Why Do So Many Jews Hate Black People?

February 18, 2012


Dov Lior, a popular chief rabbi in Israel, recently called Obama a Kushi, which is Israel’s equivalent to nig*er. Most Americans are completely unaware of the general contempt that many Jewish people have towards blacks, as Max Blumenthal found out when he interviewed dozens of young people in Israel who reiterated the Rabbi’s sentiments about Obama. Blumenthal’s video titled Feeling the Hate in Israel was removed from YouTube, Vimeo, and the Huffington Post shortly after going viral.
In order to understand the nature of this hatred we need to understand the historical context, which dates back hundreds of years. Although Jews were just a tiny percentage of the European population, they dominated the African slave trade. Jewish historians were so proud of this accomplishment that they bragged endlessly about their involvement and dominance of the industry in their historical texts. In Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History, prominent Jewish Historian Marc Raphael wrote “Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French, British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated. This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the triangular slave trade that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses….”
Jewish historical records show that Jewish involvement in the North American slave trade was so dominant that slave posts were frequently closed on Jewish holidays. Arnold Wiznitzer, a Jewish historian, wrote, “the buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always Jews, and because of their lack of competitors they could buy slaves at low prices. If it happened that the date of such an auction fell on a Jewish holiday the auction had to be postponed” In The United States Jewry 1776-1985 Jacob Marcus wrote, “all through the eighteenth century, into the early nineteenth century, Jews in the North were to own black servants. In 1820 over 75% of all Jewish families in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves. Almost 40% of all Jewish householders in the United States owned one slave or more.” In the South, which had a much higher ratio of slave ownership than the North, only 5% of white people owned slaves.
White Europeans would have ended the morally corrupt practice of slavery in North America much sooner if it weren’t for powerful Jewish businessmen lobbying to keep their profitable industry alive. As Rabbi and historian, Bertram Korn said, “many Southern Jews believed slavery to be indispensable to their happiness and security. “The road to social and economic advancement and acceptance” (for the Jews) “was made easier by the institution of slavery.”
The honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan discovered these facts and published the book: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, which quotes Jewish historical records such as the aforementioned to prove the case. The Anti-Defamation League, mainstream media, and many other Jewish American organizations slandered Farrakhan for publishing the book, even calling him anti-semitic for merely assembling a collection of Jewish historical records.
This racism has not abated in recent times unfortunately. For example, when black African Jews returned to Israel in 1969 under the Right of Return Act, the government ruled that they were not real Jews and therefore did not qualify for citizenship or any legal status. The black Hebrews were also denied state benefits and work permits. It wasn’t until 2003 that black Hebrews were granted permanent residency, but not the automatic citizenship granted to all other races returning on the exact same provision. If it wasn’t for a group of Americans who shamed the Israeli government into granting black African Jews some legal status, they would probably never have received it. To this day black Jews are still not accepted by the Jewish community in Israel. Racial slurs, insults, and discrimination in housing rentals are commonplace. This treatment has reached such an unbearable level that Ethiopan Jews have taken to the streets to protest. In response, Sofa Landver, the Israeli Immigrant Absorption Minister, smugly replied that they should be grateful for all that Israel has done for them. This is reminiscent of white supremacist rhetoric in the America, which claims that Africans should be grateful their ancestors were brought to America. Israel was clearly created under the premise of future safety for all Jews, not just white European Jews. Therefore, black African Jews should have the same rights and entitlements to Israel as any other Jews.
The Israeli government has even been caught attempting to sterilize Ehtiopan Jews by giving them the controversial birth control, Depo-Provera, without warning them of the potential side effects. Ethiopian Jews are less than 1% of Israel’s population, but yet account for 60% of the women on Depo-Provera. The side effects are quite severe, including pain in the hands and back, heavy bleeding, and in some cases permanent sterilization. Around 10% of the women taking this drug develop substantial side effects. In 2004, the FDA warned against the dangers of the drugs. Unfortunately, many Ethiopan Jews fear being deported if they speak up about these types of human rights abuses.
In an effort to “preserve the Jewish character of the country,” Israel also plans on deporting immigrant workers and their children; even in cases where the children were born in Israel, speak Hebrew, and have spent their entire lives as Israeli residents.
