The Norwegian Massacre, the State, the Media and Israel

Sunday, 28 August 2011 13:41 | Written by Prof. James Petras |

Anders Breivik“So let us fight together with Israel , with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/Multiculturalists”. Anders Behring Breivik’s Manifesto
“. . . two more cells exist in my organization”. . . Ander Behring Breivik in police custody (Reuters 7/25/11)


The July 22, 2011, bombing of the office of the Norwegian Prime Minister, Labor Party Jen Stoltenberg, which killed 8 civilians, and the subsequent political assassination of 68 unarmed activists of the Labor Party Youth on Utoeya Island, just 20 minutes from Oslo, by militant neo-fascist Christian-Zionists, raises fundamental questions about the growing links between the legal Far-Right, the ‘mainstream media’, the Norwegian police, Israel and rightwing terrorism.

The Mass Media and the Rise of Rightwing Terrorism:

The leading English language newspapers, The New York Times (NYT), the Washington Post (WP), the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and the Financial Times (FT), as well as President Obama, blamed “Islamic extremists”, upon the first police reports of the killings, publishing a series of incendiary (and false) headlines and reports, labeling the event as ‘Norway’s 9-11’,in terms, which echoed the ideological motivation and justifications cited by the Norwegian Christian-Zionist political assassin, Anders Behring Breivik himself,. The July 23/24 front page of the Financial Times (of London ), read “Islamist extremism fears: Worst Europe strike since 2005”. Obama immediately cited the terrorist attack in Norway to further justify his overseas wars against Muslim countries. The FT, NYT, WP and WSJ trotted out their self-styled “experts” who debated over which Arab/Islamic leaders or movements were responsible – despite Norwegian press reports of ‘the arrest of a Nordic man in police uniform’.
Clearly, the US mass media and political elite were eager to use the bombing and assassinations to justify ongoing overseas imperial wars, ignoring the burgeoning domestic extremist rightwing organizations and violent individuals who are the outgrowth of official Islamophobic hate propaganda.
When Anders Breivik, a known neo-fascist extremist, handed his weapons over to Norwegian police without resistance and claimed credit for the bombing and massacre, the second phase of the official cover-up took place: He was immediately described as “a lone wolf assassin”, who “acted alone” (BBC July 24, 2011) or as mentally deranged, downplaying his political networks, his American, European and Israeli ideological mentors and commitments, which led to his acts of terrorism. Even more outrageous, the media and officials ignored the fact that this complex, multiphase terrorist attack was beyond the capacity of one ‘deranged’ person.
Anders Behring Breivik had been a dues-paying member of a Far-Right political party, The Progress Party and a collaborator and contributor to an overtly neo-Nazi web site. He frequently focused his hatred on the ruling Labor Party for its relative tolerance of immigrants. He despised immigrants especially, Muslims, and was an ardent Christian-Zionist supporter of Israeli repression and terror against the Palestinian people. His criminal action was political in essence and embedded in a much wider political network.
The political elite and media have scrambled to deny the overlapping links between ‘legal’ ideological Islamophobes, like the American Zionists Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, the Dutch far-right Party of Freedom led by the hate-monger Geert Wilders and their counterparts in the Norwegian Progress Party who rail against the “Muslim threat”. The “direct action” terrorists take their cues from electoral parties, like the Progress Party, who recruit and indoctrinate activists, like Behring Breivik, who then leave the ‘electoral road’ to carry out their bloody carnage, allowing the ‘respectable’ hate-mongers to hypocritically condemn him… after the outrage.

The Lone Assassin: A Fascist Superman Travels Faster than a Speeding Bullet Versus the Police Moving Slower than an Arthritic Turtle:

The case for the “lone wolf terrorist” defies credence. It is a tissue of lies used to cover up state complicity, intelligence malfeasance, and the sharp right-turn in the domestic and foreign policies of NATO countries.
There is no basis to accept Breivik’s initial claim that he acted alone for several outstanding reasons: First, the car bomb, which devastated downtown Oslo, was a highly complex weapon requiring expertise and coordination – the kind available to state or intelligence services, like the Mossad, which specialize in devastating car bombs. Amateurs, like Breivik, with no training in explosives, usually blow themselves up or lack the skill required to connect the electronic timing devices or remote detonators (like the unsuccessful ‘shoe’, ‘underpants’ and ‘Times Square’ bombers have proved) .
Secondly, the details of  (a) moving the bomb, (b) obtaining (stealing) a vehicle, (c) placing the device at the strategic site, (d) successfully detonating it and (e) then gowning up in an elaborate special police uniform with an arsenal of hundreds of rounds of ammunition and driving off in another vehicle to Utoeya Island, (f) waiting patiently while armed to the teeth for a ferry boat, g) crossing with other passengers in his police uniform, (h) rounding up the Labor youth activists and commencing the massacre of scores of unarmed youth and finally (i) finishing off the wounded and hunting for those trying to hide or swim away – is not the activity of a lone zealot. Even the combination of Superman, Einstein and a world class marksman could not perform those tasks.
The media and NATO leaders must view the public as passive morons to expect them to believe that Anders Behring Breivik “acted alone”. He is willing to take a 20 year prison sentence if it means, as he maintains, that their collective action is the spark that ignites his comrades and advances the agenda of the violent and legal far rightwing parties. Facing a Norwegian judge on July 25, he publicly declared the existence of “two more cells in my organization”. According to witness testimony on Utoeya Island shots from two distinct weapons were heard from different directions during the massacre. The police say they are… “investigating”. Needless to say the police have found nothing; instead they put on a “show” to cover their inaction by raiding two houses far from the massacre and quickly released the suspects.
The most serious political implication of the terrorist action, however, is the conspicuous complicity of top police officials. The police took 90 minutes to arrive at Utoeya Island , located less than 20 miles from Oslo , 12 minutes by helicopter and 25 to 30 minutes by car and boat. The delay allowed the right wing assassins to use up the ammunition, maximizing the death toll of young, anti-fascist activists and devastating the Labor youth movement. The police chief, Sveinung Sponheim, made the feeblest excuse and cover-up, claiming “problems with transport”. Sponheim argued that a helicopter “wasn’t on standby” and they “could not find a boat” (Associated Press, July 24, 2011).
Yet a helicopter was available; it managed to fly to Utoeya and film the ongoing slaughter, and over half of Norwegians, a seafaring people for millennia, own or have access to a boat. A police force, faced with what the Prime Minister calls the ‘worst atrocity since the Nazi occupation’, moving at the pace of an arthritic turtle to rescue youth activists, raises the suspicion of some level of complicity. The obvious question arises as to the degree to which the ideology of right wing extremism – neo-fascism – has penetrated the police and security forces, especially the upper echelons? This level of “inactivity” raises more questions than it answers. What it suggests is that the Social Democrats only control part of the Government – the legislative, while the neo-fascists influence the state apparatus.
The plain fact is that the police did not save a single life. When they finally arrived, Anders Behring Breivik had run out of ammunition and surrendered turning himself over to the police. The police literally did not fire a single shot; they did not even have to hunt or capture the assassin. An almost choreographed scenario: Hundreds wounded, 68 unarmed, peaceful activists killed and the Labor youth movement decimated.
The police can claim “crime solved” while the mass media prattles about a “lone assassin”. The far right has a “martyr” to mask a further advance in their anti-Muslim, pro Israel crusade. (It is reminiscent of the celebrated Israeli-American fascist mass murderer, Dr. Baruch Goldstein, who slaughtered dozens of unarmed Palestinian men and boys at prayer in 1994).
Only two days before the political murders, the head of the Labor Party Youth Movement, Eskil Pederson, gave an interview to the Dagbladet, Norway’s second largest tabloid, in which he announced a “unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side” (Gilad Atzmon, July 24, 2011).
The fact of the matter is that the Norwegian military has no problem promptly dispatching 500 troops to Afghanistan, half way around the world and providing six Norwegian Air Force jets and pilots to bomb and terrorize Libya . And yet they can’t find a helicopter or a row boat to transport their police a couple hundred yards to stop a domestic right wing terrorist – whose murderous rampage was being described second by second by the terrorized young victims on their cell phones to their frantic parents?

The Imperial Roots of Domestic Fascism: Conclusion

Clearly, the decisions of Norway and other Scandinavian nations to participate in the US imperial crusades against Muslim and especially Arab people in the Middle East have aroused and energized the neo-fascist right. They now want to “bring the war home”; they want Norway to go further, to ‘cleanse the nation’ by expelling Muslims. They want to “send a message” to the Labor Party: Either it must accept a full neo-fascist pro-Israeli agenda or expect more massacres, more elected fascists, more followers of Anders Behring Breivik.
The “Progress Party” is now the second largest political party in Norway . If a “conservative” coalition defeats Labor, neo-fascists will probably sit in the Government. Who knows, after a few years of good behavior, they might find an excuse to commute their ex-comrade’s sentence . . . or proclaim him mentally rehabilitated and freed.
Clearly what is needed is the immediate withdrawal of all troops from imperial wars and a systematic, coherent and organized fight against domestic right-wing terrorists and their intellectual godparents, in America , Israel and Europe . Labor youth must go press on with their demand that the Labor Government, under Prime Minister Jen Stoltenberg, recognize the nation of Palestine and implement a total boycott of Israeli goods and services. A national and international political-educational campaign must be organized to expose the links between respectable electoral fascists and violent terrorists. The Labor Youth martyrs of Utoeya Island should be cherished and their ideals taught in all the schools. Their far-right enemies and supporters whether overt, covert or directly complicit, should be exposed and condemned. The best weapon against the renewed neo-fascist onslaught is a political and educational offensive, taking up the anti-fascist, anti-Quisling (Norway ’s notorious Nazi collaborator) fighting traditions of their grandparents’ era. It’s not too late – if the Labor Party, the Norwegian trade unions and the anti-fascist youth act now before the flood of resurgent fascism.

James Petras is a frequent contributor to Global Research.


Hindus Detail Involvement In Deadly ’02 Riots in India

Once again, I repeat. It’s HINDUZIONISM, and that’s ONE WORD…. HINDUZIONISM.
Or maybe it should be renamed to HINDUTVAZIONISM?

On Video, Assailants Tell of State Collusion

By Rama Lakshmi
Washington Post Foreign Service
Friday, October 26, 2007

NEW DELHI, Oct. 25 — Five years after one of India’s worst episodes of Hindu-Muslim violence, a series of videotaped confessions released Thursday showed Hindu activists acknowledging their roles in the killings and detailing blatant state collusion.
In the video footage, recorded as part of an undercover expos¿ by a New Delhi-based weekly magazine called Tehelka, Hindu activists and politicians bragged about hacking Muslims to death and burning their bodies. One assailant said he slit open a pregnant woman’s stomach.
The violence began in February 2002 when a Muslim mob torched a train in India’s western Gujarat state, killing 58 Hindu passengers. Angry Hindu groups launched a wave of reprisal killings and set fire to Muslim homes and shops across the region. In all, an estimated 1,000 people died.
Human rights groups in India and the United States have charged that Gujarat’s ruling party, the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, tacitly supported the mob violence against Muslims. Several thousand cases related to the riots are still pending in Indian courts and state inquiry committees.
At a packed news conference on Thursday, the editor of Tehelka, Tarun Tejpal, released the magazine’s forthcoming issue, which contains 106 pages of coverage on the killings. Two national television channels broadcast images that had been taken as part of the expos¿. In some parts of Gujarat’s capital, Ahmedabad, where the issue of the riots remains sensitive, cable operators reportedly switched off their service to block stories on the subject.
“It is a very disturbing story; it is not a story you can take joy from,” Tejpal told reporters. “There is a complete absence of remorse in these confessions. The perpetrators of the violence have themselves confessed to the crime. It is a story that makes me worry about the kind of India we are living in.”
The video footage, by Ashish Khetan, a reporter for the magazine, showed Hindu activists confessing to dousing petrified Muslims in kerosene and burning them alive. The footage also showed a Hindu nationalist politician saying that the chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, had “given us three days time to do whatever we could. After three days, he asked to stop and everything came to a halt.”
Modi has previously said the Hindu violence was a spontaneous reaction to the attack on the trains.
A Hindu religious activist who has been accused of slitting open a pregnant woman’s stomach said he showed Muslims “what kind of revenge we can take if our people are killed.”
The disclosures come in the run-up to a December state election in Gujarat, where the Bharatiya Janata Party is still in power. The party’s spokesman in New Delhi, Prakash Javdekar, dismissed the Tehelka story as a political conspiracy by the opposition Congress party.
For many Muslim leaders, the video footage released Thursday did not come as a surprise.
“None of these confessions are new to us. We have experienced all this firsthand,” said Shakeel Ahmed, a legal activist in Gujarat and a member of the Association for the Protection of Civil Rights. An application for a new investigation into the violence has been pending in the Supreme Court for the past two years.
“But this will mount enormous moral pressure on the state government, because the perpetrators themselves are admitting to the heinous crimes,” Ahmed said. “Whether it will bring justice depends on political will. Many of the accused are our rulers today. Who will investigate them?”

A Comprehensive History of Zionist Crimes

Revised January 24, 2011


It was decided to compile a relatively comprehensive account of the Zionist Mafia’s crimes, ranging from the spinning of wartime propaganda into a new religion for political and business purposes, to the 9/11 World Trade Center demolition and the London bombings. The narrative is essentially in chronological order, so readers may scroll down to the period of their choice. Some consideration of the reality behind government and press distortions of previous events is necessary in order to fully appreciate the current global power structure and motive behind 21st century atrocities. This synthesis is clearly a mix of facts, conjecture and opinion, and is best regarded as a hypothesis. To complement it, another briefer version exists in timeline format. Although the following description will contain errors, it is certainly a much more accurate rendition of history than versions provided by governments and mainstream media. The material is subject to revision.


The Khazars
World War One
Bolshevik Revolution
World War Two
King David Hotel attack, 1946
Proclamation of Independent State of Israel, 1948
Forrestal assassination, 1949
Lavon Affair, 1954
JFK assassination, 1963
USS Liberty attack, 1967
Operation Trojan (Libya frame-up), 1986
Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie, 1988
Other late 20th century false-flags and assassinations
EgyptAir 990, Atlantic Ocean, October 1999
Apollo Moon landings, fake conspiracy, February 2001
9/11, crime of the century, September 2001
Guantanamo Bay, post 9/11
Motives for Afghanistan/Iraq wars
AA Flight 587, Belle Harbor, November 2001
Bali micro nuke bombing, October 2002
Dr David Kelly assassination, July 2003
Madrid 3/11 train bombings, March 2004
US phony Presidential election, 2004
London 7/7 train / bus bombings, July 2005
Bali bombings, October 2005
Jordan bombings, November 2005
Suppression of free speech, 2005
Egyptian 2/2 ferry sinking, February 2006
Dahab bombings, April 2006
Mumbai 7/7 train bombings, July 2006
Attack on Gaza and Lebanon, July/August 2006
Liquid explosives plot hoax, August 2006
Litvinenko polonium assassination, November 2006


As governments continue their relentless drive towards global dictatorship, emasculation of national sovereignties and wilful refusal to govern for the benefit of their own citizens, it is clear that an international cabal or Mafia exerts great influence upon the obsequious flunkies and traitors who pose as ‘leaders’. A measure of the cabal’s power is provided by the fact that the armed forces of several nations are deployed on phony pretexts such as “WMDs”, or “al Qaeda” conspiracy theories based on faked videos and planted ‘evidence’. The military’s legitimate defensive role has been superseded by the new mission: that of mercenaries employed to enrich the cabal by providing opportunities for private profit, from looting of oil wealth to heroin trafficking. Presidents and prime ministers receive a relatively small share of the proceeds, yet must pay a heavy price in unpopularity and the tarnishing of their legacy. In contrast, the cabal reaps almost all of the loot and benefits, and gains power to boot. The cabal’s overriding objective is the pursuit of absolute political power; money is important to them, but a proportion is regularly reinvested in exchange for power. Their interests are not restricted to a single nation, but extend to the entire world.
It is logical to refer to this global power elite as a “Zionist” Mafia or cabal, since Zionism has been an essential feature of their strategy over the last 110 years. Zionism was officially supposed to be about establishing a national homeland for the Jewish people. Back in 1946, Jewish terrorists dressed as Arabs bombed the King David Hotel in Palestine. These bombers, part of the Irgun group who were officially classed as “radical Zionists”, were  directed by future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. In the same year the Irgun also plotted to kill British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, although the assassination attempt was foiled by British Intelligence. But Zionism did not stop with the creation of Israel in 1948.
In 1954, Israel was caught red-handed in a false-flag terrorist operation in Egypt. This involved attempts to frame “Moslem militants” for a series of bombings, and the Israeli Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon was forced to resign in the ensuing scandal. In 1963, Israel’s Mossad (motto: “By Way of Deception, thou shalt do War”, although their deception includes attempting to deny that!) and the Meyer Lansky (Majer Suchowliński) Zionist crime syndicate were implicated in the JFK assassination. (It was Lansky who pioneered the use of Swiss bank accounts for laundering the proceeds of international crime. Switzerland is a guaranteed war-free zone; the crooks would have too much to lose.) In 1967 Israel launched a sustained, unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty, hoping to pin the blame on Egypt. Unfortunately for Israel, they failed to sink the vessel, and had to fall back on the claim that it was a “mistake”. In 1986, Israel’s “Operation Trojan” involved the installation of a transmitter in Tripoli, and was successful in tricking Reagan into bombing Libya.
More recently, the roles of Ariel Sharon (Scheinermann) and Ehud Olmert have been primarily as war criminals who tended to focus on the immediate Middle-Eastern theater. Their overt activities included terrorising and oppressing Palestinians, invading neighboring Arab states, and generally carrying out as much ethnic cleansing – and doing as much to sabotage peace – as they could conceivably get away with. In contrast, Binyamin / Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu was charged with a crucially important covert role. Bibi’s father Ben-Zion Milikowsky was secretary to Ze’ev “Vladimir” Jabotinsky, who founded the Zionist terrorist movement that played an important part in the creation of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu was a unit team leader in Sayeret Matkal, an elite special forces unit of the Israel Defense Forces. Bibi, a close friend of Larry Silverstein, was in London on the morning of the 7/7 bombings where he exhibited foreknowledge of the attacks. Netanyahu’s job is to supply “new Pearl Harbors”.
Although it turns out that the world wars and major terrorist events such as skyscraper demolitions, train and restaurant bombings and ferry sinkings are the handiwork of a Jewish Zionist Mafia, it would not be fair to blame “Jews” in general and assume that they are all part of a conspiracy. It would be too far-fetched to imagine the likes of Barry Manilow, for example, as part of a conspiracy for world domination; a conspiracy to send people to sleep would be more credible. A week after 9/11, Manilow was not calling for revenge or saying “Muslims did it”. And attempts to downplay Albert Einstein’s genius and paint him as a “warmonger” are either motivated by envy or even an incipient racism. The best indications are that the world’s arch-villains are part of the Khazar tribe. There is a partial correlation between “Jews” and the Khazars, but this is hard to quantify. It is also quite possible that the plotters of murder and mayhem are the descendants of a small association of Khazar families. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that just as Gentiles have been abused and cheated, the vast majority of the Jewish people have been cruelly exploited and deceived by the crooked cabal who lead them.
There is no doubt that almost all Jews sincerely believe in the “Holocaust” legend (as do many Gentiles), and the criminals have seized on these fears of persecution by using it as a recruiting sergeant for Mossad terrorist operatives, who are led to believe that they are serving their nation and helping to “save Jews” around the world. The cabal were only too happy to sacrifice Jews in World War Two. Yitzhak / Izaak Greenbaum said that one cow in Palestine was worth more than all the Jews in Europe (Poland or the diaspora in some accounts). But even if the true death toll in the camps – mostly from typhus, and a breakdown in the supply chain leading to starvation – was only 100,000, that was 100,000 too many. Acquiring a sovereign territory was a necessary but not sufficient element of the criminals’ program for world domination. In order to achieve the required political power, it was necessary to populate the territory with millions of people who would both imagine themselves as, and be perceived as, a persecuted minority.
Hypotheses holding that all Jews are part of a conspiracy would require some quite extravagant postulates. For example, if an advanced alien species had landed on Earth in 2000 BC and created 50 pairs of Jews with unique brain hard-wiring (“ROM”) to induce supremacist tendencies and confer a competitive advantage, a population growth rate of just under 0.3% p.a. (almost three times the human mean) would lead to 11.2 million Jews by 1900 AD. And the interesting corollary is that Creationism and Evolution would both be correct, to varying degrees. It is possible that emergent civilizations could be subject to a test, in order to protect an interstellar community from any technologically precocious but intellectually immature horde of savage barbarians who would simply shoot everyone, blow everything up, pollute the galaxy, and wreak havoc.
A more chilling alternative is that the dinosaurs never became extinct, instead evolving into humanoid form – and then making up for their lack of numbers and hedonistic tendencies with cunning, brutality and wickedness. Combining elements of each premise would posit that a race of reptilian humanoids (reptoids) invaded earth several millennia ago. In order to throw people off the scent, a theory about “reptilians” would be promoted by a character who had already been turned into a figure of ridicule by his claim to be “the son of God”. Truthful information about a conspiracy by the elite would be mixed with distracting nonsense about instantaneous “shape-shifting” and blood-drinking royals.
However, there is no empirical support for the alien or reptilian hypotheses, and Occam’s Razor favours the previous explanation that the Mafia warlords play on people’s fears of persecution. Another theory that should be borne in mind in any general theory of evil is that of “political ponerology“, which is about evil being used for political purposes. According to Andrew (Andrzej) Lobaczewski, “an ever-strengthening network of psychopathic and related individuals gradually starts to dominate, overshadowing the others. This rapidly develops into a pathocracy of a system wherein a small pathological minority takes control over a society of normal people.” Lobaczewski says that sociopaths constitute about 6% of the population of any given group, which appears too high, but would explain a lot. His theory does not account for the Khazars being strongly linked to atrocities (often against Semites, and then these Caucasian Turkic Khazar descendants have the effrontery to cry “you’re an anti-Semite” whenever someone exposes Caucasian crimes against Semites!) A missing link in the ponerology theory, e.g. harsh winters in the climate of northern Khazaria selecting for ruthlessness, or a degenerate pursuit of hedonism by the Khazars, or possibly some feature of the Khazar flora, might explain the relatively high preponderance of Ashkenazi Turkic so-called “Jews” amongst the psychopathic, conscience-lacking fringe.
In favor of the political ponerology theory, we all start out relatively naive, imagining that people are basically good. When we find that a group of people are fundamentally evil, it is only natural for each race or tribe to imagine that the evil ones must be the “other” tribe. It is hard to see how political leaders could carry out mass murder against their own citizens, and the obvious explanation is that it must be another tribe, e.g. Ashkenazi Jews or Khazars, who have infiltrated the government. And there is plenty of evidence of inordinate Zionist Israeli (Ashkenazi Jewish) influence in the governments and mainstream media of the “Western democracies”. But if the likes of George W Bush and Tony Blair are sociopaths, able to present themselves as “normal” individuals but utterly lacking any trace of a conscience, then there would be no need to posit that these are “crypto-Jews”, or being blackmailed into submission.
Only a fool would claim that there are no differences of proclivities between various tribes or races. But we are all part of the human race, and a common characteristic of the various subgroups is that they all feature a decent, honourable majority and a crooked minority, and the ordinary people are oppressed (to varying extents) by their leaders who are almost invariably part of the crooked minority. This analysis concentrates on Zionists, Israelis or Jews because their criminal leaders have become more powerful than their Gentile rivals. In order to improve the human condition, these crooks must be exposed and brought to justice.
The Mafia cabal’s tactics include hiding behind the Jewish people by asserting that an attack on the tiny crooked elite is an “anti-Semitic” racial attack on all Jews. They hope to deflect attention by pretending that research into Zionist atrocities and lies will lead to “hate crimes”. However, the well-intentioned researcher has better things to do with his or her time than to simply select some group to hate. It is high time for a new alignment based upon ethics rather than ethnics. The cost of doing nothing would be catastrophic for humankind: the criminal elite’s plans for global enslavement would come to fruition.

