My first blog

It is ironic that my first blog comes at a time when it seems that I am nearly completing a stage of my life which was filled with events that I should have written about on an almost weekly basis. I wish that I had the energy during those past almost 7 years to state my thoughts about where I have been and why I went there. I suppose now is as good a time as any to begin with a retrospective, and then move forward by looking farther into the past as best as I can recall. Hindsight is 20/20 but in this instance I almost guarantee that it will be clouded by my present emotions. Part of me feels a loss

Living for the past 7 years in Saudi Arabia, I think I can offer the perspective of an outsider looking in, which for many Saudis will be hard to take. Not all of what I have learned is about KSA, but almost all of it is a result of being in KSA, whether it is my interest in computers, body building, health, Islam, workers rights, or tasavvuf, or comedy.

Many of those who know me, know about my sense of humor whether it is, the dry kind or the wet kind. Now I might seem down now, most of my time is spent trying to work as little as possible, and laugh as much as possible, just ask Wade….

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