A view from no man’s land- 911 Truth Tellers v. Shills

XXXX, Salaam alaikum,

I am going to give you a piece of my mind as a sincere Muslim brother. I don’t want any form of flippant one liners as a response. If you are going to do that, then don’t bother responding to me. I want you to think carefully about your opinions before you even bother responding to me.

A few months back I read an interview with you and Daniel Pipes. I hate to say this but Pipes mopped you up. I am saying this as someone who is true to his Islam, not because he knew what he was saying, but because you either need to bone up on your Islamic knowledge or just get out of the discussion. This is a war not just where lives are lost, and we are losing this battle of lives, but also of the mind.

You are out of your league until you get the facts and know the facts like you know the back of your hand. Until then there is no use in even bothering with a discussion. As an outside of observer of you, I get the feeling that you are being used, it is not that you intend on being used, but that is the fact. For example, in the 911 truth movement, there are a few nuts out there. They believe, for example, that UFO’s attacked. You know what, some of them sincerely believe it. They are being used. They don’t intend on being used, but they are, they are used as a showcase for the rest of us. Some of them actually do NOT believe that UFO’s attacked, but they join right in as well to make, once again, the rest of us look bad.

You are probably sincere, but you don’t seem to understand what is going on with the situation with Islam, 911, Muslims and the West, and even the history of the West and the Muslim world. I could give you the history of the world, but where would it lead.

In the situation that we are living in now, you can not say, “Peace and Pluralism” without compromising the core values of Islam, and I assume that you are a committed Muslim (just out of curiosity are you Ismaili?). There are two ways that Islam is being fought, and it follows the good cop-bad cop routine. The bad cop will use the means of physical, mental, spiritual and psychological force to break people. The bad cop uses the good nature of people to change people. The end result is the same. The end of Islam and Muslims. They might not win, but the damage done, the damage that is being done, is immeasurable. What I am talking about is not something fantastic or crazy, it has happened in history, and people are not learning. The Crimeans, a Muslim people, are EXTINCT. They were destroyed during the Crimean War, killed off or deported to other lands.

Fast forward to the present. Why are concentration camps being set up for Muslims being set up? You will sites that will give their opinions. You can decide to choose that Muslims brought it upon themselves for not condemning terrorism. This plan has been in the works for almost 30 years if not more. Here is more info, and here.

This is in preparation, for at least an attempt on Muslims. When one side says Islam is a problem, Islam = terrorism, get those Muslims, illegally invade Muslim countries, and then asks for loyalty screenings for Muslims, and the other extreme side says let’s all be love and goodness, and embrace Muslims, and the middle side wants an “intellectual analysis” of Islam. Then YOU Johnny-come-lately with your “FINALLY A MUSLIM GROUP” stuff. What you have done is play right into their hands. You lend credence to the LIE that Muslims did not condemn 911 “AS A GROUP” until you came along. You lend credence to the LIE that Muslims were silent about 911 until you came along. You helped people believe that until YOU came along there were NO voices because “FINALLY A MUSLIM GROUP THAT CONDEMNS TERRORISM” crap because it was you that at least gave voice to the discussion. You got some media attention, the only problem is that you were clearly mopped up and spit out the majority of the interviews. I am sure you wanted to be, and probably think you were, a lone voice in the wilderness. The only problem is that you were used to make the serious people look like complete dipsticks.

Back to the subject of 911. I quote you:

The conspiracy theory sounds very logical but until it is proven, the other story remains in circulation as a fact.

I have to ask you here, how old are you, XXXX? I am sure you are older than me, and I am no spring chicken. What you are saying is that “the conspiracy theory” sounds right, but everyone else believes the other story so its a fact. I retroactively FAIL you in all branches of arithmetic, math, computer science, and logic. This is worse than what my niece said, “its true because mom said so”. You are an ADULT. Think, use your brain, not your PAYCHECK.

I repeat your quote:

The conspiracy theory sounds very logical but until it is proven, the other story remains in circulation as a fact.

YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done.
PICKTHAL: O ye who believe! If an evil-liver bring you tidings, verify it, lest ye smite some folk in ignorance and afterward repent of what ye did.
SHAKIR: O you who believe! if an evil-doer comes to you with a report, look carefully into it, lest you harm a people in ignorance, then be sorry for what you have done.

