars to house the “infiltrators” so they can be shipped back to Africa, often to a certain death.

It sickens me to write this. To gaze on an hypocrisy so immense, so brazen, so antithetical to everything the Jewish people have stood for historically, and to saynothing – the enormity of this kind of betrayal is simply breathtaking.

I have just one thing to say to Abe Foxman, and all the self-appointed Jewish “leaders” who arrogate to themselves the prerogative of vetting US government officials – when are you going to start vetting Israeli government officials as they whip up racist hysteria and carry out an anti-African pogrom?

I can answer this question for myself, because the answer is: never. It isn’t considered kosher to air the Jewish state’s dirty laundry in public. There is a big problem with this strategy, however: sooner or later the stench gets so bad that one can’t help but smell it.

Of course the precedent for all this is the virulent anti-Arab racism now pervasive in Israeli society, as a recent survey showed. To take just one rather vivid example: the Beitar football team has become a rallying point for swarming ultra-nationalist thugs, who beat up Israeli Arabs and engage in regular provocations against anyone deemed “alien” to the Jewish character of the state. In March of last year hundreds of them went on a rampage at a shopping mall in Jerusalem, beating Arab men, women, and children, and destroying Arab stores. Not a single arrest was made, nor was anybody charged. It’s open season on non-Jews in Israel, and no one should be surprised that blacks are now the target.

Once the American people wake up to what is going on, the much-touted support for Israel claimed by its partisans in this country will evaporate. That’s one reason why these same Jewish mis-”leaders” who are staying silent about the anti-African campaign are now voicing their “concern” that Al Jazeera, the Arab-based television network, will take over the niche once occupied by Al Gore’s “Current TV.” The Arab network has been regularly exposing the rising tide of anti-African hate now at the epicenter of Israeli politics, as well as more familiar depredations aimed at the Palestinians. The last thing the Israel lobby wants is footage of the Israeli equivalent of the KKK on American national television.

How will members of the congressional Black Caucus justify voting for billions in aid to Israel in the face of live news reports of howling Israeli mobs screaming hatred for Africans? Can the country that elected Barack Obama continue to have a “special relationship” with a nation that has turned into the Middle East equivalent of Klan Kountry? I think not.

The fatal blow to the Jewish state, however, will be the rupturing of its relationship with American Jewry, which, in spite of the vociferous dissent of some noisome neoconservatives, has a long tradition of liberalism. This noble legacy of tolerance and support for the underdog is now coming into open conflict with the newer tradition of unconditional support to the Israeli government of the moment – and, by their silence, the leaders of major Jewish organizations hope the problem will be swept under the rug, and somehow go away.

This is a very big mistake. Israeli society is going over a cliff, and the Jewish state’s political class is hastening rather than impeding the slide into a moral abyss. There is no way to cover up this crisis, because it has very visible political – and human – consequences. We are seeing this being played out in the Israeli election campaign, where the crazies are gaining momentum and sanity is in very short supply.

How many young American and European Jews will want to make aliyah to a country where blacks are demonized as disease-ridden criminals and automatically deported? How many Jews will want to express their solidarity with a Jewish state where racism is acceptable and the bullied have turned into the bullies? My guess: not many.

2013: The end of freedom rings

January 4, 2013 by ppjg

Marti Oakley (c) copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved


I have spent several days saying “Happy New Year” to people who have called from all over the country.  It is a hollow and meaningless greeting.  Without exception, everyone I have spoken with realizes that 2013 will be the year that the official end of the formerly free nation known as the United States, will occur.   I have not spoken to one person who holds out any hope that congress or the president will act to protect and defend the Constitution and the people of the fifty states.  They haven’t got the time.  They are far too busy assembling the police state and preparing to displace the population of the US with illegal immigrants, and removing any right to self-defense, even against government.

That oath they all take says that they will defend the US from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  The problem with this lies in the fact that the enemy we need to fear most is right here inside the gates. We have looked the enemy in the eye……and looking back at us was successive traitorous presidents and one gunburn_deescollection after another of supposed elected officials we call senators and representatives who have actively and brazenly betrayed us as a nation while threatening us with terrorism from groups and individuals that either they can’t identify or won’t identify. The terrorists we need to fear are collecting paychecks at our expense.

Will all the traitors please stand up and identify yourselves?

Many already have done exactly that although they may not have actually stated outright that they intended to betray us.  But betray us they have.

We have Diane Feinstein (D) CA, calling for a complete ban on all guns.  Who the hell does this woman think she is to call for striking down the 2nd Amendment?  Isn’t the 2nd Amendment the underpinning of our constitution? Isn’t this the very amendment that defines us as a free nation?  Does anyone think Ms Feinstein isn’t aware of the psychological effect this would have on the nation?  Hasn’t Ms Feinstein taken that oath to defend the constitution from both foreign and domestic enemies on numerous occasions?  Does this not put her in the precarious position of either a) admitting the oath meant nothing when she declared it, or, b) she has decided it is far more beneficial to betray the nation and possibly profit personally from that? 