Approximately 1,250 years ago, a pagan tribe of Turks, Finns and Mongoloids – who had established a kingdom known as Khazaria in the steppe region between the Black and Caspian Seas – realised that converting to Judaism would reap massive dividends. Their King Bulan and his advisors wanted to introduce a monotheistic religion. However, adopting Christianity would have left them subservient to Rome; an alternative choice of Islam would have placed them under the rule of the Caliph of Baghdad. Judaism offered a third way which would offer the prospects of continuing to trade with both Christians and Muslims, along with lucrative profits obtained through creating and exploiting divisions between each group.
Attacks on Khazaria by the Rus’, Byzantines and Mongols gradually forced the Khazar tribe to flee westwards to Eastern Europe, with some continuing right across to Spain and others settling in the Middle East including Egypt. The empire of self-styled or so-called Jews had been completely overrun by the time of Genghis Khan around AD 1200. In the period up to 1900, most of the emerging crooked cabal’s operations were focused on amassing great wealth by way of the Rothschilds’ banking exploits. This seed money was to be used for political and terrorist purposes throughout the 20th century and beyond.
In the late nineteenth century, these proto-terrorists and gangsters had a brilliant, Machiavellian scheme for world domination, including bribery and blackmail of governments, and control of the press and banking system. But in order to become untouchable and more powerful than the governments they sought to control, it was necessary for them to obtain their own sovereign state. And by the 1880s or 1890s this was no mean feat – the earth’s territories had already been seized and allocated. Desperate times called for desperate measures.
A decision was made to create a new world religion, whose tenets would justify the handing over of sovereign territory to this crooked organization. The term “Zionism”, coined in 1890, referred to the political programme to seize territory. But the programme went far beyond the land grab, euphemistically defined as seeking “to establish a home for the Jewish people in Eretz Israel”. Zionism is best used to describe the whole Machiavellian geopolitical get-immensely-rich-steadily scheme, featuring the fomenting of racial and religious hatred in order to establish a global dictatorship, as detailed in the remainder of this article and other files at The religion which would be an essential part of Zionism is best described as Holocaustianity.
Early attempts to introduce Holocaustianity’s kernel – a hoax of “six million” dead or dying Jews – failed, when global conditions did not include the prerequisite critical mass of corrupt world leaders. In June 1900, for example, Rabbi Stephen Wise spoke of “6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism”. Another botched attempt to kick-start the myth was in 1919, when few believed Martin Glynn’s claims of “six million” starving Jews. On November 25, 1936, Chaim Weizmann told of “six million” Jews in Europe who were unwanted and effectively sentenced to be imprisoned.
The derivation of the “six million” is an ancient Jewish prophecy, which predicts the return of the Jews to the “Promised Land” after the loss of six million of their number. Specifically, the six stems from the sixth letter “vav” in the Hebrew alphabet or alef-bet. Six is the number of man in the Jewish tradition, since vav is said to be a picture of man. Man was supposedly created on the sixth day, works for six days of the week, and the “beast” has the “number of a man” – 666. Six billion deaths would be credible only to utter nincompoops; six thousand would be too insignificant to yield appreciable income and political capital. Hence, six million was chosen as a figure that almost everyone could agree on.
The few who had been duped by the pre-WWII scams did provide some cash. However, the crooked Zionist Mafia were already immensely rich by the time of Glynn’s assertions, through seizing control of US and European central banks and newspapers, and looting Russia in the “Bolshevik Revolution”. Nowadays these crime supremos will not even get out of bed for anything less than a billion dollars, unless the project provides other non-financial benefits.
It was not until the Zionists had instigated a Second World War which killed in excess of fifty million that these genocidal gangsters tricked the world into providing them with their own sovereign state, and into allowing the establishment of the new religion that would be employed to stifle all opposition. Control of their own state – “Israel” in occupied Palestine – would furnish a base for terrorist (Mossad) training camps, nuclear weapons, and the Zionist international crime syndicate.
As we shall see, by around 2001, Israel’s arsenal had extended to several German-built, diesel-powered submarines fitted with nuclear-tipped modified cruise missiles with a 900-mile range. Their spying skills, and ability to get close to political leaders, were already second to none. Hence, the Zionist Mafia were then able to bribe, blackmail and terrorise other states into supplying their own armed forces as Israel’s private mercenaries or proxy armies, invading and attacking its oil and water-rich enemy neighbouring states. The pretexts would range from truly asinine claims, e.g. of “WMDs” and “evil dictators” with “industrial shredders”, to more elaborate schemes involving remote-controlled unmanned planes and multi-billion-dollar insurance frauds featuring skyscrapers felled by strategically placed thermite charges.
Zionist mobsters had gained substantial control of the press in Europe and the US by the early 20th century. These criminals planned to use the “six million” hoax along with a World War in order to seize their state in Palestine, but it was a question of awaiting the right opportunity. Rabbi Stephen S Wise and the New York Times were key players right from the 1890s when the plot was hatched, up to the early 1940s when conditions were conducive to foisting such an imposture on the long-suffering public. Wise was a Secretary of the Zionist Organization of America, and President of the American Jewish Congress. He was a pivotal figure in peddling the hoax in 1942, following his inopportune attempts of 1900, a mere two years after he attended the Second Zionist Congress at Basel in 1898. He was also trying to prepare the foundations when the New York Times of April 18, 1938 quoted him as saying that “millions of Jews are dying today“. His maternal grandfather Mor(ic) Fischer had been a founder of the Herend Porcelain Company in 1839, and within thirty years was raised to the ranks of the Hungarian nobility by Francis Joseph I. Wise’s paternal grandfather Joseph Hirsch Weiss (formerly Weissfeld) was a Chief Rabbi in Hungary. Wise’s father Aaron sought to unionize the porcelain company, prompting Fischer to give the family one-way tickets to New York. Aaron Wise emigrated in 1874, one month after Stephen’s birth, with his wife and children following him in 1875.
In 1896, Adolph Ochs (born to German-Jewish immigrants) bought The New York Times. Ochs had married Effie Wise, the daughter of another Rabbi (Isaac Mayer) Wise in 1884. The newspaper remained in Jewish ownership after Ochs’ death in 1935. So in 1900, Wise was reported in the Times as saying “six million” bleeding, suffering Jews were a pretty good argument for Zionism, in 1938 the Times quoted Wise as saying that “millions of Jews are dying today”, and in 1942 Wise and the Times were co-conspirators in peddling claims of an “extermination of Jews”. Wise and the London section of the World Jewish Congress were said to have been in receipt of “information” from anonymous sources, with confirmation provided by the Polish government in exile in London. The New York Times of 30 June 1942 ran an article on page 7:


