Starting again

There are a few things that I would like to discuss. The one that comes to mind right now is that I might be able to still remain here. This is totally dependent on my ability to be transferred to another department. I don’t know if that will happen, but if so, then I can have a chance to “start again”. In fact I am not really starting again, but in a manner I am. I need to move to a new environment where people, specifically management don’t act stupid, and don’t have a CYA attitude.

I am trying to keep a good attitude, and I am partly to blame. My father told me no matter what they do, do not show that you are upset with management. No matter how bad they get. I unfortunately reached my limit, and basically told them they are soon going to lose me. They responded by taking most of my work away from me. The only work that I have left is that one that I am not allowed to track my hours to. I was also told to make it less functional than a competing version, so that my work would not be chosen by our customer! What the hell kind of thinking is this?! They want to promote Abap WebDynPro. That is fine, but to CTA’s they want another version written in Java WebDynPro, just in case our customer wants a choice. The kicker is that I have to make my version of the application, the java one, LESS functional than the ABAP version. This is not a case of writing your best possible work, and let the more functional one win. This is a case where they want to promote a specific technology, and the rest be damned and if the competing technology works better, well then let’s remove some functionality.

I am seriously sick of this work environment. I wanted to quit a while ago, but my company would not accept my resignation. I even ask myself right now why I let myself get bamboozled into taking back my resignation. I do want to stay here, in the country, a resignation means I would need to leave, but I need a break, I need to go back and visit my parents, brother, sister, nieces, and nephews.

However alhamdulillah, I might this opportunity to move to a better more professional department, at least I hope it is, and “start over” with better more professional management, and hope that I can hold my own with the other techies. This is the story of a guy who would like to be a decision maker, who at one time was in America, but these dogs here don’t have respect for most individuals, and will not let them advance. I could have been a lead tech in java, or a project architect by now. Beright back