Note to MS Feinstein:  There are numerous countries around the world who have disarmed their citizens for all sorts of spurious reasons, and then begin committing gross incidences of genocide, torture and massive imprisonment of the remaining population.  They not only shoot them, bomb them, gas them, torture them but in many instances they also starve them to death or deny them water.  They have no way to fight back!  I’m sure one of these countries would find you invaluable in continuing their assaults on their own populations while those in control live pleasant and affluent lives.  Please find one of these countries who would consider you a useful idiot and move yourself there.  Personally, I don’t believe we need you here.

I find it somewhat ironic that Ms Feinstein is the senior Senator from California.

  • This is a state that runs a 20 billion dollar a year deficit supporting illegal immigration while the legal residents are without work and the homeless population explodes.
  • It is also a state which allowed the Forestry service to shut down the timber industry wiping out one community after another.
  • Ms. Feinstein has sat by quietly as the Forestry service closed public access roads to national forests to deny the public entry.  This is particularly handy since California is designated as bio-region ONE from the United Nations.  No human habitat or access and to be controlled by the United Nations.
  • California is also the third most dangerous state in the country to live if you are an elderly individual who committed the crime of aging with assets.  The kidnapping, involuntary isolation and imprisonment, forced medications for chemical restraint of elderly individuals so that their estates can be looted by state agencies, corrupt judges and attorneys and professional predatory fiduciary’s is a national disgrace.
  • This is a state that has allowed the ubiquitous and hated Bureau of Land (mis)Management wipe out every wild horse and burro in the state.

But Ms Feinstein doesn’t have time for all that!

Her concern is disarming the American people because young men who have been subjected to untested and sometimes unapproved psychotropic drugs responded to those drugs exactly in the way that the drugs are intended.  They became suicidal, hostile, aggressive and eventually irrationally homicidal.  These are not unintended side effects of these horrible drugs, it is exactly what they are intended to do.

I have to wonder here why Ms Feinstein isn’t planning an attack on the pharmaceutical companies that drugs_deeswere allowed to put these drugs on the market knowing full well that:

  • they were massively addictive, and intended to become street drugs
  • don’t cure anything,
  • increase the symptoms of disturbance,
  • cause major personality changes, and
  • which are well-known to cause individuals to do unthinkable things because the drugs are so toxic that even taking them as “recommended” can lead to sudden death and psychotic behavior.

Dear MS Feinstein: The FDA is responsible 100,000 thousands of deaths each year!

Why is Ms Feinstein not going after the FDA who approved these drugs as safe and effective with no independent testing?  Why is no one at the FDA or the pharmaceutical companies being prosecuted for the 100,000 deaths each year attributed to toxic concoctions that kill people?  At the very least they should be prosecuted and imprisoned for aiding and abetting in the murder of at least 100,000 people every year.  Yet not one of these FDA scientists, doctors or officials has even lost their job as a result of their willing complicity in allowing deadly pharmaceuticals onto the market

Why is Ms Feinstein not going after the American Psychiatric Association for the soon to be released DSM 5 that is the greatest collection of fictional mental diseases ever assembled between two covers?  These are the people who prescribe these poisonous drugs that they themselves have no experience with, for mental diseases for which there is no scientific testing or proof that they exist other than they said so.

Why is Ms Feinstein focused on striking down the 2nd Amendment when the problems in her own state indicate that she lacks any focus or control?  When the state of her state is so horrendous?

Please Ms Feinstein, clean up your own house before you come after ours.  We will not surrender our guns, we will not comply with any police state legislation and we are becoming less willing to suffer the ill effects of career politicians who never let a good crisis go to waste.

Before you attack our Constitution, before you attempt to disarm us, clean up the FDA or better yet, shut this monstrosity of death and doom down!  It is a clear and present danger to the continued existence of the United States.

Then may I suggest you do some investigating of these horrendous pharmaceutical companies that kill hundreds of thousands each year and who are never held liable or accountable for what is in reality, a mass murder for profits.  As an example, Vioxx is now attributed to the deaths of more than 100,000 people.  It is still on the market under a new name.  Not one person has been prosecuted for these deaths.

As for the issue at hand…….before you begin trying to take our 2nd Amendment from us, why not investigate who prescribed what kind of drugs for the young man who committed this terrible crime?  I can assure you it was not Smith & Wesson, Remington or any other gun manufacturer.

In closing, I find it odd that you can move so quickly in an attempt to begin the disarming of America, but you become totally inert when it comes to any of the other issues raised here.