LONDON, June 29 (U.P.) … spokesmen for the World Jewish Congress charged today.
They said Nazis had established a “vast slaughterhouse for Jews” in Eastern Europe …
A report to the Congress said that Jews, deported en masse to Central Poland from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and the Netherlands were being shot by firing squads at the rate of 1,000 daily.
Information received by the Polish Government in London confirmed that the Nazis had executed “several hundred thousand” Jews in Poland.
A good indicator of the quality of this ‘information’ comes from the fact that claims of any “firing squad slaughterhouse” in Poland have been abandoned by even the most fundamentalist of Holocaustians. It was also asserted that Jewish corpses were being used to manufacture soap, glue, lubricants and artificial fertilizer, and these myths were never taken very seriously. On October 10, 1942, the Vatican said it had been unable to confirm the many reports it had heard of severe measures against the Jews. (See A R Butz, The Hoax of The Twentieth Century, Chapter III.)
The ensuing colossal fraud was not only a prerequisite for the Zionists’ annexing of Palestine, but also served as a sword and shield enabling Sharon, Olmert et al to conduct terrorist operations against Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, etc, and Bibi Netanyahu to instigate and direct a “War on Terror” featuring false-flag staged terror attacks such as 9/11, London 7/7, Madrid 3/11, Amman “9/11”, etc. The “War on Terror” enabled the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which was mostly about removing a (relatively) honest leader who refused to sell his country out to the Zionist protection racket. This invasion also yielded fringe benefits of billions of dollars of looted oil wealth, i.e. the cost of the war included a massive blood price and vast sums of taxpayers’ money, but the profits went into the pockets of the Zionist Mafia, with a few crumbs tossed at their lackeys. The 2001 Afghanistan invasion was in response to the Taliban’s curtailing of CIA / Mossad profits from opium trafficking. It was hardly about catching Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, or Mullah Omar, none of whom were ever apprehended, and in any case could not be killed off since they played starring roles in the “War on Terror” myth.
Back in 1913 (just before the start of WWI!), the Zionists set up the Anti Defamation League (ADL) in the US. The purpose of this organization was to denounce opponents of crime, deception, and the power elite’s plans for a fascist global dictatorship, as “anti-Semitics”. Zionist logic ran thus: Since Jews were merely a persecuted minority who could do no wrong, anyone who so much as suggested that a Jew was guilty of a crime or a conspiracy was at best mentally deficient, at worst a racist bigot.
In 1916, Germany was on course to win World War One. Its submarines controlled the Atlantic, and the French, Italian and Russian armies were defecting, rebelling, or in disarray. Magnanimously, Germany did not want to force anything more than calling it quits and starting afresh with no strings attached.
Until October 1916, Zionists had been on the side of Germany. So the US press – already in the hands of Jews who also controlled the banks – supported Germany. Many of the American Jews had come from Germany; they also hoped to see Czar Nicholas II defeated. But, ever the opportunists, European Zionists made a deal with the British War Cabinet on the lines of: “You can still win this war and beat Germany. Get us Palestine as a home for the Jews, and we’ll get the US to enter the war on your behalf.”
After the deal was concluded, the Zionist press switched sides – concocting inane tales of Germans chopping the hands off babies. The consequence of the deal was the defeat of Germany, which led to the Balfour Declaration. Britain had no right to give Palestine to the Zionists; nevertheless, they promised to do so. The Zionists had demanded something in writing to ensure the British kept their side of the bargain; they got the Balfour declaration. Those who “worked with” Lord Balfour in drafting it – i.e., dictated it – included Chaim Weizmann and Leopold Amery, a crypto-Jew. The document promised that the British government would “use their best endeavours” to establish “a national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine.
In Germany, Jews had been respected, admired members of the community. At the end of World War One, the Germans became aware of the machinations which had brought the US into the war, leading to Germany’s defeat and the associated terms of surrender and reparations. Jews were collectively blamed for the defeat. Although the German Jews were not physically harmed, they were perceived as traitors having sold out their German hosts who had treated them so well. Undoubtedly, there was deliberate discrimination and ostracism against Jews at this stage.
In 1933, World Jewry demanded that Hitler be replaced, and German Jews be reinstated to their former positions. The Germans refused outright, and then Samuel Untermyer – a wealthy Jew with strong links to US leaders – broadcast an announcement that World Jewry was declaring economic war on Germany. In order to feed its population, Germany had to import two-thirds of its food. 82 million Germans were crammed into an area of a few hundred thousand square kilometres at a time when 46 million Englishmen claimed the right to rule over 40 million square kilometres of the earth. Boycotting of German exports would have left the nation unable to finance its food imports, and a number of Germans would have starved. Hence, the eastward territorial expansion into Austria and Czechoslovakia.
A letter dated August 28, 1937, from Chancellor Heinrich Bruning to Winston Churchill stated: “I did not and do not even today, for understandable reasons, wish to reveal that from October 1928 the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith, and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany”.
Twenty years after the Balfour Declaration, the British had still not delivered on their promise to hand over part or the whole of Palestine; Zionists were also struggling to get their nascent “six million” hoax taken seriously. Hitler’s final territorial solution (abbreviated to “the final solution” in Zionist propaganda) to the Jewish question was compulsory repatriation. He had offered – on many occasions right up to April 1945 – to let the Allied countries take in the Jews. They refused, knowing that any talk of “gas chambers” or an “extermination policy” was nothing more than Zionist propaganda and wild conspiracy theory.
The National Socialists originally hoped to send Germany’s Jews to Madagascar, but the French would not accept them. As the conflict intensified, this idea had to be abandoned. The Germans did not want the Jews within the German living space or lebensraum; in addition, they did not want them in Palestine. In fact, the German foreign office’s terms for sending Jews to Britain or releasing them via Switzerland included an insistence that they must never be transferred to Palestine, since the Arabs rejected the Jews just as strongly as did the Germans.
So in the run-up to WWII, Zionists financed Hitler because they knew it would help them to get Palestine. Although the Germans did not want the Jews in Palestine, they intended to move them eastwards. The diabolical Anglo-French Mutual Aid Agreement with Poland, announced on March 31, 1939, led to the terrorising, slaughter and rape of thousands of ethnic Germans by Jews in the Polish corridor, with the backing of the Polish government. Germany invaded Poland in order to save Germans from these outrages. The Anglo-French-Polish pact was so beneficial to Zionism, that if Zionists were not behind it, it was extraordinarily convenient.
The Germans put some Jews in labour “concentration” camps, hoping that the final territorial solution to the “Jewish problem” could be resolved after the war. The camps were hit by terrible epidemics of typhus, particularly as the Allied bombing raids intensified and Soviet troops advanced. Breakdown of the supply chain also led to malnutrition and starvation. The gas Zyklon B – essentially hydrogen cyanide – was employed in tiny delousing rooms to fumigate the inmates’ clothing in order to reduce the toll from typhus. Crematory ovens served to incinerate the dead and reduce the risk of contamination and infection compared to burial. Because of wartime scarcities, shoes, clothes, human hair (which was then used in the textile industry), etc was collected in piles for recycling.
When the Allied forces took control of the camps, they photographed the dead and the dying and the malnourished, whilst omitting the large crowds who had remained healthy. At this point, the liars had not properly agreed on their stories. Some propagandists were simply trying to make the Germans look bad; Zionists were anxious to promote the “gas chambers” hoax. If the anti-German reporters had synchronised their stories with the Zionist mobsters, they would have shown images of the dead along with a few healthy inmates. If the camps really were “death camps” with an astounding processing capacity, prisoners would have been gassed before having time to become barely more than starving skin and bones.
Other Allied propaganda was rather more cunning. They filmed the tiny delousing gas chambers and portrayed them as if they had been used for mass execution of prisoners rather than for fumigation of clothing in order to protect and save lives. They filmed the crematory ovens and claimed they had been used to dispose of the bodies of millions of victims of genocide, rather than the reality of cremation being a safer method of disposal than burial at a time when lethal infections were rife. They photographed the piles of human hair, shoes, etc, as if these were trophies collected by sadistic mass murderers, rather than part of a recycling operation by a nation fighting for its very survival against attacks by the US, USSR, UK, etc. They showed the cans of Zyklon B insecticide as if they had been used for mass murder of human beings in “gas chambers”, as opposed to the reality of serving to kill lice in order to save lives.
In recent times, several independent forensic analyses by investigators such as the chemist Germar Rudolf have found that the cyanide content of walls of the delousing chambers ranged from 1,035 to 13,500 mg/kg. In contrast, the walls of the alleged “gas chambers” exhibited zero or trace levels of up to 7.9mg/kg. Those trace levels are regarded as too low to be reliably interpreted as indicating anything other than a building selected at random.
It is well established that cremation by modern-day ovens such as the Newton takes about 70 minutes per body. At Auschwitz-Birkenau, where Holocaustianity claims the majority of the gassing took place (even though the figure has been revised from 4,500,000 to between 1 and 1.5 million with no corresponding reduction in the headline “six million Jews, five million non-Jews” figures; original claims of gassing in Germany proper were exposed as fake decades ago and quietly abandoned), there were 52 oven units or muffles in total. They were in operation for between one and two years. Suppose one had to dispose of 11 million bodies over two years, suppose the time required is one hour per body, and suppose the ovens are to be operated throughout a 100% duty cycle 24/7 with no stoppages for maintenance or to change the firebricks. The number of muffles required would be:
11 million / (number of hours in two years)
= 11,000,000 / (2 * 365.25 * 24) = 11,000,000 / 17,532 = 628.
So which camps contained the other 576 muffles? In fact, the Topf ovens were only designed and programmed to function for twelve hours per day, so the Holocaustian must explain where the other 1,203 oven muffles were located. It is easier for the Holocaustian to propose that the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, logic and psychology are not invariant throughout the last 100 years on the earth’s surface, but undergo local, temporary variations – e.g. Poland, 1944; and Manhattan, 2001. Presumably, it could be claimed that the “variations” are caused by invisible, inaudible, odorless “spirits”, possibly of dead Jews or Muslims. The Holocaustian’s world-view is but a hollow flim-flam and hocus-pocus.
In any case, even after cremation, the remaining bone fragments (which must be crushed by mechanical means) are some 4 to 10 pounds, say 7 lb per person which is 77,000,000 lb or 38,500 short tons. If the Holocaust or Shoah business had nothing to hide, its principals would not be so anxious to prevent the Iranians, for example, from conducting an independent investigation to search for forensic evidence of the alleged Holocaust.
The amount of coke required for cremations is known to be around 30 to 40 kg per corpse, let us assume 30 kg. 11,000,000 * 30 kg = 330,000 metric tonnes. Deliveries of coke to Auschwitz are known, and are a tiny fraction of this. From February 1942 to October 1943, for example, the total coke deliveries amounted to 1,032.5 tonnes, which is a mean monthly delivery of nearly 50 tonnes. Three years at 50 tonnes per month totals 1,800 tonnes. So at 30 kg per corpse we have 1,800 / 0.03 = 60,000 which is a long way short of 1 million let alone 11 million. Alternatively, the earlier claim of 4 million murdered at Auschwitz would correspond to 0.45 kg of coke per body, or the revised 1.5 million would equate to 1.2 kg of coke per victim. It takes about 3.5 kg of coke (105 MJ) to merely boil the water in a corpse if, somehow, it had been extracted and placed in a vessel beforehand – without even beginning to denature the proteins or heat the firebricks. 
The actual coke deliveries to Auschwitz confirm the figures in the official death books in the order of tens of thousands of dead, who were victims of typhus and starvation. The Germans were meticulous in their record keeping, and according to the documents captured at Oranienburg by the Soviet Army in April 1945, the total deaths from all causes in the entire German prison camp system over ten years was 403,713. The total for Auschwitz was 73,137, of whom 38,031 were Jews. Responsibility for their deaths, along with more than 50 million other victims of WWII’s human holocaust, lies with wicked, traitorous scoundrels such as Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, together with their Zionist crime baron handlers.
And the claims about other so-called “death camps” such as Treblinka are even feebler. The scriptwriters concocted a yarn about “Diesel engines from Soviet tanks” being used to kill Jews with carbon monoxide. Zionist logic went like this: gasoline engine exhaust can kill, Diesel engine exhaust smells worse, hence Diesel engine exhaust can kill. Unfortunately, in their ignorance they overlooked the fact that Diesel engines operate with a surplus of oxygen, and do not produce nearly enough CO to kill unless run at close to full load.
The hoaxers came up with a bizarre ‘explanation’ in their attempts to account for the absence of forensic evidence at Treblinka – they claimed the Germans originally buried 870,000 victims, then Himmler decided they had better get rid of the evidence (rather like Saddam Hussein was said to have destroyed his “WMDs” to avoid getting into deep trouble). So they exhumed all 870,000 and burnt them in open pits using wood, in the space of four months. Open air cremations require at least 200 kg of wood per body, in India they allow for 300 kg. A Douglas fir, for example, yields about 800 to 900 kg of merchantable wood. 7,131 cremations per day at 200 kg per corpse and 1 tonne of wood per tree would require 1,426 trees per day, or 100 loggers working flat out for a 16-hour day with no breaks for meals and ablutions would have 16 / 14.26 hours = 67 minutes to fell, chop and transport each tree to the burning pits and return to start on the next load. Not surprisingly, there is no evidence of soil disturbance, or of human or wood ashes, and the hoaxers are so anxious to avoid any further investigation that they have even resorted to concreting over the site!
Back in October 1917, the Zionists had taken control of Russia in the Bolshevik Revolution. Lenin, originally named Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, had a Jewish maternal grandfather named Blank who later converted to Christianity. Leon Trotsky, originally named Lev Davidovich Bronstein, was born to Jewish parents in the South Ukraine. Jews comprised around 80% of the Bolshevik officials. Stalin’s defeat of Trotsky, and purges in the Thirties, were a blow to the Zionists. Nevertheless, they did not forgo the opportunity to partake in an orgy of ethnic cleansing and looting. They failed to secure Russia as their very own Zionist sovereign state, but the establishment of totalitarian societies in Eastern Europe helped their “Holocaust” hoax in gaining a foothold until it was generally accepted by governments and the unquestioning masses.
Real historical holocausts, such as the tens of millions murdered under the Soviet communist regime which was instigated by ex-Khazar self-styled Jews, or the 1.5 million Christian Armenians massacred by the Young Turks (part of the ex-Khazars’ tribe), are ignored by the Zionist press as it plays the fictional “Jewish holocaust” for all it is worth. And it has been worth hundreds of billions of marks, and more than a trillion dollars, to date.
On July 22, 1946, Jewish terrorists dressed as Arabs blew up the King David Hotel in Palestine, killing 91 and injuring 45. The perpetrators were Menachem Begin’s Irgun extremist group; the same Menachem Begin who went on to win the  Nobel peace prize 32 years later, as Israeli Prime Minister. This false-flag style, in which stage-managed attacks are blamed on an innocent third party for political ends, was to be a cornerstone of Israeli state terrorism and frequently employed over the following decades including the 21st century. It did not always succeed – particularly in the Forties, Fifties and Sixties – in which case Jews ended up having to admit responsibility. However, they never showed any remorse. And in July 2006, Israeli right-wingers including former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu held a two-day seminar to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the King David bombing.
Britain, with Arab support, had conquered Palestine from the Ottoman Turks in 1917. The Allied Supreme Council (the US, France, Italy, Japan – and Britain) created a mandate for Britain to administer Palestinian territory (along with Transjordania and Iraq) in April 1920. The terms were subsequently approved by the League of Nations, forerunner of the UN. The King David Hotel was a base for British administrators, military command and a police division. In 1946 the Zionist cabal were still waiting for the British to deliver their promise on Palestine (as per the Balfour Declaration). And after several failures, they believed that their latest “six million” hoax might have better success in the context of a World War that had just killed at least 50 million. Killing British forces whilst pitting them against the Palestinians was aimed at speeding up the departure of the Brits and bringing about a transfer of power in favour of the Zionist cabal.
Recent released declassified intelligence files show that Begin’s Irgun terrorists plotted to assassinate British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin in 1946. Bevin, a moderate socialist and anti-communist, opposed the creation of a Zionist state; Begin was a terrorist dedicated to the use of lethal force against as many innocents as it took to achieve his goal of a Zionist state. The Bevin assassination plot was thwarted by British Intelligence, and the terrorism was mostly restricted to letter bombs sent to prominent British figures in 1947.
In 1948, the Zionist Mafia got their sovereign state: Israel. This was just two years after the King David attack, and just as the hoax of “The Holocaust” began to take hold in the minds of the true believers – aided by the Zionist media and the fact that Stalin and Beria would not permit independent observers to check the alleged crime scenes in Poland. However, subsequent events demonstrated that Zionism is much more than establishing a national homeland for the Jewish people. It is a programme for world domination and dictatorship, as documented in The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion and its earlier (ghost-written) revisions such as The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu (1864), and The Prince (c. 1516). The Protocols were not written by Russian secret police as Zionists try to pretend; there is ample evidence that they are genuine.
Many Jews oppose the racist supremacist warmongering policies of Zionism and Israel, just as one would not expect all US and UK citizens, for example, to mindlessly support Bush, Blair and their Zionist handlers’ criminal decimation and abuse of the Iraqi population. There are plenty of Jewish peace groups, e.g. the Jewish Peace Fellowship. Organizations such as Jews Against Zionism, Jews Not Zionists and Neturei Karta are vehemently opposed to the actions of the self-styled or so-called Jews who were originally pagan Khazarian Asiatics. The ex-Khazars’ secular leaders, who are now Zionist Mafia crime lords and Israeli politicians, cynically exploit Judaism for political and business purposes. The Orthodox Jews practised Israelite customs in Biblical times, when pagan Khazar traditions included human and animal sacrifices. In comparison to the Khazars, the Israelites were a darker-skinned race from more southern climes. The Khazars were predominantly a light-skinned Turkic people, were not of the Semitic races, and had no historical ties to Palestine. This distinction persists, with the Jewish Israelis being lighter than the Semitic Arabs.
It is a great irony that Hitler and his National Socialists are claimed (by the Zionist press) to have been “anti-Semitic” and “Aryan (or even Caucasian) supremacists”. German National Socialists wanted to banish Jews from their living space; most of these Jews were ex-Khazarian Caucasians (or even Aryans). The same alleged anti-Semites insisted that European Jews should not be foisted upon the Palestinians, a Semitic people. Another irony is that those who oppose the status quo, of wealth redistribution from approximately 99.9% of the population to a tiny, crooked elite who exploit mass murder to satisfy their lust for power and riches, are labelled as “right-wing” extremists or “criminals” by the same “Robin Hood in reverse” genocidal megalomaniacs they are attempting to bring to justice.
In May 1949, former US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal was found dead at the Bethesda Naval Hospital in suspicious circumstances. This was less than two months after he had been fired by President Truman. Forrestal had been the administration’s leading opponent of the formation and US recognition of Israel. Seven weeks after being committed for “treatment”, apparently against his will, his body was found on a ledge beneath a window of his 16th-floor room. The official account held that it was “suicide”. It was said he had been copying a morbid poem by Sophocles shortly before plunging from the window, but the handwriting on the transcription did not match that of Forrestal. A belt or cord from his dressing gown was tied tightly around his neck, but there was no evidence that the other end had ever been secured to a radiator, say, for a hanging attempt. In any case, a would-be suicide could have simply jumped rather than attempt a hanging. It appears that Forrestal was strangled and thrown out of the window.
As he still represented a threat to Israel’s interests, Israeli forces would be a prime suspect. There remains the possibility that Israel was innocent in this case, and the assassination was to prevent publication of Forrestal’s knowledge of corruption in the Truman administration. However, theories of Zionist complicity in this case have been bolstered by recently released documents showing that Menachem Begin’s Irgun Jewish terrorist group plotted in 1946 to kill Ernest Bevin, Britain’s anti-Zionist counterpart to Forrestal. Begin was supposed to have turned to politics after the state of Israel was founded in 1948. But Jewish terrorism did not stop with the formation of Israel.
In July 1954, American and British interests in Cairo and Alexandria were hit by a series of bombs. These were originally thought to have been placed by militant Moslems. A couple of years prior to the eruption of the “Suez Crisis”, negotiations were taking place between Egypt and Britain over control of the Suez Canal, and it was thought that militants were attempting to scupper any compromise by Colonel Nasser. In October 1954, Egypt announced that an Israeli spy ring of thirteen saboteurs had been broken up. The plot was uncovered when incendiary bombs went off prematurely in the pocket of one of the perpetrators, outside a British-owned Alexandria theatre.
There were claims of an “anti-Semitic frame-up“. However, the result was humiliation for Israel when it was forced to admit its responsibility for the terrorist attacks. It had been Israel’s head of Intelligence, Colonel Benyamin Givli, who had independently ordered the spies to strike. However, his boss, Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon who was oblivious of the operation, ended up having to resign, and the incident was dubbed the “Lavon Affair”. Note that phosphorus, used in the 1954 attacks, was later used to sink an Egyptian ferry in 2006 with the loss of around 1,000 lives (q.v. below).
In November 1963, Israel’s Mossad operatives assassinated US President John F Kennedy. The motive was that Kennedy opposed Israel’s (i.e. the Zionist Mafia’s) plans to develop nuclear weapons at its (their) Dimona facility in the Negev Desert. Naturally, an official version of events was concocted, denying any Israeli involvement, and claiming that Oswald, the patsy, was a “lone assassin”.
The official fiction was not supported by eyewitnesses, who reported that shots were fired from the Grassy Knoll rather than Oswald’s location in the Texas School Book Depository. They also reported seeing a cloud of smoke in the Knoll area. Eighteen of these material witnesses died within the next three years. Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby (a Jew, born as Jacob Leon Rubenstein). Clay Shaw, who had been observed with Ruby / Rubenstein, was on the Board of Directors of Permindex, a Swiss Corporation which was a Mossad front. Permindex had been expelled from Italy and Switzerland in 1962 for subversive activity. The Banque De Credit International of Geneva (a.k.a. Credit Suisse), founded by Mossad financier Tibor Rosenbaum, was a major shareholder in Permindex. Louis Bloomfield of Montreal was the chairman of Permindex, and an agent of Canada’s Bronfman family. Meyer Lansky was a prominent Zionist and head of the global crime syndicate, who used the Swiss bank for money laundering.
In June 1967, the state of Israel carried out a sustained air and naval attack on the USS Liberty for over an hour, employing torpedoes, machine guns and napalm rockets. 34 men were killed and more than 170 wounded. According to Israel, the attack was a “tragic accident” due to “misidentification”. The ancient Egyptian freighter that Israel claimed to have mistaken the Liberty for was of totally different appearance, and there is ample evidence that they knew full well that their target was an American ship, following two days of reconnaissance by Israeli planes.
In the early stages of the attack, US planes were launched from nearby carriers to assist the Liberty, in response to its SOS. When Washington was notified, US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara ordered these aircraft back to the carriers. At the time of the attack, US President Lyndon Johnson (supposedly representing the US people rather than international racketeers) said, “I don’t give a damn if every man drowns and the ship sinks. I don’t want to embarrass our allies.
Israel’s plan was to sink the Liberty, kill any survivors (which it attempted by firing on the life rafts), frame Egypt for the attack, and provoke the US into attacking Egypt. After assassinating Kennedy, the Zionist Mafia crime lords had installed their stooge – Johnson – as US President. All US opposition to Israel’s nuclear programme had, predictably, vanished. Johnson and McNamara were probably advised in advance of the plan to sink a US ship to provide the US with a pretext for attacking Egypt. When the Liberty failed to sink, two hours into the operation, Tel Aviv and Washington had to revert to Plan B – the claim of an ‘accident’.
As the Zionist Mafia gained in power and influence, they became ever more brazen and demanding. Once merely a band of very rich gangsters with excellent skills in bribery, blackmail and deception who were blagging their way into seizing their own sovereign state, they progressed through to gangsters trying to become a nuclear power, and then to a Mafia who not only had their own nuclear sovereign state and international ring of spies and terrorists but also a capability to deliver nuclear warheads anywhere within 900 miles of the coast. An embryonic Mafia will run protection rackets and have politicians in its pocket. Advanced globalist gangsters manage a protection racket that has entire governments in its pocket – bribing, blackmailing, and terrorising them into submission. Whenever one of the Zionist Mafia’s client satellite states does something which displeases its crime lord masters, the ex-Khazar terrorists order a hit, which the satellite must then blame on a suitable patsy (or bogeyman) who (or that) is acceptable to both parties.
In the Eighties, when Reagan was US President, Libya was frequently selected as the ‘perpetrator’ of Israel and the Mossad’s various deceptions and terrorist acts. Whenever a Bush was in the White House, the crimes would be blamed on Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Clinton, although something of a sleazeball, appears to have resisted some of his blackmailers’ demands such as large-scale invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan. Hence, his trysts with Monica Lewinsky were publicized.
In April 1986, a bomb exploded in La Belle Discotheque in Berlin. Three were killed including two US soldiers, and over 200 injured. Ten days later, Ronald Reagan gave the order to bomb Libya. Around 37 people were killed including Colonel Gaddafi’s adopted baby daughter, and over 200 wounded. This was the result of the Mossad’s Operation Trojan – known by their agents as “the old Trojan dick trick” – that conned some countries into believing Libya was actually behind terrorism such as the Berlin disco bombing. It is true that there was a territorial dispute between the US and Libya, following some provocative US naval manoeuvres in the Gulf of Sidra. But Libya was innocent of many of the terrorist crimes it was alleged to have committed.
Shimon Peres had given the order to launch Operation Trojan in February 1986. One of Israel’s ships would broadcast misleading pre-recorded digital transmissions that could only be received by a Mossad device planted in Tripoli – the Trojan. The Trojan would retransmit a signal on a frequency known to be used for official Libyan business, ready to be received by the Americans or their allies. The source would appear to be emanating from such location as to appear genuine, and Western intelligence services would find that the Mossad also had confirmation that these series of “terrorist orders” were supposedly being broadcast to various Libyan embassies.
On the night of February 17-18, an Israeli team of naval commandos headed for Tripoli. The dark green Trojan cylinder, six feet long and seven inches in diameter, was carried by two men from the shore to a grey van parked about a hundred feet from the water’s edge. The van driver – a Mossad combatant – stopped “repairing a flat tyre” as the team approached and opened the rear doors. He then headed for Tripoli, accompanied by four commandos. Wrapped in a carpet, the Trojan cylinder was carried by the Mossad combatant and two commandos to a Mossad-rented apartment on the top floor of a five-storey building, and installed in front of a north-facing window. In the event of unauthorised entry to the apartment, the Trojan was rigged to self-destruct, taking out most of the upper part of the building. In that case, the Western press would doubtless have blamed “Muslim terrorists” for the incident.
France and Spain smelt a rat and realised that the broadcasts were bogus. If Western Intelligence had been monitoring transmissions of a conspiracy to bomb the Berlin disco, then they should have been able to prevent the attack. Officially, the Mossad claimed not to know the identity of those who had carried out the attack. In fact, they would be the prime suspect.
The bombing of Pan Am 103, which crashed in December 1988 at Lockerbie, Scotland, was probably another Mossad operation. Evidently, the Mossad were running drugs and had to eliminate CIA operatives who knew too much. Whatever the motive, normal practice would be to frame some innocent third party. A retired Scottish police chief – described as “of assistant chief constable rank or higher” – gave lawyers a signed statement testifying that the CIA planted a tiny fragment of circuit board that supposedly linked Libya to the crime. The fragment was identified by the FBI as part of a timer device used to control a detonator. Mebo, a Swiss company, manufactured these electronic timers and supplied them only to Libya and East Germany’s Stasi. But in 2003, a retired CIA officer gave a statement to the lawyers of a Libyan convicted and jailed for the bombing, admitting that evidence had been planted. This was later corroborated by the former Scottish police chief, who was a member of the Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland. The Zionist press had also been quick to blame Syria and Iran for Lockerbie; Israel is the prime beneficiary of conflict between the West and Islamic nations.
Other terrorist operations conducted by Israel in the late 20th century included the murder of 220 US Marines and 21 other servicemen in a massive bombing in Beirut (to teach the Americans not to interfere in Lebanon), the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing of a Federal building by Jews including Andreas Strassmeir and Daniel Spiegelman which killed 168 (blamed on “white supremacist” patsies in order to discredit US patriots), the 1985 hijacking of the Achille Lauro by “Abu Abbas” who killed a disabled American Jewish tourist and threw his body and his wheelchair overboard (to turn world opinion against Arabs and in favour of Israel), the murder of British policewoman Yvonne Fletcher in 1984 (another false-flag operation that was blamed on Libya), and other acts blamed on Abu Nidal (a Zionist agent) and his Black September group. When briefing and remunerating their agents, Mossad katsas would sometimes pose as Sicilian dons. In addition to JFK, targets of Mossad assassination squads included Robert Maxwell (Jan Hoch), and Gerald Bull (who designed and worked on a “supergun” project for Iraq).
On October 31, 1999, EgyptAir Flight 990 – a Boeing 767 – plunged into the Atlantic. Officially, the ‘accident’ was blamed on a suicidal co-pilot. The reality, as usual, involved powerful, wealthy criminals lured by the prospect of further political and financial benefits. Israel and the Zionist Mafia planned to conduct a major false-flag terror attack within the next two years. They needed to conduct a trial run to test remote control technology for taking over planes already in flight, and they needed to promote the concept of “Muslim suicide pilots” to a gullible public. As a bonus, they got to murder 33 Egyptian army officers including two Air Force brigadier generals and two army major generals. Other ill-fated flights out of JFK International Airport, NY, included TWA 800 (July 1996), allegedly destroyed by a center wing fuel tank that ‘accidentally’ exploded in mid-air, and American Airlines 587 (November 2001), which crashed shortly after take off when its entire vertical tail section and both engines happened to fall off, supposedly as a result of “wake turbulence”.
In February and March of 2001, the Zionist-controlled Fox TV network broadcast a documentary titled “Conspiracy Theory – Did We Land on the Moon?” on the notion that the Apollo landings were a hoax, with scenes having been filmed in a US desert. The evidence that the Apollo landings were faked is much weaker than the evidence that they were genuine. The motive for the timing of these Fox broadcasts was Zionist foreknowledge of a massive Mossad false-flag terrorist operation that was planned for the second half of that very year. The Zionists knew that sceptics would be able to prove that the official government account of the forthcoming major event was false, and it would not be possible to refute the sceptics with rational arguments. Hence, it would be necessary to resort to ad hominem attacks in which they would be portrayed as tin-foil-hatted crackpot conspiracy theorists, in the same mould as the Apollo Moon landings sceptics.
On May 4, 2001, Rabbi Dov Zakheim was sworn in as Comptroller at the Pentagon, overseeing its (then) $300 billion budget. On September 10, 2001 (well aware that it would be a good time to “bury bad news”), Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declared at a press conference that, according to some estimates, they could not track $2.3 trillion in transactions. After the audit had uncovered a massive black hole in the Pentagon’s finances, Zakheim remained at the helm for more than two years until resigning in April 2004.
Zakheim, a dual nationality Israeli-American and a rabid Zionist, had co-authored “Rebuilding America’s Defenses“, a position paper by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) in 2000, which called for a new “Pearl Harbor” type of incident which would provide a pretext for US military moves to boost its global hegemony. The other signatories on the document included neocons I Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Paul Wolfowitz, and William Kristol. Rabbi Zakheim’s career included various posts at the Department of Defense (DoD), foreign policy advisor to George W Bush, and also in the private sector on defense and consultancy. In the years running up to 9/11, he was corporate vice president of System Planning Corporation (SPC) and chief executive officer of SPC International Corporation. SPC is a manufacturer of highly sophisticated military specification technology such as its “Flight Termination System“. FTS includes SPC’s Command Transmitter System. It enables remote operators to control up to eight planes simultaneously, from a single position either on the ground or airborne (or, say, in WTC Building 7). The technology provides the capability to take remote control of aircraft already in flight.
Zionists had tricked the Bush Administration into carrying out a relatively small scale false-flag terrorist operation. An unmanned, remote-controlled plane would be crashed into a section of the Pentagon that was under renovation; hence, casualties would range from zero to very low. The remote control technology for the Pentagon incident would be provided by Raytheon. Since it was necessary to claim that “Arabs” had hijacked a passenger plane and the US government had not signed up to deliberately murder dozens of their own civilians as part of Operation Pentagate, the claimed flight that the “suicide pilots” had taken over would be one that ran fairly regularly, but was unscheduled on the particular day of the operation. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) flight records could be falsified after the fact – unless, of course, the planners were to slip up, as they did…
The “dead passengers” were to be individuals linked to government (e.g. Barbara Olson), and the defense contractor Raytheon, who would be paid to fake their own deaths and provided with sanctuary in Israel. As confirmation of the official version of events, it would be claimed that the “passengers” had made cell phone calls to report a hijacking by men of “Arabic” appearance. (Never mind the fact that such cell phone calls were impossible with 2001 technology at cruising height and speed; the fact that it takes at least an hour and 30 kg of coke to cremate a cadaver had not stopped the indoctrination of millions of people with a physically impossible ludicrous conspiracy theory about a secret German plot to gas and cremate 11 million “undesirables”.) If required, fictitious names could be concocted. In order to save on names, it would be claimed that the passenger count just happened to be unusually low that day, say, around one-third of capacity.
American Airlines Flight 77 from Washington Dulles to Los Angeles was scheduled on most days, but was not scheduled (and did not fly) on September 11, 2001. The date had been chosen from the US “911” emergency number. Hence, the official Bush-Cheney story would claim this as the plane which hit the Pentagon. The Bush Administration would then have a pretext for invading Islamic oil-rich nations and looting their oil wealth, and for granting itself with authoritarian powers by introducing legislation such as the Patriot Act. More to the point, Rumsfeld and Cheney – along with other corrupt leaders who had been bribed or blackmailed into the scam – would have a pretext for doing the Zionist Mafia’s bidding of supplying the servicemen of the US, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain, etc, as Israel’s proxy army to fight its enemy neighbours. I.e., the offering up of national armed forces as a supply of private mercenaries, or cannon fodder, or uranium-ingesting leukemia and cancer cases waiting to happen. These sacrifices were primarily for the personal profit of the avaricious Zionist Mafia, along with the corrupt Mafia-appointed government leaders who lapped up the few scraps and morsels tossed their way by their Zionist handlers.
Rumsfeld directed this part of the operation from his Pentagon office, which was well clear of the renovated section where the hit was planned. In order to ensure that the plane would get to the Pentagon without meeting any resistance from the mighty US air defenses, Cheney directed wargames exercises from his bunker, including Vigilant Guardian, Vigilant Warrior, Northern Guardian, Northern Vigilance, and Tripod II. The first three were all to do with hijacked airplanes in NE US airspace. Some of these drills were live-fly exercises with remote-controlled planes, simulating the behaviour of hijacked airliners and coinciding with the alleged start of the “Arab hijackings”. In addition, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), based in Chantilly, Virginia and intrinsically entangled with the CIA and the DoD, had scheduled an exercise starting at 09:00 which involved an aircraft hitting one of its buildings.
As late as the fall of 2003, the BTS website provided accurate flight records of AA Flights 11 and 77, and United Airlines Flights 93 and 175, the four that were allegedly hijacked by incredibly lucky “suicidal Moslems”. Flights are regularly cancelled when bookings are low, and if a domestic flight is still shown in computer reservation systems within seven calendar days of the scheduled departure, the law and regulations direct that it must be reported and listed as “cancelled” in the BTS database. Sometimes a dearth of passengers results in cancellation more than seven calendar days prior to the scheduled departure, in which case the non-existent flight does not need to be reported and is not listed in the records for that day.
The latter was the situation for two of the four “hijacked flights” on September 11, 2001 – AA Flight 11 and AA Flight 77. Their non-appearance in the official BTS website is evidence that both flights had been cancelled more than a week prior to 9/11. The BTS records continued to report this for more than two years, until several months after independent 9/11 researchers had discovered the anomaly in the fall of 2003. In 2004 the website’s on-time delivery flight records section was shut down. By April 2005, a doctored version of the records had reappeared, with Flights 11 and 77 now included on 9/11/2001.
In the six years up to August 31, 2001, American Airlines Flight 11 cancellations had been running at 4.13%, i.e. an average of about 15 days per annum. It had been unscheduled 14 times, 0.64% of days or 2.333 times per annum. AA Flight 77 had seen 1.99% of its scheduled (a week prior to schedule) flights cancelled, with 43 cancellations in 6 years. It had been unscheduled 27 times, a rate of 1.23% or an annual average of 4.5 days.
Both flights had very recent cancellations. The last time AA 11 was shown as “cancelled”, i.e. it was in the database because the cancellation was not at least a week in advance, was the previous Tuesday, September 4, and prior to that it was cancelled for Monday August 27, 2001. AA Flight 77 last cancelled on Wednesday, September 5, 2001, and before that the Saturday August 18, 2001 flight was cancelled.
However, the best proof that the object which hit the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11 was not AA Flight 77 is provided by the fact that no video evidence supporting the official story was ever made public. The FBI immediately confiscated videos from a gas station and a hotel overlooking the Pentagon. In these days of the ubiquitous security camera, it is inconceivable that the defense HQ of the world’s greatest military power did not have cameras trained on its west wing on the morning of 9/11. It was not until another six months or so that five frames of a pathetic amateurishly faked video were released by officials, purporting to be of the “Flight 77 impact”.
The problem with the five frames of the “Pentagon security camera” record of the Flight 77 impact is that none of them show a Boeing 757 about to strike the Pentagon facade. It was originally reported that the security camera frame rate was 100 frames per second; if so, most frames were clearly missing. A second video released in 2006 was said to have a frame rate of only 1 or 2 fps, but expert analysis of this proved that it had been extensively manipulated. Each ‘frame’ was actually 32 almost identical frames where the image sometimes shifted by a pixel at a time, and it looked like the recording had been digitized, converted to analog and re-digitized. Frames that did not reveal the object had obviously been cherry-picked and the incriminating ones deleted, rather like Operation Rockingham‘s selection of any scrap of unreliable single-source ‘evidence’ suggesting that Iraq might have had banned weapons, and avoidance of the mountains of intelligence from multiple reliable sources that proved that it did not. The Pentagon’s west wing would not have had to rely on a couple of second-rate cameras operating at only 1 or 2 fps.