Israeli racism is so great that when The association for Civil Rights in Israel(ACRI) took a poll in 2007 they found that 66% of Israeli teens believe Arabs are less intelligent, uncultured, and violent. 50% of the Israelis taking the poll said they would not share an apartment with an Arab, befriend an Arab or let their kids befriend Arabs, or even let Arabs into their homes. A poll taken by the ACRI in 2008 found that these trends were increasing. Another poll taken in 2007, by the Center Against Racism found that 75% of Israeli Jews did not approve of Jews living in the same apartment buildings as Arabs, and that more than 50% of Jews would not have an Arab boss and thought that marrying an Arab was tantamount to national treason. 50% of Israelis also thought Arabs should not be allowed in the same entertainment sites and 40% wanted Arab’s voting rights rescinded.
Now imagine how much higher those percentages would have been if they were asked about black people. In Israel, it is against the law for a gentile to marry a Jew, which is presumably directed at preventing black immigrants and Arabs from marrying white Jews. Amnesty International has condemned their marriage policy as discriminatory.
Sheldon Adelson’s newspaper, Israel Hayom, recently published a column which stated, ““It is not uncommon to see 13 or 14-year-old girls dating members of ethnic minorities…. You see them sitting together on street benches and out on the town. Dating a member of an ethnic minority no longer carries a stigma. They come along with money, a car, buying her things that her parents can’t give her, spoiling her. There are a million stories like this around here. ”There are enough statistics on exploitation, seduction and coercion of young girls, but when it comes to ‘members of ethnic minorities’ – shhh! Don’t awaken the beast, or you might be considered a racist. The words ‘danger of assimilation’ are also kept out of our clean and enlightened lexicon.”
In 2010, the leader of the Sephardic community and founder of the Shas party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, stated that the sole purpose of non-Jews was to serve Jews. He also said in a television interview that “gentiles need to die…goyim have no place in this world.” Many of the top Israeli Rabbis issued a religious edict saying, “a thousand non-Jewish lives are not worth a Jew’s fingernail.”
Even though Israel takes a great deal of money from US in terms of direct foreign aid, “scrapped” military equipment that is really worth billions, one-sided contracts, and even charitable donations from Jews and Christians, according to Official Direct Assistance (ODA,) Israel is one of the stingiest developed countries in the world. Israel is one of the richest countries on the planet with more than 10,000 millionaires, but gives nearly 10 times less than the world average and gives the 4th least of any developed nation per capita, only barely beating out much poorer countries like Poland, Hungary, and Turkey. So while Israel took in $3 billion from America in direct aid and tens of billions in the other aid measures mentioned above, they only gave $141 million in foreign aid to nations in need of assistance in 2010. While Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were pledging billions to Africa, the 40% of American billionaires who are Jewish, focused their charitable contributions on Jewish causes, which arguably need the money the least.
The Jewish controlled media spends a ridiculous amount of airtime focusing on racial strife in America in order to cause a divide between blacks and whites. The truth of the matter is that there is very little inequality between whites and blacks when Jewish people are subtracted from the white column. Jewish people only comprise 2% of the population yet comprise 33% of the Supreme Court, 12-35% of the Ivy League student population and nearly 80% of the top administrative positions, 64% of the Federal Reserve including the top two spots, 10% of the Senate, and 6.5% of the House of Representatives. In addition, Jewish people control about 90% of the American media and make up 33% of America’s millionaires, 40% of America’s billionaires, and 45% of Forbes’ 40 richest Americans. Given these figures, it is statistically impossible for white gentiles to be over-represented in many of these positions. What is really taking place is that Jewish tribalism and nepotism keeps black people from positions of power and influence, but uses their media to blame the inequality on white racism.
The Jewish owned American media (see http://thebilzerianreport.com/?p=114 for the names, pictures and titles, to prove this fact) spends amazing amounts of airtime on Israel and Middle East, but little to no airtime on Africa, even though America has just as much strategic and humanitarian interest in the continent. America gets more oil from Nigeria than Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, and Iran combined. The media has fooled the American people into believing that they get their oil from the Middle East so they continually intercede on Israel’s behalf. The reality is that America produces half of its own oil and gets the vast majority of the rest from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, and Nigeria. And given the history, Americans certainly owe much more to Africa than to Israel and the greater Middle East. Miraculously the Jewish controlled media ignored the Rwandan genocide, which killed nearly one million Africans; most likely because they didn’t care about the black people they once enslaved and didn’t want take away from the sympathy of the Jewish holocaust. There are dozens of Jewish lobbies in America that have secured vast aid to the Middle East, but there are no Jewish lobbies for black African countries.
Even to this day the Jewish community is yet to apologize or acknowledge any role in the African slave trade. In fact, they even deny it, and crucify anyone who discusses it, which is similar one would think to holocaust denial. The denial of Jewish involvement in the slave trade, considering all the Jewish documentation, is equally as preposterous as denying the Jewish holocaust.