XXXX I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but did you even bother to research this issue, or is ZZZZZ ZZZZZ and her wasted 8 thousand dollars SO CONVINCING (no details provided by her), that she got you hook line and sinker? Why is it that Muslims have been screeching at the top of their lungs to main points:

  • We didn’t do it
  • Islam condemns this

In an ORGANIZED way… Yet you stated categorically “FINALLY A MUSLIM GROUP THAT CONDEMNS TERRORISM” 3 to 4 years after the fact? You did not ascertain the truth. You did harm people unwittingly.

Let me digress a moment. Who seem to be your associates in email, ZZZZZ and YYYYY? Let me give you a little history of YYYYY. He is wanted by the ISI for anti-Pakistani pro-MQM activities in Karachi. The American government is paying for his idiocity. On the Pakistani groups he has stirred the pot by posting anti-Pakistani pro-Bangali, pro-Indian propaganda. On the Bangali groups, he has stirred the pot by posting anti-Bangali pro-Pakistani propaganda! I want you to see the archives of the following groups:

  • Pakistan Affairs
  • Bangla Vision
  • Notun Bangladesh

Why would someone do that? Have you read his postings in any detail? Why is it that most of the references for his claims always go back to himself? Why does he rarely provide verification for the things that he writes? He is a fake. You are communicating with fakes. You are having sympathy with fakes.

Here is ZZZZZ, she claims to have been an anti-semitic jew hating “mother”. She never provided, not once, any detail of that. She just says, I did my research, I no longer hate jews. In a discussion about Afghanistan, I made the point clear, and you should know this, that the Taleban single handedly eradicated poppy production in Afghanistan. She changes the subject, and asks who was responsible for the invasion of Afghanistan in 79? I said, Brezhnev. She said THERE WAS NO SOVIET INVASION OF AFGHANISTAN, IT WAS AN INVITATION BY THE AFGHAN COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT. She is using a tac-tic most famously formulated by Colin Powell: shock and awe. It sounds funny, but hey when someone says something that stupid, a sensible guy like me, is stunned into silence.

She claims to have wasted 8 big ones doing 911 research, and in the end she concluded that the news was purveying fact. Did she provide any detail? No. But you are sympathetic to her. With your philosophy of “peace and all sides have a good point”. I am supposed to say its all good, and its all love and candy and all that other feces. XXXX, where do you go from here? Where does your philosophy, especially when over 2 million people have been killed because of 911 take it? Another 2 million will be killed and you will be part of the intellectual machine that purveys that death because you are trying to dilute a stand on truth because your lone voice in the wilderness is saying that WE are the ones who are supposed to talk “peace and pluralism”. Don’t believe your own word when I repeat them? “…FINALLY A MUSLIM GROUP THAT CONDEMNS TERRORISM…”

Back to 911 again. Let me ask you XXXX what is your educational background? NNNNN has a degree in Physics. I have combination degree of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, with a separate degree in Biology. We KNOW our science, we KNOW our math. Here are some facts that I want you to consider. Keep in mind CAN NOT question math. It is what it is, and that’s it. The general rule in the world of intellect, is if it is observable, measurable, or MATHEMATICALLY calculated, then it is true. That’s it. I want you to read this article. Near the end of the article it states that the average acceleration of the top of the building to reach the ground was 8.94 m/s2. This means that there was only 8% off from being completely free fall. This means that the whole damn building was destroyed from the inside. You have no room to question that conclusion. It is the math, it is the physics, nothing else. If you do question it, then:

  • You doubt the numbers as presented
  • You can not see beyond what is presented by the news
  • You have a mental problem
  • You are promoting an agenda

If it is the first then I suggest you do your own homework, and ASCERTAIN THE TRUTH. You have not been doing that you have been merely repeating the BS we serious people have been hearing for years “…FINALLY A MUSLIM GROUP THAT CONDEMNS TERRORISM…”. If it is the second then you are brainwashed like most of the unthinking public. I doubt you have a mental problem, but there are those, who hold to irrational beliefs regardless of the evidence presented, and that IS a form of psychosis. I don’t want to believe the last option about you. There is another option, and that is a form of mental illness, and yet at the same time it is not. The public, you, others, have been so brain-washed by what people believe to be Western liberalism, and in my case, the the truth of “America” (I was never brain-washed, but I lived in America most of my life), that America becomes a religion, and a vision, and a light, as if it really is a “City upon the Hill”, where the image of America masks the ugliness of people. Such that when the mirror is put in their face they can not accept what they see, and all rationality goes out the door. It leads people to believe when the mirror is put to their face, that America deserves to be master and commander of all that it surveys. That is one way to handle such cognitive dissonance. You can not see what is right in front of your face XXXX.