Let us suppose the frame rate was only 10 frames per second, and that the impact speed of Flight 77 was as high as 780 fps or 530 mph, the figure stated by Civil Engineering Magazine, Feb 2003. In 1/10 second, the plane would travel 78 feet. Thus, there should exist a frame showing the nose of a 757-200 in AA colours within 78 feet of striking the Pentagon facade, i.e. within half a length of a Boeing 757-200. Given that the actual frame rate was likely to be considerably higher, the final pre-impact frame would probably have the nose well within 25 feet of the wall. In addition, the plane was supposed to be approaching at a 45 degree angle, so the gap from nose to wall and the slightly rotated aircraft length are foreshortened by cos[(angle of impact from the perpendicular) – (angle of camera slight inclination from parallel to facade)], a factor somewhat higher than 0.7071, which makes it even easier to fit a good view of Flight 77 in the frame.
The official story of Flight 77 has been comprehensively debunked before we even start to consider the fact that the alleged hijacker who flew the plane, Hani Hanjour, was a notoriously poor pilot who had been refused permission to hire a Cessna in August 2001 because his flying skills were so poor. Hanjour would not have suddenly developed the skills of a crack fighter pilot after a few weeks’ flight simulator training, managing to steer a Boeing 757 a few feet above the Pentagon lawn at over 500 mph after descending 7000 feet in 150 seconds and making a sharp 270 degree turn pulling high Gs on his jet flying debut. There are several inconsistencies with the passenger manifest and the autopsy and their lack of Arabic names. There is the unlikelihood of the hijackers being able to turn off the aircraft transponder and persuade the pilot to hand over control of the plane, the coincidental exercises, and the fact that Mossad agents lived a few houses away from the “Arab hijackers”. These problems, and many others, also apply to the other planes featuring in the official Ladenist hoax.
Unfortunately for Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush, Zionists had a much more ambitious scheme underway, to run in parallel with the Pentagon strike. For some thirty years, since its construction, the World Trade Center (WTC) complex had been owned by the Port Authorities of New York and New Jersey, who had full management rights. Then, in July 2001, six weeks before 9/11, the Port Authorities inexplicably agreed to lease the buildings to Larry Silverstein (Silverstein Properties Inc,). Reports variously place the date of the transfer of management rights as July 24 or 26, 2001. Silverstein, a real estate magnate whose portfolio included the “Runway 69” Queens dance club linked to the heroin trade, money laundering and New York police corruption, had close ties to Benjamin Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak and other Israeli leaders, and was a former president of the United Jewish Appeal in New York. Netanyahu happened to be in London nearly 4 years later as the 7/7 bombs detonated, where he exhibited foreknowledge of the attacks. Also involved in the WTC deal was Frank Lowy, an Israeli businessman from Australia, and chairman and founder of Westfield Holdings. The lease was negotiated by Lewis Eisenberg, another prominent Israel supporter.
Silverstein agreed to pay a total of some $3.2 billion in leasing instalments over 99 years to the Port Authorities, who would remain the owners. However, Silverstein – now known as “Lucky Larry” – would take the rental income, and was the sole beneficiary of the buildings insurance policies. At the same time, he increased the insurance cover to $3.6 billion (the policy could pay out up to twice that, but only if it was judged that both Towers had been destroyed following two entirely separate incidents.) The initial payment to the Port Authorities was a tiny fraction of $3.2 billion, to be followed by smaller annual fees. Silverstein, backed by New York investor Lloyd Goldman and former entertainment industry distributor Joseph Cayre, had to put up a mere $125 million in equity for the office portion of the WTC lease in July 2001.
The probability of a transfer of management rights at the WTC and signing of a new lease, whereby the new management is the beneficiary of the insurance (which they increased!), within 7 weeks of the destruction of the WTC complex can be conservatively calculated from the ratio 7 weeks divided by the duration of the previous ownership. Both of the Twin Towers had been completed by 1972, so 7 weeks divided by 29 years equals a 1 in 215 chance.
Another stroke of fortune for “Lucky Larry” was that he had regularly been taking breakfast at the elegant Windows on the World restaurant at the top of the North Tower. On the morning of 9/11 by an amazing coincidence, his wife had reminded him that he had a “dermatologist’s appointment”; consequently, the tycoon eluded the tragic fate of more than 2,000 WTC workers and hundreds of emergency responders. His two children, who worked at Silverstein Properties, were also spared.
Suppose a middle-aged lady had been happily married for 29 years, the first husband had died, and husband number two took out a massive insurance policy on her life. Seven weeks later, the lady dies in mysterious circumstances in an accident that would not be fatal unless the laws of physics, chemistry and biology were revised – e.g., a small piece of cardboard falls on her head from a height of one foot. Any detective worth their salt should be suspicious, to say the least. The relevance of the “less than lethal with invariant scientific and natural law” part of this analogy to the 9/11 destruction of the WTC will become apparent when we examine how the plane crashes and fires could not possibly have caused global collapse of a single skyscraper, let alone the three towers WTC 1, 2 and 7, and each of them in the manner of a controlled demolition.
A day before the 9/11 attacks – the same day Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 trillion had gone missing at the Pentagon – the Washington Times ran an article on its front page in which the Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) was quoted describing Israel’s intelligence service Mossad as: “Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act“.
Dov Zakheim had access to technology for the remote control of aircraft through his tenure at SPC; he had access to Boeings through a lease deal he arranged whilst at the Pentagon. The second plane to hit the WTC – UA Flight 175 which hit the South Tower (WTC 2) – had to be very close to the genuine article, as the media would then have plenty of cameras in place. Flight 175 was shown in the BTS records, and did actually hit the South Tower. In this case, SPC technology was employed to take control of the Boeing 767 after it had got into cruising mode.
For the plane which hit the North Tower, it was not necessary to take over a plane in flight. One of Zakheim’s Boeings, possibly pre-packed with explosives, was used as a dummy. The official story had to claim this as an “Arab-hijacked passenger plane”, which required a fairly regular flight that happened to be unscheduled on 9/11. Ideally, this flight would also depart from Boston for LA (as did Flight 175). Hence, AA Flight 11 was selected. It was important that at least one WTC strike was successful out of the three commissioned, and a retro-fitted model complete with all necessary software patches was their best chance. With Flight 175, there was a slight risk that the operators might not have been able to take control, the fireball might have been less spectacular, and the steering could have been less precise. The slight errors apparent in the steering actually helped the effect of the fireball, although gave less credence to the “fire collapse” theory. From their command post in WTC 7, the operators noticed that the South Tower fires were going out first; thus it was necessary to initiate the demolition after only 56 minutes.
The original plan was to have both Twin Towers collapse at around 10:15, allow the operators sufficient time to exit WTC 7, and then have Flight 93 hit WTC 7 at around 10:30. The third crash would provide the pretext for the planned WTC 7 collapse, which was necessary in order to eliminate evidence of the remote-control transmitters for controlling Flights 11, 175, and 93, and detonating charges in each of the Twin Towers. At 9:36, Flight 93 had filed a new flight plan to arrive in Washington at 10:28. Unfortunately for the Zionists, the US air defenses could not be delayed indefinitely. Moreover, UA Flight 93 was part of the Zionist cabal’s three-plane false-flag insurance scam, rather than Rumsfeld’s Pentagate plan. The Zionists’ third plane, UA93, was shot down over Shanksville at 10:06. They still had to demolish WTC 7, but without a “suicide piloted passenger plane” to hand. Hence, the official story was forced to assert that the global collapse of WTC 7 was solely as a result of “fires”.
A detailed analysis of the fires in WTC 1 proves how the fire collapse theorist must either hope that no one bothers to do the calculations, or must postulate a version of reality which features variable physical and natural law (which is precisely what the Holocaustian must do for Poland in 1944). WTC 1, which was hit by an aircraft, and where fires burned for 102 minutes before global collapse occurred, offers the best hope for the fire collapse theorist who tries to pose as a “scientist”.
Throughout the 100-year history of steel framed high-rise buildings and skyscrapers up to September 10, 2001, there had never been even a single incidence of fire-induced collapse in the US. According to Ronald Hamburger in the Stanford Report, Dec 3, 2001, WTC 7 was the “first major structure in the U.S. to collapse because of fire”. A report on multiple fatality fires, 1994-1996, has no mention of “collapse”. And National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Building and Fire Research Laboratory (BFRL), Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster reports, “The WTC Towers and WTC 7 are the only known cases of total structural collapse in high-rise buildings where fires played a significant role.” The worldwide statistics for high-rise buildings since 1970 include only 17 cases of fire-induced collapse, two of these being structural steel buildings, and none in the US. Yet on September 11, 2001, three separate skyscrapers collapsed in the US, where building codes are more stringent than in poorer nations.
Being generous to the government-backed fire-collapse theory – just before a random event occurs the rate of occurrence will tend below the mean; after the event it will tend above the mean. Let’s suppose 3 collapses in every 100 years is the average fire-induced collapse rate to be expected for steel framed high-rise buildings in the US (and the fact that the rate remained at zero for so long suggests that this is an overestimate). So the rate is one day every 33.333 years = 1 day every 12,175 days. Hence, the probability for one such collapse to occur on any specified day is 1 in 12,175, and the probability for three collapses is 1 in 12,175 cubed = 1 in 1.805 trillion.
For a compartment fire, an allowance must be made for incomplete combustion in places, which will reduce the total heat liberated for a given mass of fuel. In the case of the WTC fires, both sides of the debate included absurdities. Some Zionist press articles claimed that “jet fuel fires melted the steel”; some sceptics argued that “oxygen-starved” hydrocarbon fires in buildings could never burn at temperatures higher than about 500 C.
Conditions will range from stoichiometric near the vent side of a flame to fuel rich at the smoke side. Let us suppose a linear distribution of oxygen reactant over the range stoichiometric (equivalence ratio or “phi” = 1) to half that mass of oxygen per unit of fuel (phi = 2), ignoring all cases where the fires are even more oxygen starved. [Please refer to “Mathematics of the WTC Fires” sections of for full details.] From the integral of the function, we have a mean equivalence ratio close to phi = 1.386 (the natural log of 4). Calculation of the thermochemical equations for wood (a cellulose-lignin mix) and kerosene (dodecane) over this linear range of oxygen reactant, and averaging, provides a figure of 67 to 68% as the mean efficiency of such a fire. The analysis computed a calorific value of some 11.43 kJ/g for wood, down from the stoichiometric value of 16.74 kJ/g from the equation used:
0.8C6H10O5 + 0.2C18H24O11 + 8.5O2 + 31.976N2 ===> 8.4CO2 + 6.4H2O + 31.976N2 + 3563.2 kJ
and 29.7 kJ/g for dodecane, compared to 44.14 kJ/g in complete combustion from:
C12H26 + 18.5O2 + 69.595N2 ===> 12CO2 + 13H2O + 69.595N2 + 7518.26 kJ
These thermochemical equations are both for phi = 1. Apart from setting phi = 2 as the maximum equivalence ratio, another assumption here is that as oxygen is removed from the reactants, CO2 and H2O products decrease in the proportion 59:41. CO is substituted for lost CO2 product, and H2 for lost H2O. The combustion efficiency value (Eff) of around 68% is found to derive from the heat released per unit of oxygen according to:
Eff = 1 – 4.1575 / Hox
where Hox is the maximum heat released per unit of oxygen (kJ/g) consumed for the particular fuel, in complete combustion. A typical value is 13.1 kJ/g. Adjustments to the assumption of a 59:41 split make little difference to the calculated combustion efficiency.
The 11.43 kJ/g for wood compares favourably with the 10.75 kJ/g assumed by Kawagoe and others such as Magnusson and Thelandersson as the net effective heat of combustion of wood in fully developed compartment fires.
Selecting a floor assumed to have the severest fires, we then take a worst case scenario for that particular floor. For the maximum possible energy density, we will suppose that the mass burning rate coincidentally just happened to be such that the entire floor’s combustibles including aircraft fittings were consumed over 102 minutes, the fire duration from impact until collapse. We also suppose that this floor received an above average share of jet fuel, which would have been dispersed over several floors. The heat released from the jet fuel is also counted, although the pool fire would have burnt up within a few minutes.
A typical aircraft contains 3,300 to 8,400 kg of combustibles, according to the FAA. We shall suppose 7,000 kg over two floors, with 3,500 kg on the model’s worst-affected floor.
FEMA’s report quotes Culver (1977) stating that typical office-type occupancies contain fuel loads (described in terms of the equivalent weight of wood) of 4 to 12 pounds per square foot, with the mean slightly less than 8. However, NIST’s reports of June and October 2004 by S. Shyam Sunder state that the typical (WTC) floor contained an average of 4 psf of combustible materials.
The fuel load in the core area was relatively light, with much of this zone taken up by service shafts. The remaining space between shafts would have contained a limited fuel load, with the great majority of combustible material such as desks and workstations being outside the core. Let’s suppose there was on average 7 psf or 34.18 kg/m^2 (close to Culver’s geometric mean) outside the core, and 2 psf or 9.765 kg/m^2 within it. The core area was 137′ x 87′ out of 208′ x 208′, or 1,107 m^2 out of 4,019 m^2, leaving 2,912 m^2 as the non-core area. However, above the floor 78 sky lobby, some 40% of the core space is taken up by elevator shafts, stairwells, etc. (It was about 50% in the middle section and 60% below floor 44; express elevator shafts stopped at each sky lobby.) So the core space on the upper floors of the fire zone was effectively 0.6 * 1,107, i.e. about 664 m^2. Hence, the combustibles per floor, excluding aircraft debris, are 34.18 * 2,912 + 9.765 * 664 = 106,016 kg = 116.9 tons, expressed in terms of the equivalent weight of wood.
Averaging over the whole floor including core and shafts space, this works out around 5.4 psf which is still above NIST’s assumed 4 psf average for a typical WTC floor. The NIST figure may well represent the actual weight of combustibles, and so would be less than the equivalent weight of wood, given that some combustibles have a higher calorific value. Other substances such as plastics would exhibit little difference in the heat released per unit of oxygen consumed. Since the combustion inefficiency factor associated with fuel rich fires derives from the calorific value of the oxygen rather than the fuel, our inefficiency factor calculated above at around 0.68 is applicable to a mix of various fuels.
FEMA’s report suggests (for WTC 2) 3,000 gallons as a reasonable assumption for the jet fuel initially consumed in fireballs, leaving 7,000 gallons. It assumes about half of this flowed away, either down elevator shafts or out of the building, with approximately 4,000 gallons remaining on the impact floors. It also says, “Barring additional information, it is reasonable to assume that an approximately similar amount of jet fuel was consumed by fireballs as the aircraft struck WTC 1”.
We have no quibbles with these assumptions, and will take their figure of 4,000 gallons dispersed on the impact floors, which would have burned as a pool fire. In the model it was supposed that the total area of the pool fire, unevenly distributed over several floors, was 2,067 m^2. Given that the mass burning rate for free burning pool fires is on the order of 50 grams per square metre per second, the minimum burn time assuming an unlimited oxygen supply is given by:
mass of fuel {Kg} / (0.05 * pool fire area {m^2}) = t {secs}
Jet fuel is around 3.1 kg per gallon, and 3.1 x 4,000 = 12,400 kg of fuel. So we have:
12,400 / (0.05 * 2067) = 120 seconds to burn up (which is why 2067 m^2 was selected). As the oxygen is consumed, the mass burning rate is limited to that set by the area and height of the vents. It was found that for the 106,016 kg (116.9 tons) of office combustibles and 3,500 kg of aircraft combustibles to be consumed over 102 minutes (109,516 / 6,120 = 17.9 kg/s mass burning rate), and given the vent area, the effective height of the vent had to be slightly greater than one 10-foot storey (excluding 2-foot floor-ceiling area). I.e., at the impact area some floor space was taken out which raises the height of the two-layer zone. Further away, a single floor is a two-layer zone of cooler air at the bottom and smoke and hot gases at the top.
12,400 kg of aviation fuel burning in 120 seconds is a mass burning rate of 103 kg/s, which is nearly six times greater than the rate for the whole floor’s combustibles to burn over 102 minutes. A six-storey fire compartment model could only sustain about half of this rate (air throughput per floor relates to the square root of the effective vent height). So the fuel burning time would be somewhat more than two minutes, but not more than a few minutes. Nevertheless, we shall add the energy released by the kerosene to that of the other combustibles, and include this over the whole 102 minutes which will provide the best prospects for a fire-induced global collapse ensuing at the end of that period.
If the fuel is unevenly distributed over several floors, a distribution might, for example, have consisted of areas of 100, 300, 400, 500,and 767 square metres. We shall take the 767 m^2 for the model’s worst affected floor, which gives 12,400 * 767 / 2,067 = 4,601 kg or 1,484 gallons of kerosene. This floor is also assumed to have 106,016 kg of office combustibles, and 3,500 kg of aircraft combustibles, totalling 109,516 kg expressed in terms of the equivalent weight of wood.
Allowing for combustion inefficiencies, the effective calorific value of the kerosene was some 29.7 MJ/kg, with 11.4 MJ/kg for the wood.
1484 * 3.1 kg/gallon * 29.7 MJ/kg = 1.37 * 10^11 J  (kerosene)
+ 109516 * 11.4 = 1.25 * 10^12 J (other combustibles, wood equivalent)
This gives a total of 1.39 * 10^12 J for the worst floor, including heat which flowed out of the building. Of the total, some 60% – i.e. 8.34 * 10^11 J – is retained in the building, with the building absorbing the greatest proportion when cold.
For this worst case storey, the kerosene and aircraft combustibles are added to the total floor area excluding shafts. The total floor area comprised the non-core of 31,345 ft^2 and the 60% of 11,919 ft^2 core space – i.e. 7,151 ft^2, to give a total area excluding shafts of 38,496 ft^2 or 3,576 m^2. With the kerosene yielding the equivalent of 12,018 kg of wood, 12018 kg / 3576 m^2 is an extra 3.361 kg/m^2 or 0.688 psf. 3,500 kg of aircraft combustibles adds 0.979 kg/m^2 or 0.2 psf. So we have:
Non-core combustibles = 7 + 0.688 + 0.2 = 7.888 psf = 40.8 MJ/ft^2
Core combustibles = 2 + 0.688 + 0.2 = 2.888 psf = 14.93 MJ/ft^2
These figures were the basis of computations involving summing the radiant heat contributions from each square foot/metre of floor space, as viewed at some specified point on the floor. Specifications of structural steel members was determined from information in the public domain. Each point source contribution computed a radiation view factor and proportion of the heat released from combustibles at that point that would be absorbed by a given member. Working in square metres did not greatly affect the results. With a nearly tenfold difference in computation time for a floor, the final set of results worked in square metres of floor space. The final temperatures at 102 minutes were predicted for each core column and other members for various proportions of fire resistive coating (FRC) remaining or assumed stripped off.
The above core density of 14.93 MJ/ft^2 was based on lowering the area from 11,919 to 7,151 ft^2 after allowing for 40% of area being taken up by shafts. Rather than determine which points were taken up by shafts, it was easier to multiply the energy density by 0.6 and plot all points. The model pretends the shafts do not exist to shield the columns, thereby exaggerating absorption. The non-core released 1.279 * 10^12 J, with a corresponding 1.068 * 10^11 J from the core. In metric, the total points plotted were x and y coordinates 0.5 to 62.5 which is 63^2 = 3,969 m^2. There were 1,134 core points and 2,835 office area points. Thus, the core energy density came to 94.2 MJ/m^2, and the non-core was 451 MJ/m^2.
It was assumed that 40% of the energy flowed out of the building. With a mean adiabatic flame temperature of 1,488 C after allowing for 68% combustion efficiency with conditions ranging from stoichiometric to fuel rich, actual flame temperatures averaging 1,000 C after transmitting heat to surroundings, an exiting gases temperature of 669 C, and an average hot gases upper layer temperature of 835 C, the total heat transmitted to the building was 6.84 MJ/kg of wood equivalent, with another 4.56 MJ/kg vented to the exterior. Of the heat transmitted to the building, 4.16 MJ/kg was from the flames and 2.68 MJ/kg from hot gas or smoke upper layer. So the program multiplied the above energy density figures by 0.6, which took account of contributions from the flames and smoke layer.
For the full results for each core column and accompanying description, see
The ongoing research at present suggests that the only real vulnerability would have been with the trusses on two floors that were subject to the onslaught of impacting debris. In any case, the central area of one floor, up to the core, was probably taken out by the initial impact. The effect of the fires, if causing local partial floor collapse, would have been small compared to the impact damage. This analysis (confirmed by the NIST study) found that it would be necessary to totally remove four or five floors – depending on core column temperatures – before there would be any possibility of global instability. A partial failure of trusses on two floors and partial local floor collapse would not bring down the building.
The original demand : capacity ratios were around 0.4 to 0.5 for the core columns, and 0.17 to 0.2 for the perimeter columns. Most core columns were aligned with the webs running north-south, so the “Flight 11” debris approaching from the north of WTC 1 would have impacted with one side of a flange. The web and other flange would have been essentially in the “shadow” of the exposed flange, hence protected. Core column 704, one of the weakest and with the web running east-west, might have failed on the model’s worst case floor, if flying debris had stripped all FRC from a side of its web, and if the fire had raged as per the worst case scenario detailed above. However, the other columns would have remained below 550 C and retained spare capacity even if debris stripped FRC from the debris-exposed side. In order to initiate collapse of even a single floor, failure of a number of additional columns would be required – a failure which would not have occurred.
WTC 2 collapsed in only 56 minutes; therefore heat absorbed by members would have been 55% of the WTC 1 absorption for a given mass burning rate. The WTC 2 fires were not observed to be 82% more severe than in WTC 1. As for WTC 7, it was never hit by a plane, and the FRC would have remained intact. The idea that fire could lead to this building collapsing as if in a controlled demolition is as ludicrous as the idea that the face of Elvis Presley would appear in a Danish pastry.
Hence, the probability of 1 in 12,175 against each (of three) high-rise collapses will be found to be valid; a probability of 1 in 1.805 trillion.
Evidence that thermite (or to be more precise, thermate) was used to demolish WTC 1, 2 and 7 includes numerous reports of molten steel or iron found in the debris pile of all three skyscrapers, partially evaporated steel members found in the ruins of WTC 7 , the molten iron observed pouring from the side of WTC 2 in the minutes leading up to collapse, excessive sulfidation of steel members, and dust analysis that found high barium levels ranging from 317 to 3,670 ppm. “You were only supposed to cut through the bloody columns – not shoot molten iron out the windows in front of the cameras!” (irate arch-villain).
Hydrocarbon fires do not melt iron or steel. Although the adiabatic flame temperatures are higher than the melting point of iron, such temperatures are not attained because Stefan’s law dictates that heat is radiated to the environment in proportion with the fourth power of a blackbody radiator’s absolute temperature. If the gas products temperature was near the adiabatic flame temperature, it would radiate heat away, lowering the temperature; if it was near to ambient temperature it would be radiating very little and could not have gotten so low. Real world fires typically fluctuate around an equilibrium temperature that is approximately midway between ambient and the adiabatic flame temperature. Typical adiabatic values would be about 2,000 C, but only under perfect conditions. As the mixture tends towards fuel-rich in a compartment fire, the adiabatic flame temperature decreases, along with the typical temperature attained after energy has been lost to heat the building structure. The WTC fires would not have averaged much over 600 C.
Israel’s guilt in the WTC demolition was also confirmed by the arrest of the “dancing Israelis” for “puzzling behaviour”, the Odigo warning to 7,000 Jews to stay away from work that day, and the sighting of Mohammed Atta on Jack Abramoff’s gambling boat.
Five Israelis had been observed photographing or videoing pictures of themselves with the WTC burning in the background. They were jumping for joy in Liberty State Park, celebrating with high fives in a Jersey City parking lot, and celebrating on a roof in Weehawken. Witnesses said that they appeared happy rather than shocked – smiling, laughing, joking, and shouting in what was interpreted as cries of joy and mockery as the Towers burnt and collapsed.
The five – Sivan Kurzberg (the driver), Paul Kurzberg (his brother), Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner, and Omer Marmari – had been travelling in a white, signwritten 2000 Chevrolet van with New Jersey plates. One passenger was found to have $4,700 in cash hidden in his sock, another carried two foreign passports, and a box cutter was found in the van. Maps were found with certain places highlighted, and said to link the Israelis to the WTC plot. Dogs reacted as if traces of explosives were in the van, although nothing was found; it had probably already gone up in smoke.
Ostensibly, the Israelis worked for a Weehawken moving company, Urban Moving Systems, with offices on West 18th Street in Weehawken and on West 50th Street in Manhattan, and owned by Dominik Otto Suter, another Israeli. Paul Kurzberg refused to take a lie detector test for ten weeks, and then failed it. It was later confirmed that the FBI had concluded that several or most of the men were Mossad operatives and the moving company a Mossad front.
The five were arrested about 8 hours after the 9/11 attacks, held in Brooklyn for more than two months, and then quietly released and allowed to go back to Israel. Suter fled for Israel a few days after the attacks and arrests, leaving dozens of customers’ property lying around in the warehouse and cell phones in the office.
Two hours prior to the WTC attacks, two employees of Odigo, an Israeli instant-messaging service, received text messages at their research, development and international sales office in Herzliya, Israel, warning of an attack on the World Trade Center. The Odigo service included a feature called “People Finder”, allowing users to seek and contact others based on interests or demographics. Odigo admitted that the attack warnings could have been broadcast to other users, too. Odigo also had a New York office, four blocks from the WTC. In May 2002, Odigo was acquired by Comverse, which incidentally is the Israeli parent company of Verint Systems, which handled video security for the London Underground at the time of the 7/7 bombings.
Employees of Goldman Sachs, the Jewish investment banking firm with headquarters in Lower Manhattan close to the former WTC site, were probably warned of a terrorist attack even earlier than those on the Odigo buddy list. The Sept 14, 2001 edition of Counterpunch reported “Counterpunch has also learned that an internal memo was sent around Goldman Sachs in Tokyo on September 10 advising all employees of a possible terrorist attack. It recommended all employees to avoid any American Government buildings”. It is unlikely that Tokyo employees got a warning on the previous day (when New York local time, at 14 hours behind, was probably within a few hours of midnight September 9th/10th), but New York-based Goldman Sachs workers did not receive advance warning.
Clearly, the above Mossad agents – who were held in solitary confinement for weeks – had been involved in planting explosives or thermite in the WTC, and had sent warning text messages to a list of Jews to make sure they did not turn up for work that day. Apart from WTC workers, the list included a couple of Odigo employees in Israel. For corroboration of this, we can consider the occupancy of the Towers at the time of the attacks.
According to NIST, 15,400 escaped and 2,159 were killed in the WTC, which is a total occupancy of 17,559 at the time of the attacks. Let us suppose as many as half arrive after 8:46, which is rather high considering these workers in what were some of the world’s most prestigious offices were high-fliers rather than the type who would amble in in mid-morning. The normal daily occupancy of both Towers was more than 50,000. So we have:
(more than 25,000) – 17,559 = more than 7,441
…which is certainly consistent with internet reports of 4,000 Jews being warned not to turn up for work that day. The number who were either on the Odigo buddy list or received verbal warnings from those who were, when we include offices such as Goldman Sachs, was probably well over 4,000.
Less than a week before the 9/11 attacks, Mohammed Atta and several others allegedly from his Muslim terrorist group visited a gambling boat run by Jack Abramoff, a Jewish Washington lobbyist who pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, fraud and tax evasion in January 2006. Konstantinos “Gus” Boulis, a Greek immigrant, launched the SunCruz Casinos business offering gambling “cruises to nowhere”, taking its clients to international waters to escape gambling laws. In February 2001, Boulis was shot to death, five months after selling his SunCruz fleet of gambling boats to Jack Abramoff and partners. Boulis had maintained that the $23 million payment was never made.
SunCruz employees said they recognised some of the men suspected of being in the 9/11 attack as customers on a ship that sailed from Madeira Beach on Florida’s west coast. One name on a passenger list from a September 5 cruise matched that of one on the FBI’s terrorist list, with a cash advance taken out on his credit card. Another man on a Port Canaveral ship was also recognised as one of the listed terrorists. Photos, documents and videos were turned over to the FBI.
Although half of the suicide 9/11 terrorists were found alive and well within weeks of the atrocities, these may have been victims of identity theft. It was necessary for the Zionist Mafia to kill the other patsies after they had outlived their usefulness. Abramoff may have a history of arranging assassinations, so a connection to the “hijackers” would be valuable. If Atta and Co had been ‘groomed’ by being encouraged to go on regular gambling cruises, they could have been lured on a private gambling trip around September 11 – “You’re going to win big-time” – and dumped miles out to sea in the Gulf of Mexico.
After 9/11, the Zionist Mafia and Bush Administration had a phony pretext for the attacking and looting of nations that were deemed worthwhile prey. The CIA was anxious to invade Afghanistan in order to get back into the opium trade, which had been lucrative for them until the Taliban intervened. The Bushes and partners hoped to profit from Iraq’s oil wealth, from looting its Oil-for-Food fund, and from reconstruction contracts. Israel wanted to see its Arab neighbours neutered, and maybe even turned into satellite colonies such as the US, UK and Germany. Their immediate interest was Iraq, not Afghanistan. The Mossad’s identity theft operations had provided about nine names as suspected hijackers with another nine being groomed on Abramoff’s gambling boats. The Bush family had business links with the bin Ladens, and Osama was selected as the arch-villain since he had ailing kidneys and was not expected to survive long. But it was easier to link Osama with Afghanistan than Iraq.
For the criminals, wars were great, since they provided a form of wealth transfer from the many to the few. The US taxpayer might stump up hundreds of billions of dollars to prosecute a war, and yet the rewards would not amount to much more than $9 billion or so from an Oil-for-Food fund and a few treasures from museums. Overall, it is a negative-sum game. But those making the profits are not those who bear the losses. The financial expenditure is from public funds seized from the taxpayer, and the blood price is borne by innocent servicemen who have been told they are serving their nation. The profits go straight into the private accounts of the war criminals. They have not needed to lay out a cent of their own money, which equates to an infinite rate of return; neither have they or any of their children had to pay any blood price.
The Bush Administration and other poodles of Israel were faced with problems in supplying a suitable pretext for invading Iraq. They tried to morph Osama into Osama-Saddam, but this was not too successful. The absurd “WMD” claims were going to take some time. This approach required the forging of documents about purchase of yellowcake from Niger, dodgy dossiers including excerpts cut-and-pasted from a student’s obsolete thesis on the internet and passed off as current intelligence information, and claims that weather balloon inflators were really “mobile biological weapons laboratories”.
Israel decided to put pressure on the US to speed up its Iraq attack; the kingpins were not prepared to wait for four or five years. American Airlines Flight 587 crashed shortly after take-off in Belle Harbor, New York on November 12, 2001. Witnesses reported two explosions, and after the second, larger explosion, the vertical stabiliser cleanly broke away at the connection to the fuselage as an unmarked, complete unit. Then the engines were severed. The official story claimed “wake turbulence” as the cause. After all, fires had suddenly gained the power to bring down skyscrapers of structural steel treated with Cafco Blaze-Shield or Monokote fire resistive coating, where the perimeter columns had a demand : capacity ratio of 0.17 to 0.2 with a corresponding 0.4 to 0.5 for the core columns. Maybe in this brave new reality, winds might conceivably have attained the power to blow aircraft apart!
In the following months, the US and UK governments worked overtime trying to concoct an excuse to invade Iraq. After the invasion, when the WMDs were nowhere to be found, there were suggestions that Saddam had hidden them to “avoid getting into really deep trouble”, or had sent them off to Syria. As the WMD lies unravelled, the warmongers had to resort to claiming that the invasion – including the excess deaths of around 655,000 Iraqis within four years, the loss of thousands of the invaders’ troops, the destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure, and the dumping of radioactive waste on its land to be dispersed to a lesser extent around the globe – was “a price worth paying” in order to “liberate”, and “bring democracy to”, the Iraqi people. The only ‘crime’ they could even hope to pin on Saddam was his signing of death warrants for 148 people linked to an assassination attempt on him in 1982. George W Bush personally signed more than 150 death warrants during his tenure as Governor of Texas, so by the previous logic, the US should invade itself to remove Bush (one case where the Zionist version of events does not lead to a wholly undesirable conclusion).
The UK’s ‘leader’, Tony Blair, had always been a gung-ho supporter of the US-led invasion of Iraq. The 4 million pounds he received (laundered by purchase of a house in Connaught Square, London and two flats in Bristol), the probable blackmail involving pictures of Cherie Blair “having her toxins cleaned out” by Carole Caplin, and possibly of Tony in a compromising position with Peter Mandelson, and the fact that Zionists had installed Blair as P.M. in the first place (and controlled the opposition!) saw to that. But the Zionists wanted to make sure that Australia would toe the line, too…
The Mossad’s planting and detonation of a micro nuke in Bali on October 12, 2002, killing 202 and injuring 209, provided yet another opportunity for them to practise their skills. Two small bombs were exploded at the same time, in order to cultivate the myth of the deadly professional “al Qaeda Muslim terrorists” whose trademark was synchronised attacks of great ferocity. The highly lethal micro nuke was targeted at the Sari Club, frequented by Australians, of whom some 89 were killed. There were no Israeli victims.
Evidence that this was a micro nuke is best observed from the damage done to concrete reinforcing bars (rebars) over 50 feet (15 metres) from Ground Zero. A rebar of the old US grade 40 has a minimum yield strength of 40,000 pounds per square inch (psi), or grade 60 is 60,000 psi minimum. The concrete itself is of course weaker than the composite structure, and typical compressive strengths for concrete range from 3,000 to 5,000 psi. A TNT detonation is capable of producing some 4,000 psi of overpressure in very close proximity; however, this greatly attenuates with distance. At a range of one metre, for instance, the peak overpressure from 1 kg of TNT equivalent is around 100 psi, and the dynamic pressure much less.
In order to get the same blast effect at a greater distance, it is necessary to raise the mass of TNT equivalent by a factor equal to the cube of the ratio of the distances. So to achieve even a “mere” 100 psi at a 15 metre range, the bomber would require 15 cubed = 3,375 kg of TNT equivalent. Typical relative effectiveness factors range from 0.5 to 2, and the densities of explosives are less than 2,000 kg/m^3. Even at the most optimistic estimate, a solid cubic metre of explosives would produce little more than 100 psi at 15 metres.
Conventional explosives do not reduce concrete to dust and sand at a range of 50 feet and more. There are also photographs of a mushroom cloud and reports of a “blinding white flash” at Bali. After these attacks of 2002, Australia’s John Howard had an additional pretext to support the “war on terror” and the vaguely-linked war on Iraq.
In July 2003 Dr David Kelly, a British Ministry of Defence employee, expert in biological and chemical warfare and a former UN weapons instructor in Iraq, was murdered and a clumsy cover-up was conducted to make it appear like a “suicide”. Only one-fifth of a tablet of co-proxamol was found in Dr Kelly’s stomach, and there was little evidence of vomiting. The blood levels of the major two components of co-proxamol were no more than one-third of a lethal dose. He lost no more than a pint of blood, and probably less, from a single wound to an ulnar artery. The ulnar artery, deep in the wrist, is a strange choice for the suicidal. Medical professionals disputed the official inquiry’s conclusion that death was due to suicide. Paramedics who were among the first on the scene, at Harrowdown Hill woods, attended a press conference and pointed out that there was so little blood at the scene that it was not consistent with a death from a severed artery. With more than fifteen years’ experience of attending attempted suicides, they would have expected to see much more blood. In one case, blood had spurted high enough to hit the ceiling but the guy had survived.
The killers injected a lethal mix – probably of co-proxamol and succinylcholine – into his wrist, with the incision to the ulnar artery doubly serving to conceal the puncture wound and promote the “suicide” myth for the uninformed. The attempt to force a large number of co-proxamol tablets down into his stomach was badly bodged, with Kelly dying too quickly for the assassins. Lord Hutton, a government yes-man, carried out an ‘inquiry’ with a predetermined conclusion: the government were right, and the BBC were wrong to have attempted to cast any doubt on Blair’s case for war with Iraq. In fact, the hapless Dr Kelly, who had debunked the government’s claims that Iraqi hydrogen artillery balloon inflators were “mobile bio-weapons labs”, was murdered so that the Blair regime could maintain the fiction that they did not lie to take Britain into an illegal war. With David Kelly not around to contradict the official version of events, the government could blame the intelligence rather than its handling of it.
After the Iraq war was in progress (and even claimed to be almost over), there were a number of other Mossad hits, with the relevant satellite state government attempting to claim bombings as the work of an appropriate scapegoat deemed acceptable to both parties. The favourite choice was “al Qaeda” or “Muslim suicide bombers”.
The Madrid train bombings of March 11, 2004 (“3/11”), was another Israeli black op. With ten coordinated bombs on four trains, at least 191 were killed and up to 2,050 wounded. The authorities tried to concoct a hoax about “bombs in rucksacks”; evidence from the blast damage showed that this was a typical Mossad multiple train bombs operation (to be repeated in London around sixteen months later).
Debris from the floor of the carriages was embedded in the ceilings. The military-grade high-order explosives – in greater quantity than could be carried in rucksacks by ten bearded Muslim gentlemen – were fitted to the bottom of the carriages the previous night, as the trains were in the overnight rail yards. A major intelligence service – with decades of experience in deception, computer hacking skills, and access to diplomatic privileges – could have gained access to these yards, and also obtained detailed information on rolling stock movements from the computer network. A group of angry Muslims or home-grown separatists could not have obtained the necessary security clearance, or smuggled the explosives in without detection.
The official story originally held that the bombers were “ETA”, this was then changed to “al Qaeda”. Then, in March 2006, the authorities admitted that there was no evidence whatsoever of an al Qaeda link. Given that Israel’s Mossad and al Qaeda are one and the same thing, that is not literally true, but at least the deceivers were forced to admit that their fake al Qaeda story had fallen apart.
The key to this is in the timing. At first sight, Israel did not appear to have a motive to target Spain. PM Jose Maria Aznar had carried out the Zionist Mafia’s orders, after a secret deal had been struck at the Azores summit of March 2003. Ostensibly, the summit was a last-minute attempt to agree a new UN resolution in order to avert war over the crisis of Iraq’s “WMDs”; in actuality it was about how much would be paid into whose secret accounts and how much of their military would be offered up as Israel’s proxy army. Spain had contributed some 1300 soldiers for the invasion of Iraq.
March 11, 2004 was exactly 30 months after the 9/11 attacks. Moreover, it was 912 days after 9/11; i.e., there were 911 intervening days between the two dates. With the US elections due later that year, Israel had decided to conduct an experiment in order to test the effect of terror attacks on an incumbent’s popularity. Just three days after 3/11, Spain was due to hold elections. If Aznar had been re-elected, then the US would have seen another attack in the fall in an attempt to boost Bush’s poll ratings. Aznar deserved to be thrown out of office for his betrayal of the Spanish people in signing up to Israel’s war on Iraq, but the Madrid bombings were not his fault. In the event, Aznar lost the election, and so the US was spared another attack for the time being.
Zionists have a fixation with numerology; 3/11 and its 911 intervening days was the obvious choice for the timing of the experiment. The location of 3/11 was determined by the timing of Spain’s election. The Bali 2002 micro nuke operation was exactly one year, one month and one day after 9/11. Subsequent Zionist attacks included Jordan (November 9, 2005 which is 9/11 in Israeli and European calendars), and Sharm El-Sheikh (July 23, 2005 which is 1,411 days after 9/11). The second half of 2006 included the five-year anniversary of 9/11, and December 5 which was 1,911 days after 9/11 (or December 6 for 1,911 intervening days). So if any countries are planning elections within a few days of these dates, they would be well advised to postpone them.
Zionists wanted to see Bush re-elected in the 2004 US presidential election. Of course, the idea that a dry drunk with an inane fascination for watching small animals explode, and lacking either a reasonable intellect or even the basic motor skills to swallow a pretzel or ride a tricycle or bicycle, is actually the architect of US foreign policy is akin to supposing that data manipulation within a computer is carried out not by the CPU, but by a tiny nut within the assembly. Israel gives its orders to the likes of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Co via the neocon intermediaries.
There were parallels between the US election and the UK general election of May 2005. Both had suitable Zionist puppets to play the role of a “leader”, in reality nothing more than a front for Israel. The opposition candidates were both Jews who had changed their name – John Kerry (Kohn) and Michael Howard (Hecht). Both of these opposition candidates were desperately trying their level best to lose. Another little scam for the US elections was to concoct a video purporting to be of Osama bin Laden – who had died at least two years ago – in the hope that this might frighten some into voting for Bush as the man who would “protect” them.