Imam WDM – Beware Of Psychological Warfare


Muslim Journal

Beware Of Psychological Warfare – Parts I, III & IV

By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

If you have an enemy that is a nation like Israel, if you have an enemy that is a nation and has an army that fights you with rockets, do you think that the war is all physical and detectable directly? I know you know better. They are not just fighting you with the army in uniforms, the military. They are fighting you with their psychology and also with their physical weapons. And if they can out maneuver you psychologically, they will kill your aspirations. They can tie up your energies and kill your original aspirations and make you a strange thing to your true self. This will happen, and you will not even know it until it is too late. Then you will see how much you have come out of your own (Muslim) character.

(Imam W. Deen Mohammed made this presentation at the Annual Conference of the Islamic Committee for Palestine using as example the African-American plight. He compared it to the possible outcomes the Palestinian people face. This conference was held at McCormick Inn of Chicago on December 23, 1989.)
We praise Allah, the Lord of the worlds, the Sustainer of us all. We seek Him for guidance. We ask His Mercy and Forgiveness and we pray always that the prayers and the blessings be on the Last Messenger of Allah, Muhammed, and on his descendants, his family. And I acknowledge what follows the most excellent salutation to the noble universal Prophet Muhammed.
I want to say that it is an honor for me to be invited to address you on this occasion. Regarding the plight of the Palestinians, I don’t think that I am any different from other Muslims in America who are sincere. I am sure that all of us share your concern as your brothers in the Religion. Though we are African-Americans, we are Muslims. All Muslims should be having the same heart and the same aspirations for the Muslim people wherever they are on earth. Whether they are in America, in the Middle East, in the Far East, or in Africa, the hearts of Muslims are united. If we are truly sincere, the Qur’an, which is the Word of Allah, and Muhammed, who is the Messenger of Allah, brings us into unity. We should have one heart and shared aspirations.
I am conscious of our plight in America as “Blacks” or as African-Americans. We are not comfortable with any of these racial names for us. We have been called Negro, Colored and Black. On my father’s birth certificate his race is noted as “Colored.” I recall at the time of my youth most African-Americans called themselves Colored. I didn’t, because with justification, we were the racial (race-conscious) rebels.
The Honorable Elijah Mohammed aroused, shaped, and directed us. He also was deprived and misinformed. We pray Allah forgive him his sins and grant him paradise and peace. Because of his sincere efforts to bring to the attention of the “black man” the truth of his human worth, we esteem him highly. It was the tireless labor of Elijah Mohammed that eventually reformed attitudes and raised the term black from shame. James Brown, the singer, made a great hit with his song “I’m Black and Proud.” Suddenly those people who once were almost ready to fight people for calling them black began to insist they be called “Black.” These people, my people, began to like being called “Black.”
At this time, I am having great difficulty in trying to get them to stop calling themselves “Black” and to prefer calling themselves African-Americans. We think “African-American” is the more natural and courageous. This term ties us back to Africa our motherland. The choice of “African-American” tells the world that we refuse to be shamed out of our identity with Africa. We are not ashamed of our origin in Africa, to the contrary we are happy to say we are African and we are American.
“African-American” was a name advocated by a man from Jamaica, Marcus Garvey. He was the father of our “nationalism.” It was the honorable Marcus Garvey that addressed us as African-Americans. The Reverend Jesse Jackson met with several leaders and a joint communication was sent out to make it official that we of the blacks of Africa be addressed “African-Americans.” It should be fashionable now for us to address ourselves as African-Americans.
We tried to promote the term “Bilalian,” but right away we ran into disinterest. Some people did not like that we call ourselves Bilalians. Some even thought we were trying to start a new religious sect. Their complaints bordered on a most damaging charge of shirk (false worship), the idolizing of Bilal, may Allah be pleased with him. It was not in our Interest at all to give Bilal any special place, except the special place he already has in Islamic and African history. We were innocently trying to solve the identity crisis for our people here in America. The Arabs, and most tribally established national groups, identify with geographic feats and with ancestors. By choosing to call ourselves “Bilalians,” we reached for the same situation.
It hurts me to tell you the truth about our identity crisis. We are still not pleased. The only name that pleases me is “Muslim”. It is the only name I feel perfectly comfortable with. I don’t feel perfectly comfortable being called an African-American or a Black man or a Colored man or a Negro.
Deep in our genetic memory we don’t like it that we have been called something without the natural honor of having had it (choice of name) grow out of us rather than put on us.
I’m speaking to the African-American brothers now: For us, we should not depend on a racial (color) appellative to fuel race spirit or to fuel race dignity for us. We will expect the term Muslim will have that fuel in greater potency and greater quantity.
Some of us are almost white, and they still call us “black”. That is a mystery (a tricky one), but for now forget it.
Let me come to something a little more serious. As a young man I learned that church people or Christians had an origin story about our people becoming servants or an inferior class of people in the society of the white people and others. Some of you outside of America I’m sure are familiar with this story. The story says that Noah (upon him be peace) had three sons, and you probably all know the story of Noah. One of Noah’s sons was Ham. The three sons saw Noah in his nakedness after he had been intoxicated. The first son walked in on his father looked on him and Laughed; that was Ham. The second one came in looked at his father and turned his head. He (the second to enter) did not want to look on his father’s nakedness. The third one to enter looked at his father’s nakedness and took a cloth and covered his father’s nakedness.
