Did 60,000 Americans Die On 8.22.11 In Two Underground D.U.M.B. Nuclear Blasts?

[ Preface: Since I posted this story 24 hours ago at least one Youtube account has been closed which had videos in it that I cited. Although the YT page says “account closed by the user” I’m not so sure about that. If this story is now disappearing from YT channels it most likely means there is some truth in it that they don’t want to spread. One can only speculate. ]

I have located several videos this morning that interested me and which I wanted to share. I have heard this NWO related rumor before, that there is an urgent and all out “secret war” being waged between elements of the US Military-industrial complex and our own CIA. If this is true what it would imply is that two different factions of the secret governing elite in the United States are at war with one another, with We the People unknowingly caught in the middle of it.

Russia Reports Nuclear Explosion hit Vast Military Tunnel Network

The first video brings up several facts that I have documented before in many posts on this blog, i.e. the real cost of the secret NWO tunnel system which snakes through the western states of the USA being some 40 to 50 trillion dollars, which has been siphoned off of the top of the US economy surreptitiously for more than 40 years. Apparently that tunnel system was recently attacked and at least two underground nuclear detonations took place this year, according to this report. This next post is an hour in length. It might take some time to get through all of this material but it is worth it to get a larger picture of what might be taking place, literally beneath our feet.

SECRET Va/Denver Quakes; Fulford: James Bonds Nuked NWO Underground Bases

I am looking for more video which will corroborate this information. I am posting the following videos as speculation, and I make no claims as to the accuracy of any intelligence which is presented therein. But there are many dots to be connected if such explosions did take place. Here’s what I have gathered thus far and I will post more as I locate the info.

NWO Nuclear weapons go off in underground bases of the elite in Colorado and Virginia USA


60,000 Americans just Murdered in August 2011

Cited: “An excerpt from David’s blog concerning the real reason for the earthquakes in Colorado and Virginia. www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/975-undergroundbases

Secret US Bunkers being destroyed (for humanity)

5.8 Quake in VA Caused By Nuclear Bombs In C.I.A. Tunnels Under USA?


Strange Sound Before Virginia Quake

Strange Sounds in Colorado Before Earthquake

534 Nuked Underground Base Causing Massive Sinkhole In Virginia?

Virginia & Colorado NUKED UNDERGROUND caused Earthquakes & Wierd Sounds?

Virginia-D.C. Colorado Earthquake Military Ops HAARP?

Strange noise in the sky

Tunnels To At Least 13 Underground Bases Being Sealed Off

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Two Underground Cities Destroyed by nuclear hits

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