In the UK election the Zionists’ plan worked, and Blair was re-elected. But Dubya was so unpopular and so incompetent that Kerry’s kid gloves strategy and the Osama hoax would not have prevented Kerry from winning. Hence, it was necessary to fiddle the results by a few additional percentage points. The various chicanery included electronic voting machines, such as the Diebold optical scanner machines, with results sent to a central tabulator that was just a Windows-based PC. Walden O’Dell, Chief Executive of Diebold, had written to 100 wealthy Republican supporters in a fund-raising exercise: “I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year”. Either the voting machines had secretly been programmed to bias the results by several points in favour of Bush, or hackers manipulated data in the central tabulators.
There were significant discrepancies between exit polls, which predicted a win for Kerry, and the official results. Where a paper trail existed, the divergence between exit polls and results was within the expected statistical margin of error. In contrast, results from the voting machines had consistently swung towards Bush. The National Election Data Archive demonstrated that the odds of these discrepancies occurring due to chance ranged from 1 in 17,800 down to 1 in 867,205,500. Dr Stephen Freeman of the University of Pennsylvania calculated the odds at 250 million to one against for just three of the major swing states – Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania – to swing as far as they did from their exit polls. Other tricks included the barring of foreign observers, phony letters telling people they could not vote, and obstruction of minority groups from voting. Bizarre consequences included instances where there were more votes cast than voters. Historically, the incumbent had never managed a last-minute surge.
The machine-induced swing in Ohio was sufficient for Bush to steal the election. As if all was normal, the US then had the audacity to continue lecturing other countries about holding free and fair elections, and of the importance of “democracy” (one of the pretexts for the invasion of Iraq)!
With Bush and Blair both safely re-elected and working to hasten the move to a global dictatorship, the second half of 2005 featured an above average number of Israeli false-flag terror operations. The Zionist cabal’s protection racket continued to operate in similar vein to that of previous decades, albeit now flushed with success over its nuclear-armed subs, accomplishment of Silverstein and the Mossad’s billion-dollar WTC demolition insurance fraud, Zakheim’s trillion-dollar Pentagon embezzlement, and the neocons’ recruiting of puppet states’ armed forces as Israel’s proxy army for the war on Iraq. This super-Mafia was baying at the scent of the imminent despotism.
In general, terror attacks – to be blamed on some suitable scapegoat that would provide a pretext for stripping the people of their human rights and hard-won freedoms – were conducive to the Zionist Mafia’s programme for world dictatorship. Specifically, when a nation did something to displease its government’s Mafia masters, it would be punished with a terror attack. The nation’s political leadership would be racked with guilt, feeling partly responsible for the casualties, but would be forced to cover up the Mafia’s crimes by going along with the cover story – e.g. of “Muslim suicide bombers”, or “ETA”, or “Chechen insurgents”, etc.
July 7, 2005 (the “7/7 attacks”), was the date of the UK’s worst terrorist atrocity since Pan Am 103 exploded in the skies over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988. A bomb in each of three London Underground trains and another on a London bus left 56 dead and about 700 injured.
British Gas had recently discovered significant offshore gas fields in Palestinian Authority areas off the Gaza coast. Israel did not express any interest in this gas, even though gas from Egypt was more expensive. Ariel Sharon preferred to deal with Egypt for political reasons, fearing that a $150+ million annual cash flow to the Palestinians would be used to bankroll “terrorism” – i.e. resistance to the occupation – against Israel.
On June 30, Israeli and Egyptian officials signed a $2.5 billion deal for the sale of Egyptian natural gas to Israel over the next 15 years, with options for a further 5 years. Israel then found out that Egypt and British Gas had struck a secret deal behind her back, whereby Palestinian gas would be sold to Egypt. Effectively, Israel would be purchasing from Palestine after all, and having to pay a premium price into the bargain. Hence, the Zionist Mafia decided to whack Britain and Egypt. A series of bombings in Sharm El-Sheikh on July 23 killed 88 and wounded over 150 – Egypt’s deadliest terror attack in history. Most casualties were Egyptians. 11 Britons died, and an Israeli Arab. There were no Jewish casualties, and the attack was clearly not directed against Israeli Jews.
The initial news reports on 7/7, London’s worst bomb attack since World War Two, stated that Israel’s (then) Finance Minister and former Prime Minister Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu was warned in advance of the explosions. Netanyahu, scheduled to speak at the 4th annual Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) Investors Conference in the Great Eastern Hotel, arrived in London on Wednesday night and was staying at a Mayfair hotel. Original reports stated that warnings before the attacks prompted him to remain in his hotel room, and revised accounts held that he was “on his way to the hotel” when he was warned “after the first explosion”. In 1995, Netanyahu had written about “militant Islam” bringing down the World Trade Center. In 1996 he was “unexpectedly” elected Israeli Prime Minister in the wake of a wave of so-called “suicide bombings”. Netanyahu providing advice on combating terror is rather like Dracula visiting hospitals with tips on maintaining blood banks, or Robert Maxwell as a pension funds management consultant specialising in fraud prevention.
It was necessary to explain why Netanyahu did not show up at the TASE conference (which was merely a cover for his being in London to direct the bombing attacks). The original plan (of Israel and the mainstream media) was to report that Scotland Yard warned the security officer at the Israeli Embassy who in turn warned Netanyahu, a few minutes in advance of multiple simultaneous explosions on the London Underground, which were followed by a bus bombing. The simultaneity of the Tube train bombings would “prove” that the attack had “all the hallmarks of al Qaeda”. When Scotland Yard refused to play along, Israel could not admit foreknowledge, leaving the original “warned by Scotland Yard before the attacks” claim dead in the water.
Following negotiations, the UK authorities did agree to a minor rewriting of the script. A version where the three Tube explosions were spread over a period of 26 minutes, from 08:51 to 09:17, allowed the Netanyahu warning story to be revised to “after the first explosion”. With several detonations occurring after the warning, the decision to avoid the conference would have been vindicated. It was hoped that the warning story would be forgotten two days later, by which time the simultaneous Tube explosions account would be resurrected.
Unfortunately, the new improved script still incriminated Israel. Until the bus bombing, almost an hour after the attack began, the British police believed that the incidents were related to “power surges” rather than bombs. In fact, the explosions caused power surges after rails were shorted out by metal debris.
A former head of the Mossad, Efraim Halevi, wrote a piece about the London “multiple simultaneous” bombings in the July 7 online edition of the Jerusalem Post. But if the official story is correct, if Israel is innocent, and if Israeli-UK negotiations on the warning story did not take place as above, then Halevi could not have known that the explosions were simultaneous, two days before the London police knew. Clearly, most of the article was pre-written, and Halevi forgot to revise the paragraph about simultaneity on the day.
There was also a report in the German newspaper, Bild am Sonntag, that the Mossad office in London received advance notice of the attacks, but only six minutes before the first blast. In fact, they would have known days earlier. But if their story were true, it would be an extraordinary coincidence that they learned of the attacks just in time to warn Netanyahu, but too late to warn anyone else.
The oil deal double-cross motive for whacking the UK and Egypt with their biggest terror attacks for at least 17 years, the Netanyahu warning fiasco, Halevi’s prior knowledge that the explosions were simultaneous, and the admission of the Mossad London cell’s prior knowledge are all events that are correlated with the truth-value of Israel’s guilt.
Another interesting test is the nationality of the company that was selected by Metronet Rail to provide a “networked video solution” for installation in the entire London Underground. The company is Verint Systems, previously known as Comverse Infosys (before February 1, 2002), and is a subsidiary of Israel’s Comverse Technology. The Israeli security company’s control of the software and computers involved in Verint Systems’ “networked video solution” enabled multiple ‘malfunctions’ to occur at the very times and places that a Mossad operation was in progress. Hence, they had a camera-free window of opportunity to install the 7/7 bombs. The Zionist Mafia’s massive spy network, and puppet “leaders” of government and police etc who are either bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed Masons, provided them with the means and the opportunity.
Information that surfaced at the end of August 2005 dealt another fatal blow to the official 7/7 attacks theory. Police claimed that four “Muslim suicide bombers” were filmed at Luton station at 7:22 and took the 7:40 Thameslink train to King’s Cross, where they were filmed at 8:26. However, the relevant trains did not run to schedule on July 7, due to problems with the overhead lines in the Mill Hill area of North London, between Luton and King’s Cross. Thameslink’s 7:40, 7:46 and 7:56 trains were cancelled, and others were delayed (arrival at King’s Cross but not departure from Luton) by up to 35 minutes.
The 7:24 departed Luton at 7:25. Independent trials have shown that it takes over three minutes to walk up the steps to the ticket office and down to the platform. In the image of Hasib Hussain on the stairs, he is not running. For the official theory to have even a snowball in hell’s chance, the “bombers” would have had to have bought tickets in advance, they would not have needed to queue at the station, almost immediately upon entering the station (just after the almost stationary Hasib was filmed) a Tannoy announcement must have informed them that their train was about to depart from the relevant platform, and they must have immediately started to run for the train. But if a quartet of Muslim guys with bulky rucksacks were rushing up and down stairs to catch their train, there should have been witnesses. And the “suspects” would not have jeopardised the mission by sprinting like Linford Christie to catch a particular train whilst carrying bulky rucksacks containing ten pounds of shock-sensitive high explosives. The official Thameslink summer timetable shows trains running every six minutes on average, from 07:00 to 08:00 on weekdays. It was not until about 07:40 that the advertised trains on the screens began to be cancelled, and those arriving at the station at 07:22 would have been unaware of delays at Mill Hill.
The 7:30 did not arrive at King’s Cross until 8:39 (35 minutes late). In this event, the 8:26 CCTV capture is patently impossible, and it is most improbable that all three Tube bombers would have reached the explosion sites by 8:50. Subsequent trains all arrived later than 8:39. An eyewitness has confirmed that no King’s Cross trains left Luton between 7:25 and 7:56, apart from the 7:30 at 7:42 from Platform 4.
Clearly, those who concocted the frame-up merely referred to the Thameslink summer train timetable, rather than the actual times on the day. Just as the official theory was holed below the waterline and it was starting to look as if Sir Ian Blair would be facing grave criminal charges and Tony Blair an impeachment, a ludicrous heavily dubbed and edited video was released, purportedly of one of the 7/7 “suicide bombers”. The look-alike actor could not mimic a Yorkshire accent, so had to mime along to a Yorkshire-bred narrator, with the audio and video out of sync by an ever-changing interval. This practice had also been employed in the “Nick Berg beheading” video, as the actor playing the part of a ruthless Arab terrorist could not convincingly speak Arabic.
The movements of Rudi Giuliani – the former New York mayor who played a key role in 9/11 – are interesting, to say the least. On July 6, he happened to be speaking at Harrogate, North Yorkshire, which is within some 20 miles of the south Leeds areas of West Yorkshire where most of the 7/7 “suspects” lived. Leeds is about 190 miles from London. As the Tube bombs detonated on July 7, he was just yards from Liverpool Street station, having breakfast at the Great Eastern Hotel, where Netanyahu was due to address the TASE conference to promote investment in Israel. Giuliani’s Yorkshire role could have included planting peroxide-based explosive material in the Leeds apartment rented by the Egyptian biochemist, whom the UK authorities unsuccessfully attempted to frame, and buying plastic tubs from a Leeds garden centre to obtain a receipt which could then be “found” in pristine condition at one of the blast sites.
Israel played no part in the “failed bombs plot” of London, July 21. The simplest theory, consistent with the evidence, limits the plot to four people. Four plucky friends, loyal to their own kith and kin, felt obliged to make a political protest in relation to the carnage of the illegal Iraq war. The plan neither involved suicide nor any injuries, since the devices were designed to be all bark and no bite.
However, the July 21 operators could have been entrapped and directed by MI5 agents. Either way, as the 7/7 frame-up began to fall apart – even with the aid of phony videos and Orwellian revisions such as “traces of TATP / HMTD”, “no timers”, and “bombs in rucksacks” – the UK Government would benefit from a second wave of “failed” bombings that would boost its case for measures such as compulsory biometric ID cards and 90-day detentions without trial. The Government would attempt to promote 21/7 as part of its ludicrous conspiracy theory of thousands of evil Muslims bent on world domination.
One of the interesting things about TATP (triacetone triperoxide or acetone peroxide) is that it leads to an entropic explosion which creates very little heat. When it detonates, each solid state molecule very rapidly converts to four gaseous phase molecules, with the expansion proceeding at over 5,000 m/s. The reaction is feasible (consistent with the second law of thermodynamics, whereby a “forward arrow of time” points towards increasing entropy or disorder) not because of heat transferred to the surroundings, but because the products have much more entropy than the reactant. Many London 7/7 bomb victims, e.g. Danny Biddle, suffered burns in addition to blast injuries. Eyewitnesses reported flashes of bright light. Flashes and burns are not consistent with peroxide-based entropic explosions. Hence, the early reports of military grade RDX or similar were correct, and the later claims of TATP were false.
In 9/11, a main concern of the operators was to make it appear as if there really were “Muslim terrorists”. If the Muslims could be seen drinking, gambling, in strip bars, etc, all well and good – it would just be hoped that few would notice the inconsistencies. Similarly, the UK government’s overriding priority was to make it appear as if hundreds of crazed Muslims were bent on destroying British society. The negative publicity arising from the “accidental” shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian electrician (with eleven bullets at point blank range – seven shots to the head, one to the shoulder, and three bullets totally missing to become lodged in the carriage) was considered to be outweighed by the considerable promotion and reinforcement that this would provide for the “suicide bomber” hoax.
The assassins would have known full well that there was zero chance of an explosion; with four bullets missing the head there would have been a good chance of detonating shock sensitive explosives in a “suicide vest”. Mr de Menezes was allowed to get on the train so that police could seize videotapes or discs, bringing them back later and claiming that there was “nothing on them”; the system must have been “not working”. A suitable large magnet, heater, or hammer would have done the trick. Any witnesses who seemed as if they might speak out would be warned to stay out of it.
The 7/7 planners had to select committed Muslims as patsies. The UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) is responsible for the decennial Census, which included religion for the first time in 2001. For each individual in a household, religion was an optional question, although 92.29% volunteered this information. Other questions such as ethnicity were compulsory. 2001 was also the first Census where the main scanning and capture services were contracted out. The external service provider was Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest defense contractor with links to the US DoD and Homeland Security.
Government agencies could readily obtain lists of known Muslims. Foreign operatives could have breached security at the time of data capture, or more recently by infiltrating ONS, hacking their database, providing IT services (potential suppliers approach the Procurement office in Newport, South Wales), or even being supplied by Lockheed Martin or the Pentagon. A select statement around July 1st may have specified four columns rather like “Leeds” + “Muslim” + “male” + “born 1974 to 1987”. Three of the 7/7 “bombers” grew up in Beeston, Leeds. Mohammed Khan only moved to Dewsbury very recently and would have been within the Leeds Authority in 2001. The fourth, the Jamaican, was an enthusiastic Islam convert in 2001, so may well have declared as such in the April 29 Census.
Bali was hit by another Zionist terror strike on October 1, 2005, a few days after suggestions that Australia could be moving 450 troops from Iraq. Fortunately, the 2005 attacks were not on the same scale as the 2002 micro nuke operation. But at least 20 were killed and over 100 injured. Bombs had been planted at Jimbaran Bay and Kuta; some were buried in sand and some were hidden under tables. Three bombs, packed with pellets and ball bearings, were detonated remotely by mobile phone. The authorities hastily shut down the local mobile network. Three unexploded bombs were then discovered, having failed to go off as a result.
Various cover stories were floated in which the attacks were said to have been carried out by the ubiquitous Muslim suicide bomber. The first claim was that there had been three suicide bombers with backpacks containing manually-triggered bombs, and another three unexploded bombs that were to have been detonated remotely by mobile phone. But if the “Muslims” had the technical capability for remote mobile detonation, it would not make sense to needlessly sacrifice three of their own simply to save the cost of another three mobile phones. The authorities soon saw how ridiculous this story was, and wheeled out a Mk II version which attempted to deny the earlier reports of unexploded bombs.
But the fact of the unexploded bombs could not be suppressed, and the police were forced to abandon Mk II for a Mk III revision. The third version of the official story held that, although there were three pre-installed remotely-detonated bombs that failed to go off after the mobile network was shut down, the other three bombs had been in backpacks carried by suicide bombers, but had been triggered remotely just in case the “bombers” had a last minute change of mind. This theory was even worse than the Mk I version – if the three suicide bombers had placed their backpacks under a table and got out quickly they could have reported “installation complete” to the remote operatives and then lived to fight another day. Now the Muslim planners had sacrificed three of their own without even saving the price of three mobile phones. A better theory would be that Mossad planners sacrificed drugged or coerced Muslim carriers; an even better, simpler theory is that six bombs were pre-installed and three failed to detonate after the authorities hastily shut down the phone network.
As always, avoidance of internal inconsistency has never been the forte of the Zionist-employed conspiracy theorist. The main priority was to push the theme of “Muslim suicide bombers”, and to this end the slippery police chief Pastika and the dodgy anti-terror official Major General Mbai released pictures of three heads, supposedly of the “bombers”. In the 2002 Bali micro nuke attack, concrete had been stripped from rebars at a range of over 50 feet from an alleged conventional explosion, which is impossible. However, the heads were almost in perfect condition, give or take the odd bruise, after allegedly being in close proximity to an exploding bomb that had been packed with shrapnel. That is also impossible, with a TNT detonation capable of some 4,000 psi overpressure at very close range.
Mbai said, “Their faces are normal; their heads have been cut off”. Yes, after being ordered to “make it look like a suicide bombing”, three hapless men in custody had been beaten up and their heads cut off and planted for subsequent “discovery”.
Israel ordered the Mossad to bomb three hotels in Amman, Jordan on November 9, 2005, killing 60 and injuring 115. The motive was that Jordan’s King Abdullah II had just announced his willingness to mediate between the US and Syria, as war would benefit neither Jordan nor Syria. Since the fomenting of hatred, division and conflict is the cornerstone of the ex-Khazar tribe’s long-term strategy, Zionist Jews need peace like they need a hole in the head. Hence, peace activists are regularly discouraged by being abducted in Iraq, shot or bulldozed in Palestine, and frequently assassinated. So Israel decided to teach the Jordanian leadership a lesson.
As in previous attacks such as the WTC 9/11 and London 7/7, Jews were warned and evacuated in advance of the Amman bombings, and Israel tried to revise history afterwards by denying any foreknowledge or evacuation. Independent corroboration of the Jews’ evacuation was provided by a Los Angeles Times report, with confirmation by a former senior Israeli counter-terrorism official. The Mossad also had a specific target – a head of Palestinian military intelligence. There were no Jewish casualties. Most of the dead were Jordanian Sunni Muslims; two Israeli casualties were both Arabs. Five Palestinians died including Major-General Bashir Nafeh, the head of military intelligence in the West Bank.
The Zionist fictional account of the Jordan bombings featured Muslim suicide bombers. At the Radisson hotel, the blast was known to have emanated from a bomb placed in a false ceiling. When they could not cover up the fact of the ceiling bomb detonation, the Zionist media claimed that there really had been an “al Qaeda” suicide bomber, but there just happened to have been another bomb in the ceiling at the same time, placed by someone else. (In June 2006, Israel attempted a similar excuse after it shelled a Gaza beach, wiping out seven members of a picnicking 10 year old girl’s family and badly maiming twenty others.) A CIA or Mossad audiotape appeared on the internet with “Abu Musab al-Zarqawi” claiming that the Muslim wedding party at the Radisson was not the target, but because of the “other” bomb the roof had unfortunately collapsed onto the wedding hall.
The absurd Zionist version of events had bungling Sunni Muslim terrorists, failing to target a single Jew and killing mostly Sunni Muslims, as opposed to the reality of Jews having killed Arabs. But after rounding up 120 to 200 “suspects”, the authorities persuaded a woman to confess (probably after threats of rape or torture) to being a failed suicide bomber.
The second half of 2005 included a suppression of free speech in countries that were only too pleased to stir up trouble with insulting cartoons of Islam’s prophet Mohammed, and citing free speech as justification. The Zionist “Holocaust” hoax was atrophying at an ever-increasing rate, due to diligent efforts by historians, chemists, execution science experts, etc, and the growth of the internet. In February of 2003 Ernst Zundel, an artist and peaceable dissident who had questioned the official account of WWII, had been abducted from his home in Tennessee, USA on bogus immigration charges. He was taken to Canada where he had resided for 42 years, and held for over two years in solitary confinement without even being allowed to hear the evidence against him, or details of the accusations or the witnesses. In March 2005 he was finally deported to Germany, and charged with “inciting racial hatred”. As of December 2006, the trial continues, albeit with frequent adjournments.
In August 2005 a Belgian historian, Siegfried Verbeke, was arrested in the Netherlands on “internet speech crime” charges. He was later extradited to Germany, and released after nine months’ imprisonment in May 2006. Belgium then jailed him again for twelve months, over a conviction from two years ago.
In October 2005 Germar Rudolf, a chemistry expert, was arrested and held in a prison some 50 miles from Chicago. Rudolf had proved that the walls of the tiny delousing rooms at Auschwitz had high cyanide concentrations whilst the large alleged “gas chambers” rooms had zero or negligible cyanide content, thereby playing a major role in debunking the hoax that was created in order to provide the Zionist Mafia with its very own sovereign state. In November 2005, Rudolf was deported to Germany to face trial for “holocaust denial”. His trial commenced in November 2006.
In November 2005 the British historian, David Irving, 67, was arrested in Austria for speeches he had delivered in that country back in 1989. In February 2006 he was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. He was released December 21, 2006 after the sentence was reduced on appeal, after serving 400 days in solitary confinement.
February 2006 featured a major Mossad operation against Egypt, leading to great loss of life. Contact with the al-Salam Boccaccio ’98 Egyptian ferry was lost around 11 p.m. local time on February 2. A fire was known to have broken out on the car deck. Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed, a maintenance crew member who helped with the firefighting, used sea water pumped into the ship through hoses. Ahmed said that the fire would go out but revive, and “We couldn’t figure out the cause”. The drainage pumps were not working properly, and sea water from the firefighting collected in the hull. The ferry soon started to list; after a couple of hours the list became severe, and the ship sank about ten minutes later. Around 400 were rescued but about 1,000 were killed. On February 6, mass protests included the ransacking of the office of the ferry’s Egyptian owners.
The Mossad’s operation would have consisted of driving cars or trucks loaded with phosphorus and possibly magnesium onto the car deck, sabotage of the drainage pumps, and installation of a small incendiary for ignition. They had previously employed phosphorus for attacks on Egypt back in July 1954, in the Lavon Affair. Three months prior to the ferry sinking, Maged Abdelfattah, Egypt’s Permanent Representative at the UN, had expressed reservations about the wording of Israel’s resolution to designate January 27 as an “annual International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust”, and asked why crimes against Christians and Muslims were not similarly recognized and remembered. Then around January 30, 2006, the Egyptian Parliament unanimously rejected Israel’s call to observe the January 27 Memorial Day. The Mossad enforcers’ hit followed within a few days.
In April 2006, triple blasts hit the Sinai resort of Dahab, formerly a Bedouin fishing village. At least 18 were killed, most of whom were Egyptians. No Israelis were killed, but one was believed to be among the scores of injured. Credible reports said that the bombs contained gunpowder and nails, and were fitted with timers. The Mossad are prime suspects; a former Deputy Head of Egyptian Domestic Security Agency stated that Israel was very possibly behind the attack, since Egyptians were targeted and Israelis had received advance warnings to stay away. At the time of the attacks, most of the more than 10,000 Israelis who had flocked to the eastern Sinai during the previous week’s Passover (Pesach) festival had returned home. In contrast, hotels would have been full of Egyptians taking a break to coincide with the Shem al-Nessim spring festival which followed on from the Coptic Church’s celebration of Easter the previous week. The authorities were pressed into running a crackpot story about “Bedouin suicide bombers killing Egyptians“.
Since the invasion of Afghanistan (supposedly to capture Osama bin Laden), it had been necessary to create an illusion of “militant Muslim terrorists”. Innocent Muslims – who simply had the misfortune to be in an Islamic country just at the very time that Israel’s proxy armies were ordered to invade it – were picked up off the streets, designated as “al Qaeda enemy combatants”, and shipped to Guantanamo Bay. Here they would be denied basic human rights, and detained, tortured or killed without due process. The US also flew some prisoners in CIA planes to Eastern European or Middle Eastern nations that practised more elaborate forms of torture. The aim was that some prisoners would “confess” to being al Qaeda members, having undergone terrorist training in a Muslim country, or having taken part in some terror attack that was probably a Mossad operation.
The US and UK governments unsuccessfully tried to cover up the “extraordinary rendition” CIA torture flights; plane spotters fastidiously logged the numbers of CIA planes. Although there was not always hard proof that prisoners were being taken for torture, they were certainly not being provided with international flights for a holiday or the benefit of their health and wellbeing. Israel’s puppet states were also frustrated in their attempts to cover up their links with Uzbekistan’s dictator Islam Karimov. Victims of the despot are boiled alive, raped with broken bottles, have their fingernails and pieces of flesh pulled with pliers, their teeth and skulls smashed with hammers, and their limbs broken. The Blair government’s support of human rights abuses was exposed by Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan.
On July 11, 2006, Mumbai was hit by a massive “7/11” terror attack: 7 bombs exploded on 7 trains, all within 11 minutes of each other. More than 200 people were killed, and over 700 injured. The proficiency of the planning and execution indicated an aggressor with a long history of false-flag terror. The bombs, a mixture of RDX, ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, were detonated with timers. Initial reports suggested that the authorities suspected Bangladeshis of carrying out the attack, but one would not have expected them to have had the resources, experience, opportunity or motivation to pull off the operation. Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI was then accused by India of planning the bombings, and although India claimed to have “pretty good evidence” (perhaps like Suqami’s passport), they admitted that it was “not clinching evidence”. And unless a perpetrator has a long-standing strategy for world domination by setting its opponents at each others’ throats, it is hard to see how a cost-benefit analysis of such an operation could prove positive.
Over a period of 11 days running up to the bombings, India had carried out a number of actions that would not have pleased Israel. The Indian Defense Minister postponed a planned visit to Israel regarding India’s plans to purchase arms from Israel, India denied a request by the Israeli embassy to import 20 handguns and also asked the Israelis to send 48 Glock pistols back to Tel Aviv, India voted against Israel on a resolution on the conflict in Palestine, and the Goa police blacklisted 25 foreign nationals including Israelis and Russians for drug trafficking. The Zionists’ long-term strategy is to divide and conquer, and at the time they needed a distraction from their latest atrocities of attacking Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.
Israel’s summer 2006 invasions of the Gaza Strip and Lebanon were both based on manufactured pretexts concerning allegedly “kidnapped” Israeli soldiers. On Friday June 9, 2006, Israel shelled a Gaza beach, exterminating an innocent picnicking family. Israeli spokesmen tried to pretend that Israel’s shells had landed a few hundred feet away or a few minutes before the fatal explosion, suggesting that a Palestinian mine buried in sand coincidentally just happened to go off as they were shelling the area. This claim was belied by the fact that physical evidence such as the crater size and injuries to the head and torso indicated a shell dropping from the sky rather than an explosion under sand. And in any case, there was no evidence to support the “wrong place” assertion, and the “wrong time” theory was quickly debunked.
The Gaza beach shelling was designed to provoke the Palestinians, in the hope that they might fight back and provide Israel with the excuse it needed to invade. Israel wanted a pretext of one or more of its soldiers having been kidnapped as the casus belli for its planned “Operation Summer Rains” bombing campaign against Gaza. By hook or by crook, Israel had its casus belli by June 25, a mere sixteen days after the Gaza beach shelling.
It was decided to run a far-fetched story about a “Palestinian terror cell” of eight somehow crawling undetected through a 650 meters long sand tunnel, of cross section 0.4 to 0.6 meters by 0.4 to 0.7 meters, whilst carrying a couple of RPGs, a few hand grenades and two or three rifles. These eight fighters were then supposed to have split up and taken on dozing Israelis who were manning a tank, an armored personnel carrier and a gun tower, with the Palestinians managing to kill two Israelis and then run half a mile across sand including cutting through a perimeter fence, with a captured, wounded prisoner, as the remaining Israelis stood down for long enough to let their attackers escape with the prisoner. More likely, the whole thing was staged, and the ‘kidnapped’ tank gunner, Corporal Gilad Shalit, was either captured after being lured across the border or had been killed in a road traffic accident. He was still missing at the end of 2006, amid reports that he was still alive.
By early July, 2006, Israel’s air strikes were using weapons of dubious legality – shells containing radiation and poisonous chemicals to intensify injuries and heighten terror – to kill more than 50 Palestinians in a week and risk a humanitarian crisis by wrecking water and electricity supplies. By December 2006, some 85 children had been killed and 365 injured. This carnage was allegedly to recover a single Israeli soldier held by Palestinian forces, even though Israel was holding over 9,000 Palestinian prisoners, 900 of them jailed without trial.
Israel’s next plan was to attack Lebanon. In order to manufacture a pretext, small teams of soldiers were sent into Lebanon on “infiltration exercises” until two soldiers were arrested by Lebanese forces. The Zionist media then spun the incident into a tale about a “cross-border raid” by lucky Hezbollah fighters. Bizarrely, there appears to be two kinds of lucky Gentiles: those who provide Zionists with an excuse to slaughter them, and those who are on the Zionist payroll.
Israel’s army chief, Dan Halutz, sold $26,000 worth of shares at noon on July 12, three hours after the alleged “cross-border raid”. The next day, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange index plummeted by 8.3%. Halutz claimed that he did not think there would be a war when he sold the shares, implying that the timing was just a lucky coincidence.
Israel then proceeded to carpet Lebanon with 1.2 million cluster bomblets, even though these were known to be highly inaccurate, bestowing a lethal legacy of hundreds of thousands of unexploded bomblets that would go on to kill and maim civilians, one-third of whom were children. Most of the cluster rockets were fired in the final few days of the war leading up to the ceasefire, as Israel was determined to get in just as much ethnic cleansing as it possibly could. Israel deployed phosphorous bombs, since these were known to increase mortality due to organ failure resulting from chemicals absorbed into the body after the bombs had burnt the skin away to the bone. That is, if the victim had not already been reduced to a lump of charred meat. At first, Israel tried to claim that phosphorus was only used to “mark targets”; it was then forced to concede that it had in fact used phosphorous shells against “military targets”. Unfortunately, these “military targets” included 8-year-old boys and young Lebanese girls. Israel was also believed to have targeted Lebanon with thermobaric or vacuum bombs.
Israel caused an environmental disaster by bombing Lebanon’s Jiyeh power plant, spilling 15,000 tonnes of heavy fuel oil into the Mediterranean, poisoning the water and killing marine life. As part of Israel’s long-term ethnic cleansing program, Lebanon was dumped with uranium dust. US planes were stopping at UK airports en route to Israel, carrying laser-guided bombs with depleted uranium-tipped warheads destined for the Israeli Air Force. The Zionist war criminals’ terror campaign also included firing at the very center of the crosses on Red Cross ambulances, bombing UN observers after giving assurances that UN positions would not be targeted, and killing 33 farm workers and wounding 20 others as they were picking peaches. Israel then fabricated a cock and bull story about “buildings being used to store weapons”, in an attempt to justify the murder of peaceful, unarmed agricultural workers. By the time world opinion had compelled Israel into accepting a ceasefire (which it reneged on), the conflict had killed well over 1,000 Lebanese and over 100 Israelis. Lebanese casualties were mostly civilians whereas Israel’s dead were mostly IDF forces. Israel’s Gaza initiative killed hundreds of Palestinians; the number of Palestinian dead in 2006 was about 400 higher than the 2005 toll. As for the three abducted soldiers who were the casus belli for Israel’s aggression, not one of them had been sighted by the end of 2006.
Lickspittle Zionist lackeys George W Bush, Tony Blair and Pervez Musharraf concocted a ludicrous hoax about a bizarre plot to blow airliners out of the sky with “liquid explosives” that were to be assembled on flight. Problem is, it is not quite as simple as popping into the aircraft toilet for a few minutes and mixing two or three liquids. Synthesis of TATP takes hours and requires a refrigerator. If the fumes didn’t kill the terrorist and alert everyone else, and no one noticed that someone had taken various substances into the toilet and then failed to come out for hours on end, and if the terrorist had obtained a fair amount of ice, the products would still present minimal threat to the integrity of the aircraft. In order to detonate with sufficient force to go beyond blowing out a window or two and injuring or killing the terrorist, a large enough quantity of TATP would need to have formed. But this would not happen, because the reaction would turn violent before enough of the product had formed, and this “violent reaction” would be well short of a detonation. The plot is totally implausible.
Unsurprisingly, in December 2006 the liquid bomb conspiracy theory took a hammering when the alleged ringleader, Rashid Rauf, was cleared of terrorism charges. Rauf was found in possession of a disinfectant, and the authorities were reduced to trying to twist that into a charge of “possession of an explosive”. Other so-called suspects had been found in possession of substances as dangerous as tins of baked beans, containers of peanut butter, and a cup of tea. In any case, none of these suspects had purchased an airline ticket, and some did not even have a passport. Of course, the reality is that it is not some Islamic extremists who “hate our freedoms”, it is Zionists such as Bush, Blair and Musharraf – and their handlers. The theory suffered another blow when it was announced that police were to call off the search at a strip of woodland where bomb-making equipment had allegedly been hidden, as none of the authorities were prepared to continue funding the operation.
The liquid bomb plot hoax was partly to distract from Israel’s recent Lebanon / Gaza atrocities, and partly to promote the “war on terror” as the pretext for converting free democracies into repressive police states and changing the role of the military from defensive purposes to wars of conquest for power and profit. Tony Blair’s regime had plenty of previous form when it came to hoaxes about “Muslim conspiracies”. In the Wood Green “ricin plot”, for example, there never was any ricin, and the plot consisted of police battering down enough doors in the early hours until someone panicked and fought back, whereupon he would be claimed as an “al Qaeda terrorist”. In the Forest Gate “cyanide bomb plot”, there never was any cyanide, and the intelligence came from a single source – a man with an IQ of 69 whom the authorities had already jailed after framing him for another terror hoax!
On November 23, 2006, Alexander Litvinenko died as a result of ingesting polonium-210, a very strong alpha emitter. The element’s abundance in the Earth’s crust is only about 1 in 10^15. He had been deliberately poisoned on November 1, 2006, at the Pine Bar of the Millennium Hotel, Mayfair, London. The Zionist mainstream media blamed Litvinenko’s assassination on Russian president Vladimir Putin, who had no motive for the crime. The killing of a single critic would be of dubious benefit, and heavily outweighed by negative publicity. And why not use a more tried and tested – and economical – method such as a “suicide” or a shooting that does not leave an obvious trail back to the perpetrator? On the other hand, Zionists, Israel, and oligarchs who plundered and fled Russia had several powerful motives for an assassination and deliberately depositing a radioactive trail around the globe. A state nearly the size of New Jersey, with a long history of conducting operations to foment conflict and hatred for political gain, that had been created in 1948 as a consequence of the actions of a Mafia that had carried out the very same strategy for centuries, would be a more logical suspect.
Zionists are trying to promote Netanyahu’s “war on terror” – with one aim being to do to Iran what they did to Iraq, Russia, Germany, etc. Up to July 11, 2006 (Mumbai), the typical Mossad phony terror operation consisted of placing cell phone-detonated RDX bombs on trains, buses, in restaurants, hotels, and buried in sand, with corrupt politicians and leaders promoting a myth about “Muslim suicide bombers”. In 2005 these terror attacks were being staged at a rate up to about two per month (e.g. July, October), but recently there has been quite a lull. Zionists hope to progress to the next phase, which would involve “dirty bomb” scares. British police are to purchase 12,000 chemical biological radiological and nuclear protective suits, and MI5 has tried to make out there is a threat from “bin Laden”.
On October 18, 2006, when Ehud Olmert was on a visit to Russia to try to tell Putin what he should do about Iran, Putin not only refused to listen to the ‘advice’, but made a joke along the lines of Israel’s president Moshe Katsav having the strength to “rape ten women”. The amount of interest this generated can be seen in the fact that “putin” was the top gaining Google search in the last week of October, just before Litvinenko’s poisoning. Or maybe some of the searches were Zionists trying to see what they could pin on Putin – pedophilia, corruption, etc.
Israel would have been well aware of the effects of polonium-210 ingestion, as they evidently had an accidental release at the Weizmann Institute in 1957. A student was killed within a month, and three professors died prematurely (see second half of page at this link). Zionists had the means to obtain polonium.
The Jewish oligarchs (Berezovsky, Nevzlin, etc) want to poison relations between Russia and the UK as an additional reason (apart from having the politicians in their pocket) to prevent an extradition treaty (in 2005, Nevzlin was already wanted by Russia for ordering the killing of 10 Russians), and Netanyahu and the Zionist Mafia want to move forward with the war on terror. Putin’s joke about Katsav would have helped the hawks sell their proposal to Israeli moderates. After the assassination operation, then in its fledgling stage with low levels of contamination being spread around the globe, was officially sanctioned, the Zionist media would prove only too happy to oblige with stories about Putin being the culprit. Zionists then have another sword with which to force presidents and prime ministers to accede to their demands. Their puppets don’t want to find themselves accused of killing their political opponents; neither do they want to suffer a slow death by poisoning.
In early December, the Israeli secret services went to London to “render assistance” in the case. Thirty Israeli “tourists” had been either staying at the Millennium Mayfair Hotel, or visiting the bar or restaurant, at around the time of Litvinenko’s poisoning. Subsequent tests at Israel’s Ministry of Health found that all of these Israelis were free of radiation contamination.
If Litvinenko, Kovtun and Lugovoi were couriers in a nuclear smuggling business, Israel could have decided to exploit this and orchestrated the poisoning after arranging for Kovtun and Lugovoi to contaminate sites, leaving low-level Po-210 traces in the last two weeks of October. Kovtun and Lugovoi, unable to admit to their role, would have to say they were framed for the poisoning. Or the three could have been offered smuggling jobs, in the preliminary part of Operation Polonium Putin.
In conclusion, the Zionist criminals are aware of the precarious nature of their predicament, as their myths and propaganda crumble, and their power base becomes ever more flimsy. The vast majority of Jews are not to blame for the crimes of their leaders, and humankind has already wasted so many lives in senseless tribal warfare and pogroms. A small clique persists, whose members will stand trial for their atrocious misdeeds, provided they live long enough. Relatively minor players and puppets such as Bush and Blair can be offered commutation to lengthy imprisonment terms if they sing like canaries. But after sixty years of propagating a hoax about gas chambers, there can be only one fitting penalty for the principal perpetrators of Zionist atrocities.