Now I am sure that available history (stories) say the one that did the best act was the “white” race, and the one who laughed was the black race. At any rate, we were told that we were the children of Ham through Canon. We were told our blackness was not natural, but that we were cursed. Many of us accepted that our color was a curse. This is a story that came mainly from the church people. Many yet think us to be children of personified shallow mindedness and playfulness.
The story the church gives is not word-for-word in the Bible. The Bible only says that Ham was cursed. And that the curse did not fall upon Ham directly, but it fell upon his sons (Canaanites). To get the full Bible reading on this curse is to see Canon doomed to always be in an inferior position among men. He (Canon) was doomed to do menial chores like cut wood and fetch water for people not blackened.
The racist bigots used this against us to say that we were the cursed blacks, that black skin was a curse on us. The story would have us believe that our skin color and our Negroid (African-American) looks were a curse on us. The Biblical story seems to make this low-down slander the sole act of G’d, Himself. Christians are to accept that G’d, Himself, deemed that we do the servile things for the other races — cut wood, tote water, have no skilled work, and just answer the call of common servile duties befitting a slave. The advocates of racism and a cooperating church used this story to make the Christian people of America, and I am sure of the world, feel no shame. The story was to cover their shame and take away human concern from the issue. “They are not supposed to be treated as other humans. They are under a curse. Their blackness is a curse. Their looks (features) are a curse on them. G’d put the curse on them.” This low-down thing was done.
To make this even worse, there was a time in our history of just fifty years or so in the past when so-called scientists in sociology and psychology were leading advocates for this evil of racism. You have seen some recently on television perhaps trying to defend their position that blacks are inherently inferior. They (Western would-be scientists) too wrote us off as subhuman.
Today, I’m sure we can run into European Americans (white people) out in the streets of Chicago and elsewhere that still have that opinion of us, although America has changed a great deal. There are people in America, in Europe, and maybe in your (Arab) countries too who have that (false picture) opinion of us and look down on our racial constitution.
So much for this side: I was surprised to also learn that there was a low-down story also from Asia. I was told that in one of the Indian religions there is a mythical G’d Rama who flung the sun as a disc over Africa. In this story G’d was angry with the African people and he flung the sun disc too close to them and singed their hair and burnt their faces. That is how the African got black faces and nappy hair, if one believes a low-down story.
Imagine a people brought to a strange land as slaves, cut off from their language they had before, whatever it was — I’m sure we had many different languages, but I also believe that many of us were Muslims.
There is history to back that up. Here were a people cut off from their language, cut off from their cultural past, and cut completely off from all memory of what life principles there were before, cut off from their ancestors and cut off from their native life. Imagine those people given a picture as babies of themselves just as I have described to you.
We (African descendants) were rejected in heaven and on earth. Low-down stories were backed up by so-called science — pseudo science of America, at that time passing itself off as legitimate science. The coward’s (Satan’s) lie was saying that we (descendants of Africans) were genetically inferior and that was it. You can imagine how a people so overwhelmed could feel and think till they feel and think themselves out of the race. Imagine their burden then and now. The world and our nation folded their hands and were silent while Africa and her children was being set-up for a worldly price.
The courts were treating us as though they accepted that idea. When we were brought to the courts, they did not regard us as equal humans with the “whites.” This is during slavery and after slavery. This is recent in history in America and elsewhere. What we said in court meant nothing or we could not speak at all. The (“black”) man was not to be treated as an adult. They were called Jim Crow Kangaroo Courts.
This low-down behavior was popular in the south and occasionally the north. At any rate the north was tolerating it. The treatment in the north in some instances was just as bad. You can imagine the cruel damage to our minds.
What did we have to look for? We knew nothing of Africa. We were not world travelers. We were cut off from the international world. We knew nothing of any other position regarding our worth from scientists or psychologists or sociologists. We were not educated or worldly informed. Imagine the burden on us, when a whole country, the most progressive country in the world had made that kind of judgment against us. Adding painfully to the burden, there were the majority of people treating us as though they accepted that judgment.
You people can imagine the burden that was on us. (To be continued)
Part III
I came to the conclusions that if we are to solve our problems we are to first consult the Qur’an and the life of Muhammed the Prophet. After we have gotten the needed material from those two sources, we are created by Allah to make good use of our thoughts, our own ideas, our imagination, skills, and resources. We are to test what we are going to use before we use it. We first rely on what has already been revealed in Qur’an and in the life of the Prophet. Test what our minds produce, and that which is not approved by Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet, reject.
We will find great support for much of the genius of the African-American man and the genius for any people in the Qur’an and in the life of Muhammed (peace be upon him). But as Muslims we have to be willing to throw that which is rejected away, no matter how much we love it or how much we are obsessed with our own ideas.
We have to have the strength and the courage to say, “I am Muslim first. I am Muslim before I am African-American. I am Muslim before I am anything.” And that which is rejected as Muslims must be thrown away! If it conflicts with what Allah has revealed and with what our Prophet has lived and demonstrated for us, reject it. Then we will be successful.
