25 maids on death row in Saudi Arabia: Cases should be seriously re-investigated

S A Hannan

AFP has reported from Riyadh that twenty-five Indonesian maids are on death row in Saudi Arabia and 22 others have been pardoned and sent home, local media reported yesterday, adding that Jakarta will send a delegation for talks on the issue.”Twenty-two death row Indonesian inmates in the Kingdom have been exonerated and repatriated back to Indonesia, while 25 maids are still facing death sentences in Saudi Arabia for various offences,” the English-language daily Arab News reported.

Indonesian anger over the treatment of its manual labourers in the oil-rich Gulf monarchy has grown since last year, after a spate of cases of abuse and killings.Last June, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono denounced the beheading in Saudi Arabia of an Indonesian maid and accused Riyadh of breaking the “norms and manners” of international relations.

The best course is to return them to Indonesia for trial if any crime has been committed. We are not happy with Saudi Judicial system. We have seen that 8 Bangladeshis were beheaded in public for a murder on the basis of forced confession as revealed by their relations and others who knew the matter. Death even for adultery should be reviewed as in this state of moral degeneration, it is better to suspend Hadd punishment as Omar ( Radi Allahu Anhu ) did at the time of famine in case of theft. Forced or alluring confession should be avoided as Prophet did not like it.

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