This page is a tribute and memorial for the Palestinian Shuhada (Martyrs) of Occupation 2011

انّا للہ و انّا الیه راجعون

‘Inna Lillahi wa ‘Inna ‘Ilayhi Raji’un, Allahu Akbar

May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ ala grant the Shuhada Jannatul Firdaus,
and ease it for their families, loved ones and anyone around them. Allahumma Ameen ya Rabbil ‘Alameen.

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161 Shaheed Ahmad Jamal Misbah 22 years old. Killed by ISraeli Occupation Forces on Aug 21, 2011
160 Shaheed Maher Said Dalul, Mujaheed 31 years old | Died Aug 19 due to injuries of Zionist attacks on Gaza sustained on Aug 19, 2011
159 Shaheed Islam Gregea | Child 2 years old, Killed in drone attack by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza | Aug 19, 2011
158 Shaheed Mo’taz Gregea | 15 years old. Killed in drone attack by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza | Aug 19, 2011
157 Shaheed Dr. Monther Gregea | 32 Years old. Killed in drone attack by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza | Aug 19, 2011
156 Shaheed Abu Abdeh | 21 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza | Aug 19, 2011
155 Shaheed Samed Abed | Mujaheed, 28 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza | Aug 19, 2011
154 Shaheed Anwar Saleem | 21 years old.  Killed by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza | Aug 19, 2011
153 Shaheed Samed Abdel-Muati | Killed by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza | Aug 19, 2011
152 Shaheed Mohammed Enaya, 22 years old.Killed by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza | Aug 19, 2011
151 Shaheed Ashraf Azzam | Mujaheed, 30 years old. Died of wounds sustained by attack of Israeli Occupation | Aug 19, 2011
150 Shaheed Mahmoud Abu Samra | 13 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza | Aug 19, 2011
149 Shaheed AbuAwad Al-Neirab | Killed by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza |Aug 18, 2011
148 Shaheed Imad Hamad | Killed by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza | Aug 18, 2011
147 Shaheed Khaled Shaat | Killed by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza |Aug 18, 2011
146 Shaheed AbuFras Al-Masry | Killed by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza |Aug 18, 2011
145 Shaheed Gassan AbuNasr | Killed by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza |Aug 18, 2011
144 Shaheed Malak Shaat | 2 years old child | Killed by Israeli Occupation during assault on Gaza |Aug 18, 2011
143 Shaheed Mahmoud Mohammed As-Safadi| Mujaheed, 26 years old | Aug 17, 2011
142 Shaheed Amin Talib Dabash | 38 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation on Aug 16, 2011
141 Shaheed Sa’d al-Majdalawi, 17 years old killed by Israeli Occupation with 10 gunshots in head & upperbody | Aug 16, 2011
140 Shaheed Mousa Ishteiwi | 29years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation on Aug 16, 2011
139 Shaheed Ali Al Haj | Mujaheed, 20 years old. Died on Aug 10, 2011
138 Shaheed Ali Halifa | 22 years old. Killed on Aug 1, 2011
137 Shaheed Mortesen Adwan | 23 years old. Killed on Aug 1, 2011
136 Shaheed Nabil Frahan Az-Zaygh | Mujaheed, 41 years old. Died on July 28, 2011
135 Shaheed Mohammed Reziq Junaid | Mujaheed, 25 years old. Died on July 21, 2011
134 Shaheed Nedal Yousef Tahrawim | 26 years old. Killed due to Israeli Occupation | July 16, 2011
133 Shaheed Mohammed Ibrahim Al Baeiuk  | 21 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | July 14, 2011
132 Shaheed Ibrahim Sarhan | 21 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | July 13, 2011
131 Shaheed Abdullah Shaldan | 22 yrs old. Succumbed of wounds sustained during Cast Lead Massacre | July 8, 2011
130 Shaheed Muhammad Said Abu Jazar | Killed by IOA on July 5, 2011
129 Shaheed Kamal Abu Muammar | Killed by IOA on July 5, 2011
128 Shaheed Jallal al-Massri | 30 years old, Died of injuries sustained 3 months ago | July 1, 2011
127 Shaheed Mohammed Al Mahmoum | 20 years old, Mujaheed from Rafah Refugee Camp Gaza | June 16, 2011
126 Shaheed Mohammad Shaban Islayyim | Died of injuries sustained in the Cast Lead War in Gaza | June 13, 2011
125 Shaheed Mahmoud Awad al-Sawan | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
124 Shaheed Ahmad Mahmoud al-Said | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
123 Shaheed Majdi Zeidan | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
122 Shaheed Alaa Hussein al-Wahish | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
121 Shaheed Muhammad Deeb Issa | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
120 Shaheed Ahmad Yaser al-Rashdan | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
119 Shaheed Said Hussein Ahmad | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
118 Shaheed Ahmad Mahmoud al-Hajah | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
117 Shaheed Abdel Rahman al-Jareedeh | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
116 Shaheed Ramzi Said | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
115 Shaheed Fayez Ahmad Abbas | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
114 Shaheed Fadi Majed Nahar | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
113 Shaheed Jihad Ahmad Awad | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
112 Shaheed Thaer Adel Hussein | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
111 Shaheed Wasim Dawat | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
110 Shaheed Shadi Hussein | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
109 Shaheed Ibrahim Issa | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
108 Shaheed Izzat Muswadeh | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
107 Shaheed Mohammad al-Ashmawi | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
106 Shaheed Mahmoud al-Arja | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
105 Shaheed Ayman al-Hassan | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
104 Shaheed Samir al-Zoubi | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
103 Shaheed Ali Amshawi | Killed by IOA in the Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
102 Shaheeda Enas Shreitih | 23 years old | Killed on Naksa Day Massacre at Golan Heights | June 5, 2011
101 Shaheed Sami Al-Nadi, From Khan Younis. 22 years old. Killed June 6, 2011
100 Shaheed Mohammad Nabil Abu A’qel Died on June 4, 2011 succombed of wounds by Israeli attack in 2006
99 Shaheed Muhammad Mustafa An-Najjar, 32 years old | Died on May 23, 2011
98 Shaheed Ibrahim Farajallah, 17 years old from Nusseirat refugee camp, Gaza | Killed on May 21, 2011
97 Shaheed Mohammed Abu Shamala, 23 years old. Mujahideen from Gaza | Died on May 20, 2011
Indentity of the other estimated 12 shuhada of the Nakba 2011 massacre unknown yet, awaiting confirmation
84 Shaheed Mohamad Ahmad , from Ain Al Helwa refugee camp | Lebanon. Killed on May 15, 2011
83 Shaheed Mohamad Gaber , from Ain Al Helwa refugee camp | Lebanon. Killed on May 15, 2011
82 Shaheed Mohamad Hamada , from Ain Al Helwa refugee camp | Lebanon. Killed on May 15, 2011
81 Shaheed Mohamad Subhya , from Ain Al Helwa refugee camp | Lebanon. Killed on May 15, 2011
80 Shaheed Mohamad Abu Shalha , from Gal ElBahr refugee camp | Lebanon. Killed on May 15, 2011
79 Shaheed Mohamad Abu Salim , 17 years old, from Al Bosrefugee camp | Lebanon. Killed on May 15, 2011
78 Shaheed Mohamad Samir Al Saleh ,, from Burg Al Shamaly refugee camp | Lebanon, Killed on May 15, 2011
77 Shaheed Imad Abu Shakra from Ain El Helwa Palestinians refugee camp | Lebanon, Killed on May 15, 2011
76 Shaheed Ibrahim al-Halabi, Killed on May 15, 2011
75 Shaheed Milad Ayash, 17 years old | Died on May 14, 2011
74 Shaheed Hassan Ash-Sha’er, 17 years old | Died on May 12, 2011
73 Muhammad Ramadan Sha’ban, 22 year old | Died on May 11, 2011
72 Shaheed Shadi Az-Zatmeh, 28 years old | Died of wounds on May 5, 2011 due to Israeli attack Apr 8, 2011
71 Shaheeda Abeer Skafe,10 years old | April 22, 2011
70 Shaheed Vittorio Arrigoni, 36 years old | April 14, 2011
69 Shaheed Mahdi Abu Athra, 21 years old | April 14, 2011
68 Shaheed Khader Abu Elbeh, 22 years old | April 14, 2011
67 Shaheed Ra’ed Al Bar, 30 years old. | April 9, 2011
66 Shaheed Ahmed Al Zaytoniya | April 9, 2011
65 Shaheed Shadi Al Zatma | April 8, 2011
64 Shaheed Tayser Abu Sneema | April 8, 2011
63 Shaheed Mohammad Awaja | April 8, 2011
62 Shaheed Mohammad Abu Armaneh | April 8, 2011
61 Shaheed Bilal Mohammed Al Ara’eer, 23 years old | April 8, 2011
60 Shaheed Mahmoud Wael Al Jaru, 10 years old | April 8, 2011
59 Shaheed Ahmed Ghrab | April 8, 2011
58 Shaheed Raed Shehadeh, 27 years old | April 8, 2011
57 Shaheeda Najah Qudaih, 45 years old | April 8, 2011
56 Shaheeda Nidal Qudaih, 19 years old | April 8, 2011
55 Shaheed Talal Abu Taha, 55 years old | April 8, 2011
54 Shaheed Abdullah al-Qarra | April 8, 2011
53 Shaheed Muataz Abu Jamea | April 8, 2011
52 Shaheed Saleh Tarabin, 38 years old | April 7, 2011
51 Shaheed Khaled Al Dibari, 23 years old | April 7, 2011
50 Shaheed Musab al-Sufi, 18 years old | April 7, 2011
49 Shaheed Mohamed Al Manmom, 25 years old | April 7, 2011
48 Shaheed Mahmoud Al Manasra ,50 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | April 7, 2011
47 Shaheed Mohammad Ziad Shalha| 21 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | April 5, 2011
46 Shaheed Isma’il Labad | 31 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | April 2, 2011
45 Shaheed Abdullah Labad | 24 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | April 2, 2011
44 Shaheed Muhammad Ad-Dayah | 31 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | April 2, 2011
43 Shaheed Hasan Abu Jaber | 24 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | April 1, 2011
42 Shaheed -Identity Unknown Yet | Killed in an Extremist Settler Hit&Run Attack | March 31, 2011
41 Shaheed Mohammad Khalid Abu Moammar 24 years old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 30, 2011
40 Shaheed Sabri Hashim Asaliyya | Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 27, 2011
39 Shaheed Radwan Al Namrouty | 26 years old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 27, 2011
38 Shaheed Identity Unknown | Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 23, 2011
37 Shaheed Mahmoud Jalal al-Hilu | 10 years old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 22, 2011
36 Shaheed Mohammed Jihad al-Halw | 11 years old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 22, 2011
35 Shaheed Yasser Ahed al-Halw | 16 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 22, 2011
34 Shaheed Yasser Hamed al-Halw | 50 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 22, 2011
33 Shaheed Mohammed Saber Harara | 20 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 22, 2011
32 Shaheed Adham Al-Hazareen | Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 22, 2011
31 Shaheed Sa’dy Halas | 23 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation on March 22, 2011
30 Shaheed Muhammad Atyeh Al-Harazeen | 27 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 22, 2011
29 Shaheed Muhammad Abed | 31 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 22, 2011
28 Shaheed Mustapha Ahmad Sehwel | 5 years old | Died 10 days after attack by Israeli Occupation | March 21, 2011
27 Shaheed Imad Faraj Allah, 16 years old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 20, 2011
26 Shaheed Qasem Abu Eteiwi | 16 years old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 20, 2011
25 Shaheed Ghassan Fathi Abu Omar | 25 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 16, 2011
24 Shaheed Adnan Yousef Eshtewy | 23 years old. Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 16, 2011
23 Shaheed Abdul Hamid Abu Ghali | 20 yrs old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | March 8, 2011
22 Shaheed Omar Maruf | 19 yrs old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | Feb 28, 2011
21 Shaheed Abdul Majeed Ghazi Shaheen | 21 yrs old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | Feb 27, 2011
20 Shaheed Wafa’ Ali Nashasy | 10 yrs old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | Feb 23, 2011
19 Shaheed Adel Jundiyya | 25 yrs old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | Feb 23, 2011
18 Shaheed Ashraf Ektifan | 29 yrs old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | Feb 16, 2011
17 Shaheed Jihad Khalaf | 21 yrs old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | Feb 16, 2011
16 Shaheed Talat al-Rawagh | 25 yrs old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | Feb 16, 2011
15 Shaheed Hussam Hussain Rwidy | 27 yrs old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | Feb 11, 2011
14 Shaheed Yousef Ikhlayyil | 17 yrs old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | Jan 28, 2011
13 Shaheed Basel Adwen | 13 yrs old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | Jan 27, 2011
12 Shaheed Udai Maher Qadous | Killed by Israeli Occupation | Jan 27, 2011
11 Shaheed Ahmad Na’im Abu Wadi Killed by Israeli Occupation on Jan 22, 2011
10 Shaheed Salem Mohammad Sami Samoudi | 24 years old, Killed by Israeli Occupation | Jan 20, 2011
9 Shaheed Amjad al-Za’ anin | Killed by Israeli Occupation | Jan 18, 2011
8 Shaheed Zaher Ahmad Jarghun | Killed by Israeli Occupation | Jan 18, 2011
7 Shaheed Jamil Al-Najjar | Killed by Israeli Occupation | Jan 11, 2011
6 Shaheed Shab’an Al-Qarmout | Killed by Israeli Occupation | Jan 10, 2011
5 Shaheed Khaldoun Majoub Majeb Samoudi | Killed by Israeli Occupation | Jan 8, 2011
4 Shaheed Omar Salim Qawasmi | Killed by Israeli Occupation | Jan 7, 2011
3 Shuhada Identities unknown| Killed by Israeli Occupation | Jan 6, 2011
2 Shaheed Mahmoud Muhammed Dharagma | Killed by Israeli Occupation | Jan 2, 2011
1 Shaheeda Jawaher Abu Rahma | Killed By Israeli Occupation on Jan 1, 2011

Please share in their honor so their sacrifices won’t be forgotten. Nor the memories, their deaths, the crimes that killed them.
Do not forget them and the mourning families in your prayers…

The list does not display, the numerous victims of the zionist occupation which are undocumented by media. Nor it displays the victims of the “silent onslaught” due to restrictions of movement, ability to go to hospitals for treatment or life saving surgery, due to lack of medication because of the blockades and so on. For example: The Slow Motion Genocide by the Siege on Gaza only, killed 600 patients since Gaza got under Israeli Siege.
For an overview of All Israeli Massacres Palestinians go here
How many more dead corpses of Palestinians does the international community need to see in order to act? How many more cruelties and violations of Human Rights, Regulations and International Law will be needed to intervene so this ongoing warcrime is being stopped once and for all.