I give you the numbers again. The acceleration of the top of the building to the bottom was at 8.94 m/s2:- virtually no resistance reaching the bottom. The building was destroyed from the inside XXXX. Do numbers lie, XXXX? Can you stand in front of Allah and say “2 plus 2 is 5” read 1984, XXXX. I repeat your statement:

The conspiracy theory sounds very logical but until it is proven, the other story remains in circulation as a fact.

Let me state it in yet a different way.

The math and physics force me to believe in one conclusion, but the other story remains in circulation as a fact.

Can you hear me laughing at your insanity XXXX(please read above)?

In response to 911 the US government wanted Osama bin Laden extradited from Afghanistan. The Taliban said fine, just offer us proof. The US provided nothing. The “evidence” we had seen in the news about OBL’s involvement were passport and ID papers that survived the wreckage of the 911 collapse. The passports were fresh, and about 20 meters away from 2000 degrees of molten steel. Let me do the physics for you, XXXX. Someone dropped it there. Now it is possible that in the plane the dudes passport could have survived to fly outside the window or some broken part of the fuselage. It is also possible that it could have MISSED the building, or hit the building gently and fallen somewhere away from center of the rubble due to some form of turbulence. All that is possible, BUT NOT WITHOUT THE PAGES BEING BENT!!!!!!!!

The math and physics force me to believe in one conclusion, but the other story remains in circulation as a fact.

Now we can get into more detailed discussion about what physics professors found using mass spectrometry, but unless you understand the science, it will just go over your head. But I will put it in this way. Let me repeat what I said above:

The acceleration of the top of the building to the bottom was at 8.94 m/s2:- virtually no resistance reaching the bottom. The building was destroyed from the inside XXXX. Do numbers lie, XXXX?

You can not argue against this conclusion, unless you have one of the problems mentioned above. The building was destroyed from the inside. Guess what was found in the wreckage, XXXX? I am not talking about a “conspiracy theory [that] sounds very logical”. I am talking about pure numbers, observable facts, and measurable results. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do you believe the news, XXXX? I do, but only 2 percent of it.


Never mind THEORIES about who benefitted. Let’s talk about again, about observable events. What did former Israeli PM Netanyahu say? Why would he say it?

I will leave it here, because you can do the research yourself. In the end, when the biggest power in the world has it in for Islam, peace and pluralism, merely helps the people that want to get rid of Muslims, because if they can get rid of Muslims by making them compromise on beliefs and action, which is what this form “peace and pluralism” does. Then they have won their war against Islam and Muslims. What stand needs to be taken, if you are a true believer in Islam is to fight, either physically, mentally, or spiritually against those that are fighting against Islam. You DO NOT have room to say its all good and love and peace. I wish XXXX you take the stand that you are obliged as a Muslim to take, NOT the one you are already taking. If not that, then please keep quiet, and don’t say a damn thing. XXXX I am telling you I don’t want a one liner response. I don’t want a response which says let’s agree to disagree, I don’t want a response that says let’s pray for peace, or ANYTHING like that. If you are going to take a proper stand let it be a justification for siding with ISLAM supporting its battle against these people in the manner of Quran and Sunnat, and nothing else, that is the only kind of stand that is acceptable religiously, and intellectually otherwise please keep quiet, disband your organization that was “…FINALLY A MUSLIM GROUP THAT CONDEMNS TERRORISM…” and step aside.