We, as African-Americans, have come away from that strong desire to have an identity of our own, to be our own man and to know ourselves. We came from that position to get into a situation that I call being one of conflicting interest. And that is what will happen to anybody and to any people, if you don’t have what Allah intended for you — the Qur’an and the life of the Prophet. If you don’t have what our Creator, Allah, gave for us, then eventually you will end up having conflicting interest.
The African-American people are still weak. We have all the laws on the books for us. We have equal opportunity for us. We, as individual African-Americans, can get rich; that’s no problem. We can become mayors and governors and senators, as you have seen. And we have been that before. In fact, during the days of Reconstruction we had more political giants than we have now, considering the time back then and the number of us back then and now. So that is not out of our reach — money, wealth, political power and positions.
I don’t see the presidency within our reach, but who knows. If it becomes convenient for America to put an African-American up as president, then we will have an African-American as president. It can be four years from now or it could happen at any time— any time it is convenient for the American people. I think there was a time in the past when we also had one of us as president for a brief moment. Although it was very brief, it too was during the Reconstruction period. Something happened, the Chief of State was out, and they had this black man who came in and was President for just a moment or a very brief time. So it can happen.
But will that solve our problem? We had an African-American mayor of Chicago. Our condition did not improve that much in Chicago. We have mayors in many of the cities here in the United States, and still look at the condition of African-Americans. Having these positions is not doing it.
The only answer is to have our lives based on something real and have an authority in our lives and over our lives that brings all of us under that One Authority. Then we will have a chance for real unity. We need an ideology that we can all share.
Without that we will continue to have all of these conflicting interests. Some African-Americans want to have only the church for African-Americans and do not want to see the mosque here for African-Americans. Some African-Americans still want to see us integrate and get closer to the white people and just get rid of our identity. They want us to lose ourselves in the white people.
There are some of us who still want to stay as we are and keep to ourselves. We want to see a serious African-American culture develop and for us to have some real identity established. We want that once that identity grows and becomes stronger and stronger, then we will have true cultural identity as an ethnic group in this country. Some of us want that, whether we are Christian, Muslim or other.
Some of us think that economics and money are going to solve our problems. Some of us think that education is going to do it. This goes for Muslims and Christians alike. All of us are divided on these things. Some think that the combination of education and money will do it. Most of the preachers and politicians think that we just need more opportunities in the government with more political positions.
A very few of us think that we have to work on an ideology and a philosophy of life and have it written for the African-American people to give them identity. Some of us think that there is nothing wrong with marrying out of your race, and that we should not be alarmed if black men are marrying out of their race and black women are marrying out of their race. Some of us think that something is wrong with that. We do not like it, and that is the majority of us.
We have conflicting interest, for some of us think the Arab people are “A-rabs” and are not liked by the Jews, so they should be forgotten as meaning nothing. They think the “A-rabs” are a heathen people. Some African-American people are more prejudiced against the Arab people than the average European-American. I am building up to a point here.
Some of us feel that the religion of Al-Islam is the Anti-Christ. This is for some African-Americans. Now that the religion has received popularity over the last few years, and the truth is being told more and more on television and in the media, in the newspapers and magazines, those African-Americans who hold that kind of position and have that kind of attitude towards our religion ARE NOW ASHAMED TO COME OUT boldly as they used to, but they are still there. They have not changed. They still feel that our religion is the Anti-Christ and that our Prophet is the Anti-Christ. They feel they have to work secretly to keep this religion from spreading among the African-American people. They are working to keep us from growing in this country and are very deceitful.
I have met with many of the African-American preachers who have this kind of attitude. They are very deceitful and are a very hypocritical people. I am talking about this minority in the African-American church who has this opinion and attitude towards our religion and towards Arabs.
So how are we going to manage all of this? We have managed it! Right now, I have thousands of people who share my feelings about this religion who are African-Americans. They also share my admiration and happiness and my pleasure of being a Muslim and a follower of Muhammed the Prophet of Arabia (peace be upon him). And we are so happy that we have thrown off that other old idea.
We have thrown off the attachment and dependence of the false idea of our superiority. We are happy to be rid of that and to say that we are brothers with every man, and Adam is the father of all of us. We are happy to say that we are brothers with the Christians and the Jews and the Muslims and with Abraham as father to all of us. We are brothers indeed with all Muslims, because the Qur’an is our Book and Muhammed is our Prophet.
We are very happy, and we see an opportunity for ourselves to grow economically, to grow in education, and to grow also in culture. We see that we have the opportunity in adhering to the Qur’anic teachings and the excellent example of Prophet Muhammed that, in time, we will grow naturally into our own ethnic identity in America as Muslims.
If we stay Muslim, follow the Qur’an, follow the Prophet, apply the knowledge and the wisdom and hold to the spirit of the Muslim, we will be using our intelligence. Then our intelligence in the run of time and over the generations to come is going to give us a unique identity.
