‘**** You, Lady’, A US Embassy Man Yells At Dr. Shireen Mazari In Islamabad Restaurant

‘F**k You, Lady’, A US Embassy Man Yells At Dr. Shireen Mazari In Islamabad Restaurant

‘Fuck You, Lady’, A US Embassy Man Yells At Dr. Shireen Mazari In Islamabad Restaurant

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‘F**k You, Lady’, A US Embassy Man Yells At Dr. Shireen Mazari In Islamabad Restaurant
A Known Critic of US Meddling In Pakistan is publicly Harassed By An American
A US citizen has apparently tried to intimidate a known Pakistani critic of US presence in Pakistan. She says in a statement she ‘does not feel safe’ because of houses in her area rented out by alleged American intelligence operatives running loose in the country. This is the same part of Islamabad where the residence of Dr. A. Q. Khan is located.
SPECIAL REPORT | Monday | 13 June 2011
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—A military-looking American with a female companion tried to intimidate known Pakistani defense expert Shireen Mazari during Sunday brunch at a restaurant in the federal capital. Dr. Mazari refused to budge and forced the alleged American serviceman to leave after yelling at him saying, “President Zardari cannot protect you everywhere.”
Dr. Mazari is the foreign policy adviser to PTI, a former director of Islamabad Institute of Strategic Studies and most recently a newspaper editor.
She was having a quiet late breakfast at a restaurant in the high-security F-6 Sector of Islamabad when two Americans, a man and a woman, sat on a table next to her and the altercation occurred.
Dr. Mazari was shocked when the American stood up at one point and banged his chair into hers. His action appeared to be deliberate. Ms. Mazari turned back expecting an apology or a simple ‘excuse me’ or ‘sorry’. Instead the American arrogantly ignored her.

The American with a Pakistani defending him, in a cell phone image.
The man was somewhat bulky with a military build, which made him look intimidating, Mazari told PakNationalists.com in an email interview.

“So when I got up, I also rammed my chair into his,” she said.
“What the fuck,” the American howled as he turned toward her. “I told him that this is what he had done and had failed to apologize.”
The American aggressively retorted, “Fuck you, lady.”
Says Dr. Mazari, ‘At this point I totally lost my temper and told him that he could not abuse Pakistanis and get away with it and that he better leave.”
The management of the restaurant allowed Dr. Mazari to handle the situation. The manager and the waiters saw the incident from the start and were aware the American was being unnecessarily rough with the Pakistani lady.
The American wouldn’t budge and Dr. Mazari demanded the restaurant manager decline to serve him until he complied.
“You cannot abuse every Pakistani and get away with it. President Zardari cannot protect you everywhere!” Dr. Mazari replied to the American after he uttered the four-letter expletive. “How dare you abuse me – either apologize or get out. This is not the US. This is Pakistan and you cannot mistreat me or abuse me in my own country.”
Interestingly, an elitist-looking Pakistani man on another table intervened and offered Dr. Mazari an apology on behalf of the American serviceman. Dr. Mazari described him as ‘Pakistani burger chamcha’—an expression common among Pakistanis to describe those of their countrymen who flaunt their exaggerated westernization. She asked him why did he have to apologize for the misbehavior of an American.
“If you continue like this you make us Pakistanis look bad,” replied the young. “It is apologists like you,” retorted Dr. Mazari, “who make us look bad by giving foreigners leeway to misbehave with your people.”
The most telling part of the altercation was the point where the American asked her, ‘How do you know I am an American?’ Mazari replied, “Because you look like one with the same obnoxious attitude!”
He added, “Just because you hate Americans …” and Dr. Mazari interrupted and said, “It is you who kill our Pakistanis.
“Oh you are the lady who …” he continued, at which point Mazari interrupted again saying, “Yes I am one of those Pakistanis who want you out of this country.”
Adds Dr. Mazari: “At this point the elitist burger kid intervened again to say they are our guests in the country. I told him they are not guests but killers of Pakistanis.”
“Clearly, the burger boy was ill informed about his country,” Dr. Mazari said later.
She said she told the restaurant management that the American either apologize or leave. The American preferred to leave, in a silver grey BMW with an Islamabad number place that starts with QN.

The American and his female companion leaving the restaurant without offering apology.

Dr. Mazari issued the following statement after the incident:
“I feel threatened since the Yanks are running loose in Islamabad intimidating whomever they choose. Who will guarantee my security? I live in an area where the Yank houses are all over including one right behind my house so there is a common back wall. I think the local police should take note of the US personnel’s movements and restrict them to their homes as they are a threat to every self-respecting Pakistani citizen.”
The American appeared to be another CIA contractor, one of several hundred known to have existed in Islamabad last year. Most of them operate under US diplomatic cover, a practice that has created unease among US diplomats in Pakistan because it unnecessarily endangers their lives. Both Pakistani and American officials have announced recently they have scaled back US military and intelligence presence in Pakistan, but large segments of Pakistanis consider dismiss these statements as spin.
The incident occurred on 12 June 2011. This is not the first time that Dr. Mazari has been targeted for her criticism of US military and intelligence presence in Pakistan. The US Embassy has at least on one occasion tried to block Dr. Mazari’s decade-long newspaper column.
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