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Subject: To: XXXX


The official fiction peddled to the masses about 9/11 will go unchallenged and treated as fact just as the belief in the world being flat was accepted as fact before scientists challenged it and proved the world was round. Both the official fiction about 9/11 and what you call “conspiracy theory” cannot be right at the same time. What I presented is a small sample of evidences that dispells the official fiction about 9/11. There is much, much more. Here are two videos that present more. One deals with the forensic evidence about 9/11 presented by Theologian David Ray Griffin and the other deals with the political, historic and “cui bono” evidence pointing to the Israelis and corrupt elements in our government perpetuating 9/11. I stronly believe that if the masses were exposed to this evidence and more they will put down the official fiction, as masses did throwing away the earth is flat theory, and pick up evidences proving 9/11 was done by Israeli and corrupt government officials. Each scientist joining the Scientists for 9/11 truths and each architect joining the Architects for 9/11 truth did. These are people who have been trained to objectively look at evidence especially evidence dealing in their specific fields. Everytime presentations are made pointing out the evidence more and more scientists and architects join. Not only from those two disciplines but from all disciplines.

Here are the two videos. They are interesting to watch and I stronly advise that you do check them out and share them with others. Let’s not continue to be fooled by the Al-Qaeda did it myth and respond to any media propaganda claiming statements from “Al-Qaeda” henchmen:





Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2008 10:38:05 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: [bangla-vision] Re: Obama, you plain goofed up, don’t tease that dog


It is always good to know both sides of an issue as you have so eloquently said. The conspiracy theory sounds very logical but until it is proven, the other story remains in circulation as a fact. The only difference is the belief, which one do you believe? Both sides have their own justifications. Neither one is wrong, only facts will change that, if the theory gathers momentum and reaches the critical mass then many a people will move to the other facts. Let’s not dislike others for what they believe.

Speaking up is always the right thing to do.. Keep it up.


In a message dated 11/22/2008 1:27:05 P.M. Central Standard Time, NNNNNg@ writes:

The question that each individual needs to answer is what should we do as thinking, rational and reasonable people? Should we give into the herd mentality and continue to blindly believe the mainstream media version of events or should we act like truly reasonable, rational and thinking people and examine the evidence on both sides in order to ascertain the truth? After all someone had to question and and break from the herd perception and look at evidence to ascertain that the world was not flat!

I have written this essay to present both views — the mainstream media version that led us to believe that OBL and Al-Qaeda did 911 versus the version based on uncovering facts surrounding Israeli and American government involvement. I want you to objectively look at both and think deeply about what is being presented. Go to the links and investigate further. Then make a decision for yourself regarding which is more credible. You will find the facts I present to be unquestionably true but my comments biased. I hope that won’t bother you. I am definitely of the opinion that it was Israelis along with corrupt elements in our government who were responsible for doing 911 as most of you reading this essay may believe about OBL and Al-Qaeda doing it!

1. The Mainstream Version

Let me share with you mainstream media “evidences” used to link 19 Arabs to doing 911. Besides this, there is the “so-called” proof that President Bush claim to have that was never shown to the American people but supposedly shown to Musharraf in Pakistan, who now publicly states that he has doubts. Here is a list of the evidences we were made to believe was sufficient proof linking OBL and Al-Qaeda to 911:



Like assailants who, in their preparations, leave tracks behind them like a herd of stampeding elephants?

The 911 hijackers made payments with credit cards with their own names; they reported to their flight instructors with their own names.

They left behind rented cars with flight manuals in Arabic for jumbo jets. They took with them, on their suicide trip, wills and farewell letters, which fall into the hands of the FBI, because they were stored in the wrong place and wrongly addressed.

Clues were left like behind like in a child’s game of hide-and-seek, which were to be followed!

One writer wrote the following about the discovery of Mohammed Atta’s passport for a domestic flight for which a passport was not necessary.

The Magic Passport Theory

We can now add Mohamed Atta’s reality-defying passport to the Arlen Specter Gallery of Improbable Projectiles. This incriminating item was thrown intact from a cataclysmic fireball and miraculously plucked from 1.6 million tons of debris in a matter of hours. The corporate media rarely mention the unlikelihood of this.. Many in the alternative press, though, are unafraid to draw an obvious, albeit taboo, inference: that the Atta passport is planted evidence. According to Washington, DC, peace activist John Judge, other potential plants include the Arabic-language flight manuals left in one of the hijackers’ cars (with note: The discussion of the flight manuals begins at around 13:30). These manuals could serve no useful purpose at such a late stage unless the hijackers planned to finish learning how to fly during a half-hour ride to the airport. But as deliberately placed articles, they are as if a signed diary called “My Plan to Kill the President” had been unearthed in Lee Harvey Oswald’s flat. Also high on the possible planted evidence list is a spiritual manifesto for the Al Qaeda kamikaze pilots, which, to journalist Robert Fisk, sounds an awful lot like it was written by a God-fearing Christian.