We are going to have our unique taste for food. We are going to have our unique taste for dress. We are going to have our uniqueness as a people with our distinct cultural identity. That is going to happen. All we have to do is stay with the Qur’an and be sincere. We must be sincere to the life of the Prophet.
Do not take on artificiality. Do not try to be something that you are not. We are not Arabs, we are African-Americans. We are not Pakistanis, we are African-Americans. We are not Sudanese, we are African-Americans. So keep that in our minds. Be what we are.
But we will not have that unique identity, if we look for artificiality and if we just copy other people. We are not to copy anybody. Our unique identity will come naturally.
Part IV
When people come to know that what we have on our minds is the establishment of our own identity, that is going to relax a lot of people. They will relax when they see that we are sincere about this. A lot of people get nervous when one of us moves into one of their neighborhoods. They don’t know what we have on our minds. Once they know that we have something definite that we are going to follow down the line for generations and generations to come, that we are not going to take on artificiality and will not be imitating anyone and do not want to blend in with others and get into someone else’s body, learning that will make them relax. I think the Arab brothers will relax more, when this becomes true and they come to know this.
This will be the real dignity for the African American people. And it is going to come. What can I say now to our Palestinian brothers? I say, look at what has happened to us. Because whether you know it or not, you have been maneuvered also to step into entanglements and become entangled by things that throw you away from your main concern.
The question of race has been an entrapment for the African American leadership. To tie up our energies just in arguing about race and trying to defend our equal essence as human beings serves to entrap many. Much of what has occurred to set patterns of behavior for African Americans has amounted to entrapment.
So that is to say we have been out maneuvered many times by the people who do not want to see us get our share in America. Likewise, it will be for any struggling people. The Palestinians’ concern is our concern also. If you are not careful, in carrying the fight against enemies, you will lose your purpose. You will lose your direction. You will fall into a trap and get all entangled in useless arguments and confrontations. They (the enemies) are constantly working.
If you have an enemy that is a nation like Israel, if you have an enemy that is a nation and has an army that fights you with rockets, do you think that the war is all physical and detectable directly? I know you know better. They are not just fighting you with the army in uniforms, the military. They are fighting you with their psychology and also with their physical weapons. And if they can out maneuver you psychologically, they will kill your aspirations. They can tie up your energies and kill your original aspirations and make you a strange thing to your true self. This will happen, and you will not even know it until it is too late. Then you will see how much you have come out of your own (Muslim) character.
We don’t want to come out of our own character. We don’t want to be out maneuvered. We don’t want to lose our own directions. So dear beloved Palestinian people, my brother and Sister Muslims, study this thing and do not underestimate the psychological war that is being raged against all Muslims by the enemies. Do not underestimate. You must work very carefully to keep yourself in the Qur’an and on the Path of the Qur’an.
You must know too that you have been put in a situation for depriving you of your own religion just as we have. You have not had the full freedom to live and practice your religion while or since being under the colonial powers. You have been hurt internally too. You have been taken away from yourself too. They did not make you slaves, but they made you powerless inferior citizens in your own land. They limited your freedom to live the life you wanted to live in your own land.
Whether you were directly occupied by them or not, the adverse influences were still there to hurt you and to deny you having the freedom to live your religion and to be the person you would be were there not restraints on you from them. Your life has been limited just as our life has been limited. You have not had your life in your hands, and we have not had our life in our hands. We must get our internal life under our controls.
Now all of a sudden the world has changed and television has brought everyone together. Now these big civilized nations cannot afford to let everybody (the whole world) see what they are capable of doing in the back yards. These big powers have no back yards now. There are no back allies now. The television puts everything on Main Street. The enemies of justice cannot afford to do the things they used to do. And they knew this was coming.
These enemies manipulating the great powers had already planned to give independence to these countries. Everything was planned to save their face when forced to. However, they tied you up psychologically and cut you off from your original life to a degree that I do not think most of you are willing to admit.
Some of you have complimented us African Americans and were surprised that we have stronger spirited Muslims here in the black people than you have even in your own country. I don’t think that is too serious. I see your love for the religion as being strong. Your love is Muslim just like ours. But something has happened to you too. Many of you have been cut off, misguided and are waking up behind us. The (your) heart is still sincere.
What Muslim can you find that will not have sincere love for Prophet Muhammed? I don’t care where they are or where they come from; all have sincere love for our Prophet. All have sincere love and respect for the Qur’an. All of us (Muslims) have that.
Some of you Muslims may be drinking liquor and acting like the lost people in the streets of the wasted world. But most will still have love and respect for Qur’an, if confronted. You have love for the Prophet. So what is it that is missing? The senses have been out maneuvered by the enemies of the religion. It is not for me-you know best your state. I want you to work on this.
I was given this topic just yesterday, and it came too late for me to work it out into a planned paper. I understand it is not the fault of your organizers here. Something happened and the needed information did not get to me until yesterday.