Syria Under Fire: Zionist Destabilization Hits Critical Mass

Average’s comment. This article speaks for itself. In other words: “move along folks. There is nothing to see here”….

Syria is in the final stages
of a Zionist-engineered
destabilization operation;
can the Arab nation of
Resistance survive?

by Jonathan Azaziah
Since 2004, the Zionist entity’s Mossad and its American partners in the Zionist-founded, Zionist-run National Endowment for Democracy (NED) have funded, armed and trained various opposition factions in Syria, spawning an army of ‘democracy-seeking activists’ ready to mobilize on command. An operations team was assembled by the House of Saud and the usurping Israeli regime, working together with a closeness most would have never imagined to be possible, and an HQ was established in Brussels with various satellites inaugurated in America and Britain just prior to the inception of the ‘Syrian Revolution.’ Leading this team are Zionists US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffery Feltman and US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, former Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri, influential, US-based Zionist Syrian exiles Farid al-Ghadry and Ammar Abdulhamid, the well-connected ex-Syrian VP, Abdel-Halim Khaddam and of course, the powerful Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (1).

Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s immensely popular President, is in the crosshairs of an axis bent on transforming the Middle East into an extension of the illegitimate entity currently occupying al-Quds. He, along with the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, the Islamic Republic of Iran and what is left of the Islamic Resistance of Gaza, make up the counter-axis; the Axis of Resistance standing in the way of Zionism and its aims of conquest. Syria is under the heaviest fire it has ever been under; even heavier than the plot that the Israeli-Saudi partnership attempted to execute against Hafez al-Assad, Bashar’s father, from 1976-1982 (2). And as the fire continues to burn through Syrian society, Zionist destabilization has hit critical mass. The plot to take down Syria which the usurping entity has actively and vigorously pursued for decades is dangerously close to coming to fruition.

On Syria, as well as a
plethora of other geopolitical
issues, the Saudi tyrant sees
eye to eye with the Zionist regime
and its lapdog, the United States.

Israel, Saudi Arabia And America: Demanding Regime Change In Unison

From the moment that the unrest in Syria exploded, Tel Aviv, through its tremendously venomous and wide-reaching media apparatus, unleashed one of its many ‘kisses of death’ against Bashar al-Assad and his government, labeling him its “favorite dictator (3).” This piece of pernicious hasbara was disseminated far and wide with the intent of not only turning the Syrian people against Bashar al-Assad, but to mask any Israeli involvement in Syria in the eyes of the international onlookers, developing an atmosphere of bewilderment and psychological warfare. The calculated move proved successful and the Zionist regime provided perfect cover for covert Israeli special forces, who have been on the ground since August 2007 (4). And then, as the world was looking away, Zionism lowered the boom.

It began on July 20th, when Israeli Prime Minister and mass murdering war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu offered his support to ‘protesters’ in Syria by stating, “the young people of Syria deserve a better future” and he went on with his usual diatribe against Syria for standing with Iran and Hezbollah. Ominously, Netanyahu also stated that it would be “bad for the people of Lebanon, bad for the people of Syria and bad for peace” if attention was shifted away from the unrest in Syria. The subtle words of Netanyahu were not what was most disturbing though. It was who the words were delivered to. And that who was Al-Arabiya News (5), the malicious Saudi propaganda outlet owned and run by the brother-in-law and son of the ex-Saudi tyrant, ‘King’ Fahd (6). The rare interview was an important revelation, exposing the public Israeli-Saudi working relationship.

Next up was an amplification on July 26th, when godfather of the Zionist nuclear program, war criminal, massacrer of Qana and Israeli President Shimon Peres stated in no uncertain terms, “Bashar al-Assad must go. The sooner he will leave, the better it will be for his people.” Peres also went on to say that regime change will lay down the groundwork for an eventual ‘peace’ treaty between Syria and the vile Zionist occupation. Who did Shimon Peres deliver this declaration of overthrow to? Arab media (undoubtedly dominated by the Saudi-Qatari alliance), in an ‘unprecedented’ press conference (7).

The Saudi-Israeli Alliance:
demolishing Syria under the
guise of ‘democracy.’

Following the example of his partners in Tel Aviv, ‘King’ Abdullah of Saudi Arabia weighed in on August 8th. He recalled the Saudi Ambassador to Syria and issued an ultimatum to Bashar al-Assad, “The future of Syria lies between two options: either Syria chooses willingly to resort to reason, or face being swept into deep chaos.” Translation: Step down now or be destroyed. Going further, ‘King’ Abdullah demanded that the “Syrian killing machine” halt its operations and said that “what is happening in Syria is not acceptable to Saudi Arabia (8).” The Kuwait and Bahrain monarchical dictatorships abided by the orders put forth by GCC figurehead Saudi Arabia and recalled their ambassadors to Syria as well (9). The events in Syria aren’t acceptable to the Saudi tyrant because the operation to take down Bashar al-Assad isn’t successful yet; the tyrant is growing impatient. Not mentioned by the tyrant is his regime’s excessive participation in the unrest and that his Ministry of Defense has formed a council whose specific goal is to drive Syria into a chaotic state of civil war (10).
The “killing machine” spoken of by the Saudi despot is in reference to what the Zionist media calls the “Ramadan Massacre.” In a desperate attempt to garner international Muslim support during Islam’s holiest month, the Zionist media has peddled unverified, reactionary, sensationalist claims that Syrian security forces have massacred hundreds of ‘protesters’ in the Muslim Brotherhood stronghold of Hama (11).

The truth, something that the Zionist propaganda machine has never been concerned with, has been systematically repressed. An insurrectionist named Nader Hassan al-Kattan has confessed to being part of an organized terrorist operation in Hama, consisting of multiple units, in which he was paid $5,000.00 a day for his services. The operation consisted of the targeting of security personnel and civilians alike, for the sake of triggering all-out mayhem on Hama’s streets. Al-Kattan says he was recruited by a man named Mohammad Noir (12). Mask of Zion’s Syrian sources have confirmed that Mohammad Noir is a disciple of Mossad asset Muthanna al-Dhari, detained earlier in the uprising by Syrian security forces for attempting to coordinate false flag bombings with Israeli intelligence (13). It is clear that even without its leader, al-Dhari’s Zionist-backed network is alive and well.

America stands with
the usurping Israeli entity
and the House of Saud in
an axis against Syria.

The US government, just days after extending a fourth round of crippling sanctions against Bashar al-Assad and his closest associates in cohesion with its fellow Zionist allies in the European Union (14), has now adopted the position of its Israeli masters and Saudi partners and is set to demand the departure of Bashar al-Assad, with a White House mouthpiece stating, “You can’t have any kind of partnership with a regime that does this kind of thing to innocents (15).” The ‘mother’ of all Zionist mouthpieces, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, recently declared, “Syria will be a better place when a democratic transition goes forward (16).” The Zionist-Saudi axis’ Syrian opposition has already formed a 25-member ‘National Salvation Council,’ with one committee functioning as a lobbying agency to drum up support to overthrow al-Assad’s government (17). The Zionist-occupied US government has initiated the next step and is seeking to convert the ‘National Salvation Council’ into a ‘Syrian Transitional Council,’ just like the NATO-Israeli-backed puppet regime fighting Muammar Qaddafi in Libya (18).

This is a most frightening development, as the Zionist entity, the House of Saud, Washington D.C. and the Turkey-France partnership, which has played a prominent supporting role in the attack on Syria’s sovereignty via intelligence and military support for the Mossad-NED-created opposition (19), have taken their once-covert agenda public, so that the entire globe becomes aware that under the rule of international Zionism, Bashar al-Assad has no place. Also, the formation of such a council will mean that when the inevitability of sanctions against Syria’s rich oil and banking sectors becomes reality and billions of dollars are confiscated, the money will then be transferred into the hands of the Zionist criminal network’s puppets. The formation of such a council is an act of war.

Essential to every Zionist
war effort is hasbara; and
the hasbara against Syria
has been nothing short
of epic.

Hasbara In Full Effect: Exaggerations and Fabrications

Former Al-Jazeera Beirut Bureau Chief Ghassan Bin Jeddo, who will be launching an anti-Zionist satellite network called ‘Al-Mayadeen’ in early 2012 to serve as a counterweight to the media monopoly in the Arab world currently held by the GCC (20), went on the record in July to condemn the international (Zionist) media’s campaign to sow sedition in Syria, with the greater agenda of undermining Syria’s ‘Resistance’ stances and fragmenting the country (21), as per the plans laid out by Israeli Foreign Policy Advisor Oded Yinon in 1982 and the neoconservative ‘Clean Break’ cabal led by Zionist war criminal Richard Perle in 1996 (22).

Bin Jeddo couldn’t be more correct in his assessment. The powerful New York Times, owned by the Sulzberger family, a founding clan of the exclusively-Jewish Freemasonic organization B’nai B’Brith that is at the heart of all major media cover-ups (23), has been depicting Hama as a massacre-zone where civilians are under siege from a cruel, unrelenting military force (24), instead of a city where bitter armed conflict continues to rage. Robert Fisk, a foul (and unfortunately, authoritative) 9/11 gatekeeper and notorious slanderer of Hezbollah, Lebanon’s righteous Islamic Resistance, is begging the Zionist puppets in France, America and Britain to take action against Bashar al-Assad to “stop the spilling of innocent blood (25).” House of Saud mouthpieces, specifically those owned by ‘Prince’ Salman and his children, continue to elevate the anti-Assad, pro-Brotherhood line with each successive clipping that they print (26).

The historically Zionist wire service, the Associated Press, is channeling the hasbara of WINEP, a known front for AIPAC, in regards to the foreign-sponsored ‘Syrian Revolution’ taking a toll on Hezbollah’s image throughout the region (27). But no media institution has participated in the propaganda campaign against Syria quite like Qatar’s Al-Jazeera, which has taken the ‘humanitarian intervention’ approach in the dissemination of its hasbara and has now been picked up in New York, giving it a wider audience to influence, manipulate, confuse and brainwash (28). Al-Jazeera deliberately mistranslated a Bashar al-Assad speech in late July, ‘revealing’ that the Syrian President called opposition protesters “germs,” when he said no such thing (29), thus fueling the already-present geopolitical conflagration against Syria. Most despicably, it has partaken in the propagation of the ‘Ramadan Massacre’ narrative, using a pathetic, poorly-shot, unverified video as “evidence” that a murderous army operation had occurred (30). This is not journalism. This is not credible. This is hasbara, simple and plain; clear-cut.

Al-Jazeera’s coverage
on Syria is one of the most
disgusting propaganda
campaigns in modern history;
it is now an official arm of
the Zionist media, serving
as the ‘Arab’ division.

And where is Al-Jazeera’s ‘objective and even-handed’ coverage on the Zionist-allied House of Saud’s role in fomenting the chaos in Syria? It doesn’t exist on this plane of reality; like a figment of your imagination reprocessed in a dream. Why doesn’t it exist? Because in September 2007, the Saudi ‘King’ met with high-ranking officials in the Qatari regime and Al-Jazeera’s chairman of the board in Riyadh; an agreement was made, silencing any and all criticism of the House of Saud, effectively “disappearing all dissident voices.” The agreement was attached to a larger agenda, triggering reconciliation between the Gulf sheikhdoms, ending internal disputes and directing the GCC’s attention towards a greater threat: Iran (31). Naturally, Amnesty International (AI), the Zionist, propagandist, George Soros-funded corporate member of the UK’s Chatham House ultra-think tank that has already (baselessly) accused Syria of crimes against humanity (32), had to weigh in on the latest developments. The fraudulent ‘human rights’ group is demanding that the UN Security Council take Libya-like steps to ‘end repression’ in Syria and those who disagree with its warmongering position on AI’s Internet message boards have their heartfelt comments deleted, in true Orwellian fashion (33).

While Al-Jazeera is leading the way in overall coverage in the ongoing stream of hasbara against Syria, there is a single story that soars high above every single other propaganda pieces like a condor soaring above the Andes Mountains. And this is not the typical ‘inflated-protest-numbers’ story which has been typical and frequent of the Zionist media’s coverage on Syria; transforming hundreds of demonstrators at Syrian Muslim Brotherhood-dominated gatherings into thousands, thousands into millions and deceptively morphing pro-government protests into anti-government protests (34). No, this is far more gruesome, far more obscene in its falsehood. Propagated by CNN, run by avid Zionist Jeffrey Bewkes who has been honored by the ignominiously pro-Israel American Jewish Committee and the equally pro-Israel Simon Wiesenthal Center (35), this story was quite literally a blast from the past; a replication of a Gulf War PSYOP against Iraq.

CNN has always functioned
as a mouthpiece for the Zionist
occupation and all of its global
ambitions, whitewashing its crimes
and covering up its most intricate

Quoting the London-based, regime change-promoting Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Zionist-run CNN ran a story which boldly and emotionally claimed that Syrian babies were dying in their incubators because Bashar al-Assad’s army had cut the electricity in Hama. No further information was provided; nothing regarding why the electricity was cut or why back-up generators didn’t kick in; nothing regarding doctors attempting to save the babies’ lives or even an exact date as to when the babies died. Then, in an even bolder move, ‘Syrian revolutionaries’ active on social networks, Twitter specifically, began circulating a picture of the ‘dead’ babies. This however, would be their undoing and the entire story, which was totally lacking in evidence to begin with, came crashing down. The dead babies picture was actually a picture of live babies in an overcrowded hospital known as al-Shabti in Alexandria, Egypt. It was nothing more than a tasteless hoax comprised of 100% hasbara (36).  

As aforementioned, this ‘incubator babies’ hoax had been attempted before, in the lead-up to the Gulf War which paved the way for genocidal sanctions against Iraq, weakening the nation for the Zionist-engineered invasion that would thoroughly annihilate its infrastructure and brutalize its people in a seemingly eternal occupation 13 years later. At the heart of the Iraq ‘{312 dead} incubator babies’ hoax was the ubiquitous and devilish Amnesty International, working hand-in-glove with British intelligence and Zionist war criminal and Congressman Tom Lantos. Though the story was ultimately revealed as a hoax, it didn’t matter in the slightest. The Zionist plot had been put in motion and Iraq’s fate (destruction) was sealed (37).

This invocation of history is of the utmost vitalness to note. False stories, drawn up to despicably target basic human emotion and generate support for criminal-minded plans, can have tragic, reprehensible results; Iraqis, 2.5 million dead Iraqis from Zionism’s 2003 invasion alone (38), are the proof. The Zionist globe holders attempted to use such a story against Syria to accelerate their ‘Greater Israel’ ambitions and turn the Arab nation into another Iraq. It seems they will now have to go back to the drawing board.

Sheikh Adnan al-Ar’ur;
agent of the House of Saud
and ‘face’ of the ‘Syrian Revolution.’

The ‘Syrian Revolution’ In Faces: Puppets Galore

With international efforts mounting to topple Bashar al-Assad and replace his government with one more subservient to the iron fist of the Zionist Power Configuration, the mainstream media has bombarded its viewers with a plethora of figures spouting propagandist venom and bolstering the Zionist narrative to increase unrest and ultimately bring about an invasion. Each figure, in their own way, plays a part in the global media spectacle shaping public opinion on all matters pertaining to Syria.

The individual with the most influence and therefore, the most destructive potential, is a ‘religious’ figure named Sheikh Adnan al-Ar’ur. Sheikh Adnan is based in Saudi Arabia and is receiving an obscene amount of press from the House of Saud’s propaganda giant, Al-Arabiya, which is touting him as a ‘symbol of the Syrian Revolution.’ He is known for his promotion of sectarianism and tragically, he commands a significant amount of influence in Syria (39); because of the sectarianism embedded in his verdicts, he is playing a major role in the Saudi Defense Ministry’s ‘civil war’ agenda.

Al-Ar’ur’s bloody fingerprints can already be found on the streets of Homs, a city 165 kilometers north of Damascus. On July 26th, three Alawi families were brutally butchered by agents of the Saudi-funded Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in an attempt to plunge the city of Homs into sectarian civil conflict. Throughout the unrest, MB agents, influenced by al-Ar’ur, have attacked Alawi mosques in Homs, Adlab, Latakia and Hama; all points of conflict between the MB and the Syrian army (40). While the Syrian people themselves have righteously rejected such sectarianism, this outrageous violence is taking a toll on the nation and their communities.

Rime Allaf is a member
of the Chatham House,
the UK arm of the Zionist,
warmongering Council
on Foreign Relations.

One of the more familiar faces of the ‘Syrian Revolution’ is globalist and hasbaranik Rime Allaf, who has been quoted by just about every Zionist-run news outlet from the UK to America and everything in between regarding ‘what is happening’ in Syria. Channeling typical, uncorroborated, scandalous propaganda via her Twitter account, Allaf is simply doing the bidding of her masters at the Chatham House, the UK mega-think tank and sister of arguably the most powerful Zionist think in America, the Council On Foreign Relations. Allaf is involved in multiple projects aiming to increase relations between Syria and the West and to prostitute Syria’s sovereignty by replacing it with neoliberal economics and multinational corporations (41). Mask of Zion’s social networking sources have also found that Allaf maintains a close relationship with the Economist magazine, the Rothschild-owned Zionist mouthpiece which has been churning out anti-Syria, pro-intervention propaganda from the onset of the unrest.

Other notable assets of the hasbara war against Syria are Hamdi M. Rifai and Radwan Ziadeh. Rifai is a Syrian exile and News Jersey-based attorney who has recently had his legal license revoked for ethics violations. He has openly declared his friendship with the usurping Zionist entity and has strongly advocated for the Zionist-occupied United States government to militarily intervene in Syria. Rifai also spends significant amounts of his time spreading the works of neoconservative fanatics to justify his murderous positions and works with fellow exiles to generate sectarianism in not only Syria but Lebanon as well (42).

Twitter is a major
breeding ground for
hasbaraniks where
anti-Syria propaganda can
flourish uninterrupted.

Ziadeh is no different. He is a frequenter of US State Department events sponsored by Zionist think tanks. He has appeared before the Zionist lobby’s foreign policy arm, the American Jewish Committee and has shared the stage with Zionist war criminal Elliot Abrams. He’s been commissioned by the US government to lobby Russia for support for the Zionist-engineered plot to militarily demolish Syria and if that wasn’t enough, Ziadeh is the recipient of an award from one of Zionism’s most deadly agencies, the National Endowment for Democracy (43). Another figure uncovered by Mask of Zion’s social networking sources is a man by the name of Mohammad al-Abdallah, a self-styled Syrian ‘human rights activist’ that has most recently held meetings with Hillary Clinton and Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird, a Zionist who has issued condemnations of activists who participate in Israeli Apartheid Week and parroted hasbara against the Freedom Flotilla II (44). Al-Abdallah is pro-intervention and glowing with delight over the economic warfare launched against Syria by the US and EU. Simply unnerving.

While Allaf, Ar’ur, Ziadeh, al-Abdallah, Rifai and other House Arabs cut from the same cloth claim to represent Syria and the demands of the Syrian people, the evidence shows that they are no more than shrill propagandists of the Zionist-Saudi axis and its agenda to drive Bashar al-Assad’s government into the ground. The truth is clear, overwhelmingly clear: the Syrian people support al-Assad and the multiple million man marches that they’ve conducted to show support for the President and his stance of Resistance and to counteract the Zionist-Saudi-backed insurrection are the proof (45).

An Israeli-NATO
plan is already in the works
to launch military strikes
against Syria and cripple its
army and infrastructure.

NATO Invasion And Opposition Crimes Against Humanity

One of the lesser-discussed players in the ongoing onslaught against Syria is Turkey, a collaborationist regime bound to the Zionist entity via several military-intelligence MOUs drawn up for the specific purpose of carrying out aggression against Israel’s enemies, including Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ankara has not only played the role of host for the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and served as the go-between for the US government and the Israeli-Saudi-controlled opposition, it has already intervened in a militaristic way by providing MB agents with weapons and a safe haven to re-up when ammunition is low. Ankara has already given NATO the signal to set up a military base in Western Turkey and fill it to the brim with ground forces (46).

NATO’s leadership has answered Ankara’s call and has begun planning an invasion to ‘roll back’ Syria and then Yemen in the final steps before launching full-scale warfare against Iran (47). This would assuredly please the Zionist creature occupying al-Quds, which signed an intensive, exhaustive military-cooperation agreement with NATO in 2005; a military offensive against Syria represents the very essence of the Israel-NATO bilateral agreement (48). Part of the Israeli-NATO plan has already been revealed and it is a mirror image of the current monstrous bombing of Libya; multiple airstrikes against Syria’s air defenses followed by an all-out bombardment of Syria’s army and infrastructure (49). Another criminal Western war carried out in the Zionist regime’s name. It for this reason, that Bashar al-Assad scoffed at Turkey’s attempts (read: threats) to convince his government to kowtow to Western pressure and bow to the insurrectionists tearing the country to shreds (50). Iran has also rebuked Turkey for its traitorous stance against Syria, offering its full support to Bashar al-Assad and signing a multi-billion dollar energy pact to solidify it (51). As Israel’s smokescreen dissolves, the battle lines get clearer and clearer.

Meanwhile, the aforesaid Saudi-Israeli-controlled insurrectionists continue wreaking havoc throughout the streets of Syria and are doing so with new weapons provided by a smuggling operation run by Saudi-puppet and former Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri’s March 14 movement (52). The Zionist media’s ‘peaceful protesters’ narrative crumbles a little bit more every day. Beyond waging brutal warfare against the Assad government, the Syrian opposition is committing crimes against humanity; crimes that will almost assuredly not be investigated by the likes of the ‘international community.’ In Hama, they are butchering soldiers and dumping the bodies into the Asi River (53). In Jisr al-Shughour, a conflict-heavy area in Syria’s north, Syrian Muslim Brotherhood agents are murdering al-Assad supporters by lynching them (54).

Brigadier General
al-Talawi’s children;
murdered by the ‘peaceful’
Syrian opposition.

In the central city of Homs, Syrian Brigadier General Khodir al-Talawi, his two children, his nephew and two of his subordinate officers were shot dead and mutilated (55). They were hacked to death with sabers in an utterly deranged, savage crime; even more deranged is that this brutality was ordered… by the US State Department, during a meeting between opposition leaders and Hillary Clinton’s Middle East Special Representative and Zionist agent, Dan Feldman (56). And now, as the Israeli-Saudi nexus prepares for the imminent NATO invasion, it has employed assets from Turkey, Jordan and occupied Iraq, most likely assets from the neoconservative-created P2OG false flag agency (57), to not only provoke security forces, but deliberately target Syrian civilians (58).

Israel’s favorite Western mouthpiece, the Sulzberger-owned New York Times, covers up these horrors by concocting its own horrors; its latest lie is that Syrian security forces are using “anti-aircraft weaponry on civilian buildings” in Hama (59). Hillary Clinton is now covering up the barbarity that her office ordered by calling on the world to completely cut economic ties with Syria and blaming the barbarity on Bashar al-Assad (60). The people of the world are being duped yet again; but it seems that not even the thud of NATO depleted uranium rocking Damascus as it is now rocking Tripoli will convince them of this reality.

Syria and Somalia:
The first two targets
of the Zionist-Orwellian
‘Atrocities Prevention Board.’

Conclusion: A New Generation Of Tyranny

On August 4th, 2011, the next generation of war, psychological subversion, intelligence masking and covert operations began, officially, with a United States stamp of approval. Chief Zionist stooge, Barack Obama, considered by the Zionist-gangster class that fomented his meteoric political rise to be “the first Jewish President (61),” created the Atrocities Prevention Board to ‘stop genocide’ and “isolate those who engage in or conspire to commit atrocities (62).” Naturally, in a move obviously meant to please his Zionist sires, Obama invoked ‘the holocaust’ to justify the creation of the shadowy interagency (63). It is ironic: ‘the holocaust’ is one of history’s greatest exaggerations/fabrications, filled to the brim with false testimonies and coverups and is now an ideological weapon routinely deployed by the Zionist Power Configuration against all who oppose Israel (64), and it is now being used as the basis for the creation of another ideological weapon.

Apart from the gut-wrenching hypocrisy of the United States government taking steps to prevent atrocities, when it has funded or is directly responsible for mass atrocities in Cambodia, Vietnam, Germany, Japan, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine and Kashmir to name just a few, the creation of the Atrocities Prevention Board will now give America (acting at Israel’s behest) jurisdiction to unleash hell on any nation it so chooses with the use of a single pretext: “humanitarianism.” Just like the Wikileaks PSYOP was designed to usher in a new era of COINTELPRO to subvert the growing anti-war and solidarity movements (65), the Atrocities Prevention Board will serve as its twin sister, coopting human rights movements and steering them towards an agenda of Orwellian war (66). 

Libya was the trial run for the Atrocities Prevention Board; the absurd, baseless official line remains that NATO prevented Muammar Qaddafi from committing a massacre in Benghazi, the second largest Libyan city. A similar plan is already in place for Syria, with the Zionist entity leading and Washington D.C., Ankara, NATO and Riyadh ready to provide support for the ‘humanitarian war’ under the logo of R2P, ‘Responsibility To Protect.’ This is why the usurping entity, the US and NATO have been stockpiling and integrating their weapons systems since 2005, when Israel and NATO signed the aforementioned bilateral agreement. Mossad is increasing its covert support to the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots and the Zionist media is increasing its hasbara against al-Assad to mask the Brotherhood’s atrocities. The groundwork for ‘R2P: Syria’ is deeply underway (67).

The Zionist Power Configuration
wants al-Shabab eliminated
so it can turn Somalia into a
haven for multinationals and

It is no coincidence whatsoever that Obama’s Atrocities Prevention Board has been created at a time when Syria is being prepped for an Iraq-style annihilation and when the Zionist ‘War on Terror’ coalition is looking to deliver a crushing blow to the righteous Somali Resistance movement, al-Shabab. The Zionist media is overloading its viewers with images of Somalis suffering from famine and drought while not uttering a single word that the famine and drought only exist because an IMF-World Bank ‘reform’ operation decimated Somalia’s agriculture in the 1980s and American oil giants have been plundering the Horn of Africa nation since 1991, robbing it of its wealth (68). Nowhere in any of the Zionist media’s abysmal coverage on Somalia is the critical info that the CIA has penetrated the entire country, running secret torture centers, setting up proxy agents and collecting intelligence so Special Forces can conduct illegal drone attacks and airstrikes (69).