Wow!!! I guess somehow Mohammed Atta was able to open a window on the plane and throw out his passport at the right time so that it won’t be destroyed as the plane’s black boxes were. Such accuracy and precision to let the world know of his guilt is truly amazing.

Then there are the Bin Laden videos. How convenient! We happen to be living in a video-centric world. Most of what people are exposed to and believe comes from watching TV. How wonderful and convenient it must be to find out that Bin Laden left proof of his guilt on video for consumption by a video-centric world. I guess if we were living in a world where smoke signals was the primary means of communication we would have found the correct smoke signals left by Bin Laden to correctly identify him as the perpetrator of 911.

But alas the Bin Laden videos were proven to be fake! But our honest media that made such a big fuss about showing the false videos never went back and told the American public that they had shown the world fake videos. Nawww, they did not want to because it did not serve their purpose. Here is what some Professionals who examined the videos wrote about them:



Professor Gernot Rotter, scholar of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Asia-Africa Institute, University of Hamburg: “Regardless of the question if bin Laden personally was actively involved in the organization of the attacks or not: This tape is of such poor quality that many passages are unintelligible. And those that are intelligible have often been taken out of context, so that you can’t use that as evidence. The American translators who listened to the tape and transcribed it obviously added things that they wanted to hear in many places. Things that can’t be heard – never mind how often you listen to it.

”Guilty or not guilty? If the US government wants to find bin Laden guilty of the deed, they have to come up with better evidence.

“And look: the English translation that the US government presented to the world is not only manipulated in parts, but even contains mistakes. A report from Ekkehard Sieker and Georg Restle.”

Dr. Abdel El M. Husseini, scholar in Arabic culture/language: “I carefully checked the Pentagon translation. The translation is very problematic. The passages that are the most important, the ones that are supposed to prove bin Laden’s guilt, are not identical to the Arabic sound.”



Never mind also that in Bin Laden’s last interview for the BBC with Carol Valentine, he denounced the attacks and stated that he had nothing to do with the killing of innocent people on 911. But since this was a story that had to be read most people don’t know about that because it did not come in the form of “smoke signals” — sorry I mean videos. I elaborate more about this below.

All of what is stated above was reported in mainstream media as “evidences” linking the 19 Arabs to 911. This is what most people were told and from this type of evidence most people believe OBL and Al-Qaeda did 911. I welcome anyone reading this article who have more to go on than what was presented above that causes them to believe that 911 was done by OBL and 19 Arabs to please share it with us?

Now let’s compare this to the mountain of evidence below implicating the Israelis and corrupt elements in our government.. After doing so ask yourself seriously which is more believable. Again, I have references from main stream media sources to everything listed below. If you question anything please let me know and I will point you to the source.

2. Israelis and Corrupt Elements in the US Government Guilty Version

Here is a partial listing and involvement with events surrounding 911 that Israelis were involved with that no other country or organization in the world including the U.S. can match. Not only numerous but each involvement is quite significant in importance:

1. It was Israelis who were caught watching the WTC burn and crumble and celebrating it with joy. When the Lakers beat Sacramento for the NBA crown they celebrated. Why? Because their efforts were successful! The event, which was the championship game, they won. The Israelis, according to eye witnesses who saw them on top of the van were ecstatic. They were joyful and why you ask? Because of America’s misery, America’s lost and thousands of innocent lives perishing. But to the Israelis this was success. They were ecstatic with joy because they too won the championship game!

Even when these Israelis were in FBI custody they failed numerous lie detector tests. In fact they did not pass a single one.

To show that this joy was not local only to the 5 Israelis, look at what was said by and about their leaders:

Reactions from the Israeli side to the September attack:
Ehud Sprinzak, terrorism expert at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, said “From the perspective of Israelis, it is the most important public relations act ever committed in our favor.”