A Historical Look At Israeli False Flag Operations

Written by Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq

With all that we see happening with the London bombings, I think it is wise for us to consider the following. History could be repeating itself. British and American targets have been bombed before, and the evidence seemed to point to a specific perpetrator. But the evidence was faked.
Numerous writers, scientists, investigators and even political figures have pointed out Israel’s involvement with 9/11. There is a huge pile of evidence that is being ignored, shoved under the carpet and being labeled as “urban legend” and “conspiracy theory” regarding Israel’s involvement in 9/11. We should know that Jews have a consistent history of fraudulent actions resulting in the loss of lives of millions of human beings to accomplish their purpose.
False flag operations are not new for Jews. As I will show in the list below, false flag operations — the act of committing terrorist actions and having others blamed for them — is a technique that they have employed in numerous situations for hundreds even thousands of years. Not only have they done false flag operations to blame Muslims, they have done these actions to have others blamed like, the Czarist government in Russia, other Jews, Germany, enemy organizations and states, etc. I also find it interesting that they have been caught red handed in numerous false flag operations.  Not once, but several times.  As regards today’s terrorists actions, it is interesting to note that Israelis have been caught in false flag operations attempting to have Muslims blamed, but yet there is not one false flag operation where Muslims were caught attempting to blame Jews. We should really think about this and ask the reasonable question of, “I wonder why that is?”
Here is a brief look at some past Jewish actions showing their treachery, deception and fraud in having innocents take the blame for their horrible actions. I have summarized this and provided links to most of the facts listed below. Doing a Google search on any of the facts presented will yield even more information:

1. According to our Bible, it was Jews who were responsible for falsely accusing Jesus (pbuh), deceiving the masses about his true mission and causing him to be crucified by the Romans. It is also true that in the Bible Jesus called Jews murderers, children of the devil, vipers, liars and other vile things. Jesus did not pull any punches in describing them. I guess in today’s world he would have been arrested for Antisemitism. He realized the truth and exposed them for what they really were. You Christian Zionists and far right Christians should go study your Bible. You may either learn something or come back denouncing Jesus as an anti-Semite. 
2. According to many respected WW1 historians it was Jews who tricked Britain into agreeing to give them Palestine in exchange for getting the U.S. into WW1. Benjamin Freedman, a friend of some of the major leaders in our time and who is also a Jew, admitted this during a major speech given to patriots in 1961. The Neturei Karta, a devoutly Jewish religious group also admits the same. There are numerous scholars, historians and Jews who describe in detail how WW1 was started and fought with one of the main goals being securing Palestine for Jews. Here is a link to more information about that:
A Jewish Defector Warns America
3. It was Jews who caused the pogroms of their own people in Russia around the 1890s, so that the world will hate the regime of the Czar and cause millions of Jews to flee to the U.S. for political gain. Under the orders of Jacob Schiff in New York and the Rothschilds, they massacred hundreds of fellow Jews to have Russians blamed for this act and cause the immigration of thousands of other Jews to the US. Among other things, this resulted in world opinion turned against the Czar and his government and set up the bloody overthrow of his regime by the Bolsheviks.
The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations
4. As admitted to by many historians and even by the ultra Israeli religious group, the Neturei Karta, WW2 was engineered by Jews and the leadership of the Jews made an alliance with Hitler causing thousands of German Jews to be killed so that others will flee en mass to Israel. They also forced the U.S. president Roosevelt to get into WW2 by embargoing Japanese oil causing them to attack the U.S. at Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt went along with this plan, all the while knowing ahead of time about the Japanese attack and the murder of thousands of Americans. See the following for more:
Stranger Than Fiction

5. The Iraqi Jew Naeem Giladi wrote a book detailing how Israelis performed terrorist actions and caused the deaths of many Jewish Iraqis during the 1950s so that Arab Iraqis can be blamed for it. The purpose of these terrorist actions was to cause Jews to migrate to Israel from Iraq. All but 6,000 of the 125,000 Jews in Iraq fled to Israel.
6. A few years after the end of World War II, the Zionist plan to establish the nation of Israel in Palestine was finally realized. But not before the British protectors of Palestine were chased out by acts of terror carried out by ungrateful Zionist terrorists. It was British troops who unwittingly sacrificed their lives in order to steal Palestine away from Arab control and allowed the Jews of Europe to immigrate there. But with Great Britain left weakened and in debt from World War II, the ungrateful Zionists saw their opportunity to now chase the British out of Palestine by committing acts of terrorism against them. The most notorious of the Zionist terror groups was the Irgun, whose leader Menachem Begin would one day go on to become the Prime Minister of Israel and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
On the morning of July 22, 1946, a group of 15-20 Irgun terrorists dressed as Arabs entered the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. They unloaded 225 kilograms of explosives hidden in milk churns. The King David Hotel housed the Secretariat of the Government of Palestine and Headquarters of the British Forces in Palestine. When a British officer became suspicious, a shootout took place and the Irgun lit the fuses and fled. The explosion destroyed part of the hotel and killed 91 people. Most of the victims were British but 15 innocent Jews also died. Menachem Begin was not merely suspected of being behind these murderous deeds. Begin admitted that the Irgun committed these acts and that they were necessary for the establishment of a Jewish state.
Stranger Than Fiction
7. In 1956, as reported by the Times Of London, during one of Israel’s perpetual wars with its neighbors, the Israeli Mossad tried to trick the United States into siding with Israel against Egypt by blowing up a US facility in Cairo and blaming the Egyptians for it. The plot was wrecked when the operatives were caught and confessed, creating a huge scandal. This event was referred to as the Lavon Affair named after the Israeli Defense Minister, Pinhas Lavon,  at that time.
8. According to Victor Ostrovski, a defector from the Israeli Mossad, the US was tricked into bombing Libya when the Israeli Mossad planted a radio transmitter in Tripoli which sent out fake orders to “terrorists” which the US could intercept. The faked orders caused Libya to be blamed for a German disco bombing. As a result of this fake transmission, Reagan used it as evidence to bomb Libya killing 30 innocent people including Qaddhafi’s baby daughter.
9. On June 8, 1967 Israel used unmarked fighters and torpedo boats to launch an hour and one-half long attack on the American Navy ship the USS Liberty, costing 34 American sailors their lives and 171 wounded. The Israelis first attacked the Liberty’s radio towers in an attempt to stop the Sixth Fleet from learning that the Israelis were the attackers. After unmarked Israeli fighters horrendously bombed and strafed the Liberty, Israel sent in torpedo boats to finish the job. They even machine gunned the deployed life rafts in an effort to ensure that there would be no survivors (witnesses) who could expose them. Just as in the Lavon Affair, Israel hoped to blame this act of war on their enemy, the Egyptians. This time, only the courage and resourcefulness of the Liberty’s crew prevented a further compounding of the travesty.
9. It was Israelis who were armed with 9mm pistols, nine grenades, explosives, three detonators and 58 bullets and caught in Mexico in an attempt to blow the Mexican Congress up on October 10, 2001, one month after 9/11. Curiously these Israelis were found not with Israeli passports in their possession but with Pakistani passports. The Israelis were booked for conspiracy to destroy a building by means of an explosive by the Mexican police. If they were successful in blowing up the Mexican Congress, then like 9/11, it would have been blamed on Muslim terrorists, especially if Pakistani passports were found at the scene of the crime. They got caught red-handed here and only God knows how many other incidents that innocent Muslims are being blamed for that was really done by Israelis. See the following link for more on this:

I could go on and on with more travesties committed by Jews. But I hope you are getting my point. The information above is all true about Jews and Israel. Yet we don’t learn from these lessons of the past when new terrorists’ actions are committed. I agree with Mark Glenn who wrote the following words:

“America’s only ally in the Middle East, Israel, has been responsible for more acts of terror, sabotage, and murder of American citizens than the Muslims ever were. By her duplicity, she has put Americans in more danger than they have ever known or will know. She has bombed hotels, American government buildings, deliberately allowed hundreds of US Marines to be killed in their barracks in Lebanon, assaulted a US intelligence gathering ship, the USS Liberty (for the purposes of blaming the Arabs and thus drawing America into her war against them) stole and then sold America’s most sensitive nuclear weapons technology to her enemies, (Russia and China) and by all indicators most certainly was involved in the 9/11 attacks. Whether it was the testimony given by the Israeli pilots who bombed and machine gunned the USS Liberty (killing 34 American sailors and wounding almost 200 more) or whether it was the Israeli intelligence officers who were arrested on 9/11 (while videotaping the destruction and cheering for a job well done) so much evidence exists which leaves no doubt as to who America’s real enemy is, and yet short of one individual’s conviction and prison sentence, Jonathon Pollard, nothing has been done with Israel with respect to justice or the interests of America’s security. By contrast, year after year she is rewarded with more and more money and even more in terms of immunity and insulation from public scrutiny. The American people, supposedly a Christian people, have displayed not an ounce of the same concern for this obvious danger against their physical well-being which they attempt to display now over the supposed danger posed by Islamic extremism. Through the eyes of a Muslim therefore, the picture of the modern day Western Christian is one of an intellectually compliant, politically and religiously complacent individual who cannot think for himself or act in his own best interests outside of the programming which he receives from his Zionist puppet masters. Even today, as the headlines are blaring out the obvious vindication of this image by virtue of the fact that the war in Iraq was fought on completely false pretenses, the average conservative Christian in America who has adopted this irrational fear of Islam has taken no note of this nor does he appear to have been affected in the least.”
Through the Eyes of a Muslim

Israel has a proven track record of false flag operations causing death and destruction to their “allies and supporters”. Yet we never hear about any of this in the main stream media. When a terrorist act is committed, this false flag history of the Israelis is never brought up as a possibility to consider.  If we are going to be intelligent people and truly find the real culprits, shouldn’t we look at all possibilities and learn from the lessons from the past? As the old saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME!” Instead of doing this, the first thing we hear from our leaders and without any evidence are “Al-Qaeda”, “Muslim terrorists”, etc. When at the same time Israelis have been caught attempting to frame Muslims numerous times.
Yet Americans still see Israel as their best friend. Billions of dollars is freely given to Israel every year, we fight their wars for them, and we trust them in the highest positions in our government. For God’s sake America why are we allowing this? Why are we not investigating, sanctioning, attacking, freezing funds, etc from Israel? What more do we need? America is headed towards repeating the mistakes of Czarist Russia. If we are not careful we will have another Bolshevik Revolution on American soil with tragic consequences maybe more deadly than the ones that killed more than 60 million innocent Russians.