Drowned out in the Zionist media’s coverage of famine and drought in Somalia is that the Zionist-run US State Department is sending droves of private military contractors to fight the Resistance (70) and aid the puppet government forced upon the Somali people by a globalist axis and armed by the Obama administration (71). Not mentioned by the Zionist media at all is that al-Shabab didn’t even exist until the US-backed United Nations-African Union occupation of Somalia began in 2006. The occupation has been slaughtering Somali civilians in the thousands ever since. There is no “democratically-elected” government in Somalia, only a coalition of puppets handpicked by the American and French militaries (72). Al-Shabab is all that stands between Somalia and total Zionist-globalist colonization.

The Zionist-dominated Obama administration is denying aid to all areas in Somalia controlled by al-Shabab, which is the majority of the country. Aid has been restricted to a few square miles of territory controlled by the US-AU-UN-backed puppet regime, exacerbating the famine and the drought and effectively transforming them into weapons of war (73); weapons of war against Resistance to colonial domination. These deliberate acts of terrorism will generate an international outcry to ‘save the babies,’ and in response, another invasion of another Muslim-majority country will occur, but this time, it will be under the ‘almighty’ humanitarian brand of the Atrocities Prevention Board.

At the heart of the ‘humanitarian’ adventures planned for Syria and Somalia, as is the case with every war waged by Israel and its global garden of imperial puppets, is energy. For Somalia, there is Bab el-Mandab, a strategic waterway that links Yemen, Somalia and billions of dollars in oil traded on the neoliberal markets; the Zionist-occupied United States government is dying to take control of this waterway, snatching it from Russia and China, allies of the Islamic Republic of Iran (74). For Syria, there are the gargantuan natural gas fields of the Levantine coast line, sitting between two energy corridors that Syria rests upon; Iran has already offered Syria assistance in cultivating these fields and the Zionist Power Configuration wants to take control of the project at all costs (75).

The Merhav Group of Israel
is a Mossad asset that
specializes in hostile
takeovers of regions
rich with energy.

It would by no means be surprising if the Mossad-run Merhav Group of Israel was on standby for such hostile-takeover-type measures, as its energy interests in Asia were the driving force behind the savage war against Afghanistan. Controlling the pipelines, mines and gas fields that Afghan territory runs parallel to is central to the Israeli-American foreign policy of brutally undermining and hurting the Islamic Republic of Iran wherever undermining and hurting can be executed. The Merhav Group of Israel has carried out Israeli-American hegemonic directives in the South-Central Asia region with precision (76). Because Syria and Somalia also fall under the anti-Iran energy directives embedded in the unified US-Israel foreign agenda, it is not a possibility but a likelihood that Merhav is the beast lurking behind the curtains of the war machine. 

Today, Syria and Somalia, two of the last remaining nations on the planet standing up against the neoconservative foreign policy and neoliberal economics of the globalist power matrix governed by Zionism, are both targeted under the insane premise of ‘humanitarianism.’ Tomorrow, the targets will be Lebanon, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Yemen, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba. Plans are already in place, as are agents of subversion and in some instances, preliminary, criminal action has already been taken.

If Bashar al-Assad falls, what will replace him? An anti-Resistance proxy of Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime. If al-Shabab is conquered, what will follow in Somalia? Most likely a carbon copy of the Zionist-marionette regime in Ethiopia, which has been nothing more than an Israeli military proxy for decades. But if the Resistance of both nations can survive the onslaught that they are now experiencing, feeding off of the intense support of the people that they defend, it will send a message to the globe holders: no matter what kind of tactics you may employ, the will of the people will always leave the arrogant powers torn asunder when the sun rises and the darkness is exposed. If only ‘if,’ wasn’t the word.

~ The End ~                                     


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Beware the ‘trusted’ source

Average asks again: Is there no limit to what lies the KUFFAR will perpetrate?

But it just goes to show that in the digital age, fakery is very hard to pull off. Someone, somewhere, will catch you out.

It’s a lesson ABC News learned this week, after it fell for a much more serious deception.

On Sunday May the 8th, some disturbing video about the protest in Syria was aired on ABC News 24

Kathryn Stolarchuk: Video uploaded to a social media website purports to show Syrian security beating detained protesters and holding guns to their heads. In the video, which can’t be independently verified, around eight men can be seen lying face down on the floor, while armed guards lift them up by their belts, pile them on top of each other,…

— ABC News 24, 8th May, 2011

The same footage turned up that evening on SBS World News…

(But) this is what anyone captured by the security forces can expect…

Once again, this footage can’t be verified, but it’s said to show Syrian troops beating detained protesters.

— SBS World News, 8th May, 2011

The ABC also posted the footage online, with this caption:

Amateur video, which cannot be independently verified, shows heavily-armed Syrian security beating anti-government protesters.

— ABC News Online, 8th May, 2011

Two days later, we got an email from a person who requested anonymity. He doubted the video’s authenticity, because…

-They are not Syrian army uniforms
-The accents of the men talking are Lebanese particularly from Tripoli north Lebanon
-The car has a Lebanese licence plate
Please do your own research to verify this.

— Email from Media Watch Tipster, May, 2011

We set out to do just that. Word of our interest reached a producer at ABC radio current affairs, Jess Hill, who has specialised in recent months in cultivating contacts throughout the Middle East, largely through Twitter. On Thursday, on her own initiative, she sent out this tweet:

Can any Syrian tweeps identify where this video came from?

— Twitter, 12th May, 2011

With a link to the ABC online video. Within five minutes, she got a reply:

TrellaLB Imad Bazzi:
this video is not in Syria, this was shot in Beirut, years ago on 7 May attacks, the video shows members of Hizballa & Amal

— Twitter, 12th May, 2011

Hezbollah and Amal, of course, are both Shi-ite Lebanese organisations with their own militias. A second tweet from Trella LB read:

and here is the original video bragging about what they did

— Twitter, 12th May, 2011

The link he provided leads to this YouTube video – it’s undoubtedly the footage screened by the ABC and SBS. But sure enough, it’s captioned

Lebanon: Prisoners… caught by Hezbollah and Amal

Uploaded by aylender on 20 Aug, 2008

— YouTube, 20th August, 2008

The pity is that nobody at ABC News 24 or ABC Online thought to make use of Jess Hill’s contacts when Reuters – one of the most trusted news sources in the world – sent the video to its clients on the morning of Sunday May the 8th with this disclaimer:

Video uploaded to a social media website purports to show Syrian security beating detained protesters and holding guns to their heads.


— Reuters, 8th May, 2011

Despite those warnings, ABC News 24 screened the video. And, as Gaven Morris, head of ABC Continuous News, frankly admitted to Media Watch, it shouldn’t have.

We were wrong to run the video. Though Reuters is a very trusted source, there were enough doubts in their own sourcing for us to have chosen to leave it alone.

— Gaven Morris, Head, ABC Continuous News, 12th May, 2011

Read Gaven Morris’s responses to Media Watch’s questions

On the face of it SBS was even more wrong. Because 20 minutes before its world news went to air, it received this warning from Reuters:


— Reuters, 8th May, 2011

Read Reuters response to Media Watch’s questions

However says SBS news, the warning carried:

No indication in the slug line that there was any retraction or correction contained in the copy. The sentence about the retraction was buried some distance down the copy

— Mark Boyd, Executive Producer,SBS World News Australia, 16th May, 2011

Read Mark Boyd’s response to Media Watch’s questions

So SBS didn’t notice the retraction, and nor it seems did anyone at ABC news Online. The video wasn’t taken down from its website until Media Watch came calling four days later.

The moral: the new social media, used cautiously, are a boon to journalists. But used without due care, they can be a portal for fakery and propaganda.

Is there no limit to the dishonesty of the KUFFAR???

Another CIA Blunder – ‘Kidnapped US Lesbian’ In Syria PsyOp Exposed?


  • London woman says photo of U.S. lesbian blogger ‘kidnapped in Syria’ is actually her
  • Jelena Lecic said: ‘I don’t know how this happened, I’ve never met her. This has put me in danger’
  • Blogger’s ‘girlfriend’ admits she’s never met her
  • Story of alleged kidnap was reported across the globe

The reported kidnap of a U.S. lesbian blogger in Syria has come into question after a woman in Britain claimed that photos being used to call for her release are actually her.
Thousands of campaigners joined protest groups after media outlets across the world reported that Amina Arraf, a blogger known for her frank posts about her sexuality and her open criticism of President Bashar Assad had been detained.
But a woman in London came forward today claiming the photos being circulated were actually her, raising questions about the existence of the blogger.

Fake? These photos had been used by the prolific gay blogger 
Fake? These photos had been used by the prolific gay blogger
Concerns: Jelena Lecic said that the identity theft has put her in dangerConcerns: Jelena Lecic said that the identity theft has put her in danger

Jelena Lecic found out that pictures of her were being used by the blogger when she saw her photo used next to an article in a British newspaper.
It reported that on Monday the supposed U.S. citizen was bundled into a car by three men in their 20s in civilian clothes in Damascus, the capital of Syria, where homosexuality is illegal.
‘That is absolutely my picture taken in the last year in Paris,’ Miss Lecic told the BBC’s Newsnight.

‘It was [taken] on my birthday. I don’t know how this happened. I was very upset to see my picture.
‘I’ve never met her [Amina]. I’m not part of her blog. I’m not friends with her,’ said the Croatian who is working as an adminstrator at the Royal College in London.
‘I’m very upset because you have privacy settings on Facebook and obviously it doesn’t work because anyone can hijack your picture.

‘This has put me in danger. This person is a gay activist in Syria. I really don’t feel comfortable.’

Stolen identity: Jelena Lecic, who lives in London, said her photo was used alongside stories about the 'missing' Syrian blogger 
Stolen identity: Jelena Lecic, who lives in London, said her photo was used alongside stories about the ‘missing’ Syrian blogger
Lesbian blogger? A woman in London said this photo reported to be of blogger Amina Arraf is actually her
Lesbian blogger? A woman in London said this photo reported to be of blogger Amina Arraf is actually her

Miss Lecic believes that her identity was stolen about a year ago, when her Facebook photographs appeared on another person’s profile.

An activist with the Local Coordination Committees, a group which helps documents the protests calling for an end to the Assad regime, had confirmed to reporters on Tuesday that Arraf had been taken.
But on Wednesday, the same activist said the group had ‘no independent confirmation’ and had reported it based on an entry by Arraf’s cousin on her ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’ blog and from two people who claimed to be friends but who also got the information from the blog.
‘As far as we know, nobody’s emerged who has actually met her,’ the activist said.
On Tuesday news outlets across the globe reported the story of Amina Arraf, who it was claimed wrote a blog called ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’, a mixture of erotic prose and updates about Syria’s uprising, including her participation in anti-regime protests.

Campaign: Thousands of people have joined a Facebook group calling for the release of Amina Arraf 
Campaign: Thousands of people have joined a Facebook group calling for the release of Amina Arraf
Gay girl in Damascus: Followers of the blog have started a campaign for her to be freed 
Gay girl in Damascus: Followers of the blog have started a campaign for her to be freed

A person claiming to be her cousin, Rania Ismail, posted on her cousin’s blog, that Arraf  had been taken in a car that had a sticker depicting Assad’s late brother Basel, according to a friend who was nearby and saw what happened.
‘Amina hit one of them,’ her cousin posted on Monday night. ‘One of the men then put his hand over Amina’s mouth and they hustled her into a red Dacia Logan.’
‘We are hoping she is simply in jail and nothing worse has happened to her,’ Miss Ismail wrote.
A woman who had claimed to have been Arraf’s girlfriend has admitted she had never actually met her.
Sandra Bagaria, who had said she ‘crashed to the street’ sobbing when she heard about the kidnapping, had conducted an online relationship with her since January entirely through Internet communications in writing, including more than 500 e-mails.

The protests go on: Hundreds took to the streets in Talbiseh, in the central province of Homs, after it came under attacks from government troops 
The protests go on: Hundreds took to the streets in Talbiseh, in the central province of Homs, after it came under attacks from government troops

The day before the supposed blogger was reportedly detained, Arraf wrote: ‘I am complex, I am many things; I am an Arab, I am Syrian, I am a woman, I am queer, I am Muslim, I am binational, I am tall, I am too thin; my sect is Sunni, my clan is Omari, my tribe is Quraysh, my city is Damascus.
In the blog Arraf also said that she was born in Virginia, but no public records with her name or her parents’ names have been found there.
Since the uprising against Assad began in mid-March, a government crackdown has left about 1,300 people dead and more than 10,000 detained, according to human rights groups.
Homosexuality is illegal in Syria and gays are frowned upon by the country’s conservative society. It is rare for gay Arabs to speak openly about their sexuality.
Thousands of people had joined a ‘Free Amina’ Facebook page, calling for her release.


U.S. Senator seeks to cut aid to elite IDF units operating in West Bank and Gaza

Average’s comment: It’s probably just a song and dance show. I don’t trust the US or any other government in the world. Senator Leahy lips might be flapping his lips to the words, but actions are what give the true message.

Senator Patrick Leahy claims Shayetet 13 unit, undercover Duvdevan unit, and the Israel Air Force Shaldag unit involved in human rights violations in occupied territories.

By Barak Ravid 

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy is promoting a bill to suspend U.S. assistance to three elite Israel Defense Forces units, alleging they are involved in human rights violations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Leahy, a Democrat and senior member of the U.S. Senate, wants assistance withheld from the Israel Navy’s Shayetet 13 unit, the undercover Duvdevan unit and the Israel Air Force’s Shaldag unit.
Defense Minister Ehud Barak, a long-time friend of Leahy’s, met with him in Washington two weeks ago to try to persuade him to withdraw the initiative.
According to a senior Israeli official in Jerusalem, Leahy began promoting the legislation in recent months after he was approached by voters in his home state of Vermont.
A few months ago, a group of pro-Palestinian protesters staged a rally across from Leahy’s office, demanding that he denounce the killing by Shayetet 13 commandos of nine Turkish activists who were part of the flotilla to Gaza last May.
Leahy, who heads the Senate Appropriations Committee’s sub-committee on foreign operations, was the principle sponsor of a 1997 bill prohibiting the United States from providing military assistance or funding to foreign military units suspected of human rights abuses or war crimes. The law also stipulates that the U.S. Defense Department screen foreign officers and soldiers who come to the United States for training for this purpose.
Leahy wants the new clause to become a part of the U.S. foreign assistance legislation for 2012, placing restrictions on military assistance to Israel, particularly to those three units.
Leahy says these units are responsible for harming innocent Palestinian civilians and that no system of investigation is in place to ensure that their members are not committing human rights violations. According to Leahy’s proposal, U.S. military assistance to Israel would be subject to the same restrictions that apply to countries such as Egypt, Pakistan and Jordan.
The senior Israeli official said that the Israeli Embassy in Washington had been trying unsuccessfully now for some months to persuade Leahy to back down from the initiative.
Two weeks ago, during Barak’s visit to Washington, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, asked Barak to meet with Leahy to dissuade him from promoting the legislation.
Leahy, who is on the Democratic Party’s left flank, has for many years promoted human rights issues globally. He has been sharply critical of Israel in recent years, especially following Operation Cast Lead in late 2008.
However, he also signed Congressional resolutions supporting Israel’s right to self-defense.
Leahy, 71, has served in the Senate for 35 years. He was a personal friend of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and has known Ehud Barak since the latter was IDF chief of staff.
Barak, who met with Leahy privately, was quoted by the senior Israeli official as telling the senator: “The difference between Israel and terror groups or other countries in the Middle East is that we give an accounting and there is monitoring.”
Barak also said the IDF had a strict judiciary with broader powers than the judiciary in the United States armed forces.
Barak was also quoted as telling Leahy that the IDF military advocate general is not subservient to the military command, but rather to the attorney general, and has complete autonomy.
“If a Palestinian is injured, he can approach the High Court of Justice,” Barak said. “The investigations undergo judicial review that is independent of commanders. There are dozens of hearings every year that are based on Palestinians’ complaints against soldiers. They reach the highest and most independent authorities,” he said.
Leahy listened to Barak, but he did not say whether he would withdraw his initiative. According to the senior Israeli official, Israel does know whether Leahy has done so.
However, the official said Barak felt Leahy had understood his message, and that the Israeli Embassy in Washington was following the matter. If necessary, Barak and Leahy would hold another talk, the official added.
Leahy’s spokesman, David Carle, said the senator did not comment on his private conversations.

9/11: Infiltration and Derailment


Misguided Bullying and Intimidation for “Truth”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


With dozens of intelligence organizations, massive privatization, the “police state” in full operation and a “black budget” for domestic spying almost unlimited, any organization seen as a threat to the crimes the American government – torture, massive theft, war crimes of every kind and, especially 9/11, is infiltrated and controlled. 

In fact, rather than infiltrate, many organizations are created.  It “cuts out the middle man.”
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it

ourselves.”— Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Lenin in 1917 – the Rough Look
The best way to accomplish Lenin’s task is to get in “on the ground floor” as it were. Worst case scenario, members will all suspect each other and end up on an endless witch hunt, one the real agent provocateurs can orchestrate easily while laughing themselves to death.
However, one methodology is used above all, the cheapest and most effective. Opposition groups are led down “blind alleys” or tied to complicated theories. What is avoided, at all cost, is real intelligence gathering using informants, ‘real world’ solutions.
Thus, those who believe they are fighting government conspiracy are easily debunked themselves as “conspiracy theorists” or simply ignored until they self destruct.

This methodology has a clear track record of success, one so obvious even the blind can’t help but find it obvious but, seemingly, no one cares.

Old Testament Warriors – What Has Changed?

After all, the science of profiling and “game theory” feeds on the pugnacious, the paranoid, the disorganized thinkers and gives voice to the divisive and destructive.
The originators of these tactics wrote the Old Testament and dozens of other “holy books.” The enslavement and dissemblement of mankind is their game and the foolish their fodder.

9/11 is the biggest disaster of our lifetime.  If some of us are right, it means the American government staged an attack on its own country and has for ten years has stifled any real investigation.

They did this despite a flood of solid evidence debunking official “findings,” but have thoroughly managed a myriad of organizations ostensibly set up to establish the truth and find real justice for the victims, now in the hundreds of millions.
Predicting 9/11 was easy.  Anyone profiling President Bush knew he and many of those around him are sociopaths, willing to do anything for power and money.

A closer examination found, in addition to this army of “apocalypse” fanatics and con men, an army of Israeli agents pushing for an invasion of Iran and the destruction of Pakistan and Iraq.

Not so public information told real insiders that the terror organizations were phony, fabrications, ghosts, to justify draconian laws and runaway spending or, more than that, the usual subversion, rigged elections, invasion and murder for profit that governments do…the bidding of the corporations and global banking conspiracies that control them.
The goal wasn’t 9/11, it was global domination.  The tools were terror but the real goal was to destroy the United States and the European Union with debt.
The darker methodologies coming to play as we speak involve control of world governments, all natural resources, suppression of technology, massive population reduction and the appearance of worldwide revolution and social disorder to mask it all.

Two Levels of Masons – Visible and Invisible

This isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s geopolitics.

In order to accomplish these things, “secondary actors” had to be recruited, a series of organizations brought to play that would knowingly or unknowingly serve some part.  Prime among these is Freemasonry.
Freemasonry:  Whatever is said of Freemasonry, it is a Cabalistic religion, steeped in Jewish tradition.
Its members cross all ethnic and religious lines, thoroughly infiltrating the agencies of power, even monarchies of the west and even Islam.

Secret Masonic levels, the 7 above “33rd degree” run much of the worlds police, military and intelligence agencies, most terror organizations and include dozens of world leaders.
Europeans discovered that secret Masonic lodges run by their most powerful politicians were organizing terror bombings, murders and kidnappings.  This went on from the 1970s and supposedly ended a short time ago.

The recent Norway killings dispelled this myth, proving the threat real and continuing.  Freemasons were at the heart of the planning and execution of 9/11.

The Brothers Rothschild

Jewish groups:  The idea of Israel as a “safe haven” after the holocaust was just too attractive to leave alone.  Real history, the control of world finance by the Rothschild family, organizing wars, crashing governments and economies, became “conspiracy theory” or “Nazi propaganda.”

The Rothschilds believed, very rightly so, that controlling national banks, like the Federal Reserve System in the US, printing money and collecting interest on interest on interest while pushing governments into financial ruin was a way of controlling the world.
This is another “conspiracy theory” more real than real.  Aiding them, both “witting” and “unwitting” is the government of Israel and Jewish organizations that run the world’s news and entertainment.

Work – Work – Work

While trying to keep Jews frightened to death, they work to stage terror acts, fabricate imaginary threats and flood the world with “victimization” propaganda.
They are just another part of the global conspiracy, however, one many believe to be the prime movers.
This isn’t proven but the role of Israel in the planning and execution of 9/11 has surfaced, backed by hard evidence.  Were they the instigators or simply helping?

Evangelical Christianity:  Steeped in political traditions, anti-immigration, anti-education, prone to violence and anti-government feeling and influenced by Scofield’s outlandish “science fiction” mythologies, this group, a major voting block, is, perhaps, the most easily controlled population in the world.

Cyrus Scofield of Bible Fame

No other group would vote away their own security, their own rights, their own well being, no other group would throw away democracy so quickly as Christian Evangelists.
Their darker traditions are a literary subculture in America, one of “preachers” who are generally, not just carnival entertainers but thieves and sexual predators.
Their real roots are race hatred, the primal fear that “well endowed” black males are secretly sought as sexual partners by their “womenfolk,” who are second class citizens in their subcultural traditions.
This is called “the Mandingo syndrome.”

The current “Mandingo” is President Barak Obama, whose very presence emasculates millions of American males in what are called “red states.”
There would have been no 9/11 without this group cheering on wars, supporting torture and remaining utterly oblivious to science and reality.

Roman Catholicism:  Back in the 1870s, the pope declared Freemasonry an enemy to the church.  The new church is something else.  If anyone thinks the child abuse scandals of the church are coincidence or accident, they are mistaken.

Lucifer – Hollywood Version

Years ago, the core beliefs of Freemasonry, Judaism and Catholicism strayed toward the worship of Lucifer as a more “effective” alternative to the god “Yehwah” or Jehovah. The sacraments of this belief involve murder of babies, sex with children and bizarre rituals.

Here in my own small town, a local priest, one of a “coven” of 7, was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a nun during a “Black mass.”  His last appeal was refused only a week ago.
Ireland claims over 200,000 sex abuse victims.  Years ago, author and Jesuit Malachi Martin explained the takeover of Catholicism by worshipers of Satan.

The Infamous Father Malachi Martin

Father Martin, primary advisor to Pope John XXIII, speaks of Satan being “enthroned” in the Vatican, of, for the first time in church history, having a powerful following among the princes of the Church, the cardinals.

Martin had become a good friend and constant foil on areas of religious belief.  Suppressing his teachings, destroying his books and attacking his reputation is a primary goal of the very real “New World Order.”
Without the Church delivering votes, including working class and union members, to support totalitarian extremists closely allied with Satanic sects, the Dominionists, the Evangelists, the Mormons, the Freemasons, the Zionists, there would have been no 9/11.

The Kabah

Islam:  The “Arab Spring’ has taught us a couple of things.  Overtly, we learned, those who didn’t know all along, that Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen and Jordan and other states were full partners with Israel.

Millions are being spent, money thrown everywhere, Gaddafi, the Saudi’s, to put this genie back in the bottle.
Sometimes I pick on Iran.  They are always hunting down Satanists and Freemasons, claiming them to be in league with Israel and the Catholic Church.  There is no other country I know of where top officials are arrested for “sorcery.”
This seems funny unless someone were to look at, let’s say, the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  Dozens, many dozens, of cadets have come to us and other organizations claiming their “religious instruction” was more than a bit “Satanic.” 
Where are the Salem witch trials when we need them?
It is the moralistic and hierarchical aspect of Islam that has exploited the weaknesses and left the majority of Muslims victims to vast global conspiracies, enslaved and victimized.

Moreover, when a replacement enemy was needed for the Soviet Union, one to help push forward the globalist agenda of world domination, carefully orchestrated radicalization of Islam framed in the backdrop of “clash of cultures” mythology allowed the Cold War to continue decades after the fall of communism.

Cynthia Shilling for Gaddafi in Libya

The Left:“  No group has been as self defeating as those labeled “peaceniks” and “liberals.”
 If ever Lenin’s statement on the control of opposition was proven true, “the Left” has been the best case.
It is almost as though there is a continual “casting call” for malignant narcissists, weaklings, indecisive political leaders and the corrupt.
Where, years ago, progressive voices were seen on picket lines or marched with Dr. King, they now sell books, fill 5 star hotel rooms in Tripoli or drown out opposition to Israel’s apartheid state.

Some do one, some do others, and a few have the moral flexibility to do it all.

What we see from the worst of them is, despite their “anti-establishment” mien, the ability to fly first class, receive funding when needed and live very well.

Abe ‘da Fox’ Foxman – ADL Bomber

 The “anti” and “truth” crowd:  These are the place holders, those who work to censor, manage the limelight, and, where they are incredibly effective, run off anyone of ability who takes interest in an important cause.
They are the Peter Principle on steroids.  The loudest and most obnoxious, the least stable, those with the worst judgement drown out everyone else.
9/11 debate is the one very strange area where we have people known as strong activists for Palestinian rights inside Israel fully supported by their worst political enemies, the Anti-Defamation League and Israeli funded Islamophobes.

The more “hare brained” the 9/11 debate gets, the more Israeli hasbara assigned to cheer it on.
How can torture go on forever?  The answer is simple.  Those who oppose it are clowns, caricatures hated by most, their arguments are hollow, irrational and their personalities repugnant.

During Vietnam, legless veterans were beaten by police while protesting the war.  In many cases, the “peaceniks” were hardcore combat vets, highly organized, highly articulate and very poor targets for riot police with batons.

The end result?  They ended  a massive and highly profitable war and brought down a president loved by the rich, the powerful and tens of millions of the hateful and ignorant.

Replacing them, opposing the war?  Some wonderful people for sure but past that?  The anti-war movement is owned and operated by the government itself that has spent tens of millions on surveillance, paid infiltrators and carefully managed publicity, either thrown negativity or total press blackouts.
This brings us full circle, back to 9/11.

Not one credible political leader in the world, other than Iran’s president, backs 9/11 truth.  Not one serious politician in the United States, ten years later, tons of evidence later, supports the organizations that claim tens of thousands of “professionals” in their membership.

The answer is simple.  There is no functioning “organization” at all, simply a pack of yipping spaniels who provide effective cover for one of histories most brutal acts.
Who is at fault?  Some tasks can’t be accomplished, some enemies can’t be beaten.  If the strong were strong, why did they run away?  If groups were infiltrated, and they most certainly have, why weren’t security precautions put in place?  Who prevented it?
Doesn’t anyone ever notice the patterns, failure upon failure?

I keep forgetting, the US intelligence agencies themselves have, for decades, been penetrated by Israelis with few caught and even fewer prosecuted.  Before that, Soviet agents humiliated the west repeatedly.

Is giving up the answer?  Truth is, most have given up, even as more and more around the world are aware of US government complicity in 9/11, the real moves for accountability have never been at a lower ebb.

How is this possible? I think we have explained it pretty well.