The attack “was good for the Israelis,” “It is very good”, said Benjamin Netanyahu…before he caught himself and amended his statement.

In an interview with Le Monde, Ami Ayalon, former Head of the Israeli Militia for Israel, stated: “Since September 11, our leaders have been euphoric.”

The reason why the Israelis failed lie detector tests is because the truth that they could not admit was we planned this. We pulled it off. We successfully created a Pearl Harbor incident to get the stupid goyim fully in bed with us. And just like we did in the time of Christ we are going to do today. We will get our media fully in bed with us to blame someone else for the crime.. Yeah we were caught in the Lavon Affair, USS Liberty, etc. But we are ready now. The stakes are too high..

2. It was Israelis whose van was stopped and maps and other paraphernalia were found leading the FBI to believe that they had definite involvement with 911.

3. It was the Israeli owner of the Moving van company that immediately shutdown his business, put his house up for sale and fled to Israel when his employees were caught. Aren’t these drastic actions and shouldn’t we want to know why the owner behaved that way?

4. It was Israelis who were caught spying on the US and lived in the same vicinity as the supposed “hijackers”.

5. It was Israelis who were about 200 spies in a spy ring that Carl Cameron reported about in FOXX News saying that government officials stated that they had “tie-ins” to 911. By the way this news was suppressed and the story taken off the Foxx News website. The people responsible for that were JINSA (the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs). JINSA President and CEO David Steinmann is also a director of CAMERA (Committee for Accurate Middle East Reporting in America), the group that actually staged the e-mail, fax, letter, and phone call mobilization that squeezed Fox TV, to the point that they removed the transcripts of the four Carl Cameron segments from their own web site. I wonder why these American Israelis were interested in doing such a thing?

The FOX series and other mainstream news media sources revealed that many of these Israelis were army veterans with electronics and explosives expertise. Many of them failed lie detector tests. Dr. Steven E. Jones, professor of physics at BYU and Kevin Ryan, former lab manager and scientist at Underwriters Labs — the company that tested the steel used in the World Trade Center buildings, and fired Kevin Ryan when he went public with information about a cover-up – have shown conclusive proofs that the collapsed of the WTC buildings were due to thermite and explosives and NOT as a result of the planes crashing into them. Could it be that these scientists have uncovered in later years one of the real purposes for the Israeli spy network presence in the US in 2001?

6. It was Israelis who the following was reported about by U.S. government authorities when the Israeli spies were found: “An Israeli government spokesman reported a few days ago the news of arresting a number of Israelis by the US intelligence bodies in Florida. This might seem strange but what is more significant is the deliberate ignorance by the Israeli government of the reason for the arrests. The Israelis did not even mention the reason or the case for which their subjects were detained. The point is that a big quantity of the Anthrax germ was held with the Israelis when they were arrested. Moreover, the detainees had 15 charts of the New York Trade Center and eight charts of the Pentagon building which were attacked on September 11th. This is in addition to other six charts of the White House, which was among the would-be targets of the September 11th attacks. According to discreet US reports, the charts found with the Israelis had accurately drawn the Pentagon building and the World Trade Center and defined their geometric projections, as well as, precisely depicted the many floors. Further, some data included in the charts define the itineraries of civil passenger planes and their destinations!!!…”

7. It was Israelis who the Jerusalem Post on September 12, 2001 reported 4000 missing or expected to be dead as a result of doing business and working at the WTC on 911.

8. It was the Israeli general counsel Alon Pinkas who reported that out of the 4000 Israelis dead or missing actually only one was killed, a visitor. The statistics of this happening is IMPOSSIBLE. The only reason this could happen is if somehow Israelis were warned ahead of time about the planes crashing into the WTC. The natural question to ask is, are there any evidence of prior warnings of the impending WTC attacks given to anyone in the world? If there is let’s narrow the list down to see if any warnings happen to be given to Israelis. Well it just so happens that there were prior warnings and the only people in the world to receive them were Israelis!!!!

9. It was Israelis who received Odigo warnings two hours before the planes struck the WTC buildings. This was reported both in the Ha’aertz and Washington Post newspapers. This is proof positive that someone who cares for the lives of Israelis knew that planes were going to be crashed into the WTC ahead of time and wanted to make sure Israelis were not killed. I am sure the identity of that person was not Bin laden. This succinctly explains why only one Israeli got killed on 911 although the number was expected to be as much as 4000.

10. It was Israelis who were armed with 9mm pistols, nine grenades, C-4 explosives, three detonators and 58 bullets and caught in Mexico in an attempt to blow the Mexican Congress up on October 10, 2001, one month after 911. Curiously these Israelis were found with Pakistani passports in their possession. The Israelis were booked for conspiracy to destroy a building by means of an explosive by the Mexican police. If they were successful in blowing up the Mexican Congress — leaving the Pakistani passports where they could be found by the authorities — would like 911, have been blamed on Muslim terrorists. They got caught red-handed here and only G-d knows how many other incidents innocent Muslims are being blamed for that were really done by Israelis.

11. Pakistani General Gul, who at one time was a close ally of the U.S. and a staunch supporter of Western values — who could have blamed 911 on his Russian or Indian enemies — instead chose to blame 911 on Israelis. This former director of the Pakistani Intelligence Service said un-categorically about 911 that “The Israeli Mossad and its American associates are the obvious culprits.” Why did he just happen to also blame Israelis? Why didn’t he blame India or Russia who were far worse enemies to Pakistan than Israelis? This was a man who was close to the American Secret Service leaders and their ally. How come he seems to know what Vreeland and other CIA operatives worldwide knew about 911?

12. The news about the impending attacks was known by even low ranking CIA agents like Delmart Vreeland. To prove it he wrote what was going to happen in August, 2001 in a sealed envelope while in prison in Canada and had his guards open the envelope on September 14th… Lo and behold he accurately predicted the attacks of 911. If he knew about this I am certain that many others in the CIA especially at higher levels knew about it also. As such this was a deliberate planned action set up to create a Pearl Harbor type event to cause the American government to take actions that the planners of this event wanted. With the complicity of the Israeli controlled news media the finger was solidly pointed on OBL, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. They did not allow any suspicion to be pointed anywhere else. How convenient!!!

As an example of the many reports throughout the world implicating Israeli involvement in 911, here is a partial text of one from Canada’s Stern-Intel on September 17, 2001:

”A US military intelligence source revealed details of an internal intelligence memo that points to the Israeli Mossad intelligence service having links to the World Trade Centre and Pentagon attacks.”

13. A report from the German external intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) states the following: German intelligence detected plans for an attack on the United States, to take place on September 10 or 11, 2001. Israel was aware of the plans and wished the attack to take place without hindrance.. The German ambassador informed the President of the US of the impending attacks. He thanked the ambassador and said that he already knew. Subsequently, his administration urgently requested the suppression of information on this warning.

14. The U.S. Army School for Advanced Military Studies (SAMS), wrote this about the Israeli Mossad which was reported about on September 10, 2001 one day before 911:

“Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.”

BINGO! The very next day an “Arab act” took place against the U.S. and no suspicion or investigation was done based on this credible report from SAMS. As I said the finger was so firmly pointed against Bin Laden that even intelligent people were so suffocated by the Israeli controlled press that no other questions were entertained.

15. It was a Zionist owned company, Metals Management, and a life time Zionist Mayor of N.Y. who was responsible for so quickly removing the steel evidence from the WTC such that no investigation could be done on whether or not the WTC steel beams melted from heat or due to bombs going off that caused the WTC to crash. Dr. Frederick W. Mowrer from the Fire Engineering department at the University of Maryland told the New York Times: “I find the speed with which important evidence has been removed and recycled to be appalling.”

16. Although the planes used to crash into the WTC could have flown from La Guardia, Kennedy, or some nearer airport, they chose to fly from Boston’s Logan airport which was much further away from the WTC.. Doing this lengthened the time to the destination making it easier for NORAD to intercept the planes. Why this was done? It was because an Israeli company, ICTS International, controlled airport security at Boston Logan airport.

17. An abnormal amount of put stock options were purchased against United and American Airlines right before 911. Gee whiz I wonder why British Airways, Southwest Airlines, Continental or other Airlines did not have abnormally large amounts of put stock options purchases also? Why did it just so happen to be from the two airlines that were involved with the 911 incident? It was reported that many Israelis and even an ex-CIA director from Deutsche bank made huge profits on the purchase. One person made as much as $2,500,000.00 on the deal and when last reported did not come to pick up his money. How did all these people know that American and United Airlines stocks will drop so dramatically in value the next day???

Not only airline stocks but according to the Barnes Review, “ Between August 26 and September 11, 2001, a group of speculators, identified by the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Israeli citizens, sold “short” a list of 38 stocks that could reasonably be expected to fall in value as a result of the pending attacks. These speculators operated out of the Toronto, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany, stock exchanges and their profits were specifically stated to be “in the millions of dollars.”


I ask the same question as Michael Shore does in the following paragraph, Why? Also why did this story just drop from the media and no follow up was done? Another example of the media in cahoots with the planners of 911 to deflect attention from the obvious and keep the Americans firmly fixated on OBL/Al-Qaeda as the only possibility for 911..

”It would seem easy enough for the FBI and CIA to go to the stockbrokers where these trades were made and find out who made them. This is probably the closest link that can be established to someone who was involved in 911 but neither the FBI nor CIA is, apparently, pursuing this. Why?”

18. When Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hizbollah and other Palestinian groups commit acts of freedom against the brutal Israeli regime, no matter how small the numbers they kill of the enemy they take responsibility for it. That has been their pattern for a long time. Now the largest attack killing the most amount of “the enemy” Americans, instead of OBL boasting about it and even cheering like the Israelis did at the WTC he said the following: “I was not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States nor did I have knowledge of the attacks. There exists a government within a government within the United States. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; to the people who want to make the present century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity. That secret government must be asked as to who carried out the attacks….The American system is totally in control of the Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States. ”


This is quite significant because as successful as this act was it would have been something for OBL to boast about but instead he condemns it and distances himself from it. Very unlikely behavior for someone guilty and who would normally gloat at such a major accomplishment. The U.S.
government claimed that it had proof which they never showed any of us.

They claimed that they showed it to the Pakistani President but he also came out with a statement claiming that he believes that there is no way that OBL could have pulled off 911 alone. What happened to the proof?

19. Financially it was Israelis who profited handsomely from the destruction of the WTC. Larry Silverstein, a Zionist Jew whose company acquired the 99 year lease for the WTC got an insurance payment for more than 4.6 billion dollars for 2 attacks on the WTC on 911. Incidentally he acquired the lease 6 months before the 911 attacks and just “happened” to fully insure it against terrorist attacks.

Another Israeli by the name of Frank Lowy, chairman and founder of Westfield Holdings, had recently acquired the 99-year lease for the 425,000 square foot retail portion of World Trade Center before the WTC attacks of Sept. 11, according to The Jerusalem Post . He too also fully insured his lease against terrorist attacks and will also be paid billions. So in regards to 911 we find Israelis involved with many things. Strange wouldn’t you say that we don’t find Russians, Saudis, Italians, Pakistanis or even Africans involved with events related to 911 as Israelis. Isn’t it just coincidental that the people involved just happens to be Israelis.

With all this evidence of Israeli involvement, corrupt U.S. government officials involvement and media complicity in covering and even dropping information that should be pursued and thoroughly investigated I ask the question why, why in the hell is any of this not being investigated? This is a mountain of evidence. Other evidence not discussed but also valid is the many reports showing evidence that the WTC was blown up from within explaining how the buildings fell, no video or stills of any of the hijackers at Logan Airport, how did the U.S. government identify so quickly the identities of the hijackers and was able to fix the blame on OBL just a few hours after the event, the fact that 7 of the hijackers identified are still alive today, the many false reports about terrorists identities like the one of a Pakistani man who never left Pakistan in his life having his picture publicly broadcasted in the media, and I could go on and on.

The only logical conclusion that a reasonable person can arrive at is this: The 9-11 attacks, the anthrax murders, and numerous other foiled terror plots, were planned, orchestrated, financed, carried out, and covered up by the forces of Israel. What other logical explanation can there be?

What we have been told officially about 911 has more holes in it than aged cheese. It just does not add up. Yet serious actions are being taken against innocent Muslims and thousands of lives are being lost and even more are being harassed and persecuted. Why isn’t our government investigating the huge pile of evidence pointing to the Israelis and why aren’t relations between the U.S. and Israel cooled? Why? Why? Why?

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